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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 15, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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right now at 5:00, anger and sadness. >> we're failing our children. we're not keeping them safe. >> parents and students demand immediate solutions after the high school massacre in florida. >> we don't need ideas. we need action. >> in washington no plan but plenty of compassion. >> no b parent should ever have to fear for their sons and daughters when they kiss them good-bye in the morning. >> today parents fearful and frustrated wondering if their child's school is next. >> i don't know that prayer works anywhere. it's the saddest thing ever. >> thanks for joining us. i'm jim rosenfield.
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>> and i'm erin coleman. we are learning more about the 17 people whose lives were taken too soon in one of the worst school shootings in the history. we have uncovered several local connections to the massacre. today hundreds of people came together for a prayer judge yule for the victims. they were in the crowd at the church in florida. they released 17 balloons for the 17. students and staff who died in the mass shooting. another vigil will be held in just about an hour. assistant football coach who died is being called a hero tight. he's been a coach at margery douglas for ten years and played football. the shooting suspect confessed to the massacre. officers also say cruise told them he bought extra am many in addition to the school and hid it in a backpack until it got
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cocampus to begin the assault. >> he appeared before a judge for the first time. being led in the courtroom there. the judge ordered him held without bail on 1 counts of murder. we learned the fbi was alerted last september after a youtube user with the screen name posted "i'm going to be a professional school shooter", end quote. we're getting a look at his instagram page. over the summer had e posted this picture of several guns on a bed. he also posted pictures holding a rifle with a scope and this afternoon cruz's attorney said her client is a broke b child. >> he's sad. he's mournful. he's remorseful. he is fully aware of what is going on. >> our team of reporters is working every angle of this crime from florida to washington, d.c. and back here at home. nbc 10 is uncovering new details
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include iing the safety to whatr local law maukers are taking today on capitol hill. as soon as the mass shooting began yesterday, we sent miguel martinez-valle to the crime scene in parkland, florida. it's about 30 miles from fort lauderdale. he joins us now live where the community is gathering for a vigil for the victims. >> reporter: yeah, it's been a long two days for this community. i have been here all day as kids and parents gathered behind me. this is one of the many grieves centers that the city has set up around town. . i have been asking how they are coping living through nobody should ever witness. they told me they are holding their loved ones a little closer. >> i'm holding my daughter close. >> when tragedy strikes, minutes to turn it hours, hours into days. >> we closed the closet and shut
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the lights off and i was in there for what felt like years. >> reporter: for the rest of his classmates, it was at that time that the people they loved came to mind. >> i told them i loved them. but that i -- >> i always knew they did but it was nice to hear. >> but ien wasn't going to die. >> as students lived the nightmare inside the school,s parents agonized outside. many when i heard him walking, ufs like he's coming in. i was like i give up. i'm going. and then i said i love you to everyone. >> it was a nightmare. for one hour i didn't hear from her. it just seemed like a lifetime. >> i saw him and gave him a hug. >> reporter: those hugs and reunions now with a greater meaning. >> i got to reunite with my dad. that was amazing. >> we don't hug and stuff. and we were. it was dpogood.
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>> reporter: a lot of hugs and love here today. there's a vigil planned tr this evening at 6:00 p.m. you see people gathering for that now. they are going to be out here sharing with their loved ones and really coming together in community and we'll be out hoar sharing their stories. back to you, i'm miguel martinez-valle. >> you mentioned the grieving centers available. what else have you learned about resources being made available for students and parents as well? >> reporter: the grieving centers really are are the biggest and some of the mosten important ones for healing. this is just one of several that are set up around the city, around the town, but if you notice the red cross is here. there's been talk, a lot of students asking how they will be able to donate blood saying they want to give back. so the red cross has set up here. we talked to a city official they were in talks about
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possibly setting up more blood drives for tomorrow. we'll definitely be keeping on to those. i know everyone in the community p wants to help out. >> absolutely. miguel martinez-valle reporting live in parkland, florida. we'll see you again in about an hour. >> there's been 18 school shootings this year including this one at lincoln high just two weeks ago. today president trump offered words of comfort, but he didn't mention gun safety laws or policy changes in the wake of the school slaughter. >> we are committed to working with state and local leaders to secure our schools and tackle the issue of mental health. >> the president's remark this is morning were a stark contrast from the news coverage that local officials held just before he went on the air. where they demanded action on the issue. >> how do we make sure that individuals with mental illness do not not touch a gun.
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we need to have a real conversation. >> we sent lauren mayk to capitol hill to find out what, if any, action our local lawmakers are taking today to prevent this from happening today. what have you found out? >> jim, there are no specific proposals that they are talking about. we came here because we wanted to know what they are going to do. but first, they have to figure out what direction to go in and there's no consensus on that. consensus is something hard to come by here. in washington emotions felt by the rest of the country. >> everything from sadness to people who are just frustrated. >> reporter: the difference here, the power to change something to prevent it from happening anywhere else. >> we want to make sure if someone is in the mental health system that they don't get a gun. we'll find out whether there was a breakdown in the system here today. >> reporter: today no consensus on what to do or even where to
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focus. guns, mental health, the congresswoman wants research done. >> what is the thing that could be done right away that could make an impact? >> i think one of the things that could be done right away is to lift this ban ob us being able to research it. >> reporter: charlie dent said he supported enhanced background checks and banning bump stocks. >> i don't believe these are issues that would ompbd the american people. >> they don't know if they would have prevented yesterday's shooting. >> it was awful. there's a tragedy or shooting like this and there's some initial conversation and then over time, the energy to act seems to dissipate. >> you think that's going to happen this time? >> i hope not. >> reporter: congressman dent has a personal connection to the shooting as well. he told me today that his daughter's boyfriend attended
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that school and knows people who are affected. he now lives in philadelphia. jim, back to you. >> lauren mayk live on capitol hill, we appreciate it. this afternoon the nra released a statement saying we have a long standing policy of not commenting until the facts are known. >> from active shooter drills to panic buttons, several local school districts already have safety plans in place. at 5:30 deanna durante shows us the safety technology being used and the laws for active shooter drills in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. download the free nbc 10 app for updates on this story. we'll send alerts the moment news breaks. philadelphia took another step to tackle the opioid epidemic. >> larry kraz krasner went after pharmaceutical companies responsible for marketing the
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drugs. he explains the suit is linked to other court action already launched. a senate deal to fix daca fell flatly. the dreamers back at square one. the bipartisan deal would have offered a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants to came to the u.s. as children. the senate voted on four plans, anden couldn't pass any of them. it's not clear if senators could get a chance to try again. 60 votes were need ed for approval. the final was 54-45. >> phil murphy is rolling out a plan to smooth your ride on new jersey transit trains. the focus is on easing overcr d overcrowding. the transportation officials unveiled short-term and long-term plans. murphy promises to get more train cars on the tracks after they get positive train control equipment. that's the technology that slows a speeding train. he also says new jersey transit is taking steps to add equipment and hire more people.
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a state audit has the transit system under a microscope. more changes are expected. get ready to watch local athletat aths tonight at the olympics. >> don't miss the figure skating competition at 8:00 p.m. here on nbc 10, your home for the winter olympics. a close call for pennsylvania in the luge team relay. they missed the podium by .01 of a second. anthony watson hopes to bring home a medal. he's competing for his father's native country. and the nbc 10 app is your all access guide to the winter games. e we break down the five moments you won't want to miss and the prime time line up on nbc 10 starting at 8:00. imagine this. getting the call that your
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grandchild's school is the scene of a shooting. >> both fear and anger. >> this grandfather is going through a range of emotions after finding out his grandchild was trapped in that florida school. rosemary connors shares his story. also keeping students safe in the classroom. what school districts in our area are doing to make sure children are safe. plus this.
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pennsylvania is getting the law requires many to get their child abuse clearances. are you one of them? if you're a coach sunday school teacher a scout leader camp counselor many people who work or volunteer with children may need their clearances. pennsylvania means business when it comes to protecting our children. thank you pennsylvania! find out if you need to get your clearances
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by going to paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars.
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looking live right now at a view from parkland, florida, where the slp sheriffs department is releasing more information about the victims from yesterday's high school massacre there. we're going to have those brand new details in 15 minutes. the shooting is also spreading fear and frustration among paren parents. >> it's heartbreaking. because you send your child to school to get an education. you think it's a safe place. you assume it's a safe place. >> that's echoing across the country and around the region today after yesterday's high school shooting there in florida. parents hugged their children a little tighter this morning and nervously waited for their safe return home. steven fisher is joining us live
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from easton with that part of the story. >> ien can't imagine for parents sending their child to school this morning having a pit in their stomach as they did that. >> reporter: we were here in wilson high school as school was letting out today. we got a chance to talk to a few of the parents and most of them told us the same thing. normally theyen don't worry about sending their kids to school, but today some of them did. here at wilson area high school in north hampton county, it looks like a normal school day. underneath everyone was grappling in florida. >> she has a daughter that's a junior here. when she left for school, she told her -- >> just be safe. >> reporter: it's a parent's worst fear. though it wasn't a reality, it started to make him think. >> it's always really hard to know that you send your kids off
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to a place you don't know if they are going to be safe or not safe. >> did one parent told me she never worries about sending her son here to wilson. >> i don't worry. i really don't worry. >> reporter: she says the district does routine drills, has multiple safety precautions in place. >> i try to get in the school and it's not easy. there are three doors i have to be buzzed in to get into the kids. >> reporter: i did speak to the school who safety is a top priority. they said it doesn't matter if you're a student, staff member or even a parent, everybody has to go through the same safety measures. reporting live, steven fisher, nbc 10 news. the string of deadly crimes against kids leaves parents with questions. how do you explain the shootings to your children and feel safe at school. experts say let your child lead the conversation and ask questions. if your child is between 5 and 7, psychologists say you should limit your kids exposure to social media and news coverage because the pictures can be
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upsetting. dr. welsh says don't avoid having the tough talk. >> get them to, prs their fears is the place you start. you don't want to cover it up or down play it. you want to be honest but also be reassuring. >> it's important for parents to have someone to lean on to. help process their own feelings. be sure to download the free app so you don't miss any developments on this major story. we'll send alerts to your smart phone the moment news breaks. other news now, service before self, that was the driving force behind the police department awards. the department recognized officers and civilian who is dpo the extra mile to protect the community. . patrick was among the honorees. he was shot in the line of duty last november after struggling with a suspect. despite taking a bullet. he was able to wrestle the gun away and arrest the gunman. the nbc 10 first alert
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weather team is tracking warm and wet conditions. temperatures continue to climb today, but the rain is returning tonight. and even though it's 60 out there, snow is in the forecast. >> chief meteorologist tammie souza is tracking these wild changes. >> it is going to be a wild ride. buckle up. because over the next ten day, you'll see record high temperatures next week that could touch 70 to 75 degrees. because a lot of people have plans, we want to let you know ahead of time. we are looking at the pennsylvania suburbs and lehigh valley. we will e see a little bit of snow here in philadelphia. . the question is how much. we are expecting a potentially pile up 3 to 6 inches of a quick burst of snow overnight.
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the roads will be impacted. the storm will be gone but you'll be dealing with the impacts. saturday evening and saturday night and sunday morning, this is what we're concerned with. wement to make sure you aware of it. unbelievable.res are (my< 73 in washington. we are at 60 in philadelphia. 58 in pittsburgh. it's still 48 in boston, but that's above where they should be. let's check your neighborhood. you're probably enjoying the temperatures. 59 in coatesville. 62 in dover. 58 in vineland. 62 in mount holly. 63 in atlantic city. these are gifts if. mother nature. one of the warmest spots is up there in the lehigh valley. so the rain that we're going to be seeing move in this evening is off to the west of harrisburg. we have clouds in place across the area. just very mild. not seeing anything other than
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the cloud cover. here comes the rain across the area tonight. it will continue into tomorrow. this is our next storm system taking shape. the cold air coming down out of canada, all the moisture and energy out of southern california. so what we're going to be watching is numbers that will stay very close to 60 fwres as this rain moves through. it will be with us through noon tomorrow. then the cold front comes through. into the 20s by the time we get to early on saturday. then the. temperatures go back up and we may start to see rain across the area. you notice this pink line. that's the rain and snow mix line. that's going to waiver up and down depending on the temperatures. this is going to a wet, heavy snow. it's out of here by early on sunday. then we get sunshine and see melting of snow. then a cherrien ob top, we get rain moving through by tuesday. then near 70 degrees.
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the totals would be about 4 inches in philadelphia. less in south jersey and maybe 6 inches in the poconos. if we get a lot of melting, we're looking at an inch or less. what we think is 2 inches in philadelphia that melts quickly. we'll see that across the sub b suburbs and the lehigh valley and nothing for all of you in south jersey and delaware. i'll have your ten day coming up in just a little bit. a. popular bike shop suddenly closes. >> some respect ready to slam the brakes on the business just yet. >> it's been a huge change in the last three weeks, but we're really excited to keep it going. >> what employees did to get the gears turning again.
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costly case of who done it. a thumb stolen wifrom a statue. you're looking live at the museum. a delaware man is accused of ripping a thumb from one of the warriors during a holiday party back in december. investigators say michael sneaked into the exhibit and snapped a selfie with the statue
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before taking the left thumb. days later the fbi tracked down that suspect at home. he confessed to the crime. >> then led agents to a desk drawer where he kept the pricey body part. >> it's a great exhibit. hundreds gathered in center city, philadelphia, to celebrate the life and legacy of african-americans. i had the honor of em seeing the black history awards luncheon. making an impact here in our community. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 announced a partnership with the philadelphia tribune. panic buttons in schools. >> it's already in one school dri district, but leaders say it's not enough. how they are working to enhance the system to keep students safe. >> 15 years old. it's just wrong. >> a bucks county grandfather is outraged. his grandson was trapped in a
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classroom in florida during the high school massacre. coming up, who he is blaming for the violence and all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00. [narrator] look around.
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and once you realize you're not limited to what's possible, guess what? you redefine all that will be. the fbi now the same
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spelling claim iing he wanted t be a professional student killer, i believe, was the correct language or school shooter. how was it they were not able to connect the dots and figure out who nicholas cruz was. they claimed they did not have a proper i.d. where he might be and unable to actually find him. that is likely to continue to be a narrative or a question that many people have about how the fbi failed to find him if they had somebody on youtube claiming they wanted to be a school shooter why were they unable to figure out who that might be. >> tom cost tello, thank you. so many details coming in as we shed more light on this horrible tragedy. we'll continue to follow the story and have full details coming up when we see you shortly for "nbc nightly news." i'm lester holt, nbc news, pyeongchang. >> that special report from nbc
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news and in the meantime, there have been 18 school shootings far this year. one of those in philadelphia. >> that's more than twice as many as all of last year. take a look at these numbers. they show the school shootings each year through february 14th. this kwleer is far ahead of most years dating back to 2013. the philadelphia shooting happened two weeks ago. a man was shot dead during a brawl after a basketball game outside lincoln high school. >> nbc 10 is working to find out how schools here are keeping your children safe. law enforcement want you to know now is the time to speak up. we keep hearing that. when it comes to concerns you may have about a classmate, friend, neighbor, they are listening. >> nbc 10's deanna durante gives us a look at emergency school security measures already in place in delaware county. >> reporter: the emerging picture is of a troubled young man with a history of
5:33 pm
disciplinary issues and a fascination with guns. >> there may be. students out there watching this that have a fellow student that maybe this shooter reminds them of. and we would ask you to reach out to your guidance counsellors, reach out to school officials, please say something. >> john mcblan is the chair of the common counsel and also a dad who sends his kids to school and his wife works in a school. today his message starts with speaking up. the county has counselling support available 24/ and cry soes sis teams will interview quickly. there's counselling available for krcritical needs. >> let us know about suspected problem. it doesn't have to be somebody that is is committed a crime. it can be somebody that you just are worried about. >> he and delaware county district attorney say since the shootinged a sandy hook, they installed a panic button that's
5:34 pm
in all schools and kindergarten programs. it nots only calls police. >> it allows them to hear what is happening on practically realtime moment. >> reporter: dispatchers inside the emergency operations center right now can see hundreds of different views throughout the county on streets and transportation centers and plans are in the works in order to get live video views inside the school. in middletown, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. schools are required by law to have active shooter drills and the laws are different depending on which state your student school is in. in pennsylvania one active shooter drill is required by law every year. . security drill can take the place of one of the required monthly fire drills. delaware and new jersey must have two active shooter drills a year. we're also learning more about the victims killed during yesterday's massacre like this 35-year-old gee yography teache.
5:35 pm
he died while helping students get into a locked classroom. a athletic director also died. >> the suspected shooter confessed to the crime. the 19-year-old said he was the shooter and also said he brought extra ammunition to the school and hid it in a backpack until he got to campus to begin his assault. cruz made his first appearance in court. he stood silently as he appeared before the judge. his bail was deny ied and he fas 17 counts of premeditated murder. today we're getting a first look at his online posts. this past summer cruz put this picture on instagram showing several guns on a bed and posted shots appear to be him holding rifles. >> a mississippi bail bonds mantles nbc news he alerted the fbi in september to an alarming comment left by cruz on one of
5:36 pm
his youtube videoses. >> when the shooting first started, i didn't even connect the dots. it wasn't until the fbi agent told me, hey, this is the same name. i said, oh, wow. >> more details on the internet post and the fbi's reaction to his warning. that's tonight on "nbc nightly news." and if you want to get the latest information on this story as we get it, sign up for push alerts on the nbc 10 app. let's turn to your first alert forecast. mawarmer weather is turning int wet weather. a live look at boat house row not looking dtoo bad. >> chief meteorologist tammie souza has more on the big weather changes we'll be seeing through the weekend including what you have been warning us about. >> too much. ien don't want to hear it. we are going to see some snow in the area come saturday nieght.
5:37 pm
. let's focus on these temperatures right now. look at the 61 with our high in philadelphia. 65 in allentown. reading at 68 degrees. you were just shy of 70. 63 in atlantic city. incredible temperatures. we should be around 44 this time of year. right now we're sitting at 60 in philadelphia. 58 in millville. 63 in atlantic city. it just crested where our daytime highs are. the rain is on the way in. it's just to the west of harrisburg. this is rain tonight. we're going to be watching all that make its way through the area. what we're going to talk about when i come back is this. we have two systems that will merge and this is what's going to ebb bring some of our area accumulating snow and some of the area rain on saturday. come on back for that and i'll go back for that hour by hour. > maybe the snow will put you in the mood for the winter olympics. a live look at the olympic cauldron.
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it's already morning in pyeongchang. there's a lot in store for you tonight in prime time on nbc 10. two pennsylvanians were this close to winning a medal in the luge team relay. the squad placed fourth. they missed the bronze by .01 of a second. don't miss keith jones live from the winter games. he's talking to figure skaters about row growing up in pennsylvania and how it's influenced his skating. that's tonight at 11:00. and remember if you're out and about tonight, every moment is streaming in the free nbc 10 app. our coverage on the high school massacre in florida continues tonight. >> a grandfather from bucks county finds himself in the middle of this nightmare. >> there's gunfire going on. all i know is he's in the room next to the gunfire. >> his grandson. trapped in a classroom next d r
5:39 pm
door. his peers are being killed and he's telling us about the rake of emotions he's going through. >> a popular delaware bike shop suddenly closed. the employees decided they are not going to let it stay closed. they plan to keep pedaling. that's coming right up. count on the nbc morning team to get you ready for your day with weather, traffic and back to their rot. friday morning, team usa hockey players from our area take us back to their high schools to talk about what it's like to prepare to play on the world stage. i was in my third tour in iraq
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when my vehicle was hit by an ied. i looked down and i knew i was out of the fight. but playing for team usa has been a second chance to represent my country. i get to show my children and the world that, yeah, i might have been knocked down, but i'm up, and i'm honored to be able to represent the flag. comcast is grateful to all who have served our country, and we're proud to bring the 2018 olympic and paralympic winter games home to everyone.
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when life gets you a flat tire and open up a shop to repair. >> three guys are doing that after their bike shop closed after decades. tim furlong has the story in newark. >> i've been coming here since i was 9 years old. >> it was a forever bike. shop until a few days ago when it wasn't anymore. the owner locked the doors, left inventory inside and let him employees go. he spent 16 years working at wooden wheels. they decided right away their run at the storen wasn't over. >> there are other bike shops that offered jobs as soon as they heard wooden wheels is
5:43 pm
closing. we're like, no, this is our shop. >> with the former owner's blessing, the employees decided to become the owners to remake the store. they have a gofundme page to hope to open by april 1st. the store is is not going to stay in the same spot. the rent is to high and parking it z is too tricky. they are going to move just outside of downtown and want to make the store an even more local bike shop. >> we're about half a mile from the trail head. we can run rides, have coffee in there now. >> reporter: the store will focus on community and service. the things the internet can't replace. the guys are excited about owning a business. they have other words too. >> pretty nerve racking. >> r with local leaders helping them learn the ropes, this has to work. but they can't do it without you. when they open wooden wheels version 2, they are praying customers show pup. >> in newark, tim furlong, nbc
5:44 pm
10 news. hitting close to home. >> a fliers player who went to the high school reflects on yesterday's shooting and talks about the coach who gave his life to save students.
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
our coverage continues now on the high school massier in florida. >> we're learning more about local connections to the shooting. one of them comes from a popular fliers player who attended the school where the shooting happened.
5:47 pm
>> fliers defenseman shane gos fair went to to the high school for freshman and sophomore years in 2007 before he moved to connecticut, which is 30 miles from sandy hook elementary school. his grandparents still live a mile away from the high school. he knew of the football coach, one of the first confirmed victims of the attack. he died after he acted as a human shield protecting the students. >> they say it's close to home, but it's tough to see. i haven't really processed yet. i can't believe it. i was just in that school. i felt safe at that school every day i was there. >> word is is you knew the coach? >> i knew of him.
5:48 pm
he was a great guy and nice to me. showed his character what he did in that time of panic and emergency putting himself on the line before others. and obviously we want to focus on the victims rather than the suspect. >> he's not the only professional athlete to come from the high school. cubs first baseman anthony rizzo donated $150,000 for lights on the baseball and softball fields. in a tweet had said this is out of control and our country is in need for change. i hope this brings everyone together and we can find love. back to you. >> thank you for that. meteorologist tammie souza is joining us now. can you believe it's 60 degrees out there. >> these are wild temperatures and then we have some rain? >> we have rain coming in tonight and some snow on saturday night.
5:49 pm
look at the clouds. they have thickened. you can tell they are the kind of clouds that hold moisture. 61 with our high today. .12 of rain. that fell shortly after midnight. we're going to see more moving in in the next couple hours. this is where we're going to be. overnight tonight. 55 in wilmington. 57 in atlantic city. dover at 57. vineland at 55. even in allentown, 51 degrees. doppler radar we're all cloer here, but the rain is sitting west of harrisburg. and that's going to be with us into the wee hours of the morning. then it's out of here. thn we focus on this storm system to the the west. we have the cold air to the north. we have the energy to the south. ask this is what's going to happen. they are going to come together saturday evening. likely starting as rain and changing over to snow. hour by hour, we're hanging on to 60s through 8:30 tonight. rain moves through. could be a steady rain at times. it's still here tomorrow morning. we're looking at 50, dropping to the 40s in the afternoon.
5:50 pm
the front comes through. we're in the 20s saturday morning. have a little bit of sunshine. clouds move in. we're above freezing. here comes the first of the snow. maybe it's a mix. it's going to be with us. a quick burst of snow saturday night. out of here sunday morning. temperatures are going to be either side of the freezing mark. so snow amounts will be iffy for philadelphia. i think we warm back up to the 40s with sunshine. we end up seeing a will the of melting on sunday. we have a first alert for the suburbs and lehigh valley. this is saturday night through sunday morning. that's because we're expecting that's a place we could see 3 to 6 inches of snow and the roads are going to be impacted. 60 tomorrow, but. temperatures fall. 38 on saturday. temperatures will fall. rainen on monday night. and near record warmth with 70s in the middle of next week. a bucks county grandfather fed up with school shootings.
5:51 pm
>> there's no excuse for this. >> his grandson was in the middle of the high school massacre. tonight he's telling us how he feels and what he thinks needs to be done. one of the most anticipated block busters of the year is a history maker before everyone else can see it. we'll take you there ahead on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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lester holt has a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> we'll have full coverage from parkland, florida. what we learned about the time line, the victims, heroes and the shooter as the authorities give us a briefing. also thousand of miles away, how a grandmother may have prevented another school shooting. that story and more when we see you tonight on "nbc nightly news." back to you in philly. >> thank you, lester. new tonight we learned the florida school shooting suspect fired into five classrooms before then dropping his rifle and blending in with fleeing students. while parkland, florida, is hundreds of miles from here, the school shooting hit home for a
5:55 pm
grandfather from bucks county. >> his grandson was in that high school where 17 classmates are now dead. rosemary connors sat down with the grandfather who waited for hours yesterday to find out the fate of his grandson. >> there's gunfire going on. all i know he's in a room next to the gunfire. that's the first thing i hear. >> as the country watched the images emerge from parkland, florida, peter waits held his breath hoping his 15-year-old grandson a freshman at the high school would be counted among the living. he escaped unscathed, physically, but his grandfather wonders how he'll survive the mental pain. >> i'm worried about him. to be that close to danger. >> he served in the air force but was never in combat. he can't imagine his grandsonen under attack in his own school.
5:56 pm
>> i'm frighten. ed. they all apply. we have representatives that have been going on for years. >> it's on us. you bet it is. >> like many americans, he has questions for our lawmakers. >> the people who represent you, what do you want them to do? >> you want them to sit down with the other people that we have elect and what are we going to do about it. >> he wonders if another school shooting will be the tipping point. >> they are not doing what needs to be done. i'm not saying i have the answers, but i wasn't hired to get the answers. they were hired to come up with the answers. >> reporter: their response doesn't cut it anymore. >> i'm tired of hearing the same nonsense over and over. i'm praying for you. i'm praying for you. i don't need your prayers. >> reporter: he insists he needs action. reporting from ben salem, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news.
5:57 pm
>> rosemary connors says he has been in touch with his daughter in florida. he expects to speak to his grandson over the phone some time later today or tomorrow. coming up next at 6:00, nbc 10 is covering every angle of one of the worst school shootings in our country's history. we have live reports where local lawmakers are telling us what they are doing to keep your kids safe. plus new details just in on several stops the suspected gunman made moments after the rampage. plus we have rain moving in now. weekend snow. the latest track that shows you you can expect in your backyard and when, that's next in my first alert forecast. and all new, sneak peek it's one of the most anticipated block busters of the year. we head live to a local theater already showing it.
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right now at 6:00, survivor stories. >> we started running. >> a response from the white house. >> we are all joined together as one american family. >> and renewed calls for action. >> as americans we're failing our children. we're not keeping them safe. >> tonight a new image emerges of the man suspect issed in the latest mass shooting inside our
6:00 pm
nation's schools. >> good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. we have team coverage of this still developing tragedy tonight. miguel martinez-valle in parkland, florida, where that massacre unfolded. lauren mayk in washington is asking local lawmakers about their plans to try to stop school gun violence and steven fisher is speaking to parents in our area about the safety in school. but we begin with new information in florida. the school shooting suspect is now held without bail after making his first appearance in court just a few hours ago. there he is in the orange jump suit in the upper right of your scre screen. target police cruz confessed to the shooting. we also learned the fbi was alerted last september about a post that cruz made on youtube saying i'm going to be a professional school shoot er. cruz is accused of firing into five classrooms before dropping his rifle and blending in with students running out of the school. >> the suspect arrived at the wa


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