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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 20, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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moment of impact, the all new video of a local auto parts store taking a direct hit. suddenly spring, the temperatures have taken a dramatic turn upward, but you haven't seen anything lyet. hands off, some are are being told to stop shaking hands. nbc 10 news begins with new video that shows a pickup truck punching a gaping hole in an area auto parts store. a camera recording as a customer is burr rid under that debris. good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm erin coleman. nbc 10 got that video from the auto zone. as ted greenberg shows us, there's a hefty repair job left
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behind. a major mess to clean up today after a pickup truck made this wild entrance into the auto zone store in the plaza shopping center. >> it was unbelievable. pictures don't tell the story. you have to see it for yourself. >> glass goes flying on this surveillance video as the chevy silverado smashed through the windows. it caused shelves full of merchandise to collapse. that 3-year-old man get iting trapped underneath. then pulled out and helped to safety by another shopper and a store employee. >> they came to his rescue. >> both the customer and driver, a 38-year-old venter in man seen here, taken to the hospital with injuries not considered life threatening. police still trying to figure out what led to the crash, but say they have no reason to
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believe it was intentional. >> it was crazy. never seen anything like that. >> reporter: police say before the crash, witnesses saw the pickup pulled over on the side of wellington avenue. it then accelerated, came across the road, jumped the curb, drove over the rocks and kaen reaped across the parking lot. right into the auto zone. >> it's a shopping plaza at night on a monday evening. it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: no charges have been filed. the store now closed although its front was still wide open for much of the day. engineers taking a close look at the building itself. >> they are really checking the structure. >> an auto parts store rocked by a freak accident that's temporarily put the brakes on business. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. now to your first alert weather. new records across the area as temperatures soar this afternoon. people enjoyed a stroll in the
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sun. philadelphia broke its record high today. that was set back in 1939. taking a live look at center city. people still have time to enjoy the sun because sunset in the city isn't until 5:42. the days are getting longer. >> people who live in the poconos also saw that record warmth. a live look at camelback. dozens of trails were open today even in these high temperatures. let's take you to the jersey shore. this is a live look at cape may. temperatures running about 10 to 20 degrees cooler than the rest of the region. meteorologist krystal klei is live on our patio. >> not a bad evening to be out there. i have spring fever already. >> reporter: i am not going to complain about my assignment today. this is a very nice spot to be standing right outside our building here. blue sky overhead, still kbot that sunlight and it feels so nice. i don't know it you notice, but i'm usually wearing a few layers this time of year. pi don't have any layers on. just a shirt and it is beautiful
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outside. let's talk about the conditions starting with our temperatures. now this is where we're current ly sitting. in allentown, 65 degrees. that's pretty impressive for this time of year. 71 in philadelphia. one of the spots that broke records today. wilmington at 72. 69 in vineland for our current temperatures. look at the highs so far. so far the official reports haven't come out, but we have broken records in philadelphia and wilmington. atlantic city is at the airport. it's a little inland. that's why it made it to 73 degrees today. and then check this out. we do it again tomorrow. but tomorrow we're talking all over the place from philly down to wilmington looking at record breaking temperatures. many of them in the mid-70s tomorrow. far warmer than its average. but after wednesday, comes a big fall tr your thursday. coming up, meteorologist tammie souza is is going to be run ini us through how low the numbers go the following day. >> we have this just in. president trump is taking action
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to come up with new gun control measures. he said he directed attorney general jeff sessions to draft regulations that would ban devices like bump stocks. bump stocks turned semiautomatic guns into automatic weapons. . the man behind the las vegas massacre used bump stocks during his rampage. no progress in florida today. lawmakers voted down an attempt to revive a pill to ban assault rifles. >> dozens of students are on their way to florida's capital right now to urge lawmakers to pass gun control law. about 100 survivors from the massacre hopped on a bus this afternoon for the 400-mile trip. they plan to hold a rally at the capital in tallahassee tomorrow. the students want the republican-controlled legislature to consider sweeping gun control laws. they are also call iing for antigun violence demonstrations in cities across the country on march 24th. in the meantime, family and
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friends said good-bye to more victims of the tragedy. people gathered for a funeral for carmen. tomorrow would have been her 17th birthday. she was caring, smart and witty. the teen who loved life. three other victims were also laid to rest today. mothers of shooting victims in our area will speak over the next hour. a letter from a local superintendent from the response is is generating a lot of reaction. he's not mincing his words. >> deanna durante is live for us. this letter different from some others written by school officials. >> reporter: the superintendent here for the school district says now is the time to act.
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and many parents we talked to are hoping other superintendents follow his lead. it's a top that's hard to talk about for jodi as she waits for her 13-year-old daughter. >> it's a thing for all of my friends because our kids are the same age. >> and it's multiple presence on the campus. ub usual waters for a school administrator. he wrote, i believe it's time for all of us, public school leaders to have courage to call for a ban on rapid fire assault weapons.
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>> it just reminds us that we want to do more. >> we asked parents what they thought. >> i agree with all that. i kind of agree. >> the most emotional, jodi, who not only says she appreciates the letter. she wants others to join. >> they absolutely should. without question. so we are firm believers that this cannot happen again. >> reporter: he has gotten comments from across the school community. for the most part he says they are positive. he understands people who don't agree with what he wrote, but superintendents are asked to weigh in. on things like school funding and testing and this is about student safety. reporting live, deanna durante,
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nbc 10 news. now to a serious accident in camden county. two people were killed here and a woman is in grave condition right now. this is what we know. collided around west white horse pike. the impact so strong the car was smashed. all the way to the front seat. no word what caused that crash. also in south jersey, a rehab facility turned into a crime scene after a murder-suicide there. this morning a 76-year-old man shot his 74-year-old wife and then turned the gun on himself. this happened at jefferson health care centers rehabilitation unit. republicans in pennsylvania plan to file a federal lawsuit as early as tomorrow to block the state's new congressional map. president trump weighed in today thou though. he tweeted hope republicans in the great state of pennsylvania challenge the new pushed congressional map all the way to the supreme court. if. necessary. your original was correct. don't let the democrats take
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elections away from you so they can raise taxes and waste money. here's a look at the old map for the philadelphia region. state supreme court ruled that lawmakers drew the lines unfairly to benefit republicans. . the new map on the right put out by the supreme court is based on geography and keeps more counties and communities together. reactions to the congressional map are sweeping across the state. a group called common cause pennsylvania held a news conference at the capital rotunda. they are calling on the governor and lawmakers to work on a bipartisan plan to draw up newj maps. >> people are frustrated. they are upset. they have a tremendous amount of lack of trust in our government. it's time to fix gerrymandering. >> the maps were released in time to be used in the may primary elections. the building in old city that caught fire sunday has taken down a fire escape to try to save part of the structure. inspectors told the owner to remove the fire escape because it was weighing on the facade.
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now this is what firefighters faced the morning of the fire at second and chestnut streets. the building has been declared dangerous. residents still are not allowed inside. firefighters and inspectors continue to keep a close eye on the building in case of a collapse. all new at 5:00, walking for days to spread an important message. >> why one group is march trg. new york to washington, d.c. >> and later is this record breaking warmth good for business. the impact of this warm streak, all new at 5:00. and stop shaking. why some. olympic athletes are being told to avoid shaking hands. that and more ahead at 5:00.
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some sad news here. the oldest polar bear in the u.s. and a favorite for visitors at the philadelphia zoo has died. today the zoo announced the death. they euthanized the 37 yoorld polar bear because her health had had taken a turn to the worst. she's been at the zoo since 1982. leaders say the decision to euthanize her was really difficult but was the most humane option. solemnly swear or affirm. >> nearly 40 high school students took a mock oath of office today inside city hall. each student shadowed a city official for the day. it's all part of the police athletic league's mentoring program. the student who is are members were picked for their grades and their commitment to their communities. officials say participation is at an all-time high. protecting those who protect us. the fire departments are getting
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a slew of new safety equipment thanks to a grant from the federal emergency management agency. fire departments in gloucester township will all benefit from that money. some of the equipment uncluds trackers, device that follows firefighters wherever they are. >> when i talk to that fear of not being able to find them, get lost, but now they have that added bit of confidence that they can be found regardless of what is is going on. >> the money will also allow the seven departments to replace obsolete breathing apparatus with state of the art equipment. a woman instrumental in bringing racial quality across delaware was recognized. cynthia march tib was honored by the technical community college as part of black history month. she founded trustees of color, an initiative that ensures the boards of state nonprofits include people of color.
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the competition continues today at the winter games. >> here's a live look at the olympic cauldron in pyeongchang. team usa's men's hockey still alive for the gold medal, but one of the time honored traditions is in danger because officials have told players to do not shake hands after the game because of a norovirus outbreak. they told them to fist bump instead. there have been 300 cases of norovirus so far. >> if you won't be around to see the prime time action, every olympic moment is streaming on the free nbc 10 app. don't miss keith jones and his reports from pyeongchang tonight at 11:00 right here on nbc 10. a lot warmer here than it is there. >> definitely. >> going to break out the shorts tomorrow and the flip-flops.
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>> it is cooler along the beaches. we're going to see patchy fog in some of the areas. be aware of that. could keep the temperatures down from soaring rl tomorrow morning, but then the sun breaks out and we'll see them climbing warmer than today. you're going to see menty of rain over the weekend. let's take a look at some of our neighborhoods. it shows the differences. that's why we do the differences. 70 in the suburbs. 72 in delaware. 69 in south jersey.
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we to out to the jersey shore. on the shore, it's in the 50s. in philadelphia 71. let's start with the lehigh valley. because of the the snow pack, they are not making it pretty much into the low 70s. a few places. nazareth at 63. let's scoot on down to philadelphia. we see a the lot of the area into the 70s. gararaduate hospital at 74. 73 in society hill. a little cooler in fort richmond. so that's the difference. we don't have the snow pack to deal with here in the city itself. tz doppler radar is quiet right now. all of the rain is marching to the north of us. it started doing that last night. it's just like a straight line going straight up through chicago. behind it much colder air is
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sitting. ahead of that is that extremely warm air. that jet stream is so far to the north of us, we're in the warm sector. we're going to be in the wet sector. this is going to sag in our direction. watch what happens. all the way through sunday night. by the time we get into monday and tuesday, we tienlly dry out. next week we'll be much more average. look at the numbers. you're going to wake up tomorrow morning close to 60 degrees across the area. . then tomorrow in the afternoon, we're going to top 70s again. break more records. we'll see some sunshine. by the evening hours, we start to see a front come through. showers at 7:00 in the lehigh valley. across the philadelphia area and northern delaware. that's going to be about 9:00 at night. and then on thursday, we're going to really see the showers come through. look at the numbers. winds turn to the northeast and temperatures plummet throughout the day. we're lucky to make it into. the 40s by the time we get to our friday. it's going to be quite chilly there. let's take a look at your ten-day.
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tomorrow we're going to see 76. another record breaker. falling to 40 at night. we're only going it make it to 46 on friday. 50s over the weekend. but rain there. next week very dry. slightly above average. but no more 70s. guys? it's been more than two weeks since the eagles historic super bowl win. >> and philadelphia is still reaping the rewards. today was no exception. that story is straight ahead. setting the ice on fire. why so many olympic figure skaters trained right here in delaware.
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the eagles super bowl buzz still going strong. american airlines and coca-cola teamed up to secelebrate the championship. companies handed out 50,000 cans of coke cola with that eagles logo on them at philadelphia international airport. to this now. hours away from competition. >> we look at how lindsey vonn is expected to fair in tonight's alpine downhill. we're live at the winter games, next at 5:00. 215-mile march from new york to d.c. we talked to immigrant activists and we'll share their story, coming up. also school security, all new at 6:00, we break down the new strategies just proposed in new jersey to help keep your child safe from school shootings.
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dreamers are marching to washington, d.c. they are demanding immediate action to extend the daca program. the obama era program that allows undocumented immigrants to live and work in the united states without fear of deportation. it is set to ek expire march 5th. >> this group started their mashlg in new york and will go to capitol hill. miguel martinez-valle is joining us. this group is on a mission. >> reporter: that's right. all together the dreamers and allies will march 215 miles. they topped in front of the
5:31 pm
liberty bill and were telling us their stories. they march for their families and won't stop fighting until congress passes a clean dream act. it would give them more than 2 million undocumented people a permanent solution without putting their families at added risk for deportation. >> my feet are ache asking full of blisters. >> reporter: the journey from new york is is difficult. but they are not deterred. >> i'm not thinking about the pain. my parents made a lot of sacrifices. >> reporter: they are demanding a clean dream act for herself and her community. a permanent solution to keep 2.1 million people here without putting their families at risk
5:32 pm
for deportation. >> i don't want my son to grow up with fear. >> she joins about a dozen dreamers using the promise of a better life as fuel for the long road ahead. >> i'm marching because i'm doing it for my community. i'm tired of seeing my community getting torn apart. this is so many. >> for all oufs walking. >> i walk for my mother. i walk to be with her. >> reporter: the dreamers are expected to be in d.c. next week. and they are planning a rally on march 1st demanding those clean dream act to pass. i'm miguel martinez-valle, nbc 10 news. what happens if congress does not act to extend the daca program. an average of 915 young unauthorized immigrants will lose their work authorization and protection from deportation each day. that would begin on march 6th.
5:33 pm
we will keep you updated on the future of the daca program on the air and on the free nbc 10 app. winter warmth has moved into our area. this is a live look right now at the skyline in philadelphia. we saw temperatures in the 70s today. 71 right now. >> atlantic city got up to 73 degree this is afternoon. krystal klei is joining us outside our studios here. pleasant evening to spend some time out there on the patio. >> it's the perfect evening to have plans outside. i'm planning on walking and grabbing dinner somewhere after work because it's winter and we're looking like ving. at least for a couple days. let's talk about the temperatures out there right now. still a pretty good range of areas in mount pocono ask reading to mid-70s in northeast philadelphia. 72 at the atlantic city airport
5:34 pm
location. look at the marina. a big difference there. 52 degrees up against the shoreline. where you have some of the ocean air brushing up. but it's the south flow that's really pressed in that warm air and look at all of these records that we have set that broke the previous record. many locations was when they hit the records. so pretty impressive. we're doing it again tomorrow. tammie souza is going to run through that drop. >> here's a look at some of the
5:35 pm
stories making headlines county by county across our region. in cumberland county, a teen and 20-year-old man are facing murder charges in the shooting death of a millville man. the 19-year-old are being held without bail. two others are facing conspiracy charges in this shooting. it happened in bridgeton back in august. police tell nbc 10 more arrests could be coming. >> montgomery township police are asking for help investigating a fatal car accident. a 50-year-old man was struck by a car around 5:00 monday morning. he died from his injuries. the driver stayed on the scene. anyone who witnessed the accident is being asked to call lis. police say this pair right here took off with a tip jar. they allegedly grabbed the jar back on valentine's day. they may be driving a kia
5:36 pm
sportage. two more medals added to the u.s. stash. americans bringing home medals in fig skating and halfpipe. >> that brings the count to a dozen. we are live in pyeongchang with more on the winning streak. >> reporter: look at the treat i have for you guys here. these are the actual medals that are handed out to the athletes here at these games on special loan to us by the ioc. you won't see these medals in the future. these are representing the korean trees that were chopped down to make the olympic venues. the side has korean alphabets engrained into them and the ribbon is made of the korean fabric. and as of last night, two more of these is what we won. the shib sibs took the number one spot after the free ice
5:37 pm
dance performance. they slid to bronze with gold going to the canadians who are now the most decorated figure skaters in olympic history. >> we're so proud of how we performed today. i mean like, two medals is amazing. i'm so -- i'm speechless. >> reporter: another bronze in the halfpipe. canada took gold, france took silver. >> he scores. >> reporter: u.s. men's ice hockey beat slo vascular ka in elimination round. they advance to face the czech republic for a spot in the semifinals. >> we came in here knowing we had to win or we're going to go home. it was do or die. >> the winning could continue as lindsey vonn skis for a medal in downhill and the american ladies take on day one of singles
5:38 pm
figure skating. >> if lindsey vonn is able to medal, she will become the oldest woman ever to win a medal in alpine skiing. back to you. >> reporting l ining live for u. you may be switching from heat to cool. >> how this warm streak is impacting local businesses. and texting trouble, how apple is fixing an issue that is bugging users. that's next at 5:00.
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some bumps and bruises for passengers on this septa bus in philadelphia. the bus and a tractor-trailer crashed into. each other around 5:30. a few people went to the hospital with minor injuries. scary moments for a cashier. two men walked into brandy wine
5:42 pm
pizza. one of them had a gun and demanded money. >> you thoets your iphone is is crashing, there's a reason. they just released a new software update to prevent a text message bug from crashing your phone. download the latest patch to fix that problem. new at 5:00, hitting the ice. >> we head to a delaware skating rink to find out why so many olympic athletes have trained in the first place. and we have more record warmth ahead. look at these temperatures in the 60s and 70s. . it's not going to last long. you're going to need the umbrella. we'll talk about that when we come back. and the warm weather in and the flu, do the up ask. down temperatures make it worse. all new at 6:00, we go straight to the doctor for answers.
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record warmth has set in across the region. s it have in the low 70s this afternoon. >> tammie souza is tracking the weather whiplash that's coming our way. we begin with brittney shipp
5:46 pm
live in the square. >> reporter: this is pretty nice assignment. i cannot lie. tomorrow will be nice as well. but we can't bottle it. it's going to go pretty fast. take a look behind me. pretty active. we're see inging a lot of bear out today. lots of short sleeves and shorts. you can tell record warmth hit the valley. temperatures more than 20 degrees bringing a taste of spring in february. on such a special day where temperatures in philadelphia haven't been this warm on february 20th in almost 80 years, there are obvious winners with the warmer temperatures and a few on the losing end. >> anything around 50 or 60 they are out the door. i don't blame them. >> what are you doing outside today? >> getting cream. >> businesses like selling frozen treats and children that get to leave the heavy coats behind and relax with an outdoor movie in the middle of february.
5:47 pm
>> i really like it because usually it's really, really cold. and when it's cold i have to wear a lot of clothes. and i don't like to wear so much clot clothes. >> reporter: what about those not so happy about the unseasonably warm weather because it affects their bottom line. >> we slow down when we're not getting the cold fronts and snowstorms. >> do you prefer the cold weather when it's supposed to be cold or do you personally not mind a warm trend? >> i'm a big fan of warm weather. i love the summer. so the warmer it is the better for he. >> even if it affects your business. >> that we don't like all too much. but winter time is a lot of ice melt and moving it back and forth. it keeps us in good shape also. >> reporter: there are more winners with the record breaking warmth. if you missed out on the fun today, the good news is it's expected to be between 5 and 10 degrees warmer into tomorrow. for a closer look on that forecast, we'll send it over to
5:48 pm
meteorologist tammie souza. >> i have to ask. are you wearing the flip-flops? >> i'm not. but i could because it's that warm out here. >> it really is is. people seem like they are enjoying it. i'm going to break out the flip-flops tomorrow. we'll do that together. >> do it. >> let's take a look at the differences in the neighborhood. look at the numbers mind behind it. 70 in the suburbs. 72 in delaware. 71 in philadelphia. 69 in south jersey. 73 at the shore. this is the neighborhood i want to take a look at. that is at the airport, which is well inland. now let's look at the beaches. 51 at cape may. that's almost 20 degrees difference thanwood bien. which is inland. along the beaches, we have extremely chilly air. that's because we have the winds that are coming in out of the south and skirting across the ocean water, which at this point is only 41 degrees. that's probably the coldest spot.
5:49 pm
what we have is is this huge trough out to the west. and a giant jet that's so far north. all the warm air underneath it. we're breaking records. pittsburgh i just was talking to glen. he said it's the warmest february day they have ever had. 71 in philadelphia. let's check your neighborhood and see where you're sitting. 68 in coatesville. 72 in wilmington. 69 in vineland. 65 in wildwood. mount holly at 73. you have melted away all that snow up there. tonight we're going to be very mild in the low to upper 50s. let's take a look at the radar. this is very telling. nothing going on here. we actually cleared out. we have sunshine out there. all the storm systems are tracking to the north. that's the huge ridge right through the midwest where they are getting 3 inches of rain. behind it cold enough to be producing a mix. now let's put this into the
5:50 pm
water vapor satellite. this is kind of my geeky moment. the blue indicates water. the orange is dry air. look at how it arches up and over our area. i'm going to take this to a global level because rarely do you see such a trough like this in the western u.s. with cold air and such a huge ridge. they are perfectly opposite across the eastern u.s. so you're going to wake up tomorrow morning in the 60s. we're dpoing for the low to mid-70s again before we see showers move in. now we're going to start to see a rainy period start. we'll see showers tomorrow night and then on thursday. look at this. the numbers thursday are going to fall all day. we're going to be in the 40 degree range by the time that we get into thursday evening. on friday we're going to struggle to make it into the low 40s with periods of rain all the way through the weekend. so for tonight, we're going to be looking at those low to mid-50s. 58 in philadelphia. 57 in the lehigh valley with a w high clouds and patchy fog tomorrow morning you'll be dealing with patchy fog early
5:51 pm
and then it burns off. then we see 76 in philadelphia. 71 in the suburbs. 68 in the lehigh valley. 73 for south jersey. 63 on the jersey shore. and 76 in delaware. somebody south and east of us could actually see 80 degrees. i'm thinking some of you in delaware. we're going to see the 70s give way. 40 in the afternoon with periods of rain. 46 on friday. low 50s over the weekend. we dry out next week. we stay above average in the upper 40s and low to mid-50s. we certainly do not retain anymore 70s. enjoy it. break out the flip-flops. it's okay. if you're a fan of the olympics, you know over the past few decades, many of our best figure skaters either grew up or trained here in delaware. i'm tim furlong. we'll talk about some of the reasons why, coming up.
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the figure skaters make it look so easy, but landing those jumps is anything but simple. >> a number have either grown up or trained in the first state. tim furlong explains why all new at 5:00. >> if you aren't looking for it you'd never find it. the skating club of wilmington. it's been creating champions for decades. delaware skating hit the big time in the '70s when ron lovington brought his students to this club. it spawned more successes around the university of delaware and delaware county. johnny we're calls it his home rink. ashley wagner lists this as hers
5:56 pm
too. when i was a but before and after all those sessions, the figure skaters owned the ice. >> some of the best are still training here. >> delaware has a lot to offer. >> reporter: victor fiefr is coaching some of them. >> delaware has really good ice rinks, a lot of ice time availability. and a good history of successful skaters. >> reporter: throw in approximate sproximity to other cities, good doctors and affordable cost of living and you can see why so many in the skating world still come to our region. >> i have some that come here in the summer because it's a competitive environment. >> reporter: lots of the best skate canners come to delaware and there's no sign of that trend stopping any time soon. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> kind of inspiring. you can catch women's figure skating at 8:00. >> nbc 10 news at 6:00 next.
5:57 pm
. keeping your child safe from school shootings. late this afternoon a security plan was outlined in new jersey. we dig into the details and the new way tips will be investigated. also flu concerns, the one thing that could make the virus even worse this year. and some real winter warmth. record breaking temperatures in february. how long is this going to stick around? my first alert forecast for your neighborhood is next.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
a statewide plan to protect your kids from scenes like this one. >> late this afternoon we learned details about the plan of action. the governor wants new protocols to identify mental illness. >> cydney long is live in trenton where the gov wrapped up a news conference. >> reporter: i can tell you governor murphy called on. top leaders to essentially do three things. review the current school safety protocols and to prioritize what within them to be strengthened.
6:00 pm
all of this to prevent tragedies like parkland, florida, from happening here at home. >> my parent watching should feel we are doing everything we can. >> reporter: they will do everything to prevent parkland and the hundreds that have come before it amounting to countless lives lost. >> we can't pull congress's feet away from the fire. >> reporter: governor murphy is working with nearby states on gun running, but within the boundaries -- >> we cannot miss those warning signs. >> reporter: the attorney general says his office will handle a kpcomprehensive reviewf how school threat tips are reported. the social media related to them and how they are followed up on them. >> we're not faing enough attention to our kids and what they are doing on social media. >> reporter: melissa smith doesn't it want her children along with stus


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