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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  February 27, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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show of support, hundreds of south jersey students walk off class in solidarity with a suspend teacher. but what price will they pay for this demonstration? the great gun debate. lawmakers are back on capitol hill this morning as president trump prepares to meet with the gop about gun control. and a financial nightmare. nbc 10 goes inside a painful crisis facing thousands of people in our area as they drown in medical debt. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. and right now at 11:00, taking a stand. hundreds of students walked out of a south jersey high school this morning after a teacher was punished in the aftermath of the florida school masser is. sky force 10 was live over the
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scene earlier today. good morning to you i'm erin coleman. student activists are using their power to make a point today at cherry hill high school east, but this protest could come with a cost. nbc 10's dray sclark live outside the school with more on the protest and what would happen next. dray. >> reporter: good morning. classes are back in session here at cherry east high school but earlier near lit entire student body walked out at around 8:00 a.m. demanding the district reinstate a history teacher who was recently suspended. that teacher allegedly spoke to his students about safety concerns here at the high school following that massacre in parkland, florida, nearly two weeks ago. school officials were somehow notified of the teacher's comments and he was suspend. all though the district has not disclosed exactly why that happened saying it's a personnel matter which requires confidentiality. now student presented the superintendent with a petition with some 500 signatures asking
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for the teacher to be immediately reinstated. after a peaceful protest on monday, students plan to walk out today but they claimed the principal here threatened them with suspension or canceling their prom and senior trip if they follow through with the walkout. well, they did do the walkout and with the support of quite a few parents who were also hear this morning. in fact, kelly shore says her son ben a senior here at the school was one of the organizers. >> i'm very proud of my son ben and all the other kids. there was a great turnout and i'm just really proud and i'm so happy they're doing this and i'm behind them 125 million%. >> i think it's ow some. i think they zhou it, absolutely 100% and anyone that tells them otherwise is just stepping on their rights. >> and that juan ju-- woman you just heard from said if they do candidacy heil is an event planner and she will make sure they have a prom elsewhere. there's a board of education meeting scheduled for tonight
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and parents say they'll attend that meeting to make a push for that history teacher here to be reinstated. we also did reach out to the principal and the super intend enlt but so far they have not returned our phone calls. we're flief cherry hill, dray clark, nbc 10 news. in the meantime, a court hearing planned today for the florida massacre suspect has been canceled. prosecutors were going to ask a judge for an order allowing them to get hair and dna samples as well as fingerprints and photographs from nikolas cruz. there's no explanation for the d today that cruz refused to let the school district continue providing him with crucial mental health and other services once he turned 18. under the law, he was allowed to refuse the special needs services. congress is back at work this morning with gun control taking center stage. a live picture right now where republicans appear to be on track to consider a bill on background checks. president trump is urging
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political leaders to take on the national rifle association, but republicans are hesitant to consider stricter legislation. in the last hour, democratic minority leader chuck schumer talked about the need for much stronger background checks. >> it's outrageous that so many guns are sold with no background check whatsoever. whether you're a felon, an adjudicated mentally ill, spousal abuser, outrageous. we should close those loopholes and close them now. >> later this morning schumer is meeting with some of the students from the florida school. he praised their bravery at speaking out and taking a stand. today president trump will be meeting with republican lawmakers to discuss the gun issue, a bipartisan bill calling for stronger is gaining some momentum but there's still a lot of diss agreement among lawmakers when it comes to banning assault weapons altogether. gun control activists are voicing anger at florida
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lawmakers for nottic magazine enough changes in the wake of the high school massacre. in florida yesterday, activists shouted shame and vote them out after a state senate rules committee failed to pass an amendment to ban assault weapons. the committee did vote to raise the age limit to buy a rifle to 21 and to create a three-day waiting period to purchase those guns. in philadelphia rare 15-year-old student caught with a loaded gun in school is facing charges. police made the discovery yesterday when the student tried pass through a metal detector at samuel fells high school in the northeast. they briefly placed the school on lockdown. they say the student confessed to stealing the gun. no one was hurt. we're learning more about two people including a philadelphia police officer found dead in a home in port richmond. police responded to this home on mercer street yesterday after
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the officer didn't show up for her shift. police also found a man's body inside the house. police tell us the officer was a 14-year veteran of the force. the department has not released the victim's names or how they died. firefighters quickly put out a house fire in north philadelphia this morning. sky force 10 over the scene on north new kirk street around 9:00 a.m. put can see firefighters working on the roof there to put out the flames. no one was hurt. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. grab the sunglasses because there's plenty of sunshine throughout our area today. picture perfect conditions. they basking in the sunshine this morning. she's got her shades on there. some didn't even need to zip up their coats. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with your most accurate forecast. we're loving this, glenn. >> this is an incredible day,
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the nicest day of the week. temperatures above normal. look at that blue sky. finally we have that. that was in easton, lehigh valley. now the other end of our area rehoboth beach that has been cloudy and damp for days, again, nothing but blue. so we have clear skies in the east, in the ohio valley, but there's the next storm getting -- to take shape here in texas and oklahoma. many of our storms this month of february have started in that area and we've got another one on the way, no doubt about that. it's up to 49 in philadelphia now, but 53 in northeast philly. also atlantic city international, georgetown en 40 pocono. so temperatures already above the average high for this time. year. then we're going into the mid-50s with wall-to-wall sunshine today, haven't seen
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that very often. and then tonight doesn't really cool down a whole lot. the atmosphere is still relatively warm, but we do have that storm in the forecast. i'll tell when you that rain starts and how long it's going to affect our area coming up in just a few minutes. right now a packed courtroom just finished listening to the prosecution's closing argument in the federal corruption trial of allentown mayor ed pawlowski. he denies charges of trading city contracts for campaign doe nations. his defense, will get a chance at closing arguments after the recess. the case will likely go to the jury tomorrow. an nbc 10 reporter is in the courtroom and will update developments on air this afternoon and on the nbc 10 app. stime now 11:08 and time to check the roads with jess jess. >> watching the blue right now right around westchester pike we're seeing huge delays because of maintenance vehicles.
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so construction happening up ahead. it goes for a little stretch too. and that drive time is typically about a ten-minute trip if you're heading southbound from the schuylkill to route 1. this is approaching chester pike and we're at 43 minutes. you can see the increase we have that for your drive coming into the afternoon. average speed there into the teens, so super slow moving by the scene. ness a crash on west norton. we're seeing some delays in new jersey. the 42 freeway were this is a rare sight to see. moving through deputier there's construction up ahead on the we're watching 95 on the northbound side, some more construction and slow moving vehicles in the left hand shoulder where the northbound side seeing a 16-minute drive time. so maybe they're moving out of this area. average speeds are still doing better in the blue right almost in the 50s. back to you. happening right now, council women janine blackwell is announcing the city's parking
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amnesty program for 2018. anyone one paid parking tickets from before 2013 can sign up for the program. people with towing and storage fees prior to 2015, they're also eligible and will have 70% of those fees forgiven. enrollment for the program begins on thursday. cameras mounted to septa bus cos soon help the city park down on illegal parking in bus zones. septa did a review of its cameras and found up to 2,000 violations a day. making it using the bus stops unsafe for drivers and bus passengers. philadelphia parking authority is considering teeming up with septa, the idea is to use cameras already mounted to the front of buses and wite a button, the bus driver is snap a picture of a vehicle illegally parked at a bus stop. painting a rosy picture, the first comments from new federal reserve chairman jerome powell
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about the u.s. economy and what his remarks could mean for interest rates. well, enjoy the sunny and dry weather for now. we have a storm developing and its heading our way. i'll let you know the timing and what to expect where you live just ahead.
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the justice department may soon be banning bump stocks, at least according to attorney general jeff sessions. he spoke this morning to the nation's attorney general. sessions said he believes the controversial devices can be
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banned through regulation and hinted and the announcement would be coming soon. bump stocks allow semiautomatic weapons to fire at a more rapid rate. the las vegas gunman used trp s saying they ban the devices after the florida school shooting. later today, the attorney general is expected to deliver prosecutors joining him. tap the nbc 10 app for a live look at that stream when it starts at 1:30 a $325,000 grant yesterday. part of the money will go towards counseling and treatment. another portion will replenish supplies of far can at boys and girls clubs across the state. today, the house intelligence committee will question hope hicks as part of its probe into the russian meddling in the 2016 election. today's interview will be behind closed doors. hicks was scheduled to appear last month but that interview was delayed while both sides worked out what types of questions she can and cannot
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answer. right now the new chairman of the federal reserve is speaking publicly for the first time since taking the reigns from janet yellen in the say live look from washington. not on jerome pahl powell right now that shot but is he telling us that the outlook remains strong despite the recent wall street roller coaster. fed is expected to keep raising interest rates as a gradual pace. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> after days of cloudy skies we finally have the sunshine and it's a terrific tuesday. we've got that thursday/friday storm that is a sure bet. and a dry weekend. finally. we've had several wet weekends in a row. now we'll look at all the places you're seeing sunshine right now across the area near 50 degrees, even above 50 in parts of the
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area. and philadelphia itself we're seeing temperatures above 50, even though it's 49 at the airport it's 54 in westbound airy, 53 in parkside, those areas getting up to at least the 50s this afternoon. we have obviously dry conditions across the east, even in the midwest, but we head farther to the south it's it's a different story. we see rainil goes back to the tropical pacific, this jet stream coming right up. this is what's been affecting us during the month of february making it so wet but also so warm compared to the average february. here's the southwest wind. as we go through the afternoon tomorrow and then here comes
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thursday. the rain moving up from the south, especially in the afternoon, then thursday night there we are 6:00 and look at the east wind. that's hundreds and hundreds of miles of an eastt piles up the water near the beaches and we have a full moon flooding. also some locally heavy rain thursday night and into friday morning so there could be some flooding locally from the rainfall that we get. not anything widespread. and as the storm strengthens offstorof offshore, it's going to pull down some colder air. but it's also going to shift the winds. so by friday it's an offshore wind and that limits the coastal flooding to perhaps the thursday night early friday morning high tide. and then when the colder air come come down and have it stick. and then those northerly winds,
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they're going to be kind of gust yf y as we go through the day on saturday. so saturday is going to be windy, sunday will have a breeze, but at least they look dry over the weekend. there's tomorrow up near 60 with the increased clouds. thursday with the rain, again, especially in the afternoon. into thursday night, into friday, but this is limited and it does look like it's going to be over with before the weekend starts. but there's another storm for next week. we'll get into that a little bit later. still ahead, facing a mound of medical debt, a local woman shares how a car accident left her in pain and a constant struggle to get ahead. plus, nbc 10 explains how we're helping people just like her pay off their medical debt.
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finding foster families for children in desperate need of a
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home, nbc 10emun 62, and the philadelphia department of human services are joining forces to help children who have been through some tough times. thousands of children who have survived abuse and neglect are in urgent need of new fofrt kids, especially older kids. stas i can boyd is the operations director of improving outcomes for children at philadelphia's department of children's services and she's here with ka leah spence, a huge advocate of a community umbrella agency. thanks to you both for being here. >> thank you for having us. >> let's first talk about your job, dwhu, and how you help young people really find a good home. >> so my role is i'm responsible for the community umbrella agenci agencies who provide case management services in our community. my focus is to make sure that when children are not able to stay in their home of origin that they land in an alternative home. and that they receive the
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parenting, the love, the commitment, the encourage meameo help them thrive even though they're not able to be in the biological circle of love, which is their familiar. >> i is it true that sometimes it's harder to play older kids? and what dow want people to know about perhaps becoming a foster parent? >> i definitely do think it's hard to place kids in general, especially older youth. and i think what is essential for a foster parent to know is that placement stability for older youth is something that is very crucial. we have a lot of youth going from eight to nine different foster homes just like myself. i was in care since ways 13 years old and i was in nine homes. and i think being stable and having that family who's very consistent with you and going to the same school and having the same neighbors and friends ultimately that helps that teenager transition out of care. so -- >> and it's not just about it helps them in more ways than we
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whitemight realize, right? >> absolutely. >> take a little bit about that aspects of these kids lives. >> i look at it, i do this work from the lens of being a parent. and understanding my daubt daught -- daughter was absolutely the age of the young people we're here talking about. she was that age and i think back to the things that she required from me bng hel her ac independence which she has successfully done. but our young people in the system, they need somebody, everybody can't foster parent, but maybe you can be a mentor that could take the time out to show a young person how to cook, how to open up a bank account, how do their taxes, how to fill out, you know, your application for a job, how do to do a resume. >> ha do you tell people who might be at home thinking that's something that i've thought about, what would you tell them about becoming a foster parent and getting involved? >> i think overall the benefit
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of being a foster parent is just so wide and it's not just like the physical but it's so emotional and just knowing that you are helping a kid in the future after their 18, knowing that they will be stable, they won't be on the streets, they won't be in the shelter, they won't have to rely on public assistance if you give them that stability, give them that support, and ultimately they will grow up knowing that i have somebody in my corner and i'm not just in foster care with no family or no foster parent. so i think that is something that is essential for the foster parents to know is that these kids have no one and just knowing that they have you is just very important for them and ultimately translates to something that's important for you as well. >> it does wonders. so well said. thank you so much for being here with us. >> you're welcome. >> nbc 10 and taelemundo 62 are
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teaming up and we're certifying up a phone barveg. it's thursday at 4:00 p.m. to answer any questions you might have about becoming a foster family. up next, taking a stand. hundreds of students leave their classrooms to protest the teacher's suspension in the aftermath of the school massacre in florida. ha they're telling bus today's d demonstration. and the check, the credit card company that's dishing out millions to credit card customers, find out why and how much you may be getting back.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. walking out in a show of support, stud departments at cherry hill east high school unite in response to the suspension of a teacher at the school. nbc 10's dray clark spoke to sparnts about t parents about the protest. dray. >> reporter: senior class
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members took a big risk walking out of school this morning. they did so knowing they could very well lose some of their senior privileges and activities but yet they pressed on walking out this morning and asking for a teacher, a history teacher who was recently suspended to be reinstated. now, that teacher allegedly spoke to students about safety concerns here at the school following the massacre in park, florida, nearly two weeks ago. school officials were notified of the teacher's comments and he was suspended. all though the district has not disclosed exactly why that suspension happen since saying it's a personnel matter which requires confidentiality. student presented the superintendent with a petition with some 500 signatures asking noor teacher to be reinstated immediately. meanwhile, this morning hundreds of students, nearly the entire stud dint body walked out at 8:00 in morning and for about minutes they walked and talked calling for the teachers
11:31 am
reinstatement. the principal threatened them with cancellation of their senior prom if they follow through with the walkout. >> i think that's concerning i don't think it's necessary and i think it's taking too far to not have, you know, take away prom from someone who just wants to, like, be safe in their own school and environment. >> i'm an event planner so if they get their prom taken away from them we'll throw them a prom. i'm totally into it. >> meanwhile, we learned from students that after the protest here outside they had a meeting in the gymnasium with the principal where they were able to ask the principal questions about the suspension of that teacher, however, the students say they found that to be pretty much uneventful because the principal could not or would not answer a lot of their questions. meanwhile, both parents and students plan to atend the board of education meeting tonight. we also reached out to the superintendent and the principal but so far they have not returned our phone call. we're live in cherry hill, dray clark, nbc 10 news.
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>> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. you saw it there in dray's live shot, sunny and mild today across our area. this is a live look in downtown wilmington where the sunshine is definitely a welcome site today. glenn "hurricane" schwartz here now with your most accurate forecast. >> it is a spectacular looking day, especially after all the rain that we've seen this month of february. this is in reading, we've seen snow on the ground. earlier this month, not there anymore. sunshine, there could be a little bit of snow by the end of the week. and in wilmington, blue sky after the clouds even lingered during the day yiesterday. we have the dry conditions in the east, but moisture's building in oklahoma and texas and it's moving right in our direction. and there's nothing to stop it. so we're in for another round of rain. this time we're going to have wind on top of that.
11:33 am
49 degrees in philadelphia, 52 in wilmington, 53 in georgetown, so we've got temperatures already above the average high for this time of the year and they will continue to climb during the rest of the day. so over the next 12 hours we see temperatures going at least up to 56, 57 degrees in philadelphia. some parts of the area could get close to the 60-degree mark. and then as we med head through the night tonight, doesn't cool off all that much because the atmosphere is on the warm side. and we wait for this next area moisture to come in, not during the day tomorrow, maybe not even thursday morning, but that rain is moving in. we'll have more on the timing and where it might change over to some snow and about the next storm that comes after that in just a few minutes. republican leaders in congress are back on capitol hill this morning and they are pointing to breakdowns across the system that led to the
11:34 am
parkland, florida, school massacre. >> in this particular case, there were a lot of breakdowns from local law enforcement to the fbi getting tips that they deputy follow up on to school resource officers who are trained to protect kids in these schools and who didn't do that. and that, to me, is probably the most stunning one of them all. >> house speaker paul ryan says the focus should be on keeping guns out of hands of people who shouldn't have them rather than restrict law-abiding citizens. air strikes are continuing this morning in syria despite a russian-ordered pause in attacks on civilians near damascus. lucy cavanaugh reports. >> reporter: russia has order what it's called a humanitarian pause in rebel-held eastern ghouta which has been unand intense bombardment for more than a week now. they have suffered heavy air strikes, 550 people killed in
11:35 am
the last week alone. unconfirmed reports of chlorine gas being used. >> eastern ghouta cannot wait. it's high time to stop this hell on earth. >> reporter: now, the u.n. passed a resolution calling for a 30-day ceasefire, but that was waterered down in order to avoid a russian veto. so there's no date when it will be implemented. president putin has ordered for the shelling to stop for five hours every day 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., but some are accusing russian for just buying time to take back the area. it's not clear whether aid agencies will be able to bring in food and medicine. civilians are not likely to leave because they fear arrest or even worse. and we're already hearing reports of air strikes this morning which the military denies. there's not a lot of optimism on the ground at the moment. nbc news, london. two powerful earthquakes rattled new guinea yesterday damaging roads and shutting down
11:36 am
phone service. residents reported violent shaking in two different regions of the country. right now there are no reports of fatalities, but officials say they haven't seen the extent of the damage yet. police in north carolina now know who gunned down a man as he broadcast live on facebook. 65-year-old dudouglas cleveland coleson armed and dangerous. he's wanted for killing a man in the town of wind gate. . this woman was walk down the a street yesterday when another man ran up and shot him four times. robinson had just been to the police station could to report his cell phone was stolen. they say he often used his facebook page to publicize neighborhood disputes. former president bill clinton is in charlotte right now to pay his final respects to billy graham. here's a live look. the eadvantage slift lying lying in repo at his boyhood home
11:37 am
after passing away last wednesday at the achbling 99. thousands are lining up to see the famous pastor. yesterday george w. bush and his wife laura paid their respects. graham's body will lie in honor in the capital rotunda in washington tomorrow and thursday before his funeral in charlotte on friday. though was sometimes known for controversial comments and stances, the christian evangelist preached to more than 200 million people and prayed with every president since harry truman. chances are you or someone you know is drowning in unpaid medical bills. that's why nbc 10 responds is stepping up to help erase some of that medical debt. nbc 10 responds harry is here with more on the crisis. harry. >> more than 1 million people in our viewing area have medical bills and worse yet they can't
11:38 am
pay and don't know when they'll be able to get out of that financial hole. cynthia isn't as mobile as she used to be. she was in a car accident at the this intersection seven years ago. the crash aggravated a previous injury. >> i have plates and screws in my lower back. >> her insurance didn't cover all the cost. after pend spending thousands of dollars out of pocket, she still owes $1,400 and collection agencies won't let her forget. >> it's very annoying when they keep calling and i keep telling them, you'll get it when i get it. >> 15 million people a year go insolvent because of medical debt. >> craig an teague goe says 60 pes ever all bankruptcies in america involve medical debt. >> we voo a crisis in this country. not many people talk about it. >> an teague goe is a former debt collector turned reformer. he found that the noun past irp
11:39 am
medical debt. it buys debtd and forgives it. >> it's a random act of kindness to remove these negative credit things off of their credit record. >> the nonprofit uses the same tactics as collection agencies. buy the debt for pennies on the dollar, $10 can buy you $1,000 of debt. >> thank goodness that nbc has come to the tonight. >> nbc universal owned television station, the parent company of nbc 10 is responding. our company is donating $150,000 to rip medical debt to erase $15 million of medical debt across the country. that includes $2 million for people chosen randomly in our s play off her outstanding bill but doesn't know when she will be able. those collectors will just have to wait. >> i love month to mont know. i have things i have to pay for
11:40 am
that come first. >> if you want to erase someone's medical debt we've made it easy for you. go to and click on this story. it it will show you how to make a donation just like we did with just $1 you can help erase medical debt for someone. we'll also show you the most frequently asked questions about the charity and the process. >> this affects so many people and i know a question you probably have already gotten, can people sign up to get their medical bills paid? >> no. you can't sign up for it at all if the does affect a lot of people, just over a million people in our area. this is all done random. the people that are going to get their medical debt relieved, they'll get one of these in the mail and that's the only way that they know they've gotten it releaves. and nbc 10 because of privacy rules, we would have no idea of who's gotten one at all. only thing we'll know is that $2 million worth of medical debt is going to be erased. >> in our area. >> in our area for certain.
11:41 am
>> lucky folks to get one of those. thanks for that. coming up tonight at 6:00, nbc 10 george spencer explains how unpaid bills are shopped around from one collection's agency to another. we'll hear from a company working to help people avoid the pitfalls that lead to fell debt the. citi group says it will refund hundreds of millions of dollars to credit card customers after admitting it overcharged them for interest. citi apologize and promised to pay back nearly holders. the average rhee fund will be $190. the bank said it failed to reduce annual interest rate charges for cardholder in good standing over a five-year period. those customers had no way to know if they werlg able for the cuts. citi said it will now notify card holders with a check in the mail. happening today, jackie robinson's original signed baseball contract will go up for auction in new york to celebrate black history month. take a look. these are the historic
11:42 am
contracts. robinson inked with a minor league team back in 1945 and then the brooklyn dodgers two years later. historians found the documents in a safe dee deposit box in brooklyn a few years back. experts appraised the pair at  $36 million. jackie robinson began the modern integration of baseball. he went on to the hall of fame while becoming a champion for civil rights. country singer dolly parton had more than music on her mind at the library of congress in washington, d.c. today. the music legend was there to dedicate the 100th millionth book from her imagination library. the organization provides books to children around the world and teaches them to read as well. pardon says she's inspired to start the imagination library by her father who never learned to read or right. why the tooth fairy isn't leaving as much money under the
11:43 am
pillow as she did last year. plenty mild for today but i'm tracking storms for later in the week that will bring heavy rain and gust wiy winds to our area. just ahead.
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delaware residents say no thanks when it comes to e-cigarettes. a new study finds it has the lowest rate of e cigarette use in the u.s. researchers examine tobacco low across the country.
11:46 am
they discovered the states with the strongest laws have the fewest smokerers for traditional and e smokers. oklahoma has the highest vaping rate. the tooth fairy is tightening her purse strings. about i according to a survey by delta dental, the tooth fairy left $271 million under the pillows of children last year. the average price is down a bit to about $4. well, it's going to be a celebration of girl power this saturday at philadelphia city hall. it's the first ever girl's day rally philly. philadelphia city councilwoman brown is hosting the event and sheers here with sophia larson, founder of the national youth foundation and the amazing young women's edition competition partners this this event. thanks to you both for being here. >> thank you very much for allowing us to tell the story. >> so councilwoman, let's talk to you first. the theme is born to make her story. tell us why you're doing that.
11:47 am
>> well, for two reasons. one, the glass ceiling is not a myth. and, two, celebrating girls research tells us that celebrating adolescent girls is a smart investment. research tells us that where you have girls who are empowered you break the cycle of poverty and you build stronger communities. if you stack that with the fact that 52% of women work in professional arenas but that number drops dramatically to 14% of resident corporate suites and 4% women leading the fortune 500 companies. when you look that big picture, this girl's rally is the right thing to do and at a good time. >> you're also going to be honoring some women there. tell us about that. >> we have a lot of women who have been, would closely with us over the past year. so we have a woman who went to the university of pennsylvania, students did a book on her, she's one of five women in the world to found a company. lady "b," tiffany ta var res
11:48 am
from wells fargo, monet davis. >> and that is also being held in conjunction with a writing contest. so there's a writing component to all of this. explain that. >> we hosted a national writing competition for books on women as they are underrepresented in biographies and we'll be announcing the winner. we'll have a writer from the american girl doll. >> oh, would you. >> she's going to deliver the award and we also have best poster contest and that winner donated by their company. >> very quickly in the wake of a me too movement, equal rights, equal pay, what do you want girls and women to walk away with? >> confidence matters, empowering, having experience, being exposed to women who figured it out and got it right matters. on the celebration of within's history month, this is a ripe opportunity to tell her story. >> there you go. thank you so much for being
11:49 am
here. >> you're very welcome. >> we have a small gift zblour i've got one too. >> we'll be giving these out on saturday free to the first 100 visitors and they're in eagles green. >> there you go. everyone loves the eagles green. thank you so much. the inaugural girls's day rally is happening this saturday at march 3rd at 11:00 a.m. for more information just tap on the nbc 10 app and look for find it on 10. this just in, philadelphia eagles punter donnie jones is retiring. he says he wants to spend more time with his family. that super bowl ring definitely a good way to go out for him. jones played 14 seasons in the nfl. he signed with the eagles as a free agent in 2013. and new this morning, another eagle is celebrating a breakfast of champions. torrey smith, thrilled students at edwin and stanton elementary in center city. he met with kids to highlight the importance of eating breakfast. the school competed in a video
11:50 am
challenge with another school in rhode island to win this opportunity. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, no doubt about it the nicest day of the week. we've got blue skies across the area, the wind not all that strong. you don't see the flags blowing like they normally do atop the air mark center. sunshine everywhere. temperatures around the 50 degree mark, generally within a couple of degrees of 50 at this hour. and that is already above the average high for this time onot shore, and that's allowing the temperatures to go up. 56 at cape may point. 55 at cape may courthouse. 55 in wood bine. 58 in egg harbor as you can see these temperatures going in different directions indicating it is light and variable. it's not going to say light we. a lot of dry air to our west so
11:51 am
tomorrow is going to be dry as well, but there is plenty of moisture and a very powerful jet stream coming up from the tropical pacific. so this is thousands of miles of moisture that is going to be fed into this next system along with some of that rain that was in southern california. so as we go into tomorrow, it's a dry day but the clouds increase a little bit ahead of this next storm. and then by thursday morning the rain is getting closer, the wind starts coming in off the ocean, and we have a full moon on thursday and so that east wind combined with the full moon can produce some coastal flooding. then we have rain, especially thursday night and into friday morning, heavy at times, localized flooding. and on the back end of this, on friday as the winds turn into the west and northwest, colder air comes down and we could see
11:52 am
a change over to snow, especially in the poconos, possibly the lehigh valley or even some of the northern, western suburbs. and that strong northerly wind comes in behind the storm setting us up for a dry but windy weekend. how much rain in this is kind of the wettest computer model showing close to an inch to the south and more than an inch farther to the north. and that could lead to some localized flooding. in the five-day forecast, the lehigh valley, i just want to point out on friday we could see a mix of rain and some wet snow as we go into the late part of the day friday, friday night. but by saturday we expect not only the lehigh valley to dry out, but also the rest of the area.
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coming up this afternoon start agent 3:00, ellen honors the gold medal winning u.s. hockey team, plus a dedication to jimmy kimmel's infant son who's undergone several heart surgeries. then nbc 10 news at 4:00. this afternoon, erasing the regret. the technology that can turn the tattoo on your skin back to a blank canvas.
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we have one last check of your forecast. beautiful picture out there behind us. we haven't seen many of those pictures lately. but we do have increased clouds tomorrow up near 60 degrees. then our storm thursday afternoon, into friday, maybe even friday night along with some coastal flooding and the wind. then a dry weekend, but there's another storm next week as we go into march, another potential storm along the coast. >> i'll be watching that. i'm sure you will be. >> yeah. >> thank for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm erin coleman. from glen and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day. we'll see you at 4:00. frs
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yeah. "it's typical for the host to be completely unaware of the other alter's activities or even the very existence of the alters." ♪ >> gabby: because we're two separate people, moron. it's abigail dimera, gabby hernandez. [tense music] ♪ >> vivian: little light reading? ♪


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