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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  February 28, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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at the shore with partly sunny skies. but delaware makes it up to 60 degrees this afternoon. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you how quickly the temperatures climb and when you can expect to use your umbrella. it's not that far away. that's when i come back in ten minutes. but first jessica boyington has you first alert traffic. our cameras around 78 and lehigh street. everything's moving nicely. the blue route looks good, too. also watching drive times, 95 to the schuylkill expressway with speeds into the 60s. and construction is all clear on the schuylkill expressway. we were watching delay earlier on the westbound side moving towards center city. right now that is gone. lane restriction is gone. now to breaking news out of burlington county we've been following for you. in the past hour a standoff ended and officials say there is no threat to the public.
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this started with a shootingt a home on roosevelt avenue this morning. according to authorities one person is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. another is in the hospital. nbc 10's matt delucia will have more on this investigation into what happened in our next half-hour. nerves, sadness, anger and hope. >> today's the first day back to school for students at the florida high school where a gunman killed 17 people. nbc 10's dray clark is live for us in the digital operations center with a closer look of what's ahead today. >> exactly 14 days ago today lives were ended at stoneman douglas high school and changed forever. 17 people killed in that massacre and today students and teachers return to class each of them carrying memories of people who died and burying the grief of their loss. it will only be a half day of classes today. some students say they will actually walk into school this
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morning with their arms linked together showing their solidarity. they're all trying to clear the emotional hurdle of losing friends and coming back to school today and reuniting with other survivors certainly will make that happen. meanwhile the walkway up to the campus will be lined with flowers. and armed deputies will also patrol the campus as students make their return. for parents it's certainly a difficult day. sending their kids off to school and worrying how they'll be able to cope. meanwhile they'll continue their push asking florida's lawmakers to make changes and prevent gun violence from happening in schools. >> i want to be the last father of a murdered kid that's ever in this country. this is me. >> my goal is to make massive changes in school safety, significant increase in mental health resources and keep guns
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away from anybody that's dealing with mental illness or a potential threat to themselves or others. >> and dpregrief counselors wil also be at the school today to help students cope. today new jersey democrat congressman will host a discussion about gun safety in schools. high school students, administrators, police and community leaders from glossner township and washington township will talk about measures already in place and what more can be done. bryan fits patrick is calling for congress to pass the bipartisan restraining act. t-bill would allow family members to petition a jauj it temporarily take guns away from it a person in crisis. fits patrick says the bill helps keep americans safe while keeping second amendment rights intact. >> protecting our second amendment and keeping our community safe are not mutually exclusive concepts and must not
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be. and this is common sense legislation. it will save lives. >> the measure would also ensure that authorities reference all state and local gun databases whenever they get a tip from family members concerned about a loved one. high school students in south jersey say they won't stop fighting to make they're voices heard about school safety. students demanded answers. they followed a student walkout at the start of the school day. the students and parents want more security at the school. >> being completely honest i would be embarrassed to tell someone i'm a student at cherry hill high school. >> you see all these students walk out. you see all this passion with the students talking about that they want safer schools and then the school district won't take it to that second level. it makes absolutely no sense. >> the principal says that the school is working on a plan that includes open dialogue between students and the administration, assemblies on school safety, a school walk next month and the formation of a committee to
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discuss safety at cherry hill east. the students planned yesterday's walk out after the school's suspended history teacher timothy lock. lock had expressed concern following the shooting at parkland, florida. the students want lock reinstated. right now now word on when that might happen. the fire commissioner called the efforts to fight this inferno on 53rd street herculian with zero visibility inside. this is the second death in 24 hours from a fire in philadelphia. the commissioner is urging this fire -- using this fire again to plead with the public to make sure your home has a smoke detector. happening today the jury will begin deliberating in the corruption trial of allentown's mayor. lawyers from both sides gave their closing arguments to the jury yesterday. prosecutors accused ed pawlowski
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of rigging contracts to go to businesses that supported his political campaigns. pawlowski and his attorneys say he did nothing wrong and nothing unusual. the charges against the mayor include fraud, bribery, attempted extortion and lying to the fbi. to be the first to know when there is a verdict just download the free nbc 10 app for breaking news alerts. meehan announce said last month he will not seek re-election after a report that he used taxpayer money to settle a claim. the pennsylvania congressman called the former aide his soul mate but said there was nothing inappropriate about their relationship. new this morning an equipment shortage could mean some of delaware's beaches may not be ready for this year's peak season. which means that you could need to make some changes. replenishment projects could stretch into july. the hold up is a lock of dredges
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available across the country. there havologist been delays in getting permits and funding. contractors will only shutdown a thousand feet of beach at a time in hopes of impacting vacationers as little as possible. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. it's seven minutes after 5:00. a live view of camelback mountain. temperatures are actually above freezing in the mountains right now. it's a cool morning, yes. but not typical cold you'd see on the last day of february. and going to be a nice warmup. a taste of spring in the atmosphere this afternoon with the temperatures climbing into the low 60s for most of the area. you'll see a few more clouds around, but it's going to stay dry this evening. rain is due in tomorrow and there's going to be a good deal of rain coming in. cold spot right now is the lehigh valley. the rest of the area seeing temperatures well above freezing. near 40 degrees at philadelphia. look at graduate hospital, penn
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sport, society hill, most of philadelphia, chestnut hill, all in the low 40s right now. so not a bad start to the morning. and we will see a nice warmup, too. sunshine at 8:00. your bus stop weather low 40s in exten, trenton, and right around 45 in philadelphia and wilmington too. a nice start today and a nice afternoon, too. the ride home will be warmer. these are not rain clouds. we will see sunshine peek through these clouds and the temperatures will be climbing. rain is well to our southwest. you can see it over kentucky and tennessee. that will arrive later tomorrow morning, so we've got some time before any umbrella is necessary. 45 in philadelphia. by lunchtime we're into the middle 50s, and you can see the clouds just to the south. some of those clouds will be moving in this afternoon. but many neighborhoods are going to be bumping into the 60s this afternoon.
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completely dry today, but that changes tomorrow. here's where you'll need your rain gear thursday and friday in philadelphia. and look at the temperature drop, too. suburbs same story. near 60s today, 50s thursday, 40 degrees with the wind blowing on friday. and a rainy day thursday ahead for the lehigh valley. but today will be nice and sunny and 60 degrees this afternoon. enjoy the sunshine for new jersey and the shore and delaware today because rain clouds will be moving in. that'll drop the temperatures 55 degrees in new jersey. and look at the cool weather ahead for delaware, too. and even chillier on friday. a look at the weekend forecast when i'm back in ten. let's get a look at 295 and south jersey. >> jessica boyington has you covered with first alert traffic. >> watching that 295 and our cameras right around the white horse pike, so route 30. looks good so far. the white horse pike is empty, too. again we're only at the 5:00 hour. now's the time to head out the
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door. from 55 headed towards the walt whitman bridge not seeing any problems. but we are seeing a little problem on mass transit for septa's market frankfurt westbound and eastbound 5:00 a.m. train currently canceled. so check in with that because that might affect your morning commute there and especially if we start to see ripple effect with some cancellations and delays. other than that new jersey, patco and amtrak are on time. new video shows the moment two philadelphia police officers risked their lives to save another. next how they saved a man in a wheelchair who was trapped in a burning building. plus this. >> more than a job. next the unique program giving victims of traumatic brain injury new strength and purpose.
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and now the way new view of
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a dramatic rescue we are seeing through the eyes of two police officers who rescued a man from a burning facility in philadelphia. those officers now being hailed as heroes. new body camera footage shows the officers making their way through the building on north 17th street last march. they found a man in a wheelchair and carried him out. and the han in a wheelchair is now charged with arson for starting that fire. at go baby go cafe a first of its kind program is allowing people with traumatic brain injuries to work on their recovery. a closer look how the real world setting is helping patients practice their skills. >> reporter: at the university of delaware's go baby go cafe there's a place for 25-year-old
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resten turns. >> his girlfriend at the time was driving and unfortunately his air bag did want go off. >> reporter: for 4 1/2 months he laid in a coma. but these days he's thriving and back on his feet thanks in part to a harness inspired by robotic toy cars repurposed by a university of delaware professor. she works one-on-one with participants establishing individual goals. >> they are out there in the real world. they're working under different impairments all as one all the time being in this harness which lets them go beyond their physical barriers. so they can let go of their fear of falling. >> reporter: together they've been working on his speech. >> you gave orders. >> reporter: a year later dad
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allan says he already sees a difference. >> it's helped him gain confidence. >> reporter: he's also spending less time in a wheelchair and more time on his walker. but it goes even deeper than that. what happens to a lot of tb 5rks survivors they suffer with limited access to other people. your friends move on, and so we've made friends here. >> reporter: for resten go baby go cafe is just the start. >> the further he recovers and goes along we just want to hopefully provide a good a quality life for him. right buddy? >> reporter: in newark, pamela osborn, nbc 10 news. >> all around us people are doing amazing thing. just amazing. all right, let's find out what's happening on i-95 this morning. >> jessica boyington has her cameras pointed in that direction.
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>> our cameras right around route 14. just a second ago it looks like it's already cleared. there were few vehicles involved. just as quick as it happened it's all gone. for the most part it looks like it's gone. that market frankfurt line for septa dealing some cancellation. the 5:00 a.m. train for westbound eastbound service has been canceled, so that might cause a bit of ripple effect. especially considering all these poem have to get on other trains there might be crowding, too. the rest of your majors and drive times when i come back. thank you, jessica. 5:17 as you were saying a minute ago we're about 9 or 10 degrees warmer. >> yeah, it's going toby a nice warmup all around. this is one of the colder
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neighborhoods right now. the temperatures right around the freezing mark. but most of the region is near 40. philadelphia, delaware and now 37 in south jersey. and look at the shore, 43 degrees to start with. a closer view of the lehigh valley and berks county, not everybody in the low 30s. 42 degrees right now and hope well also at 42. farther to the north easton in the 30s to start with today. in the lehigh valley i think those temperatures really recover. allentown up to 60 degrees and close to it this afternoon for easton. you'll see lots of sunshine and some clouding. this won't be as clear as yesterday, but we'll get enough sun to warm up. a little bit cooler at the shore but still a really nice day considering it's the last day of february. 60 degrees in wilmington this
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afternoon. this is high scattered clouds. this is not a rainmaker. no, that arrives tomorrow. after it dry morning this rain will be carrying us through the afternoon and right on into probably the early morning hours of the weekend. 7:30 this evening. it's looking nice and dry. just a few scattered cloutsds in our area. it'll still be warm during the evening hours and tomorrow morning we'll start dry. look at the rain moves in right at lunchtime for philadelphia. steady rain in delaware and south jersey. and it's going to bea rainy day for thursday. and then the wind will really pick up and we'll still see rain coming in on friday. so the rain totals i'm expecting more than an inch in many neighborhoods. for the weekend we'll be drying out, but the wind will be blowing. look at those temperatures. back to typical march temperatures. the first week of march will be dry. the gusty winds that you'll see on saturday won't be as strontian on sunday. and we'll get more sunshine on
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friday. upper 40s for philadelphia and philadelphia and delaware, too. more wet weather ahead next week. i'll have the ten day on ten coming up in the next half-hour. the future is now. up next we are getting the first look at what a trip behind the wheel of a shelf driving car would look like. plus this -- >> i'm going to take a second to talk to you about underdogs. >> up next how a bucks county brewery is honoring eagles center jason kelce.
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a bucks county brewery is honoring eagles center jason kelce with his very own beer. >> they released the no one likess us we don't care ita next month. the brewery will limit purchases to one per person unless you're jason kelce.
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10% of the proceeds will go to the make the world better foundation. you can now see exactly what it'll be like to raid in a self-driving car if you want to. landon dowdy is here with that with this morning's cnbc business news. landon? >> reporter: hi, there, tracy. google's self-driving car has posted a 360 degree video on youtube today to let people envision what it's like to actually ride in an autonomous vehicle. they're about to launch them in phoenix, arizona in the coming months. 57% of americans say they're unlikely to use a self-driving car and 59% say they'd be uncomfortable riding in one. >> yeah, add me to that list. and let's talk about papa john's is out at nfl's official pizza company. >> reporter: that's exactly right because papa john's and the nfl have agreed to partways
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ending their exclusive partnership. john shatner blamed the company's slowing sales on the national anthem protests by some of the nfl players. the company later apologized and he stepped down as the ceo. papa john's will still focus on its partnerships with 22 of its 32 teams. we checked and it does not appear the eagles are one of those teams. the markets sold off yesterday following testimony by a new fed chair, jerome powell on capitol hill. he signaled the fed will be suggestive to raise n rates and keep the economy in check. 5:25 right now. camden's mayor talks about the video shows what appears to be a violent arrest by police. and there's this --
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>> and i'm thankful i'm here today. >> tears of joy after a terrifying encounter. i'm meteorologist bill henley. we're inching closer to spring, and today is sure going to feel like it. even though it's the last day of february we are going to see some sunshine. right now it's the view of the moon setting. that's a live view from center city. 39 degrees at 5:26 your neighborhood forecast coming up. but first jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. watching route 309 and the pa turnpike, we look great so far. it's actually really empty. so good to go here. the rest of the majors pretty quiet, but we know that can change. that's why i'll have an update for you coming after 5:30. - [narrator] look around.
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breaking right now on nbc 10 news today.
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police say one person is dead and another person wounded following a standoff in a south jersey neighborhood. back to school but far from back to normal. the healing process takes a step today. and setting your sights on the water. the atlantic city boat show starts today to showcase what's new for boat lovers. that'll have you thinking spring and summer. >> sure. >> good morning welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikehema. about 39 degrees in philadelphia. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. >> think about that, vai, 39 degrees in philadelphia and warm at the shore, too. that's very unusually mild for this time of year, the last day of february. we're starting out without any fog. the other day was thick fog. not in ocean city. you can see the breeze is blowing right now. that's a southwesterly wind. it's not just the shore that's


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