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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  February 28, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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and another person wounded following a standoff in a south jersey neighborhood. back to school but far from back to normal. the healing process takes a step today. and setting your sights on the water. the atlantic city boat show starts today to showcase what's new for boat lovers. that'll have you thinking spring and summer. >> sure. >> good morning welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikehema. about 39 degrees in philadelphia. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. >> think about that, vai, 39 degrees in philadelphia and warm at the shore, too. that's very unusually mild for this time of year, the last day of february. we're starting out without any fog. the other day was thick fog. not in ocean city. you can see the breeze is blowing right now. that's a southwesterly wind. it's not just the shore that's g
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getting it. 13 miles an hour in dover, but just at 7 in wilmington and philadelphia. that's a southwesterly wind and that's why the temperatures are so much milder this morning and why i'm expecting another nice warmup during the day today. 40 right now in new jersey, 38 in the lehigh valley and upper 30s for the suburbs and philadelphia, too. and that 38 degrees in delaware, we will see sunshine. there will be more clouds around than yesterday, but we'll get enough sunshine to warm from 38 degrees to 50 degrees and climbing at 10:00. and look at those winds out of the southwest at 10 miles an hour. lehigh valley, new jersey, 59 in the suburbs and 61 degrees in philadelphia. the cool spot will be the shore with a high of 53 degrees though it'll be partly sunny and dry all day. that changes tomorrow. i am tracking some wet whether that's going to arrive just before the weekend. a look at when you can expect the rain and break the forecast
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hour by hour for you when i'm back in ten minutes. but first let's see how the traffic is moving. yeah, bill, and we're watching 95 right now. here's a look at the comdor barry bridge. out in old city we still have a closure in place because of that fire that happened i think last weekend now. chestnut street between third and second street. now that's still closed in the area. not a difficult detour to get back, but again still closed. so we'll have updates as soon as that opens and drive times when i come back. breaking right now an armed standoff is over in burlington county. police rush today the scene overnight in edgewater park after reports someone was shot in a house there.
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>> nbc 10's matt delugelucia li with more information. >> reporter: the whole thing unfolded over the course of about 2 1/2 hours this morning. what we know is one person has died and one person is in the hospital. right behind me you can see that police are still here on the scene, on the 200 look of roosevelt avenue in edgewater park. the crime tape still up because that investigation is still happening this morning. burlington county dispatch telling us what they know is one person died here in the house from a self-inflicted gunshot. another person was shot and taken to cooper trauma, but no word yet on that person's condition. neighbors have been wondering themselves what happened overnight. and in the past couple of hours we've watch as investigators have taken pictures inside the house and also focused on the
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front door area as well. edgewater police chief tells us a short time ago he passed this over to the pearlington county prosecutor's office. for now you can see the crime scene is still active here. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. well, today students who survived the mass shooting in parkland, florida, will return to school. many students say they will walk into the school with arms linked in a show of solidarity. the school principal tweeted out last night, quote our focus is on emotional readiness and comfort. so there's no need for backpacks. grief counselors will pea at the school to help students cope. armed deputies will also patrol the campus as students return today. meanwhile we are learning the accused shooter could have taken even more lives. law enforcement sources tell nbc news when officers arrested
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nikolas cruz he had five fully loaded magazines that had not been spent. right now on the nbc 10 app read how students are fighting for change and learn more about the alijj alleged shooter's past. camden mayor is now weighing in on a video that shows a violent encounter between police. he calls the video disturbing and troublesome. but the mayor believes this is an isolated incident and urges the people in the city to have faith in its police officers. last thursday police responded to a store on collins road for a report of somebody with a gun. the officer appears to punch him nearly a dozen times while he's on the ground. >> i don't expect the individual if he's brought up with charges he will be here, and it'll send a message to any other officer that's currently on the force that we're not playing. >> three officers are now on
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paid administrative leave. the camden county prosecutor is investigating. new jersey attorney general wants more transparency when it comes to police involved shootings. he anounlsed a new directive that calls for the release of body cam or dash cam videos within 20 days of officers using deadly force. agencies can with hold video past that deadline but they're required to provide a reason. the state's ethics committee will review the directive before it takes effect. the sentence was handed down for a norristown man. a judge sentenced him yesterday to at least 20 years in prison. his wife said the family often prayed for their own deaths to escape from his abuse inside this home. in court yesterday he expressed profound regret and sorrow for his actions. after five seasons in philadelphia eagles punter
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donnie jones is calling it the end of his career. last night carson wentz tweeted an amazing career and an amazing dude. get ready for a nice mild day. you're looking at a live view of boathouse row, which is going to see a good deal of sunshine today. and the temperatures will be climbing. we're going to see a nice warmup into the 60s this afternoon. we're not there yet. right now we're looking at a spring like day brewing. i think tomorrow morning will be dry to start with. but this storm that's building will also bring us gusty winds, and those will make sure we have a chilly weekend. this morning 39 degrees in philadelphia. the temperature to start with is falling but slowly. 43 degrees at 8:00.
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we'll be into the 50s at lunchtime and near 60 degrees this afternoon. and the suburbs you'll see a nice warmup too with temperatures in the 50s this afternoon. you'll see those same winds out of the southwest after temperatures in the 0s. that's the suburbs. new jersey going to be in for a pretty nice day, too. we'll see a partly sunny sky, 55 degrees this afternoon. that's at noontime into the near -- into the near 60 degrees into the upper 50s this afternoon. look at those winds out of the southwest at 2:00 and continuing until 4:00 this afternoon. delaware a nice warmup here, too. 38 degrees right now and up by 10 at 10:00. and then add another ten or so to that in delaware with winds out of the southwest at 12 miles an hour. looks like a nice end to february. but look at the seven day at the bottom of the screen. we do have rain on the way for tomorrow into friday. and then the weekend, i'll take a look at that and beyond with
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the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten. thank you, bill. 5:38. how about a look at route 22. >> jessica boyington has you covered with that. >> allentown area 22 and route 145 not too bad. sometimes we can't see it when it's dark outside, and right here both directions look good on the east and westbound side. and also seeing any problems on the eastbound side. eastbound is usually where we see delay during the morning time. right now speeds into the 60s and we have about an eight minute trip there. westbound side doing fine right now. more towards the jersey shore this is where that heads to the ac expressway. and right here is towards the black horse pike, northbound towards philly. not seeing any delays there yet vai and tracy. the phillies will celebrate a fan favorite with one of the team's greatest honors. up next how the phils will pay
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tribute to the life and legacy of their former ace roy halladay. also -- >> it was the worse feeling i ever felt in my whole life. >> but this woman says it was worth it. how you can erase tattoo mace takes you thought you were stuck with forever.
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just about a quarter to 6:00. now to an nbc 10 exclusive. a south jersey woman says she nearhy died after confrontation on the road turned into road rage. >> tameika doesn't want to reveal her last name, but she tell uzus she honked at it driver in front of her in his silver sedan because he was breaking repeatedly. driver flaxed a gegsture and tameika did the same. that's when the man got out of
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his car waving a baseball bat. she sped off and he followed her all the way to medford and that's when she drove into the a splitting her car in two. >> i'm thankful i'm here today. >> tameika spent two days in the hospital with a concussion, but she says she's going to be okay. here is a sketch of the driver that police are now looking for. former philly's pitcher roy halladay will join the philly's wall of fame later this year. halladay died in a plane crash. he's going in without a fan vote. the phils will also raise the flag for the entire season with roy's number 34. he died november 7th when his plane crashed into the coast of
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mexico. well, how could you miss three huge bill boards where you work? but will it get him to come to philadelphia? chances are not so much. a company in chester, a modeling company bought these bill boards, three of them close to the cleveland arena where lebron plays. one says #philly wants lebron. the king says he's seen them and the efforts to court him are a compliment. >> it's not a distraction. it's actually very flattering. i'm sitting here in my 13th year and people inermented cities want me to play for them. i think that's dope. >> will there be more signs around here? the sixers play lebron and the cavaliers tomorrow night in cleveland. well, you may be seeing a lot more people sporting eagles tattoos after the huge super bowl win, right? but some people don't always
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think before they ink. sage coy decided to get rid of her grateful dead tattoo with a revolutionary laser procedure. it shatters the tattoo pigment, but she found out it's not exactly pain-free. >> it's the worse pain i've ever felt in my whole life. it feels like a heated cheese greater grating your skin. >> a heated cheese grater. >> that is the best is description i'm ever had. >> a small tattoo begins about $75, and largelir ones could se you back a thousand. here's video from a previous year. if you're not shopping there's still cool stuff to do including a new touch a boat tour which lets you get up close and personal with vessels from the
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u.s. coast guard. makes you think of getting on the water. summertime. you'll want to sing that when you go out on the boat. end up on some desert island with a bunch of people who are kind of crazy. yes, they were all nicely laundered. today we're going to be on a little bit of a mild island for the entire area. live view of delaware. there are some clouds overhead, but you're not going to see any rain today. really no cold temperatures. the chilliest spot is the lehigh valley in northern lehigh and temperatures a little lower than the rest of the area. 40 right now in south jersey. just shy of it for philadelphia and the suburbs. and in delaware the numbers will
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be climbing. we'll go from the 30s to low 40s. and we'll see these numbers climb into the 60s this afternoon. to the south it's about the same. 42 degrees right now in rehoboth beach while 39 in lincoln. once that sun is up, we'll see a quick warm up through the 40s by 10:00 and then into the middle 50s by lunchtime and topping out around 60 degrees. through it all no sign of wet weather. and you can see not a lot of wind either. the feels like temperatures will be very close to the temperature. the wind will be increasing over the next couple of days. and so will the clouds. we'll still get a good deal of sunshine. it'll be a party sunny day today. this is how march is going to start. the question every year is march coming in like a lion or a lamb? well, it looks lion-like this
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time of around. that rains moves in and it's going topy a windstorm, too. today this afternoon we'll see 60s and upper 50s at 4:00. you can see some of those clouds moving through dry in delaware and south jersey. and we'll be in and out of the clouds tonight. really not cold overnight. we'll drop down into the 40s by early tomorrow morning. that's 1:00 in the morning, and then tomorrow morning we'll start the day dry. so jessica doesn't have to were eabout covering rain for the morning commute. but look at moving in for noontime tomorrow. and that wall of rain will keep on coming. it's going toby a steady rain with some downpours into the afternoon and evening hours. look at 6:00 tomorrow evening. allentown, doylestown, will see a light rainfall. the rain moves in on thursday. we'll still have some showers on friday. and now looks like we could top 2 inches of rain in doylestown.
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close to 2 inches in atlantic city. so it's going to get rainy on us, and then the wind will pick up. and that brings the temperature down. so today is going to be the warmest of the next ten. 61 degrees for this afternoon with partly sunny skies. a dry start tomorrow morning, rain arrives by afternoon. a rainy day thursday and into friday. the showers will be around on friday. the wind will pick up, and look at those temperatures. coming down 40s for friday and saturday 33 degrees to start with, 48 in the afternoon with gusty winds. it's going to feel colder than that. we will see lots of sunshine and less wind on sunday, so it's going to feel better. just a little bit warmer on monday. sunny skies and 50 degrees, and clouds will be building on tuesday. i think tuesday is going to stay dry now. but another round of rain coming in on wednesday. ten before 6:00. this is about the time you grab
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your coat, grab your keys, an extra cup of coffee and head out on the road. >> our drive times not too bad. this southbound seed from woodhaven, no problems being reported right now following a southbound crash. burlington-bristol are clear and walt whitman bridge are clear, too. roads are dry and not very crowded right now. updates for you about 6:00 when i come back. parents in northeast philadelphia learned last night if their children will get to attend a school considered one of the best in the entire country. hundreds of parents watched and waited to see if their kids will be going to the math, science and technology community charter school. they chose 150 students at random for admigdssion.
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we caught up with one mom who is breathing a sigh of relief. >> it was just like hope basically. i don't think it was frustration. so today it was like with her nerve-wracking like come on, let me get in. >> the charter school is national blue ribbon school for 2017. the school's waiting list has quadrupled since 2011. a favorite stop along the way to the delaware beaches is now gone for good. the ches del restaurant had to shutdown a few days ago temporarily for a broken water heater, but then on monday the owner announced the place is closed for good. >> i know it was going to be good food and nothing wrong with it. >> oh, my god, the omelets were the best. >> traffic dropped considerably when many of the cars moved to the new route 1.
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customers told us the nearby construction on the bypass made it harder to get to the restaurant. not alone. standing with the victims and surrivers of the florida school shooting. and coming up all new at 6:00 falling victims and medical debt. it can happen in a blink of an eye. and a story that shows just how easily your health can turn your finances upside down.
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now let's take you state by state and county by county for a look at some of the stories across our area. >> we begin with smoke in an airplane bathroom forcing a united plight to make an aer emergency landing. the plane had just taken off for new jersey headed for los angeles. united took the passengers back to newark on a bus to restart their journey. the cause of the smoke remains under investigation. in delaware county a judge ordered a former commissioner to remain in jail. he once served as the head of radner township's board of commissioners. the defense argued he's seeking treatment and should be fewed.
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prosecutors say hundreds of images of sexually abused children were found on his home computer. in delaware state police are looking for thieves targeted cars in shopping centers. yesterday cars were smashed and investigators tell us there had been splar break-ins in other parts of new castle county recently. faculty members voed overwhelmingly to and the board to rescind had degree which the school awarded to the president back in 1988. the faculty said in a motion the president has exhibited behavior that does not meet lehigh's value. and students at the lehigh valley parkland hooifigh school showing support for the victims of the parkland, florida shooting. >> they started the campaign
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because they have a direct connection to the tragedy. >> our cousin goes to that school and we were imagining what those families were going through. >> if you couldn't hear him, he said they have a cousin that goes to that school. another shipment is expected to arrive tomorrow and they'll continue to sem them there at the school. miami heat star dwayne wade wants to make sure one victim is never forgotten. >> wade learned this week that oliver was buried in his favorite d-wade jersey. wade got emotional just thinking about the parents wanting their son ever remembered in his jersey. >> we applaud the fearless students that are fighting for their lives, and we all make
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sure they're voices are heard around gun safety. you are our nation's inspiration. we salute you, and we support you. >> wade also dedicated the rest of the season to wakeen. fortunately for the sixers he got the inspiration. now for more'r following fo a.m. an emotional return. today students who survived the a gunman's deadly rampage go back to the sadness and purpose. answers get answers from school leaders after controversy sparked them to take action. the meaning of family. one couple takes fostering to the extreme in their journey to help others. i love that family, and i
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can't wait to introduce you to them. they're special. good morning this is nbc 10 news todaymism i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikehema where february has been really good to us. we get the super bowl, the parade. sixers are doing well. how about the weather? let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. >> the weather for the parade was among the coldest. today we're going to get a nice mild one. you can see some clouds in this view here from the nbc 10 studios. they're going to be in and out. we'll still get a nice amount of sunshine and get a nice warmup today. the temperatures didn't get cold overnight. that's a warming direction for us and that's going to take temperatures that are now in the low 40s and 30s into the 60s this afternoon. 39 degrees in the lehigh valley right now. in fact the lehigh valley does have some colder spots. easton is one of them with


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