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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 28, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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can't wait to introduce you to them. they're special. good morning this is nbc 10 news todaymism i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikehema where february has been really good to us. we get the super bowl, the parade. sixers are doing well. how about the weather? let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. >> the weather for the parade was among the coldest. today we're going to get a nice mild one. you can see some clouds in this view here from the nbc 10 studios. they're going to be in and out. we'll still get a nice amount of sunshine and get a nice warmup today. the temperatures didn't get cold overnight. that's a warming direction for us and that's going to take temperatures that are now in the low 40s and 30s into the 60s this afternoon. 39 degrees in the lehigh valley right now. in fact the lehigh valley does have some colder spots. easton is one of them with
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temperatures right around freezing to start with, but look at that warmup. at 9:00 those clouds break for some sunshine at 40 and 50 degrees at noontime. and philadelphia 40 degrees right now. that's up in the last hour. and temperatures will continue to climb. by lunchtime 55 degrees. today will be even warmer than yesterday. 60 for the lehigh valley and new jersey at the shore, 53 degree and near 60 degrees for the suburbs. there is some rain brewing for tomorrow. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you when you can expect to use urumbrelmbrella when i'mn ten minutes. but first jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. our cameras around vine street moving through center city not too bad. yesterday we had accidents all over the place in this exact spot. this morning we're pretty clear. 17 minute delays for sem tupta'
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doylestown line. jessica, thank you. we have breaking news in the lehigh valley right now. police are investigating a car at this gas station. this is live look right now from the scene. tis is in allentown. police have been looking inside this car, which is near the gas pumps. and our photographer at the scene, he's telling us there are shell casings littered all over the g eye on this situation. you can count on us to update you on-air and on the nbc 10 app. also breaking right now, flames shootout of a home in cumberland county. this picture just into our newsroom showing the intense fire on cedar brook lane in lawrence township. part of the home has collapsed. no word yet on any injuries. and in florida students return to their classrooms today two weeks after a confessed gunman killed 17 of their classmates and educators. >> they return with haunting memories but also a new voice
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for activism. nbc 10's dray clark is looking ahead to what will surely be an emotional day for all those survivors. >> good morning, tracy and vai. two weeks have passed since the shooting at margery stoneman douglas high school but the pain still very fresh. today students and school staff go back to school bearing a lot of grief and remembering the victims. grief counselors will be at the school today to help students cope. surely being back on campus and so close to where the murders occurred will provoke a range of emo emotions from angst to anxiety. it'll only be a half day of classes today. and some students today say they will walk into school this morning with their armed linked in a show of solidarity. memorials to those 17 people killed. armed deputies will also patrol
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the campus as students make their return. for parents it's also a difficult day sending their students back to school. >> i want to be the last father of a murdered kid that's ervin this country. that's it. this is me. i'm the last father. >> my goal is to make massive changes in school safety, significant increase in mental health resources and keep the guns out of anybody that's dealing with mental illness or potentially a threat to themselves or authorities. >> the discussion on gun control continues today in washington where president trump will be meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers. part of that discussion today includes possibly raising the age limit to buy a gun from 18 to 21 years old. parkland students will return as new details reveal that the confessed gunman was
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equipped to take many more lives. investigators say they found five fully leaded magazines on cruz after they arrested him. cruz fired several shots out of a window but the bullets didn't go through because the windows were made out of hurricane glass. teenagers from cherry hill east demanded answers at a school board meeting last night. that followed the student walk out at the start of the school day. the students and parents want more security at their school. >> and being completely honest, i would be embarrassed to tell someone i was a student at cherry hill high school. >> you see all these students walk out. you see all this passion with the students talking about that that they want safer schools and then the school district won't take it to that second level. it makes absolutely no sense. >> now, the principal says the school is working on a plan that includes open dialogue between the school and administration, assemblies on school safety, a school walk planned for next month and the formation of a
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committee to discuss safety. the students plan yesterday's walk out after the school suspended a teacher. the students want lock reinstated. this teenager who shot a state trooper after a car chase in philadelphia will spend 35 to 70 years in prison. he was 17 in 2015 when troopers stopped him for an expired r registration. he sped off leading troopers on a chase. his car crashed into a school bus and then he shot a trooper. he told a judge during sentencing yesterday he deeply regrets his actions. happening today the jury will begin deliberating in the corruption trial of allentown's mayor. prosecutors say mayor ed pawlowski rigged contracts to businesses that supported his political campaigns.
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pawlowski says he did nothing wrong and nothing unusual. you can download the free nbc 10 app to be the first to know when there's a verdict. 6:07 right now. jared kushner, the president's son-in-law and senior advisor will no longer have access to the nation's highly classified information. kushner's new classification prevents rim from accessing materials like the presidential daily brief. kelly and kushner claim he can still carry out his duties as presidential advisor. 6:07 right now. let's take a look at the wilmington skyline. meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> you can see some clouds over wilmington, and seeing some of those clouds over philadelphia, too. a live view from center city. scattered clouds. we're actually half an hour away from sunrise. getting up earlier these days.
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the last day of february starting off with a cool morning but a real taste of spring this afternoon. the temperatures into the low 60s today. we will see more clouds than yesterday. party sunny skies this evening, but it's going to be dry this evening. and rain will hold off until later tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. you'll definitely need your umbrella tomorrow. today, no, you don't even need the heavy coat for most neighborhoods. a little chilly in the live. suburbs, delaware, south jersey seeing temperatures in the upper 30s, low 40s. 41 in florence, and pemberton 130 degrees, it's 39 in shamong and mount laurel is 38 degrees. 38 degrees in allentown, sunshine in quaker town and exten. and sunshine will be climbing and into the 50s by lunchtime and even warmer for the ride home this afternoon. there you can see some of the
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scattered clouds we saw in those live pictures. dry, no wet weather until tomorrow and that's when that moves in. you'll need your rain gear in the afternoon tomorrow. for today 55 degrees in philadelphia. that's at noontime. and into the upper 50s to low 60s this afternoon for philadelphia. a similar warmup in the suburbs. partly sunny skies, 50s this afternoon to near 60 degrees. and lehigh valley cold in some neighborhoods. warms at 8:00 to 53 degrees at noontime today. delaware and new jersey, you'll see some scattered clouds first thing. 8:00 a good deal of sunshine and just partly sunny skies at lunchtime. 56 degree ins both spots and then near 60 degrees this afternoon. the cool location will be the jersey shore with breezes out of the southwest up to about 15 miles an hour at the shore. rain, yes. tomorrow and thursday. thursday and friday for philadelphia, a two' day event in dover and reading and atlantic city. not only will you get some rain
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but some strong gusty winds as well. i'll break it down with your weekend forecast when i'm up in ten. ten minutes past 6:00 a.m. let's find out how things are looking on the schuylkill right now. >> jessica boyington has a lot of cameras trained on the schuylkill to help you get to work. >> right near that interchange and it looks good so far. we're not seeing huge delays. drive times are good, too. remember in old city we're still seeing a closure from that fire on chestnut street between third and second. you'll be detoured around the scene there. and some delays for septa. doylestown train 07 right now moving about 17 minutes behind. one of the president's cabinet members is embroiled in controversy for an expensive office makeover that happened while he was cutting programs to help americans. the new outcry coming up in about 15 minutes. plus rattled by road rage.
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at 6:30 a south jersey woman's confrontation with another driver that left her car wrapped around a telephone pole. and straight ahead a unique family dynamic. a local couple takes us into their journey as foster parents.
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a quarter past 6:00 a.m. and all this week nbc 10 is helping to shine a light on a desperate need for foster families right here in philadelphia. foster parents will tell you their role is to support the original family. >> sometimes that means by adoption and sometimes that means helping the foster child reunite with their parents. well, the foster parents you're about to meet did both and more. >> do you want to do another mix of it?
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>> all right, i think this is ready to flip. >> like pancakes families come in all shapes and sizes. when they began their family they never imagined how the love in their home would grow. >> can you do me a favor and stir this? >> with already one daughter roania from a previous marriage they decided to foster. months later she reunited with jamie. then jamey's sister had a baby also in need of a home. immediately jamie thought of jesse who stepped up and have actually now adopted curisma. >> and thain aopened their hearts even more making more room at the table. >> jamie was living in virginia and she had baby zeke. >> all the parents had concerns
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about transportation there. >> and it would be convenient for everyone so we moved to philadelphia. >> so in july they moved in. >> i love the fact i'm able to have that connection and she'll be able to grow up around her cousins. family is really important to me. >> why are you always taking pictures of me? >> wise beyond her years ronya gets it. >> i'm proud to be part part of this good deed, being part of housing a child that doesn't have a good home. >> it is hard. but it's also so rewarding. it's the best thing that i've ever done. >> wow. >> the love overflows in that household. you can feel it as soon as you walk in. >> yeah, that picture of that blended family all sitting together is pretty amazing. >> it really is.
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and they really have it ingrained in them they want to help others and bring people into their family. >> wish them luck. >> nbc 10 and telemundo 52 are teaming up with the department of health and human services to setup a phone bank tomorrow at 4:00 to answer any questions you might have about becoming a foster family. it'll also be on the nbc 10 app. >> and if you happen to have questions about traffic, we've got answers for you. >> and by we we mean jessica boyington. right around trooper road and our cameras not showing too much volume so far. 29 to the schuylkill expressway we're just over the 10 minute mark, so it's not too bad. that's typical for this time, though. 95 looks good especially if you're moving through delaware. speeds into the 60s, and here's cherry hill route 70 right around kings highway.
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not seeing any big delays right now. a good drive for you so far. tracy, back over to you. 6:18 right now, 40 degrees outside. let's take a look outside at the ocean city boardwalk. take a look at that and find out what's to come at the shore and where you live. >> you can see some scattered clouds there and a nice breeze blowing at the shore is also being felt inland, too. it's a southwesterly wind and that's a warming wind for us. that's why we're staying so mild this morning. you're going to see a nice warm up during the day. a live view from center city where it's center city where it's 40 degrees right now. and most of the suburbs are near the 40 degree mark. exten and malvern and 41 right now at st. david. a nice for february. a nice warmup with those winds blowing out of the southwest
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during the day. they'll be a little bit stronger in delaware and at the shore. look at this doesn't look anything like the end. in fact these temperatures are typical for the beginning of april. along with allentown up to 60 degrees. trenton and vorhees right at 60 degrees with partly sunny skies. the winds will push the temperatures at the shore into the middle and upper 50s. 60 to 61 degrees in smyrna. these clouds really take over tomorrow, and that's what's going to be moving in duringt a. today will be completely dry. we'll get some sunshine and see some clouds. and tomorrow morning we could see a bit of sunshine, but it's not going to last. that rain will be approaching d.c. first thing in the morning and be arriving in our area by
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lunchtime. rain across delaware and into south jersey. and some heavier downpours into the afternoon and evening hours for the evening commute tomorrow. and by latenith we' night we'llo see it taper off into showers. the weekend is a different story. the winds that pick up on friday will still be going even after the rain on saturday. so that's going to bring our temperatures down to 40s for philadelphia, the suburbs a bit cooler and the lehigh valley at 44 degrees. and we'll get a colder start sunday morning, just 42 degrees and middle 40s to umer 40 frz the rest of the area sunday afternoon. there's a chance we'll see some more wet weather. the timing on that with the ten day on ten coming up in the next half-hour. >> ben carson is under fire for a lavish office makeover funded by taxpayers. the pricey up grades next. plus summer eyesores. next the beach towns that will have pipes and work crews along
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the water just as peak season begins.
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6:24 on this last day of february. come your television and take a look at this video of a car fire. this is in delaware county, and you can see the firefighters standing there putting out the flames on west third street on chester. and this happened just before 3:00 this morning. no one was hurt, but we're still working to find out how this fire started. and new this morning work delays at delaware beaches could impact your summer vacation plans. replenishment projects at bethany beach, south bethany beach and fenwick island could now extend into july. first stages of replenishment will now begin in may. contractors plan to shutdown a thousand feet of beach at a time in the hopes of impacting
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vacationers as little as possible. ben carson is under fire for spending thousands of dollars on a new dining set for his office. a staffer who expressed concerns over it said she was demoted. last year carson promised to monitor every penny his department spent. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you right now with a quick check of the roads. starting to see some small delays here for our 42 freeway. trying to head to 295 or philadelphia area starting to see that normal morning volume. for now let's get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. getting a nice start even in the poconos mountains where temperatures are just above freezing and spring like conditions this afternoon.
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right now in philadelphia 40 degrees at 6:26. your first alert forecast is just ahead. also washington taking notice of a pennsylvania congressman's relationship with a former aide. next the new hurdle facing pat meehan. plus the midair scare. the problem onboard a united flight that forced passengers to make an unexpected landing in the lehigh valley overnight. ogu. (phone buzzing) and i like these yogurt bites... ah... ooh! apparently, i like them more than i like my phone. where...ah, oh! hello? ah, i missed it. it was my mother-in-law. i'll call her back. don't tell her i told you that. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning little journey baby essentials from aldi. simply smarter shopping.
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lock down lifted. breaking overnight a burlington county community is returning to normal after a deadly police standoff in their neighborhood while they were sleeping. emergency landing. new this morning a plane filled with passengers headed for l.a. ends up in the lehigh valley because of trouble in the bathroom. expensive diagnosis. nbc 10 continues its inside look at the impact of meddle debt
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with one woman's story about how quickly the bills add up. that series by our nbc 10 responds team has generated a lot of interest. >> good morning. it's 6:30. let's take a look outside. meteorologist bill henley has your most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> yeah, we're seeing a few clouds and milder temperatures. 30s and 40s. down a degree in the last hour. 39 in the live. it's been fluctuating between 39 and 40 degrees. you can see a few clouds, but starting to glow now as the sun is getting ready to come up. that's the view from easton. look at the temperatures. 30s to start with. we'll blow past the 40s and into the 50s. and that's easton. a similar scenario for philadelphia. up to 505 degrees with partly sunny skies this afternoon. that wind out of the southwest is going to help boost our temperatures today. we're in for a really almost
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april-like day today. most of the rest of the area near 60 degrees. the school spot will be thejurethe jersey shore. first jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. 95 is where we're starting here. our cameras around girard avenue just a typical quiet morning. drive time moving up a little bit but not doing too bad. 17 minute delays for doylestown train 5711 right now. you want to check before you go there but otherwise new jersey, amtrak, patco all close to schedule. investigators remain on the scene of brarking news in burlington county. a standoff in edgewater park ended around 3:30 this morning. happened just after 1:00 this morning. according to authorities one person is dead from a self-inflicted gone shot wound and another is in the hospital. and we're following breaking
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news not far away from that scene. nbc 10's nat delucia is live for us in norristown where a house went up in flames. >> reporter: that fire now is under control. right behind me down there you can see some of the ambulances and fire trucks that are still here at the scene. although we do see some of the firefighters beginning to roll-up their hoses. over there you can also see the fire trucks had their ladders up there trying to use aerial tactics to try to make sure this fire was out. it was very smoky a little while ago. take a look at some video closer to the house on the corner there. from what we understand no one was taken to the hospital. it is a big house here near some farmland, it did take a little while to get the fire under control. it was put out less than 20 minutes ago.
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i spoke to neighbor down the street and said he heard some sirens but did want think of it until his son told him the house across the street was on fire. they rushed out but it looks like everything is okay. there is some damage to the house, mostly to roof from what i was able to see. again, you're looking at a live pick ch picture here. no word yet what caused this fire. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. new this morning smoke in an airplane bathroom forced a united flight to make an emergency landing at lehigh valley international. the plane had just taken off from new jersey headed to mip. united took the passengers took to newark on a bus to restart their journey. the cause of the smoke remains under investigation. fire ripped through a home last night killing a person in west philadelphia. when the flames were out
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firefighters found the body of a person who didn't make it out. this is the second death in 24 hours from a fire in philadelphia. the house ethics committee is opening an investigation into sexual harassment allegations against congressman pat meehan. meehan announced last month he will not seek re-election after he announced he used taxpayer money to settle that claim. he called the former aide his soulmate but said there was nothing inappropriate about their relationship. graham will lie in honor at the u.s. capitol and will remain there through tomorrow. he's one of only four people who has done that. the house of representatives will suspend its vote because of that. graham advised a dozen u.s. presidents including president bill clinton who paid his respects yesterday at the graham
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library. he said what he admires most about graham is he was the same person in public as he was in private. now to the headlines county by county. >> a judge sentenced joseph yesterday to at least 20 years in prison. before the sentence was handed down his wife said the family often prayed for their own deaths in order to escape from his abuse inside this home. in court yesterday he expressed profound regret and sorrow for his acs. in the lehigh valley it doesn't appear arson is to blame for a fire that crippled the parkland fleet of school buses. district officials say there are no signs the fire was suspicious. in delaware state police are looking for thieves targeting caress in shopping centers. look at this. yesterday car windows were smashed and items stolen from vehicles at the pike creek shopping center in wilmington. investigators tell us there have been similar break-ins in other parts of new castle county
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recently. the atlantic city boat show set sail today. lots of boats there, of course. it's a boat show. so why wouldn't there be boats there? they tell us this is great time for everyone whether you're looking for a new boat or not. >> so if you're just dreaming or just want to enjoy a great weekend with family it's a fantastic place to be. we have an indoor paddle pool where you can step up and try kayaks and paddle boards. we have the kids touch a boat tour where they can go around and learn about the boats and play captain. and we even have these awesome virtual reality boat races at progressive boat club. >> the boat show runs through sunday. a south jersey woman says she nearly died after a c confrontation on the road turned into a road rage. tamika doesn't want to reveal her last name, she claims she honked at the driver in front of her in a silver sedan because he
6:37 am
was breaking repeatedly. the driver flashed an obscene gesture and tamika did the same and he got out with a bat and she drove off and he chased her all the way to medford. >> he could have stopped and pulled over and did anything with that bat. and i'm thankful i'm here today. >> tamika spent two days in the hospital with a concussion but she's going to be fine. this is sketch of that driver police are now looking for. here it is, the sun coming up on the last day of february. notice some clouds in this view from ocean city. won't be as clear as yesterday, but it is going to be a warmer day. a little bit of a breeze blowing. if you look closely you can see
6:38 am
the flags on the boathouse blowing. a spring-like day. temperatures this afternoon will climb into the low 60s. that's today. tomorrow rain arrives and that storm will bring us gusty winds that will continue into the weekend making for a chilly weekend. today it's going to be an outdoor kind of day. 40 degrees right now in philadelphia. that's 10 degrees above normal for this time of year. and look at those temperatures climbing into the 50s by lunchtime and a nice day for the suburbs, too. you can see a few scattered clouds from this live view. near 60 degrees this afternoon in a few suburbs. the cool spot is the lehigh valley. some pockets of colder air. once the sun is up the temperatures recover here nicely. 57 at 2:00 in the afternoon. there are a few colder neighborhoods. most of new jersey is little bit warmer than that. and you'll temperatures climb from the 40s into the low 50s by 10:00 this morning. and look at that afternoon.
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southwesterly winds won't be all that strong, just enough to help boost our temperatures today. and at the shore a little cooler than the rest of the area this afternoon, but still nice for this time of year. 42 degrees right now, and into the lower 50s this afternoon. and delaware you can see the skies brightening at crowley stadium. no rain today. that will come tomorrow. 38 degrees right now in delaware. 48 at 10:00, and then 50s this afternoon. the rain that's due in is going to bring us some cooler weather, too. today is going to be the warmest of the next ten. 51 degrees on thursday and even chillier come friday. a look beyond the weekend with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you right now with a quick check on the roads. we're starting off with the roosevelt boulevard. our cameras right around that kelly drive area exit. southbound right in here. not seeing a ton of delay right now. we're pretty light for this morning commute so far.
6:40 am
if you're heading that southbound direction on the boulevard you're probably headed towards the schuylkill expressway, too. you can see the drive times here aren't too bad, 18 minutes in both directions, so that's very light. adding up five minutes to your morning drive right now. and speeds there dropping down into the 40s, too. we have about a ten minute delay. other than that new jersey transit, patco, and amtrak are all on time. vai? jessica, thank you. falling victim to medical debt can happen in the blink of an eye. one woman's story that shows just how easily your health can turn your finances upside down. and the king responds. what lebron says about the bill boards trying to court him to come to philly. >> oh, court. i get it.
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and now to an nbc 10 responds special report. all this week nbc 10 is looking at one of the nation's leading cause of bankruptcy where, medical debt. finding your way out of medical debt may seem like an a never ending uphill battle. >> nbc 10 responds reporter harry harrison introduces us to someone struggling with medical debt. >> it doesn't matter what you do for a living. we've learned in a blink of an eye almost anyone can fall victim to medical debt. >> lisa makes a good livings a child psychiatrist. she's putting two kids through college, but last year she got a lesson in medical debt. >> i was walking fine and then
6:45 am
next morning i had no control o my left side from my waist down. >> she went to the er and received alarming news. >> i needed emergency surgery. >> she was airlifted to another facility. the operation a success. then came the bills. >> the total of the services for the hospital was 39,414. >> after insurance she was stuck with $15,000 in medical bills she couldn't afford. >> i'm a doctor. i hear all these things. you never think it's going to happen to you, and it happens. >> and she's not alone. rip medical debt founder has seen people from all walks of life get trapped in medical debt. he's a former bill collector turned debt frorgiver.
6:46 am
his non-profit buys medical debt for pennies on the dollar. >> they get put into the debt cemetery and they're history. >> rip focuses on helping the neediest. >> we want to see are they two times the federal poverty level or below. are they involvant, meaning they just own more than they own or are they in hardship. >> she may not be in that situation, but it doesn't mean she can't afford her medical debt. >> if this is what it's doing to me, i can't imagine what it's doing to other people who don't know how to address this. >> with just one dollar you can help erase medical debt for someone as well. if you want to pay it forward, here's how you can do it. there you'll see how you can make a doimation and see the frequently asked aboquestions at
6:47 am
the charity. it's something you can get involved in as nbc 10 is involved in with our group stations. >> right, nbc 10 has stepped up to lend some help with this as well. >> it's part of a national effort we're involved with our parent company as well. nbc owns television stations through rip medical debt, we've donated money to forgive $2 million of medical debt for people in our area. our television group is forgiving $15 million across the country. >> but we didn't have to pay $15 million? >> no way. i want to be clear and transparent about that. we were able to buy medical debt for pennies on the dollar. now there is no way to sign-up to get your debt relieved because the privacy laws to process is random and anonymous, and you will know if your debt is forgiven if you receive one of these.
6:48 am
i want to show it to you. it's a yellow envelope and has rip medical debt on it. if this shows up in your mailbox, that means your medical debt has been relieved. >> appreciate it. meanwhile former philly's pitcher roy halladay will join the philly's hall of fame this year. halladay died last year in a plane crash. he'll be inducked into the philly's wall of fame saturday, august 4th. he's going in without a fan vote. the phillies will also raise a flag for the entire season with roy's number 34 on it. it is just a few minutes for the start of the "today" show. >> for that we talk to savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. have you guys recovered from your jet lag? >> we're getting there. coming up on the show this morning it's tight security and mixed emotions in parkland, florida, this morning. classes are set to resume there
6:49 am
for the first time since that deadly shooting. also ahead is your body putting you at greater risk for a heart attack? and then warnings before the spring break season. why that great deal on a vacation you find online may not live up to expectation. all that and we'll show you what savannah is doing to get ready of her big tennis match. >> it was wait waiting for against roger federer. it's next week and it's big. >> roger federer and savannah, we're always in for that. >> all right, we'll see you guys at 7:00. thanks. >> see you in a bit. ten minutes before 7:00 right now. take a look outside. >> the poconos ski resort looks pretty there. let's check in with meteorologist bill henley who's got the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood.
6:50 am
>> today wouldn't be a bad day to hit the courts and play a little tennis. it's going to be a mild 1. we do have some breaks in those clouds. a little low on the buildings as the sun is coming up this morning. we'll see some sunshine in the mountains, too. you can see we're scanning camelback mountains this morning. you'll see a nice warmup and spring conditions on the slopes this afternoon. right now 40 in philadelphia. just moved up to 41 in northeast philadelphia. a little bit colder in allentown. and mount poconos is 33 degrees. not bad for the last day of february. it's going to feel more like april as we head into the upper 50s and low 60s this afternoon. at 3:00 58 degrees. a cool down this evening but won't get cold overnight as more clouds are set to come in during the day. this is radar and satellite. nothing showing up on the radar, so there's no rain in the area.
6:51 am
but you can see that building to the southwest. that's the rain that's going to arrive tomorrow. for this afternoon and this evening still be mild at 5:00. 57 in philadelphia. in and out of the clouds during the evening hours. by late tonight and early tomorrow morning we'll see the temperatures drop down into the 40s. but still not a lot of cloud cover to start with tomorrow. but watch how that changes. tomorrow morning and then by lunchtime we're looking at rain. by 2:00 in the afternoon it's spread across the it entire area and continues through the day on thursday and into friday. we're looking at some potential impressive rainfall across our area. look at atlantic city and barnigate, up to 2 inches of rain. that's a two day total as we head into the weekend. saturday at midnight the rain should be done and clearing out for the weekend. but you can expect much cooler temperatures than what we will enjoy today. a dry start, 44 in the morning
6:52 am
tomorrow and rain arrives during the day. 51, and wind and rain will drive the temperatures down. and the rain leaves us for the weekend, but the wind will still b be blowing on saturday. up to 48 degrees and a little bit warmer on monday. but most of next week the temperatures are going oo pea right around the 40s and low 50s with another chance of rain coming in on wednesday and drying out next thursday and friday. >> all right, bill, thank you. eight minutes before 7:00. it's a good thing we're at work. it'd be no fun being out on the schuylkill avenue right now. >> jessica boyington has the way to go to your way to work. >> you're probably used to sitting on this spot right here. one of the first bigger delays we're seeing this morning. the roads are pretty quiet at least a little later. so we might start to see the
6:53 am
morning rush pick up about now. and mass transit delays norris town inbound service dealing with ten minute delays because of signal problems. but new jersey transit, patco and amtrak are all on time. we can report this. those huge bill boards got his attention. it got lebron james attention. >> but will it convince him philly is fit for a king? chances are probably not so much, but a company in chester bought these bill boards close to the cleveland arena where lebron plays home games and he would see them when he goes into work every day. king james says he's seen them and they're a compliment to him. >> it's not a distraction. it's actually very flattering. i'm sitting here at 33 in my 15th year, and people in my respective city want me to play for them. i mean that's cool, i think.
6:54 am
that's dope. >> maybe we start a letter writing campaign next. >> maybe. >> the sixers play lebron and the cavaliers tomorrow night in cleveland. up next we'll be back with the top headlines we're following for you this morning. one of them a deadly shooting and a barricade that had a burlington community on lock down overnight.
6:55 am
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we have breaking news across our area. in allentown a live picture now police investigating a car at a gas station on airport road. we're working to find out exactly what's happening here. our photographer tells us there are shell casings on the ground. breaking news in burlington
6:58 am
downtowny. the first was a standoff in edge hp water park. this ended with one person dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and another in the hospital. you can see flames shooting from this home after 5:00 a.m. fire officials tell us they believe the fire may have started in the rear of the home. no one was inside and no one was hurt. also breaking right now flames were shooting out of home on cumberland county. firefighters say part of the home collapsed. and right now in parkland, florida, students are returning. they'll have a half day today. and the jury is expected to begin deliberations in the corruption trial of allentown's mayor. prosecutors say ed pawlowski rigged contracts to go to businesses that supported his
6:59 am
campaign. the boat show starts today. here's a live look. organizers say there's more than 500 boats on display plus fun activities for the entire family. the boat show runs through sunday. we also need to give you a quick check on it roads. not too bad out there right now. 33 minutes southbound from wood haven to the vine, but new jersey looks good. around the black horse pike, both directions not really seeing much of a delay for now. i'm meteorologist bill henley. it's the last day of february, and cold air is taking the day off. we are in the 30s right now, well above freezing. you can see some clouds around, but we're starting to see some sunshine. we're going to get a nice warmup during the day. 55 degrees and climb, and that's philadelphia. in fact, the entire area is going to see a nice warmup. the jersey shore will be in the low 50s, but most of the rest of the area is going toby close to 60 degrees today. enjoy it today because march is completely different animal. >> we'll worry about march
7:00 am
tomorrow. we'll have local updates throughout the morning. >> thanks for being with us today. the "today" show starts right now. good morning. emotional return. students at stoneman douglas high school head back to class this morning, two weeks after that tragic shooting. extra security and counselors in place, the feelings still raw. >> we're going to use this fear and this anger to motivate us for change. >> this morning, the new details emerging about the confessed gunman's plan for more carnage. white lies. hope hicks, president trump's long-time aide, reported admitting twisting the truth sometimes for her boss. hicks testifying for nine hours on capitol hill, as the president's son-in-law and adviser jared kushner has his security clearance revoked. soaked. heavy


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