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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 5, 2018 3:30am-4:00am EST

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ng miles and free emergency gas delivery. aaa. go ahead. so i'm hyperventilating a little bit. if i fall over pick me up because i've got? things tig night at the oscars, filled with big moments and much more. we've got you covered. >> president trump redoubles his prms to add high tariffs on imported s aaluminum. this as a subpoena in the russia investigation reveals mueller's strategy. west virginia teachers will remain on strike this morning after the state senate blocks the governor's payse deal. three, two, one. go! >> and the iditarod, one of the world's greatest races, is under way. "early today" starts right now.
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good morning. i'm phillip mena. >> good to be with you. i'm frances rivera. breaking overnight, developments in the russia probe. a grand jury subpoena issued by special counsel robert mueller. he's asking a witness for communications related to some of the trump campaign's key figures, including the president himself. nbc's tracee potts is in washington. >> reporter: we confirm details first reported by ax yot. and hail the recipient of this subpoena remains anonymous, we do know that robert mueller and his team are looking for more information about these people. take a look. some names and faces that you'll recognize including the president himself, hope hicks, who just stepped down as his communications director. paul manafort, his former campaign chair, and his aide rick gates, both who have been charged in this investigation. and others whose names you may scognize. poena is
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being asked to provide a lot of information here. text messages, e-mails, other documents that may relate to the russia investigation that may relate to the campaign. work papers, telephone logs, other documents. even recordings. going back to november 1st, 2015. now, that's five months after the campaign report exclusivel mueller was taking a look at campaign officials and specifically their communications and whether or not they knew about e-mails that had been compromised in the hillary clinton campaign. and now a new level of detail as to specifically what they're looking for and who they're looking at. frances? >> tracie potts for us. tracie, thanks. the awards season came it to a close last night at the 9 0g9 annual academy awards in los angeles. two-time host jimmy kimmel was quick to shine light on the importance of the women's empowerment movemsweeping holly.
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and it didn't stop there. three of harvey weinstein's most outspoken accusers, ashley jud, salma hayek and annabellea sciorra, together presented a video montage on equality and representation. all this before act res frances mcdormand won the oscar for best actress with a rousing acceptance speech. >> if i may be so honored to have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight. >> other winners of the night included mexican director guillermo del toro. he took home the oscar for best director and best picture. and jordan peele made history as the first black screenwriter to win best original screenplay for "get out." >> i thought no one would ever make this movie, but i kept coming back to it because i knew if someone let me make this movie that people would hear it and people would see it. >> nbc's gina kim has more from the dolby theater in hollywood. hey, gina, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, phillip. going into the night, many of the top awards categories had clear favorites except best
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picture. but in the end "the shape of water," a romance fantasy between a sea creature and a mute woman took that top prize in a big night for mexican-american filmmakers and films. >> and the oscar goes to -- >> reporter: a year after the infamous envelope mix-up faye dunaway and warren beatty did the honors again. >> "the shape of water." >> reporter: no mistakes this time. the romance about a mute woman and a sea creature earned del wood's top prize including toro. >> growing up in mexico i thought this could never happen. it happens. >> reporter: in the acting category there were no surprises p gary oldman's portrayal of winston churchill in "darkest hour" brought him best actor while supporting honors went to al and sam rockwell for "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri." >> frances mcdormand. >> reporter: that film's star won her second best actress nominees, he saluted all of the encouraging hollywood power brokers to take note of their future projects. >> don't talk to us about it at
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parties tonight. invite us into your office in a couple of days or you can come to ours. whichever suits youou all abou them. >> reporter: the night did produce some firsts. >> jordan peele, "get out." >> reporter: "get out's" writer-director jordan peele became the first bt original screenplay. >> i knew if someone let me make this movie that people would hear it and people would see it. >> reporter: also taking home an r writing the animated short film "dear basketball." >> as basketball players we're really supposed to shut up and dribble. but i'm glad we do a little bit more than that. >> reporter: just two years after the hashtag "oscars so hollywood's increasingly diverse voices. the biggest box office has got relatively element love at this year's oscars. stai "star wars" "the last jedi" didn't win any of the awards and blade runner two. president trump is holding
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firm not his proposal for steep tariffs on imported steel and luminum tweeting over the side of almost all trade deals. it's time for a change." administration officials now saying there will be no country extensions to the proposed plan, that despite international and domestic outcry including divisions within the president's own party. nbc's jennifer johnson has the latest. >> reporter: the white house says president trump could change his mind after his surprise plan to raise tariffs on steel, on aluminum. >> he has made a decision at this point, 25 and 10. if he for some reason should change his mind, then it will change. >> reporter: the tariffs were brazil, south t china but cou ld korea, and mexico, where most of our steel comes from. the plan could raise prices on everything from cars to soda cans and even republicans say cost u.s. jobs. >> china's your problem, mr. president. taxing european car imports hurts bmw because they can do the same thing to us.
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bmw makes more cars in south carolina than any plant in the entire bmw family. >> reporter: european allies are threatening to retaliate and slap new tariffs on our products like bourbon and blue jeans. but in a feet the president warns if the eu wants to increase their already massive tariffs and barriers on u.s. companies we will simply apply a tax on their cars which freely pour into the u.s. as for gop criticism? >> donald trump ran against 16 republicans. none of those republicans supported donald trump's positions on trade. he beat every one of them. >> reporter: the president calls america's $800 billion yearly trade deficit stupid and says this plan will protect u.s. workers. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. in reaction to the proposed tariffs around the world as wel of market disruption on all sides. some threatening to retaliate with tariffs of their own, saying they won't ignore the potential impact on their economies.
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nbc's ali arouzi is following it all for us from london. hey, ali, good morning, phillip. president trump's tafrkz are not being very well received in the uk and throughout europe or close allies of the united states. criticism has come from government, lawmakers, and labor unions from across the globe. france and germany are rattled and warning that they won't sit by idly if import taxes are enacted. threatened a 25% tax on european cars if there's a retaliation, and that will be a huge blow to brands like bmw and mercedes. the u.s. is by far their most lucrative market. threats are also coming from brussels, the european commission president said that the bloc was prepared to respond forciblyfully by targeting u.s. imports like harley-davidson, levi jeans, and kentucky bourbon whisk whiskey. also dut moments for the united kingdom. britain is negotiating its way out of the eu and hoped to capital ooids on a special
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relationship with america, bolster trade after brexit, but in a phone prime minister may's office said they have deep concerns over the president's plans. back to you guys. >> all right, ali arouzi for us live from london this morning. thank you. a large swath of the east coast is still feeling the effects of friday's ferocious nor'easter. it killed nine people. hundreds of thousands of frustrated americans are heading into a third strai dark after hurricane-force winds, rain and snow toppled trees and power lines. it crushed properties as well as cars. some roads are still closed crews are racing against time to pick up the pieces. another storm is expected to strike mid-week. >> one hit not bad enough? got to be a one-two punch seems for a lot of people. >> might be one two three with another storm next week. millions of people under winter storm warnings and even blizzard warnings in the northern plains. this is where we're beginning with our winter weather week that will head toward the east coast to the middle of it.
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the worst of it will be through the dakotas, that's where we could see the blizzard conditions, especially south dakota, then minneapolis and southern minnesota you're going to get the heave everysnows as we go throughout tonight into tomorrow morning. some areas could pick up maybe even six to eight inches of snow out of that storm. by the time you get to tuesday the storm is weaker but it will bring a bit of though to areas of the great lakes. then it will redevelop on the east coast. that will be a wednesday event for areas fleeft. that's when your best chance of getting that snow and the wind and the coastal flooding once again, especially wednesday afternoon, wednesday evening. here's the snow map for the next 48 hours. this is through the northern plains. this is with our blizzard in the south dakota area from pierre to watertown. minneapolis to lacrosse six inches. chicago only about an inch for you. that is going to be later on tonight. you are under a winter weather advisory. milwaukee, green bay, same for you. the worst that was seen in the last
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a search is under way for a centers for disease control employee missing for three weeks. police combed the woods near the cdc office in atlanta for any sign of timothy cunningham. cunningham has not been seen since february 12th, when he left work after saying he didn't feel well. apple's newest $5 billion spaceship campus in cupertino, california may be beautiful, but it's giving some on the staff a headache literally. the "san francisco chronicle" is reporting that glass walls and doors are so clear that a few employees are walking straight into them and getting hurt like birds. 911 call records show that some injuries have been serious. one person reported bleeding and feeling slightly disoriented. another needed stitches to repair a cut over the eye.
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apple has reportedly resolved the issue by sticking small white stickers on the glass panes. i guess to remind people, go around. >> they were distracted maybe by an apple device like their -- >> it's possible. >> their watch, their iphone. all right. the iditarod snow trail dog race is under way in downtown an anchorage. >> three, two, one, go! >> it happens every year. 67 teams will compete for $500,000 over the course of several days. mushers and their dogs cover 1,000 miles of snowy roads, rivers, forests, and mountain ranges. they brave temperatures far below zero and also extreme winds. surrounded by fans, they took a short sprint through anchorage celebrating the race's ceremonial start. >> wow. every year. people look happier than they should doing that i think. just ahead, alec baldwin likens donald trump's management to that of a waffle house. plus the state senate says not too fast to a deal to end west virginia's teachers strike. details next. your medicare pard prescriptions?
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i said i was going to run this country like a business. that business is a waffle house at 2:00 a.m. crazies everywhere. staff walking out in the middle of their shift. managers taking money out of the cash register to pay off the
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russian mob. >> your typical waffle house. there you go. classes in west virginia will remain dark for an eighth day today. thousands of teachers say they are not being given the raise that they were promised. in a saturday night vote in the state senate is only strengthening their resolve. nbc's ron allen has more on the fight that's keeping nearly 280,000 students at home. >> reporter: in a high school that will be empty come monday -- >> 19 people need to change their mind and do what's right. >> reporter: -- west virginia teachers plotted their next move. some 20,000 of them on strike for nearly two weeks. the state ranked 48th in teacher pay nationally, an average of $45,000. they walked out demanding a raise and release from soaring health care costs. >> i just watched my father's chemotherapy session. if i get cancer tomorrow, do you think i could afford chemo? >> reporter: days of angry protests and negotiations inside the state capital building.
3:50 am
a deal for a 5% pay raise. agreed to by the delegates but blocked by the state senate. >> what will it take to get the teachers back in the classroom? >> all it takess fothem to agree to the deal that was there in the beginning. >> reporter: lawmakers opposing the deal say the state can't afford it. the governor who with the teachers thought the deal was done last week, tweeted, "for crying out loud we're putting our children at risk." some 270,000 students and their families locked out of their schools. >> do you think this is going to go on? >> i do. >> for a while? >> yeah, i think at least this week. >> why? >> i mean, same reason. it's just mass confusion. there's not a lot of clear communication, clear answers or clear plans. >> reporter: with schools closed again on monday, union leaders are calling on teachers to onverge on the state capitol lawmakers took sunday off but monday looks like another day of
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confrontation while students stay home. phillip? >> ron, thank you. still ahead, was "red sparrow" able to knock "black panther" off its box office perch? we'll tell you when "early today" returns. ♪ never drop to your knees, ♪ look into the sky for a momentary high, ♪ ♪ you never even tried till it's time to say goodbye, bye ♪ ♪ everybody fights for a little bit of light, i believe. ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. eucerin has been solving dry skin problems for over 100 years. discover eucerin advanced repair. it moisturizes dry, itchy rough skin for immediate relief and proven 48 hour moisture. for healthier looking skin, look for eucerin. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, lucy could only imagine
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jennifer lawrence's "red sparrow" debuted in second place with $17 million. while the weekend's other new release, "death wish" starring bruce willis came in third with $13 million. time now to check back in once again with nbc meteorologist bill karins. hey, bill. >> let's take you through the week ahead and talk about the nor'easter. heavy snow developing today in the northern plains along with the whiteout conditions, strong winds. by the time we get to wednesday that's when we're dealing with the coastal storm redevelopment looking at another nor'easter. we should see heavier snows. hard to pinpoint where that's going to be at this point. then we're going to watch just some flurries by friday. a little quieter as we head to next weekend. northern plains today. east coast, northeast on wednesday. >> we'll be ready for it. thanks, bill. just ahead, we will go to the white house for the latest on president trump's week ahead. plus now the oscars are over, find out how i did with my picks on mena's movie minute. ♪ oh, look... another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen.
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breaking overnight a stray bullet flies through a window leaving a 72-year-old woman hurt. now police are trying to figure out who pulled the trigger. this morning we are tracking another powerful round of weather that's heading our way. and preparing for trial. bill cosbyourt today as prosecutors try to get the judge to allow more women to testify against him. we have a lot to get to on a monday morning. still a lotpe power. working on that story. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today first look at 4:00. i'm tracy div avidson.
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>> let's check in with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> we are really still recovering from the system we saw on friday and now another storm is going to move through as we head into tuesday night. 31 degrees in philadelphia, 30 currently in wilmington, as you head out the door in dover 30 degrees. our temperatures today will be fairly close to average and we'll stay in the mid to low 40s. satellite radar shot showing us just a few clouds. we'll see plenty of sunshine as we go into the rest of today. by 10:00 a.m., 37 degrees. but with our wind speeds still gusting right around 20 miles an hour. feeling more like 28 degrees at 10:00 a.m. by the time you head out for lunch, low 40s. and then towards the afternoon we'll sit in the mid-40s, but
4:00 am
again with those stronger wind speeds it's going to feel like it's closer to the 30s. we want to check in for now with jessica boyington for a closer look at traffic. good morning. good morning, brittney. watching the admiral wilson boulevard right now. coming from new jersey right now heading into the city not too bad. we're not seeing any problems. the rest of the bridges okay, too. and the walt and betsey ross are nice and clear, too. the bridges are okay and also the 42 freeway is, too. before you get there you need to know what that looks. five minutes right now from 55 to the walt. speeds there into the 50s and high 60s. 4:00 a.m. and breaking right now in bucks county a firefighter is hurt in ae h kno.


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