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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 6, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> and a heavy wet snow. thanks for watching. >> up next, "nightly news" with lester holt. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. tonight, another nor'easter taking aem at tens of millions of people. more than a foot of snow expected, potentially crippling travel as tens of thousands remain without power after last week's storm. al roker is here. breaking news. the latest white house shakeup. the top economic adviser is resigning. the potential relation to your finances kim jong un is ready to have talks with the u.s. the mayor of a major city resigns after a sex scandal, pleading guilty to stealing through thousands of dollars. the big deal for
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teachers in west virginia. getting the pay raise they demanded. and for kids, must-see tv, drawing them in with shows that are nice. this is nbc nightly news with lester holt. good evening, everyone, and thank you for being here. with another potentially crippling storm forming tonight, there is rising anxiety and some anger in parts of the northeast. they're still reeling from last week's nor'easter that left downed trees and widespread power outag outages. nearly a foot and a half of know is possible in some spots, from pennsylvania to maine, disrupting travel as airlines are prepared to cancel and reroute
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flights. stephanie gofx h stephanie goss being has the latest. >> reporter: another nor'easter is bearing toward the northeast. winter storm warnings from philadelphia to bangor, maine, and it's expected to be mostly snow. >> stay close to home. stay off the road. >> reporter: north of new york city tens of thousands still without power from the last storm. >> you're staring down the barrel of another storm, what do you think the chances are of it getting fixed tonight? >> about the same chances of me sprouting wings and going to the moon. >> we have had no one on this street taking care of this problem. >> reporter: cleanup is still going on in massachusetts where some coastal homes have been declared unsafe. in marshfield, a massive levee break caused flooding. it's rattling anyone who has to take to the road. >> it's always scary to drive in blowing
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snow. >> reporter: hundreds of flights are canceled with airlines offeri offering waivers. amtrak says it will be operating on a modified schedule. another brutal hit to a region still cleaning up. this street is a great example of what power crews are up against. they have to remove this tree before they can even think about restoring the power lines. it was the wind from the first storm that caused this damage. the second storm is bringing heavy wet snow, and work like this could come to a grinding halt. >> yeah, their window is quickly is narrowing. >> two-thirds of the country clear. but it's this third that's going to cause problems. if you're traveling along the east coast or heading west, it's going to be a problem. it's going to snarl air traffic and make roads a mess. starting tomorrow morning we have a mess in the morning rush hour.
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from philly, harrisburg, new york city. it's binghamton and boston and new england with the heavy snow. winds start to pick up. as we move no thursday, the system pulls away, snow blowing. snowfall amounts, this re rain/snow line is critical. philadelphia, three to six, hartford six to ten. you get up into portland, and we're talking 12 inches of snow. again, with this heavy, wet snow, we look for power lines to come down. it could be a real mess. anything that was weakened by this last form is probably i going to go with this one. let's turn to another breaking news of a major white house departure. there's late word that gary cone, president trump's top economic adviser is resigning. it was announced after the markets closed but
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could have a big impact tomorrow. kristin welker has the latest. >> reporter: with the president threatening new tariffs and a potential trade war, his top economic vi adviser, sharply opposed to move is resigning. writing in a statement, it has been an honor to serve my country. i am grateful to the president for giving me the opportunity, saying he did a superb job. cohn was noticeably absent from today's press conference when the president was asked if he wanted to see more changes. >> i don't want to talk about that. they all want a piece of that oval office. it's tough. i like having conflict. i like having people with different points of view. >> reporter: and while there may be different factors contributing to his departure, the tariffs proved to be a
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tipping point. cohn was infuriated after the president seemed to equate white supremacists with protesters in the charlottesville clashes. >> gary cohn, our tax man. where is gary? gary? did a good job on those taxes. >> reporter: cohn becomes the latest in a long line of high-profile departures. just last week hope hicks announced her resignation. but cohn's exit could have ripples to wall street. >> they've got a lot of confidence in him. long term, this removes one of the architects of donald trump's economic success from the administration. where they go from here is a real open question. >> reporter: the president also called cohn a rare talent
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tonight. he is seen as a stabilizing force in the white house. with cohn now gone, the world will be watching. asian market will be seeing how they react. we turn to a possible break through from north korea where kim jong un has reportedly express add willingness to sit down with american negotiators to discuss giving up his nuclear arsenal. the surprise offer was relayed by south korean envoys who just met with kim in north korea. we get rate details from our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. >> reporter: tonight, a stunning meeting, perhaps a break through. kim jong un's first face-to-face talks with south korean officials. a meet egg including kim's sister. that powerful cabinet minister who sat behind vice president at the olympics and then canceled their meeting at the last minute. now kim dangling possible talks with the u.s. offering to halt missile and nuclear tests. even give up his
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nuclear weapons if there is no military threat. after months of taunt kim jong un as rocket man, president trump calling this positive. >> i think that they are seincere, but i think they're sincere also because the sanctions and what we're doing wirespect to north korea. >> reporter: earlier, the president crediting his hard-line against north korea for the conditions that led to the successful olympics. >> we had a lot to do with that if not, everything, we had a lot to do with it. i thought north korea was terrific. they came out, they went no the olympics. they went in with good spirit, they did well. it's, let's see if we can carry it over. >> reporter: the defense intelligence officials today more cautious, warning that kim now has three long-range missiles, two of which can hit the u.s. and north korea has already cheated on deals with bill clinton, george w. bush and barack obama. >> all efforts in the
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past have failed and have simply bought north korea team north korea time to achieve what they want to achieve. maybe this is a break through. i seriously doubt it. >> reporter: south korean officials are already briefing the white house on what they say took place. but who can conduct the toughest talks since the cold war? there's no u.s. ambassador in south korea. and the president has taunted rex tillerson, do not waste his team on diplomacy with kim. in nashville tonight, a bitter public farewell from the city's now former mayor after an extramarital affair with her bodyguard led to a swift fall from grace. megan berry resigning from office hours after pleading guilty in court to theft of property, accused of taking city funds. our kerry sanders is in nashville and has details. >> reporter: tonight the now former mayor of nashville smiling for her mug shot.
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>> guilty or not guilty in. >> guilty. >> reporter: megan berry pleading guilty then resigning her office. >> well, my time today as your mayor concludes. >> reporter: a sudden and dramatic fall from the once popular mayor after admitting to a two-year affair with her bodyguard. both are married. back then she insisted she did nothing illegal. >> and i am embarrassed, and i am sad, and i am so sorry. i know that god will forgive mow but that nashville doesn't have to. >> reporter: then came evidence of nude photos taken on her bodyguard's phone while on duty. they took ten taxpayer-funded trips by themselves. including a trip to greece. forre forrest earning more overtime pay than the
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other four officers on her security detail combined. berry already coming off a difficult year, her 22 year old son max died of an overdose of drugs, including opioids last july. talking to nbc just ten days after his death. >> this hole i have in my heart will never be filled. >> reporter: tonight nashville's vice mayor has been sworn in as music city's newest mayor. meantime, berry has paid $11,000 in restitution and will serve three years probation on the theft charges, a once popular politician here, megan berry leaves office in disgrace. >> thank you. a big victory tonight for 20,000 striking teachers in west virginia. state legislature has agreed to their demands for a substantial pay increase, but some are asking at what cost. ron allen is in west virginia and has the latest. >> reporter: it's being called the
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biggest pay raise ever in west virginia,5%, not just for 20,000 striking teachers but for tens of thousands state employees as well. >> overjoyed. this has been a wrong ordeal. >> reporter: this morning the governor breaking news of a dole. ending a nine-day walkout by teachers among the lowest paid in the country. lawmakers adproiing to budget cuts to pay for the increases and agreeing that the forecast will continue to improve. emily teaches middle school, garth substitutes. picketing, wanting to be back in class. >> nobody goes into this job for the money, but we also have to have a way to provide for our families. >> reporter: relief at community centers. parents dropping off more children every day as the strike dragged on. are you ready to go back to school? >> yes. >> reporter: good answer. >> i'm glad she gets to go back to skol and everything gets back to normal. >> it's good that they made a deal with the
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teachers. >> reporter: at the senate, they gave unanimous approval. the governor then signed the bill. the end of an emotional standoff that many said was about how big an investment west virginia would make toward educating its children. ron allen, nbc news, charleston. the growing threat of plastic pollution in the world's oceans is getting dramatic new focus tonight after a diver captured some incredible images just beneath the water's surface. the video shot near the beaches of a well-known island paradise. we get more on the story from bill neily. >> reporter: in and under water, paradise of plastic nightmare. diver rich horner days ago filming stunning images, schg for fish but finding an ocean of plastic trash. bags, bottles, buckets, too, he said. off the tourist island
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of bali. it's meant to be home to hundreds of manta rays. he saw just one. and it's hard it to pick up any fish amid the garbage. on the surface, too, it's not natural. it's plastic. he says this is the worst it's ever been. experts call it a global threat. >> we've got an ugly, dangerous problem. and we're not fearing it sufficiently. >> reporter: the u.n. estimates by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. already a trillion plastic particles dumped across the world. throwing out 10 plastic bags a woke each. millions ending up here. >> animals big and small are ingesting those. and how it that eventually ends up inside our own bodies. it ultimately is poisoning all of us. humans, fish. >> reporter: almost all the plastic ever
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produced is still on earth and in the oceans. huge islands of it now threatening to smother turquoise seas. bill noli, nbc news. >> we hear about it, but what a vivid image. still ahead tonight. the warning about vaping. the potential big health risks now being linked to so-called e-cigarettes. also to that litt well, like most of you, i just bought a house. -oh! -very nice. now i'm turning into my dad. i text in full sentences. i refer to every child as chief. this hat was free. what am i supposed to do, not wear it? next thing you know, i'm telling strangers defense wins championships. -well, it does. -right? why is the door open? are we trying to air condition the whole neighborhood? at least i bundled home and auto on an internet website, progressive can't save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. i mean, why would i replace this? it's not broken. even when nothing else is. keep her receipts tidy, i mean, why would i replace this?
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a new study out tonight warns that vaping, especially by teenagers may be more dangerous than many believe. a growing number of people are turning to e-cigarettes because they think they are safer than tobacco products. but the devices with popular fruit flavors are now linked to chemicals that cause cancer. miguel am gar has more
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of this warning. a new study warns e-cigarettes deliver cancer-causing chemicals. and the most popular fruit flavors often appealing to teens appear to be the worst. 67 teenagers were tested who vape and found those who used fruit-flavored products had significantly higher levels of five toxic chemicals. >> the objection to can'ts that we sound in these teenagers are the same that we find in traditional smokers. just if lower levels. i would expect to find similar side effectes, search as heart disease and cancer down the road. >> reporter: according to the cdc, teens are vaping more than smoking. more than 2 million middle and high schoolers admit to it. many prefer flavored e-cigs. the risk of canner cer is
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a followup tonight on that2-year-old girl who was awe struck as she looked up at michelle obama's portrait. it gets better. any hell michelle obama paid a visit to parker. there's a big change at mcdonald's, the fast food giant says it's replacing the froze meat with
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finally tonight, the thing about nursery rhymes, they're depressing. humpty-dumpty left in pieces. jack breaks his crown. little ms. muffet scared away. one kcompany is changing all that. it's a youtube channel with 15 million subscribers. here's catie beck. ♪ >> reporter: choo choo tv, pairing catchy songs and familiar stories. ♪ >> you pretty much expect on a daily basis you're going to hear that. choo choo tv, absolutely. they're mesmerized. >> reporter: mesmerized by the work of a software engineer in india. he made the first video for his daughter, nicknamed choo choo. >> i thought if she's going to like it i think the kids around the world should like it. >> reporter: after 300,000 views in two weeks in youtube he launched choo choo tv
6:58 pm
and brought in some friends. they rewrite western nursery rhymes, giving them happy endings. humpty-dumpty gets put bag together. and jack and jill make it down that hill. >> likewise, little ms. muffet. why should the damsel be afraid of the spider? >> reporter: the most popular video, with more than 1 billion views is about a boy named johnny who sneaks into the kitchen for sugar. >> there's no child that hasn't snuck and gotten sugar. >> right. everybody likes that. ♪ johnny, johnny >> reporter: joy and simple things. a cute idea, now a multi-million dollar company. catie beck, nbc news
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miami. >> what a feneat idea. we appreciate you spending part of your now on extra. a picture perfect proposal and then a slap in the face. >> i'm in love with someone else. >> bachelor ari, shocking betrayal as he dumps becca to go back to lauren. >> don't touch me. >> does the biggest villain in bachelor history think he made a
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mistake. the former bachelors watching and cringing. >> that was kind of hard to watch. >> and what will happen when the three come face to face tonight. >> all new oscar candids and gossip. new details on the man who stole frances mcdormand's oscar, who else the professional party crasher has gotten close to. plus, a see through dress, why she went on a late night fast food bing. >> two in n out burgers and then i went home. >> katy perry and jamie foxx rocking beverly tables on our m. >> when you walk, in the girls gasp and the guys go --


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