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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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shots fired inside of a movie theater. tonight new details about a former psychiatric patient armed with an ax, and now a new york politician says it's time to make security screenings mandatory for the movies. i'm kristine johnson. maurice is off tonight. dave carlin is live in the news room with what we have learned about the suspect. >> reporter: kristine, he's a 29-year-old according to police with a history of arrests and also mental illness, and he was committed four times, and witnesses said quick action by police saved lives. >> reporter: in this cell phone video, you can hear the
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shooting as police confronted this man, vincente david montano in antioch, tennessee. he entered the theater around 1:00 this afternoon, wearing a backpack, surgical mask, and he had a realistic looking gun that shoots pellets, this hatchet, and pepper spray, and he released large amounts of pepper spray nearby. officers working a traffic accident nearby ran over. >> gunman opened fire on the south precinct officer and the officer returned his wife. >> reporter: montano ran out of the theater, but he didn't get far. he was shot and killed after run out of the back door. >> i am very, very grateful that no one else got injured here today other than the perp who perpetrated this. >> reporter: montano had two backpacks, one was detonated evidence.
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in most theaters you go right in without screening, but some want to change that. >> reporter: after the louisiana movie theater shooting, some called for tougher screening. >> i would hope it would be stricter, and people shy away from doing anything violent to innocent people. >> reporter: at some area movie theaters, bag searches are being used to find possible hidden weapons. dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> dave, thank you. breaking news right now, and police just arrested rapper, bust-a-rhymes for get -- rapper busta rhymes for
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getting into a fight with another person in a gym. the hip hop star is being held by police. a search has been called off tonight for a missing swimmer off the coast of sandy hook. the monmouth county sheriff's office says the 25-year-old man was with a group when he started to from trouble in the water around 730:67:89 the coast guard and the aviation unit did assist in the search. happening tomorrow, mayor bill de blasio will reveal his plan to deal with the homeless and the mentally ill. tonight two neighborhoods that strongly supported the mayor say help cannot come soon enough. tony aiello spoke to people who said the problem is in plain sight. >> man needs to do something because as far as i'm concerned, seeing this every day, like this it's the new heroin, and the new crack, and it's disgusting. >> reporter: billie cannot believe what is happening in her neighborhood. street people and homeless in harlem, many under the
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influence of synthetic marijuana, known locally as k2. >> reporter: moments after we took video of this man, he passed out. a paramedic told me he had no doubt the man was wasted on k2. >> it's eating up their minds, that. >> reporter: ilana gold found homeless men openly smoking the synthetic drug. you're smoking k2 right now? yeah. >> reporter: where did you get it? >> off the street. >> reporter: i found this full packet on the street, and many empty packets were nearby. it's illegal for the bodegas to counter.
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>> this area is infested. >> they come out of there every day picking up some. >> reporter: we found packages in this pile of garbage on the property of the kings county hospital center. the nypd says it's a crisis, and while many enter a catatonic state, they can turn violent this video was produced of a homeless man who was naked after smoking k2, blocking the street. raymond is afraid every time he walks the street with his children. >> they are smoking the k2 like it's good. it's crazy. >> reporter: substance abuse and mental illness are rampant in the homeless population, and the mayor is promising a plan to be announced tomorrow. as for k2, the nypd said it's illegal to sell it but not smoke it the enforcement effort has been on the bodegas, not the buyers. >> after that video tonight, it's clear something needs to be done. >> a lot of people agree with that. police are looking for a serial burglar in hells kitchen. this the burglar on a fire escape trying to break into an apartment. he has hit at least six time in the last 6 months, using fire escapes to get in, get away
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with cash, jewelry, and electronics. new at 11, the legionnaires' disease outbreak is getting worse with eight people now dead and the number of confirmed cases climbing to 97. the health department says all the deceased individuals were older adults with underlying health problems. inspectors found the bacteria in rooftop cooling systems in five building the in the south bronx, and they have now been decontaminated. three new jersey towns are under a boil water advisory tonight. the accident happened this morning in cliffside park, and it impacted water service in the community, and fort lee and also englewood cliffs. bergen county officials say the boom was lowered to the ground to repair a sensor. crews raised it and saw water coming out of the street. an exnypd officer will be going to jail for his part in a motorcycle road rage attack. wojciech braszczok was sentenced to 2 years.
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the 34-year-old former undercover officer was convicted in june of second- degree assault but found not guilty of gang assault in june 2013, several bikers pulled alexian lien from his vehicle and beating him. the man who gained fame singing sinatra songs on 2nd avenue has been missing for a week, and his family is desperate to find him. jessica schneider with more on the disappearance. like painted -- >> reporter: gary russo shot to fame singing sinatra at the project he was working on. >> hello, everybody. a little noon concert. >> reporter: now his missing poster lines this howard beach street, the last place he was scene. his sister-in-law spotted him leaving their shared home on tuesday at 1:00 in the morning. >> i texted him as soon as he
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left, gary, where are you going? are you going to work early? >> reporter: friends spot the his car on monday here on 165th avenue, not far from his home. it was locked, and the keys were gone, and that's when police launched an all out search, combing through the area. >> they called the helicopters, and the next day the mounted police came in. >> reporter: friends acknowledge he had been feeling depressed after the death of a family friend, and they found evidence he bought a plane ticket more than a month ago, but they can't find out where it was to or when it was for. his old friends on 2nd avenue like bar owner oregon pavich have a message for him. >> gary, come back, if you would like. we will open up the doors on tuesday night and you can sing all the songs you like. two sweet hearts and the summer wind >> reporter: everyone wanting him to resume his sinatra songs. cbs 2 news.
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growing friction among the factions deciding the fate of the iran nuclear deal. president obama blasting critics of the agreement in a speech today, and he said that opposing the deal would be a mistake, the size of invading iraq. it's likely congress will reject the bill, and with many democrats undecided, the president needs enough votes to support his veto. >> the choice we face is ultimately between diplomacy and some form of war, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not 3 months for now, but soon. >> i owe it to my constituents to make an informed decision. i will not let party, pressure, politics interfere with doing what i think is right. >> opponents say the president is presenting a false choice between the deal and war. some conflicting reports tonight about the debris believed to be from malaysia airlines flight 370. the malaysia prime minister said the wreckage was confirmed
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to be from the missing aircraft, but australia which has been leading the research says that's not true. their investigators claim there's simply a high probability the metal is from the jet. the debris is being examined right now by french officials. right here at 11:00, it looks like a scene out of sea world, but this dolphin is drawing a crowd in new jersey. >> home alone and hiding from intruders. what should kids do if a stranger comes to your door? the surprising information from police. what is in this water? murky, brown, and long island residents say they cannot live
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it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. new tonight, marine workers in middlesex county are monitoring a dolphin spotted in
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the river. it's been there for several days. tracee carrasco with more on why it ended up there. >> reporter: they spent hours huddled up on the bridge, cell phones in hand, hoping to catch a glimpse of the dolphin that has made old bridge, new jersey, home. >> it keeps coming up, and you will see him in this area or she, and it's really pretty. >> i have never seen a dolphin up close unless you count sea world in florida. >> reporter: so this is pretty cool? >> yeah t is. >> reporter: this portion of the south river is connect to the raritan river, which flows into the bay, and that's where they believe it came from. >> it's lost. >> reporter: the marine mammal stranding center is the organization brought in to take care of the dolphin and believes it came here to eat. >> more than likely it followed bait fish. >> reporter: the dolphin has
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been in the fresh water since sunday, and it's getting comfortable, despite being stuck in this 10-12-foot deep pool of water. >> bait fish are also confined to the pool. he's basically in a dolphin restaurant. >> reporter: police have secured the bridge to clear the area, and the rescuers say the dolphin is not in distress, and they hope it will swim out on its own before taking action. tracee carrasco, cbs 2 news. residents in rockville center want to know when their water will be clear again. right now it's brown and murky, and the town says the main water tower is being renovated and the filtration system can't be used, so they are using an older tower that shows discoloration because of its age. they are hoping to have the tower repairs completed in the next few weeks and they will flush the system. the water is safe to drink, cook with, and also bathe in. you lease or buy a new car, and then you miss a payment, and the next thing you know, the vehicle will not start. there's nothing wrong with the
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car, it's just the latest way to make sure drivers are not delinquent. dick brennan with more on the remote control repo. >> reporter: the repo man may soon be out of a job. >> you want to grab stuff out of it before we take it? >> reporter: replaced by the starter interrupter. >> it seems like it's the new repo man. >> reporter: with the simple push of the button, this new technology will allow lenders to electronically and remotely disable the cars of customers who miss payments. >> how are you supposed to get to work and make the payments. >> reporter: drivers have mixed feeling, but experts say it's the latest way dealers are handling the delinquencies. >> they are taking the extreme measures to help themselves. >> it's hurting people who can least afford to be hurt.
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>> reporter: the device is more like a form of punishment. >> people miss payments, and people accidently bounce checks, and people have legitimate reasons for missing debts and they should not be pubically put in danger. >> people could be stranded, put in physical danger, on the side of the road with your children. >> reporter: the devices never shut the car off while it's running, and drivers are given plenty of notice before the car is actually disabled. >> when you hear the warning signal, you're near or past the specified time to make your agreed payment. >> reporter: the products can also help more people to qualify for loans. >> this device can help you keep track of your upcoming payments to improve your credit history. dealers must say the device is on the car and explain how it works. customers can opt out or choose a dealer who doesn't install them. a 12-year-old boy in a closet makes a desperate call
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for help when a pair of thieves break into his home in arizona. >> i think they might be inside. >> where are you at? >> i'm inside of the closet. >> two men knocked on the door, but the child was home alone and he did not answer. the thieves got in, thinking no one was inside. now police are rethinking their strategy about stranger danger at home. >> if the cities are home, speak up and say something, and hopefully they will run away. police caught up with the children right outside of the home, and thankfully the boy was
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not hurt. men struggling with infertility may want to reconsider the meat they eat. men undergoing fertility treatments had better success if they ate less processed meet. those with foods like bacon had less fertility compared to those who had a diet containing things like turkey. a man's overall diet should be concerned. i don't know if you had any complaints today, lonnie. >> no, the box was empty. and now with our weather watchers, temperatures at 72 degrees. a day like today. k.j. said how great it was. check this out k.j., charlie is on a bat eagle. maybe you can see the wispy clouds. great looking day today. changes are brewing in the atmosphere, and there's the changes right now. nice skies, 77 degrees, and
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right to the vortex satellite and radar picture. it's operational, and you will see a little cloud offshore, and that's about it. the bigger picture will show you what is going on. when i say something is going on out there you can see the twit around the tennessee valley, and it's moving to the east. does it apectous or go to the south of us, more and more model runs are saying the storm will not ruin the weekend it will give us added clouds and rain. right to the computer model. the most recent run. watch where it is right no and how it's going to play out as far as our area is concerned, basically south. friday 7:30 in the morning, and then too close to say is this is not going to be a player at all for friday and saturday, but i think you will see the added cloud cover, because it could filter up, but saturday and sunday are okay. sunday, 80 to 83. the mountains, the system will be well south of you. sunday, mostly sunny. temperatures low 80s. right across the board, basically keeping you in the low 80s, and that's a change
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because we have been so hot. 83 tomorrow. 83 on sunday, and 84 on monday, and we will say your day tomorrow will start off with bright sunshine sunshine and the system will give us clouds and rain south of the city, but i don't think it's for our storm. it's someone else's. it was harvey night for the mets, and for the yankees, their version of harvey. an impressive day for the yankees, and we will see if he got the victory.
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steve is in for otis tonight. tell us more about the rookie. >> he's a sensation, and he did a very nice job tonight. a lot of people expected the yankees to make the big move before the trading deadline. maybe the inactivity can be attributed to the arrival of the top pitching prospect. he was 7-0 in triple-a this year, and he used an arsenal of fastballs, sliders, change-ups, working inside, outside, and up and down. he did fall behind 2-0 in the '9, and big poppy jumped on the mistake. the yankee killer would put
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boston out on top, 2-0. the yankees bleeding no contest against journeyman pitcher stephen wright. coming up just short of the wall here. the yankees dropping the middle became of the series right now. the mets are the most dangerous at the plate recently, averaging 5.9 runs a game over the last 10, and that was the best in the national league. cessbadez would love to be a met for life, and he's making his case. douda is the hottest player in baseball. no one understands a hot streak, but you just sit back and enjoy them. juan's second run for the met. they drive in a combined 7
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runs, and harvey doing his part as well. 7 shutout winnings, and he finished retiring the last 13 in a row. the marlins made it east interesting, and that's the 8-6 victory and the nationals also lost, so the lead in the east is up to two games. we will go to the jets' and giants' games, and did you see who was at camp today? find out the bill belichick reference george r.r. martin wrote in the game of throwns when sports comes back.
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welcome back. the giants were back in camp today, and to the joy of the defensive players, the first full pad practice. after spending the week not being able to touch someone, beeson wanted to get out there and get someone bloodied. it was sluggish as it usually is in the first day of pads. etc. etc., but they have to learn how to handle it, and they will. may be the greatest news ever or the scariest. graced the jets' practice today, from bayonne, and he has
11:31 pm
routinely written in his blog about the jets and giants, but apparently not a fan of belichick naming one of his characters after him and he was killed when he was eaten by giants, and it was a reference to super bowl xlii. >> and he's so clever. >> he said you will never believe who was at practice today and i was thinking santa. >> the game of throne fans get it.
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