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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  August 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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jersey shore. so for tonight here is the way i see it. a few clouds out there. it's mild. once you lose the sun, the sun sets, you will lose that heating of the day. so i think it's more mild air that sets up. we will talk about tomorrow's high temperature later in the newscast. >> thank you. with temperatures topping out in the 90s, it surely is important to take extra care in this kind of heat. elise finch has more on staying cool and safe. she joins us live from midtown with the mobile weather lab. >> reporter: hey, kristine. you're right. we have the mobile weather lab on 8th avenue. look that temperature. it's not an official temp, but we have a reading in this spot in the sun of 97 degrees. you factor in the humidity. it feels like 105 degrees. according to doctors, it is the humidity that is most dangerous when you get a hot day like this. the first official heat wave in two years is presenting conditions that are very
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stressful for the body. dangerously high temperatures and uncomfortable humidity forcing people it to go back to basics to beat the heat. >> hydrating. taking breaks when we can and taking advantage of the shade. >> i try to stay in the air conditioner. >> play in the water. this is a fun, fun way to keep cool. we keep sunscreen on and stay in the shade. we are avoiding the hot sun on that end of the park. >> reporter: dr. gladder is an emergency room physician. he says typically the humidity is a bigger problem than the 90-degree temperatures, when you sweat effectively. and sweating is how we cool our bodies. so our body temperatures, our core temperature rises. >> reporter: leading it to heat heatstroke. he says dehydrated people fill emergency rooms on days like this. even if you or your child are surrounded by water, you still need to drink sop. it's your body's best defense on a hot, humid day. >> sometimes they are out for many hours and their parents
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aren't aware that they need to be hydrated. >> reporter: this upper west side resident says he will follow doctor's orders to endure the heat wave because he waited a long time for it. >> every time i start to feel about complaining about the heat, i think about how cold it was all winter and how miserably cold it was and i am like, i'll take the heat. it's all good. >> reporter: now, we do have some relief to look forward to over the next couple of days. we will have some scattered showers and some thunderstorms that are going to lower our temperatures. but only by a couple of degrees. and certainly very slowly. until then you definitely want to do all you can to beat the heat. live in midtown, elise finch, cbs2 news. >> and you can have the forecast in the palm of your hand with the cbs new york weather app. it is free in the itunes store. new information now on donald trump's day in court. the billionaire and presidental candidate showed up for jury duty. scott rapoport is live in lower
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manhattan with more, including, scott, i understand including what he did on his lunch break. >> reporter: picture what it's like when you go to jury duty. think about it. got it? well, today was nothing like that. the political circus rolled into town in a black stretch limo this morning and the self- styled would be next leader of the free world who has rarely met a camera or microphone that he didn't like did what he does. >> i love the press. >> reporter: welcome to jury duty the way only donald trump can do it. descending into a pit of rabid reporters, photogs and a gauntlet of the curious staked out to watch donald trump walk into the courthouse at 60 center street to do what? >> to serve jury duty. that's it. really. >> landslide. i showed him this. he smiled. he put out his right fist and
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gave me a fist bump. >> reporter: like all potential jurors, he was permit add lunch break. he spent part of it at a duane reade. >> it's a great system. it's a system that works. >> reporter: with while mr. trump was talking about that great system, information was emerging that he had actually missed five scheduled dates of jury duty and was facing a potential $250 fine. but a spokesman for trump explained in a statement, mr. trump did not receive the previous sum ins as they were sent to the wrong address. the fine was waived and he is duty. this process? >> it's a great process. it's the only way to do it. you have to do it. >> yes. >> reporter: they say they will courthouse. they were on their way to get married when they noticed the crowds, the noise, and of course, i saw his hair in the back. here? >> reporter: you recognized him
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>> yes. >> reporter: that folic lar familiarity bass was on -- was on display. have never seen him do before. his civic duty. now, trump's day at the courthouse ended shortly before 4 p.m. he fulfilled his obligation. he asked if he was ready to do it again tomorrow and he told me, are you ready, quote, i am ready to do it again in six years. scott rapoport, cbs2 news. trump's poll numbers have held steady since the debate. a "fox news" poll shows trump with 25% of the vote. that's more than twice as much as his closest competitor ben carson, who had a post debate bounce. ted cruz also with 10%. chris christie and george pataki 3% and 1%. the poll was conducted after
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trump launched his attacks on megyn kelly. and crime up 26% in central park in year. the guardian angels have resumed crime patrols for the first time in 20 years. >> marcia kramer joins us with more on this. >> reporter: well, dick and kristine, central park is a whole lot safer than it was two decades ago. but still the increase in robberies and other crimes in the park this year has guardian angels founder calling it a mugger's delight lightning and he wants the mayor to do something about it. >> the mayor is impervious to it. >> reporter: founder curtis lee blamed the increase in crime in central park squarely on the mayor's doorstep. >> there is no question that the cops no longer rule the park at night. and if they don't rule the park at night, they may not rule the city at night. and that means then the thugs, the thug life rules. >> reporter: the guard jun angels are back that troll for the first time in 20 years. many were happy to see them.
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some even posed for pictures with then. the patrols are mostly at night. but when cbs2 cameras followed them today and it was daylight there were still some scary moments. this man with his pants cinched below his underwear. running around and screaming, drinking openly from a liquor bottle. city laws make it illegal to drink in open spaces. >> imagine that he would be in a secluded area. i don't know when he pops up. attack. god forbid he decides to rob that person. >> reporter: this is a mugging in the park in may. nypd crime staff through in robberies so far this year from 11 in 2014 to 22 in 2015. grand larceny is up 14% from 29 in 2014 to 33 in year. the guardian angels want to take mayor de blasio on a tour of central park to show him what
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they see every night. >> he acts like, oh, but it doesn't indicate it in the stats. he needs to leave gracie mansion and city hall, stop worrying about the future of the world of our city. trip to rhode island but a little chance of being the victim of a crime in the park. she put it at 350,000 to 1. a manhunt continues tonight for the suspect accused of raping a 7-year-old girl. police say the man broke into the child's citi home in the middle of the night. cbs2's ilana gold reports. >> reporter: be on alert for 32-year-old daniel nieto. have you ever seen him before? >> nope. haven't seen him at all before. >> reporter: police have been trying to find him for a week and a half in connection with a sexual assault of a 7-year-old
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girl in the port richardson neighborhood in staten island. >> god! wow. >> reporter: alarming for hell even torres. she has two granddaughters around that same age i. very, very disturbing. >> reporter: investigators tell us the crime happened thursday, august 6th. they say at 3 in the morning nieto snuck in and went into the child's bedroom. >> to have the nerve to break into a home and rape a child. that's horrific. >> reporter: police say after the complete stranger allegedly sexually assaulted her he tried to leave the property, but authorities say the victim's relatives noticed nieto running off and thought it was suspicious is so they went after him and held him down until police showed up. he was taken into custody on a trespassing charge. they claim the family didn't know the extent of his crime. >> i can't imagine. >> reporter: police say the victim from this neighborhood came forward with the
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allegations the next night. here is the problem. nieto was already out of custody on the fres passing charge and detectives had been trying to track him down ever since. >> that is crazy. >> reporter: so police want everyone locking their doors and windows. especially at night. >> i just put alarms on my windows and stuff like within the past two, three days. so i am glad that i have done that. >> reporter: right now they just need to find this suspect before he possibly targets someone else. in staten island, ilana gold, cbs2 news. >> police do believe this crime was random and the victim and her family have no connection to the suspect. people heading home to new jersey tonight home for a smoother ride than this morning. problems on nj transit whether you took be at train or the bus. >> i decided on the bus there is more of them. they come more frequently. and just hoping by the time we are on the bus that things cleared. >> it took a while. commuters snapped pictures of the crowds inside. penn station, people got off
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packed trains there early this morning. a westbound train with 200 passengers on board broke down in the hudson river tunnel. that set off delays of an hour. around the same time a car fire inside the lincoln tunnel backed up us buses. northwestern university football players have been sidelined in their attempts to form a union. the national labor relations board blocked the players' attempts to have the nation's first union for college athletes saying that it could lead to different standards at different schools. a favorable ruling could have been a gauge changer. in 2014, a regional nlrw director ruled they are essentially school employees and entitled to organize. coming up, should children win awards just for playing a sport? still ahead, one pro football player says no way. how taking away little trophies from his sons has triggered a huge debate. a bomb blast caught on camera.
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the deadly attack on a popular tourist area in tie hand. what's behind a spike in headaches that could land children in the er? this is lovely. stevie wonder stages a big surprise in central park tonight. we will explain what's about to
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happen. leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us.
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it is a summer surprise for legendary singer stevie wonder. >> listen to this. he is about to perform a surprise concert in central park. matt kozar live with reaction from excited fans. >> reporter: dick and kristine, there is no better way to spend a summer evening than in central park listening to stevie wonder play a free concert. superstition is my favorite song. lonnie quinn was just humming isn't she lovely. the entrance to get in behind me. you can see folks beginning to try to get in. the gates open in just about an hour. the signs are up. the stage hands are testing the mics as they get ready for
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tonight's surprise free concert at summer stage in central park. part of a promotion for stevie wonder's performance tour this fall called songs in the key of life. the show will be the third free concert of the day for the 65-year-old legendary singer. >> oh, love . >> reporter: this morning he performed a free show outside of rfk stadium in washington, d.c. playing among other tunes love is in need of love today, sir duke, and i wish. the grammy award winner later performed in philadelphia. die-hard fans lined up near the stage all glued to their smartphones waiting to get their tickets. tony rodriguez included. >> his albums from the '70s for me is the greatest collection by any artist ever. when i was a kid, to me music was stevie wonder. >> reporter: the show starts at 7:30. again, it is a free concert, but you need a ticket, and tickets went live on the web about 30 minutes ago.
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i tweeted a link to that website on my twitter page. check that out. also go to our website for more information about the tickets. reporting live from central park, matt kozar, cbs2 news. >> we are all jealous. songs in the key of life. that morning cup of coffee could help fight cancer a new study in the journal of clinical oncology says drinking caffeinated coffee may help colon patients. >> when compared to people who didn't drink any coffee at all, those who drank four or more cups of coffee were less likely to have cancers recur. 42%. 33% less likely to die from their cancer. >> previous research suggests that drinking coffee may lower colorectal cancer risk by speeding up the passages of substances through the colon. it needs more study expercent
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say. back to school to season. dr. max gomez says this is the worst time of year for headaches in children. he is here to explain why. >> that's right, kristine. in fact, hundreds of thousands of children end up in the er with headaches in the fall. a huge jump over the rest of the year. stress is part of it. but so are a number of other factors. here is what to watch for and how parents can help. getting back into the school routine can be a painful process for adrea. she is used to dealing with regular headaches. but the start of school last fall triggered a migraine so bad she missed ten straight days. >> i had a lot of catch-up homework to do and a lot of tests to make up. that just added to the stress. >> we feel that school does kind of trigger them more often than typically until she gets back a routine. >> reporter: a study shows she is not alone.
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>> stress is really a significant player with children parents report that all the time. we see that all the time. stressor. >> reporter: she tracked headache cases for the last five years as nationwide children's hospital and found that emergency department visits for headaches stayed about the same most of the year. but jumped more than 31% in the fall. experts say prevention starts with bedtime and breakfast routines. >> they don't get their sleep and they are in a rush and don't nutrition. headaches. >> reporter: their advice? make sure kids get 10 hours of hydrated. avoid caffeine and sports drinks f they interfere with life more than once a weeks see a doctor. >> if they can't go to school or they are saying i don't want to play, my head hurts too much, that's a sign that this is more than they are making up. happening. >> reporter: other ideas.
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limit screen time and outside activities for a while to cut down on stress. headaches are more common in younger boys, but by puberty often. for migraines. painkillers. they can make the headaches worse. bit? >> good luck. >> thank you. and still ahead, a different kind of back-to-school headache. weeks before students at this school start, damage is closing the building and derailing their plans. the scramble now to find classrooms somewhere else. we are officially in a heat wave. the question, how long will it last? >> lonnie quinn joyce us at central park with more on that. >> reporter: it merits having another weather hit earlier in the newscast because it's the first heat wave since 2013. and will it continue for a fourth day? i think it's going to be really close. i am not sure we are going to do it tomorrow. this is what we are dealing with right now. this is a different view of new york city.
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the temperature is 88 degrees with a mostly sunny sky. the skies got dark around 4:00. some had some good downpours out there. there is a few out there right now. they are pop-ups. the hotspot is edson, new jersey at 94. you factor in the humidity. new york is 88. feels like 91. in edson 94, feels like 95. the hamptons 82, feels like 86. there is a high pressure system in control of the weather and it's warding off most of the rain. emphasis on most. any time you have this heat and humidity, in combination in our why are you are going to get there. you zoom in close, central jersey, jackson, new jersey, a little bit of activity. for your day tomorrow it is a hot one, yes. do we find 90 degrees? is it a four-day heat wave? tomorrow. it is going to be hot.
5:22 pm
i think more clouds roll in early and i think it's going to cap the temperatures. come on. with a southwest wind you will be hot. guys, live right now in central park. we will be back a little bit later with the extended forecast. a lot of folks walking. bike riders as well. back you to in the studio. >> lonnie, thank you. it is a growing problem in the cities and the suburbs. now the white house has a new plan to fight the heroin epidemic, and that plan is moving way from prisons. also, pets versus pines. the shelter project that has animal lovers fighting environmentalists. a suspected killer in court 16 years after police say he opened fire at a long island wedding killing a teen. residents fed up with noisy neighbors.
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it can help provide the additional control you may need. a bomb exploded at a popular shrine in bangkok, thailand. the explosion was caught on video, as you can see. more than 100 people were injured. the hindu shrine is one of the most visited tourist spots and it's surrounded by upscale
5:26 pm
hotels and shopping malls. it was a pipe bomb wrapped in cloth. so far no one has taken responsibility. the white house today announced a new plan to battle the nation's deadly heroin epidemic. >> the initiative comes as heroin deaths are spiking in the u.s. weijia jiang reports from washington. >> reporter: about half the money will go to pairing public health experts with law enforcement agencies. the priority is to get drug users treatment instead of punishment. also, different law enforcement agencies will work together to track down dealers. johnny ellum is the president of a recovery clinic. he applauds the administration's new effort. >> this action is doing a lot more than just the money that's involved. they are saying let's try this talking to each other. let's the try this getting over the fact that you run this department. i run this department. >> reporter: nationwide, the number of deadly heroin overdoses has quadrupled over the past decade.
5:27 pm
>> the calls we get have been in the last year and a half amplified tremendously. >> reporter: shifting the focus to treating addicts, he says, will save lives. >> the plan also includes training first responders to better treat overdoses. to imagine being weeks away and you don't know where your child is going to end up. >> it's unbelievable. >> it's happening for an entire school full of students. the last-minute problem that has parents and administrators scrambling. this is not what you want to see when you leave your house in the morning. the vandalism that left a lot of drivers feeling flat and frustrated. who is the king of new jersey music? springsteen or bon jovi? 1-1 of the rocksers is saying
5:28 pm
about that title tonight. sfx: music throughout sfx: crowd cheering sfx: crowd booing sfx: crowd chanting sfx: crowd cheering
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music stops sc johnson, a family company.
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a ceiling collapsed at a westchester elementary school. it leaves hundreds of families wondering where their children will go come september. >> all those parents know for sure is that right now their new
5:31 pm
rochelle school is off limits. >> where will they go to class? lou young has the story new at 5:30. >> reporter: do you know when the school is opening? where are these kids going in two weeks? do you know? >> i don't. >> reporter: nobody knows? yes. school starts soon, but not here at danielle webster elementary in new rochelle where a sudden ceiling collapse has the district scrambling for alternatives. clocks ticking. >> school is right around the corner and they haven't told anybody anything. >> reporter: the last official comment was online last week saying some or all of the school will need to be temporarily relocated. that's it. striking many as a little vague. >> it's unbelievable. i don't know what these parents must be going through right now. >> no answers. nothing. >> reporter: so you don't know if your kids are going here or somewhere else? >> at all. don't have a clue yet. >> reporter: we are talking about 500 students in the district here still trying to find a temporary home for them. only weeks from the start of school. we were, however, able to get
5:32 pm
listen. >> they won't be attending september. they will be attending a school at an alternate site. we are looking at one of three sites right now. we are negotiating leases. the children will be all together at one other location. >> reporter: one possibility is an old catholic school several blocks way apartially occupied by iona college. if a decision is made quickly, the staff at danielle webster to make the move. a relatively small inconvenience considering how this could have turned out. >> when you look at a classroom and you see the plaster that fell through, what do you say? >> i am glad that it happened in the summer. >> reporter: new rochelle is doing a full inspection of the school ceilings and rooftops. is expected the students at danielle webster will be back in the building after the winter break. >> a new superintendent in new rochelle has begun addressing decades of deferred maintenance. a spokesperson for the district says they knew they needed to
5:33 pm
inspect the ceilings but were shocked by the sudden collapse and heavy water damage. police on long island are searching for vandals who slashed tires in westbury. people woke up to slashed tires. nassau county police say tires on 17 vehicles were slashed sometime between 2:30 and 6 sunday morning. pets versus the pine barns. an animal shelter wants to build. clean water advocates say the expansion plans threatens the island's drinking water. >> reporter: for nearly 50 years the connect no kill animal shelter has helped rescue thousands of pets from being put to death. now shelter managers want to build the rescue animals a better home. >> this facility will not be able to meet the needs of homeless animals into the future because it is a bit antiquated
5:34 pm
and it is in constant need of repair. >> reporter: the state and the town of riverhead have approved a $2.5 million plan to increase the shelter's capacity 50%. but the property lies on the edge of the protected pine barrens, and its underground aquifer that provides long drinking water. >> kent is using our affection for puppies to allow them to build over the purest drinking water source on long island. it's prohibited by law. >> reporter: they want the project killed and thinks the town should donate property for it elsewhere angering shelter supporters. >> i think it's a great use for the pine baines. it's nature. they are a part of nature. >> reporter: shelter managers say the expanse is pro environment because it includes moving buildings away from the nearby river while adding a bigger septic tank to prevent groundwater contamination. >> our plan presents a solution to that and it's almost the duty of the pine barren society to
5:35 pm
be in favor of this project. >> reporter: green is asking the state pine barren's commission to grant a waiver. >> if the commission acts politically because of the puppies and breaks state law that protects the water, we will go to court. >> reporter: the state commission will try to make heads or tails of this controversy at a public hearing on wednesday. in riverhead, meg baker, cbs2 news. >> and that hearing will be held at brookhaven town hall. the state pine barrens commission is expected to issue a ruling next month. 80 wildfires. washington. out of control fires destroyed 50 lakeside homes and other buildings and forced 1,500 residents to flee. firefighters are attacking the flames on the ground and using water from nearby lakes to attack from the air. flames are surrounding homes. >> there is just a tremendous drain on the system right now it is.
5:36 pm
>> the nation is in preparedness level 5. the competition for resources is great. >> as severe drought and scorching heat have turned the world series in a tinderbox. when she fell while trying to evacuate. this time of year is expensive for parents. coming up, we will show you ways supplies. >> speaking of back to school, see one mother's very unusual way to wake up her daughter on the first day of school. >> surprise! today in history, in 1992 actor director woody allen, then 57, admit he was romantically involved with 21-year-old soon-ni previn.
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5:39 pm
the two married in 1997. some new information that a computer hack at the irs was much bigger than originally thought. the irs now says thieves stole
5:40 pm
personal information of 334,000 taxpayers. that is double the number the irs first revealed in may. the agency believes the hackers wanted to use the information to claim fraudulent tax refunds, and it is contacting potential victims and offering free credit monitoring services. all right. two of the biggest rock stars, bon jovi and are bruce springsteen. who is number one. one of the rockers is weighing in. jill nicolini has more. >> you know my respect for the e street band. and that's where that ends, too. they are them. we are us. who cares? it's not a competition. >> reporter: that was john bon jovi on a recent interview with scott shannon. he asked the musician his thoughts on bon jovi versus the boss after new jersey governor chris christie used bon jovi movie for his presidental campaign instead of the boss.
5:41 pm
out. who is more jersey? >> born in the u.s.a.! >> reporter: but this kid says he also is a big bon jovi fan. >> you give love a bad name! >> bruce springsteen all the way. >> reporter: why? >> he is like the essence of jersey. >> reporter: bon jovi. >> reporter: why? >> because he is awesome. he sounds great. and he is easier on the eyes. >> 50-50. >> reporter: is one of the world's best known music venues. the stone pony where they have both performed. the asbury park music scene. >> around 80 years. i pick springsteen. i like his songs. he really made the stone pony. >> well, bruce springsteen is jersey. on the beach when he was nobody, a little kid. >> bruce springsteen. >> bon jovi. the hair. everything. let's go. >> i i am a boss man. >> reporter: why?
5:42 pm
>> i grew up on him. >> reporter: in a recent as burr which park press poll more than 20,000 votes were cast and fans chose jon bon jovi. the boss had 289 less votes. >> well, both bon jovi and springsteen have been inducted into the songwriter's hall of fame. springsteen made it into the rock and roll hall of fame so far. he has that edge. >> i like them both. it's nice to have two. two is better than one, right? embrace them both. >> stop the arguing. up next. >> you settled it. >> it is a hot debate in the sports world about children. should kids get credit for just showing up for a sport? the trouble that one pro football player is stirring up over participation trophies. then at six busted at the dmv. three men arrested while trying to get licenses. the new facial recognition technology that police say led to the bust.
5:43 pm
plus. >> sorry for the trouble. >> an apology from a suspect in a 16-year-old murder case. a teenager shot and killed at a long island wedding. how police say they finally tracked down their man. hey terry stop! they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right?
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after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. don't forget to follow us on facebook and while you are at it like our page. you will find us at an nfl player is making headlines off the field. >> it's all about trophies given to his child. chistine sloan has the story. >> reporter: steelers linebacker james harrison announcing on instagram he is sending back his kids' participation trophies because they didn't earn them saying, quote, i am not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe they are entitled to something just because you tried your best. this father and son partly siding with the nfl player. >> i would agree that it really takes away from the competitiveness of sports because if you think about it, if everybody gets a trophy, everybody would think i don't need to do as much as everybody else. >> reporter: would you make him return one?
5:47 pm
>> no, i wouldn't make him return it. >> reporter: this mom from rich wood, new jersey, says her girls have gotten participation trophies. >> it's just like for fun. >> reporter: and it's a good thing. >> everyone is learning the sport and out there to have fun. so if you at the end of the season are excited to get a trophy, why not? >> reporter: so we know where some parents stand on the issue. but how many parents would have the heart to return their kids' trophy? >> do you think this guy with the steelers did the right thing making his kids send the trophies back? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: would you do the same thing? >> i would. there is only first place, second place, and third place. there is no trophy for fourth fifth or sixth. >> reporter: harrison says he is proud of his kids but sometimes your best is not enough and that should drive you to want to be better. not cry and whine until somebody gives you something to shut you up and keep you happy. some say harsh words, but the majority of people we talked to says the real world rewards
5:48 pm
based on merit. chistine sloan, cbs2 news. >> now, the organization positive coaching alliance says harrison makes a good point, that participation trophies undermine the opportunity for young people to learn important life lessons about competitiveness through sports. >> i didn't earn a lot of trophies when i was younger. it hurt. it made me want to try harder really bad. >> more competition then, right? >> yes, absolutely. so facebook, we have had comments. plenty to say about these attendance trophies. nathan posted, i do not see anything wrong with making perfect attendance a goal. >> maureen had this to say. they are good when the children are small through second grade. after that they should be stopped. >> and we heard from timmy. he writes this. i think attendance trophies are more for the parents than the children. >> we got a few thousand of them scattered around my house, if anybody would like one. you can have one. >> it's participation trophies, isn't it? >> that's it.
5:49 pm
>> well, yes, they participate and attend. less than a month now, kristine, kids are heading back to school. you know the feeling? >> i do. lots of complaining. have you ever had trouble getting them out of bed? that whole routine. here is a possible solution for you. >> one, two, three. [music] >> am i dreaming? wait a minute. okay. i am not sure how this would play out with my kids. it's a five-piece ragtime band instead of an alarm clock. a radio station in atlanta arranged the live wake-up call for a 10-year-old sleepyhead. you can see she is a good sport about it. >> on camera she is. listen, i am not sure that would wake up my daughter. >> do this to a 13-year-old and you would have a completely different reaction. >> they might roll over and say get out. that's what i would have heard. >> yeah. should we look at the forecast? >> we shall. >> lonnie is outside sweating up a storm.
5:50 pm
well, you know, it was worse it's still hot. central park is the place to be. you want to get out of the sun. find so shady spot. in the middle of the weather cast i will not rest. i will lean up against a central park tree and give you the weather cast. take a look at the picture for you. looking sky. sun and cloud mix. temperature 88 degrees. feels like 91. almanac shows you the high temp 95 degrees at 12:02 this afternoon. 40 headlines for you, well, it looks like this. the heat is going to continue for your day tomorrow. now, it may not be as hot as today and we may not 90 degrees. it's still going to feel like you are in the lower 90s because the humidity is in place. as far as the wet weather chance, a little bit of activity and storms are possible tomorrow. storms are possible the rest of the week. the futurecast shows you the type of rain i am talking about.
5:51 pm
for your day tomorrow pop-up activity much like today. then you make your way into wednesday and again it's pop-up activity. some people get it. some people don't. some have a moderate downpour. some folks have nothing. but notice the signature. it's primarily west of new york city because the area of disturbed weather is well off to our west. the bigger, broader picture shows you that there is a line of rain really going from minneapolis all the way down to jackson. and that's the type of rain that will give you a better chance for some wet weather late friday going -- excuse me, late thursday going into friday. for tonight once the sun sets and you take the heating of the day out of this mix, the equation doesn't equal a lot of rain. it's going to be a few clouds. it's a mild one. barely below 80 degrees for an overnight low. 77. for your day tomorrow high temp, okay, like i said before, whether it's 90 or 91, unless you are a human walking thermometer, you won't be able to to tell the difference.
5:52 pm
what eight none does is end our heat wave. our three-day heat wave ends tomorrow. i will forecast 89 degrees. it's going to feel like about 93 when you factor in the humidity. and there is that isolated shower or storm chance. as you get into your day on wednesday the extended forecast will show you more of the same at 88. thursday and friday 87 degrees both days and there is a pretty good chance for some p.m. storms kicking in. that is going to trigger a pattern change around here. saturday and sunday look to be really nice. dick, kristine, we are talking temperatures lower 80s. nice sunny sky. you can erase, that's the sound effect of me erasing, i guess, on glass, erase the humidity for the weekend. looks like a good one. back to you. >> we weren't sure if that was an sos or what that was. >> that was good. all right. you know, we often hear about women talking about their biological clocks. but what about men? believe it or not, a growing number of males are choosing to
5:53 pm
become single dads. having babies all alone in an untraditional route to father hoodie. >> my friends and family were in disbelief. >> tonight at 11 cbs2 explores the new fatherhood. hear from dads how it's working for them and their advice to others. different perspective. >> yeah, slightly different. what's your back-to-school budget? for a lot of parents the price tag keeps rising. up next we will help you out with suggestions on how to save on supplies. then at six. >> imagine you are drumming at all hours of the day. neighbors say their complaints about this noise are being ignored.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
so we're demanding answers. back to school merchandise out on store shelves already. should you buy it now or hope for a bargain later? and what happens when your kids want something that will bust your budget? emily smith has money saving
5:57 pm
suggestions. >> reporter: every person we saw coming out of this supply store in union square had the same question. wait for better sales or buy that long list of items now to get it done? >> we are hesitating to, you know, wait because we are afraid some of the stuff that we need won't be available. >> reporter: the average family spends $630 getting ready for back to school. $98 on school supplies. >> i spend a lot of money on school supplies. like we say like around 50 bucks, you know. >> reporter: and each kid often has their own agenda for things they think they need. >> are those a school supply? >> no. >> reporter: do you tell your mom you want certain things? >> yeah. >> reporter: do you cost her a lot of money? >> yeah. >> reporter: experts suggest handling your kids' requests like this. allow one extra purchase or a special request for each child. have your kids pay for anything
5:58 pm
that's not on the list if they have an allowance. have your kids pay the difference between what you are willing to buy and what they want, or just say no and use it as a chance to teach money management. other tips include splitting the cost between two or three families if you can buy bulk at a warehouse store. experts also suggest buying the least amount of items you can now and the rest in mid september when prices tend to drop. lifestyle expert dawn del russo says if you have a larger budget add to the school supply list and really have fun with the latest trends in technology. >> i found lights that go around the edges of the locker. so you can kind of have this fun sparkly look. >> reporter: and she suggests incorporating different colors and personality in your school supplies. >> you can look for like bright neons and pinks. >> reporter: little things that help your child show who they are and have a bright experience despite the cost. emily smith, cbs2 news.
5:59 pm
>> now, the national retail federation predicts back-to-school spending comes in shy of $25 billion nationwide. that's it for the news at five. the news at six starts right now. sorry for the pain i caused everyone family. >> an apology from a suspect in a cold case murder. he is accused of shooting a teenager to death at a long island wedding now 16 years later. he was found hiding on an island. proof in the pictures. three men arrested while trying to get a driver's license. the new technology that tipped off police. and noisy neighbors. residents say a drum circle is out of control and their complaints are being ignored. cbs2 is demanding answers. good evening.


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