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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  October 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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than what we had earlier. this is basically cape cod right there offshore of cape cod by quite a bit. again, nowhere along the eastern seaboard are we in the cone. they look at models to put this cone together. take a peek. you have nine models right here. it's obvious that the national hurricane center is favoring the 7 offshore. but we have two now that are onshore but you have to look at the trend. this is -- this is what a person in my position does. yes, the bulk are offshore but notice of those nine, one, two, three, four are starting to show a bend back towards shore. so i'm hearing everybody say oh, no, we're out of the woods. it's a storm for the fish. not quite. all i'm asking let's just remain cautious. this can still change. think about this. two days ago we were set on it going into north carolina then for sure yesterday. now we are starting to see of a -- of a -- of a variance in where the models are going. so we are going to watch this storm. it's pulling a lot of moisture, okay? see the low pressure around the tennessee valley? watch the tail. all that moisture you see in
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from the connection to joaquin. we'll talk more about it later. that's it for now. there are certainly worries about the weather at the jersey shore especially in low-lying areas. cbs 2's christine sloan joins us live from union beach, new jersey, where the water is already threatening homes. kristine. >> reporter: the winds are strong. it's nasty out here. we are standing along the raritan bay and all day we have been watching the water churning, the bay churning, the water crashing over this bulkhead bringing all kinds of debris here. and we have been watching the water smashing into homes along the waterfront. folks feeling the effects of the rain up and down the jersey shore. watching the waves crash into homes, hearing the wind howell, nerve-racking for
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residents along the water in union beach, new jersey. >> i'm very nervous. >> reporter: she evacuated with her dog. this flooded street stands between her and the home she rebuilt after sandy. >> four times i had to leave because of flooding. i was taken out the first time in a bucket of a payloader. >> reporter: the sand berm the only thing protecting homes down the street. union beach, like other shore towns, preparing for a rough weekend. >> we told residents to prepare evacuation kits should we need to evacuate anybody. >> reporter: in manasquan inlet, waves churning. at the beach, sand dunes to prevent flooding. we'll see waves up to 16 feet over the course of the weekend which will lead to beach erosion. >> why do people stay here? >> good question.
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[ laughter ] >> i keep asking myself the sam thing. 90% of the time it's beautiful. on days like this you say what am i doing here? >> reporter: why do you stay here? >> we love it. it's a great town even before the storm. when anybody gets in trouble in this town, everybody comes together. >> reporter: desiree town employee sandy survivor knows why she stays. >> no water you go you have something to worry about. here you might have flooding or a hurricane. you go to the center of the country, central, you're going to have to worry about tornadoes. i have no qualms with the water coming up. it's nature. it's where it's supposed to go. i don't plan ongoing anywhere. >> reporter: midnight is what they worry about. all of this wind keeps the water in. they could see a lot more flooding out here. it's getting nasty out here. we have been watching the winds howell. we have been watching it smash against these newer homes
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along the waterfront. folks again up and down the jersey shore preparing for a rough night. we are live in union beach, new jersey, christine sloan, cbs2 news. >> you guys hang on, please. thank you, christine. there's high anxiety up and down the jersey shore. cbs 2's mark morgan live in ortley beach where the waves are getting bigger there, as well. mark. >> reporter: maurice, ortley beach is in the seaside heights areas. both areas obviously ravaged by superstorm sandy. we have it all right now. we have pounding surf. we have high winds. watch how the wind changes when we just step right out here. now, jim, get a shot now of the waves out there pounding the beach here. it's been picking up throughout the day blinding rain the wind has been whipping. i'm sure lonnie filled everybody in about this earlier. look at the berms and sand
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dunes brought in the last few days and some today to protect this beach and to protect all of these houses along ortley beach as this storm approaches and again, not a lot of residence here right now. everyone has either fled the area or is inside right now. so that's kind of the story from here. we are live in ortley beach, new jersey, maurice, back to you. >> thank you. tough going up and down the jersey shore. now, way farther to the south a cargo ship with 33 people on board disappeared as joaquin hit the bahamas. the coast guard released some photos as it scanned the ocean from the air searching for any sign of the ship. it was en route to san juan, puerto rico, from jacksonville, florida, when the crusade the ship lost propulsion and was taking on water near crooked island in the bahamas. the crew includes 31 u.s. citizens and two polish citizens. in our area people on fire island spent the day securing
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cbs 2's vanessa murdoch live at robert moses state park for us. vanessa? >> reporter: well, the conditions here equally unfortunate, kristine. take a look out to the surf. it's rough. hard to understand why a father and daughter will be here observing. but i get it. i'm a meteorologist. i dig this stuff, too. it is very interesting to watch. i want to bring you to the mobile weather lab right now. we have been tracking these conditions. first, note the temperature. 45.9 degrees. haven't talked about that in a while. these winds blowing at about 33 miles per hour. that gives us a wind chill in the 30s, guys, here along the coast of long island. so it is rather wretched at the moment. these persistent northeast winds are a big problem. not only are they churning up the surf but they are driving water inland and will continue to do so. water from the bay breaks over the bulkhead and washes toward the small fire island town of ocean beach, where the streets are filled with water ankle
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items float on their sides. how do you like the weather? >> not like this. >> i wasn't expecting this. >> reporter: william benjamin jokes he should have brought a rubber raft to work today. heading home early? >> yes. >> reporter: it's a quick visit to ocean beach for john postley here to check his home. >> making sure the house is okay, turning off the gas. >> reporter: you look like you're dancing in the rain. >> i know. i know. it's rough. >> it's going to be our first winter here so this is just the first taste of what we are going to get. >> reporter: and it isn't pretty. on the oceanside, waves swell to nearly 10 feet pounding the shore over and over. not long ago, the beach here went out 150 feet. >> a week aso, completely gone. changed that quick. >> reporter: ocean beach's mayor says sandy decimated the dunes. they used to rise up to this walkway. those dunes were their main sort of protection.
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>> reporter: after this weekend there will be less. the sea also continue to swallow sand from the beaches and this scene from lindenhurst will repeat itself. sea water escapes into the streets. thankfully, school's out for the weekend. it is important to note that in both lindenhurst and ocean beach, neither homes nor businesses took on water today so that's very good news. however, we need to keep in mind that this coastal flooding will continue through the next several high tide cycles. in lindenhurst high tide tonight around 3 a.m. and tomorrow 3 p.m. here at robert moses state park around midnight and noon tomorrow. we are live with the mobile weather lab from robert moses state park, vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. make sure to keep up with the forecast all weekend with the cbs new york weather app. it's free in the itunes store. you is new developments now in the campus -- some new developments now in the campus
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massacre that killed nine and wounded 7 others at a community college in oregon. cbs news has learned that the 26-year-old gunman left a note at the apartment he shared with his mother. it is several pages long and suggests he may have been depressed and angry. authorities say they recovered 13 weapons, six at the crime scene including a rifle and body armor. seven were found at his home. all the weapons were purchased legally. but not all of them by the gunman. we're also hearing stories of heroism today. army veteran chris mintz was shot seven times trying to save other students. >> tried to block the door to keep the gunman from coming in. he was shot three times, hits the floor, looks up at the gunman and says, it's my son's birthday today. gets shot two more times. >> mintz is said to be in stable condition. the gunman was killed in a shootout with police. so after the shooting what now? today connecticut's u.s.
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sellers to tighten up loopholes in their background check procedures. a glitch in the existing law allows some sales to go through before criminal histories can be completed. cbs 2's lou young says the latest mass murder hits hard in our northern suburbs. >> reporter: thursday's mass shooting in oregon is just another stop on a continuum of horror for someone who was at sandy hook. >> it's like the regular routine. i'm having same conversation again. i'm feeling horrified again. >> reporter: maryann jacob is a library clerk at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut, where people thought the murder of 20 first graders and six staff members three years ago would have been the turning point in a fight for gun control legislation. it failed. >> i come from a family that believes in second amendment rights. my husband is a sportsman. he is disgusted. >> reporter: people are numb from the repetitive nature of the unfolding horror. >> there's so much of it going on. it's almost like it seems like it's a weekly basis.
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>> reporter: it seems like what it is. 294 mass shootings in america this year incidents where 4 or more people died and 142 shootings on school properties which amounts to one a week. >> i go to college so i feel unsafe on campus. >> i feel vulnerable to a certain extent because of, um, access that people have to it. >> reporter: people in sandy hook fight to keep the memory of their tragedy alive. in fairfield, for instance, there's a beach playground named for one of newtown's youngest victims. jessica would be nine years old had she lived and this playground is the ninth of 26 similar memorials. a reminder of just what was lost and how the world as changed. >> more and more people are disgusted and starting to stand up and said enough is enough. it has to stop. >> reporter: you're not helpless? >> no. none of us is helpless. we have to have the courage it act. >> reporter: she had imagined, though, the tipping point would have been reached by now. we are in fairfield county,
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>> and critics point out that the nra has consistently resisted any modification of gun background check laws despite what the critics claim are numerous loopholes. one meeting two different stories. what really happened when kim davis met the pope? why her story is different than what the vatican is saying today. >> i knew in my heart at that time that he was with us. >> she lost her son on the football field but found his spirit with a woman who got the gift of life thanks to his big heart. >> and could you call it yelp for humans. the app that's encouraging
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writing. a ride on an elevator turned deadly this morning in brooklyn. a man was crushed to death trying to get out of it when it got stuck between floors. cbs 2's steve langford spoke
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with a woman who was inside. >> reporter: all of a sudden the elevator drops and shoots straight up. >> reporter: this traumatized woman was in the mal functioning elevator at 156 hope street in williamsburg at 4:15 a.m. the doors of the stopped elevator opened between floors and the woman's friend tried to get out. 37-year-old aaron modan was crushed when the elevator moved suddenly. >> i just kept blowing into his mouth and we can do this. i felt his speaker of the house. >> reporter: mona says she administered mouth-to-mouth revive him. mowdan died at the scene. >> it's just appears to be a tragic accident that we need to further investigate. >> reporter: the department of buildings at the scene along with police the buildings department says the elevate her passed all scheduled inspections. there were at least five people in the car at the time police say. >> it's under investigation. it's possible it may have been overloaded and the car was
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reacting in a way that was not predictable. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: residents of the building stunned and alarmed. >> my roommates just rode the elevator about 15 minutes before it happened. so it's really scary. >> reporter: building management tells us they do not want to comment. >> we are checking to see -- try to see what went wrong. >> the elevator repair company not talking either about the sudden gruesome death of a young man who wanted only to take the elevator up just a few floors to a friend's place. in williamsburg, brooklyn, steve langford, cbs 2 news. in the meantime, they met but don't read too much into it. that is the message from the vatican today about the pope's brief encounter last week with controversial kentucky court clerk kim davis. >> but davis' side of the story is much different. cbs 2's tony aiello is here now with more on this. tony. >> reporter: the vatican press office seemed to struggle with a response to the controversy over this meeting. first, confirming it by refusing to deny it.
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and saying there would be no further comment. now, further comment clearly aimed at disclosure and "damage" control. >> the vatican messed up in a very slow tepid response. >> reporter: cathy r. nna a catholic professional who works on lgbt issues felt let down when kim davis announced she had met privately with the pope in washington. >> i think his goal was to bring a message of hope and building bridges and meeting with someone who is that divisive and who has been that has style towards the lgbt community was really very, um, really disappointing. >> reporter: with the vatican's initial reluctance to comment, davis shaped impressions of the meeting. >> he told me before he left he said, stay strong. that was a great encouragement. >> just knowing that the pope is -- is on track, you know, with what we're doing and agreeing, you know, kind of validates everything. >> reporter: friday the vatican gently rejected that interpretation. first, releasing a statement. the pope's meeting with davis
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should not be considered a form of support of her position in all of its particular and complex aspects. and then allowing its english language media adviser to characterize the meeting as routine. >> the nuncio invited a number of guests, his own choice, to greet the pope. very brief greetings and in the pope's characteristic kindness warmth and hospitality he shook people's hands and gave them rosaries. we should understand it as that. >> reporter: the nuncio attended an anti-gay marriage march earlier this year. promotional material shows another attendee matt staver who happens to be kim davis' attorney and adviser. the vatican says the only real audience granted by the pope in dc was with a former student. we learned today that former student is a gay man who greeted the pope with his mother and his lover. both of them hugging and kissing the pope as you see
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many different people in a spirit of welcome and dialogue. >> a fuller picture. it's, um, always good to know. >> it took a few days but we are finding out more about what really happened in these series of meetings that the pope held. >> a lot more complicated than it appears. >> why so many days, though, right? a dramatic rescue off shinnecock inlet off long island. a coast guard crew from cape cod pulled a sailor to safety of he got stuck in rough seas. the conditions made it difficult to rescue him. the crews had to deal with winds gusting up to 25 knots and waves up to the feet. the sailor was treated by emergency medical service workers but his injuries and condition not known at this point. imagine a rescue look thank with the wind and rain that we have here today. lonnie quinn in the national weather service with a closer look at the forecast. >> top of the hour we gave you all the information on the hurricane. a way as way from us but this is what we deal with in our area. it's 49 degrees. wind gusts in the city over 20 miles an hour. everybody in our area blanketed with rain.
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it's a light rain. we see some pockets of heavy rain moving toward the east end of long island. that's a possibility for this forecast tonight. but the story from this point forward becomes the conditions at the coast. coastal flood advisories are in effect for every, single community that has a shoreline in our area. it's all being driven by a high wind that comes in off the water. now, over the next couple day, even three to four days possible, there's going to be an east component, whether it's northeast or southeast wind, if it has an east component that's a bad situation for us. look what the winds will be blowing, say 30 miles per hour or stronger. this is tonight at 11. same deal throughout your day on saturday. morning readings by the afternoon evening hours same thing. sunday, maybe a little bit backed off but still basically 25 or stronger on sunday. it's going to be tough at the coast the next 48 hours or more. the peak flooding and erosion cycle will be high tide. winds 50 miles per hour or
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for a few days. we'll have more coming up. >> thank you. the latest trend in building and design is all about what you don't see. now the focus is on keeping your family safe from heavy duty locks to bulletproof glass and fortified doors. these are just a few of the options for home security that let you hide in plain sight. >> you don't have to make it look like a bunker. certain things they do to the room in order to secure it so nobody can gain access. >> we'll give you an inside look at the high-end installations on luxury lockdown tonight on cbs 2 news at 11 right after an all new "blue bloods." in just a moment forget about the collectible cards. baseball memorabilia is changing. why even empty champagne bottles are going for quite the fee. >> and having trouble waking up as fall weather hits? four natural ways to bring a boost to your morning. >> fall weather? feels like winter. >> dana tyler is here now with a look at what we're dana tyler is here now with a look at what we're working on for
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storm" coverage continues at 6:00. you will see preparations on the jersey shore and damage already from fierce winds and high waves. cbs 2's christine sloan reporting live from the jersey shore. also, we'll hear what town governor christie calls the most selfish in the state. wine drinkers, beware. red wine, high levels of arsenic. it's been found in many red wines including some in the
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that's all tonight at 6:00. we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools.
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yankees and mets are heading to the play-offs at the same time in the same season for the first time in nine years and people want to be part of it but for fans it's not cheap. it's about everything is for sale for the right price. steve overmyer has more on the changing face of sports memorabilia. >> reporter: how would you like to own a piece of this? [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the mets are giving you a chance to purchase an empty champagne bottle used in this week's celebration. it's only going to cost you a hundred bucks but it gives you a piece of mets history. mets aren't alone. >> there's a lot of collecting going on. >> reporter: 20 years ago, brandon steiner practically invented the idea of game used memorabilia. >> it's all about getting the fans closer to the game.
5:24 pm
and i want the fans to have a piece of the game more than what they could do just by watching it on tv or sitting in their seat. >> reporter: game used memorabilia takes collecting far beyond the autograph baseballs. you can buy bases, pitching rubber, a sign from the old yankee stadium. it's all housed at steiner sports'50,000-square-foot warehouse. >> 3,000 hit club with a home run! >> this is the line-up card from the day he hit his 3,000th hit, he signed it. >> flies around the bases first big league home run. >> reporter: if i was at the game where greg bird hit his first major league home run. >> there's home plate. we were talking to him the other day, he is like can i get that? wait, wait, slow down. >> reporter: not every item is collectible. reggie jackson purchased the 15-foot letters from old yankee stadium. he can't find a buyer. >> we are talking about the letters hanging at yankee stadium. >> i would say to anybody who is married out there, go bring the letters for yankee stadium home and tell me how your wife responds.
5:25 pm
memorabilia is there is a story behind it. >> exactly. it's all about the story and memories that matter. i always tell people collect with your heart. collect the things you love, not with your pocket hoping you'll send your kids to school. that's all luck if it happens, great. collect stuff you can have fun with and enjoy the memories. >> by the way, the highest priced game-used item was a babe ruth jersey which sold for $4.4 million. there's more money in dirt. steiner sports have raised more than $65 million by selling dirt from infields around the nation. fans want to be part of it when you think about the people that have walked on this dirt or players that have worn those jerseys. >> i'm with you. i don't get it. >> but there are some people out there that do get it. >> dirt. >> i got some dirt for ya. >> i got some dirty could sell. >> you want some? oh, my gosh. all right. >> if it matters to them -- >> it does. >> -- bravo. >> clearly it does.
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>> thank you, steve. it was a simple request from their teenaged son. >> he mentioned that he wanted to be an organ donor. >> they never knew that he would become one just months later. the emotional reunion with the woman who got a life-saving gift. >> also tonight as we keep an "eye on the storms" in the forecast, the question for governor christie is he using it for political gain? >> and 20 years after oj simpson's acquittal why nicole brown simpson's sister says
5:27 pm
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any now at 5:30 a powerful moment of healing for the family of a high school football player on long island who died on the field. dubois. broadcast. i'm kristine johnson. it is the one-year anniversary of the death of a shoreham wading river high school football player. but his legacy lives on due to a monumental decision that the teenager made just before he died. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan sat down with his family. >> people wanted to be around him because it was through kindness, compassion and love. >> reporter: it's been a year
5:29 pm
a high school field playing the game he loved. >> perfectly healthy, six feet, 185 pounds, vibrant junior in high school and he died from a helmet-to-helmet football hit that he never even saw coming. we're not looking to blame anyone. but there has to be changes. >> reporter: his family is not dwelling on the pain of a life lost but on the promise of a life saved. >> he mentioned that he wanted to be an organ donor. and we didn't think much of it at the time but little did we know less than three months later we would be making that decision or following through on his wishes. >> reporter: the wishes of the shoreham wading river linebacker made clear last year while taking his driver's permit test. today his heart still beats in a grateful fordham high school graduate. >> i had asked his, um, heart recipient if she would join us. and she decided that she would participate in a run with us in tom's honor. >> reporter: tunnel to towers was thomas' favorite.
5:30 pm
he participated twice. he was to be headed to west point and admired running alongside cadets and first responders. this year, his mother ran alongside the woman being kept alive by her son's heart. >> i knew in my heart at that time that tom was with us and we were running together. >> reporter: at the end of the month the cutinellas will be running with other recipients of organ donors. jennifer mcloganjennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> they hope soon to implement enhanced safety protocols in high school football on long island. as we track the storm, pounding our area, streets are already flooded in parts of cape may county. cameras caught a truck driving through a flooded street in avalon and beach erosion happening in real time in ocean city. powerful winds are pushing the tide and the waves are strong enough to bite chunks of sand off and also relationship
5:31 pm
lonnie will be back with an updated forecast in just a few minutes. the threat of severe weather did bring back new jersey governor chris christie back home and off the campaign trail. >> and while storm problems are certainly a concern, it also puts him in the spotlight as he runs for president. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer with more of the politics of the moment. marcia. >> reporter: the threat of hurricane joaquin may be a gift from the gods the weather gods for chris christie's sagging presidential campaign. as he struggles to break out of the pack, the free publicity he gets from taking charge of emergency preparations is worth more than dozens of pricy campaign ads. >> all of us look for strong leadership in our elected officials. and we have enjoyed the strongest of strong leadership here in new jersey for the past five-plus years. >> reporter: yes, the mayor of sea isle city new jersey was
5:32 pm
speaking about chris christie that guy in the trademark blue fleece standing beside him, who even though he has been spending most of his time in new hampshire and iowa is still the state's chief executive. he is home now because guiding the state through weather disasters is his strong suit. he is here -- >> to make sure we are prepared for what's happening. >> reporter: and because -- >> one, it's the severity of the situation and, two, it's this kind of inate sense that i have that you're missing me. >> reporter: some voters do pine for him. >> i do miss him. i love governor christie. >> others don't. >> i don't like him. >> reporter: others just wish he would give up the hunt for higher office, already. >> he should deal with the tunnels that he canceled for new york. we have a huge commuting problem. we have a lot of problems here. he is trying to run for president. he is not going to make it. you see where he is in the polls. he is wasting his time and our time. >> when he first started he was going to improve transportation. he was going to cut property taxes. he was going to make new jersey more business oriented and it's not. >> reporter: have you done any of that? >> -- has he done any of that? >> not that i know of.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: one problem is even people who like him don't plan to vote for him. >> i like trump better. >> reporter: this man is from ohio. he says his choice is his governor, john kasich. >> i like governor christie also. but i tell you, governor kasich is pretty darn good. >> reporter: well, i should point out that while governor christie was wearing a blue fleece like the one he wore to rave reviews during superstorm sandy it wasn't "the fleece. "after sandy, he got fleeced, you should pardon the term. people gave him 26 of them. he said he only brings out the sandy fleece for what he called, and i quote, real emergency disaster not political. >> wow. like lonnie and the sleeves and all that business. right? >> i noticed it did look different, though. >> i knew it wasn't the same one. >> 27 fleeces. a lot to choose from. an honor for former mayor david dinkins. the manhattan municipal building be renamed after him.
5:34 pm
it is located after 1 center street and is one of the largest office buildings in the world housing more than 2,000 city workers. dinkins worked in the municipal building for 14 years as city clerk and also manhattan borough president. he was elected the city's first black mayor in 1989. in just a moment, is it a recipe for bullying? a new app offering the ability to rate people the same way you rate businesses. how it works and the trouble it could cause. >> and if you are looking to get out of the rain this weekend the movie theater may be a good option for you. the big title coming to theater. >> today in history in 1950, the comic strip peanuts by charles schultz was first published debuting in just 7
5:35 pm
than 2,000 shortly after that. [ horn honks melody ] well, well. if it isn't the belle of the ball. gentlemen. you look well. what's new, flo? well, a name your price tool went missing last week. name your what, now? it gives you coverage options based on your budget. i just hope whoever stole it knows that it only works at so, you can't use it to just buy stuff? no. i'm sorry, gustav. we have to go back to the pet store. [ gustav squawks ] he's gonna meeus there. the name your price tool. still only at new on the big screen surviving alone on mars and surviving a daring tightrope walk between the trade center towers. jill nicolini has more on the new movies hitting theaters
5:36 pm
this weekend that are already stirring oscar buzz. >> this will come as quite a shot to my crewmates. and to the entire world but i'm still alive. surprise. >> reporter: in the martian matt damon plays an astronaut stranded on mars during a mission. everyone on earth thinks he is dead. >> he must use all his survival skills and grow his own skill to stay alive. the director shot the film from four different angles. >> rather than painstakingly go one shot at a time, he is doing the movie four times faster. >> reporter: more all stars make up the cast including jessica chastain, kate mara, kristin wig and jeff daniel. >> people ask me why do you risk death? >> another hot movie this weekend is the walk and this stars joseph gordon levitt and he plays a friend wire walker who walked in 1974 across the two world trade center towers. >> reporter: he says this is a must-see in 3d. the visuals from 1300 feet above will astound you.
5:37 pm
and this biopic is already getting a lot of oscar buzz just like the film free held. >> this stars julianne moore and ellen page based on a real story and julianne moore's character becomes terminally ill and it chronicles the struggle that she has to get her pension benefits assigned to her same-sex partner. >> reporter: a documentary about malala yousefzai shot by the taliban for speaking out about children's rights and became the youngest ever nobel peace prize winner. jill nicolini, cbs 2 news. >> now, the martian is expected to take in around $50 million. a lot to choose from. >> how about those effects? like you're about to fall over on the tightrope. if you are having trouble gut getting up as the sunrises later and later we'll have simple ways to jump-start your morning. >> right now dana tyler is here now with a look at what we're working on for cbs 2 news at 6:00.
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>> reporter: maurice and kristine, tonight at 6:00, attacked with fists and a barrage of gay slurs. >> the next thing you know, like i was going out somebody right behind me trying to kick me. >> the search tonight for that man accused -- for the man accused in a hate crime in midtown. hear an exclusive interview with the man who says he was attacked. also, hackers strike a major cell phone provider. millions of people at risk of identity theft. who should be on alert? the jets land in london. we are inside their overseas practice.
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a live look at the new york city skyline. what you can see of it anyway. now that summer is officially over, have you noticed the days are getting shorter and getting darker earlier? i have. >> yes, they are. very short. it's also dark while you're getting up and many people, that's a challenge for them. cbs 2's dr. max gomez with some simple things you can do to get going each day. >> having a lot more difficulty getting out of bed considering it's still dark out. i leave my blinds open on purpose so the sun wakes me up. the sun hasn't been waking me up, it's the alarm clock. >> reporter: his early morning slows are being felt by
5:42 pm
are making it harder to get up in the morning. dr. steven lamb says it's not your imagination. it's biology. >> the body is constantly getting cues. it knows when you're supposed to go to sleep and it knows when you're supposed to wake up based on the amount of light that's in the end environment. if that light is presented you will remain in a deep layer of sleep. >> reporter: since so many of us are sleep deprived to begin with, wake-up troubles probably mean a sleepy day ahead. so what's a rip van winkle to do? kind of the opposite of what we want to do. >> as soon as the alarm goes off stand up. don't snooze. if there's a glass of water by your side, drink a glass of water. if you can actually even do a pushup or do some stretching, that will be extremely helpful. >> reporter: and light helps us wake up. turn on the brightest lights in the room to activate brain circuits. and dr. lamb says even a morning jolt of caffeine is okay. dino says that and some other tricks help him.
5:43 pm
>> i first start with a cup of coffee. third one for the day. and then i do a little bit of movement exercising some yoga flowing in the morning to get some energy going. then a cold shower helps. [ laughter ] >> reporter: what you do the night before can also make it hard to wake up in the morning. alcohol disturbs sleep patterns wakes you up in the middle of the night so you will be tired in the morning. dr. max gomez, cbs 2 news. >> smoking disrupts sleep patterns. as you get up before work don't forget to watch cbs 2 news this morning where you can get traffic and weather on the twos if you are up. >> very good broadcast. >> the rain, the clouds out there today, lonnie quinn has more on what we're facing. [ no microphone ]
5:44 pm
>> lonnie doesn't have a microphone on. are we going to do the weather? what would you like to do? >> i could shout! >> do you want to shout it out? >> we are going to have lonnie, um, go and get his microphone that somehow he apparently lost between now and his last hit. in the meantime we have some breaking news into the newsroom. and unfortunately, it is, um, rather somber update on the victims in oregon. we now know the identities of the nine people shot and killed in yesterday's massacre. now, the names were just released. and the victims, um, range in age from 18 to 67. they include several freshmen students and also a teacher. the family of one of the victims, 18-year-old lucas [ indiscernible ] of roseburg, oregon issued a statement telling the media that he graduated high school with high academic marks and was studying chemistry. >> okay.
5:45 pm
that's the latest there from oregon. also tonight, we can tell you that tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of the verdict in the o.j. simpson trial. it was the case in which 150 million people were watching when he was acquitted in the murders of his ex-wife nicole brown and her friend ronald goldman. simpson was represented by the so-called dream team. the trial lasted nine long months. the jury deliberated for only one day. brown's younger sister tanya believes simpson was guilty but says she has forgiven him. >> i had to. i had to. it doesn't mean i forgive you here's a hug. i think it's more like, i cut the ball and chain you no longer own me. >> simpson is currently in prison for an armed robbery in which he took memorabilia that he said had been stolen from him. we are going to press the restart button. >> we can try. >> back to lonnie quinn who is now micked and we can hear him with our forecast. >> weathercast is no good without a microphone. outside we have rain falling.
5:46 pm
it's a raw 48 because the wind is blowing at over 20 miles per hour in gusts around town. here's what you should be planning on. i want to go through this one more time. it's an extended period of rough weather. the toughest time is at the coast worst of it during the high tide. that water gets pushed onshore. it's already high with the high tide. now the winds push it onshore. some of those winds up to 50 miles per hour and the rain that you are getting is chilly and raw, there's your wind advisory for the jersey shore but we are all going to be dealing with strong winds. rain for everybody some bouts of heavier rain will make their way in. it's moving north. we are talking about moisture. some of that bigger moisture making its way into our area tonight. we are never going to see the type of rain that they are picking up in the carolinas but we'll catch heavier ran than we have right now. that's 1:30 in the morning as you go overnight. then saturday, you know, some light showers out there definitely. then as you make your way into sunday, a little bit -- not that much but you have to look at this. there is joaquin.
5:47 pm
there's the moisture trail that makes its way all the way back to the carolinas and this is why the carolinas are talking about picking up 10, 15" of rain out of this system. you lose one and have another one. we lose the high pressure giving us the rough weather now. then joaquin will be offshore giving us the same flow coming in off the water so it's going to be tough out there. it's not, okay, i want to make this clear, these are not the strongest winds we have ever had. they are going to be persistent for a long period of time drawn out and continuously putting water onshore. so 56 degrees for saturday. that rain chance and the wind, as well. 66 on sunday. i don't think it's going to be as wet. you could see sun. wind off the water. 70 on monday and 70s for next week. i apologize about the microphone mishap there. >> thank you. >> don't forget to wash your hands after, uhm -- [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> nevermind. as we continue, do you deserve five stars? it may not matter what you think of yourself.
5:48 pm
people judge you the way they judge restaurants. >> and then at 6:00 a 911 operator suspended for faking an emergency call when
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
how would you like to be judged on something like yelp or trip adviser? it could be your personality, wardrobe. it's coming soon. scott rapoport has the story. >> reporter: it is an app that would let people actually rate you as a person. >> i don't want to know what people think about me. >> reporter: the aptly named app "peeple" is drawing tremendous buzz. >> it is offensive. >> reporter: founders julia and her friend nicole say "peeple" lets you rate other human beings on a star system like a movie. one to five stars and comment about them online. based on three categories. personal, professional, romance. >> you're going to be able to really find out who somebody is before you invite them into your life. >> reporter: but critics of the site call it a yelp for
5:51 pm
people, a potential nightmare for character assassination and cyber bullying. >> it's not under your control. you have no input to it. and people can say whatever they want. >> reporter: the founder says to rate a person you need to provide your facebook account and that person's cell phone number. that person receives a text that a profile has been made for that person. if that person agrees or registers any comment positive or negative it can be posted if not, only positive ratings are posted but there's no way to opt out and delete your profile. some say the concept is a potential time bomb. >> i think the people most motivated to write a rating about you is someone who doesn't like you. >> reporter: the "peeple" app says things like profanity, racism and sexism are not permitted and any negative posts are held for 48 hours so the parties involved can
5:52 pm
is a positivitity app. >> absolutely not. >> we like it. >> reporter: it will launch in december. >> cordray says in sport to critics she is considering changes to the app including the ability to opt out of this service. but it is a slippery slope. >> mm-hm. absolutely. >> all right. that's it for us here at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado fierce winds, heavy rains crashing waves. crews working nonstop to protect the jersey shore. >> hopefully, we will -- the wall will hold it and we'll be okay. >> good evening, i'm dana tyler. we hope everyone is okay tonight as we have our eye on a powerful storm system causing big problems across the tri-state area. not just on the shores. street flooding inland is
5:53 pm
making things messy tonight
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