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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  October 19, 2015 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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and "the promotional consideration provided by -- lots of stars celebrating birthdays this week and now here we go. which high school musical star had a tough time learning the move at dancecamp? >> oh, my god. hardest two weeks i've ever had in my entire life. >> that is zac efron who hopefully will be using some of
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those moves when he he turns on sunday. >> monday on "e.t.." >> bindi irwin's family dance lesson. proud brother, a spitting image 28 of their dad. >> oh, thank you. i love you. >> and what mom really thinks of bindi's boyfriend. >> i do have a gun nse. >> and "ncis" cross over. >> hello. anyone home? >> michael weatherly andlice hanging out with the l.a. "ncis" gang. >> hi, i'm ll cool j. >> i don't think there is any controlling weatherly >> go to our website, >> check out the new video of. demi lovato. >> she plays a convict and goes full badass, giving her co-star, michelle rodriguez, a run for her money. >> and enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody.
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so, i, i get that there is a presidential campaign going on. i have told my own republican colleagues and friends, shut up talking about things that you don't know anything about. and unless you are on the committee, you have no idea what we have done, why we have done it, what new facts we have found we have found new facts, john, that have absolutely nothing to do with her. >> what do you want to know from secretary clinton when she shows up? >> what i want to know is while violence was going up in libya why was our security profile going down. it wasn't staying the same. it was going down. in the past, john, she said i have people and processes in place to handle that. well, you also have people and processes in place to handle, drivel produced by sydney blumenthal. i want to know why certain things made tight your inbox, madam secretary, but the
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plaintiff pleadings of our own ambassador that you put in place for more security never bothered to make it to your inbox. i think that is a fair question. >> it is interesting that after 17 months, 4.7 million and counting of taxpayers' money that chairman is now saying he has another two dozen witnesses to interview. it's very interesting. and i do believe that, what he is trying to do, i listen to him carefully. now trying to shift back to where we should have been all along. that is looking at the benghazi incident. and, it's clear to me. he can try to dismiss the words of congressman mccarthy. the second. highest ranking member in congress. try to dismiss the word of congressman and of his hand picked investigator, who quit.
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the fact is he keeps saying don't listen to what they say. they don't know anything. well we were on the committee too. by the way he said there were seven members. also five democrats. we know what has been going on. and, and, listen to this. he has not yet interviewed the but he has not yet interviewed the head of the, the secretary of defense. none of that. >> let me ask you, you mention, ms. abdin, the adviser to hillary clinton, is this a sham on thursday? >> i think it's -- i think it is a sad day for, for all of us. because we made a commitment to the families. families came in with tears in their eyes literally. said please do not make this a political football. that's what happened. they said. find out more information about what did happen. and then they asked us to do,
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one other thing. and that is -- try to make sure you figure out how this does not happen again. i think we failed in all three. if you listen to the chairman. he says two new things. looking at ambassador stevens' e-mails you get a sense how much he was pleading. not being listened to. lines of communication not open. new information about the ability to respond to an attack like that. isn't that worthy information? >> we need. we need to honor the family's request. we figure out how to make sure this doesn't happen again. i would be happy to look into that. we have investigations, by the way, i think, he talked about, sydney blumenthal and others. we need to have a transparent record. i am calling on him to make sure that -- he releases the transcripts of all the people we interviewed. most were state department people. or they were hillary clinton's former aides.
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people worked in her campaign. speech writers. when he talks about the 50 witnesses. we have been zeroed in on
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absolutely no doubt about that. the war of words heating up between republican presidential contenders, donald trump and jeb bush. during the last gop debate. bush gave his brother, former president george w. bush credit for keeping the nation safe on his watch. trump criticized that statement pointing out the 9/11 attacks happened with bush in office. trump, said if his immigration policies were in place at the time, he says the terrorists would not have been able to get into the country in the first place. jeb bush spoke about this and more on "cbs this morning." >> when many people looked at this campaign before it really began. you were the guy they thought would be the front-runner. the first vote doesn't take place until february. people look at the numbers i
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to jeb bush. >> i was one of though that thought i was the front-runner. i know i have to go tell the jeb story. people know me as george's boy, george's brother the they don't conservative governor that disrupted the old order in florida. and made big changes i tell that it resonates. resonance then, this long, two bush story. what's the problem to connect with the voters? >> it's not a problem. we are just starting. the important race is iowa. new hampshire. south carolina. nevada. you go into the super tuesday states. building an organization in all the places the i feel confident where we are right now? >> during the democratic debate. bernie sanders said they're -- the american people are sick of the damne-mails. are you sick and tired of donald
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he its getting all of at tension in the race. all the candidates are saying, look, we are over here weft have something to say. how are you and your team dealing with the donald trump candidacy. >> i admire the fact that he is we are too uptight as a nation. and i admire the fact that he doesn't feel embarrassed about his wealth. let me think. running out of things. he's got a great family. >> is it frustrating? >> ultimately people are going to want to know who is going to who is going to be making decisions tha impact millions are we going to be safe? climate? >> anything about donald trump that makes you think we would not be safe and worried if he was there? >> i have no clue. that's the point. he hasn't shared his views. when he talks foreign policy. he talks about -- how putin ought to take care of isis. and the week before -- and isis ought to take care of assad. send refugees back to syria to their slaughter. these are serious times. you need a person who has the temperament and the leadership skills to fix the things that are broken and do it with compassion and conviction. and have the skills to lead.
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lane i will stay in. i believe i will be effective. i don't know about donald trump's view of leadership. he talks about himself the whole time. rather than what he would do. >> governor, i want to ask you a couple policy serious questions. quickly, you talked about being your own man do. you see your brother. george w. bush coming out on the campaign trail with you. >> i don't know. >> i don't know. he has been helpful raising money. giving me advice. last republican to be elected. the one before that. the one guy that i rely on, on, on, you know the ebbing and flowing of politics. it is pretty wild. he has done it. >> let me talk to you about afghanistan. that's the front page of the papers today. president obama leaves office in 15 months. saying the draw down will be left to his successor. you have said that obama is short changing our military commander. be specific. how many american troops would you leave in the ground in afghanistan. >> take the recommendation of
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the, the general that was responsible for it. who is now the chairman of the joint chiefs. 10,000 troops. 9,800 troops. the proper place to be. without a time line. the minute you create a time line. you are also, your opponents, enemies are organizing for waiting you out. i think that's the proper thing to do. >> insurance company says the valley wildfire in northern california last month did $1.5 billion in damage. it destroyed more than 1,200 homes. four people were killed. four firefighters injured. eight firefighters from middletown lost their own homes. here's carter evans. >> i had been seeing burned houses all day. knowing this was mine. and knowing there was nothing i could do. it's surreal. cal fire battalion chief, paul duncan says he took all the proper precautions. >> this was all green. we had done our clearances. >> reporter: when duncan saw smoke in the distance the he left his wife courtney and daughters rose and page. and raced towards the flames. the valley fire was 25 miles from his home when it suddenly
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exploded. a wall of flames bearing down on middletown. just six min ufts after the >> the houses down the road were already on fire. i am so scared. where do we go? >> she said there is cars in that are on fire. fire beside me. fire behind me. i texted him that i loved him. he said i love you too. just in case, anything would have happened. >> i said you know where the road is. you need to drive. step on the gas. drive through the fire. >> reporter: four people died in the valley fire. duncan says fire crews helped save thousand evacuating entire neighborhoods. >> the firefighters are just trying to get people out of the way. life over property. >> reporter: justin was facing flames when he heard middletown was being overrun. the irony of this, yeah. you are a fire fighter. and, your home is on fire. it.
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>> i know. what's the alternative. you know. bring a bunch of resources over here. save my house. and then have people perish down the street? you know that is not an option. >> reporter: eight fire fighters lost their homes. so did 100 students in this is all right that is left of principal bill roderick's house. his wife shawne, a teacher. their daughter taylor, a freshman. >> this was my house for most of my childhood. they were out of town when fire broke out. they frantically called a neighbor hoping to rescue what mattered most. >> whatever you have to do. she was like, shawne, i will not leave. the fire is in my backyard. i am not going to go without tinker bell. >> the caretaker of our family. >> this, it is memories. it hurts. don't get me wrong. it hurts. but, we're all okay. >> it's not just you.
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>> yep. >> reporter: just two weeks after the fire classes resumed at middletown high. >> let's go, guys. that's the bell. >> rose duncan is a sophomore. >> it was emotional. 2/3 of my friends have lost their homes. going to school is definitely helping me cope through this. knowing our teachers are going through the same thing. students are going through the same things. >> reporter: not every student felt that comfort. >> pretty much the only one out of my friend group that lost their house. they kept messaging me. my house is there. my house is fine the all this stuff. i was like, yea. congratulations. i don't have clothes to go out to the grocery store to get food. only have my pajamas. they're like, oh, i don't have wi-fi. >> reporter: it is a dilemma for a community that welcomes any sign of normalcy. but where so much remains to be done. and so many still need aid.
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>> i don't like getting stuff from other people. i don't like charity. >> it feels very natural for us. and our children. to be on the helping side. being on, on the other side is, is very unusual. very uncomfortable. but, it ultimately will help us get back to where we can help other people again. >> reporter: for now, the duncans are digging through the rubble finding small treasures. >> there we go. >> it's emotional. it's something survived. very little did. most of it was ceramics. piece of your past back. >> reporter: mostly all about looking forward. >> the hills are going to get green again. people are going to rebuild. it will be better than it was before. it will be. how can it not be? such a wide scale, the recovery and so has the resiliency. carter evans in middletown,
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early voting under way in ohio. the hot issue legalizing marijuana. four states and washington, d.c. allow recreational pot use. in each state voters allowed medical marijuana first. ohio could make history by allowing both at the same time. polls show 58% support legalization. some opponents don't like the
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way the law is written. barry peterson is there. >> how many days do we have left? >> 21. >> reporter: the pro-marijuana camp is wrapping up until the days until the vote are counting down. >> we are just doing polling. >> reporter: they aim to knock on a million doors between now and the election day. we were able to accelerate this. ian james spent 30 years as a campaign strategist here in ohio. now he is leading the charge to legalize pot. what is it going to say to the country if you win this issue in ohio? >> i think you have got the old saying, so goes ohio so goes the nation. ohio is known as a battleground state. in this election it really as it bout the ground. this ground. one of the fields that would be turned into an area where
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marijuana will be grown. but unlike other states, that have legalized pot, a yes vote would amend the constitution to allow only 10 groups of already hand picked investors the exclusive right to grow the state's entire supply of pot. >> this is not the right way to do it. >> reporter: popular two term governor bob taft is one of the amendments most vocal opponents. >> if not a monopoly. it's an oligopoly. ten growing sites that will control the market in the state of 11 million people. commercial right. >> reporter: when a taft speaks, ohio listens. for a century the family produced politicians from senators to a president. >> i don't think that the tax benefits outweigh the hazards. risks of going recreational, medical all the way. flooding our state with edible products that are attractive to our kids.
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>> this would be butler county grow site. >> woody is bob's distant cousin. opposite side of the issue. investors who will get to grow >> i'm in this first because i believe in it. that it is right. i'm in it second to make money. >> so far, woody and the other investors have funded $20 million of the $23 million pro-legalization campaign. it doesn't look clean and open to me. it looks like what the other side says. a monopoly. >> look someone is going to step forward and do this. it takes money to got on the ballot. >> no on issue 3. >> reporter: opponents are fighting back with their own amendments on the ballot to ban monopolies. if both of these pass and you're understanding what's next? >> if there is one lawyer alive in the state of ohio there is going to be a lawsuit. >> the responses have been good. >> reporter: a battle in yet another state to turn a black market into the newest big business. barry peterson.
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will be right back. many think ice hockey is a young man's sport. but for one man, the rink has become a fountain of youth. steve hartman has his story. in northern minnesota it's not uncommon to find a guy in his 90s looking back on his glory days is a a hockey player. but it is uncommon to find a guy still living them. >> you have got to challenge yourself a little bit. i think that's what keeps you going. >> reporter: like his handlebar mustache, mark's hockey days appear never ending. he started playing as a little kid and is still putting on pads and gloves at the unbelievable age of 94. >> just putting all right equipment on is a miracle the he does it. three four times a week. >> reporter: he is like nothing i have ever seen.
3:56 am
just stepping over the boards is like nothing i have ever seen. mark plays in pickup games. every time he comes to the rink he is oldest by a generation. some of the guys could be his great, great grandchildren. yet he keeps right up with them all most as if he is oblivious to his age. >> you ever heard of shuffleboard? >> heard of it. never played it. >> reporter: it would be safer that's for sure. a few months ago he took a hard hit. >> bad collision. fractured two ribs. punctured my lung. >> reporter: can you imagine at 94. doctors told him he would have to sit out at least six weeks. he was back in three. >> i just love the game i guess. >> reporter: and he's good at it too. watch this. scoring. how many goals did you skr today? i only had six. >> only six today.
3:57 am
>> i think so. yeah. >> for the record it was. >> to add insult to injury. not only does mark beat the pants off the whipper snappers. he takes their money too. way back when mark was just 80, the other guys in the group for life, thinking how much longer could it be? >> it's killing us. killing our budget. >> that was 14 years ago. >> is that true? >> true. >> pretty good deal. >> you love hockey or you are cheap? >> you would ask that, wouldn't you? [ laughter ] >> no, i so enjoy what i am doing. >> reporter: and he has no plans to stop. in fact, he suggested we come back to watch him play again. at 100. >> yeah, got to think that way, don't you? >> it's on my calendar. steve hartman on the road. in duluth, minnesota. that's the "cbs overnight news" for this sunday. for some of you the news continues. for others, check back with us a little later for "the morning news" and "cbs this morning." from the broadcast center in new
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