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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 3, 2015 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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>> let's start with gwen stefan talking about her divorce and how her life in her words blew up. >> of course, there are rumors she's dating her fellow coach on "the voice," blake shelton. yep, she goes there, too, in tonight's top story. gwen making her voice heard. >> blake is also on t >> he is? who's blake? >> blake shelton. >> oh, the country guy. >> i read the stories about the two of you. are those true or not true? >> i think that nbc does that, right? two divorced people, like at the same time? >> i'm saying, is it true or not true >> i'm not going to answer that right now. but i think he's hot, don't you? >> these four words are the first hint that "the voice" friends could maybe turn into lovers. that and, well, the photos. the two leaving a halloween
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party together in the backseat of a car. >> to be super honest, like, it is kind of crazy like we both went through the same thing at the same time. >> she got super candid with ryan seacrest this morning. what stood out to us? got descriptive talking about her divorce. >> i'm in the middle of an earthquake. i think i cried the whole night my life blew up in my face. >> what did it blow up in your face? >> the day after the grammys. >> look at this jump suit. i love this. >> versace. literally, they made it on my body >> i spoke to gwen on grammy night. she was solo but happy and working on the future. >> i'm writing. i'm so excited about it. >> >> i played last night. it was really exciting >> the day after is when something happened but she is not telling what. gwen says look to her song, "used to love you" for clues. >> can you try to think about what it might have been. like a major event that happened where things got really clear >> this is gwen the week after the grammys.
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little sad. now fast forward nine months. she's divorcing, moving on and giving us revealing information to talk about, #lovethehonesty. >> i was married for a long time and now i'm not. it's a shock. >> yes. >> has gavin heard this song? >> did you just say the g word? >> i don't have his number. >> not anymore. >> uncomfortable giggle. >> as for gwen and blake, they will be seen tonight on "the the next time they will be live >> all right. meanwhile, big news today because halle berry's first husband david justice making headlines. he's post aid series of tweets about his failed relationship with halle and we spoke to david today about why he came out firing. >> i hope i'm married as long as i'm breathing. >> that is a newlywed halle berry gushing about her then husband david. they had a messy split three years later and david denied rumors of abuse ever since. but on the heels of her latest divorce from husband number
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night. reading the latest halle berry reports, it wasn't me who hit halle causing the damage. he went on to post, it was a former hollywood boyfriend that she told me, get your facts straight. "e.t." was in touch with david this morning. he texted us and told us i just felt if i didn't say anything about this particular thing, my kids' friends might read it and assume it is true. i can't have that. david went further with a t accusing her of tearing down her ex-husbands saying yep, me, eric, gabriele and oliver were her knight in shining armor. as for her part, she's staying out of fray. she is staying away from this madness. her second husband did post this message saying my man at 23 david justice is tweeting some truth this morning. at this point let's get out of
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this. everybody has their own truth. >> that's right. okay. you said the word truth. what is really going on between rosie o'donnell and her 18-year-old daughter chelsea? they're both opening up about their strained relationship. rosie reported that chelsea was missing. chelsea said she was kicked out. it's a painful war of words from a broken family. >> i have a daughter who is in a crisis. and any mother or father who ever had a child in crisis, you know, they know it's upsetting until your child is once again safely on the shore and not in the rapids. >> rosie's smile masks her pain. it is clear chelsea is also hurt and bitter. >> i don't miss rosie. at all. >> do you love rosie? >> no. i mean, i -- i care about her. i hope that she is, you know, okay and doing well. but i think that love is a big word. and i wouldn't really use that. >> chelsea now lives with friends in new york says she and
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rosie have been having problems for a while and was upset rosie claimed she battled mental health issues. >> people who know me and close to me know that i'm not like mentally ill and crazy and that i'm pretty normal. >> rosie posed with her close friend on the 12th annual rosie theater kids gala. >> these are the neediest kids in new york. something about being able to serve them serves us all. >> three of her other children were there with her for support. rosie tells us they have been aware of the family drama for years. >> we explain it to them but they lived it there is not new. it's new for the public to know about it. but it's not new for our family. >> one thing we do know is rosie won't be watching "snl" this weekend whether her rival donald trump returns to host. >> no. i don't stay up that late. usually if i see his name, i skip. >> nbc is being asked to skip over trump or dump him from snl because of his views on illegal
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immigration. we got a response from trump and his daughter. >> there are some people calling for a boycott for this weekend that you're ho what is your reaction? >> i think that's great. that's going to make it hotter. i think there some kind of a picket line. that will drive the ratings even higher. >> your father son "snl" this weekend. how do you think he'll do? >> so he's been on "snl" b as a host. it was so much fun. one of the great nights of my life going and watching. >> you're not going anywhere, trump. >> i have to go. >> i'm sure he'll poke fun at himself a lot. he does it all the time. >> meanwhile, ivanka's mom is making headlines. donald's first wife was reportedly overheard dissing donald's wife saying she can't talk. she can't give a speech. she doesn't go to events. >> you have to ask about the
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made about your wife this past week. >> you know, i haven't seen them. i really haven't seen them. >> she said she wasn't ready for the white house. >> i think she would be an amazing first lady. she's very smart. i haven't seen >> jen with ivanka at the ace awards in new york where she received the breakthrough award. >> just a great honor and amazing validation of our very hard work. >> trump was also in manhattan signing copies of his new book "crippled america: how to make america great again" is the next stop with the "snl" executive producer. anything off limits? >> nothing is off-limits. no. i don't think anything will be off-limits. it's "saturday night live." we'll have fun. it will be exciting and i look forward it to. >> if he hits that stage, i can only imagine what they have planned. >> all right. coming up, reuniting with bachelor host chris harrison. >> and we're backstage with nick carter and his wife and their joy about having a baby after a miscarriage. >> i was finally able to tell the world. >> and we're with ariana grande. >> you are able to find time for
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>> that's next. >> but first, we're giving you a really cool look behind the scenes of "13 hours." >> there's no substitute for actually have stuff blow up around you. >> ready, go. >> i think there say lot of stuff in the movie that people might watch and say that's fake. that's fake. that is not real. to be there when something blows up is very helpful. you don't have to do a lot of acting. your instinct kicks in. >> while the movie is about the secret soldiers of benghazi, it also has a lot of heart a pretty strong message. >> this movie is about true
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i think parents want to teach no matter what. and it's a very hard lesson to
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teach. and so a movie like this to show that these guys did what was
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mmyoai huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? you got to know when to hold'em. know when to fold 'em. know when to walk away. know when to run. you never count your money, when you're sitting at the ta... what? you get it? i get the gist, yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent more on car insurance. we have a dancing first. >> and this was awesome. it really was. carter was going to be a fat the show broke news last night that even nick didn't know. >> you're having a boy! >> what you are looking forward to most about having a son? >> honestly --
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>> teaching him to golf. >> his wife is 16 weeks along. they had been pregnant once before but lauren suffered a miscarriage. >> it's been a relief in a lot of ways. i was able to finally tell the world. >> "dancing" up is for a people's choice awards. nominations were announced today. i can't feel my face when i'm with you >> the weekend led the nods. >> voting is now officially open. >> there was a nomination for favorite tv actress and she just picked up the influencer award at the ace awards in new >> what is the influence on the fashion worl >> well, she's revamped leopard. she brought leopard print back to life. >> what cookie did for leopard
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ponytail. >> was the hair your idea? >> yes. i wanted to do my, like, my ponytail in white for a while or in a different color. you know, just to try something different. but still the same. >> she performs "focus" at the theater in l.a. the focus now on her dating life after her split from big shawn. >> are you able to find time for romance these days? >> are you? >> i'm engaged, girl. >> girl? so, yes. thank you. >> that was a very good response. >> don't worry. i was on set with her. i tried too. i got nothing. >> we'll have to ask her her engagement. sam smith and daniel craig drinking bu we're in with their big bond. >> any tacos and tequila?
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>> i think he was fantastic. >> then the new victory to have bill cosby deposed. we are talking to lawyers from both sides. how they're both gearing up for a fight.
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it took me eleven years to finally track down the ecephidon megolis. gorgeous, isn't he? it was pricey, but a total bargain compared to this little beauty. (vo) a new york man spent $3.2 million on a dead bat. i have such enormous respect for these creatures. which is why i stuff them and hang them on the walls. (vo) you'd make a way better rich person.
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we have covered thousands of premiers but few have been as big and the one for the new bond film. this was huge. daniel craig, a massive red
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carpet, costume dancers and our host in mexico city. it was a "specter" spectacular. >> they're going nuts. >> it's breath taking. i mean, it's absolutely incredible. >> more than 140 dancers are here and performing at the mexico city "specter" premier. i feel like i'm in a movie. >> such a great pleasure to come here. the opening of the movie starts in mexico city. it is a way to round everything off. i'm very excited. >> for "specter" shot here, they actually employed 1520 extras. >> gave such an amazing thing to the movie.
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>> and magic last night? the bond girls, of course. a shimmering navy dress, miss money penny, naomi harris showed a crochet dress and a scarlet thigh high dress. >> diamonds are forever. >> how many carats? >> i don't know but they are expensive. >> how do you stay fresh? >> lots of water. try to get to bed early when you can. very difficult sometimes. >> ye getting to bed early didn't happen much in this town. >> what you have been up t >> i went out last night and got drunk. fantastic. i had margaritas. >> where is the tequila? i wouldn't mind a little shot. you need tacos and tequila? >>, no i've done plenty of that. >> the party is going to keep going. they're headed to asia next. the movie opens there a week
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from friday. >> all right, big news to get to. michelle turner joins us with the latest on bill cosby. he is ordered to attend at deposition. >> she first made her allegations on cosby on our set breaking down in tears. and now a year later, janice is on the verge of getting what she wants. that's cosby answering questions under oath. >> what it is wrong. it is an incorrect decision and that's what was decided to take an appeal. >> her fight to against answers from cosby himself will happen. but his lawyers are trying to delay it. >> they have the right to do that. and they're certainly fight it and i think we'll win. >> the deposition is for the
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in may. it claims she ha revictimized because of denials by cosby's former attorney martin singer that comedian drugged and raped her more than 30 years ago. >> the fact that he and his spokes people called me a liar, referring to remarks that i made, it's not correct. >> reaction to her emotion al interview here on entertainment tonight about the alleged assault fueled her conviction to go public. >> i was so happy to s to her yesterday and give her the bit gf news that judge ruled in her favor. she was elated. >> they can only seek answers as maliciously. cosby's attorney has a problem with that. >> mr. cosb has denied the allegations in this case as well as in other cases. so at the time that mr. cosby is
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required to sit down for a deposition, he will so as he has in other cases at this point. the question really is when that is supposed to happen. and whether it should be done piece male or not. >> bloom does not think an appeal will stand up and expects to grill cosby and singer by the court ordered deadline of november 25th. the case is one of seven legal battles against cosby but he has not been convicted of any wrongdoing. >> to all those who say, well, no court has ever found mr. cosby guilty of sexual assault. that is true. but the back story to that is he has spent many years and probably millions of dollars trying to keep women out of court. he's been successful until recently. but now the tide is turning against him. >> there is a long way to go. if this deposition takes place, there will be a court reporter who takes it all down and a videographer recording this entire proceeding. will it ever be made public? that is another question. >> everybody wants to know that. >> we all want to see that. >> we're celebrating our 35th season.
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look at one of the biggest stories we've ever covered, the >> anna nicole's daughter danny lyn today. >> victory! >> now nine years old, the striking resemblance to her mom. >> you look like me and that would have been bad. >> tell me about it. >> our exclusive look back with letter father larry birkhead. >> say mommy's love. >> what do you do when she says, i want my mommy? >> that's tomorrow. >> it is a great conversation. i will tell you this people will be amazed because larry has been a great father to this little girl. >> now in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays. which tv star played the wicked witch of the west? what do you think? >> tough i'm going to cybill shepard. >> roseann. >> we'll be right back with the answer. time for the answer to the birthda >> which tv star played the wicked witch of the west in the broadway production of "wizard of oz?"
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>> happy birthday, roseanne. >> she turns 63 today. >> one of my favorite couples is back on tv right now. trista and ryan are reunit tomorrow on "who wants to be a millionaire." >> i'm a mother now. and mommy brain has taken over. >> i love the mommy brain excuse all the time. >> mommy brain is like super woman brain. you're doing everything. >> that's why we can't focus on
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