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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 9, 2015 2:00am-3:00am EST

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thanks. ay, ok what are... what are you doing here? looking for you. yeah, well, i'm off-duty. okay, well, i only need a minute. i just want to apologize. for what? i misread you. i thought you were, like... acting jealous or something. so... my bad. why would i be jealous? you wouldn't be. what if i was? i don't know, this... thing we have, here, is... kind of undefined. mm-hmm. and... and we're flying without the instruments. at least i am. well, you didn't misread me completel i... i asked mckenna if i could ride with him before i knew he needed a female for his decoy unit. y. but i'm not calling it jealousy. neither am i. (laughs) we're good? hey, we're good. okay. (laughs)
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drink beers. uh... another time. i'm booked. oh, fancy. paging dr. lambchop? come on, eddie. it's a joke, jamie. remember jokes? it's just dinner. well, you don't need my permission. really. okay, i'll see you tomorrow. see you in the morning. okay, i'll see you in the morning. all right. go have fun. all right. sergeant gormley, sir. commissioner. (door closes) at ease, sergeant.
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sir, i... i got a big mouth, commissioner. you know? i-i get emotional and i don't think before i speak. you retracting what you said? which part, sir? what you said about liking this department better the way it used to b no, i stand by that. good. sir? i agree with exactly zeroe. of what you said. it's cheap and easy to dress up lazy police work as some sort of runyonesque treasure from a bygone era. yes, sir. but i appreciate you having the balls to say it to my face. and i want you to come to work for me here. now, i know you only hold the rank of sergeant,
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so civil service law prevents me from naming you chief of department but... that is, effectively, what your role will be. oh... i... . commissioner, i... there are 100 people more qualified for that job. you're probably right. then why me? sid... when they asked me to throw my hat in the ring for this job, i had exactly the same reaction that you're having right now. i was a cop, not a suit. i liked the street view, not the one from high up in headquarters. (drumming fingers) so... i understand. well, what changed your mind? a man i trusted and admired gave me a four-word answer to my question then, to your question now:
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why me? how am i in any way qualified? what he said? "you're a cop's cop." well... nobody calls me th yeah, they do. and so do i. at. and i need a cop's cop up here, and more every day. i need to stay connected to the rank and file and i need your help. (exhales) so can i count you in? yes, sir. good. so... how does special assistant to the commissioner sounou? awful.
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d to yyota.
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i just want to be honest and real. >> news on gwen stefani and blake shelton after we confirmed they're dating. >> plus her first words avenues camera. right now on entertainment tonight. >> miranda's awkward award show arrival, 41 minutes after the blake and gwen confirmation. >> who ans that? like why would i do that? styling her hair like stefani as shelton looks nouncen. out with gwen. >> i think he's hot. >> brad and angelina gets real with us about how their film altered their marriage. o a couple on the brink of disaster. >> it is not a honeymoon.
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>> look alike >>daughter, dannie lynn, emotional look back with letter dad. >> what do you do when she says i want my mommy. >> bobbi kristina's aunt speaking the time about her niece's death. >> i did everything remotely possible. just came a little too late. >> as robin williams widow breaks her silence. >> robin, what did first you do? >> plus, that time again. thing. >> oprah's favorite things. what's on her list this year? >> oh, my god, i love this. >> now in our 35th season, this is entertainment tonight.>> thanks for joining us, everyone. as we continue to celebrate our 35th season here at "e.t." all month long. we look back at more than three decades of making entertainment news history. >> from our coverage of theed withing that touched our hearts to the loss after few famous faces we will never forg this weekend, we have all new exclusive with the people who saw everything. >> but first we begin with a
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gwenet.stefani is dating fellow voice coach blake shelton. >> he is a pretty rad guy, i have to say that. i read something this morning that you know yourself esteem was done and blake has helped with that. tragedy. >> some more than others? >> well there are definitely key people that point med into the right direction and blake really helped me. >> that's gwen talking about her new boyfriend blake. calling into a dallas radio station. >> you guys have a song together, right? >> no. >> we know you went public with the relationship. >> we didn't. somebody did. that is so crazy. like who announces that. why wo i do that? >> meanwhile, blake wants the kbleed to chill out about his dating life. he retweeted a post about it friday and wrote, amen,uld let's all move along now. >> there's a lot of buzz on shot monday.
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be in rehearsals over the weekend but blake and gwen are not required to be there. >> gwen was asked about the romance rumors. >> is that true or not tru >> i'm not going to answer that right now. but i think he is hot, don't you? >>e? gwen was hotquiet but talked about her break up with her husband. >> i think i cried all night. >> when did it blow up in your face. >> in the day after the grammies. >> just 41 minutes avenues broke that gwen and blake were dating his ex miranda hit the cma's red carpet, posed for photos and seemed to force a smile. >> sources inside the award tell "e.t." that this is definitely something that people were talking about. mainly about the timing. you have to remember the cmas would have been the first event that blake and miranda were in the same room after being split up this past july. this is a blow to miranda.
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speak it miranda but they heard her talking abouter dress was revenge dress. and the pink streaks in her hair compares to gwen. still a big night for miranda. h she gave a she-stopping performance and won female vocalist of the year. >> fans, i appreciate it. i needed a bright spot this year. thank you. i need country music fans. >> later that night, blake and gwen were snapped holding hands. a guitaruked auctioned for charity, that is gwen in the black ground. >> i was note find that blake was in the vip room. he was was athere, standing there, gwen stefani on his left. she was smileding pause she had seen the guitar and she was like
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>> let's talk about a week it has been for brad and angelina. >> first movie together in ten years. "by the sea." very cannedity interview about their marriage. it is mr. and mrs. smith ten years later. >>you get married, happiest time of your life, then this dark -- a couple on the brink of disaster. >> not honeymoon. it was an odd choice. a few week to it, we wondered if it was a good idea. if it doesn't work, this is the horse et honeymoon ever. but if it works, you learned s inthing. >> angelina wore a champagne callered versace ground covered in crystals. brad, sli some back hair. under it all, totally uniteed. >> what is it like working together and teaking direction from your wife? >> you have to trust yourcked director and who do i trust more than my wife?
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>> it he is my husband. i can lock at me and i can say, fine and he will say, no, you're just saying that. >> what's cookin' good lookin? the sea is the couple's most personal project yet. but all their hard work was nothing compared to angelina's cancer scare. > by you talked about that on nbc but how tough was that? >> it is scary, you make your best decisions then caron. >> carry on is what they do best as we witnessed in the nbc interview. >> seeing my wife be strong andry knowing it is as scary as it is and not being there is feeling. >> every woman is different going through menopause. it is different, emotions change. but it is different. you feel different. >> the biggest insight into the marriage, ate dorning look that says the way i love you. the way they caress each other's
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comfortable swroeking about working together. >> "by the sea" is a different s film than mr. and mrs. smith. >> we were joking with be this is the beginning that is ten years later. this is what ten years of marriage will do to you. >> ten years of togetherness has made brad and angelina stronger. especially after angie was told she was high risk of getting cancer twice. >> she had to make big decisions about double mastectomy then having her ovaries veed. how did you see your role in that? >> support. keeping the family together as long as possible. so we could be together trumped remo everything. trumped anything and everything. >> these two give us all relationship goals. we have seen their devotion every time we talk to them. >> i know his work and i know his heart. >> caring and grateful for her. >> i just want to know, very bad
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girl, sly, an outfit that brad ever wants you to wear at home? >> i still have my horns at home. >> just hearing how brad stands by angie no matter what.obviou >> he made it very, very clear to me that what he loved and what it is a woman to him is someone that is smart and capable and cared about her family. that it wasn't about ---not about the fall body. i knew that he was on my side and wasn't something where i would feel less of a woman because my husband wasn't going to let that happen. >> now angelina is also involving her family in her next project. she has been visiting cambodia, setting for her next movie. and mad ox, her son who she adopted fromcambodia, will be researching and working on the film shoot. >> fun involving family. fantastic p. more news on bill cosby he is ordered to face another deposition. this time over janice.
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>> we all know janice's story.. she made her allegations against cosby on our set, breaking down in tears. a year later, janice is on the verge of getting just what she wants, cosby answering questions under oath. >> i was drugged and raped. drugged and raped. by bill cosby. >> it is wrong. it is an incorrect decision. that's why we he have decided it take an appeal. >> i'm mad. i'm really mad. but i will not be silent. >> her fight to sweres from cosby himself will happen but his lawyers are trying to delay it. >> they have the right to do that and fight it and i think we will win.get an >> the deposition is for the lawsuit her attorney filed in may. claiming deckinson has been rehurt because of being drugged and raped more than 30 years ago.
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called me a liar, referring to remarks that i've made. it's not correct. reaction to her emotional interviews here onnant stain entertainment>> tonight. fuelling her conviction to go public. >> i was so happy to speak to her yesterday and give her this bit of good news that judge ruled in her favor. she was elated. >> there is o catch. when dickinson's lawyer depose cosby, they can only ask if newere made maliciously. they have a problem with that. >> mr. cosby denied allegations in this case as well as other cases p. so at the timethose hat mr. cosby is required to sit done for a deposition, he will do so as he has in other cases. at this t point, the question really is when is that supposed to happen and whether it should be done. peace meal or not.
2:17 am
appeal will stand up and will grill cosby and the dickinson case is one of seven legal les against cosby but he has never been charged of a crime. >> no court found mr. cosby guilty of sexual assault. that is true. batt but he has spent many years and probably millions of dollars trying to keep women out of court. but now the tide is turning against him. >> so if this deposition takes place, there will be a court reporter who takes it all done and videographer recording the entire proceeding. will it ever be made public? >> that's the question. people waiting it find out for sure. straight ahead, we are with tim mcgraw talking about his music and his daughter. >> she did good. >> that's next. >> but first, does dancing's bindi have the best chance? we have emmitt smith it weigh in
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the feed just one gala for a food pantry. wife, pat smith, cohosted the event where kevin frazier also ived an award. >> my dream moment with my dream host. >> dr. cheryl action jackson started the charity seven years ago rece and since served 3 million meals to the needy. now giving back to those who help along wait. >> we can shine the spotlight who care about other people. if we can use a platform like this, that is even better.
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tecfidera poweruse serious side effects, such as allergic reactions, pml, which is a rare brain infection that usually leads to deathmay ca or severe disability, and decreases in your white blood cells. the most common side effects are flushing and stomach problems. tell your doctor about any low white blood cell counts, infections, any other medical conditions, or if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. learn more about the most pres pill for relapsing ms in the us, at talk to your doctor about tecfidera, and take another look cribed at relapsing ms. that is tim mcgraw, who just re his new album "damn country music" on friday. we talked to the country star all about it. including one song that is very
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aleased duet with his daughter. he is one proud papa. >> my daughter, grisacie is singing tonight and she did a great job. she is a great singer and she is away at college for her first year. so to be able to record and sing it is really special. >> kind of natural when your folks are country superstars. >> and tim's 14th album called "damn country music" is out now. >> i feel this is the best material i've ever recorded. best collection of songs i've ever recorded. >> while tim is not recording, he makes time with faith and their three daughters. the whole family is looking forward to the upcoming holidays. >> that's the big deal, take time off, spend it with family and really celebrate and be ankful for all of the
2:22 am
>> you may have noticed, th even though his team lost the world series, tim got to honor his father tug mcgraw. he was a pitcher. and he paid tribute by throwing out the first pitch. >> coming up, a lkook at oprah's favorite things with her bff gayle king. >> oprah was laying down with her head on the table by the time it was over. >> chemile grammar talks about her co-star and kelsey and her battle. >> you have cancer. what is that like hearing? >> that is ahead. >> but first, girl group ou with their third album "get weird." >> who is the most weird out of the four of you? >> i think we are all equal.
2:23 am
allt we have to do is, when you see the strange things we do, act out little scenes and we are just -- we just have fun. dent we, girls? >> yes. >> the girls told us this album is more fun and colorful.
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somethineveryone. every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'.
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take a look at oprah stopping in at rehearsals last month to visit the cast of "the color purple." win fry is a producer on the show and reportedly sent the actors champagne get this, grilled cheese. >> love it. >> not a refrigerator or a car like she used to have on her show. and i like that combo. champagne and grilled cheese. and speaking of those favorite things, the list is not over. we got a peek at the>> best goodies the 2015 with o
2:26 am
lady o's bff, gayle >> oh, my god, here comes another favorite thing. oh, my god! i love this. >> the favorite thing is a fking. rit thing, is it is either useful, very unusual, is fun and something that i feel like i iveuld love to have myself. >> the biggest one we've ever had which stands for ginormous. there is 87 items. al wo them personally selected by oprah. >> ginormous in size but not in price. this year oprah kept it affordable with just twol oftems over $500. >> the price range goes from a key chain which, you know, who is not a sucker for something with their initial on it. this i stands for oprah. $18, under $20. all the way up to the apple watch which can go up to $15,000 o depending on the brand that you choose. apple watch has a variety of prices.
2:27 am
and the price point. we are very aware of price points here. >> look at this. every single woman in here says she would love to get this gift. >> even a bks of nail polish can get lady o worked up like a kid on christmas morning but tucker a gal out. >> by the time it ended, oprah laying down on the table. there's a shot of that somewhere. >> a coat for your dog and elvis presley peanut butter and banana cake. >> the elvis cake. stupid good. >> and $10 fashionista barbies. >> hello, i love chocolate barbie. >> all these different colors. several different body types. several different skin tones. that's what i like about it. >> you can see all 87 items on o mag zen on stands november 10th. gail says this is all about giving something personal.
2:28 am
>> you send in a grup of your photos to this company. 25 pictures. they futput it all in a book for pup isn't it great? this is my favorite thing. >> oprah was surrounded by human tin soldiers. but when it comes to receiving gift she loves heart-felt letters from friend. >> it isn't the material, because it is the thought and feelings from the word of really heart expressions from people. that's my favorite all time great gift. >> oprah is still giving things away for the upcoming holiday season. 12 lucky o magazine readers will get every item featured in 2016. favorite things, is a samantha, that's 87 gifts. >> which one do you pick? >> i pick 69. i don't care which one. i know it'll be good. >> let's get to one of our favorite things.
2:29 am
guilty pleasure in you will. bravo's real housewives. ladies from the beverly hill franchise filming season six and that would include a season finale party thisst weekend. >> talking about chemile grammar and her health pabattle. >> i can't imagine what it would be like to hear the doctor say, you have cancer. what is that like? >> surreal. for that moment. take your breath away for a second. okay. aep and what do i do next? what do i need to do next? because i need to survive this for my children. >> diagnosed with stage 2 endmy tree yol cancer, 32-year-old hysterectomy. >> i've been in remission for two years. >> that's fantastic.
2:30 am
>> thank you. >> you mentioned that kelsey could have stepped up and maybe put your differences aside for the kids. how are you now? >> he won't talk to me. is very odd. close to six years and at this point, let by gones be by gones and do what we can to be the children. >> how do you co-parent? co-parent. i have to call an assistant or call his bookkeeper for ou call another assistant for him to call her to get back it me. it would be mazing if we could just tocommunicate. but he refuses to. >> "e.t." reached out to kelsey for comment because he was unavailable. as for chemile, she is focussing onelping others as this year's chair for the national race toant women's cans they're weekend in d.c. she told me she is still keeping in touch with the housewives. h >> there are reports that say kim richards will not be returning to the franchise.
2:31 am
do you know how she is doing? >> i reached out when all of this first happened. i left a message. that i was thinking about her and keeping her in my prayers. if she needed anything i'm here. >> one of the other housewives is going throu and l issuees as and teresa, in prison, so hard on the kids. any words of advice or encouragement? >> this too shall pass. >> as for hgh rea own status on the housewives. she said she was asked back to be a regular. so far she only says she is leaving theer door open. >> up next, in honor of our 35th year celebration, we look back and our coverage of wiggest celebrity weddings.>> i but a tiara. >> rosy and trump's i dos and marie osmond's firsted withing to
2:32 am
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whatere was another way to look at relapsing multiple sclerosis? this is tecfidera. tecfidera is not an injection. if th it's a pill for relapsing ms that has the power to cut relapses in half. imagin you could do with fewer relapses. tecfidera may cause serious side effects, such as allergic reacte what pml, which is a rare brain infection that usually leads to death or severe disability, and decreases in your white blood cells. the most common side effions, are flushing and stomach problems. tell your doctor about any low white blood cell counts, infections, any other medical conditions, or if you are prects or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. learn more about the most prescribed pill for relapsing ms in the us, at talk to your doctor about tecfidera, and take another look
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here are this week's top stiff five stories. >> i have a family crisis. >> rosy opens up about a daughter in crisis. >> you love rosy. >> i think love is a big word. >> the donald speaks out about the calls for "snl" to dump trump. >> some people are calling for boycotts this weekend that what's your reaction? >> that great. it will just drive ratings even higher. >> number three, bindi irwin six figure dancing salary. bindi stands it make $360,000 trophy. the bizarre twist, because she is a minor, a court needs it get paid. but a judge isheng that up because he needs proof her famous dad really pass aid way. >> number two, halle berry gez
2:36 am
out three nights holdi in in a refollowing her split from oliver martinez. no ring on her finger p. confirmation of blake again, 40 minutes before miranda hits the stage. radio station. >> we know you went public with >> we didn't. somebody did. but we didn't. that is crazy. who announces that. why would i do that. >> go to "e.t." for the latest p. >> destination or local? >> destination. >> why? >> because i want the people from colombia and south america to be able to and from europe, my friends to be able to make it to the wedding and los angeles is ver away for everything. >> there it is. you heard it straight from sophia, a destination wedding
2:37 am
downy far this month. at palm beach resort in florida. over 300 guest on the list. and rest assured by will be covering it like no one >> oh, you know we will be. and because over the years we have been there for plenty of celeb i do is. as we continue our 35th else.rsary celebration, here are the weddings we've covered that we'll always remember. we all want to remember princess annivewhy like this. a beautiful beaming pride.diane millions watched hered herred withing to prince charles. >> a train lik 25 feet long. her walk up the aisle was nearly 4 minutes. >> we all got swept upeh charles and di's son, william, wed kate middleton. but this time the audience wag
2:38 am
>> with the wit internet age, the audience topped anything else. running into billions. >> and once again the focus on the dress. >> everyone that worked on that dress today sign confidentiality agreement. >> and when hundreds of thousands gathered a the buckingham palace, "e.t." was right in the middle of it all. >> a there it is again. and the crowd is going crazy. there is it is again. all kind of tears and flags waiving. >> american royalty. kennedys marry in hollywood when maria shriver said i do to arnold. jfk junior and oprah was on the guest list. it was a media frenzy when the donald wed mar la maples at the plaza hotel. >> i think i was more ne than her. >> she was nervous.
2:39 am
>> the bride wearing a rvous$2 million harry winston tiara. >> i actually saw the tiara. i went to grab for it and nine people with oozies stopped me. >> about h 1,000 guests watched the trump i dos but that was intimate compared to marie osmond's wedding to steve craig. >> i think there was supposed to be like 5,000 people and there was 7,000 people and we ran out of sfood. >> the cake was like seven feet high. >> maria and steve divorced throw years later. but they remarried in 2011. she even wore the same gown. >> i did wear that dress again. wore that dress. >> no dress recycling for christine baumgartner, she
2:40 am
married kevin costener at his aspen ranch. he even covered the bash from a canoe. >> they will spend the day if the great outdoors. >> after the ceremony, the couple rode up to our cameras on their atv and she showed off that ring. >> once i turned the corner and i walked in on kevin, it was -- it was amazing. >> italian destination weddings have bec the "it "things. when tom and katie tied the knot and j.lo and marc anthony, [ shieldome her husband and will and jada all made the affair. >> will's got and to get to work. sew so we got to catch a plane. >> kim and kanye. but paris is where our carly steel covered every moment.
2:41 am
moment for you? the night before rehearsal dinner. incredible sunset and fireworks. >> and the star in the most fun amal. from the bride's stunning fashio star guest like matt damon and cindy and randy. we felt like we were there. >> i think the fact that they put on this four-day ln to wedding made it a celebration that everyone could get involved in and we could see them. they weren'tong hidden behind veils and brig umbrellas. >> wonderful. >> how did you know. >> you're worse than my mother. >> oh, to be a fly on the wall for that wedding. >> what is crazy, stories are still coming out. guest cindy crawford recently revealed that there was an after-party celebration at the hotel pool.
2:42 am
their gowns and tuxedos. cindy says emily blount was wearing ag borrowed dress. when was freaking out because when it got wet it shrunk like three sizes. >> a look back at t famous faces we lost over the years,
2:43 am
dann welcome back as we commemorate 35 years of covering entertainment news, we are reminded of loss of anna nicole smith in 2007 sent shock waves through our newsroom. it that was a small chapter in the ongoing theaga surrounding the star and her family. of course the birth of her only daut wsh dannie lynn, preceding the death of her son daniel, by tle s three days. >> unimaginable mour she had drug use until her death at 39. we were by her side at those difficult times and we are with the family she left behind. >> i look at her and she is my everything.ning. she remind me so much of her mom. as she gets older and her features are changing. just like a little miniature anna nicole running around. >> at nine years old, dannie
2:44 am
many wondered if she woulde damaged by anna's alcohol and drug use. she is an excellent b student and loves playing games with her dad, like star wars. >> could you have looked like me and that would be bad. >> tell me about it. >> what are your favorite colors? >> blue and purple. >> what are your favorite things to do? >> mine craft. >> what do you like to build in mine craft? >> cruise ships. >> where is your favorite place to go? >> the bahamas. >> throw days after dannie lynn was born, anna nicole's son, did notty dan died danny died from an everdose of drugs.>> what is the first thing you remember. >> daniel is dead. and when you talk about it, daniel's dead. >> dannie lynn was
2:45 am
anna's hope and we watched her grow. >> say mommy's love. say mommy's love. see how long she's gotten. like a model. >> mommy is right here. she used to rock you right here. >> we go back all the time. good to the grave. and we visit and i tell did notty lynn stories about her mom. i don't sugar coat it. there are things there that your mom did. make her learn. and my daughter likes to google already and i'm trying to keep her from it. >> from the day she was discovered as a playboy model, anna nicole was truly an "e.t." star. we spent countless hours with her, literally bec part of her life. >> like on cloud 9 and just waiting for someone to pop that
2:46 am
hotel.oming and if i'm broke or something, i have all this stuff stashed aw >> danny is the same way. she likes the ketchup packets. it must be hereditary. >> anna'say.eath in 2007 shocked the world. we covered it from the inside. >> i was the last journalist to interview her, ten days prior to her p d. we jumped on a plane and flew there. there was so much speculation about what she was on, she was slurring her speech. >>assing can tell you yes ways on drugs when my son died. of course i was. who wouldn't be. >> she obviously had demons she was dealing with. only way i she knew how. that why she is not with us any more. >> her funeral was spectacle. so was the paternity suit that followed as everyone wondered who was th aer.
2:47 am
we all know now, it's larry. >> what did she think of her mom? >> she loves her mom. i think she misses the fact that it is different for her. shee fathsn't have her mom. >> and y'all are going it make me cry. doe it's tough. >> today living a quiet life in kentucky, larry is devoted to making sure headlines aren't all dannie lynn has to remember of beloved mother. >> we were in the grocery store recently. we stopped in front of the check out stand and there was a picture of her mom on the cover and it said, annaher nicole smith was murder ped. dannie lynn needs to know the truth. she starts getting teary-eyed. what is this about. i today explain to her that she will see things when she grows up that aren't necessarily true. a great lady and a great mom and -- >> do you miss had >> yeah. >> larry is such a doting dad and dannie lynn has plenty of family around her in kentucky.
2:48 am
grand month. on the way, more stars we lost. robin williams widow shares her an wedding video and shares information about the suicide. >> pat is only telling us, but what led up to the death of bobbi kristina? and why she returned to the hotel room where whitney died. >> i went into the bathroom and i placed the flowers there. >> first, this weekend in the entertainment tonight birth dis now. which star appeared in the super bowl commercial with sister. is it jake gyllenhaal, moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except hismanaging my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried that medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira
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i'm still a doer. ask your doctor about lyrica today. lyrica, move forward with less fibromyalgia pain. good morning vietnam! >> it is hard it believe it has been more than a year since the world was shocked by the news that robin williams took his own life and his widow, susan, stayed mostly out of the spotlight. but now she opened up for the first time to amy and we spoke to amy this week about the news susan give and the tears she said. >> i screamed, robin, what did you do. >> was he spiralling out of control? >> what was spiralling out of control was this chase for the physical. for what happened. he was keep willing it together.
2:52 am
because he could. as best as he could. but the last months he could not. it was like the dam break. >> in never before seen home home movies, we see their 2011 wedding day. during their marriage, she was aware of his demons. >> we all new robin suffered from depression. he suffered from addiction. these are things he worked at each and everyday. but in that last month, things got so much worse. there was paranoia, anxiety. at a level that she had never seen before. the day robin's body was found, susan had gone to her work as >> a graphic designer thinking robin was still asleep. became concerned. >> she sent a text saying he is not up yet. what should i do? and i said, wake him. and then she called me back. >> what did she say?
2:53 am
that 20-minute car ride, i just screamed the whole way. robin -- >> did you see him? >> yes. i got to tell him, i forgive you with all my heart. you've the bravest i've ever known. >> before his death, robin was diagnosed with early onset parks. but doctors found a condition ma may have led to the tragedy. he suffered from a debilitating brain disorder called louis bodyinson' dementia. >> most people think he killed himself because he was depressed. >> no, louie body dementia called n. >> was he losing his mind? >> yes, absolutely. >> and he was awarerobi of it. >> stulill our hearts are with susan and robin's three kids. >> it's been three years since
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