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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 16, 2015 2:00am-3:00am EST

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it's not like that. yes, it is. just... do me one favor, garrett? i would never say "i told you so." thank you. go home and see your kids, detective. my old man get to you, too? what? no. come on, now. it's quitting time. richie duncan can't go home tonight. neither can i. burning yourself out is not gonna bring duncan back. now, come on and get some rest. this case will still be here in the morning. i don't need the vic to crack the case. i'll find something. what you got there? worker's statements from the bodega across the street. they were on the east side, nothing was blocking their view, so i'm looking for inconsistencies or holes. you find anything yet? i'm just getting started, but somebody must have seen something. you have a good night, boss.
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i knew him. richie duncan. worked with him at the 3-6. he was a good guy, great cop. but you keep something like that to yourself?
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or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. ask your doctor about tamiflu and attack the flu virus at its source. think your heartburn pill works fast? take the zantac it challenge! zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge. quilted northern works so well people can forget their bathroom experience. but sir froggy can never forget. "what's worse", he thinks... "that my arms can never relax or my eyes can never look away?" i already told the other detective. i was in my office in the back when i heard some horns honking, then yelling. i went out to see what was going on,
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and i saw the man standing over the delivery guy with the tire iron. but you didn't see a single blow thrown, huh? no, it was over. how about the video cameras? they catch anything? no. tapes automatically wipes out every 24 hours. uh-huh. well, it was 9:00 a.m. maybe it was the beginning of a 24-hour cycle. i don't know. the camera never works right. so the camera's broken? yes. okay. see, you got me a little confused now, because first you said the tape was wiped, now you're saying the camera was broken. which one was it? look, we don't have the tape. that's what matters, right? wrong. you know what i think? i think brasha might have gotten to you. uh, i don't know what you're talking about. no, i think you do. who's he? that's rey santiago. he's the manager. he runs the place, he opens the store, handles the delivery guy. so he would have been the guy to sign for the delivery from coogan on tuesday when he came? oh, yes, he's the one who signs. santiago, detective reagan.
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you, uh, tell me what happened, what you saw? danny: rey santiago was waiting on john coogan's delivery. saw the whole thing. he's willing to testify. won't hold up. danny: what do you mean, it won't hold up? eyewitness testimony? since when? if we're lucky enough to go to trial, the defense is going to argue that rey santiago would be willing to say anything we wanted to avoid deportation. his testimony will be tainted. even if it's true? you need more. you want to weigh in on this, dad? dinner's ready. so what's the deal with you two guys and jimmy wallace? it was like the hatfields and mccoys today at the gym. (laughs) danny fought jimmy in '06. yeah, while you were away at college. it was a hell of a fight. the dentist versus the cobbler-- tooth and nail. danny won by a... mm, a pretty close margin, and there was almost a riot in the crowd.
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the fight actually wasn't that close. well... hell of a fight. henry: and later on, we were all having a drink together, and one of the judges from the fight was sitting on a stool next to your father. and the wallaces-- jimmy's dad was an fdny captain-- he got it through his head that this was proof positive that francis had fixed the bout. (chuckles) it became a feud. linda: especially since danny wouldn't fight jimmy again the next year. well, why would i fight him again? i already beat the guy. oh, that's right. because you actually thought he beat me instead. what? well, it's supposed to be effective aggressiveness, danny. i just think he outboxed you fair and square. (laughter, groaning) erin: honesty is the key to a good marriage. well, don't worry. you'll love jamie's fighting style. i learned to fight in the marines, he learned himself at harvard. give me a break, danny. if you wanted to go to a better school, you should've paid attention to something other than shop class. keep it civil. that's okay. we're gonna need that kind of fire from him when he gets in the ring. true. what are you two guys going as for halloween, huh?
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spongebob. i'm not really dressing up anymore. jamie: no? i have personally carved out time to take both of them to some of new york's scariest neighborhoods. to trick-or-treat. (linda laughs) nicky, what are you going as? i am going as miss anxious college applicant. what's that costume? you're looking at it. erin: what do you have to be anxious about? you got into seven out of the ten schools you applied to. mom, i'm a reagan. something good happens, that just means something bad is right around the corner. (henry laughs) served me well. smart kid. of course i'm excited. i'm thrilled. i'm just worried about money. i don't want her graduating with a $100,000 debt. it's no way to start a life. and where is your ex-husband in all this? i have spoken to jack, and, of course, he's gonna do what he can, but he just bought a new home, and his money is vested in the new firm, and it's not liquid, and... i don't like the guy. okay, can we not get into that right now?
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i shouldn't have to remind you that everyone i know named reagan worked at college, helped pull their weight. i know, and nicky will, too, but it's ten times more expensive now, dad. i know that. i'm thinking about going into private practice. there are advantages, not just financial. with nicky leaving, it'd be a good opportunity for me to spread my wings, have new challenges. outside your old man's purview? actually, i go back and forth, putting that in the plus or minus column. look... i know money's an issue. if i can help, you only need to ask. i'm not. okay. i... (sighs) but please consider this. the brass ring in a career
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isn't the number of zeros on your paycheck. it's when you become indispensable. and you are. thank you, dad. i'm just not sure i have the luxury to think that way right now. nicky deserves the best... chance. a number of firms have tried to recruit me over the years, so i'm just taking a look at what's out there.
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so, you called them in here, didn't you? nope. you serve food, you get inspected. that's the law. cuchifritos look damn good, by the way. what about la migra, huh? they're investigating all of my workers. is that just a coincidence, too? i don't know. and you're gonna get me closed down, man. everything i own is right here in this place! maybe you help us find that video and, uh, we can put the brakes on this for you. you're a gangster, too, just like zoran brasha. same tactics. suit yourself. uh, mr. ortiz, i'm lieutenant carver. i want to assure you that protection can be provided around the clock. we can even relocate you and your family until after the trial is over. yeah, then after you get what you want, who is gonna protect me then?
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woman: this is a big tent firm, erin. yes, we handle hard-core crime cases, but we also have attorneys on everything from the keystone pipeline to defending the civil liberties of the guantanamo three. we also do incredible pro bono work with the innocence project. our offices are in new york, chicago, l.a., mexico city and london. you can not only choose your cases, but your location. it's a very unique shop. and despite what you may have heard,
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you sure i can't pour you a glass? tempting, but i am working today. we're not above getting you drunk, you know. (laughter) or stalking you, apparently. well, i'm glad you've been persistent. it's, um... it's a big move. we know. and we don't take it lightly. with your pedigree, we're prepared to bring you in at the partner level and compensate you accordingly. let me put you in the neighborhood. next sound you hear will be your jaw hitting the ground. wow. we don't want you to meet with anyone else. (phone vibrating) excuse me. i am working on a case. of course. woman: good news? man: not for the defendant. am i right? (laughter)
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your offer is overwhelming. can i have 24 hours to consider? been waiting for you this long; what's another day? thank you. thank you. (officers shouting) move, move, move! go! go! police! everybody on the ground! move! move it, move it! police! go! go!
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officer: clear! clear! clear! house is clear. what do you mean? what do you mean, the house is clear? supposed to be watching him around the clock. we were. we got units in front and in the back. reagan, i got something. danny: son of a bitch must have shimmied through. goes all the way through to another house. he must own both properties. teflon. damn it. i haven't been able to get in touch with mr. brasha either. my guess is he's left the country. your guess? you tipped him off that he was being arrested. you probably arranged for his travel. that's hindering prosecution-- a felony. i could have you...
2:18 am
hasn't this office been embarrassed enough? i didn't hear you deny it. i didn't come here to negotiate. i came to say good-bye. who knows-- could be another 15 years until we see each other again. take care, erin. the tape. you haven't seen it, have you? it's pretty interesting. there's no question of your client's guilt, tori. that's what happened. he's done it before, and if we leave him on the street, he's gonna do it again.
2:19 am
a good defense attorney gets their client off any way they can. i don't even think about it. (chuckles softly) you can't do the job any other way. that is the job, isn't it? all those victims. that blood is on you, too. you're a brilliant lawyer, tori, tough as nails. but isn't there a line somewhere? the name on brasha's new passport-- that's all i need. you know i can't give you that. no one will know. i'll know. and that's the best thing about it. for once, let's not make this a game. i want to make you an offer, and i'd like you
2:20 am
to take it seriously. okay. turn around and go back into your office and let me handle the press conference. look, i know this is tough on you. let me take some of the weight off. i'll take that as a no. but thank you, garrett. all right, then. the key phrases are: "in cooperation with," "joint effort," and "the good guys won." no, the good guys did not win, and i'm not gonna try and put lipstick on it. it is what it is. we did not close zoran brasha. "in cooperation with," "joint effort," and "the good guys won." (door opens) (reporters murmuring) morning. all: morning. zoran brasha was arrested without incident this morning by interpol agents at the tivat international airport in montenegro. he will be extradited to serbia,
2:21 am
where he will stand trial on racketeering charges. questions. commissioner! (reporters clamoring) helen. thank you. commissioner, how was mr. brasha able to avoid prosecution in new york again? do you feel your department failed? well, obviously, it's not the outcome we wanted, but zoran brasha has managed to avoid prosecution everywhere until now, and it was our intelligence that helped lead to his capture. commissioner! (reporters clamor) and i think... what's important to john coogan-- and his other victims and their families-- is that zoran brasha is now behind bars where he and his organization can no longer prey on anyone. and... whether those bars are
2:22 am
is ultimately immaterial. the good guys won. (reporters clamoring) (knocking) what's up? i've made my choice. i want to go to columbia. okay. why? it's a great school. it's my mom's alma mater. and my friend melissa got in, too, and her family has an apartment right off campus, so she says i can live with her, and that way you won't have to worry about paying for housing or a meal plan or anything. well, you're talking pretty fast there, kiddo. something else driving your decision? no.
2:23 am
just feels right. well, i want you to broaden your horizons-- including geographically-- and we discussed this, we agreed on this. you went to school in new york, and you did great. uh-huh. honest answer? mm-hmm. you didn't happen to overhear grandpa and i talking the other night after dinner? no. why? the money-saving angle to your decision. mom, i can look up what these schools cost and what you make in, like, two google seconds. i'm just trying to help. well, i appreciate that. but no decision needs to be made tonight, so why don't we both sleep on it? love you.
2:24 am
danny: all right, one more thing. jamie: that's five more things already. listen, use your opponent's momentum against him, all right? if he comes forward, don't go back, slip to the side. yeah, rico drilled me on that, too. i'm ready. all right, now i'll shut up. tonight, you got one job: make your family proud. rico. yeah, it's your trainer. so what? hey, rico. oh, hey, hey, champ. dude, you ready to fight? yeah. yeah? yeah? yeah, i'm ready, but so are you. uh, what-what are you talking about? that's a late '70s triumph you just rode in on, right? so? so shifting that thing's like lifting a refrigerator with your right foot. you're all healed up. since when? it just healed, like, you know, quicker than i thought. yeah, so why'd you keep training me, then? reagans got a legacy in this event that goes back years, right? yeah. i didn't want to be that guy, you know, that-that breaks it up when it gets another chance.
2:25 am
no, man. come on. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. what? look, you're ready to fight. yeah, but so's he. this is supposed to be his night, danny. he got picked for it months ago, he trained for it, he counted on it. yeah, and then he hurt his ankle and he couldn't fight. yeah, but now he can. and reagans got another legacy goes back a lot longer than this fight, which is giving each man his due. so are you ready to box? uh... i guess. yeah? well, you ready to fight? hell, yeah. yeah? hell, yeah. hell, yeah. all right, then, listen, go suit up, all right? me and my brother are gonna work your corner, right, danny? for real? hey, you know, we're the fighting finest. see that? i'm gonna take it off, and i'm gonna win this. all right? (whoops) yeah! yeah. hepramily oud, all right. the bleeding heart, pay it forward, peace, love and happiness side of the family--
2:26 am
they're real proud of you. oh, so not your side. well, my side makes your side possible. (laughs): you're such a jerk. you did good, kid. come on. let's go help him win this. captioning sponsored by cbs and toyota.
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i'm the same age as entertainment tonight? oh, my god. >> we are celebrating our 35th birthday here at "e.t." with the stars celebrating their 35th. that's what's coming up right now -- >> on entertainment tonight. >> wait, entertainment tonight was born in 1981? is that true? >> it is true. "e.t." was there growing up with stars turning 35. >> i'm 35 years old.
2:28 am
we literally are babies. >> from the 70s show to veronica mars. >> i was chewing gum. that's unacceptable. >> the kids we knew way before they made it. >> our memoriesh them. >> we met you when you were 2 years old. >> i can't believe that. >> their memories of us. >> the great juicy stuff, man. entertainment tonight. wit >> the hunk, then and now. >> i just want to still be on entertainment tonight. >> strong bonds. comedians, child stars. >> and john rit are's look alike son remembers his father. >> we laughed and laughed laughed. >> and "e.t.'s" 35 at 35. >> we are so young.and >> now in our 35th season, this is entertainment tonight. >> thanks for joining us everyone. welcome to entertainment toni
2:29 am
all week long we have been celebrating with the stars for celebrating their 35th. >> that is amazingght. just how many big celebrities are 35 or about to turn. we have counted at least 35 of them and that includes these ladies who are kicking off our special this weekend. the strong and powerful we've known since the beginning. >> and "e. 35th anniversary. >> i'm 35 years old. >> to prepare we have a clip of your first ever interview. >> oh, my lord. oh, my t.'s"osh. >> all living la veeda loco. >> i think that's living the life or living the party or something. i'mg living it. >> jessica simpson was 19, just hitting number one on the billboards for the first time. >> i'm number one? what? so surr and i'm so busy that sometimes you don't have time to appreciate it. >> and while she may have been a bit naive back in the day, jessica is now a mother of two
2:30 am
andeal.rebranded herself as a savvy businesswoman worth estimated $1 billion. we caught up with her and hot hubby eric johnson celebrating their tenth anniversary of her jessica simpson collection. >> any more plans it extend your family? ? as that would freak me out a le bit. >> meanwhile, motherhood is behind jessica alba's million dollar brand. when she is not raising litt 77-year-old honor and 4-year-old she is pushing safe baby products with her honest company. but even at age 19 jessica had a strong sense of self. >> i'm not sitting here trying to be a movie star or trying to stick my nose in the air and all about the limb yoes and caviar. that's not me. >> we first met her on the set of "dark angels" where weatherly soon became her fiance. he moved on to "ncis"."
2:31 am
meanwhile, kim kardashian, and she an husband, kanye, are expecting a son in december but kim kept a low profile. >> you never knew hollywood would be this easy, did you? two years later at age 12. he managed it find her voice. >> my name is kim skardashian. did everyone get a tape of this? i hope so so you can see me when i'm famous. >> can you believe i said that? the things i said, i have no . >> now at 35 kim is prepping for baby number two. while single rolland is prepping for baby one last year. >> how do you see your life changing now? idea >> i try to wake up earlier because i like watching his face in the morning. because he up smiling. >> former member of destiny's child is showing off her own child, titan, with husband and
2:32 am
>> i actually wish i would have had him sooner. >> do you? ? i do. i do. it's jus so much joy. i just feel so bliss. >> but back in t when we visited destiny's child music video shoot babies were the last thing on kelly, beyonce or initial's mind.2000 >> we are so blessed. wonderful year. and this tops it all off. >> and "e.t." video, that is a dream. >> dream jobs don't look any better than the 20 years spent on the runway. in 2 thu 5, "e.t." isn the beaches of the bahamas with the hardworking brazilian beauty. >> two years later, she was spreading her wings at o victoria secret fashion show. >> i've just been working the last -- >> the 35-year-old super model retired this year with tears in
2:33 am
the highest paid model of 2014 with $47 million. this week tom brady's life could have taken a different turn when she met the star quarterback in 2007. >> so you fell in love mrs. with tom then find out his former girlfriend is pregnant. >> challenging. because i'm thinking everything is great and then this happens. it was kind of one of those moments of like, do we just run away or -- and i think you know, now eight years later i couldn't asked for a sweeter bonus child. >> tom telling "e.t." gizelle may have retired but if she go have full-time mom that's a lot tougher than playing pro football. >> tough job. a lot of work. when i'm home with the kids, it ises exhausting. i can't wait to get back it work. oh, my god, i need a break. so going back to the place where people actually listen to me and
2:34 am
doesn't listen to a word i said. i have to g back to tell the 300-pounders what to do and they listen. >> there are the new ones, including chelsea clinton and o dechanel. alicia keys has two kids. and michelle williams, daughter with keith ledger, 10 years old. >> strong mom here, about 35, zoe right? >> oh, yeah. i'll go with that. >> and christina aguilera, bringing 35 next month. and showingwood how growing up in the spotlight at the best. >> my first video, like oh, holly my gosh. i was like such an excitement in the air. >> celebrating christina's 35th barely, not until next month but we've been with letter since the begiof her music career. on the set of her first music video in 1999.
2:35 am
i was like a puppy excited about everything. i remember it was h -- literally very cold. we're here on the beach and scantily clad, so it is a bit chilly. >> so today christina is busy pretaping the voice and she team had up with verizon and hope line to bring awareness to domestic abuse. >> i've been very open and vocal with my own experience with domestic violence. and so by purchasing a prepaid bundle at wal-mart, you can help so many causes with verizon. >> now another strong mom who by the way made a major impact in the entertainment industry, kristin bell. i love this reaction. the very first time on "e.t.." >> just look at it. we will tape back. >> kristin was 22 in 2003. "e.t." in our 22nd season. back then still searching for her carpet style. >> i like a slice of everything
2:36 am
i wear with a little bit of vintage. i think it adds something that no one else has. >> i was chewing that's unacceptable. i'm so em bir asembarrassed. that's the worsed haicut. >> she showed us a few different hair styles over the years and we were onset as she had her break out roler private eye "veronica mars." >> she is fighting for the underdog. doesn't take no for an answer. i realized, my god, she's so on cool. >> for the first time in forever, i finally understand >> she melted our hearts as anna in "frozen" which made $1.3 billion. she said she identifies with sisterly love. >> i'm excited to be this particular princess. >> after datdaks shepherd for six years she married in 2013. >> our relationship wasn't perfect from the moment we met. weing had a couple years of fighting and growing pains and
2:37 am
of hating each other and loving each other and then going to couple's therapy. and we worked it out. we really worked it out. but we earned each other. >> i love that. it is is really real. >> and you know,the one thing that i wish girls knew, it's never go tock perfect. so get over it. and just to make it great. it's never going to be perfect. on to the next thing. >> as parents of two little girls, the two took a stand of try aggressive paparazzi photos of all celebrity children. they chose "e.t." it launch their no kids policy which we support. >> i don't want strange men violating my child for money. >> how much of a change is leading the charge? >> personally i've seen big change because we can go anywhere and we're not bothered. >> heros for standing up, both of their careers are soaring. she is a filming season five of
2:38 am
house of lies and dax is directing her in the movie version of chips. >> i trust him with my life, my ka rer, my children. he wrote this role on chips for entire movie. i just said, all right. >> my girlfriend and i say, if you find the love that feels like '90s r and b -- >> he is my cd -- yes. >> and kristin has a lot of company as we celebrate 35 at 35. up next, three stars from the bi one, two, three, four can i have a little more? five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten i love you sail the ship chop the tree skip the rope look at me all together now vo: everything for entertaining everyone.
2:39 am
i accept i'm not 22. i accept i'm not the rower i used to be. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept is getting out there with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i will. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. that really ered to me. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis imatthave an artificial heart valve
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while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop.f you seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i accept i don't have to set records. but i'm still going for my personal best. r eliquis. reduced risk of stroke plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. and fo big bang therapy isn't just cbs's number one comedy, it is also home to three stars who are 35 or will be before the end of the season. >> and kevin frazier talking to simon and melissa, all about it. facing comedy at 35. >> season 9.
2:41 am
how does it feel? >> that's nine years, right? i think. >> you see, they are geniuses. >> when we first spoke to the cast in 2007, simon had to complain the premise. >> mainlyentering around these two guys. but there is me and another guy and we are geeky brilliant physicist nerds. >> and caction! >> you know, everybody turns 35. >> everybody -- >> well -- >> "e.t." turns 35 this year. >> oh really? >> oh, invite them to my birthday party. >> show me the dance. >> from geek to freak. >> i think i'm the freak. >> yeah. >> yeah >> am i the geek?
2:42 am
set of the cult classic freaks and geeks. his people are representative of complete people who are valid. >> flash forward to 2005. we found jason and his how i met your mother >>es tco-star allison celebrating in an "e.t." photo booth after finding out they had been picked up for season two. now at 35, establishing themselves as hollywood's bromance. i love you, man. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> just tin timberlake in "bad teacher." >> bromanced it up. >> and most recently with the heart, the wedding maker. >> don't do that. don't grab my hand. don't do that. >> when we met josh in 2007 on the set of back to you he was in the process f planning his own wedding. >> oh, look, you're invited to my wedding. congratulations. it's going to be fun. >> josh starred in the book o of
2:43 am
as frozen and dating true celebrity street cred. >> h i'm olaf, and i like warm hugs. >> to get the play comic relief in a disney film, doesn't get much better than that. bucket list,i,. for sure. >> now josh isn't check just a comedian, sea frequent contributor to usa today. and "the huffington post." >> all right, more puns. i will leave the comedy to the professionals. now to drama. laura is amazing as alex in theno netflix serieserries orange is the new black. and her girlfriend donna on that 70s show, we were w laura back in those days and we're with her today. looking way back. >> you're 35. "e.t." is ith35. >> yeah. >> what do you remember most
2:44 am
>> when you first do interviews like this, this is when you feel oh, my god. and you're like just like, i don't really work on -- this is cool. >> do you remember the day? >> that is crazy. >> this doesn't go to your head. >> i think so over it and just whatever. >> oh, my god. we literally are babies. look at me. so cute. >> and we literally, and how am i so relaxed. >> and the cut throat, do not give up, because there are so many things against it. >> we are so young. >> and oh, please, there is no way i'll make it.
2:45 am
>> i'm so like, been there done that. honestly, younger me, had some good advice because it really is like can't give up. >> 17 years after the first baby the pear uns, laura is still going strong with her role on orange is the new black. and publishing her first cook book. >> really how lucky you are. >> and like that's like i don't have a feeling of like i made it. i have feelings like that where i'm like this is incredible. this is my job. >> how cute is she. and laura says she's had experience in the kitchen not only with her mom, a chef. she worked in the restaurant indu ike many actors. >> and you know, somehow -- >> you did. >> many of the co-stars from that '70s showstry l as well. ashton kutcher. >> and you didn't wait tables either. i no he that about didyou. and nick carter a hit on "dancing with the stars."
2:46 am
>> i just like being noticed. >> i always remember thinking, i'm always second best. there's a little chip on my shoulder. >> n'sync hotty justin timberlake and mickey house co-star ryan gosling. looking back with eye catching stars. >> my mother used to call every kid that used to beat me this morning, people on medicaid who might otherwise be struggling to care for themselves won't have to. because homefirst, a product of elderplan, is there... helping them with bathing, dressing and meals so they can remain safely at home. homefirst, a product of elderplan continuing the work of the four brooklyn ladies caring in so many ways. call 1-866-386-4180
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>> he was hot enough to be offered the christian gray role in 50 shades of gray, but charlie bowed out of that project instead focussing his career after sons of anarchy on action add ventureventure moveries. we have been following hunks on the rise in 35.
2:48 am
and before that, a mickey mouse clubhouse heart-throb. "e.t." interview. >> we saw the opportunity and we're taking it. >> 1998, rehearsing with n'sync for the miss teen usa pageant. >> all these women. >> we watched justin break away from n'sync starting a grammy-winning solo career. and all those women, well -- >> couldn't be more proud. >> from his first love, britney, to his last, wife jessica biel, we think there's nothing hunkier than a devoted lover. >> first iant to thank my beautiful, loving, and incredibly understanding of her husband's short cummings wife, jessica. w baby, i love you more than i can put into words or more than any song i could ever write. >> now from a romantic husband
2:49 am
and father to one who is oh, so single. >> i consider myself very romantic guy. >> chris evans is superhero hotty as captain america and recently before we good as leading man. >> hard to believe this guy is single. "e.t.'s" first time with chris is when he was just 20 years old. >> that's a strike in my . >> you remember your first time on "e.t."? >> am i at a bowling alley? >> yes. >> am i at a bowling alley? >> yes. >> ibook out with the jocks. doesn't mean i necessarily was one. >> seeing him now, sexy, shirtless and one of "e.t.'s" soon to be 35 hunghunks. >> my parents must have something to do with it. they must be making phone calls. >> seriously? like you're photo shopped. >> another hotty, ryan go told us on his first "e.t." interview that one of his parents made a few calls as he was starting out. >> my mother called every kid
2:50 am
that used tosling, me up. she is like, remember when i used to beat him up and he is hercules now and you can shut up. >> mickey mouse club alum beat with justin and britney and before he became a sex symbol and romantic lead in "the notebook", he was hitting on ouralong reporter. >> do you want to go out? come on, listen, i don't know why we got play this game. let's just get married. you want to? kid. >> but ava mendez was after his heard and just listen to ryan gush about their 14-month-old daughter. >> best thing that ever happened to me for sure. that's an understatement. she's an angel. >> i have been calling beat daily trying to get pli self on the cover. >> chris pine jokes about becoming a heart-throb in his first "e.t." interview. >> yes. tiger first. so excited. i'm so blessed not to be working at a restaurant or otherwise
2:51 am
trying to sell myself. >> i always killed it in the looks department but there is nothing sexier than an action star. chris told us he does of his own stunts but who knew he could sing. >> hemost always stung and enjoyed singing on my own in the card and you know, and in the shower. >> it is gyllahall. >> jake jill an hall made sure we knew how to pronounce his name. and he has never disappointed. >> i've never been in such good shape. pu myself physically and the mentally and it feels like pretty fantastic being if great slap. >> almost 35. jakeshing looks amazing. the star tells "e.t." he trained hard for the roles.
2:52 am
>> it is all about being able to do everything that was asked of me. so i just got into the best shape i could. >> very good. >> not a bad climate to check out all those guys. and i'm not about to leave out two other eye-catching guys. josh groban, set to turn 35 in february. and mr. adam brodie, a year ahead of josh, he will 36 next month. >> oh, to be 35 again. all right, remember, timberlake, and new another boy bebander, nick carter, killing it on "dancing with the stars." but i reminded nick about extra. >> >> and my name is nick carter. i'm from naples, florida. >> that's before i met them on back street. oh, my god. >> i just like --
2:53 am
i want it that away >> i always remember thinking i was always second best. it funny like this whole "dancing with the stars" show, you know, it is like, coming down to the wire. and there is that little chip on my shoulder. you know. still from that. and i's think it would be nice to get first place. >> at just 35 years old, nick is the ultimate highs and lows. dui, bar brawl, battles with cocaine. this is nick now. sober,ature and reflecting. >> i think on your show, 35 years old, i'm 35. the progression like how it started and where it comes to m now. >> that's the wake-up call. where you realize you needed to make a change. >> your physical appearance. >> when you look in the mirror. andou're doing things and you're seeing that you don't look healthy. i was gaining weight at the time. the color in your face is began.
2:54 am
and said to myself, i don't want to be that person that you turn on the television and they'res saying, oh, we feel really bad because, he died. >> also helping nick turn his life around, his wife lauren. the two are expecting their own baby backstreet boy next spring. >> what was it about your wife that made you realize she's the one? >> she is a woman who wasn't afraid to tell me, like, no. she is like my shield. and i'm her shield, advice verse why. >> the other backstreet boys are parent and have kids. were they giving you advice? >> i was the odd man out for years on tour with these guys. we w call it daddy day care. the buses would be full of diapers and bottles. so now i guess i'm kind of a part of it.ould they always say, there is in sleep. i'm like, okay. >> you have to choose one for a baby-sitter, who would you choose? >> they are all good. i can't l one of them out. they are all very responsible.
2:55 am
>> all right.
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