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tv   The Mc Laughlin Group  CBS  November 22, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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right now a developing story in new jersey. water woes in hobo. hours. good evening. i'm cindy.
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water service is slowly returning to people. a water main break flooded busy intersections forcing some people to use kayaks. steve lank ford has been following this story all day long and joins us live with more. steve? >> reporter: the mile square city, a foot or two deep in water in this area. a water main break making a real mess of things. water pressure just getting back to normal across hoboken for hours flooding several blocks and stopping water service throughout the city. >> a 24-inch value at 8:30 this morning. >> a few residents had to be rescued. the emergency truck sunk at the site. they were quickly ushered to dry ground safely.
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been a lazy sunday proved challenging as residents hauled home cases of water but couldn't do anything about basic necessities of life. >> can't shower. there's not a lot of food options open in hoboken either. >> many bars and restaurants were closed. >> sunday brunch is a big deal especially with football. the fact we're closed is pretty bad. >> the city mobilized, trucks full of fresh water for residents, some who maintained a sense of humor. >> no bathrooms, no showers. >> we've got the hudson river. >> on what's usually busy washington street, the challenge of serving a thirsty crowd met by some never-say-day bar owner who is scrambled or toe port
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>> a boil advisory in place until tuesday. the break won't be fixed until tomorrow. today new york city took another step to prepare for a possible terrorist attack with hundreds of emergency responders taking part in a mock drill. the terror threat in paris still at the highest level. matt is live with more on the terror fears. >> reporter: police stress there's no specific threat to new york city, but they're not taking any chances. security has been increased at targets like this station and police are going through special terrorism training to get ready. >> with weapons drawn, nypd officers stormed the abandoned subway station as part of active shooter and counter terrorism training. >> these exercises are vitally
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of all that's going on in the world. >> bill bratton and the mayor watched an exercise. >> we introduced at last minute one of the individuals, a shooter with a suicide vest. >> security has been heightened across the city, especially at crowded areas and landmarks on thanksgiving, thousands of officers will line the parade route >> terrorism cannot prevail if people continue to be terrorized terrorized. >> police officers patrolled the city. subways remained closed closed and many activities and events have been cancelled as people are urged to stay home. i shall ifs believe the suspected attacker may still be in belgium's capital city. in turkey, three suspected terrorist suspects were
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president obama took a harsher tone against isis. they're killers with good social media. the most powerful stool we have -- tool to fight isis is say we're not afraid. >> the president says the world will not accept terrorist attacks as the new northrop. >> we'll cut financing, hunt down leadership. we will dismantle their networks and their supply lines, and we'll ultimately destroy them. >> reporter: the president stress had the he will veto any bill that blocks syrian refugees from entering the country. such legislation was approved by the house early they are week. that bill now goes to the senate. reporting live from penn station, cbs 2 news. >> matt, thank you. right now doors are open and fans are packing phillips arena for the wwe survivors matchup. this comes a day after the group
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anonymous claimed the event was a possible target for an isis attack plot. the fbi found in threat against the arena. fans said they weren't going to let the square stop them. >> really concerning. >> wwe fans are going to turn out. law enforcement is good at what they do and going to protect us. >> the agency is taking the threat serious economy amped up security for tonight's event. new tonight, recovery efforts called off due to the sun setting for a man that disappeared when his canoe new jersey. this video of search crews was posted to facebook by a resident. police received 911 calls around 3:00 a.m. for people in one person was taken to the hospital where he was released. the identities of the two have not been released. in campaign 2016, donald
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comments he made about 9 /11 and new jersey. the muslim database plan in birmingham, alabama, he said this. >> watched when the world trade center came tumbling down. i watched in jersey city, new jersey where thousands and thousands of people were cheering. something is going on. we've got to find out what it is. i do want surveillance. >> jersey city mayor released a statement reading, no one in jersey city cheered on september 11th. trump needs to understand jersey city will not be part of his hate campaign. today muslim and jewish leaders banding together in solidarity to give a message to new yorkers saying we quote, refuse to be enemies. dozens gathered for the food packing event to help the hungry and homeless. organizers say the event was
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aimed to strength opinion ties for people of all religions for the good of the community amid increasing expressions of bigotry after the terror attacks in paris. two flights diverted the same day including one that took off from new york. what investigators say caused the travel headaches. also ahead, a consume area alert for travelers. how some are getting ripped off at the toll booth. see this beautiful sunset? a picture perfect setting to wrap up the weekend. >> it felt good out there. we have a huge temperature drop. we'll tell you about that and give a look at thanksgiving police need pressure on jets -- they need pressure on the jets.
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. new at 6:30, a flight was diverted to canada because of a bomb threat. authorities received the bomb threat before 11:00 00 last night. 256 were on board. bomb sniffing dogs searched the plane and luggage. no explosive device was town. morning. a flight was diverted to kansas city because of an unruly passenger. cell phone video shows the police boarding the flight. searched. passengers were allowed back on an hour later. no one was charged and no information was released on why the flight crew thought the passengers were unruly. they can't get on a plane
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but can legally buy a gun. stop. >> we have to empower the department of justices to prevent anyone on a terrorist watch list from being able to purchase guns and explosives that can be used to harm america or allies. currently, 2,000 people on the no fly list have legally purchased guns or explosives. a measure to block the sales has congress. schumer blames the nra for past. a warning for holiday shoppers on long island. police arrested four women at a holiday craft fair accused of selling counter fit merchandise. officers with r -- officers were called to the fair. they found the women ranging in ages from 31 to 68 allegedly selling the fake products up next, we have the important thanksgiving week forecast.
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an important alert for drivers that wish to rent a car for thanksgiving holidays. excessive fees are to use easy pass, three times more than what owners pay. fees can top $85 for a four day trip from brooklyn up state new york. he says it's a louisiana situation for the driver. pay the excessive fee or sit in pollution causing cash lines.
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task they have no choice but to use. that's where the unfairness comes from. you almost have to have the easy pass so they can basically charge fees. >> he wants the consumer to know about the fees before they rent the car. get ready to pay more for your thanksgiving dinner the average meal has jumped 3%. turkey prices are up 12-cents on average. a 16-pound turkey cost $52.32. officials say the rise is likely due to decline in production linked to bird flu. holiday cheer for hundreds of family members who lost loved ones in the september 11th terror attacks the uniformed firefighters association, widows and children's holiday party was held at toys r us this morning. santa claus arrived in style. the track delivered donated toys
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and games to children. it's been held the last 14 years and made a lasting impression. >> this is a very special event for us. many of the members that were young children 14 years ago have grown up and many have become firefighters. >> kids got to pose for pictures with santa and received gift bags. did you see the sunset tonight? it was spectacular. media. young said simply stunning. it was as beautiful on the east as it was on the west. gorgeous sunset over the river. jersey. we have your cbs 2 forecast. gorgeous sunsets. temperatures are dropping. get ready. things have been mild and will be mild again. we also have a temperature drop to deal with. let's check our weather watchers
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and see numbers around the tri-state area this evening. we've got lots of mid and upper 40 degrees temperatures. so let's start with david. david says it's 49 degrees where he is. that's the warmest temperature we're seeing now. temperatures tightly clustered together this is thomas. thomas is in pearl river. he says 45 degrees. he says a cool night in rock land county. this cool night is about to get down right cold. taking a live look now. things look good. beautiful day. started with rain we had clearing skies. we still have clearing skies. winds out of the north northwest at 9 miles per hour. take a look at highs around the area today. warmer than yesterday. 58 the reported high today. jfk 56, 55 bridge port, central part, newark. all 55 degrees today. that's above average for this time of year.
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we hit it earlier in the day and had the opportunity to enjoy it. look what happens. we go from 55 today to 444 degrees for a high monday. still in the 40s tuesday. a cold start to the workweek. satellite radar showing cloud cover, little bit of rain. we watch that move across we're looking at cloud cover. we have the clears skies. low is offshores. circulation around the area of high pressure gives a bitter blast tonight as temperatures fall. tomorrow it's going to be a cold day. coldest of the season yet. tons of brilliant sunshine. it's going to be cold. tuesday not quite as bad. still below where we should be. good news is we do warm up for thanksgiving. tonight clear and 33 cold in the suburbs. tomorrow, sunny skies 44 degrees. with the winds, it will feel
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i mentioned a warm hype -- warm-up. 58 degrees. here's a look at your thanksgiving. sunshine 52, warmer for thanksgiving. the day after in case you need to do shopping. >> we're going to do it online. >> sounds good though. >> thank you. coming up in sports, the jets season heads downhill. steve breaks down what went wrong in another jet's loss. stay with us.
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of rough day for jets. steve is here with sports updates. >> i hold out every week that this team will put it together. we should expect. >> this team went four and one with this dominating defense. or the team we see now. it's gone one and four since the once promising season turned into a discouraging one. the defense couldn't get the houston offense off the field. mind you, this was a texans offense led by tj yates a guy three weeks ago wasn't in the nfl. that was revis getting burned by hopkins who ended up with two
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jets defense looked tired, unprepared and undisciplined against the trick plays. jets had nine da is -- nine days to prepare. brandon marshal had a pair of big drops in this one. deven smith had a perfectly thrown ball he dropped that would have been a touchdown. >> jj was the raining player of the year. he took over. best in the nfl. given up the fewest sacks. five tackles for loss. with all that, jets still had a chance. nobody questions the toughness of ryan fitzpatrick. forget about sliding. he's going head first. that's going to bring the jets to within a touchdown. the fits magic runs out on the final drive. his 119 -- 11th interception of the season. jets have lost four of last five
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>> it's not about over or underachieving. it's doing your job and understanding what you have to do. past couple weeks we haven't done it whether one person here or there, one assignment here or there, what ever the case is. that falls on me, and i'll correct that. >> we don't like losing. especially the fashion which we came out and started slow. you know, i throw interception at the end of the game. nobody feels good about that. >> jets are five and five. still in the middle of the wildcard hunt. this is not a lost season. in past ten day, probability of going to playoffs has gone from 70% to 46%. they'd love to see the dolphins lose to help their cause. tony romo helped them out. first game in two months, showing no signs of the shoulder injury that sidelined him since week two. two interceptions, 16-yard
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strike to bryant in the fourth, breaks the 14th all time. the w snaps a seven game losing streak for dallas. new yorkers haven't rallied around a knicks player like this since lynn. bright now the rookie sensation continues to put on a show. 24 points, 14 boards, seven blocks. when the gamwas on the line, he was at his best. he hit a pair of clutch free throws to seal the win over the rockets. first win in houston in 11 years. >> that's the thing with every game, every season is. i've got to get better and be more consistent to help the team every game. >> he was very active on the defensive end rebounding he played the total game the clemson tigers are
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what happened off the field is getting noticed. when getting introduced daniel ran straight to someone special, gives her a big hug, gets down on his knee and says i've got a ring for you. >> by the way, her name is morgan. she did say yes. >> all right. which made the game so much better. >> that's great. thank you. that does it for cbs 2 news at 6:30. for the entire team, thanks for joining us. we're back tonight at 11:00.
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