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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  November 29, 2015 7:00am-8:00am EST

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bye-bye. tragedy on new jersey's interstate 287. 16 people rushed to the hospital after a deadly accident. three people killed as well as several cows transported on the back of a trailer. >> shots. -- . >> moments from an attack on planned parenthood and the comments from the alleged gunmen that could be a clue to the motive. >> and you're going to be a -- need the jacket again. a 10 degrees cooldown awaits you as you start the day today. cbs 2 sunday morning starts now. good morning.
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7:00 a.m. on this sunday, november 29th. and i'm diane macedo. >> i'm andrea grymes. first, vanessa murdock is here with a look at the forecast the second half of the weekend. >> and some rain making its way from north to south and temperatures are dropping. we have temperatures in -- 20 plus degrees cooler than it was yesterday at this point-- in time. and it's a different ballgame. and we i see breaks in the clouds. the skies are beginning to clear from north to south as well and temperatures in the 30s and 40s, translating to this difference the past 24 hours. in liberty, 23 degrees cooler than yesterday. the temperatures there in the 20s. new york city right now, 16 degrees cooler than yesterday. it's 39 degrees. and in isip, 11 degrees cooler than yesterday morning. the big changes overnight as you watch on the vortex satellite and radar picture.
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the north of the city for places like sullivan and dutches cow counties, the cloud says are clearing from -- clouds are clearing from north to south and we have patchy black ice possible, especially west of the sea where temperatures are getting closer to that freezing mark this morning. hour-by-hour, what can you expect from today's forecast? 9:00 a.m., 43 degrees and still mostly cloudy out there, feeling like 38. by noon, 47 and mostly sunny. it feels like 44. three:00 this afternoon, 50 and mostly sunny, feels like 47. i do want to say this. the showers are possible to the south of the city until roughly noon and that would be for ocean county. you will be the last one to get showers late today. otherwise, skies are clearing and temperatures are cooling today. most of us in the 40s and low 50s. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, police have finally -- [ indiscernible ] part of interstate 287 in new jersey after a deadly crash. three people were killed last
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car and a pickup truck with the tractor-trailer or trailer collided. 16 others were taken to area hospitals and some with serious injuries. police say a number of cattle from that tractor-trailer were thrown across the roadway. several of them did not survive. the cause of the crash is you should investigation. and we're learning -- is we're learning about a possible motive in a deadly shooting at a colorado planned parenthood clinic. >> the suspected gunman said, quote, no more baby parts after his arrest. and matt kozar reports. >> i have been shot! [ indiscernible ] >> i a plea for help from a police officer at the planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. officials say the suspected gunman, 57-year-old robert dear, moved calmly and methodically as he shot and
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colorado springs mayor john suthers said police monitored his movement through security cameras inside planned parenthood. >> they were able to trace his movements and inform the officers and s.w.a.t. team about those movements. >> reporter: he reportedly sat down in a chair when he realized he was cornered and yelled out he was surrendering. surveillance video at a nearby complex shows officers with body shields moving patrons to safety. this man was sitting out front in his car when dear walked up to his window and shot through the glass. >> and i saw myself in the mirror. it was like my god, he was aiming for my head. >> reporter: investigators are combing through dear's trailer for clues and he lived in this rural area 60 miles west of colorado springs. over the years, he's lived in remote trailers and cabins in the carolinas. neighbors describe him as reclusive. so far, the only shooting
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victim who has been identified officer garrett swayse. he was on duty friday at the university of colorado where he worked when he heard the calls of shots fired. he rushed to the scene. a pastor at swayse's church was there when his wife rachael told her two young children their dad had died. >> the cries and the sobs of her children learning that their daddy was never returning is something that will probably be etched in my mind the rest of my life. >> reporter: before becoming a police officer, he was a figure skater who competed in the 1995 national championships. and he won a junior national title in 19no. former u.s. national champion nancy kerrigan said they skated together as kids. >> fun, funny, a try friend. just very loyal and loving, caring person. >> reporter: sources say the
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suspected gunman is no stranger to the law and court records show a restraining order and allegation of domestic violence. he's due back in court tomorrow. >> and president obama is wave waving in on the shooting and asking for congress to make stiffer gun control and said the last things people should do over the holidays or any day is cold front people killed by gun violence. and people have no business wielding them. period, enough is enough and in our area, the nypd stepped up patrols at clinics and the governor announced that new security measures will be implemented at all planned parenthood facilities across the state. abortion rights activists rallied in union square and chanted abortion is not murder. about 3 dozen people took part in the rally. the fire department will
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hand out smoke alarms near the scene of a fire that killed a couple in brooklyn. huge flames engulfed the home in east flatbush early yesterday morning. the firefighters found the bodies of 76-year-old lord kanard and his 71-year-old wife octavia in an upstairs bedroom. the neighbors helped rescue their daughter. the 19-year-old son also jumped out of a window to escape. the power strip started the fire and the home did not have smoke alarms. and people a fire destroyed a house in new jersey. the flames broke out around 7:30 last night inside the home on belmont avenue in bellville. the witnesses report seeing heavy flames and smoke coming out of the upper floors. it took firefighters 2 1/2 hours to put the fire out. so far no word on injuries or how the fire started. the nypd said an accused rapist is off of the streets. police say 28-year-old paul niles turned himself in and is now under arrest. investigators said that niles raped a woman who was jogging wednesday night near the east
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now, police say another woman has come forward claiming niles groped her earlier that day. niles faces rape and robbery charges. aviation officials in london are investigating what caused the windshield on a boeing 767 to crack forcing an emergency landing. american airlines flight 199 was heading from jfk to milan when it was forced to land at london's hootingo -- heathrow airport and no one on board was hurt and all passengers were placed on another flight to new york city. and a new born found -- and may soon have a new place to call home. according to several reports, some parishioners at the holy child jesus church in richmond hill are interested in adopting the baby boy. a church custodian found the five-pound infant on monday. the boy is in the custody of child welfare authorities. prosecutors decided they won't charge the baby's mother in the case. and time now is 708 error error, should say. and hope for one bab and a miracle for another.
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coming up, a new born found alive under rocks and rubble. how police were able to save her in time. >> and pope francis prepares for the final stop in africa. why this could be considered one of the most dangerous trips yet. >> and ready, set, click. why cybermonday might be the new black friday. >> first, vanessa with a check on the forecast. >> today, skies are clearing and temperatures will be dropping. they have already dropped quite significantly and we'll talk
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. a good sunday morning to you all. 7:12, 39 degrees out there. a little bit cooler than it was at this time yesterday. vanessa murdock has the full forecast coming up. happening today, an nsa program that collected phone records of americans is expected to end. the one secret program began 14 years ago under president george w. bush and that is -- leaker edward snowy on den revealed its existence in 2013, and in june, president obama tookings -- redid the law. the nsa needs a warrant or court order. putin is calling for sanctions against turkey after the country shot down a russian warplane. it happened on tuesday. turkey said the plane entered its airspace from syria and
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ignored several warnings. the two pilots parachuted out of the plane but syrian rebels on the ground shot at them. one of the men died. turkey said it now has the body of the pilot and will fly it back to russia. and pope francis is taking his message of peace to the war- torn central african republic. on the final leg of his first trip to africa, security will be high as the holy father meets with muslim leaders. increased violence between christians and muslim militants forced close to 1 million people from their homes. the stop is seen as the most dangerous ever made by a modern pope. yesterday in uganda, the pontiff celebrated mass honoring a group of christians who were killed in the late 19th century because of their faith. los angeles police say a new born found buried alive was likely born in a hospital. the baby was believed to be 24 to 36 hours old when police found her friday near a popular compton bike path after someone heard her cries. police say she was wrapped in a
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blanket and placed inside a crevace where she was covered by asphalt and rubble. >> and it just hurts to see someone leave a baby like that when there are so many other places to take them nowadays. >> the baby is listed in stable condition. and to a health alert. a new study said that women suffering from pms could be three times as likely to have high blood pressure. researchers at the university of massachusetts said that those who experienced bad pms have a higher chance of developing it in their 20s and 30s. -- [ indiscernible ] for pushing up blood pressure. vitamin b supplements may decrease the likelihood of high blood pressure in women suffering from pms. u.s. scientists are keeping a close eye on a volcano in hawaii. a helicopter camera captured images of lava cascading down the side of kilauea on thanksgiving. and at the time, the flow was a
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quartered of a mile long and it continues to erupt but is not threatening any communities in the area. since we know no communities are in danger, it's fair to say it's cool. >> and what a shot. >> awesome. >> and they were coming over that or -- >> just flying along. >> and seeing the volcano erupting. and let's check in with vanessa murdock. >> i do. the blowing red is stunning. -- glowing red is stunning. you might see rain and sun but forecast. not only will skies clear out, but temperatures will be and have been dropping and so yesterday, it was unseasonably warm and many took advantage and look at the video we shot yesterday at the skating rink and lots of people are out enjoying the balmy temperatures and the park's winter village. i had plans to go oil there
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yesterday myself. nonetheless, the carousel is so beautiful there and a very big draw for the kidos yesterday. i suspect it will be packed again today and it will feel like this season. we take you live outside right now to show you that in the distance, you see some sun and it's mostly cloudy overhead and 39 degrees in central park. north winds at 12 miles an hour. and see what can you expect from the forecast? not just today and beyond. and this morning a few showers from the city and points south. the skies will clear and staying on the cooler side. it's going to be colder to start the workweek. today, highs around the 50 degrees mark and tomorrow, the highs will be in the low and mid-40s. the rain moves in mid-week and we need the rain. for today, forecasted high is 50 degrees. one degrees above the norm of 39 and we'll see plenty of sunshine as the day progresses and the skies will be clearing. so, as we enjoy the sunshine this afternoon, the sun will set at 4:30.
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on the vortex satellite and radar picture now, we see the clouds giving way to sunshine up north and rain is impacting areas south of the city and that will continue to move on out. i say by noon, still some wet weather leftover by ocean county. otherwise, most of us are seeing the sunshine and what is happening here, the comfort is moving to the south and that high pressure is building from the north and forcing the sunshine to return. also, though, bringing with it much cooler air and for today, clearing skies as the front makes the exit and high pressure builds on in and tomorrow with the position of the high pressure system, we'll have sunshine to start the day and winds around the high pressure system are out of the east and we pick up moisture off of the water and clouds increasing throughout the day with highs in the 40s. and on tuesday, we have two systems making an impact and one approaching from the west and another up the coast and
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for today, showers early, to sunshine. and a high of 50 and overnight with clear skies, temperatures will drop. and west. it will be very cold and so many return to school tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon, it's 46 degrees with increasing clouds and winds out of the northeast and becoming easterly at 5 to 10. and beyond your monday, it's wet and warmer, tuesday and wednesday, and we're going to near 60. however, once the wet weather makes an exit, thursday, friday, saturday are seasonable with a lot of sun and it will be breezy. >> bundle up. >> until wednesday. >> and you look miserable. >> until wednesday. >> and saw the temperatures again. >> yes, yes. >> and typical of fall, though and it's been so warm. >> , huh. >> if you're think thissing i am tired, you don't want to see the 40s there.
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>> and that is seasonal and sounds look a throw off. >> right. >> and that is supposed to be cold. >> it is and now that they're putting up the lights -- . >> many said they wanted it to be cold. >> thank you, vanessa. and rutgers football season is over and the attention turns to the head coach. >> and his future with the team remains uncertain. and here's steve overmyer with more. >> the football season wrapped up and the focus is turning into the future. and it might not be the head coach. the university is concluding an investigate into failed drug consistents and possible regrouting violations and athletic director julie herman is expected to meet with the school president this weekend. at 4 and sev, rutgers would have made a bowl game if there were not 6-6 teams out there and they had to beat maryland first, the team winless in the
7:20 am
and-shut case and what can go wrong? everything, apparently and if you want to -- on one guy, it's brendan ross who finds the end zone three times. with the go ahead touchdown. dare the turtle, brother and the knights outscore 33-10 in the second half and end the season 4-8, 46-31, the -- 46-41 the final. and we have to give credit to brooklyn. and down one in the fourth. brooke lopez is absolutely hacked by lebron james. of course, it was a non-call by the revs and a costly one. the cavs held on for the final shot and guess who gets the game-winning bucket. lebron james, a game winner and a tough pill to swato -- swallow for the nets, and a, the rangers lost and the devils and islanders both win. >> have a great day.
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and time now, 7:20. coming up, they're two of the most common cosmetic procedures. some doctors are using botox on women while working on their breasts. could it help with their recovery. >> .
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once it's rubbery, it won't well. thank you. they turned the music world on its ear and have become a global sensation in the process. >> lee cowen interviews us to the piano guys -- interviews us to the -- intro deuces us to the piano guys. you have to do something new that people don't want to do so they can share it. >> for them, being different is all about piano placement. like hoisting one on top of a thousand-foot cliff in utah. >> basically wrapped it in the cables and shrink wrapped it and no idea what we're doing. >> yeah. >> and you can't go to home depot and ask for helicopter piano tethers, right? but it made it. >> reporter: they managed a many concert in brazil at the falls and moved a piano by hand
7:25 am
along the great wall of china. >> basically, they built some kind of contraption where they can rest the sticks on their shoulders and they were all around it and went up about 200 stairs up the great wall of china. >> carrying a piano? >> crazy. >> those kind of stunts earned them a hefty internet following. they have 4.3 million youtube subscribers and counting. >> how many do you get every day? >> i think around 5,000, i think. >> every day? >> yeah. >> it can fluctuate. >> isn't that crazy? i don't want to say nonchalant about it. >> it's like a whole concert hall every day. >> yeah. >> like filling one every day. >> stay nothing tune with the piano guys and the search for the in kissing and actress carrie mulligan. those stories and more this sunday at nine here on cbs 2. all right, time now, 7:26. up next, today's top stories and how would you finish this sentence: only in new york you will find -- hmm,
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. a couple killed when house goes up in flames in brooklyn. how the fdny is taking action to save lives today after learning their home did not have a working smoke alarm. >> and plus, see the new video of a suspected arsonist setting at least 40 religious flags on fire. outside of a home. >> was it a hate crime. >> and can you tell what is wrong with this sign? why brooklyn residents are asking the city's department of transportation to take a new look at it. cbs 2s sunday morning continues right now. good morning, it's coming up on 7:30 on this sunday, november 29th. i'm andrea grymes.
7:29 am
>> i'm diane macedo. first, vanessa is here with a look at the forecast. good morning. >> and cooler out there this morning than it was yesterday. >> you bet. >> and in addition, we have rain moving on through and i want to mention if you're driving west of the city, patchy, black ice is possible. temperatures to the west are dropping to the freezing mark and the roadways are wet and some places could be slick. and let's look at the temperatures happening right now. the city is 39 degrees. edison, 40; sparta and white plains at 35 and 40 degrees as you start off your sunday morning. and now, if you were out early yesterday morning and had plans to step out now, it will feel differently. 22 degrees colder now in mont cello than yesterday at this point in time and 11 degrees colder in bill mar and on that vortex satellite, who watch as the wet weather makes an exist. -- exit. by noon, we're enjoying sunny
7:30 am
skies and showers lingering south of the 63. 9:00 a.m., 43 degrees and 33 by noon and 47 and mostly sunny and feels like 44. the high today, anticipating p. degrees under mostly sunny skies by 3:00 and i will have the full forecast coming up andile chilly whyer air to start the workweek and back to you. >> thank you. and happening today, the fire department will hand out smoke alarms. >> and ala -- ilana gold has more. >> reporter: this morning, the fdny is going to be here handing out smoke detectors and that is going to happen by the home that adult on fire yesterday morning and this is at east 49th street and church avenue. and this video shows the flames shooting from the home at 5er this saturday morning. a husband and wife in their 70s got trapped in their upstairs bedrooms and couldn't escape.
7:31 am
a neighbor gathered a ladder and rescued the daughter from the upstairs window and the 19- year-old son jumped out from a different window to escape the flames. he has bad burns across the body. investigators said a power chord in the dining room caused the fire and there were no working smoke detectors in this home. >> the whole building is going to feel the fire on two floors. >> and continuing to be -- >> today, eric adams and the fdny will be out here teaching the community how to properly use electric chords and hoping to prevent another tragedy and they will hand the smoke alarm at 10:30 this morning. ilana gold, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. >> and we new this morning, police are looking for a man accused of setting dozens of hindu flags on fire outside of a home in queens. the surveillance video shows
7:32 am
in front of the home in woodhaven. it happened at 1:00 a.m. on thursday on queenth avenue. it's being of this have as a hate crime. -- being investigated as a hate crime. and the fbi released video of thee men wanted in a robbery in queens. they jumped an 18-year-old after he withdrew cash from a deli atm earlier this month. they got away with his wallet but didn't get a lot of cash. turns out the victim who was not injured, put his money in a pocket and not in his wallet. the men ended up getting away with $1. >> e. and the police have a picture of a cell phone thief. he used a phone to snap a selfie. they got this photo from the victim's google account. it was set to back up the photos automatically. he was texting on the galaxy s- 3 while riding a q train in october. as the train pulled into the beverly road station, the alleged thief grabbed the phone from the man's hands and ran off.
7:33 am
the city is on display at a major intersection in brooklyn. the lafayette avenue of malcom x boulevard in bed-stuy has an extra y in it. the sign, of course, needs to be fixed. >> and it's hilarious but i am -- it's nothing unusual. a lot of things are misspelled around here. >> and supposed to change it. >> and the city department of transportation has not yet said when that sign will be replaced. >> someone forgot to copy it. >> uh-huh. and from culture to new york, one of the most unique plays in the world and john montone is on the move with a challenge. >> he wants you to finish this sentence. -- sentence. in new york, you will find -- . >> diversity. >> on the sidewalk. >> will they ban the self- balancing scooters. what? i can't ride them anymore. >> only in new york i would walk down the street and walk into john montone. >> i don't get out that much.
7:34 am
i stay close in the city. >> it's cool, though. you talked to me. >> move over. >> move over. >> yes. >> and -- . >> y saw him down there once. he was in the movie "the big lebowski." >> yes. >> and i know it's cool. i met john turtur, on when he played basketball. >> what is the longest distance you rode one of these boards? >> from here to 42nd street. >> how diverse? >> from the yoga people to the hipsters to the young kids to the corporate. >> and maybe you're in the left and walking on the left? >>no, on the right. >> i guess show thought i didn't move over enough. >> from the village -- . >> people stopping and -- . >> you're not a small guy. >> who is this guy? >> and only in new york. >> and i have to say dude. >> yeah, well. >> and -- .
7:35 am
>> for cbs 2 news, john montone, 10-10 wins. >> and doubted! >> only in -- . >> new york. >> all right, got it. >> and that was great. >> and he's excited to meet john. >> only in new york. people get mad at you for not walking fast enough up the escalators. and stay to the right or walk. >> and in new york you will find the best pizza. procedure. doctors using botox on breast implant patients. how it helps with the woman's recovery. . >> and a winter wonderland. how the town of huntington ushered in the holiday season. >> and can the giants maintain their lead in the nfc east? a preview of today's big matchup against the redskins. >> and i am thinking about pizza.
7:36 am
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but only one is your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. . love it or hate it, the full swing. black friday was busy but not busy enough for many retailers. >> and as dave carlin reports, many shoppers decided to avoid >> so far so good. >> how much more do you have to do? >> more. >> and defense a five-hour saturday shopping marathon for marisol ortiz. like other malls across the nation, not jam packed. >> i was expecting worse. >> and what used to be considered a super bowl, black friday took a hit. retail stores sales were $11.6 year. and this year, down to 10.4 billion. black friday sales and early business saturday indicate
7:40 am
consumers continue to shift from standing in lines to going online. americans were hunting down deals on computers and smart phones. and they're finding more and more internet deals, causing online sales to jump 14.3% for black friday. >> and tail battleship wal- mart versus amazon. >> and that is brent beamer, the ceo of america's research group saying that wal-mart offered deep online discounts to compete with amazon. even though many started shopping, december still expected to be the month in which consumers will spend the most in-stores and online and many flocked to the so-called mom-and-pop shops. >> and more meaningful gifts will come from small businesses. >> many merchants big and small can expect to see customers return last minute. >> and if i walk into a store and buy something on thursday
7:41 am
chance -- for the season. >> reporter: consumers are spending, aided by lower gas prices that put more money -- news. and many people kicked off the holiday season on long island with a tree lighting. >> happy holidays. >> and people came together for the street festival and in huntington, yesterday. and there was dancing, music, and a visit from santa. >> and i love seeing the dancing santa. >> this is my first year, though. >> yeah. [ indiscernible ] >> are you excited for christmas? >> yeah. >> why? >> it's pretty and -- [
7:42 am
>> there were also contests for floats and ginger bread houses and they may be better this year. they wore festive hats, too. >> and i love the decorated bus, too and that would have been more exciting -- . >> yeah. >> and -- . >> in the mornings. and time to check in with meteorologist vanessa murdock and a look at the forecast and it's feeling more christmassy. >> and is it ever. in some instances, 20 degrees cooler than it was. big shifts in the weather and wet weather moving through. the trend continues this morning and there is nothing with. and associated with the rain and bringing severe weather to the midwest. and continues to cover the state's blanket of ice and these images out of oklahoma, ice covering power line and bringing down tree iss and causing so many problems and
7:43 am
they're interesting -- and to the west. we wish you well. the ice storms are always a nightmare. and here at home, we have wet weather moving on through and some black ice is possible here this morning and mainly west of the city. temperatures are dropping and over the city overhead, 39 degrees and winds are out of the north at 12 miles an hour and into the day, the temperatures are warming to roughly 50 and that is going to be seasonable and cooler than yesterday and your headlines, showers early, mainly west of the city and that is the only place we have concerns and skies are clearing out by mid- day and enjoying mostly sunny skies. tomorrow, it's colder out there and highs in the low to mid-40s for your monday and much needed rain on the way for tuesday and into wednesday. as far as rainfall goes this november, every two inches of
7:44 am
that is because it's two inches below normal for the month on the year. the deficit is approaching 10 inches and almost 9 and a half inches. we need rain on tuesday and wednesday, a better opportunity for significant rainfall and this event brought us to about a 10th of an inch and really not a tent with this event moving through and skies are clearing from north to south and the showers are making their exit around noon and lingering showers for ocean county and most of us are enjoying sunny skies. all of the wet weather associated with the cold front and into the south forced to the south by high pressure and 9:00 a.m. you're seeing, we're seeing more sunshine than now. the trend continues, 3:00 and everyone in the viewing area enjoying lots of sun and sunset is around 4:30. overnight, skies are clear. dropping. your monday morning commute, no weather issues here. and they will be chilly.
7:45 am
pushing moisture in off of the weather -- water, we will note increasing clouds tomorrow into the coast. and into tuesday, two systems moving in at the same time and will make for a soggy mid-week forecast. and today's highs, close to seasonable in the 50s and 47 in free hold -- freehold and tonight, 37 and clear tomorrow. 36 degrees and it will feel cooler than that and we'll have plenty of sun early and the skies are more cloudy as your monday moves on. tuesday into wednesday, we warm up big time with wet weather moving on through and windy, and high near 60. after, that the temperatures are back to seasonable with mostly sunny skies and from thursday through saturday. andrea. over to you. and thank you. the giants had an amazing thanksgiving without standing foot on the field. they take on the redskins today. the jets hope to snap a bit of a losing streak they're on for
7:46 am
the last five games they lost against the dolphins. john griffin joins us this morning from the pregame show on the cbs sports network. welcome back. >> thank you very much for having me. >> let's talk about the giants. >> okay. >> thanksgiving, the cowboys lost and the eagles lost. so, they're still at the top of the division. >> the giants have considered -- to consider themselves very lucky. >> right. >> and in the biweek, the combined record of the division was 1 and 4. and so the giants still in first place with the one-game lead. >> uh-huh. >> and they had a good game today. >> the redskins are behind them in second place. and they're in washington for the game and very good this year for the home. and that is where they have the -- disdes they're 4-1 at home and if they win the game, a two- game lead with five games to go and they can control their own destiny. >> uh-huh. >> and they lose the game and have to sweat it out the rest of the year. >> and the last time they played, they lost the final secs to the patriots by one
7:47 am
>> and do you think they shook that off? >> and nobody really expects a chance going into the game. >> uh-huh. >> and they show they can be competitive and they get on the radar for most of the year and they're somehow in first place and they're going to make that play-off push and make a good run, you know, hopefully towards the super bowl. >> hopefully. >> and let's switchgears and talk about the jets. they lost four out of the last five games. >> yeah. >> and not doing so well. they take on the dolphins today. what are you? >> so, as lucky as the giants have been. >> uh-huh. >> the jets have been probably -- . >> the other end of the spectrum. >> right. >> and they're in a sense that you can't pinpoint what the biggest problem with the jets is. the quarterback has been playing the best. they haven't been able to get their wide receiver involved and the running game is not able to get involved as well. it's not like you can say it's one thing if you clean that up. they'll be on track and they have had a host of problems this year. >> right. >> the good news, they're
7:48 am
playing the dolphins. >> right. >> and in london and this is a different dolphins team. they play the dolphins when they had their old coach and coach now. >> right. >> and they're playing a different game now and if the jets want to have any play-off game. game. >> and that is what they're football. the dolphins are than the first time and the first time they played them this season. >> sure. >> and the dolphins lost a tough loss on monday night. their defense leader basically stepped up in the locker room after the game and called out all of the guys. some people thought he might have gone over board and here's stepping up and the defensive leader of the team. they paid him a don of money to be the leader and they're going to come out with passions and energy. >> yeah. >> and as -- on cbs 2. >> and let's talk about what you have coming up on the johnny manziel was another big this week. >> yeah.
7:49 am
>> right. >> and everyone was talking about the store. tmz sports broke the story again and came out with the video of they say in the biweek he was partying with the dj and friends. >> uh-huh. >> and drinking alcohol. that week, he was named the starter for the rest of the season for the browns. >> right. >> and once the vesturer faces, he is not only the backup but the third string quarterback and he has been buried on their list. is he going to play again? who knows. i think everyone is blowing this way out of proportion. the nfl turned into the no fun league. let the guy do what he wants to do. >> i think we do. >> anything else coming up on the pregame show that you want to tell bus? >> i hope we have good food coming up as always. we're going to preview the rest of the game. a big game tonight, obviously, between the pate rots and -- patriots and broncos. >> right. >> and talking about the patriots here. that is okay. >> thank you, john. we appreciate it. >> and don't forget, the other pregame show starts at 9:00 a.m. on the cbs sports network and you can catch the jets catch on
7:50 am
1:00 p.m. diane, over to you. >> the patriots, tom who? >> time now, 7:50. they're two of the most common cosmetic procedures now and they're using botooks on women. hear how it can help with recovery.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
. a good sunday morning to you. 7:53. 39 degrees out there. it is chilly compared to the last few days. we're going to check in with vanessa murdock in awhile to see how long will those low temperatures last. >> and botox injections are by far the most common cosmetic procedures in the u.s. they're more than 6 1/2 million of them last year alone. >> and they help get rid of facial wrinkles. but dr. max gomez said they're being used for something entirely different. >> reporter: this is what most people associate with botox. you would hardly think of. >> and breast augmentation. >> they want to enhance -- she wanted to enhance her bust for a long time and figured it was time. >> and this is somethings we want to do for ourselves. to kind of -- hard to find clothe that fit sometimes and
7:54 am
online, too, like do this for myself. >> i will do a lot of markings on you. >> reporter: she came to the board-certified surgeon dr. schullman who routinely places implants on the pectoral misses because it decreases hardens of muscles and reduces infection risk and gives a better cosmetic result and provides a clear separation between the implant and breast tissue on the mammogram. when you detach muscle to make room for an implant, it hurts. >> it can take you six weeks, eight weeks, 12 weeks before that muscle heals. during that time, you're getting pain and muscle spasm. using your chest muscle. >> reporter: that is what led augmentation techniques. the docket -- pocket for the implant is below the breast. after they're detached, he injects botox into specific muscle areas, which relax a muscle for several months and appearance benefit. >> that allows the implant to
7:55 am
and also relieves a lot of muscle spasms and pain associated with the muscle healing after the surgery. >> in other words, the look of the breast is natural&because the muscle is relaxed and softer. this is nicole 11 days after her surgery. she's been back to work for a week. >> by day two, the next day, i didn't take any of the pain medicine. i was able to walk around. i am excited to go in the bathing suit and wear a bikini, you know. i am so excited. some of the improved recovery is due to techniques and minimizes inflammation and infection. this is surgery with all of the risks and botox adds $500 to the cost of the surgery bringing it to 9500 with dr. schullman. dr. max gomez, cbs 2 news. >> and time now is 7:56. coming up, while some of you are eating turkey, hanukkah is a week away.
7:56 am
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. tragedy on new jersey's interstate 287. 16 people are rushed to the hospital after a deadly accident that killed three, along with several cows transported on the back of a trailer. [ indiscernible ] chilling moments from an attack on a planned parenthood clinic and the comments from the alleged gunmen that could be a clue to the motive. >> and you're going to need a heavier jacket this morning and it's a 10 degrees cooldown awaiting you as you were
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