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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  January 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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flames through the church in west orange. cbs 2's christine sloan reports. >> a piece of history up in flames a huge fire in this old church on main street in west orange, new jersey, on new year's day. >> it's horrible. this was a church that's been here as long as i have been here. ro. >> reporter: it was built in 1827. town. >> when veterans of the civil war left west orange, had they ever returned, they still would have recognized the steeple as a familiar place. >> reporter: known as st. mark's church, the pentecostal organization international federation of chaplains bought the building in march. what happened? >> we don't know. all we can say is we received a phone call from our alarm company stating that there was a possible fire. >> reporter: the organization's congregation [ non-english language ] with 200 members within the
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celebrating the new year. but church leaders say the building was empty when the fire broke out just after 4 a.m. sources say the likely cause of the fire electrical. >> what goes through your mind when you look at it gutted out? >> it's sad for the fact that we know that it holds meaning for the township. >> reporter: inside historic things that can't be replaced, a marble altar, a bronze eagle. >> sort of like going know a museum. a lot of the original windows and artifacts are still there. the founding pastor of the church, benjamin holmes, still buried in the basement. >> reporter: members say they plan on rebuilding. >> we want to make sure and let the public know that we're here and we're not planning to go anywhere. >> reporter: while they wait to determine how to resurrect their church, members say they will be looking for another building to rent for their services. in west orange, new jersey, christine sloan, cbs2 news. >> the essex county prosecutor's office says it is aware of building code
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2015. but it is unclear whether the violation led to the fire. the church has canceled sunday services. investigators are calling a deadly fire in bed-stuy brooklyn suspicious. one person was killed in the fire that broke out around 3 p.m. today in a brownstone on jefferson avenue. the fdny says it's unusual that the fire started on the stairs between the second and third floors. the flames then spread up to the fourth floor. according to a neighbor, a brother of the man who was killed tried to save him. >> he tried to help his brother get out and he couldn't. the fire was so intense that he had to let go. he had to get out. >> once firefighter had minor -- one firefighter had minor injuries. the cause is under investigation. a malfunctioning elevator leads to tragedy in the final moments of 2015. it crushed a man's tried helping fellow passengers who became trapped inside a car. cbs 2's hazel sanchez has the story from the lower east side.
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>> reporter: she says steven brown is her hero. sanchez says thursday night the 25-year-old wished her happy new year and pushed her to safety seconds before an elevator crushed him to death. sanchez's son-in-law emanuel coronado says he tried to save hewitt brown. she was packed in an elevator car with nine other people including sanchez and her 10- year-old nephew when it stalled between the second and third floors. sanchez says the doors opened and hewitt brown pushed her up and out of the elevator on to the third floor. suddenly, the car gave way, hit pinning him at the hit, crushed. eight people were still on board. he is haunted by the man's last words. >> i can't breathe any more. take me out of here. >> reporter: the incident happened inside this brick apartment building. witnesses say they called 911 right away. but they say it still took nearly 30 minutes for any
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despite the fact that the 7th precinct stationhouse and a firehouse are directly across the street. three fdny and nypd say the 911 call was received at 11:54, with crews arriving within five minutes at 11:59. coronado and sanchez said the response took much longer than. >> i think if they coming more on time we can take him out on life this guy but they come late. >> reporter: those who witnessed this tragedy say 2016 quickly became a year they want to forget. on the lower east side, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. >> according to the department of buildings, the apartment building has three outstanding violations for failing to correct elevator defects. the company that operates the building was not available for comment. you? at 6:00 an up -- new at 6:00 an upper east side pastor is accused of stealing cash from the church. sonia rincon reports church members say they caught him redhanded on video. >> reporter: the video shows a
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drawer counting it and helping himself to some of it. members of the evangelical rock church on east 62nd street say that's their lead pastor stealing cash from offerings that are supposed to go to missions, something they suspect for a while. >> we put extra 20s, marked them, photographed them, sure enough when the offering was given to him to deposit, 20s were missing. >> reporter: they put in the hidden camera and confronted him with the video. >> we gave him the opportunity to walk away with dignity. >> reporter: and asked him in writing to step down. >> decided to give him the letter -- [ crying ] >> -- and ask him to resign he ripped up the letter. >> reporter: another member took a picture and a video and the police were called. >> i didn't touch finances! >> reporter: but police eventually charged him with petit larceny for the theft of $238. his attorney says he adamantly denies any allegations of wrongdoing and looks forward
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he and several church members have in a bitter ongoing legal dispute. they still come to worship here on sundays but skip his morning service and have their own informal meeting every sunday afternoon without him. >> there's a blatant piece of maneuvering to gain control of the real estate of rock church. >> reporter: the board treasurer says it's obvious the building is valuable and the legal dispute split the church into two groups. one have been trying to get the pastor fired for a year but another is loyal to him. cruz says that group was shown the incriminating video. >> they walked out. and that's the most pathetic and sad and hurtful thing. >> reporter: he is still leading sunday services and has called both sides to a meeting this sunday. on the upper east side, sonia rincon, cbs 2 news. >> he is supposed to be in court on the larceny charge on tuesday. the nypd is asking for help in the search for a missing teen. nicholas cannon disappeared on
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police say the 15-year-old was last seen leaving his west 85th street apartment arnold 5:30 yesterday morning. cannon is 5'4", weighs 120 pounds and has brown hair and eyes. anyone with information is asked to contact police. an update to a vicious attack and robbery caught on camera in midwood this week. two brooklyn teenagers are under arrest in connection with the beating of a 60-year- old man. cbs 2's ilana gold has new information on the suspects. >> reporter: the teens handcuffed and taken out of the 66th precinct last night following a crimestoppers tip. investigators have identified them as 17-year-old elvin and 19-year-old [ non-english language ] in this picture, you can see one of them smiling in the back of a police van. both charged with probable bring and assault stemming from this beating of a 60-year- old man in midwood. we spoke with the victim's wife on the phone about their arrest. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: surveillance
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on avenue m by east 8th street as the victim walked home from the train station. one of the suspects throws him to the ground punches him and rummages through his pockets. then the second suspect joins in. the victim's wife says he had to get more than 80 stitches in his face. how is your husband feeling? >> not good. what he is feeling is like a lot of pain. he can't see with his eyes. >> reporter: the arrest a relief for the family and community. >> very, very happy. you know, can sleep a little better at night. >> i feel much better. >> reporter: you feel safer? >> yes. >> reporter: so many here have been shaken up all week worried they could be the next target. how has this affected you? it happened right outside your home. >> and i thought we were very secure, but now i feel like we are not secure anymore. we have to be very vigilant. >> reporter: they want the accused perpetrators hel accountable. >> what kind of hatred exists
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to be so vicious and malicious. >> reporter: police says the suspects were seen getting out of a dark colored cars moments before the attack. they say it's possible the pair had a getaway driver. this is still under investigation. in midwood, brooklyn, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. now, the two suspects in the case are expected to face a judge later tonight. well, a new year's surprise in new jersey. neighbors wake up to a bear high up in a tree! while wildlife officials are letting him hang out for a while. >> battle of the babies, who is the first baby of the year? >> when it comes to wine you might not be getting what's on the label. >> even though it wasn't exactly a record it was still above normal for this first day of 2016. we'll have cold temperatures tonight.
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more coming up. uswi a-yr reen fi gesou40ba,d l e emm vi chne f aea gonner llowr isre oer
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people in a neighborhood in new jersey woke up this morning to find a black bear in a tree sleeping. the neighborhood received an alert that the bear was spotted on the corner of ashland road and tanglewood drive. people have been stopping by all day long to take a look. >> i looked out my window and there was a bear in my tree. >> what a great way to start the day wake up and walk and see a bear in the neighborhood. >> as long as it's up in a
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the bear could be there for a while. new jersey fish and wildlife can't tranquilize it while it's so high because it may fall. people should stay back until it comes down. after the new year's eve party in times square comes the massive clean-up. a million people, a ton of confetti makes a mess. minutes into 2016, 17 sanitation workers moved in with mechanical sweepers, collection trucks blowers and brooms. soon new year's eve was a memory. >> great party again. the new york city never sleeps. >> it's nothing like new year's in new york. nobody does it better. >> when that's over the planning process begins for new year's eve to kick off 2017. they should take a break if getting fit is a resolution there are tons of ways to do it. meg baker reports. >> reporter: wearable technology is the hottest
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according to the american college of sports medicine's annual fitness trend forecast. there's a fitbit, jawbone, even one disguised as jewelry. these devices can be paired with your phones and tablets so you can keep an eye on your progress and make adjustments to your movement and diet as needed. >> it's metrics. now what you're doing. you know -- you know what you're doing. you can set goals. it's a measurable way to increase your motivation and activity. >> reporter: the second most popular trend for 2016 is body weight training. it uses minimal equipment. you are the equipment. making it more affordable, and all you need is enough space for squats, pullups and pushups. >> here we go! >> reporter: if you don't have much time try high intensity interval training short bursts followed by short period of rest and recovery. you get it down in 30 minutes or less. >> i love it. it's challenging. it's quick. you have high intensity, short breaks, recovery. >> reporter: also on this
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still very popular and uses posture to promote health. great for the body. if you can't get motivated you may need a personal trainer. more college students are majoring in kinesiology preparing themselves for careers in personal training. a trainer will push you harder than you may push yourself. >> just place your feet on the plates there. >> reporter: many trainers now incorporate body scans to outline a plan of action for weight loss. >> get the numbers and percentage of fat, bone, muscle and water in that person. it measured it on an individual basis and this is really cool for us as trainers to use to track a client's progress as opposed to just monitoring weight. >> reporter: all fitness trends should make you sweat. meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> you will also see group personal training in 2016. a personal trainer works with you one-on-one but now in a small group typically of two to four people. a baby battle of the boroughs two parents say their
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baby of the year. at precisely the stroke of midnight, two boys were born. who is first? >> this is the first baby in the new york city i'm sure. my baby was born first. >> both hospitals rely on technology to determine down to the millisecond and so it is a tie. the parents say they are just happy to start the new year off with their healthy baby boys. they were both 7 pounds we noticed before. >> amazing. little kids but absolutely adorable. elise finch is here for lonnie quinn with the exclusive forecast from cbs 2. elise. >> it was a little bit of a chilly day today. just based on what we have had over the past couple of weeks but still above where we should be for new year's day. let's check in with some westchester see what kinds of temperatures we are seeing out there right now. one of the warmest temperatures that's being reported to us is by our westchester nancy in east islip.
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we have lots of other temperatures that are in the upper 30s. but we do have one that's certainly below freezing. this is anthony in wantage, new jersey, 30 degrees where he is. so we are going to see more temperatures below freezing as the night wears on. we are taking a live look outside. it's cold and breezy, 38 degrees. but with the winds, it feels colder. winds are out of the west at 12 miles an hour gusting to 18. here are the current temperatures. 28 in monticello. 38 in greenwich. same for central park. 37 for belmar and for babylon. you factor in those winds and it feels more like 18 in monticello, 32 for central park. babylon feels like 30 in belmar. so it does feel colder out there. highs today for this new year's day the first day of 2016 we made it to 44 in bridgeport. 43 in islip, laguardia and newark. central park high today of 42. 39 is where we should be. your vortex satellite and radar showing clouds, although
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up in the cloud cover here. these last few frames, that's the good news. you will also notice some flurries. we have had quite a bit of those today especially in our northern counties. that will continue tonight. you can see a lot of that activity to the north so this really filters in tonight. we'll see more of these flurries primarily north and west of the city. tonight. as we head into the day change. the only thing is we expect to see a little bit more sunshine today. still though it will be a chilly sunshine and also that little icon tells you it will still be breezy. so hang on your to hat for that one. sunday more of the same. we expect to see more sunshine still chilly and still windy. overall, tonight's lows, 22 for liberty, 29 for tenafly, 28 scarsdale, 32 overnight temperature in central park. so very few locations will even be at the freezing mark let alone above. to today.
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the tri-state area and then we'll do it again on sunday. and get ready, things get colder heading into the first full week of 2016. 38 the high for monday but a high of only 32 degrees on tuesday. so we barely make it to freezing. that's in the city, colder elsewhere. so get ready. >> i'm excited. i got scarves for christmas! we have a warning for wine lovers. most bottles have more alcohol than what's on the label. the study in the journal of wine economics examined data for more than 100,000 samples. researchers say 70% had higher alcohol content. the wines with the biggest difference were red wines from argentina, chile and spain. they contained at least 12% more alcohol than what was stated on the label. big weekend for the jets. mark morgan is in for otis livingston tonight. >> a win and they're in but as the jets get ready for buffalo
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include one of their offensive weapons. i'll explain.
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mark morgan is in for sports. >> we are going to talk about week 17 in the final regular season week of the nfl. jets and giants kind of at two different ends of the spectrum. the giants out of the play-off picture. facing the eagles in a meaningless game with head coach tom coughlin's future undecided. the jets on the other hand can grab a play-off spot with a win over the bills in buffalo. the jets, though, may be without running back powell. he missed practice today for the third straight day still with an injured ainge k the jets haven't played a player all season who missed practice the week prior to the game. the jets players have voted brandon marshall the team's mvp this season. marshall 101 catches, 13 for touchdowns. and remember, you can catch the jets in action against buffalo right here on cbs 2 on sunday beginning at 1:00. now, the college football field has been narrowed to two and what a national final it should be.
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clemson against one loss clemson punched its ticket to the title game by beating oklahoma 37-17 holding the sooners scoreless in the second half. watson led the way on the ground and through the air. the quarterback is likely to give alabama problems on january 11. the tide rolled over michigan state 38-0 in the other semifinal. alabama looking for its fourth national title in the last 7 years. in the fiesta bowl, notre dame and ohio state. the best matchup of the nonplay-off teams this is eliot, heading to the nfl next season not before improving his draft stock with four touchdowns and 149 yards on the ground. the buckeyes win by 16 wrapping up the year 12-1. let's go to gillette stadium in foxboro. the nhl winter classic bruins hosting the canadiens. just one point separating the teams in the stand. montreal jumps all of over the home team. canadiens score. only one minute 14 seconds into the contest.
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5-1 rout of the bruins. the knicks tip off 2016 tonight in chicago against the bulls after winning just 17 games all last season. the knicks begin the new year 15-18. 3.5 games out of the 8th and final play-off spot in the east. the packers host the vikings sunday night in green bay. winter weather has caused some issues. i know it's green bay, right? heavy snowfall blanketing green bay and lambeau field, the team hired hundreds of people to help shovel snow to clear the stands and help get the stadium ready for the game. the workers paid $10 an hour. the packers organization of course supplied the shovels. so there you go. ten bucks an hour, help the local team. >> all right. thanks. we'll be right back. >> closed captioning on cbs 2
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honda! coming up on cbs 2 news, a sad sight for skiers. no snow. things are looking up at one resort. if you lost money betting on sports online you might get some back.
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question their sanity, it's an annual new year's day tradition on coney island. we're talking about the folks who strip down and take the polar bear plunge into the atlantic ocean. >> 3, 2, 1, whoo! there they go. there were bands there to serenade the swimmers as well as the nypd to keep an eye on things from the air and the sea. the big chill has been going on for more than a century. >> you go into the water it's just sheer immediacy and intensity and clears your head. >> now, the water temperature at 1 p.m. today on coney island was 51 degrees. that is not extreme. it's a chill but you try one when it's in the 30s? and then you get an electric shock. >> you did it last year? >> i have done it a couple of times. i don't necessarily recommend it. [ laughter ] >> you go into the water it gets real cold fast.
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