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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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the man who set off a three- week manhunt speaks out in court. >> a girl takes a leap of faith out of a burning home into the arms of heroes. first at noon, rain could make a mess of the evening commute. the rain is moving slowly through our area with the worst expected later this afternoon. meteorologist john elliott is in the weather center with the latest on all of this. john? >> reporter: one of the key words is slowly. it's going to be an extended event. this is what we're dealing with right now. for the most part it's rockland into westchesterp, much of rockland. parts of morris and somerset county where we have a line of heavier rain. that'll slow you down a bit. you expand the view and get a sense of that moderate rain. then later this afternoon for the commute, that's when we see lines of heavier rain. could even see an isolated
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here we are at the 1:00 hour. boy, those key commuting hours, that's when we see the heaviest rain pushing through, and in poor drainage areas, there could be some flooding. plus you've got to realize there is a lot of soggy real estate out there. this line holds together pushing through slowly through the evening hours into 8:00 and even as late as tomorrow morning. we're dealing with leftover showers and fog. coming up, a look at potential totals and the rest of your forecast. right now, though, back to mary. new york city's mayor and police commissioner is getting ready to announce the safest diane? >> reporter: mary, good morning say. in about an hour, we expect to hear from the mayor and mees commissioner over how much safer the city overall has gotten. if you look at the transit system, you get a much different picture. >> it's not safe for our kids or children to be around. >> reporter: do you worry at
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>> of course, i do. >> reporter: the latest statistics show melina has good reason to worry. despite overall crime being 2%. you are looking at a year on year increase of more than 200%. >> it's unfair to people, you know? every day. why not keep the peace? >> reporter: like many subway riders we speak to, glenn stevens would like more of a police presence. >> they are undercover on a daily basis on the streets. be undercover in the subways. >> i hope we can get security guards. >> reporter: i showed her the new emergency boxes that allow people to call for help, but that didn't inspire much confidence. do you feel like something like this is helpful? >> probably not because by the time someone pushes the button,
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>> reporter: you prefer to see a person here? >> exactly. >> reporter: january's transit numbers show police are cracking down on panhandlers with those arrests up 9.8%. riders had mixed reactions to that. would you like to see more of that? >> yes, because i had someone ask me for money one day, and she got really angry and started kicking the chair. it was scary. >> hurt people hurt people. i think if we try to make space for, i don't know, therapy or whatever to try to, like, help people instead of ostracizing them, that's not going to fix the problem. >> reporter: so clearly, a lot of different opinions on how to fix the problem. it seems from the numbers and rider feedback that there is a problem that needs to be fixed. we'll ask about that later today and check back in at 5:00 with what they say. diana masado, cbs 2 news. new at noon, an apology in court from a convicted killer
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prison last summer. >> i'd like to apologize to the community and people who felt the fear and felt it necessary to, you know, leave their homes or their community because of the escape. that was never my intent. >> reporter: a judge sentenced david sweat to 3 1/2 to 7 years felony charges against hill. sweat was already serving a life sentence and pleaded guilty in november. pell low escapee -- a fellow escapee was shot and killed. a former rutgers university student convicted of spying on his roommate was sentenced. he secretly broadcast his roommate's encounter with another men who later committed suicide. ravi's attorney will later appeal it to have the sentencing thrown out.
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is back in court. the disgraced entertainer arrived in a pennsylvania court flanked by two men for the second day of a pretrial hearing. cbs 2's there with the latest. greg? >> reporter: mary good afternoon. it has been a very busy day at the norristown courthouse. the focus today has been on a gentleman named john schmidt. he has been cosby's long time general council attorney for the comedian. shortly after 9:00 this morning, cosby and his entourage arrived here at the courthouse. the hearing began at 9:30, and schmidt was called as a defense witness for cosby. his general counsel explained yes never obtained a written agreement from bruce caster. yesterday, caster saying he promised cosby would never be charged criminally for an alleged 2004 sexual assault at the comedian's cheltenham home. schmidt says the 2005 press
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the oral agreement made with caster's criminal attorney back then. schmidt says a written agreement was not necessary. current montgomery county district attorney seven steele referred to previous agreements schmidt made with other parties including a cosby interview with the "national enquirer." during negotiation, steele pointed out all of the terms were written down and agreed upon. at stake here is whether or not the comedian will face criminal charges with alleged sexual misconduct at his home here in cheltenham. the judge expects to make a decision from the bench this afternoon. as soon as we get that information, we'll pass that along to you. for now, we're live here in norristown, pennsylvania.
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news. donald trump is tweeting "ted cruz didn't win iowa, he stole it. that is why all of the polls were so wrong and yes got far more votes than anticipated. bad." in a series of tweets, he said the cruz campaign put out releases that said ben carson was quitting the race and that voters should go with cruz. trump tweeted that a new election enthusiasm take place or results -- election should take place or the results nullified. >> reporter: cruz held a press conference wednesday morning. >> the central issue in the 2016 election will be re- igniting the promise of america. >> reporter: as the two front- runners battle for supporters, rand paul announced his race for the white house is over. paul's camp issued a statement saying he is suspending his campaign and focusing on winning another term as senator in kentucky.
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hopefuls are here in new hampshire today holding events less than a week before the first primary race in the nation. >> i want to talk to you -- >> reporter: marco rubio got a boost from a stronger than expected showing in iowa. he said he will seek paul's endorsement. >> we'll work toward unifying the party, absolutely. >> reporter: rubio is scheduled to hold four town halls throughout the state today. weijia jiang, cbs news, manchester, new hampshire. hillary clinton now faces an uphill battle in new hampshire, a state where bernie sanders has a huge lead in the poll. new information on a rockland county school in need of emergency repairs. we first told you about the leaky roof and fears of mold. today, the school officials and state senator carlucci repairs. several classrooms are unusable and offensive odors can be
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good news for drivers. paying for parking is about to get easier in the city. we'll explain ahead. plus this. >> the young girl julyped in the arms of the angels. the three angels will be remembered by our committee for a very long time. >> a brave girl jumps 25 feet out of a burning building and wants to survive. now she wants to meet them. >> one passenger dead, many others in a panic. new information about an explosion on an international flight. >> another live look at the radar. when will the rain finally clear up?
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a 9-year-old girl had a leap of faith and we have more from mahwah, new jersey. >> reporter: this morning, neighbors stopping and staring at the fire scene, a 25-foot drop from a third particular balcony. a -- third floor balcony. a jump most wouldn't dare. this fire spread tuesday afternoon forcing sophia out of her apartment. >> within minutes, it was engulfed in flames. >> reporter: rachel lawson who lives on the other side of the parking lot called 911. police arrived first, going
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out when someone pointed out at the little girl standing on the balcony. with the fire inching closer to her, lieutenant jeffrey dino and two other officers quickly jump. >> i was concerned we would have to do a lot of convincing. >> reporter: it didn't take much coaxing. >> i called for her to jump, and she just fell backwards into our arms. >> i just saw her drop. >> reporter: what was going through your mind? daughter. i can't even imagine. >> reporter: sophia, who is home alone at the time, while her mother was at work, landed safely in the arms of the officers. >> we have wonderful police and fire here. >> reporter: not even a scratch. >> she fell into the arms of angels. she will remember this forever
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>> reporter: six in the unit complex were destroyed but everyone did make it out safely. as for sophia, we're told she was a bit shaken up but fell well enough to return back to school today. reporting from mahwah, new jersey, janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. investigators are looking into whether a bomb caused a mid-air explosion in somalia. cell phone video shows oxygen masks were tossed around and one passenger was sucked out. his body was later found. officials say they found no evidence of criminal activity so far, but the plane's pilot and aviation experts say the hull showed signs of terrorism. >> it's a bomb. they will be able to tale. they probably already know. the plane was headed to the east african town, and it was
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paying for parking when you are away. plus, a big performance that's free. a live look outside with wet weather today. how about the rest of the week?
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instead of putting money in the meters. andrea grymes explains how it works from the upper east side. >> reporter: first, you could pay by change then credit card. now by the end of this year, you'll also be able to pay by cell phone at all metered spots across the five boroughs. >> that is a good idea. it's really innovative. >> i think it's about time new york catches up to the rest of the country. >> reporter: mayor de blasio says it will let drivers pay for parking and add time from their cell phones wherever they are, even getting credit back from unused time. actually. >> reporter: the new system will draw on the experience bronx. back in 2013, we told you how drivers could sign up for the pay by phone app, providing their license plate number, credit card information, and location of the closest meter. traffic agents would know if they paid by entering the license plate number in their
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now the city says instead of these handheld devices, agents will have tablets. if a driver pays by app, the information will immediately pop up when the agent is patrolling a specific block. that way they'll know if that car has paid up or if the time expired. while some welcome it, others worry it's another reason for people to be on their phones or stay parked for an extended period of time. >> i don't think it's a good idea. >> reporter: why? >> because we already have enough stuff on our cell phones. >> people keep putting money in with the iphone and staying longer than the one hour you are supposed to pay. >> reporter: the mayor says if you pay by phone, you cannot stay more than the posted time. if you use the change or parking or credit card, you will still be able to do that. paying by cell phone is just another option.
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by the end of the year. andrea grymes, cbs 2 news. let's get a check on your forecast right now turning it over to john elliott. kind of messy out there. >> and it gets messier into the afternoon hours when, yeah, it will be busier. that will be something to be mindful of. after-school pickups could already be dealing with the heavier showers. it's certainly a gray, ray day. greg summed it up. it's raw, rainy, breezy, but warmer temperatures than you would expect. some should make the rain more tolerable. i believe so. i like this. this is a pretty picture. kathy said, you know, even through the snow, the crocuses are coming up and the rain will serve to tap away and wash away more of that snow. charlie wanted to know if february showers will bring march showers.
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week. in the city, rain drops on the lens, absolutely. just to the west, there's a line of showers. we're at 53 right now. 55 for the jersey shore. almost everybody in the 50s. you compare these numbers to yesterday. you are about five degrees warmer. you know, shooting for 60, but we may miss the mark because now the rain has rolled in and taken over. that wind could up the numbers from 54 to closer to 64 parts of the area. that's what greg's talking about. this is what i'm talking about, the heavier rain pushing into parts of staten island and definitely parts of essex county as well. it's kind of a soaking rain. unlike this morning when we have the breaks, there's no break. now it's going to be light to moderate rain and this afternoon, we tap into this because the front is pushing
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rain could ride along that front. these projections haven't changed much for the event. we're already under way tallying some of that rain, but when it's all said and done, i think a lot of the reporting stations will see over an inch of rain. this is a little misleading. there is a flood watch but there could be localized flooding. it's the snow melt and the amount of rain and duration as this thing pushes through. we're dealing with it tonight when we see the heavier rain into the first part of your thursday morning as well. it's much quieter on thursday, and then we see the sun in the afternoon, but take care. if the wipers are on, make sure the lights are on. watch out with the pickup for the kids. the commute will be tough.
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the big news, mary is next week it turns cold again with a potential coastal development we're watching on tuesday. >> looks like a nice weekend coming up. to find out the weather any time, download the cbs weather app and to get the forecast, check out live radar. it is free and available in the itunes store. lady gaga is shore to get applause at super bowl 50. the nfl is announcing laid yea gaga will sing the national anthem joining marlee matlin who will sign the anthem. and you can catch super bowl 50 right here on cbs 2. our coverage begins at 11:00 a.m. on sunday. kickoff is scheduled for 6:30. afterwards, stay tuned for the "late show" with stephen colbert. a big announcement from the hit show "hamilton."
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fans talking. this is today's better health. dr. anderson is changing the
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neuropathy right here in the new york/new jersey area. doctor, neuropathy is not only painful but a frustrating thing to deal with. why is that? >> patients are diagnosed with neuropathy which is often associated with diabetes and chemotherapy. they are basically told they won't get better. >> why would patients have neuropathy to get rid of this condition being so difficult and reduce the pain associated with it? what is the issue there? >> in my opinion, the problem is that it's managed at a symptom level. so typically, the treatments are the same for most people and are aimed at controlling the symptoms, not the underlying cause. patients are in pain and eventually just give up. >> reporter: . so why is your approach different? >> reporter: well, we do a neurological exam and specific testing aimed at identifying unique imbalances in the body and nervous system. so from there, we formulate a customized treatment plan to
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we take a multifaceted approach. >> what are the results you see? >> patients in our office are able to see a decrease in pain and reduce and eliminate their medications. >> today, dr. anderson is offering the first 25 callers a complimentary consultation which is a $297 value. so call 908-219-4334 to schedule your free consultation. again, the number is -- have a story you'd like us to investigate? call the tip line. it's easy and confidential. cbs 2 investigates. coming up beginning at 5:00, super bowl parties can be high-calorie feasts. we'll get celebrity chef rocco
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slim down some of our favorite snacks. >> those stories and much more tonight beginning at 5:00. new at noon, the smash broadway hit "hamilton" heads to the grammies. >> don't miss broad way's "hamilton cash" performing live right here in new york city on "the grammies." >> the performance will be the eighth time in history it's been featured on the grammy awards. the cast and grew say they are honored to be a part of the show. you can watch the 50th annual grammy awards live february 15th at 8:00 right here on cbs 2. that's it for us at noon. thanks for joining us.
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