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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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man 1: [ gasps ] man 1: he just got fired. man 2: why? man 1: network breach. man 2: since when do they fire ceos for computer problems? man 1: they got in through a vendor. man 1: do you know how many vendors have access to our systems? man 2: no. man 1: hundreds, if you don't count the freelancers. man 2: should i be worried? man 1: you are the ceo. it's not just security. it's defense.
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live from studio 46 this is cbs2 news at 6. right now two police officers shot in the line of duty. a suspect also shot and accused of setting off the violence. plus, a show of support. why thousands of people are really league behind a police officer convicted of a crime. a victory for hillary clinton. the democratic candidate pulled out a win in nevada. good evening. two police officers are recovering tonight after a
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we just received this photo of one of the officers saved by his bullet proof vest. cbs2's steve langford is live on the scene in bed-sty. steve. >> reporter: it was lying a war zone here in bed-sty earlier this morning, according to one witness. but what is not yet clear is who shot two new york city cops here this morning. a barrage of bullets in bed-sty 3:20 saturday morning. two new york city police officers shot and wounded after cops confronted a suspect in this car near quincy street and malcom x boulevard after a report of a shot fired. >> as they approached the suspect, he pointed the revolver at them and fled in a vehicle. responded as backup. the suspect going the wrong way down a one-way street crashing head on into a police cruiser before taking heavy gunfire from police. >> i just heard like a million shots going off. it woke me up out of my sleep. >> a crash, too.
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>> reporter: cell phone video shows one of the injured officers on a stretcher before both were taken to kings county hospital. sources identified the two nypd officers as 33-year-old william reddin, who was shot in the right hip, and 29-year-old andrew yrkiw, treated for blunt force trauma. a bullet unable to penetrate his vest. police found this .357 revolver in the suspect's car. >> sounded like a war going on all them gunshots. >> we can't live this way. god, we come asking for your blessings. >> reporter: neighborhood leaders praying for peace and for the nypd. >> i just want to say thank you to those brave officers. >> reporter: the suspect shot multiple times by police is in critical condition. he is identified as 34-year-old jam all funes of new jersey. nassau county police paying a
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family in long island, relive years after paul yrkiw, his father, was shot in the chest on duty for the nypd, surviving his injuries, too, thanks to a bullet proof vest. if the suspect they have in custody actually fired at the officers. ballistic testing has not yet been released. the suspect in custody has two prior arrests in new york city. one on assault. the other on robbery charges. steve langford, cbs2 news. >> thank you. a former nypd officer drew a today. protesters rallied in support of peter lee yang found goalie of manslaughter in the shooting death of a man while on duty. as cbs's brian coneybeare reports, many in the crowd say the conviction is not justice. >> justice for all! >> reporter: as man as 10,000 people chanting, waving american flags and signs of support for
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yang who face the up to 15 years in prison. >> he should not go to jail. >> reporter: he was convicted of manslaughter last week in the to the accidental shooting death of akai gurley. the mostly asian american crowd held a large u.s. flag during a moment of silence for the victim. >> it's a tragedy. we feel for him and his family. this is not about race. this is about equal justice for all. >> reporter: a smaller counter protest in support of akai gurley held across the street. >> the black community wants a jail sentence. >> reporter: police officers did all they could to keep the group separate. tempers flared at times. still many of the protesters say both families and communities are heartbroken by what happened. >> i think that this is a tragedy for both sides. >> reporter: this was one of 40
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country in support of peter liang. he will be sentenced april 14. our temperature rollercoaster finally on an up swing after record lows last week. today people enjoying the warmer weather while others are playing sports in shorts sleeves and shorts. meteorologist elise finch is in the weather center. >> let's take a look at these high temperatures around the area today. look at these numbers. 64 for newark. a record 62 for islip. 62 for laguardia. 61 for central park. 59 for jfk and 52 degrees for bridgeport, connecticut. very different story from what we were talking about just last weekend. what a swing this is. last saturday 22 degrees, falling to 6. today 61 degrees, 39 degrees rising to 61. i don't think it could have come on a better day. people love to see a nice weekend out there. now, we have one sort of system that's well to our north.
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heading our way. i will have more about that in cindy. >> thank you. well, breaking campaign 2016 news. today a crucial victory for hillary clinton in nevada's democratic caucuses. cbs2's danielle nottingham from >> reporter: cbs news haz win are of the nevada caucuses. we are at caesar's palaces where she is expected to address supporters here shortly. both campaigns, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, spending a lot of resources here. this was their first test of their appeal to minority voters, and this was the first contest out west. so both candidates, both campaigns hoped to bring this momentum leading into south carolina, which is their next contest and super tuesday, which comes up in march. in las vegas, nevada, danielle nottingham, cbs2 news. >> also today the republican primary in south carolina.
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cbs's craig boswell has the latest. >> reporter: good evening, cindy. we are in columbia, south carolina, where ted cruz will address supporters here later this evening. all six candidates are predicting big polls. ted cruz is gaining ground on republican frontrunner donald trump. there is five points between the two. this is a particularly large contest for jeb bush. the former florida governor began his day early this morning greeting voters at a polling precinct in greenville, south carolina. now,s a for voter turnout, a combative contest combined with a number of unusual cut-ups between candidates and involving candidates has officials seeing a record turnout. the republican primary could also somewhat win owe the field, though it will not clear the way for one particular candidate. the delegates are still awarded
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contests are not completely winner take all until march 15. a tragedy set offering questions at a state university. friends and family say he was a healthy and happy basketball player. investigators think he may have been hazed to death. people looking for romance allegedly victimized by this man. and delayed by this. an out of control car causes major headaches. otis livingston live at mets spring training in florida. hi, otis. >> reporter: hey, sind does. it's sure to be a long road pack to the world series for the mets, but that gelling process has begun. day two of spring training.
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at a time, one pitch at a time. thousands of mourners at justice scalia's funeral today. the service was held in washington, d.c. among the many digitorus, vice president joe biden and all eight supreme court justices. scalia's long time friend justice clarence thomas shared a reading from the new testament and scalia's son who is a catholic priest delivered mass with a mixture of reverence and humor.
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times or mixed them up, but there are nine of us. he loved us. and soft to show that love. >> scalia died last week. he was 79 years old. new information tonight in a slashing at a greenwich village restaurant. the nypd released new surveillance pictures of two people. they want to talk to them as part of the investigation. these pictures taken inside the west 4th street subway station shortly after the assault at the silver spurs diner at laguardia place. police say a teenager and another man came that the diner and began asking for donations. they were asked to leave and they did, but came back. police say the suspects slashed a 25-year-old worker on the cheek. the two were seen leaving with two women. new at six, police looking for a robber who is targeting people through a dating app. here is a photo police say the suspect sent one of his
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it was caught on video along route 73 in mount laurel. he met the victim interest, drove to a clued area and -- to a secluded area. elise finch is tracking a storm. plus, heartbreak on a fraternity campus. and smoke soars into the sky after several cars catch fire
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a college student from brooklyn dies suddenly at buffalo state university. now, police say his death might be related to hazing. cbs2's ilana gold talked with close friends. >> reporter: what are you going through? >> it's really, really hard because we were really close. >> reporter: marcia green is devastated over the death of her good friend bradleydyly. they grew up together on east 81st street. she just saw him last month during his winter break. >> he left here for my birthday
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when he comes back in march. >> reporter: that was their last time together on thursday, the 21-year-old senior and business major at buffalo state lost his life. during his first two years at the school, he was also a member of the school's basketball team. his fans honored him at friday's game, questioning how this could happen. >> he was healthy. you never heard of any health problems? >> healthy. he was on the basketball team. he was in perfect health. >> reporter: buffalo police looking into what led to his death and investigating if it could be related to an off campus hazing incident. >> my grandson is up there, too. so sometime in january my grandson called me and told me that he was vomiting and he was losing weight. >> reporter: she tell usdily had been in and out of the hospital for several weeks. she talked to his parents and says he could have been given some sort of toxic drink. >> i healthy young man couldn't just have a flu and just deteriorate like that.
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the student's parents are in buffalo while police investigate and funeral arrangements have not been made. in kanarese is i, brooklyn, ilana gold, cbs2. > dyly was involved with the alpha phi alpha fraternity. they say it does not condone and strictly prohibits any illegal acts, including hazing in any form. the fraternity also says it's cooperating with investigators. a scare this afternoon at marist college in poughkeepsie. thick black school near the school's campus as students reported cars are cars were -- cars were on fire. no word on injuries or how the fire started. scare on san francisco's bay bridge after a video emerges showing a dangerous and illegal stunt. a driver shown doing doughnuts on the upper stec.
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elise finch with your exclusive cbs2 forecast. what a day. and i put my winter coat on because i am clueless. >> right. >> and you didn't need it at all. i know, this was a good one. and you love to see it on a saturday when so many people can enjoy it. this was a great day. let's check in with our weather watchers. see what kind of temperatures we have right now. it hasn't cooled down too much. a number of locations that have 59-degree readings. elaina in brooklyn 59 on the nose. she says loving this weather. can't wait till it's like this every day. bring on spring. i know. this was a nice one. lots of temperatures in the upper 50s. one of the coolest temperatures i can find is 55 degrees from brian. he is in long beach. he says, i guess spring's a little early this year. what a beautiful day. some people love winter. they love it cold. love it snowy. it was warm but beautifully sunny. nice and clear out there. we have got a mild evening on
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59 degrees is what we are with 'sitting at right now temperature-wise. wind out of the southwest at 14 miles per hour. 61 degrees was the high temperature today in central park. so well above the norm. in fact, closer to the record. the record on the day is 69 degrees. we set that back in 1939. things are looking good. your temperature trend shows what's happening. cold for your thursday and friday. a huge spike in temperatures today. they start to cool down sunday 50s tomorrow. 40s heading into the work week. you can expect dry and mild conditions through sunday morning. some light rain sunday afternoon and evening. clearing but cooler on monday. and then we are a watching a larger system for the middle of the work week. your vortex satellite and radar not a lot to look at right now. things are good for us, and by that i mean dry. not bad. we are in the mild sort of sector between those two fronts and they is what happens as we turn on your futurecast. go through tonight, we remain dry. we see increasing clouds early
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expecting rain to move through. 5, 7, 7:00 for your sunday evening expecting rain. it continues heading into the 10, 11:00 hour primarily south. for tonight partly cloudy. 44 degrees. that's in the city. we will see 30-degree temps in the suburbs. a little cool, but not bad at all. tomorrow cooler temperatures on the day, but still nice. still above where we should be. we have got more clouds tomorrow. again the showers roll in late. sunday. 45 for monday. we are watching the next system late tuesday into wednesday. >> thanks, elise. still ahead, our spring training coverage continues. we are going to check in on otis livingston, who is live with the
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florida. have a story you'd like us to investigate. call our toll free tip line at 8 a 55-2 tips. now your jeep sports desk. >> all right. the met go on to work down in florida. steve obermeyer is here with sports. >> every time we toss it out to otis livingston, you can feel the excitement down there. it probably has more to do with the nice warm weather out there. the question is going to be how long will it take the mets to turn the page from this world series run last year? judging by the participation and the players' early arrivals, feels like the team is on a mission. it is a fine line. this roster is filled with the full spectrum of players. young guys trying to make their mark. you have got aging players trying to hang on for one more year. more on how this mix of athletes
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year's mets roster we send it back out to port st. lucie and otis livingston. otis. >> reporter: hey, receive. yeah, there is plenty of excitement down here. there was no way the mets would attract the record 1500 fans they did yesterday for the first official workout for the pitchers and catchers. there is still a buzz down here as they start to team build for what they hope will become a successful season. day two of the long grind of a major league baseball season. spring training where players will continue to develop chemistry and camaraderie. >> we are a family. time. six months, seven months during the season. and it's a fun time. you are going to enjoy, time to get ready, like i say. >> reporter: even with the young harms, harvey, degrom, matz and sindegaard, terry collins feels the post morning role bartolo colon who noters along in his 19th season. >> you look at what this guy has done in the two years on this team early in the season, you
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them down. he is what he is. and then what we know his durability that, hey, look, is there a time in the season where, you know what? your starting rotation is intact. there is no history of problems. he could go pitch out of the bullpen and do it very, very well. >> there is talk about who is already in camp, but the biggest buzz is about a guy not yet here. yoenis cespedes to show up tomorrow. collins believe that speaks up tomorrow. >> to have ces here, he said he loved the clubhouse. he loved the atmosphere. he needs to be a part of it. now he is coming in to be a part of it. that sends a huge message to the other guys that, hey look, he is not just talking. he is for real. it will be great to have him here. a big push and plus to everybody in the clubhouse. >> reporter: can you feel that? you can certainly feel the energy and excitement when the
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after the season ended, conventional wisdom had him leaving the mets, possibly joining daniel murphy with the nationals. he chose to come back. otis livingston, steve back to you in the s studio. >> thanks so much. and safe travels as you travel now across alligator alley to yankee town. all right. the yankees, by the way, working out in tampa. and they should have their best back into the bullpen in the majors. the final three innings might be lights out. remember andrew miller was closer last year. he is going to be bumped to the set-up guy with the trade for chapman. it's not rubbing miller the wrong way. he says that chapman makes the yankees better. >> probably guys in the clubhouse think we are better than we are getting credit for. we don't pay a lot of attention to that. i think projections are tough to hang your hat on. they don't always come true. anything can happen in baseball. we have the pieces.
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i think if with show up to play, we can beat anybody. >> and i think that sets the right tone. you have to have the right attitude when somebody replaces you. you might be the next man up. who knows what a role chapman will be when he starts in the pinstripes. >> what do you expect to see? >> a lot is hanging on the older fellas with the yankees this year. will teixiera have the same year as last year? will he stay healthy? what about beltran? what about alex rodriguez? they have shown if they can bring this together, they can possibly an 85-90 team. thanks so much for joining us.
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see you then. >> axelrod: breaking news from nevada, where cbs news now projects a win for hillary clinton in today's democratic caucuses. republicans are casting votes in south carolina, where polls will close just about 30 minutes from now. the emotional farewell to supreme court justice antonin scalia. the harrowing final words from the doomed ship "el faro." >> the clock is ticking. >> axelrod: and a suburban village deploying big-city surveillance tactics. is this the town that knows too much? captioning sponsored by cbs >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. we begin with a campaign 2016 update from nevada where cbs


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