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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  March 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> we will not be able to provide the level of service or the capacity that our rail service currently provides to our customers. >> reporter: their plan includes increased bus service and path, light rail and ferry service. >> a key component of the plan is using strategically located park rides. >> reporter: the locations will be, hamilton station, pnc art center, metropark station, metlife stadium, and ramsey route 17 station. will be free. added service will run inbound 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and guess what! this plan will only be able to carry 38% of new york-bound daily nj transit riders. that's only 40,000 people. far short of the 105,000 people who take trains daily. >> it will be a problem because i don't drive in the city. >> reporter: it is predicted this will add 10,000 vehicles
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carpool. >> we are talking about backups that could be as long as 23 miles that could extend on route 78 or 25 miles on the turnpike. >> it's going to be a nightmare. absolute nightmare. >> reporter: that's why arthur is already negotiating with his boss to telecommute, work from home. hopefully, this domino effect will be stopped as negotiations continue down in washington, dc tomorrow with the national mediation board. at secaucus junction station, meg cbs 2 news. >> it is estimated that a normal 65-minute commute will take well over two hours from morristown. now to the cold snap and lonnie is tracking some snow. he is in the weather center with the latest on how much and when it's going to arrive. >> i don't think there's going to be a big snowstorm. it will be activity out there.
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advisory. it's like a wet snow currently nothing falling in our area. but you can see snow showers and snowflakes down to our south off to the west. going to take a while for this to overwhelm our atmosphere because in our area right now that air is too dry. so i think it's sometime basically after midnight you start to see some snowflakes out there, not a lot. north of the city could see nothing. i think most see a trace, zero, really. zero to 2" covers us. the most likely spots around 2" would be maybe south of the city and east of the city. you would be closer to the storm. the storm is well offshore but that's the way we see it. it could be messy for the morning commute. just not a big snowmaker. guys, over to you. thank you. and due to the forecast, alternate side parking rules are suspended tomorrow. but you will still have to feed the meters. other news now, bitter moments in a westchester courtroom as four men plead not guilty in the connection
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both sides supporters of the victim's family a professional baseball prospects and the defendants were there. cbs 2's lou young has the story now from white plains. >> reporter: mike nolan's godfather wears a laminated picture of the murdered man on a cord around his neck. other friends wear t-shirts bearing his likeness imagining him in heaven. the heartbroken father carries the young baseball player's oakland a's jersey, a symbol of the promise that was stolen. the 6'7" left-handed pitching prospect from yonkers died a grand jury says at the hands of a 17-year-old from the bronx, nashaun hunter arraigned thursday for second- degree murder accused of firing from the back of a car into the parking lot where nolan was standing after midnight september 17. there was a audible reaction in court as his lawyer entered a plea. >> pleas of not guilty to all counts. [ yelling ] >> reporter: the judge warning the packed courtroom -- >> any disruptions we'll clear the courtroom in a heartbeat, trust me. >> reporter: what's that about? >> upset. they're upset.
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they have every right to be. >> me and my wife we get up crying every day, every day. [ crying ] >> reporter: police say mike was collateral damage in the conflicts that sometimes arise out of illegal street race. there was a street race and fight hours earlier and the defendants allegedly went looking for revenge. some of their friends were in court today as well but wouldn't give their names. >> the victim family, you know, the victim is a good guy. always like that when somebody passes but obviously if he was a good person, why is he in the situation to begin with? >> he was not involved in any race and he was not the intended target. i'm not denying he was there but he had nothing to do with the fight, the race. he had nothing to do with any of that. >> reporter: three other men face assault and weapons possession charges for being in the car. registered to defendant garth cole. >> my client is not the shooter. it's very early on in the case. and we have a lot of investigating to do. >> reporter: all four defendants are due back in court here in june. we're in white plains. lou young, cbs 2 news. >> michael nolan was shot four times on september 17. he was hospitalized but he
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october 9. police are looking for a man targeting elderly women in brooklyn. surveillance cameras captured this man suspected of attacking a 91-year-old woman in park slope. elizabeth gioino was attacked in the middle of the day yesterday as she came home from the library. police suspect this same man attacked a 71-year-old woman in a nearby home last month. gioino says she was held at gunpoint. >> the suspect took off with $170 from the victim and $100 from a neighbor who intervened. three suspects are in custody after the slashing of a yellow cab driver in brooklyn. police say it happened
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dropped off three men in williamsburg. two of the suspects tried to distract the driver. when the third reached through the taxi's partition and cut his forehead. the driver says the attack was unprovoked. >> i said okay, guys, have a good night. all of a sudden, one of them -- the other puts his hand in slashed my forehead. >> reporter: what did he use? >> i don't know. i didn't see it. all of a sudden put the car in drive and ran away. >> the cabbie was not seriously hurt otherwise. the investigators believe the trio also attacked a second victim on the street. governor christie is on the defensive and firing back at his critics who called for him to resign. thigh goff said he is focused on his constituents. cbs 2's sonia rincon reports from the statehouse. >> reporter: the governor's two-hour news conference began with an announcement that unemployment is down to less than 5% in new jersey. but then chris christie promised to stick around for any and all questions. >> all the ones that have been pent up inside you that have
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alive to have the opportunity to ask me. >> reporter: he dismissed the call to newspapers for resignation over his support for donald trump and notable absense from new jersey over the last year. >> they are trying to be relevant and the only way to do that is to set themselves on fire. >> reporter: the criticism from some republicans that trump is hurting the party. >> i don't think republicans do well by telling the voters they're wrong. >> reporter: he claimed he is not looking for a job in a trump administration and defended trump from mitt romney's latest criticism. >> i know donald trump and he is not a bigot. >> reporter: what about that stare? the painful expression that got all that attention on social media as christie stood behind trump on super tuesday. he says he is not being held hostage. >> this is part of the hysteria of people who oppose my trump endorsement. >> reporter: governor said he would not be a full-time surrogate for trump but asked what he has brought to the trump campaign so far? >> not sure. >> reporter: he said he has been here for 19 out of 22 days as he dropped out of the race for president all but a couple of days he campaigned with donald trump.
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campaign with trump again anytime soon because as he put it, there is a lot of work to do here. in trenton, sonia rincon, cbs 2 news. >> governor christie added that he plans to return to private sector once his term is done. aspirin is well known for helping to prevent heart attacks and strokes. now we are getting word it could lower the risk of some cancers. dr. max gomez explains the patients it could help. >> a runaway horse through times square. the damage he left behind. and what he spent today doing. >> thus far the talk has been about a little bit of snow moving into the area. we also talked about some 70- degree readings possibly out there. in between we have the weekend what will that be like? we'll talk about that coming up. >> all right. coming up on the "cbs evening news," mitt romney steps into the middle of the presidential race. >> scott pelley is here now live. hi, scott. >> hey, kristine, maurice. great to be with you. mitt romney became the unofficial leader of the gop
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but donald trump came back fight ig! we'll have the very latest on the political news and some remarkable reporting from inside syria all coming up on the "cbs evening news." >> okay, scott. thank you. and then a bit later in sports, turns out carmelo anthony isn't sorry.
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they have made a significant breakthrough that could lead to a cure. scientists at the cold spring harbor laboratory say that they have created a drug that destroys breast cancer cells without harming healthy ones. when tested on mice, cancer tumors reduced drastically. >> one of the most if not the most exciting research findings in my career, the effect was so dramatic that it was not something that i could have actually predicted. >> it will take a few more years but i think it's going to happen and if it happens in my lifetime, it's a wow factor. >> researchers hope to test it on human tissue in the next few years. >> there's a cheap widely available drug that may significantly reduce the risk of cancer. >> it's aspirin. and cbs 2's dr. max gomez says that this new study will show exactly which types of cancers this may help. >> reporter: exactly. you know, we know that taking aspirin a daily aspirin can help prevent heart attacks and stroke.
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number five causes of death in the country. but what about cancer? how much aspirin and for how long do you need to take it to prevent the deadly disease? aspirin has been called a kind of miracle drug. you can buy it over-the- counter, it relieves pain reduces inflammation, protects against heart attack and stroke and prevents some cancer. >> it's very strong evidence that aspirin can prevent colorectal cancer but the association of aspirin with other cancer types isn't really as well established. >> reporter: so dr. chan from massachusetts general hospital and coauthors examined data from two large national studies that include almost 136,000 health professionals both men and women who have been providing detailed information about their overall health for decades. those who took either adult or baby doses of aspirin on a regular basis did have a lower overall risk of developing any type of cancer but mostly --
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so cancers that affect the esophagus and stomach. >> reporter: there was a significant reduction in them. >> there was a 15, 20% reduction of developing colon cancer using aspirin on a regular basis and it took six years of use for benefit to emerge. but you know, once there was this benefit, it was sustained over time. >> reporter: but dr. chan says the bigger public health benefit of aspirin may be for those who don't have routine colorectal cancer screening such as colonoscopy. >> in addition for folks who don't have screening for whatever reason, the effect of aspirin also is quite pronounced. and because we know that cancer of canada ra hard disease are the two leading causes of death in the u.s. population, the public health impact of these findings might be substantial. >> now, aspirin helps reduce colorectal cancer even above and beyond what you might get from actually following those colonoscopy guidelines. if you do. now, unfortunately, though, aspirin did not lower the risk for breast, prostate cancer or
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the benefit was for those who took aspirin twice week. >> is there any case against taking aspirin. it causes bleeding. you have to be careful. it causes stomach bleeding. be careful about taking it with ibuprofen to get you into the bleeding or aleve. always ask your doctor. >> thank you. after many delays, a long- awaited transit hub at the world trade center opened this afternoon. the building is called oculus. path commuters can access a new entrance at liberty and church streets. remaining entrances should open in the spring. the hub will ultimately house 11 subway lines and there's also 200,000 square feet of potential retail space. >> this was a very successful mall before 9/11. and then we have no doubt it's going to be a very successful shopping center. >> okay us will opened five years behind schedule and will cost $3.9 billion, nearly twice its original estimate.
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mayor de blasio will be taking part in the city's parade. the mayor says he is ending his boycott of the nation's largest st. patrick's day parade now that it is fully dropped its ban on allowing homosexual to march. in previous years de blasio participated in a smaller inclusive parade in queens. the parade chairman says he wants this year's parade to be the most inclusive parade ever. and now an update on the nypd horse who turned times square into a wild west last night. seems gunny the horse was scared by a noise threw off the officer on his back and ran off. gunny ended up at the midtown garage where the nypd mounted unit keeps horses during breaks. here's a picture of gunny today. you can see that he is in "stable" condition. the department says the horse and the officer are doing well. no one was hurt in the incident either. i felt bad for the horse.
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by noises in times square. >> start running down the street. [ laughter ] >> i'm glad everyone is okay. >> and he went home. >> yes. weather picture now. lonnie getting ready for some changes. with snowflakes out. there get that one to focus. look at the empire state overhead you have some clouds yes. they are going as to tart thickening up into the later nighttime hours. winds have not been an issue today. that's good. right? it was cold out there. didn't have the rough winds this afternoon. had some stronger winds early this morning but now they are like maybe three miles per hour. so there will be some light snow starts to kick in some time i believe after midnight. could very well be some slippery spots in the morning for your morning commute. but this is not going to be a huge snowstorm. more concerned about it boeing a problem. the northern suburbs it's possible you missed this altogether. you may not see snow out of it. you could see a little bit. no one will get big totals. we'll talk about that later.
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the warm air getting here on wednesday your record is 69 degrees. possibly breaking that record. so keep that in the back of your head as you deal with a winter wind advisory in ocean county tonight from 10 p.m. to 1 p.m. tomorrow the possibility for one to three inches of rain. that three inpossibility would be the biggest number -- the three inch would be the biggest number of snow. i think it's better to say for our area i'm going to say from a trace zero to two inches or so around the area. vortex satellite and radar we are starting to watch snow showers trying to move in. they are right around the chesapeake. they can't really break in yet because, you know, overwhelm this dry air that's in place and it will take a while to do that. later tonight overnight is when that will happen. here's how we see things working out on your futurecast. put it into play. midnight the southern tip of ocean county starts to see a few snow showers moving in. this is a computer-generated portrayal of what we think may happen.
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flurries ahead of it but we don't think it will amount to anything. while you see some snow blooming up around new york city around 4:30, the center of the storm is well to our south. we are just getting clipped by the northern fringe which is why you see sort of a setup like this. south of the city and off to the east the bigger one to three inch range. you could see that because if the storm is centered to our south this is the very northern fringe of it. now, might be a little bit here's how we see things coming together. this is the most aggressive model i can find. 1.4 on the screen. warmth is out west. that's a high pressure system which will be moving in here by the time you get to wednesday. we are talking temperatures 10 to 25 degrees above normal! again, we could break that record for wednesday. i'm forecasting a tie for 69 on wednesday but across the board 38 for friday, 42 saturday.
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not accumulation but it's out there. then warming up 55 monday, 64 tuesday, and 69 wednesday and 66 thursday. >> spring fever. >> got our attention. >> we like it. thank you. steve overmyer is in for otis with sports. >> well, baseball games are back and one yankee star hit a home run with his first swing. we'll show you who. >> and find out what this 11-
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now, your jeep sports desk. >> otis is off. so steve is here. and carmelo anthony, he said he was sorry. but now he is not sorry? >> i mean, boy, there's just always something going on with the knicks this year. it's been a terrible year for the knicks. and it turned out that carmelo anthony really isn't sorry after all. he was just told to say that. the issue stems from a couple of nights ago when a fan was heckling him at the garden and the melo said he pointed to the owner, he said look, the owner is right there. ask for your money back. so melo and the knicks released a statement saying that he and a fan let the frustrations of the season get
6:24 pm
not have responded. today melo didn't feel his actions warned an apoll i. >> this was his response when he was asked who prompted you to apologize? >> >> the knicks. [ laughter ] >> you know, it was a collaborative effort. it was mr. dolan. i don't really think i said anything wrong. i think it was -- i don't think i said anything wrong. the guy was asking -- he said wasn't coming to any more games. and i said, why are you talking to me about it? the owner is right there. told him to discuss that with him. don't yell my name out and, you know, talk to me about that. anything that happens in new york, i get blamed for. so that's just the way it is, man. >> honesty from him. baseball fans, you open up the newspaper today, you saw something that you have been craving. a box score. doesn't matter that it's spring training and you might not know all the names. it's an indication the game is
6:25 pm
played their second game this spring. it's a great sign, alex rodriguez with a home run on the first at bat. they will be the key to the yankees offense this year. yankees lost the game. mets taking on the nationals and perfect opportunity to get image of daniel murphy in the nationals jersey. he walked and scored a run against his former team and bryce harper picking up where he left off last year almost. he goes off the wall in right. it's one of four runs allowed by rafael montero. 9-4 the mets lost to the nationals. tiger woods isn't playing on tour right now but he is going viral for something he didn't do. tiger did open a new children's course in texas. an 11-year-old tyler crozier had the honor of striking the honorary first ball and watch where this ends up. can you believe this? >> wow. >> if are a 7th grader and hit a hole in one in front of
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>> he can't even believe it. look at that. >> time to retire. >> do you do anything more? >> sets the bar up high. >> carmelo anthony needs a hug. >> he does. >> i think he needs a hug. >> he needs some teammates. >> he does. >> good ones. we'll be right back. look at health care through our eyes and you'll see healthcare differently too. across 21 hospitals and over 450 community and research facilities, we're 61,000 people looking to not just raise our standard but raise the standard of health care. north shore-lij is now northwell health. look north.
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coming up tonight at 11, imagine looking out your window and seeing this. backyard. plus, road rage taken to the extreme. a comment about a car in a bike lane ends with an assault. and it was all caught on camera. we have that and all the news tonight at 11. right now up next with the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," a rare look at life amid the fighting in syria. >> thanks so much for joining us here at 6:00. we'll see you tonight at 11. have a good night, everyone.
6:30 pm >> pelley: the grand old party establishment fights back. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. watch, by the way, how he respond to my speech today. >> pelley: we did. >> mitt is a failed candidate. >> pelley: also tonight, our correspondents give us a rare look inside syria's civil war. >> reporter: so this was an american air strike. >> pelley: major donors cut off the largest veterans' charity after we exposed how the money is being spent spp and a soccer star pledges to donate her brain to study concussions. >> the more we know, the more we can help protect the next generation and the generation after that. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the man who carried the baton for the republicans four years ago is not passing it to donald trump. he's hitting him over the head


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