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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  March 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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norticl lo,avs seter ju gd. a bronx nurse nowhere to be found, missing for three months. why are police just starting their search now? a customer held hostage in a convenience store. first a tribute you can see from the sky, balloons released for two teams after a car jumped the curb. we learn more details about the driver who never should have been behind the wheel. >> i'm kristine johnson. tracee carrasco is live in union city wear that vigil for the victims was held tonight. >> reporter: even at this hour police are still gathering -- people are gathering at the memorial steps away from the devastating crash site.
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driver who lost control never should have been driving in the first place. the mother of 16-year-old noel herrera overcome with grief, taken away on a stretcher from the site where her son died. >> [ yelling ] >> reporter: and the mother of 17-year-old brian rodriguez inconsolable as she arrived at the vigil. the two best friends killed and a third teen critically injured when a car jumped the curb on john f. kennedy boulevard. a scene victor sanchez says will haunt him forever. >> i've never seen anything like this before in my life. i'm traumatized. when i close my eyes, i can see these kids. >> reporter: debris still scattered along the sidewalk. next to where hundreds gathered for this afternoon's vigil. balloons with messages to the victims let go into the sky. emotional tribute to the lives lost. >> devastating. everybody's heart is broken. >> everyone is so depressed.
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it's horrible. >> reporter: the driver made his first court appearance today, charged for the two deaths along with speeding, reckless driving and driving with a suspended license. >> nobody should take it upon themselves to drive on roads recklessly. putting others at danger. >> reporter: police are investigating but say the 23- year-old may have been driving at more than 70 miles an hour in a 25 mile an hour zone. outrage to those who you -- who those who knew the young victims. >> how dare you. you took the lives of two innocent children. how dare you. >> reporter: toxicology results for eric patterson, the driver, have not come back yet. we don't know if he was under the influence of anything. he's being held on $1 million bail. live tonight from union city, tracee carrasco, cbs2 news. now to breaking news in south jersey, a state trooper truck by -- struck by a vehicle near camden.
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was also injured in an accident that resulted in a car fire. it happened around 8:20 tonight. no word on the victim's condition. southbound lanes are closed on i-to 95 between mile markers 23 and 24. police in spring valley have just issued a missing child alert for 12-year-old -- rather, 10-year-old kelly rivera-pillco. last seen around 8:15 this morning at her school bus stop alongside beth finkel -- boulevard. she never got on the bus. she was wearing a black jacket, white shirt, blue overall skirt and boots. questions tonight about a woman who hasn't been seen for almost 3 months. her coworkers are suspicious so they contacted police. cbs2's valerie castro has more on this developing story. >> reporter: detectives emerged from this home in the bronx with what appeared to be documents and a computer tower, all seized as evidence in a missing persons case.
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i feel really nervous right now about it. >> reporter: neighbors wonder when they last saw the woman who lives there, 30-year-old move fossa raman. she was last seen by coworkers at bellevue hospital where she works as a nurse. back in december. around that time they say her husband told them she had gone back to her home country of bangladesh for a family emergency. after a lengthy absence with no word from her the coworkers went to police and he never spoke to the woman's hunts -- husband and says he hasn't seen the couple or their daughter since. >> on december 15, watch my house, i've got to go to my country. that's the last time. >> reporter: did he tell you why he was going? >> the kids. >> reporter: investigators searched the property and even dug up the front yard. >> looking for a lady body. >> reporter: they looked through the home with flashlights and it appeared as though the power had been shut off. police do have evidence the woman's husband traveled out of
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but it's unclear where she might be. police sources say investigators also brought a cadaver dog here to the home on sunday but found no evidence of foul play. in the bedford park section of the bronx, valerie castro, cbs2 news. campaign 2016 now, mike bloomberg shut the door today on a possible third party run the former mayor didn't go quietly. bloomberg wrote a column saying donald trump is running the most divisive and demagogic campaign i can remember. extreme. he said both hillary clinton and bernie sanders have attached policies that spurred growth and opportunity. bloomberg decided not to run because it would have helped the republicans. four states hold primaries tomorrow the biggest being michigan. trump with 36% of the republican vote there, 13% ahead of cruz. the democratic side, clinton 13
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here in new york, clinton enjoys an even bigger lead. a new poll gives the former senator 55% of the vote, 21 points ahead of sanders. looking at the republicans, trump may be enjoying a home- field advantage with 45% of the vote. chris christie says he will not cancel a trip to celebrate his 30th anniversary. despite a looming strike deadline that could cripple new jersey transit, trains could stop running when the clock strikes midnight saturday. today's talks ended with no agreement between the state and 11 unions. riders are preparing for the worst. >> not reliable at all. >> you don't trust him to do the right thing? >> no. everyone's going to be commuting by car. it's going to be crazy. >> as of right now, no further negotiation meeting scheduled. the tappan zee bridge will soon offer cashless tolling. drivers will be able to pay through easy pass or by mail
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developed in conjunction with the new new york bridge project which will eventually replace tappan zee. michelle obama will attend the funeral for nancy reagan. the service set for friday morning at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. reagan the -- died of congestive heart failure yesterday at the age of 94. the body will lie in repose wednesday and thursday. she will be buried next to her husband. a plea deal for the teenager who prosecutors say killed a classmate, who rejected his prom invitation. 18-year-old christopher plaskon pleaded no contest and could spend up to 25 years in prison for the murder of maren sanchez. the honors student was stabbed to death inside jonathan law high school in april 2014 just hours before the prom. plaskon will be sentenced in june. sportscaster erin andrews
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lawsuit over a secretly filmed nude video. the reporter asked for $75 million from her stalker michael barrett. the nashville marriott hotel that allowed him to check into the room next to hers -- barrett filmed andrews naked in her hotel room through a peephole and posted the video online. unlikely reunion between a woman and her dog. the pooch was just a pup when she was snatched from a backyard in the bronx. now 2.5 years later that she was located two hours away in south jersey. jessica schneider shows us what finally led to this reunion. >> reporter: two and a half- year-old breanna is back in the bronx after being lost since the summer of 2013. >> when i went inside and came back out, she was gone. >> reporter: she was in the back alley behind the brian avenue apartment. gonzales and her 10-year-old son john think someone jumped
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the then weeks old pitbull -- pitbull. after finding nothing is for years, they suddenly got a call in mid-february from the animal orphanage in south jersey. >> the guy that scanned her said, we found a dog here and we scanned her and your name and information came up. it says her name is rihanna. that's when i started crying. >> reporter: gondolas got all three of her dogs implanted with a microchip inserted on the back of the neck. it has important information like owner's name, address, and telephone number. >> we don't know how from here, she got over there to new jersey. we don't know how that happened. told volunteers from the orphanage drove breanna two hours north. 10-year-old john probably the most excited of them all. >> always praying and everything. we went to the church every day. when she came back, i was excited. >> reporter: a discovery that leaves them wondering where rihanna was all this time and who may have abandoned her. jessica schneider, cbs2 news.
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held hostage in a convenience store. just come home. >> five years ago he was begging for his wife to come home.
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murder. smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. some terrifying moments caught on camera when an armed thief takes over a brooklyn bodega at giselle's grocery on east new york avenue. the gunman is seen grabbing a customer and holding them at gunpoint, then he fired a shot at the store's owner who was able to dodge the bullet.
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i hold the stick, he come to -- i got a stick in my hand. >> reporter: the suspect took the run. tonight a possible break in a long island cold case. prosecutors charged 33-year-old murder of his wife nicole tessa. five years ago, we spoke to him as he hung flyers searching for her. >> reporter: what you think happened to your wife? >> i don't know. i don't have a clue. please, i love you. i miss you. just come home. >> reporter: jones had been managing properties and has since moved in with his girlfriend. she says he's innocent. >> and amazing man. that's all i'm going to say. he's an amazing man. you guys have it all wrong. >> reporter: prosecutors say jones killed his wife after she accused him of stealing her pain pills and then selling them. he's being held without bail.
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because it appears to show a woman leaving her two-year-old daughter and one-year-old nephew in a burning car. >> take the kids! what are you doing? come on! >> that's a police officer in monterey shouting as the woman -- at the woman as he rescues the toddlers. he had to order the grandmother to get out of the car. other relatives say both women were simply in shock. wild site in westchester town, two bobcats were spotted outside of a house on valley drive. the homeowner says the cats had a concern for the safety of her young children and dogs but they are not a huge worry. the state department of environmental conservation says bobcats are scared of people. they will most likely run off when they are spotted. they had when it comes to wildlife, of course it's best to keep your distance. new tonight, graham
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unlikely subject of a new story. >> a stable in just about everyone's pantry but a recent investigation has resulted in some cracker concern. >> smelled so bad, i couldn't possibly get into my mouth. stroke -- >> reporter: strong words to describe a box of graham crackers. that's how vanessa brown says her teenage daughter reacted when she opened this box of nabisco crackers and took a bite. >> as soon as she put it in her mouth, the taste was horrible. smelled like chemicals. i'm thinking, oh my god. are they poisonous? >> pretty rancid. >> reporter: stan was also shocked. >> definitely think there's a problem with the product. >> reporter: he says he bought his box several months before the best use by date. nabisco said brown's crackers were opened 10 months past theirs and they added manufacturers put those dates on products to indicate to consumers the time period in which they can insure an optimal product experience. but now stinky crackers have
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customer complaints using unappetizing descriptions like hideous smell, tasted like reeked of chemicals. there's also a twitter page dedicated to the issue called stinky crackers. >> very strong. it choked me. >> reporter: we sent a non- expired box of crackers to john, who runs a food safety testing lab. >> nowhere from the box for the package do i smell what would be called graham crackers. >> reporter: customers and grandparents are anxious to have answers. >> you give those to your kids. and you are concerned. what's going into their system? >> reporter: so here's what we know. test results showed a high level of a chemical that is found in foods that have gone rancid. one expert said the smell would probably keep people from consuming enough for it to be harmful. a spokesperson for the company says the crackers have been reformulated and the product that resulted in the complaints
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we'll put that one to rest. all right. let's talk the weather now. we are still in the mid-50s tonight. >> mild day, more mild out there then when you have a little bit of less than wonderful weather, overall it's a good-looking week. weather watchers, reporting right now, 45 in islip, from nancy oswalt. i've had you on the show before. 45 in east islip, what are you telling me, sunny and blustery. well, here's the deal. you did have the winds blowing in off the water for islip. not necessarily a place like newark where that same wind would come over the land. 28 it up, islip never heated up. high of 48 degrees. 55 right now in the city, that's what maurice is talking about. 55 this time of night, here we
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area, newark, up to 62. islip 48. again, the air in islip off the water, same southwest flow was heating up newark. central park hitting 60 as well. come wednesday, the record for march 1969 degrees. we could very well rewrite that almanac for the day because my forecast of 71, the normal high for may 18, the 70s get here two months ahead of schedule. looking like that will happen. quite out there overnight, bigger picture is going to show you a few high, thin clouds. not a big problem. a little swath of clear air and then a deck of clouds. tomorrow starts off nice clear skies, a few more clouds come in, sprinkle right now, portions of the ohio valley, not going to have any effect on us. our next rain chance way over to dallas, texas. this badge of moisture coming
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very well circulate up and over this area of high pressure giving a nice sky and coming into the area thursday with wet weather, but temperatures are not going to plummet. it gets even warmer tomorrow and warmer still by the time you get to wednesday. some precipitation and temperatures are going to drop but they never plummet. maybe drop down to the upper 50s. then precipitation you see is just going to be rain. overnight tonight, 46 degrees for your day tomorrow, even more like spring, 64 degrees, cooler at the coast. wondering where is spring? 13 days away officially. here are the numbers across the board, 71 just jumps at you on wednesday. 69 come thursday, some wet weather with thursday and even a flashing cloud because there could be a thunderstorm with want like that, 58 friday, saturday night remember to spring forward with the clock. i want everybody to look
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>> he joins john elway -- we're not putting eli in retirement just yet -- he joins john elway, jerome bettis has recent players to leave the game after a super bowl title. this last image winning super bowl 50 just last month. at his press conference, he thanked a lot of people including his former bronco teammate's, his brother eli, this is where i was going, was supposed to be there but had a stomach flu and couldn't make his flight. the nfl career is over and as you expect, peyton was emotional when he reflected on his time in the nfl. >> when i look back on my nfl career, i know without a doubt i gave everything i had to help my team's walk away with a win. they were other players who were more talented but there was no one who could out prepare me. and because of that, i have no regrets. >> peyton's retirement press conference was scheduled. we thought we had another one
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sharapova began circulating. the five-time grand slam champ had another announcement, she failed a drug test at the australian open. she says she had taken the drug for 10 years for health issues and says in december she received an email about the banned substance list but didn't open it. she offered this apology today. >> i take great responsibility in professionalism in my job every single day. and i made a huge mistake. i don't want to end my career this way. and i really hope that i will be given another chance to play this game. time for us to step aside for a moment.
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mets split their team up today. on the road against the cardinals, most of the regulars back at port st. lucie taking on the tigers. no neil walker. there goes his first home run in a mets uniform, lucas duda, his first blast of the year. bartolo colon pitched three innings, the mets win 7-3. the yankees got shutout 1- 0. the madness has begun. automatic bids on the line, two games come down to the wire. iona taking on monmouth. hornby, 20 points off the bench. iona stores back, much is too much, the hoop, the foul, the gaels up by five. the hawks were down one with one last chance. taking it inside were iona steals it and seals it, 79-76, headed to the tournament. monmouth is hoping to get an at-
11:31 pm
hofstra and unc wilmington's tied at 68. buzzer beater? no. green is off, they go to overtime. that's when the seahawks didn't miss a shot. for-4 from the field, a great year comes to an end, 80-73. unc wilmington heads to the tournament for the first time in 10 years. the final word for peyton manning who signed off on the as he could. >> i had a great coaches and players. wouldn't have been possible without them. so, omaha. [ applause ] >> [ laughter ] >> way to go. >> do you think he will keep that up? >> that's just his thing. >> they will never say. >> don't you change anything, peyton. why do we do it?
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all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at thanks for joining us. >> up next is with stephen colbert
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have a good night. ( band playing intro music ) ( band playing "late show" theme ) (cheers and applause) >> stephen colbert, everybody! (cheers and applause) >> stephen: hey, everybody! nice to see you! (cheers and applause) welcome to "the late show." thank you so much! (cheers and applause) it's a good one! thank you so much!


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