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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  March 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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as a runaway case. they have been in touch with that 10-year-old. they say that she is safe and has been in communication with them via social media, but her mother, we have been speaking with her this morning and she's frantic and desperate. she just wants her daughter home safely detectives escorting the little girl's mother out of their spring valley home. as school buses picked up kelly rivera's classmates without her. >> her mom, panicked, worried and out fearing the worse after the teacher confirmed she never showed up to class on monday. >> is no kel, no -- [ indiscernible ] at school. >> reporter: kelly's mom said the 10-year-old walked to the bus stop alone, one of several bus stops here along methuen boulevard where they saw her around 8:30 monday morning and never saw her get on the bus. >> everybody looked around to
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to go up, but up in the bus but she didn't go in the bus. >> reporter: selma medina working nearby saw kelly hail a cab, get inside and take off. >> two cars, two taxis and she is like this and one taxi stop. >> reporter: her friend said that is not unusual for the 10- year-old. >> and she always used to miss the bus and stop and use ised to stop a cab to go to school. >> reporter: she was not alarmed at first thinking the program. she realized something was wrong and soon after, she got a message from kelly claiming she was with her dad in queens. >> she said she's with her father? >> yeah and with father. you. >> reporter: the father told us over the phone that he's just as worried but does not have her and hasn't seen her. >> when did you see your daughter last? >> here.
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uncertainty about why or how she went missing, parents are urging their kids to be more cautious. >> and we have to be careful, you know, don't talk to anybody that you don't know. >> reporter: and again, we just got an update from this spring valley police chief. and he said they were able to track down that cab driver that picked her up. he said that she dropped her off in manhattan. now, police say that kelly is now telling them over social media she is back here in the spring valley area. they're trying to confirm whether that is the case and who she was with and, of course, we'll keep you posted on any updates. janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. >> and there are a lot of details there. the nypd searching for a driver who hit a woman crossing the street with the walker and then took off. magdalena doors is at the allerton section of the bronx with new video.
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the victim pushing a walker down williams ridge road after 8:00 p.m. on monday night. she turns to cross the street, making it past the northbound lane, stopping at the yellow lines to let cars pass by. and in the middle of the street, she is hit. you can see the older model white car making an impact and keeps moving. throwing the victim, her walker and her belongings to the ground. tanya saw the same scene from her front door. >> and i heard her crying. of the pain. >> reporter: soon, neighbors and passersby surrounded the victim. >> she was talking and asking one of the people to get her family. >> reporter: seven minutes later, emergency vehicles arrive on scene transporting her in critical condition to jakobi hospital. the police canvass the area for clues monday night, collecting anything they could to help lead them to the driver that hit the woman and kept on going. neighbors say this stretch of
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dangerous. >> and you can't see him coming until they're there. bam! >> reporter: the victim is in critical condition at jakobi hospital and they still searching for this hit-and-run driver. magdalena doris, cbs 2 news, allerton. police are looking for an older model white sedan. a scarsdale man charged with murdering his wife appeared before his judge. lou young joins us inside the courthouse in white plains with more. lou? >> reporter: chris, this is the accused killer who was found covered with blood smoking a cigarette calmly in the kitchen after calling 911 as his wife bled out in the bathtub and this is an awful domestic violence case, the worst kind in this community. the grand jury indictment unsealed today. take a look. when you see him in person, there is no evidence of the pent-up rage that could motivate an intimate bloody crime. the 62-year-old attorney and corporate consultant stands indicted now for the january
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wife in their scarsdale home. a 21-stroke knife attack in the shower that seems like it was lifted from a classic horror film. he pleaded not guilty and signed a series of protective orders at the judge's direction. his attorneys spoke briefly outside of the courthouse here. >> and as you know, this case is a tragedy for everybody that is involved. i have had the opportunity over the last week to spend a significant amount of time with my client and his concern right now is for his family. primarily his children and their well-being. >> the orders of protection are for what? >> they're for the children. thank you, thank you all. >> does he remember what happened that day? >> way can't answer anymore questions. thank you. >> reporter: the gruesome murder in the upscale section of scarsdale stunned all who knew the couple. >> everyone is upset and shocked. none of us can believe it happened. >> reporter: the victim was a revered pediatrician in the bronx. he filed for divorce last
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of her husband going so far as to change the locks on the house to keep him out and that didn't work. he is expected back in court next month. he seemed aware of his surroundings in the courtroom and turned around and made eye contact with someone in the gallery as he is being led back to the holding cell. he's being held without bail at the westchester county jail. >> and thank you, lou. new video released of a small plane crashing on long island. it happened saturday. you can see the plane with the parachute deployed hit the ground in the middle of a industrial complex. a man and his daughter were returning from a trip to rhode island when the engine stopped and both walked away from the crash with just minor injuries. incredible. and several people rushed to the hospital this morning, poisoned by carbon monoxide in queens and chopper two over 77th and garden avenues. one firefighter spent the
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shut down a gas-fed boiler and that the incident appears to be accidental. and contract talks resume between new jersey transit and rail worker's unions who threatened to strike. more than 4,000 workers authorized a strike starting early sunday morning if there is no deal in place and that can affect more than 1,000 riders. and the governor said he will monitor the talks while he is on vacation this week but that he's not directly involved in the negotiations. and evacuations in new jersey. the truck was carrying flammable material when yip flipped around 7 this morning and that is where routes 202, 206 and 28 come together. the accident forced the evacuation of a nearby hotel and businesses. hazmat crews are on the scene trying to clear the debris. and investigators are on the scene after a commuter train derailed in northern california. at least 9 people were hurt
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john blackstone has this report from niles canyon. >> reporter: train crews are working to clear the tracks. the morning after the altamont corridor express, known as the ace train, redaled -- derailed in northern california. >> we hope to get the rail lines cleared out by the end of the day. >> reporter: 214 people are on board. officials say that a mud slide may have caused a tree to fall under the tracks. >> and it was jolting. and a fairly wild ride. >> and we felt a couple of sharp jerks and slowed down. >> reporter: one car sled through the mud into alameda creek and the car came to rest on its side. he was in the adjoining car. it derailed. >> and before a crime -- to get there and he had flown out of the window. >> ala meet -- madea county firefighters launched an urgent rescue operation. >> and you have people screaming and panicking, you
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of the train is going to tip over. >> and considering there is 05 people on this train, i call it a minor miracle. >> reporter: the corridor express -- for use of the tracks and union pacific investigators are on scene checking the tracks now. john blackstone, cbs news, in niles canyon, california. and a number of states holding primaries today on the gop side and votes are happening in michigan, mississippi, idaho and hawaii. and michigan is the big prize with 130 delegates and the democratic rice at 59 in the jonbenet ramsey race. and there is still much more ahead here. families of victims are searching for answers still as they march mark the anniversary of malaysia airlines. >> and a driver running around with a tree stuck to the gil of her car and we'll have the background on this story coming up, john. >> and that is something you
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something we'll see over the next few days. the temperatures well above
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vanished and investigators don't know what happened. tina krause reports that relatives of the victims remain desperate for answers. >> reporter: relatives of the victims are still the grieving on the second anniversary of mh- 370s disappear. the family members of chinese citizens on board the flight from kuala lumpur to beijing prayed for answers. my hope is that the plane can be found, she said. i heard the search is going to stop. and that can not happen. last july, a section of the wing washed up on reunion island off of the coast of africa and last week, a three footlong piece of metal turned up off of the coast of mozambique and investigators are working to confirm it came from the boeing triple 7. she lost her husband patrick who was an in-flight supervisor on malaysia airlines flight 370 when it mysteriously vanished from radar.
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of. >> reporter: malaysia's parliament held a moment of silence to remember the 239 people lost. the prime minister said that he's confident that crews will find the plane but admits the search is the most challenging in aviation history tina krause, cbs news. australia is leading a deep sea search in the southern australian ocean. if they don't find anything by the end of summer, they may start look -- stop looking. feeling good. >> and 62 the kelly talks about what it's like living with gravity after spending a weightless year in space and
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65 now. governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing. if you work full-time you shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise of opportunity for all and that's what this
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. well, this florida dad will get more than a time for father's day. dad took the eight-year-old son to his first professional baseball game in florida. great day and great fun. the boy was scrolling through pictures when a bat flew into the stands. the bad stepped up and reached in time to stop the bat from barbing his son's face. >> and i threw my arm out and tried to block it the best that
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>> and i have like a ball -- and i have been hit with so much stuff, i am -- . >> you're iron. okay. >> ee might be iron but that would have hurt. he was still hit in the shoulder but okay and got bruised. dad ended up with bruising on his wrist and a good save by dad there. astronaut scot kelly is reacclimating himself on earth after spending a year aboard the international space station. manuel bjorkas sat down with the nasa spaceman. >> you seem to be walking funny. that is the affects of this, right? >> my legs are not feeling good. >> reporter: astronaut scott kelly is getting used to wauing on earth again. the soreness is one of the affects of spending nearly a year in zero gravity. >> and my legs are a little swollen still from the, you know, the fluid that ships up to our heads and in -- in space, gets pushed back down on my legs.
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>> and what was the toughest part about it? >> i think it's, you know, for me, it's being away from your loved ones and your friends and family. a year is not short, but it was very rewarding and enjoyable. something that i feel privileged to having got to do. >> reporter: nasa is testing the affects of long duration space travel for a future mission to mars. and kelly came with a huge bonus, an identical twin. astronaut mark kelly who could be studied on earth to highlight how the time and space impacted scott. >> man, they are delicious. >> good stuff. >> and while he was not bussy with more than 400 experiments, kelly had fun. ality one point, he floated around in a gorilla costume. all he said for a more personal mission, to inspire the next generation of space pioneers. >> i think it's part of on ur
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that as, you know, the public face of nasa. and anything we can do to get them more excited about studying science, math, and engineering and technology is something we should be doing. >> reporter: kelly said that one thing he thoroughly enjoys now is being able to sit down for dinner without the fork or glass floating away. >> and they have such good fine quarters there. >> oh, yeah. >> and before he left, hey, pack the monkey suit. >> and yeah. >> where is my benny hill cd. >> and et cetera well talk about this and 65 right now. glorious. >> we're not monkeying around. >> i know. >> and we have a big ridge and that is bringing in the big numbers and that is interesting. i want to share observations from our weather watchers. wait a minute, 58? and nancy has breezy conditions and that is over the cooler ocean water is going to keep her cooler. and good old reliable. anthony's got 67 and is on a kick. he's trying to talk everybody into taking tomorrow off.
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and hang out with anthony. and you look at the cooler numbers, 62, 60 and these thornwood. and there is some variety. it's interesting, though, more clouds and this bud's for you and michael and from the birds and elena and a, va as well and more clouds than yesterday. case today. the ridge really builds in and in the city now, 65 degrees. wind is calm here. a bit of a southwest wind for the south shores and the hamptons, obviously, quite a bit cooler and 47. ble mar, 63 and -- bel mar, 63. 58 and 63 in sparta. that is great. without exception, you're warmer than it was this time yesterday or a lot warmer and 15 degrees warmer in the city. a big warm-up and let's do the
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68, over 20 degrees above normal. so longing april, feeling like may. 72 over the next few days and the end of may and this continues. and that mix of sun and clouds, more and there is moisture. you're seeing more in the way of cloud cover to the west. and we have a risk of tornados through texas and some. >>. some significant snow into parts of the pacific northwest and in our area, partly sin, warmer inland. 68 and that is the fulcrum. into the east, cooler and to the west, warmer. overnight tonight, you're looking at 52 and that is mild this time of the year and tomorrow, you're up to 72. and we continue to climb.
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tomorrow. the last time we had a 70-plus degree day was in 2012. there were 8 of them that year. we'll see a few of them and i think we hang on to the 70s on thursday and not a bad day on friday. a chance of a show or saturday and with less sleep. don't forget, we spring ahead. >> still, the next few days. >> whoa, figure it out. >> and give me an idea there. and to find out the weather any time, download the cbs new york weather app and economic forecast and get a live radar. it's free and available in the itunes store and for android on google play. and when we come back, a
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is. coming up on cbs 2 news at 5:00, a climbing controversy. a charity said one world trade won't let them he can up the stairs even though they did last year. and we asked why not? then coming up at 6, an attorney on the other side of the law accused of pocketing settlement checks meant for crime victims. news at 5. and you have to see this. and watch this surprising dash cam video. it shows police in illinois catching up to a woman driving with a 15-foot tree stuck in the grill of her car. the tree. driving.
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weeks ago but the roseel police department posted the video and photos on facebook this weekend and it's already gotten more than 19,000 shares and 13,000 likes. what do you think, johnny? >> how do you not hear it? look what it did to the car? >> she was immediately suspended from her job in the bank. she was a branch manager. and that is it for us. for the -- i thought you were going to pick that up. for our team, thank you for joining us. i'll chris wragge.
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at 4:30. >> summer: i can't believe that they want to vote you out. i mean, we are family. we need to act like it. you would never abandon one of us, so we shouldn't abandon you. >> victor: they have already made up their minds, my darling. you're the only one who showed up for me, and i'll never forget that, okay? >> summer: maybe i can convince them to -- to change their minds. i mean, you are this company, grandpa. we need you. >> victor: word has it that jabot is projecting enormous revenues. how the hell is that possible? >> billy: "yeah, i slept with victor newman." what? she'd say it, drop the mike, and leave the room? >> phyllis: yeah, basically. but you know what? i think it's incredibly liberating. she's out from under the control of victor. i mean, except for the part of her business being out there and being a walking freak show. >> billy: no, i don't see it that way.


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