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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  March 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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on toni "toni on." the search resumes for two men following a tugboat crash. this morning we're hearing from a woman whose father did not survive. campaign chaos. protesters arrested with pepper spray as violence increases at a rally for donald trump. we get one more hour of daylight. head out early. there is rain later today. cbs2 news sunday morning starts right now. good morning. it is 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea grymes. >> the top stories are right ahead.
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with a look at the forecast. day. similar temperatures. overall, looking good. a slight chance of showers later on today. take a look at where we are starting things off. it is mild out there. fifty-three right now in the city. forty-six in monticello. forty-eight in belmar. the 24 hour temperature change -- is 5 degrees warmer in the not that impressive. but it is 20 degrees warmer in monticello this morning as opposed to yesterday. those are some improvements. as a look at the vortex satellite, plenty of clouds overhead. you can see there is a lot of green on the screen. plenty of moisture heading in our direction. it does not arrive -- until later this afternoon and evening. overnight and throughout the day tomorrow, we're
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today, it is warm and very pleasant. finance, 57. 53 degrees. tomorrow, 61 and mostly cloudy. coming up. we will talk about a very uncomfortable start to the work week. back to you. >> thank you. top story. a search and rescue operation. at the hudson river. for two members of a tugboat crew. >> one man was left dead. we're live with more. >> reporter: search crews are 10:00 a.m. to resume the search for two of those tugboat crewmembers who are still missing. they are now presumed dead. tugboat named specialist. two of the three crewmembers still missing after the 84-foot vessel pulling a crane crashed
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the tappan zee bridge saturday morning. 62-year-old paul amon of bayville, new jersey died in the accident. but was found shortly after the crash. we spoke to his daughter. >> he loves going sailing and fishing. he loved everything to do with the water. he loves his tugboat job. when it was time to go to work, he enjoyed it. >> the 21 crewmembers working on the barge were able to brace themselves and were not injured. >> the u.s. coast guard and diving specialists fighting the conditions saturday night, had to suspend efforts to find the two missing crewmembers. it impossible to gain any traction in the search. >> the current is moving very quickly. so when someone is in the water -- the water wants to drag them downstream at a high rate
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>> this deadly accident -- tugboat operator they confessed to drinking crashed into a barge killing a bride-to-be and her family last year. that crashed lead to more safety improvements and better lighting in the area. the latest accident here is raising questions. >> was there enough lighting? how familiar were they with this part of the hudson river? >> the state department of environmental conservation says the tugboat, which is still underwater, may be leaking as much as 5000 gallons of fuel into the water. there is no word yet on when that vote will be taken out of the hudson river. bill de blasio news. a missing connecticut boy has been found safe in queens after police say he was taken from his home triggering an amber alert. investigators say 44-year-old
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son from his wife's home in trumbull. the mother is expected to be okay. police are searching for the boy's father. and the beating death of a bouncer in queens. two people have been arrested and charged with manslaughter. this happened early yesterday morning inside johnny's restaurant and bar. police say 43-year-old elsworth reid was trying to break up a fight when he was knocked down and attacked by a large group of people. his wife wants all of the attackers brought to justice. >> he was beaten to death. they trampled him. that is what friends told me. they stomped on him. like 10 up to 15 guys. >> elsworth reid was pronounced dead at the hospital. and this is outside of a
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in kansas city, missouri. many demonstrators were removed. >> this comes amid growing fears -- fears of violence at donald trump gatherings. we have more. >> agents formed a circle around donald trump as a man tried to rush the stage at a rally in ohio saturday. >> donald trump was forced to cancel an event friday after fights broke out between his supporters and protesters in chicago. the chaos spilled into the streets were police made several arrests including one cbs journalist. >> there have been other group -- other groups of coordinated protests at rallies -- but nothing as massive as what i saw last night. >> the republican front- runner declined to take responsibility. >> they want me to tell my people -- please be nice. >> instead, he blames
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violence. >> what the supporters are doing is responding to a candidate who has in fact, in many ways, encouraged violence. >> the ugly divisive rhetoric >> the ugly divisive rhetoric from donald trump and the encouragement of violence and aggression is not only wrong, but dangerous. >> donald trump's gop rivals criticized protesters but also the billionaire. >> donald trump has created a toxic environment. >> i will still contend to support the republican nominee. it is getting harder everyday. >> donald trump has rallies in three states scheduled for sunday. >> yesterday senator ted cruz dominated the night -- the wyoming caucuses winning nine delegates. and marco rubio won the delegates in washington dc picking up 10 delegates. mayor bill de blasio expressed his feelings. he said "behave like a racist, speak like a racist -- of course, the real donald trump is a racist" she -- he was reacting to a tweet by john lennon who also called donald trump a racist. we will be speaking more about this in the 8:00 hour. interests -- dangerous levels of lead found in newark. deadly flooding prompts mandatory evacuations in the south. and it could get worse. the first time in 23 years years. a big win at the garden. a lot of people
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join our conversation on york. a dog competing in the races has been struck and killed by a snowmobile in alaska. state -- state troopers say a 26-year-old man admitted to being drunk when he crashed his snowmobile into two teenagers competing in the world famous dog race yesterday morning. at least three other dogs were injured. the man is being held on assault and reckless endangerment. at least four people dead devastating flooding. more rain in store for today. thousands of homes across six states are now underwater. some areas received more than 2 feet of rain. several people having ignored evacuation warnings -- having to be rescued. louisiana's governor declared a state of emergency as police urged people in flood plum -- flood prone areas to evacuate. >> sometimes it is too late to act.
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stuff and get going. >> three people died in louisiana including a 6-year- old child. one person died in texas. work storms -- more storms expected today. we have rain coming our way for tomorrow. >> that is right. vanessa murdock is here with the latest forecast. >> it is actually the same moisture that will be moving in and impacting the forecast today later and into tuesday. nothing like that at all. we have a pleasant day to look forward to. we will go live outside to start things off. a beautiful live picture from on top the empire state building this morning. thin clouds overhead. 53 degrees. west, southwest wind at 3 miles per hour. more clouds today then we had still quite nice. temperatures will be topping out close to 60. we will look out for showers. especially late this afternoon.
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tomorrow, it is chilly rain. talking temperatures in the 40s -- heavy rain at times. also breezy. so just be prepared for a very week. temperature trend. friday, it was 68. week. well above normal of course. yesterday, a high of 59. 10 degrees above the norm. tomorrow, 48 degrees. we think that happened early in the day. then temperatures will drop off into the mid-and low 40s as it is raining and the wind picks up. tuesday, 59. there are still showers in the forecast. counting on to start counting down to spring which begins in seven days. although it has been very springlike. on the satellite, these are the high thin clouds overhead that we see.
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activity trying to make its way toward us. the best chance of that will be late today mainly south and west of the city. overnight, things change. here is this area of low pressure causing a tremendous amount of trouble for our neighbors in the deep south. all of this moisture will be lifting in our direction. we're talking about showers giving way to steady rain tomorrow. hour by hour, here we go. increasing clouds today. we will see less sunshine as the day progresses. by this evening, the showers begin moving on. overnight, more steady stuff for the morning commute. expect localized impacts for the roadways. also the pink color means a wintry mix possible. that is because temperatures will north of the city will be near freezing. so as a go into the afternoon, steady rain. as we go into the evening commute, steady rain still. could have heavy pockets. expect impacts for the morning and evening drive tomorrow.
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an inch and a half of rain. lesser toes to the north. greater totals to the east and south of the city. today is beautiful. 61 degrees. more clouds. possibly wet weather later today. overnight, cloudy and chilly. the rain arrives. 43 degrees. tomorrow, we have a high of 48. it will happen pretty early in the day. rain, wind and getting cold. wind out of the east at 15 up to 20. and there is a gale watch in effect for the waters. as for tuesday, it is more pleasant. 59 degrees with raindrops. wind -- a little bit of wind. st. patrick's day, a possibility of showers. a 60-degree high is not bad for the parade at all. just some showers passing by. the weekend looking lovely. >> it does not look like a downpour at this point in time. >> we are ready for st.
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>> having some irish coffee [ laughter ] >> losing an hour of sleep, you need a little extra help. it is 6:16 a.m. >> coming up, preparing for a disaster. >> we show you what it takes to train with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. >> and a dangerous impact of daylight savings time and how it could affect you on your way to work tomorrow. this is cbs2 news sunday morning. blinds to go's cellular shades are as beautiful as they are energy efficient, insulating your home in warm weather and cold. right now, take 25% off hundreds of styles and colors just in time for winter!
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blinds to go's cellular shades are as beautiful as they are energy efficient, insulating your home in
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right now, take 25% off hundreds of styles and colors just in time for winter! blinds to go. blinds for life. we spring forward to daylight savings time. we lost one hour of sleep. it does not sound like a big deal but it could have dangerous consequences one behind the wheel. according to the national highway traffic safety administration, 100,000 accidents are related to driver fatigue each year which results in 1550 deaths and 71,000 injuries. michelle anderson of the national road safety foundation is here with more. thank you for being here. we appreciate it. is this a common thing people would be looking out for?
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>> yes, actually, studies have shown that 50% of drivers that are behind the wheel are fatigued. and a third of those drivers have actually shown that they have fallen asleep behind the wheel. >> falling asleep -- even for a quick second, right? >> absolutely. what happens is the brain can go into what is called, a micro sleep. and in five seconds, you have travel billings of a football field. >> this can have deadly consequences. what are some of the signs that people should look out for wheel. >> some of the signs they need to look out for would be the consistent yawning. and rubbing the eyes. and some of the other signs snapping. >> if you find yourself
6:22 am
are just blinking frequently, those are usually signs that you are drowsy. >> you live in the city -- in the tri-state area. people are always rushing. or sitting in traffic after a long day. a lot of people have to drive themselves home. that is something they should take into account. >> absolutely. and if you are going to get behind the wheel and you are sensing that you may have some drowsiness, what you should probably do is drink a cup of coffee or two cups of coffee. or a highly caffeinated snack so that you can get the caffeine flowing through your bloodstream. you need to wait about 30 minutes before it to get -- before it will get into your bloodstream. >> so people should not be afraid to just pull over. >> you would need to pull over to a safe spot. and if you can take that 20 minute nap, then do that.
6:23 am
have some highly caffeinated coffee or a drink in your system. and allow 30 minutes for it to get into your bloodstream. >> and one of the groups most at risk for this hour young men -- young male drivers. >> young people -- this is the number one killer of young teenage drivers. not just drowsy driving -- the car crashes -- being the number one killer. factor. >> and we have the teenage driver safety day coming up. >> yes. we will be hosting the first teenage driver safety day at the new york auto show on april the first. it is from 1:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. we'rewe are excited to have teams come in and interact with us -- so we can bring awareness. >> these are common but good reminders for all of us. we appreciate it.
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a live look outside. it is 53 degrees. vanessa murdock will have an update coming up a little bit later. >> this group getting slimed last night at the kids choice awards in los angeles. star wars, the force awakens, won for the favorite movie. blake shelton was not afraid of the slime. the show ended with him getting plenty -- plenty of the green stuff on him. >> people in the first row also got slimed. i wonder what is in the slime. >> i don't know. and heading for the big dance. a stun at the garden. >> here is your cbs2 sports
6:27 am
>> nobody is hotter than hall. remember last year, they fell apart at the end of the season. now the stars are sophomores. and coach willard said those puppies are turning into dogs. the most gratifying thing is that they are doing this with local guys. six of which represent the tri- state area including brooklyn's, white, at the top of the list. little doubt this guy belongs in the nba next year. the sophomore averaging 25 games. trying to lock up a number one seed in the turnout. up by two with 20 seconds left. here is whitehead. coming up with a continuation play for the lead. the garden was going crazy because so -- hall, on back- potential seed. championship. and after the game, isaiah
6:28 am
i love that confidence. you can add another local to the roster of schools next week. stonybrook fought back from being down by 15, on the back of this player's 43 points to beat vermont. all is forgotten. congratulations to stony brook. for cbs2 sports, i'm steve overmyer. have a great day. the top stories next. >> and still looking for two tugboat crewmembers in the hudson river. a horrific chain reaction crash. a woman stops to help a friend and falls 30 feet off of an expressway.
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morning. a man killed in a tugboat crash is remembered by his family. this morning, the search continues for two other men who were also on board. and how long has the school district known about dangerous levels of lead in the water in new jersey? and when will the springlike weather make a comeback? cbs2 news sunday morning continues right now. good morning. it is 6:31 a.m. on this sunday, march 13. i'm andrea grymes. >> the top stories are straight ahead. first vanessa murdock is here with a look at the forecast. talking about some rain. >> rain on the way. tomorrow will be the brunt of it. we could see showers late this afternoon and evening. mainly south and west of the city.
6:32 am
end to the weekend. temperatures close to the 60- degree mark again. however we will see more clouds today than yesterday. already happening. let's take a look at what is happening outside right now. it is so much warmer this morning as opposed to yesterday at 6:32 a.m. right now, 22 degrees warmer in monticello. white plains, 15 degrees warmer. actual temperatures. fifty-three at central park. forty-six in babylon. these are incredible numbers. normal daytime highs, upper 40s. certainly a very mild start to your sunday. on the vortex satellite and radar picture, you can see the clouds overhead. it will get more thick throughout the day. then you see all of the moisture -- the rain, lifting up from the deep south. heading our direction. and how will that impact tomorrow's forecast? this is how we break it down. by noon today, 57.
6:33 am
by 3:00, mostly cloudy and 61. 6:00 tonight, 55 degrees and mainly cloudy. after the 3:00 hour, showers become possible. i will have your full forecast coming up. we will talk about a big drop off in temperature tomorrow. and an increase in wet weather. our top story this morning. a search will resume in the hudson river for two members of a tugboat crew. >> the tugboat sank yesterday near the tappan zee bridge and left one man dead. we're live from tarrytown with an update. angelina. >> reporter: the crews still missing. one of those men, just 29 years old. they are presumed to be dead now. crews last night searching for them had so much trouble with the current at the hudson river. they decided to postpone the search. it will resume at 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> 40 feet underwater.
6:34 am
still missing after the 84-foot vessel polling a crane crashed into a construction barge under the tappan zee bridge saturday morning. 62-year-old paul amon of bayville, new jersey died in the accident. and was found shortly after the crash. cbs2 spoke to his daughter. >> he loves going sailing and fishing. he loved everything to do with the water. he loves his tugboat job. when it was time to go to work, he enjoyed it. >> the 21 crewmembers on the barge were able to brace themselves and were not injured. >> no workers were in the water. >> the u.s. coast guard and diving specialist, fighting condition saturday night had to suspend efforts to find the two missing crewmembers as choppy 40-degree waters made it impossible to gain any traction in the search. >> the currents are moving very quickly. so when someone enters the
6:35 am
of speed. >> this is the second deadly accident with a construction barge under the tappan zee bridge. in july 2013, a boat operator who later confessed to drinking, crashed into a dimly lit barge killing a bride to be and her fianci's best man. that crash lead to more safety improvement and better lighting in the area. the latest accident here, raising questions. >> was there enough lighting? how familiar were they with this part of the hudson river? >> and containment domes are around the sunken tugboat to keep a fuel spill from leaking. there is no word yet on when the boat will be taken out of the hudson river. live in tarrytown, bill de blasio news -- bill de blasio news. a staten island woman has been arrested after police made a heartbreaking fine. officers say they discovered a
6:36 am
bag at a home on richmond hill road yesterday morning. police are charging a woman with concealment of a human corpse. it is unclear how or when the baby died. police say the case remains under investigation. the hunt continues this morning for the suv scene in the surveillance video from greenwich village. police say the driver was involved in a hit and run on march 4 that left a 40-year-old man injured. the man says he was struck when the suv jumped a curb along christopher street. investigators say the suv had new york plates which include the letters gsp. >> thank you. and a woman goes tumbling 30 feet off the whitestone expressway and greens. sources say victoria garrett fell off the overpass yesterday morning after trying to help a friend who was allegedly driving drunk. sources say the friend, samantha maloney, called victoria garrett after she hit a concrete highway barrier. victoria garrett was standing on the -- on the side of the highway when sources say an off-
6:37 am
victoria garrett was hit and thrown over the barrier. and off-duty emt stopped to help her. >> victoria garrett remains in the hospital in critical condition. her friend was charged with dui. sources tell us the lieutenant has to breathalyzer test. and saying goodbye to one of two new jersey teenagers killed after getting hit by a car. a funeral was held yesterday at a church in west new york for a 17-year-old. he and his best friend died march 6 after a car jumped a curb and ran them over. another teenager walking with them was also seriously hurt. the driver has been charged with two counts of first-degree and aggravated manslaughter. new information on the dangerous levels of lead found that 30 public schools in newark. new evidence suggests that officials new about the
6:38 am
nearly two years ago. >> a memo from the district since august 30 of 2014, mandates all schools run and flesh each water fountain for opens. the same steps apply for cafeteria faucets, prior to food prep usage. and principles were instructed to tell students and staff to run fountains for at least 30 seconds before drinking the water. annual water contamination tests at newark public schools were conducted between december and february. on wednesday, the district turned off water at 30 schools after results revealed unsafe lead levels. one woman's son attends one of them. >> i send my son to school everyday to be safe. this is his safe haven. and let is in his water? >> lead in drinking water should not exceed 15 parts per
6:39 am
at one high school, a sample had 558. one elementary school, had 194. and another elementary school tested at 193. sabrina oliver says her children's school was impacted. >> i never thought the water was good in newark anyway. but that is alarming. >> health officials say it is not newark's water that is the problem, it is wind lead from old pipes and fixtures get into the water similar to what happened in flint, michigan. too much luck and damaged -- damage the nervous system. risk. >> a new round of lead testing will be done at all 67 schools. and a free health screening from a clinic. and now increased access to zika testing. the state department of health is offering free screening to pregnant women with partners
6:40 am
the tests are only offered -- were only offered when the mother have traveled before. there are at least 40 cases in new york. and some new jersey transit riders, trains will be running tomorrow after union leaders struck a deal friday to avoid a strike. eleven unions have been working without a contract for five years. they now have a possible deal that will carry them through the rest of the decade. they say information about the deal will not be made public until union leaders make their pitch to workers. governor chris christie said fares will remain the same through at least june, 2017. saving lives in the midst of a disaster. >> after the break, we get a closer look at how federal agents prepare for dangerous situations. see how the windy city turned green ahead of st. patrick's day. here is vanessa with a check of the forecast. >> beautiful yesterday. today almost as good. yes -- and then tomorrow, big changes for the start of the
6:41 am
i will have your full forecast coming up. thank you.
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a frightening scene in the sky as two window watchers were left dangling in chicago. a crowd formed to watch as the chicago fire department rescue the men between the 16th and 17th floors of this building. they became stranded yesterday when part of the scaffolding broke. the two men were shaken up but are expected to be okay. federal agents are trained to respond to life- threatening situations across the country. some of the excessive training takes place right here in the tri-state area. we get first-hand experience in long island. >> imagine an active shooter situation. law enforcement must not only
6:44 am
care for the wounded. i got a lesson in tactical combat casualty care with the atf. and with the suffolk county action team. it started in the cluster. then taking the skills to the field. >> we have a barricade situation set up where you need to stay low entry or patient. >> first order of business, the proper gear. i have my technical best. my tactical helmet. now they will putting to the test. >> joshua knapp trains medics across the country to handle crisis situations. >> this is as close as we can get to a real law-enforcement environment. >> every second counts. what do you do first? maddox use that acronym, march. >> m stands for massive bleeding. >> during the drill, i find a wound on his leg. putting on a turn a kid to apply pressure. >> a stance for air race. >> i make sure his head is back and chin is lifted. >> i listened to see if lungs
6:45 am
if not, you puncture a hole said the c stands for circulation. i reassess bleeding and apply a bandage to his leg. and finally, h -- i check his head. can he understand the? understand me? is he awake? >> we had an agent get shot in dallas. i was a medical on that scene. everything that you did is exactly what happens. and it is exactly how i had to treat the downed agent. >> the suffolk county m team trains alongside atf agents. >> all agencies have to develop this program through local funds. >> because when these incidents unfortunately happen, it is a local response on the scene first. in suffolk county, cbs2 news. >> this type of training usually takes several weeks. nearly 800,000 people packed downtown atlanta yesterday for the city's annual st. patrick's day parade. [ music ] .
6:46 am
as festive floats and marching bands traveled down peachtree street. more than 2000 dancers, musicians participated. the parade featured one of the world's largest irish walking five. and the windy city kicked off the holiday with the annual dying of the chicago river. thousands watched as they put orange powder in the water. this tradition dates back to 1962. the powder turned the water green. thursday. >> i was just reading that the dying of the river happened by accident when plumbers in the 60s were doing some kind of detection and found out they could turn the water green. >> yes. and it is top-secret how they do it. >> hopefully it is on green for some other reason. >> now we have the forecast. spring forward. how are you feeling?
6:47 am
>> maybe a nap. >> we did have to turn the clocks ahead. losing one hour of sleep. but the forecast today -- i it will be a very pleasant end to your weekend. what i would like to do first watchers this morning. and see what the conditions are around the region. we have many of us in the 40s. even 50s to start off this day. 49 degrees in yonkers. just a few clouds overhead. generally, that is the trend. high thin clouds overhead this morning. look at this. 53 degrees as you look north. we have 53% relative to -- humidity. the mild winter our weather -- the mild winter weather comes to a halt tomorrow. it will be a wet windy day with temperatures in the low to mid- 40s. by the afternoon.
6:48 am
let's go live outside. a beautiful picture of the sunrise. just after 7:00 a.m. 53 degrees at central park. the headlines. more clouds in the forecast today than yesterday. overall, very pleasant. we could see a few showers later this afternoon. and that would be most likely south and west of the city. chilly rain tomorrow. we are talking about steady -- even heavy stuff at times. temperatures significantly cooler then they have been as of late. on top of that, it will be breezy as well. so we can talk about the fact that you had to turn the clocks ahead. but we have longer days ahead. as we forge toward spring. we will start to get a little more daylight each and everyday. today, sunset is at 7:01 a.m. -- 7:01 p.m. as we progress toward the warmer months, we will start to see a little more daylight.
6:49 am
would talk about some stats. 9 inches so far this year. that is almost an inch above normal. but for the month of march, we have not even had a third of an inch. so we are about one and a quarter inches below normal. we could get right on target with tomorrow's rainfall. some isolated spots tomorrow could see an inch or an inch and a half. i think most of us see between a half inch up to 1 inch. on the vortex satellite and radar picture, those clouds are moving through overhead. it is associated with an area of low pressure. bringing in a lot of moisture from the deep south. this is where they are having all of those tremendous flooding issues. we wish them well. for us, it will not be a day where expansive flooding will pan out. but it will be a soggy start to the work week. and certainly for localized roadway flooding. today, very mild. increasing clouds. chance of an afternoon shower. then tomorrow, with the area of
6:50 am
us, it is a raw and rainy. temperatures in the low to mid- 40s. getting into the afternoon. and then the wind will start to crank up as well. tuesday, the area of low pressure still lingering. it will be warmer. we will still have showers around. today, 61 degrees. more clouds. very mild. normal highs, upper 40s. a few showers possible late today. overnight, steady rain moving in. 43 degrees. tomorrow during the day, we're looking at temperatures dropping off. so 48 is early. by afternoon, mid-40s. soggy. i think the morning commute is marginally affected. i think the evening commute has a greater impact. also there is a slight chance for wintry precipitation well north of the city. tuesday, 59 degrees. lingering showers. wednesday looking pretty good. st. patrick's day, mild. around 60. showers are possible for the parade. it will not be a washout like we expect for much of tomorrow.
6:51 am
>> it will feel very much like ireland with the rain showers. >> thank you. some innovative students have been going head-to-head this weekend on the west side. playing hosted the annual regional robotics competition and expo. more than 200 teens are engaging in battles. seeing how their inventions stack up against each other. winners get to go on to the world championship in st. louis next month. >> those kids are so smart. having great options for delicious food and wallet friendly prices is always a must. >> we go out to huntington to a place that has been doing this for generations. >> this is enough to set your mouthwatering. while it is not a restaurant in the traditional sense, you can still sit at a table to enjoy tempting homemade dishes. looking at everything here. it will be promise -- i promise
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>> the quality, the prices -- you cannot beat. looking at here? >> what is this? >> green peppers, sausage -- homemade sausage. >> this generous platter, just like everything you see it is $14.95 a person. >> we have been making this for 30 years. >> these peppers are stuffed with eggplant, zucchini, homemade bread crumbs, parmesan cheese -- and as delicious as it looks. >> it is heaven. fresh raviolis every day. >> i have the black truffle. >> authentic italian sausage
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>> tell me about these teens. don't know why it is so good. >> the caramelized onion. you have to make it with a lot of love. now russia. >> with all of this good time. >> . >> it looks good. mr. sausage is in huntington. open every morning at 8:00. check out our website for more on the dining deals and recipes. it is 6:53 a.m. cbs2 takes a closer look at a controversial topic. >> a community where residents say having a gun is a
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cbs2 news sunday morning. this week, the folks on sunday morning are presenting a special edition of the show. >> the entire broadcast is
6:56 am
guns in america. >> if you have ever wondered where the bear -- rome -- this is it. >> it is a storybook to so many people. the big fellow -- the one who looks like he has been writing all of this life -- bearing a striking resemblance to teddy roosevelt -- that is bob. this is his ranch right outside of cody, wyoming. these are some of his ranch hands getting ready to feed the horses. when they head into the mountains, they will be carrying rifles for protection against wolves, coyotes or to put down a worse. even down here, a couple men carry handguns. >> you never know when you might need them. >> that is 5-year-old hailey o'neill with her dad showing her how to use her pistol.
6:57 am
>> she is as sweet as can be. time. >> yes. >> some people might watch this and say -- she is awfully young. >> not at all. >> tell me why. >> respect starts now. respective the country. everything starts now. that starts when they are impressionable. >> guns are a way of life in cody, might -- cody, wyoming. and a look at the murray's newest weapon. bulletproofing and more. right here on cbs2. it is 6:57 a.m. flushable wipes maybe popular. but they are a growing problem for sewage wipes -- types. stories. and the forecast by vanessa
6:58 am
news continues at 7:00 a.m. my office needs new laptops at a great price. well, staples has low prices and a price match guarantee. i took a body language class once and the way you're standing could mean you're hiding something. oh! uh, staples has low prices. okay, now you're shouting... [laughing] we can hear ya! the lowest price. every time.
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the search will resume for two men following a tebow crash near the tappan zee bridge. this morning, hearing from a woman who spot or -- whose father did not survive. plus this. campaign chaos. protesters arrested and doused with pepper spray. violent increases at rallies for donald trump. we get an extra hour of daylight. look at the beautiful sunrise. we do have rain in the forecast. cbs2 news sunday morning continues right now. it is 7:00 a.m. on this sunday. >> nice to have you with us. >> i'm andrea grymes.


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