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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  March 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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just blows my mind that this even happened. >> she made headlines after she was shot 15 times and survived. now this one's family is asking for help to solve her them -- mr. yee disappearance. first, hours away from one of the biggest days yet on the campaign trail. i maurice dubois. >> i'm kristine johnson. five states go to the polls tomorrow. the results could make or break several campaigns. cbs2 political reporter marcia kramer is in the battleground state of florida. >> reporter: marco rubio is here making his final argument to florida voters but the real question is whether there's a final argument of his entire campaign.
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make sure no one stays home. we don't know how close this is going to be. >> reporter: marco rubio giving it his all hoping he can somehow win his home state of florida, quite simply if rubio can't win tomorrow, there will be intense pressure on him to drop out. doesn't look good for the florida senator in the state where the winner takes all. a new cbs battleground tracker poll has trump at 44, ted cruz 24, rubio 21, kasich 9. for the republicans, ohio is another big contest. governor john kasich hoping to win his home state as part of an effort to stop donald trump from winning enough delegates to avoid a convention floor fight. cbs battleground tracker has kasich and company dead heat. every little bit -- kasich campaign with mitt romney. >> i want to be president but i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land in order to get there. >> reporter: -- trump's -- trump canceled a stop in florida. he was in youngstown along with
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looting new hampshire. >> even more than chris christie he was there. i had to do that but i had to make my point. >> the way to beat donald trump is to beat him at the ballot box which is what we have been doing. >> reporter: polls show hillary clinton ahead in florida and ohio. bernie sanders ahead by a nose in illinois. north carolina and missouri also vote. >> the end of the day, love always trumps hate. >> what could happen if we don't band together. >> reporter: this election is so important in florida. already over 2 million voters -- either absentee or making news in florida's early voting program. in miami, marcia kramer, cbs2 news. other headlines, cbs2 learned of a new plan to improve safety at city homeless shelters. the nypd will immediately begin retraining shelter security staff and the police management team will start deploying
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mayor de blasio is expected to announce this plan tomorrow. a bizarre mystery surrounding in new jersey mother who has vanished. she disappeared for months after getting shot multiple times in her car. new at 11, cbs2's jessica schneider spoke to her mother who has been driven to tears, fearing the worst. >> reporter: dijulius family has spent six agonizing days wearing wondering -- wondering where she is. the 41-year-old mother met up with a female friend last tuesday and hasn't been heard from since. >> i knew something was wrong when she didn't come home. she's always home. >> reporter: tyrita has had a tumultuous few months. she was inside this car when police say a man wearing a mask walked up and fired several shots into the front seat striking julius a times and grazing her 15-year-old daughter. police say the shooting was targeted and now julius's mother fears it could be connected to her disappearance.
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>> if anybody is holding her, let her come home. she has a family. and kids. who want her home. >> reporter: terry dijulius's friends tells her family she went to lunch on tuesday and then dropped her off here at the long branch train station. the only problem is lyndon police say they've gone through surveillance video and they've seen no sign of tyrita or her fan -- or her friends. police tell dijulius family the last thing from the cell phone was near the train station. but her phone is now going straight to voicemail and all of her credit cards were left at home. >> she's a loving person. it blows my mind that this thing is even happening to her. >> reporter: terry dijulius was wearing this shirt when she disappeared and her family is extra concerned because she has already missed a weeks worth of physical therapy for the bullet wounds in her shoulder. in linden, jessica schneider, cbs2 news. a mother and grandmother desperately tried to save their
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in new jersey. 10 members of the may family were asleep inside their orange home when it became engulfed in flames. two-year-old nashawn and seven- year-old nayon died along with 52-year-old maurice. was also killed. several relatives were injured, family says firefighters were slow to respond. >> they came late. when they got here, they did not going. me and my husband tried to go into the back. we went back there, it wasn't no firefighters back there. >> what i do know now is that three minutes after receiving the call, the fire department was on the scene. >> the mayor says he doesn't know if firefighters entered the house. a boil water advisory in effect for parts of hoboken tonight hours after a water main break on top of flooded streets, the break also opened up a sink hole that swallowed up this car this morning. this is at first street between willow and clinton. the car had to be hoisted out of that hole.
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they say water main breaks are a chronic problem. city leaders say a deal with providers who has water leaves money -- little money aside for infrastructure upgrades. the city is looking to renegotiate. the door now open to allow casinos in new jersey. a referendum will be on the ballot making the final decision yours. cbs2's valerie castro is live with the debate. valerie? >> reporter: under current state law, casino gambling is only allowed at atlantic city. but voters could change that potentially bring a casino right here to the meadowlands. >> yeah probably. i would probably vote yes. >> definitely not. >> reporter: should casinos be allowed in north jersey? the resolution allows for two casinos in separate counties at least 72 miles from atlantic city. some of the revenue would have to go to atlantic city. this proposal for a possible meadowlands location was unveiled last year. complete with retail stores, a
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much 200 cars -- card table and 5000 slot machines. >> more traffic, more congestion. we have enough already. it failed in south jersey. why is it going to succeed here? >> reporter: some voters say the new jobs and added tax revenue would be a good bet. >> it would be a good thing for the other -- for the area. the area would get rejuvenated and we can get some money. >> reporter: others argue the failure of atlantic city is the answer to why not. >> i don't think that i set up here. i don't need it. it hasn't been a successful thing. so no. people to spend their money they can't afford to. >> reporter: lawmakers who spoke to newsradio 880 are also divided. >> the state of new jersey needs revenues. we're also sending a substantial amount of revenues back to atlantic city to invest in atlantic city in the non- gaming. >> opening new casinos only shuffles the deck. this is not north versus south. this is the state hurting
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>> reporter: if voters say yes, supporters say they could be in place just a few months after the vote. live in east rutherford, valerie castro, cbs2 news. >> thank you. new information tonight on the police involved shooting death of a college student. cbs2 has learned there's been a settlement in the case. the parents of pace university football player dj henry are getting $6 million from the village of pleasantville and officer aaron has has shot and killed henry -- as the 20-year- old drove away from a disturbance at a bar in thornwood back in 2010. also tonight we're learning the body of harry hernandez, the third victim in the deadly tugboat crash near the tappan zee bridge over the weekend has been located. sources tell us the salvage company will be contacted tomorrow morning to review -- remove his body which was inside the tugboat. the boat sank after hitting a construction barge.
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the suburbs tonight, a spike in residential burglaries. nassau county police say they've seen a 28% climb over the last year. department has created a new task force which they are calling the burglary pattern team, police say drugs are partly to blame. thieves looking to steal items from homes to sell for drug money. what's in your cereal? a disturbing new video spreading online has telephoned looking for answers. fix it. it's taking too long. come on. >> drivers at their boiling point. what's the deal with the van wyck?
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this consumer alert tonight, a disturbing video goes viral prompting a criminal investigation at a tennessee kellogg's plant. the video, too graphic for us to show you was taken in 2014 in memphis. it shows a man urinating on an assembly line. kellogg's released a statement saying the product likely affected or rice krispies treats and granola clusters and other puffed rice treats. all of which would be past their expiration date by now. law enforcement are now trying to identify the worker in that video. nearly two years behind schedule and more than $9 million over budget, construction on the van wyck expressway has drivers in queens asking, what is taking so long? the state department of transportation is spending $300 million to widen the expressway and replace six decaying overpasses and rehabilitate for more. when asked why it's taking so
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a challenging construction schedule and the initial contract awarded later than anticipated. drivers say they are just fed up. >> terrible. >> horrible. >> a big problem. big problem. >> fix it. come on. it's taking too long! >> phase 1 should be done by the end of this year, phase 2 in 2017 and phase 3 won't even start until the summer. as we head into march madness, brackets may be exciting for basketball fans but not very good for business. according to a job placement firm in chicago, nearly 51 million americans will participate in office pools this year. that is about 20% of the workforce. it is estimated that each hour spent on march madness will cost businesses $1.3 billion in lost productivity. you can watch all the madness starting thursday right here on cbs2. new tonight, video game
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millions of dollars in prize money. >> now kids are getting into the action. cbs2's hazel sanchez has more on e-sports. >> reporter: welcome to the new little league. not an athletic competition but a sport just the same. these young video gamers lined up at a multiplex in farmingdale, many competing for the first time in this new e- sports called in theater gaming. >> they've got a big tv screen that you can see everybody from. >> play will begin at 10:45. >> reporter: it gives new meaning to the big screen. it allows each player to not only see what their own avatar or character is doing, but every other player as well. >> sometimes it can be intense. fighting monsters. >> reporter: these young gamers tried to build structure like volcanoes. even as they kill off opponents. the scoreboard lets them track how they're doing. >> with wi-fi, the kids log in to our wi-fi that's created
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itself. >> reporter: the folks running these competitions say interest from theaters has doubled in just the past year. >> we installed with her game servers in over 100 theaters across the u.s. now actually had our first event today in canada. >> reporter: sarah morrison, 11, says she loves the friendly, edition. >> active and talking to your friends and socializing and you're not like laying around watching tv. >> reporter: her dad, joe, says in theater gaming is a bit of escapism. >> takes you to another world, takes you out of your life for a little bit and you can -- kind of a fantasy. you can kill zombies or be in the military. >> my technique would be get as much kills as i possibly can and help teammates. >> reporter: joined nielsen says little league gaming has helped her son johnny make friends. >> you get to converse and you get to talk to other people. meet other people which is really cool.
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payoff for these video gamers. local winners go onto national championships. vying for a $15,000 college scholarship. in farmingdale, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. >> don't tell my kids. a new kind of roller coaster promises an extra scare while you are in the air. riders get to where a virtual reality headset, so while they are experiencing the natural ups and downs of the roller coaster, they also get to see a digital world complete with lasers, explosions and aliens. the newest attraction at six flags near atlanta, no plans yet for a counterweight date with a virtual component at great adventure in jackson, new jersey. oh, my gosh. i think the culture is more than enough. >> yeah. i don't need anything added to that. [ laughter ] let's look at our forecast, cbs2's lonnie quinn is standing by, i'd like to add a little sunshine to our forecast. >> we're going to get there. sort of a slow process but will get there. as far as the rides and roller coasters, the kids at disney
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the toughest ride we went on, the teacups. >> perfect. >> that makes me ill. >> yeah. spin, daddy! spin! let's get over here and check out the weather watchers. what we've got for you, temperatures right now in the 40s for most of the area. out to long island, you have a 40 degree reading from bruce in northport. bruce is telling us first of all, showing the reign of there. the rain is good for bringing our water levels up and for helping to prevent fires. you know what? nice way to look on the bright side of things. nothing bright out there today, it was gloomy and cold and windy. right now 43, your temperatures are rising. warmer right now than it was at 3:00 in the afternoon, fog setting up as well. 43 feeling like 35 when you factor in 28 mile-per-hour wind gusts. visibility on the table right now, lowest levels would be two, three miles or so. it's going to drop as you go to the morning hours. at one point now, the numbers
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the fog, we didn't think they were going to get down to advisory levels and now they could possibly get there, keep it tuned right here with john elliott in the morning, could see some visibility down as low as 0.1 miles. it's going to affect your drive in the morning. for tomorrow and the afternoon, the dryer portion of your day, second half that is, 58 will be warmer, by about 10, 15 degrees because right now dealing with wet weather out there, could still have wet weather in the morning, currently out around the east end of long island. one little bout of heavy rain in brookhaven, big picture is going to show you another batch of rain, okay? for those early-morning hours but it's really breaking itself up into two pieces. watch this, one going north, the second about here going south, it will get clipped by later activity and then too late wednesday and thursday, out west, we watch another chance for precipitation, that's important because we are talking st. patrick's day parade on thursday.
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temperatures are going to be better than they were today. 58 for tuesday, 63 on wednesday, 64 your day on thursday, friday 56 degrees. weekend right now, 52 on saturday, sunday looking at 50 degrees. sunday moving into spring but i'll tell you, sunday into monday could be another chance for some rain, some bigger rain is even possible. we'll keep an eye on that. >> snow on st. patrick's? >> i'm not saying it but i will say a model talking about -- never mind. >> not on st. patrick's. >> no. not on st. patrick's day. >> thank you, lonnie. otis looking ahead to sports. >> we're going to check in on
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otis livingston is here with the local flavor to march madness. >> have i mentioned this is my favorite time of year? no doubt. all the selections have been made. the dance cards have been fill
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plenty of local flavor in the men's ncaa tournament. fairleigh dickinson will getting started in the first playing game tomorrow night against florida gulf coast in dayton. the youngest team in the tournament, you think they would be have to be there. but not the school from hackensack. they are going to play their way they always have. >> we are who we are. we're from new jersey. we're a blue-collar team that likes to run and we shoot threes. these guys find ways to win. and to compete. we're excited to be here but we want to win a basketball game tomorrow night. we know we have to play great to do that. >> all right. seton hall taken to the friendly skies tonight, headed for denver where they will play gonzaga on thursday. after winning the big east tournament against potential number 1 seeded villanova, the pilots were upset about getting a six seat. to have a chance to show they are better than that. dancing for the first time in history, stony brook seawolves will be in des moines, iowa on thursday to face number 4 seed mighty kentucky wildcats. >> once-in-a-lifetime experience playing the biggest name to school in college
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we're up to the challenge. >> playing with house money. three seniors, ain't got nothin' to lose. leave it on the floor. iona headed back to the big dance for the third time since 2012. they are the 13th seed, they will face iowa state in denver. iona ended monmouth's chances when they took the mac championship game a week ago. while this is a business trip, one gail is soaking up the experience. >> i'm going to seize the moment. it's no guarantee i'm come back next year. going to the tournament again next year or even the year after. so as of now i'm just living in the moment. it feels great. let's not forget about the ladies. iona is a 15 seed and will play maryland. seton hall and st. john's make it.
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break, the night on ice. eyes, toes, noses.
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dogs know. kids know. kids who think they're dogs know. (howling sound)
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they trail 3-1 in the second. the islanders were three behind the rangers. also the toughest schedule remaining in the nhl, 16 games in 27 days hosting the panthers tonight. the isles down a pair of goals in the third until they scored two in a span of one deck 21. the second, right there, josh bailey. with less than two minutes to go, cal clutterbuck with the game-winner, 3-2 islanders. they trail the rangers by only one now. i can sense a sleepy's endorsement coming up as jacob degrom missed a start with back stiffness because he slept on a two soft mattress, having a firmer one shipped to port st. lucie. two hitless innings with a couple of strikeouts. wilmer flores continues his hot spring, three more hits today, scored both of the net runs however it's a 9-to win for the tigers. the yankees have the day off. finally, broncos wide receiver emmanuel sanders told his
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quarterback a guy named mark sanchez. of course she had a few questions for him. >> what do they -- why do they call him the butt fumbler? >> well, drama, this is why they call him the butt fumbler. now it's official, everyone and their grandmother knows about the butt fumble. >> [ laughter ] >> we were about to see the third one. >> was that for real? did he tell her -- >> sounded real to me. >> works for our purposes tonight. >> [ laughter ] that thing is never going to die. >> everyone and their grandmother. >> do you google that phrase every night?
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tonight. >> coming up next, "the late show with stephen colbert". >> he's got john oliver and
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see you tomorrow. >> jon: welcome stephen colbert! ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: thank you so much! thanks, everybody! how are ya! please! thanks so much, everybody! (cheers and applause) that's awfully nice. welcome to "the late show." i'm stephen colbert. how's everybody doing?


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