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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  March 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm EDT

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in pompano beach with the very latest, marcia, good afternoon. >> good afternoon, mary and chris. it's a big day and a really big race. if these voter who is are turning out here in florida are any indication that they are coming to the polls in droves. they have strong opinions and strong views, really excited about this race. take a listen. >> i consider kasich, but i don't like him anymore. he's too wimpy. >> very wimpy. >> ted cruz? >> never! oh god every time i turn the tv on and he's on i turn it off, something else. >> trump? >> i love trump. i voted for trump. >> reporter: it's that kind of an election here in florida, which is one of two states voting today that could have a massive effect on campaign 2016 for both parties.
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missouri cast ballots today, but ohio and florida could change the face of the primaries. in florida if he loses, he'll face tremendous pressure to drop out. >> no matter where i go or where i will be that i will always be a son of this community. >> reporter: the ohio governor desperately wants to win his home state to stay in the race to make it more difficult for donald trump to score the first round nomination at the convention. >> very exciting to come in to ohio to cast a vote for me for president of the united states. pretty amazing. >> reporter: and not if trump could help it. >> your industry is dead and your steel industry is still dead and your governor is totally overrated. they haven't done the same thing. >> reporter: they are hoping to pile up the delegates today. but sanders is melting serious challenge to her in several states. here in florida, hillary and sanders have their supporters. >> you're voting for hillary? >> yes.
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>> i think she's the best candidate. and to make the changes that we need and i think that two heads are better than one. >> absolutely i'm voting for bernie sanders. >> you're voting for bernie sanders, why? >> because he's the only one to bring back their middle class. >> also a hand full of rubio survivors, but they didn't have much hope. >> do you think that they will prevail in florida? >> well, not the question, you know, he had a big competition, i'm not so sure about it if i would vote for him as i hope that he will. >> should he drop out? >> i think so. >> reporter: well for trump to have a real huge day that he has to win not only here in florida, but also in ohio. reporting live from pompano beach, florida, i'm marcia kramer, cbs2 news. >> thank you. they are announcing their plan to revamp the homeless system
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strategic move to target their dangerous conditions. i've at city hall with more news. >> reporter: well, chris, the city officials, they admit that it is a system that will be broken that has resulted in thousands of people that are living on the streets. a lot of the shelters would plague may violence investing more money and now they are getting them involved to do a complete reassessment and the overhaul of the shelter system. the city officials are counting the overhaul as the $140 million reform program. and an aggressive attempt to attack their safety concerns for those within the shelter while encouraging the homeless to stay in their shelters, rather than sleeping on the streets. >> whatever we need to do to make that dhs more efficient to keep them safe that's what we will do. >> reporter: the human resources administration and the commissioner and nypd chief department james o'neil outlining their plan.
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ordered by mary de blasio. >> left no stone unturned. we'll be focused on the wider range of incidents to make sure that we can identify gaps and services and respond effectively. >> reporter: they will begin retraining all homeland department services. they will develop an action plan to upgrade security at all shelter facilities. they will also restore domestic violence program for family shelters and implement a new extending program for incidents. john lee has lived at the boulevard for four months. police are visibly posted inside and outside of the building where there is a metal detector at the entrance, nearly decapitated by a fellow resident back in january. the suspected killer had known mental health problems.
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>> that guy was screaming out for help. >> yeah, no incidents. >> reporter: and as of today they still do not have any arrests in regards to the murder of the teacher. they went on to tell us the assessment will take roughly six months, but they will begin retraining those peace officers with a three-day retraining program by the nypd. janelle burrell cbs2 news. the body of the third victim near the tug boat crash has been located, but not yet recovered. nypd crews are on the water again today, divers say that the remains of harry hernandez are inside that sunken boat that we are told that the salvage company will begin trying to raise the boat as early as today and the tug boat
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mary de blasio took their funding fight for the war on terror to washington, d.c. today. de blasio testified before the house committee to cut their security initiative in half. and the federal program provides money for anti-terror technology and law enforcement. >> you want to see them help employee the people that keeps them safe like the intelligent specialist that monitor incoming information all day, every day. and u our new 500 plus officer critical response command is a full-time counterterror force. >> the mary told them that since 9/11 they stopped 20 terror plots. four of them within the past two years. >> reporter: they are trying to confirm the identity of the citizen that defected from isis in iraq showing up out of nowhere, carrying a u.s. driver's license when taken into custody. elizabeth palmer reports.
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shows the young man being questioned by fighters. >> the kurds say he simply appeared out of the desert unarmed. and he wanted to surrender. the man wasn't carrying a passport, but had a virginia driver's license issued to the 26-year-old along with three cell phones and about $4,000 in various currencies. he was born in maryland and gave himself up here at the isis's front lines. his mother was from nearby palestinian. there are thousands of foreigners that are fighting of americans. over the last five years, they think about a hundred who have made it to the battlefield in syria and iraq. and if their story checks out
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one to have turned himself in. >> reporter: it is unclear if it will be sent back to the united states. >> reporter: at least three more vehicles may have been damaged, bringing the total number to 17 across the county. since sunday they have shown out the windows in east meadow as detectives are searching for a white suv, possibly a chevrolet seen on one of the incidents. new today they say at least three more vehicles may have been damaged by the bb guns. bringing the total number of the vandalized vehicles to 17 across the county. investigators say sunday that they have shot out their windows of the parked car. and on north america as well. and the garden state, it is ready to ask residence if they want the casinos in north jersey allowing them to weigh
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some of the revenue will go to atlantic city. >> i think that it will be a good thing for the area. to get some money. >> i don't think that they would want that up here that i don't need it, it has not been a successful thing. no and people will go to make the money if they could afford to. >> reporter: they will be in place after at november votes. still much more ahead here. on long island, that they will get their first invitation to the dance as we are live as they will head to the tournament. a surprising statement about the risk of their brain injury for players. plus, the highest honor for mother teresa who dedicated her life to the poor. well, we've got brighter skies today. some warmer temperatures over the next few. how about that spring forecast?
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coming up. throwing a big send off this afternoon for the sea wolves. the cinderella team that will be heading to the ncaa and the big dance for the first time ever. they are live at stony brook with the story.
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the players are inside their home arena right now at their last team meeting and pep rally before punching their ticket to iowa. the sea wolves are now on the bracket. the students are betting on the home team. >> one of my brackets that looks like they would win it all. >> reporter: they are now featuring the ncaa march madness title proudly. and the fans have never been more pumped. >> i'm pretty sure that i have seen the arena as packed as it has ever been. i mean that everyone is excited. >> reporter: they are taking that energy with them as they will head to the tournament for their first time in school history. and the senior forward, that they will be ready and their bags are packed. this is what d1 basketball players heading to the ncaa tournament are eating. >> hershey drops. these are my favorite. anybody that wants to send me a great gift, hershey drops are my favorite. >> that's how you get the energy.
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lynch with his skittles, me and my hershey drops. >> reporter: the sea wolves are aiming to upset the no. 4 seed. they have a long track record of the success. >> it's a once in a lifetime experience to playing the biggest named school in college basketball. we're up to the challenge. >> reporter: the plan play hard, play smart. >> we're just ready to go out here and try to shock the world. >> reporter: no matter what happens here on thursday, they have earned a ticket to the big dance and earning a school record. the sea wolves making it to this point is a cinderella story come true. good luck to them. in stoney brook, long island, cbs2 news. they have acknowledged a link between football and the brain disease. their senior vice president for health and safety was questioned on capital hill. >> and you would ask that question whether there is a link based on the research that
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they have found number of the retired football players, but the one that they will need to get to is what that will mean that they have found cte in 90 former pro football players. >> okay. the announcement from the vatican is a big one that they have made the decision about the st. hood of mother teresa. >> and if it will rain on st. patrick's day.
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they would share the news this morning. >> dying at the age of 87. leaving a legacy of charity with god telling her to give up everything to serve him among the poorest of the poor. >> reporter: they do not need our sympathy and our pity. that the poor will need our love and compassion. >> reporter: focusing on those dying, starting the global charity to care for their
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for 1979. princess diana. >> reporter: the news traveled quickly today after announcing a meeting with the cardinals that she would be granted their back in december they would clear their way to happen this year. role model. >> reporter: she did so much for the poor that it is wonderful. st. peters told her to go back to earth that there are no slums here. for september 4. >> yes, it certainly is. it all seems like, well, if
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one week is cold, warm, rainy. a little bit of everything. >> we don't need a year for their four seasons that we could do that in a week and it is funny as we head into spring that it will be colder this weekend as we have readings in the 40s for the jersey shore, reminding you to avoid those guys today, you know your history. i like this from tony and i appreciate this, the mix of clouds and sun with a little more clouds than sun, but i did check it out at dairy queen they are raising money as i like that and the numbers are nice and so are the pictures. getting ready for spring. remember the seeds? i like that. she's joining us on facebook this morning a picture of her cat they love channel 2. the
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there is one little drop on the lens that will be cloudy 51 at white planes, feeling better, i would think so as they would compare to yesterday at 5 to 10 degrees warmer. 7:03 p.m. that we will not see a lot in westchester that they will agree that they will weaken as they will head our way. let's show you as they fall apart trying to get their brighter skies in as we would say so long to the sun. then on wednesday it's not a bad day, but we will leave a chance for the shower in that forecast for tomorrow night.
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will stay in flake form on thursday, possibility of a shower in the afternoon a little earlier, but those numbers will be nicer. 60 the high on st. patrick's day with a few showers. now we'll talk about their weekend talking about it last night. that's when you'll see the wet weather and even a little bit of the snow that will mix in. >> really? >> yes. four seasons in a week that we could do it. >> yes, thank you. download the cbs evening news app and send us your pictures and photos and the video that will be free on google play. well tony aiello inside with an eggplant that you may not have tried.
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to make sure the elongated plant like this is nice and purple, light or dark purple. make sure it is free from any greening right here that needs to be nice and clear from any bruising and free from any schrilling that means it will be nice. a nice gift to the touch. when you bring them home, send them to the refrigerator right away. i cut them in half like this and i stuff that in there and olive oil, salt, pepper. for about 10 to 12 minutes, 250 degrees. take them out and you will love them cooked like that and great sauteed. once again with the garlic and olive oil that it will be pretty good. that is always a chance to remember to eat fresh and stay healthy and great eggplant. when we come back a rare
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coming up tonight beginning at 5:00, we've all seen it and maybe even done it. they show you how kids are suffering from their parents oversharing on social media. >> and then at 6:00, leaks, water damage, mold. it's only been open seven months, but a brand new subway station has been plagued with problems. who is to blame. those stories tonight on cbs2 news beginning at 5:00. a bonus for a group of whale watchers. how about how about the dolphin
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they are racing through the waters at high speeds off the coast with a beautiful day of the point. experts call it a dolphin stampede and they say it will be the fastest mode of travel for the dolphins, allowing them to move up to speeds at up to 25 miles an hour. >> what a sight though that it will be drafting right behind the guy in front of you. >> that's it for us at noon for john and the entire cbs2 news crew, thanks for joining us, i'm mary calvi. >> i'm chris wragge. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning at 4:30. until then have a great afternoon. your body is a finely tuned instrument. diarrhea can throw it out of rhythm. imodium multi symptom relief combines two powerful ingredients to relieve diarrhea faster
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>> shawn: you know what? you don't even have to say it. i'm sorry. i know i'm in the way. >> sage: you're not in the way. not a big deal. i'll get my stuff. stay. >> shawn: you want me to stay. but you never signed off on me moving in. >> sage: that doesn't matter, shawn. >> shawn: our deal was that you would cover my medical expenses and adopt my kid. of me. i'm gone. >> sage: okay, shawn, i'm not comfortable with that. even if we didn't know who you were, we would never feel comfortable letting a pregnant woman go to a place she did not feel safe. right, nick? >> phyllis: jack announces that he's washed his hands of pass key and he just storms right out of here? that's great. that's awesome. we're gonna do this ourselves. >> billy: or not. >> phyllis: billy. >> billy: what if he's right? think about it for a second. >> phyllis: what are you talking about? >> billy: victor could sue us for stealing this company. >> phyllis: oh, yeah? he's gonna sue us from jail? >> billy: phyllis, what if he finds out that you were behind adam's kidnapping?


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