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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> when you head into the brand new hudson yard subway stop on 34th street, between 10th and 11th avenues, you can't ignore the fan with flood water in the hallway. we saw train commuters walking through it. >> terrible. everything i get off the station, something is closed or something is leaking. >> that leaking, impossible to miss above the escalators in the six-month-old station. water is dripping from the ceiling and puddling by the handrails. >> constantly wet. you slip on the escalator or slip off. >> reporter: that's why the mta shut down two of the escalators in both directions leading to serious congestion during run hour. >> i had to walk up instead of going to the escalator. because the escalator is not working. >> yes. >> this is pretty steep. how difficult is that? >> very difficult. >> one of the elevators out of operation and the flooded rest rooms have been closed since september, just weeks after the station opened. >> isn't this brand new? >> it is. should this be happening? >> no, it shouldn't. actually. >> reporter: so we went to the mta. to demand answers.
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>> it is a brand new station. and we find the situation as is stands completely unacceptable. it is something that we want addressed immediately. >> reporter: spokesperson kevin ortiz says younkers contracting company is responsible and did the initial work. and the mta is now making the company find the source of water issue and fix it. younkers contracting would not go on camera with us. but says it is addressing the problem. it will have to pay for remarries projected to cost $3 million. >> are you certain the contractor will follow through? >> they have to. they have to. simple as that. >> the taxpayer should not have to worry and front the bill? >> something covered by the contractor, absolutely. >> the mta says repairs are scheduled for friday overnight and could take up to three months to complete. on the west side, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. developing now, with elevated levels of lead found in the water, thousands of students in newark public schools will have to be tested.
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newark, now, with the reaction. tony? >> reporter: maurice, the city health director made the announcement today. blood tests will be offered to 17,000 new republic school students. parents who want to opt out can, but the parents i spoke with, mostly said, it is about time the city took this step. >> wilson avenue school, one of 30 in newark, with elevated levels of lead in the water. parents here mostly applaud the decision to test 17,000 students for lead. >> so we want to find out if everything is okay. >> how worried are you that your child might have elevated lead? >> naturally quite worried. but hoping that it is nothing too serious. >> because younger kids are most at risk, health officials decided 2,000 students in early childhood programs will get the blood test first. that doesn't sit well with city councilman joseph mccallum. >> i'm more concerned about the kids who can reach the water fountains in the schools.
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>> the water supply is fine. old pipes and fittings inside aging buildings are to blame for the spike in lead levels. this school is 135 years old. and some parents won't wait for blood testing sites to be up and running. >> you will take her myself? >> to your own pediatrician why. >> he why. >> why do you say that. >> i would rather find out for myself, from my pediatrician. how do i know they are telling the truth? >> will is that much distrust? >> a little. >> distrust because it recently came to light the schools knew about lead in the water and taking steps to reduce the lead in the water more than a year before parents were cold. the plans for the blood testing are still being developed and will be announced later. live in newark, tony aiello, cbs 2 news. a developing story now. route 9 in new jersey reopened following a crash that killed several people. chopper 2 was over the scene in old bridge when a road was still closed.
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over into oncoming traffic and crashed into a honda. state police confirmed three people died. two others were rushed to the hospital. and the road had been closed for over four hours. now to campaign 2016. and voters in five states could decide the trajectory for front- runners donald trump and hillary clinton. >> delegates in the key battle ground state of florida are up for grabs today. and a lot of new yorkers have relocated there, and will have a large say in the outcome. that's where we find cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer. she joins us live from pompano beach. marcia? >> reporter: well, good evening, you know, you are got to love people who come from new york. even when they move to another state, they still keep that certain new york essence. that attitude, if you will. big personalities. a love of politics. and all too willing to share their views. take a listen. >> i voted for donald trump. >> because? >> i like him. i really do. i trust him.
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he is not talking mumbo jumbo. he is not speaking as a politician normally speaks. i voted since the first time i could vote, the first guy that speaks my language. straightforward. i think honest. >> donald trump seems to have struck a chord with florida voters who are also transplants from new york. >> i considered kasich but i don't like him anymore. he is too wimpy. >> for real? >> very wimpy. >> ted cruz? >> never. >> trump? >> i like trump. i voted for trump. >> it is that kind of election here in florida. at least among former new yorkers. you don't give up your strong opinions just because you change your zip code. >> i think donald trump is up front. i think donald trump sees the world from a perspective of economics. >> reporter: but it is not all about trimp. hillary clinton is a favorite here -- trump. hillary clinton is a favorite here too.
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>> i think she is the best candidate. i think she is going to make the change that we need. >> who did you vote for? >> hillary. >> because? >> because i am a democrat. and i believe in what she stands for. i don't like what the republican party is out there doing. >> some new yorkers also feel the bern. >> because he is the only one who is really going to bring back the middle class. >> reporter: i didn't find any new yorkers supporting hometown candidate marco rubio but they do have strong feelings about whether he should quit if he doesn't win here in florida. >> should rubio drop out if he doesn't win florida? >> no, because that will give the advantage to cruz. >> the polls close here in less than an hour. but the parking lot here at the polling place in pompano beach is still full of cars, full of people, who want to vote. and want to make sure their voice is heard in this election. reporting live, from perform know beach, i'm marcia kraim -- pompano beach, i'm marcia kramer, cbs 2 news. come election day, the new
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rench dumb on expanding -- referendum on ex panning gambling beyond atlantic city. governor christie offered his support this afternoon. cbs 2 steve langford reports. >> reporter: atlantic city, may face even greater odds, now that new jersey voters will decide this fall whether to allow gambling in north jersey. the governor, he likes the idea. >> the state, somehow, that we could be some island unto ourselves and keep things in atlantic city, we will not expand to the northern part of the state where will is greater population an also -- there is greater population ang also greater competition from pennsylvania, excuse me, from new york, i think new jersey has to get into the business. >> reporter: one of the proposals calls for a massive $4 billion casino, hotel and and entertainment facility on this property in jersey city. the other major proposal, a cassini at the meadowlands -- a casino at the meadowlands, with a rock and roll museum and more. >> and assemblyman ralph caputo is one of the sponsors to
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>> in a convenience area with 25, 30 million people with the income to support, that they become very successful. >> i don't support it. especially around here. >> in jersey city this afternoon, not much support for casinos in their backyard. >> i am actually not a fan of gambling personally. however, if it does bring revenues to new jersey, then i guess i might be for it. >> you have atlantic city. i mean it is just going to bring a lot more trouble, i think. >> reporter: the governor says a yes vote on gambling is part of his agenda this fall. >> i will campaign for it. coming into this fall. and let the voters of the state know what my view is and then they get to make the call. >> on so many things this november, in linden, new jersey, steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> and the plan includes sending a portion of the revenues from new casinos in north jersey to help support atlantic city itself. mayor deblasio and the city council are being blamed for low morale within the nypd. a new survey from patrolman's benevolent association revealed that 96% of officers asked
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between the public and the nypd years. the leading cause is salary, personal safety concerns, and the mayor's lack of support. 95% also said the deblasio administration created an environment they call combative toward police. >> what is not just a union leader, on a soapbox, on the steps of city hall. it is our members speaking. it is our members saying, we feel unsafe. we are underpaid. >> mayor deblasio responded saying he won't put a lot of stock in the survey. the mayor is calling on congress to restore homeland security funding. he joined 17 other mayors in an appearance before a house sub committee in washington. they want cuts to homeland security grants restored. during the hearing, deblasio was asked about the fbi's legal battle with apple to gain access to the iphone that belonged to san bernardino terrorist shooter syed farook.
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appropriate information to pursue terror threats, and other violent crime, of course people will be literally physically in danger. >> the mayor says the anti- terror grants have helped prevent terrorist attacks in new york city. bullets flying in the night. police on long island looking for suspects who shoot the windows of cars and stores. >> a travel warning for spring breakers. how the zika virus could put a damper on all of the festivities. >> and we are in the midst of an unsettled pattern. but are you going to be able to carve out your slices of nice weather. i will tell you when to get the plate ready, clearly i'm hungry. right? >> all right, lonnie. and coming up on the "cbs evening news" tonight, another big primary night. >> scott pellly now with a live preview of the coverage tonight. scott? >> maurice, christine, great to be with you, a big primary night, it could be a turning point for both sides in the campaign. will the front-runners sweep tonight, or will there be more surprises that throw everything into confusion? we will have that, and the rest of the world news, all coming
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>> all right, scott, thanks. >> and still ahead, here at 6:00, dining with dogs.
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welcome to join you. police on long island are searching for someone who is shooting up vehicles and businesses with bb guns. >> they want the suspects caught before someone is hurt. cbs 2 jennifer mclogan has the story new at 6:00.
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sedan, with smashed windows, sam shook his head in shock. who would vandalize so many cars on this lot? and why? >> i was told by the police that it was a bunch of kids just driving around and doing damage. >> during a 36 hour period, nassau county detectives say at least 17 shootings from bb guns dented sheet metal on car doors and exploded glass windows at a hospital physical therapy office and shattered dozens of car window, front, back and side. and in east meadow, and levitttown and north merit. >> and it is a little under 3,200. plus tax. >> she showed us photos of her damaged range rover. now in the repair shop. >> cops came down the block and they said about 10 cars on these two cars have been hit. >> it is terrible. i have seen the detective, it was like a white truck or whatever driving around.
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these images of the suspect's white vehicle, possibly a chevy it is fuzzy. you can barely make out the passenger pointing a bb gun. >> we are very concerned about that. not only about the damage to the cars, impot people walking around in public. and not only being shot but by ricochets off the window or the plate glass door. >> my first reaction, is what is next, if it is not a car, somebody walking their dog? people. >> the most greating thing is this person is still on the street and getting away with it. >> it can take out a eye or cause permanent damage. investigators want the suspects off the street now. from police headquarters in mineola, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> and police are urging those with information to call them. you can remain anonymous. spring breakers headed to countries where they are dealing with the zika virus, they are being warned to take precautions before they party. millions of college students head to warmer climates each spring break. but the federal government has tracked 200 cases of zika
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through sexual contact to people who were not even bitten. long island health officials have explicit advice for spring breakers. >> we have advised them to use condoms. and in the proper method. and/or to refrain from sexual activity. but we want them to be aware of the risk they may be taking. >> another suggestion for spring breakers, wear long sleeves and pants to avoid mosquito bites. zika is linked to rare birth defects. 11 people in suffolk county are being treated for the virus. prescriptions are moving into the digital age. the doctor's prescription pad will soon be replaced by electronic prescriptions. starting march 27. everyone in new york state will get their orders filled from the computer. the mandate will help keep controlled substances in check and unduplicated. currently, new york state has a database that prescribers can check how many prescriptions their patients are getting. >> we turn forged prescriptions
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it is a huge problem. it is something that is undeniable. >> if you need to fill a prescription out of state, you can still get it in paper form. good news for pet owners in the city, you will soon be able to enjoy an outdoor meal with your dogs. city health officials announced today that restaurants with outdoor tables will be able to welcome four-legged guests. under the new rule owners can down with their dogs at outdoor tables. previously dogs were restricted to the area outside of patio railings. the new law takes effect in 30 days. >> just in time for the weather to warm up. >> will it ever. >> we are waiting. >> let's hope so. lonnie is lear with the forecast. sunday, we start spring. it is right there. you can almost touch it. what i've got for you right now, outside, it is a day that is looking so much better. with me org don't the 5:00 news and i saw some sun out there, and you know what, everybody is starting to see some pops of sunshine, right now, in new york city, it looks pretty good
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coming in at 56 degrees and that 56 degrees reading right now is the warmest reading of the day, and bodes well for what lies ahead for tomorrow. morning low is 44. with the high and the low, above the averages for this time of the year. and taking a peek at tomorrow. it is going to be a nice looking day temperature-wise. about 62 degrees, and actually, above average. and pretty decent looking sky. and pops of sun. and a fair amount of it. and however, later in the day, there is going to be a lit bit of shower chance. i will show you that as well. the vortex radar, showing the cloud cover pushing out. a good deck of clouds out here along the shoreline. monmouth and ocean. the wet weather will stay offshore and push to the southeast. so it is not going to be affecting anyone in our area. it will cause some fog to be developing. i think the morning hours, you could be like, one, two mile visibility out there. that will slow you down a bit. and then the big picture shows you, here is the air mass, for basically the daylight hours, and on wednesday, late in the day, the sun has now set and
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little bit of a rain chance, because of this area. and you can see here. around kansas city, and stretching up towards waterloo, that front will come through, and the possibility for some rain is out there. it will be later tomorrow. and also lingers into your day on thursday. everything. thursday is kind of important, because of the fraid. wednesday, 5:30 some of the wet weather makes its way in. it is not a wall of water. spotty showers start making their way through and they push over the area, later wednesday, and heading to thursday, looking pretty good here, 1:00, and now you are in the midst of the parade, but now, we start to hint at a chance for some wet weather to pop up again. showing you in the city, like around 4:00, again, this is a computer rendition of what we think is going to happen. who is to say this doesn't happen, you know, two, three hours ahead of time and have you some rain for the parade? so you are going to the parade, i don't think you bring the big gigantic umbrella, one of umbrellas you toss in a purse, briefcase, backpack, that type of thing and good to go. across the board, 62 on
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that is your saint patrick's day. and friday 56 degrees. a little cooler there. a chance for wet weather on friday as well. an unsettled week. now let's talk the weekend. saturday, that's your last full day of winter. 49 degrees. and sunday, spring starts, the first full day of sprick, because spring start -- spring, because spring starts midnight. 12:30 in the morning on sunday. but keep in mind, there is also a coastal system that is brewing out there. it looks like it is trying to stay far enough offshore. if it changes its course it could bring wet snow to the area. >> still time. >> still time. >> thank you, lonnie. otis livingston has a look at sports. >> christine, seton hall and farleigh dickenson left the tri- state area and today it is iona and stonybrook.
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before their date with destiny. time for sports. otis is here. unless you're living under a rock, you might not know it is march madness. >> you have to your choices in before thursday's first game. >> not today. >> not today. >> thursday. >> i got it wrong.
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and forth, and borth on thursday. >> farleigh dickinson will face florida gulf coast in dayton in the first of the gapes. 6:40. and the winner tames on top seeded -- takes on top seeded north carolina. and iona, headed for denver, colorado where they left campus and face fourth seed iowa state, thursday night. the gaels are in the dance for the first time in five years. they are the underdogs but for them, it is just a state of mind. >> i think you have to be confident in what you do and try to stop what they do. we know how high a level of a team they are and how good they are and in basketball you only have to be better in one day. >> and in basketball, being a underdog, it doesn't put a lot of pressure on you, and we are looking to play our way of basketball. >> we know we are the underdog on paper but we don't think about seton hall, and we go and play iona basketball and give it everything we got. >> a basketball game is a basketball game. teams make runs. anything can happen.
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>> a great sendoff for the stonybrook sea wolves, entering unchartered territory. they have never been to the ncaa tournament in school history. they came close the last four or five years before finally busting through on saturday. if there is a cinderella, it may be stonybrook, facing the kentucky wild cats thursday in des moines iowa. >> you got to play really good basketball. hall of fame coach. first round draft picks. they don't lose many games and it is a home court for them, as kentucky nation always travels. but we will have some of the sea wolves nation there. >> we believe, we believe. >> i like that. i like that. >> i believe, too. now to baseball. the yankees taking on the red sox. and grapefruit league action. just got under way. nova on the hill for the bombers. mets trying to reel in the marlins today. noah syndergaard looking good. one earned run in 3 and 2/3 innings striking out three. darn o trying to get things
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and mets win it 8-6. finally tonight, don't try to cash in your tickets until one kid crosses the finish line. in this case, it is the baby race. you are supposed to be the cutest and fastest babies in the sacramento area. if you didn't get the memo, it will come down to jenna and landon and landon decides to take a nap. and down the stretch she comes. she wins. >> all right. >> very nice. >> can we replay, that please? i want to see it all over again. >> where is the mom? >> only on their time. >> they are telling us would very to go. i want to see it again.
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>> rewind the tape. coming up tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00, new video of a man knocked off his bike and brutally beaten. this was just the beginning for the group of attackers still on the loose tonight. >> department store dishonesty. how a popular retailer may have tricked shoppers to spending that much more. coming up at 11:00 tonight. that's our 6:00 report. up next is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. super tuesday coverage. >> thanks for watching here at 6:00.
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tonight. couldn't pick trump out of a lineup. now-- >> trump. >> donald trump. >> pelley: and they have plenty to say about it. >> pelley: history will be made tonight, but will it be seenals the beginning of the end of the nomination process or just the end of the beginning. if front-runners trump and clinton sweep tonight tcook all but over, but if voters surprise


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