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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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nails. investigators found chemical products and a flag of islam. bombs in the middle of the morning rush hour in belgium. two explosions ripped through the main international airport in the departures hall. a ceiling caved in. bloody passengers were everywhere. >> can't explain. it looked like war. it's unbelievable. it's really hard. >> reporter: this woman was with her daughter, who is now missing. >> my husband called. [ inaudible ] >> they're looking for her. >> reporter: here you can see people rush through a smoky hall as they are evacuated. >> several exits closed off. all the luggage stays here! >> i walk through a mess a load of stuff, glass, splinters, smoke, water dripping from the ceiling.
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blood. lots of people with blood on their hands. >> reporter: these three men are believed to be behind the attacks. authorities believe two "men in black" blew themselves up. you can see they are both wearing only one black glove on their left-hand sides. some experts speculate to hide detonators. they have issued a wanted notice for the third suspect, the man in white, wearing a hat. about an hour later, another explosion, this time at a subway train in central brussels near european union headquarters. the subway station. a spokesman for the brussels airport says a third bomb was neutralized at the airport once the chaos of the first explosions eased. security officials in europe major attack since the paris attacks last november. today's bombings come just days after the arrest of salah abdeslam, the prime suspect in the paris attacks.
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president obama condemned today's bombings. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to just those who are responsible and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. >> reporter: the country is tightening security at its borders. three days of national mourning have been declared. brussels airport will remain closed at least through tomorrow. among the american victims are three missionaries from utah who were seriously injured and an american serviceman and his family. >> thank you. continuing our coverage now, despite increased security at local transit hubs, a fire at grand central sent a wave of panic throughout the terminal. cbs 2's brian conybeare has more. >> reporter: there is a very large police presence here at grand central tonight, kristine, with people on edge because of the brussels
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unfortunately, many of them feared the worst. chopper 2 shows us the thick smoke pouring out of the roof at grand central terminal just after 2 p.m. this afternoon sparking concerns of a potential terror attack in the wake of the isis bombings in brussels. >> happening in belgium, it could happen here with 9/11 and everything. so yeah, it's scary. >> reporter: terrorism crossed your mind? >> of course, yeah! after what happened this morning, the thoughts of it. >> reporter: turns out it was a minor fire in the kitchen at junior's cheesecake restaurant in the underground food hall. >> there was some flames coming out by the kitchen door looked like the back session over the grill. it was just engulfed in flames. >> reporter: firefighters poured water into the smoky kitchen and flooded parts of the food hall but no injuries and no evacuation. >> we made announcement to the people near the area to calm them, that it was just a kitchen fire. >> reporter: because of what happened in belgium, there are some 400 national guard troops
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hubs in new york city including train stations and airports. the nypd mobilized heavily armed counter-terrorism officers very visible at grand central, penn station, subway and or landmarks. >> this included heavy weapons teams, um, special weapons teams, um, transit k-9, special operations division, explosive detection k-9, our vapor weight dogs that can move through crowds and detect suicide bombers on the move as well as numerous bag check at subway entrances. >> reporter: mayor de blasio says the city will not let terrorists change our way of life. >> we are going to respond to their efforts to create chaos by showing them order, by showing our society functioning our city functioning. >> reporter: the nypd again says there is no specific credible terror threat against the city at this point. they are increasing their
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give any nervous residents an increased sense of security. we're live outside grand central station tonight. brian conybeare, cbs 2 news. bill bratton is taking a tour of the times square subway station with mayor de blasio. the commissioner said a new 55-man unit started patrolling the subway stations under times square today. we are expecting a news conference with the commissioner and the mayor in just a few minutes. we'll bring it to you when that happens. prayers for peace and those killed in today's attack at the church of the holy family on the east side. a special mass was held in english and french. parishioners woke length the terrorists win, they say -- they say. >> this is terrible. like anybody else who has been victim of terrorist, we are strong and we not gonna be we won't live in fear. >> just around the corner at the belgian consulate, people
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and small memorial that appears to be growing as people leave bouquets of flowers. it is now shortly after 10 p.m. brussels time near the end of a day, an extremely difficult one for belgians. >> yes. and cbs 2's jonathan vigliotti joins us now live from brussels with more on what's happening there right now. jonathan, thank you for joining us. for our viewers here in the new york city area, please give us an idea of exactly where you are and what type of plesacivity you're seeing right now. >> reporter: yes. so we're here directly in front of the european union headquarters a few blocks away from the metro station that came under attack this morning. that station is closed. the entire system at one point today was completely shut down but is slowly starting to come back to life. all of this, though, unfolding as you can see with a lot of security still here on the streets. police are aided by hundreds of military troops that have
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conducting raids but still very much an active investigation and manhunt for at least one of the attackers that got away. so you can imagine with all of that, an environment here that really has many still on edge today. >> we can certainly understand how devastating this is to the psyche of folks there in belgium. how you what characterize the mood tonight. tense to say the least. you have to imagine this. this was a community already on heightened alert following friday's arrest of salah abdeslam the ringleader of the paris attacks. when he was arrested a flood of security was already in this area in the days that followed. of course as we now learn that security was more of an illusion that was shattered with this morning's attacks. a lot of people wondering with all of this security, if that
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and what can be done to >> jonathan vigliotti in brussels, the tension it is side of the ocean. we can feel it, jonathan. >> reporter: yeah. >> thank you. in the meantime, there is increased security also in place at new york area airports and air travelers are on alert. cbs 2's lou young joins us now live from laguardia with reaction here. lou. >> reporter: kristine, call it air anxiety. the action overseas the targets were familiar to us. these are shared spaces that are vulnerable and we all share, we all feel very vulnerable about. and we look for ways to make them safe. we asked air passengers how they felt about traveling today. they knew exactly what we were talking about. >> you know you're not safe anywhere. we worry. >> i'm going to try not to think about it. >> reporter: the brussels attack didn't involve an airplane but an open assault on the terminal building. bombs detonated just inside the airport and outside, the security screen expanding our zone of anxiety in an
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>> it can happen anywhere. you have to be careful and be alert. you know? >> reporter: travelers in new york took note of the stepped- up security at jfk's terminal 4, where international flights depart. the extra port authority cops walking the drop-off zone at laguardia's central terminal, a major domestic hub. even the extra county cops at the smaller airport in white plains where the heavy metal ballistic curtain installed after 9/11 on the parking garage across the way reminds us how carefully security people have been thinking about our safety for years. >> we take a lot of things for granted in the u.s. but terrorist attacks is one of them. the armored truck makes us feel safer. >> reporter: a little safer but never risk-free. i talked with one world traveler about the idea of checking cars as they approach the airport. >> the i have been in countries around the world where they have done that. and i'm not sure that it's that effective. now, for the few seconds that
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car a check, i'm not sure that they do a really good job. but i'm not sure they can do much more. >> reporter: there was even some discussion today about why not check people before they come into the terminal? one security expert suggested that that would merely move the crowds outside creating another soft target. the killers, after all, want people, not the building. we are live at laguardia, lou young, cbs 2 news. through tears and tweets, social media responds to the terror attacks. this drawing depicts two people crying as they are draped in the french and belgian flags. the cartoon is the work of french artist. underneath the dates reference today's attacks in brussels and the november terror attacks in paris. and the hashtag je suis brussels has been tweeted 82,000 times.
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eiffel tower in the color of the belgium flag. governor cuomo directed the same colors be displayed tonight on the one world trade center as a show of support. we have much more coverage on the terror attacks ahead. what would you do in the middle of an attack like this? would you run, hide? what an expert recommends when you are in the face of terror. >> the other news tonight. the mayor unveils his new plan to tackle slashings in the city. how he reacted when we asked why did it take so long? >> left high and dry after sandy. how a woman says a contractor took thousands of dollars of her money along with her trust. >> and we had a bit of snow yesterday, pretty good-looking day out there now. its just going to get better tomorrow.
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forecast after the break. breaking news there's a red flag warning, the air, the
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danger is significant. here's one right now on staten island. joe biermann overhead looking at a brush fire. >> reporter: if you are wondering what the smell of smoke down by the staten island mall is, it's a large area of brush that's been burning. first alarm came in about 4:40 when the calls started to come into 911. richmond avenue near foresthill road, fire department has kept it at a one-alarm fire burning a couple of extra units. there's no buildings involved right across the street on foresthill road by the way which is closed at the moment. that's the costco that everybody going -- that everybody goes to. they are getting an upper hand on this. joe biermann, cbs 2 news. and another fire to show you here. flames and plumes of smoke pouring into the sky from a brush fire burning in linden, new jersey. this one broke out near a pseg facility near the new jersey turnpike. you can see from chopper 2 how much land was charred by the
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no word on any injuries or what started it. >> a stabbing and slashing -- as stabbing and slashing incidents continue, the de blasio administration announces a plan to reduce the crimes. since january, there have been 916 slashings or stabbings. that's a 22% increase over the same period last year. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer asked the mayor how he plans to stop it. >> reporter: slashings and stabbings the random attacks with knives and box cutter in new york are finally getting the attention of the nypd and the mayor. >> we'll be responding aggressively to the uptick in slashings and stabbings and the way we'll do it is the way we have always done it through precision policing. >> reporter: the mayor and commissioner announcing phase 3 of the antistabbing plan. >> unlike shooting incidents, stabbings and slashings are more often the result of personal adverse encounters
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street fights, or as i have indicated, domestic incidents. >> reporter: what the nypd has discovered so far is that 23% of knife crimes occur on friday at saturday. >> they occur when an unusual number of people are out and unfortunately many of them are under the influence of alcohol and drugs. >> reporter: the plan includes additional patrols around 20 nightclubs in neighborhoods like washington heights, harlem, jackson heights and the bronx. a crackdown on illegal clubs in all five boroughs. enforcing laws that make it illegal to sell box cutters to anyone under 21. or carry a blade over 4" in length. >> enforcement efforts will also be increasing. there will be traffic stops, dwi checkpoints by highway. >> reporter: cbs 2 has been demanding answer from mayor de blasio for weeks with how he will curb slashings and stabbing. this was a month ago. what are you going to do to stop the slashings, stop the stabbing and make new yorkers feel safe?
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cops on the beat in this city. nothing is going to contribute to greater safety than that. >> reporter: this was march 3 after the city said it was sending more cops into the subways to stop knife crimes. 2% of slashings occur in the subways. what can you do psychologically to make people in new york city feel safer? >> marcia, i think we're just going to have a disagreement on this with all due respect. i believe in the nypd. >> reporter: the city also announced a plan to beef up security in homeless shelters where about 3% of stashings and slashings occur but today was the first time it announced a massive plan to identify and reduce knife crimes. why did you change your mind about the need for additional strategies? >> again, i said to you that the nypd was doing the things that would make an impact. now, one thing that's happened in just the last few weeks is, we have seen some different numbers than we saw even a month ago. and it provided more of an insight. >> reporter: you and i discussed this repeatedly.
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change your mind? >> again, marcia, respectfully, i'm not going to allow anyone to put words in my mouth. i didn't change my mouth. i believe the nypd was on the right track before and now. >> reporter: the police commissioner expects the nypd will show results reducing the numbers of slashings and stabbings within weeks. at one police plaza, i'm marcia kramer, cbs 2 news. right now we're going to go to one police plaza the mayor and the police commissioner giving an update on security in the city in the wake of the attacks on belgium. the times square subway station. mayor de blasio there at the podium. let's go ahead and listen in. >> just the sheer level of human activity they see every day it takes a special talent to be able to work productively in such an intense atmosphere. we found the best men and women for the job. every new yorker should know you're being protected every day by the finest police force
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force that has really developed extraordinary ability to prevent terrorism and to keep us safe. i want to emphasize because i know all new yorkers want to hear the latest and the latest is it remains no credible and specific threat against new york city. we are in constant communication with the fbi and homeland security and our state partners and the port authority police all the key elements of our security apparatus and there remains again no credible and specific threat against new york city. within hours of the incident in belgium this morning, the nypd had fully deployed our key commands that were used in any emergency situation including our new critical response command which is a
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force specially trained, specially armed, and wholly devoted to anti-terror activities in addition to our emergency services unit and our strategic response group. all of these units were deployed between the time of the attack in belgian and the beginning of the morning rush hour a testament to commissioner bratton and the leadership of the nypd that these actions were taken so quickly and so effectively. it's very important to remember, this city bore the brunt of the war on terror back in 2001 and since then, there have been 20 plots directed against new york or originating in new york and every, single one of them has been foiled by the nypd. working closely with our federal and state partners. and we know that history has to be built upon in an ever more complex dynamic. there are new and more
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so in addition to creating the crit cat responsible command we are giving new technology to our officers all 36,000 officers have technology upgrades that will help them be a key part of our he was to prevent terror. and by the end of this year, we'll have 2,000 additional officers on patrol in this city helping to us continue to be the safest big city in america. our hearts are with the people of belgium today. our prayers are with the families that have been so horribly affected by these tragedies. we stand in solidarity with prime minister michelle with the mayor of brussels ivan mayer and the belgian people in their hour of need. what know what it feels -- we know what it feels like and our thoughts and our prayers are with them. and with people in so many other nations who have suffered from terrorism recently, turkey, ivory coast,
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of nations has to stand up to terror in all its forms. one of the best ways we do that is by reiterating our commitment to democracy, to values of free speech an openness, to showing the terrorists they can't intimidate us, they won't change our way of life, they won't make us different. we will stand up to them and we will stand by our values. so its so important for people to go about their daily routines knowing the nypd is protecting you, knowing that just going about your daily business is a renunciation of terrorism and the efforts of terrorists to intimidate us. let's show our strength by refusing to give in. i'm going to turn to commissioner bratton, but before i do, just want to remind all new yorkers, especially a moment like this, the phrase if you see
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means a lot and you're supposed to take it literally. if you see anything that you think is suspicious or dangerous you see a package unattended, if you see someone acting in a manner you regard as troubling, inform a police officer right away. or call 911. always better to be safe than sorry. that phrase can save lives. remember, it was here in times square that a vendor saw something a few years ago and alerted the police officer and saved the lives of countless new yorkers. it's so important to speak up and you can help the nypd in the fight against terror. we'll keep you updated. >> so we have been listening as mayor de blasio flanked there by commissioner bratton projecting an air of confidence and calm telling people to go about their business. there is no credible threat to the city in the wake of what's happened in belgium. there are hundreds of anti- terrorism officers on the streets. the city has this covered. that's the message from the
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we'll continue here with our news here at 5:00. up next, they may look like ordinary logs to you but there's something special that thieves took when they struck these fallen pieces of wood. and it could be considered a hate crime. >> o say can you see >> plus hoping to become crowd
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national anthem auditions. coming up at 6:00, funding fight. will today's attacks in brussels impact president obama's decision to cut programs that combat terrorism in new york? >> improving railroad crossing safety by going after drivers. the new technology to keep people from trying to beat the gate. that's coming up at 6:00. sacred objects were stolen from the ramapoly napty nation over the weekend. >> now new jersey's attorney general could investigate it as a hate crime. three logs were stolen used as an outline for the longhouse where they hold open outdoor prayer. >> there is no chopping, rolling or splitting.
5:29 pm
to pick them up they planned it. that's with intent. there should be no question in anyone's mind if you had that intent it was intended to do damage and pain and hurt and it was a hate crime. >> the chief of police says there's no evidence heavy machinery was brought in to bring them that weigh a ton each so it's unclear exactly how that theft took place from the lenape nation. >> we'll have another update coming up on the latest in brussels. plus, what would you do if faced with a similar situation? expert advice on how to get out. >> plus, tough talk on terrorism from the campaign trail. what the candidates all had to say today.
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that's still ahead. 34 people killed in explosions at the airport and subway station. maurice dubois. >> welcome back to the i'm kristine johnson. let's begin this half-hour with the latest that we know. cbs news has learn the attackers at the airport carried their bombs in their baggage two devices exploded,
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panicked. belgian leaders say that they are worried or they were worried that an attack was in the works but nothing of this magnitude. three suspects have been arrested in germany after arriving from brussels. experts warn it's not a question of if but when a similar attack will happen here in new york. to learn more, we spoke with former fbi agent manny gomez and deconstructed this. >> reporter: we saw people clutching luggage and phones and continuing to carry a large bouquet of flowered through a darkened metro tunnel. >> in this chaotic situation, clearly these people had no clue. they had no leadership. >> reporter: former fbi agent manny gomez says first and foremost, in any emergency situation, locate an exit. >> these people should have been told leave your luggage, show us your hands, line up in
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going out this exit. >> reporter: despite this airport workers's warning, travelers kept their bags. >> we don't know who is friend from foe and any one of these other people could have been another bomber. so they are carrying their luggage. what do they have in the luggage and purse? >> what about the people on their phones? if this were, god forbid to go down in your area, are you going to be on the phone? >> reporter: you don't want to be on your phone. you want to be thinking clearly. what do i need do. where is the police officer that's going to tell me what to do or go to that police officer and if there's no law enforcement around, figure out the emergency exit and save yourself and your loved ones. >> let's go to the subway now. um, train comes to a stop. people are on the train. do you jump out? get on the tracks? >> we have to keep in mind there's 600-plus volts of dc current running under the train.
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you get electrocuted. furthermore, those trains are numerous feet up. if you just jump off a train in the million-dollar of a tunnel you could easily fracture a limb and get hurt. >> reporter: gomez says in the end it all comes down to intelligence and action beating reaction. >> the nypd and the fbi have been very successful at identifying potential attackers putting undercovers into that environment and going true the investigation up to and almost including a potential attack. >> gomez says ultimately -- there was no law enforcement or anti-terrorism coordination in brussels today and officials say this simply would not happen here. just to be clear. now to campaign 2016 pain, the candidates are speaking out on the brussels attacks. >> and republican donald trump's comments drew criticism. cbs 2's dick brennan is here now with more on that. >> reporter: kristine and maurice, all of the candidates are commenting one criticizing
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a baseball game in cuba while donald trump is doubling down on his immigration proposals. >> i would close up our borders to people until we figure out what's going on. >> reporter: donald trump had already called for a temporary ban of muslims entering the u.s. >> you look at them and from any standpoint, they could be isis, they could be isis- related. and you know, we just don't learn. we don't learn. >> reporter: but hillary clinton says trump's ideas send the wrong signal. >> to, you know, do anything that implies we are at war with an entire religion, with, um, you know, 1 point or 4 billion people is not only wrong, it is dangerous. >> reporter: in washington today ted cruz said the president hasn't been tough enough on isis. >> it is long pastime that we had a president who will acknowledge this evil and utilize the full force and fury of the united states to defeat radical islamic terrorism to defeat isis.
5:37 pm
the president should return from cuba right away. >> i'm a little surprised that the president is going to a baseball game when i believe he should -- had i been president i would have cut short my president. >> reporter: at the game the president said let's go on with our lives. >> what they can't do is scare and -- and -- and make people afraid and disrupt our daily lives and divide us. and as long as we don't allow that to happen, we're going to be okay. >> reporter: bernie sanders says the u.s. has to step up even more in the war on terror. >> we are making progress in iraq. isis is losing 20% of the territory it held last year but clearly we have to do more. >> reporter: donald trump also said if it was up to him water boarding would be fine on suspects. if they could expand the laws he would do a lot more than water boarding. >> thank you. up next here at 5:00, first victimized by a superstorm, then she says she
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she says her contractor left the job unfinished but took her money anyway. what he had to say about that. >> and today in history, in 1976 principal photography began on the first "star wars" movie in tunisia. little did they know the franchise would still be
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the recovery from superstorm sandy has for too many people never really happened and now a new jersey woman says she has been ripped off by a contractor and cbs 2's steve langford reports, she is not the only one. >> reporter: a few hundred yards from raritan bay the home that's been in mary lou's family for 60 years, the home that got hammered by superstorm sandy, the home that's now at the center of one nightmarish contractor dispute. >> i gave him the money of. wasn't thinking very well. i gave him $137,000. >> reporter: the 61-year-old woman struggles with a neurological disorder said she
5:42 pm
recovery money to rick woodward a contractor. >> he was supposed to raise the house 8 feet. >> reporter: but it never happened and rick woodard disappearedded last year. we found him in florida what happened to the work on her home? >> it's complete, he says. >> that's not what she says. >> reporter: woodard who would not agree to have his voice recorded for this story denies getting over $100,000 from the woman and says he is no longer in business. you're saying that the company no longer exists? so you don't have any responsibility is that correct? the state of florida's division of corporations listed will-wood builders as an active end with woodard as the corporate agent and the department of consumer affairs has 7 complaints against the company since last year and the prosecutor says it has one criminal complaint against rick woodard for theft by deception on a home construction deal.
5:43 pm
>> if i don't get the house completed with their money, they take the house. >> reporter: the storm that never ends in south amboy, new jersey, steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> now, we did call a florida phone number listed for willwood builders. the person answering said the company was out of business before hanging up. up next, in just a moment, a new idea to treat back pain without a prescription. what's in the water? at 6:00 a brown plume of dirt
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former toronto mayor rob ford has died from cancer. the canadian politician was 46. ford as the mayor of toronto from 2010 to fourth. he was perhaps known more for his antics and admitting to smoking crack cocaine in 2013. he leaves behind a wife and two children. millions of americans have lower back pain and try many treatments to ease the pain. it includes drugs, massage, chiropractic and physical therapy. dr. max gomez says maybe you
5:47 pm
much as your body. doctor? >> that's right, maurice and kristine. state of mind has a lot to do with pain perception. playing with your kids or watch a fun movie and you forget about your pain for a while. now a new study tries to use that mind/body connection to ease back pain. there are two well known mind/body therapies. one has already been effective for treating depression and other chronic conditions. >> cognitive behavioral therapy tries to address the behaviors because of pain and that might help to alleviate pain versus help to create or keep pain going. how do i gradually get back toic activities? >> reporter: the other technique mindfulness-based stress reduction hasn't been studied. >> you bring an atmosphere of friendliness and kindness to observing your experience just as it is. mindfulness empowers people to
5:48 pm
is always in a state of change. breathing in, i'm aware, i'm feeling this sensation. it's uncomfortable. breathing out, i meet myself with compassion, friendliness, openness. >> reporter: 342 patients between 20 and 70 years old with back pain that lasted for at least three months participated in eight weekly two-hour sessions of either mindfulness or cognitive therapy. a third group receives the usual care. outcomes were assessed at 6 months and one year. >> cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based stress reduction led to an increased likelihood of having clinically meaningful improvement in back pain than those who were only receiving usual care. >> reporter: the study appears in the journal of the american medical association. >> benefits and decreased pain and improved function lasted for a full year, which is not common amongst most treatments for chronic pain. >> reporter: now, the other
5:49 pm
techniques are something a pain patient can add to their personal coping toolbox. when it hurts, you go back to whatever worked for you and no drug side effects. and it's free. >> go to your happy place. >> right. >> hard to get there for a lot of people. >> especially when you're in pain. >> yes. >> yes. >> you work at it. it happens. >> depends on the day. >> yes. >> can't hurt, right? >> exactly. >> thank you. weather picture now, lonnie is here. moving in the right direction. >> come on over to my happy place here, guys! [ laughter ] >> doing all right there. that's the shot. temperatures are looking good, temperatures probably a little bit more in line with what you the year. 55 degrees, couple of clicks above the average, sunny sky outside as of right now. we have had reports and we have been reporting on some wildfires out there -- brush fires in linden and fresh kills and staten island all fueled by a really dry air mass. national weather service, eh, couple of hours ago said you have to be careful with an open flame because this sort
5:50 pm
humidity below 30% and winds out of the west at a decent clip can spread a fire. 55 was your high temperature today. that's where you are now. 4 degrees above the average. we are going to go well above it tomorrow. now, speaking of getting well above average, march has been above average. even that below average. for the most part this march is warm. we are the 7th warmest march ever averaging 47.7 degrees. but look at 6th, 47.8. we'll move to 6 for tomorrow. i'm forecasting 67 degrees, normal high for may 3, you catch it tomorrow. cooperating. currently out there, a little bit of a shower north of the area and maybe a couple will migrate south to some of our northern suburbs tonight. bigger picture will show you where the next rain chance comes with the system out west
5:51 pm
i look at this timing wise for maybe say overnight thursday going into friday with some wet weather. but for tonight, there's that shower chance that's primarily otherwise 46 degrees. overhead. a break for your day tomorrow 67. you're not going to get rid of every cloud but it's a good- looking day tomorrow. then across the board you're looking at 64 on thursday. more clouds will come in late thursday night. friday you're 61 with a mild shower chance. saturday,54. so you're dropping down to the lower to mid-50s on saturday because you're behind the cold front and then easter sunday runs a high temperature of 57, possibly an evening shower, it could linger into monday, as well. monday's high temperature will be 60. tuesday 63. so now we start watching this countdown for will we end up being in the top 5 warmest marches ever. it will be close because i see warm air. a new orleans teenager
5:52 pm
during his job interview. it was at a fast-food restaurant. turns out he stopped a robbery in progress. devon washington happened to be sitting down for a job interview with two managers at a popeyes when he heard a cashier screaming. a thief had grabbed cash from a register and was trying to get away. when the 18-year-old prospective worker jumped in to help. >> i wasn't scared nothing like that i just got up and did it. i was thinking like it could be my mom, it could be anybody. so like you had like you know you got to protect somebody. >> mr. washington held the robber down until the police arrived and he got the job. >> big kid. >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> messed with the wrong guy. >> yeah. >> aha. on a day like today it's tough to find a reason to smile. but up next, we're going to try. >> you're my end and my beginning >> the motor of inspiration we found at citi field. >> and then coming up at 6:00, careful at the crossings.
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wanted to share a story with you that could lift your spirits. and what could do more than that than the national anthem? today the mets hosted an audition for singers to perform the national anthem in august during the subway series. cbs 2's emily smith shows us some unique voices competed for the chance to shine. [ singing ] >> reporter: from a-capella groups to broadway style classics -- [ music ] >> they call the wind mariah >> reporter: from old to young, they came by the hundreds to line up at citi field for their chance to become a star. >> i love that you can warm up your volk the cords and be famous -- vocal cords, and be famous and have a mansion with bathrooms and hot tubs. >> reporter: since 2009, these auditions have brought starry eyed hopefuls looking for that i big break in front of the national league champs in a packed house. but to impress the judges, contestants must choose a
5:57 pm
[ music ] >> reporter: 15-year-old joseph of yonkers sang all of my in tribute to his father. >> he was an amazing father. he loved to sing. every wednesday he went to band rehearsal. now he passed two years ago. i still feel like he is watching over me and rooting over me. >> i found a dream that i could speak to >> reporter: one singer after another took to the station for a competition that will be whittled down to 20 finalists time. >> we'll pick one winner to perform at the subway series on august 2. [ music ] >> o say can you see >> reporter: the group named peaches and cream felt good enough about their performance on stage to rehearse the
5:58 pm
meanwhile the group member hopes it's not the only dream come true. >> auditioning for juilliard so hopefully i get the call back and it becomes my active profession. >> reporter: as any mets fan will tell you, you gotta believe. with stars at citi field, emily smith, cbs 2 news. >> how do you choose? >> line them up. >> besides the winner performing at the subway series the mets say some singers will be brought in to perform the national anthem at other upcoming games. this will be our own show, new yorkers got talent. >> come perform here in the studio. >> great stuff. >> that's it for the new at 5:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. [ sirens ]
5:59 pm
covered with blood. >> terror in brussels, a suicide bomber triggers explosions at the airport and train stations, dozens killed, hundreds hurt and americans are among the injured. >> we in new york city stand ready to fight against terror in every way. >> stepped up security at home, armed officers at airports, subway stations and popular tourist attractions. >> funding fight in the wake of the attacks. renewed calls to scrap president obama's funding cuts to anti-terror programs in new york. good evening, i'm kristine johnson. >> i'm maurice dubois. dana tyler is off tonight. the latest developments now in the deadly attacks in belgium. 34 people are dead. more than 200 are hurt. many of them critically. isis claiming responsibility for the attacks. as horrific as the blasts were, it could have been worse. during a raid of a home in brussels, authorities found another explosive device
6:00 pm
chemicals and an "islamic state" flag were also found. ride now, there is an international manhunt for a suspect who police believe ran explosions. let's begin our live team coverage with alice gainer. >> reporter: the suspect is seen on video with two other attackers probably dead. the men carried their explosives in suitcases using through the airport. two explosions rocked brussels airport during the morning rush at 8 a.m. local time. >> can't explain. it looked like war. it's unbelievable. it's unbelievable. it's really hard [ sirens and yelling ] >> exits are closed, all the luggage stays here! >> reporter: an hour later an explosion at a subway train in central brussels near european union headquarters.


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