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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  March 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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chemicals and an "islamic state" flag were also found. ride now, there is an international manhunt for a suspect who police believe ran explosions. let's begin our live team coverage with alice gainer. >> reporter: the suspect is seen on video with two other attackers probably dead. the men carried their explosives in suitcases using through the airport. two explosions rocked brussels airport during the morning rush at 8 a.m. local time. >> can't explain. it looked like war. it's unbelievable. it's unbelievable. it's really hard [ sirens and yelling ] >> exits are closed, all the luggage stays here! >> reporter: an hour later an explosion at a subway train in central brussels near european union headquarters.
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the subway station. an airport security camera captured this photo of three men belgian prosecutors believe are behind the attacks. authorities believe the two "men in black" blew themselves up. you can see they are both wearing one black glove on the left hand. some experts speculate to hide detonators. thieved a wanted notice for the -- they have issued a wanted notice for the man in white wearing the hat. officials have been bracing for another attack since paris last november. today's bombings come days after the arrest of salah abdeslam the suspect in the paris attacks. a belgian prosecutor says police raids are happening around the country. a house search in one brussels neighborhood found nails and an state police device, nails and a flag of islam. this shows a nail recovered from a victim's body from a spike bomb which is filled with small projectiles. a spokesman for the brussels
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neutralized at the airport once the chaos of the first explosions eased. among the american victims are three missionaries from utah who were seriously injured and an american serviceman and his family. president obama speaking from cuba condemned the bombs and vowed to support belgium. here at home increased security is on the streets at transit hubs and local airports. >> people are on edge even though there's no credible threat against our areas. lou young live at laguardia with reaction tonight. lou. >> reporter: for decade, the primary security concern at airports has been preventing car bombs. it's why these steel stanchions are here to keep a car bomb out but these bombers in brussels were on foot posing as passengers and for that, you need boots on the ground. members of the new york national guard unloaded at laguardia's central terminal not to take a flight but to take up positions inside the busy building. it's the extra muscle deployed
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brussels very much on the minds of travelers today. >> it's very sad. but i hope you know, we're safe on this flight. >> reporter: you see soldiers. that make you feel better? >> yes, i feel like they have us covered and feel secure and safe. >> reporter: that's the idea from penn station to jfk. extra cops as a practical deterrent as a psychological reassurance. back at laguardia, one waiting passenger admired the port authority's big black battle wagon parked curbside. >> seeing the truck there makes me feel safer and the guys walking around. we take a lot of things for granted a lot of times in the u.s. and terrorist attacks is one of them. >> reporter: in brussels the attacksers didn't try to breach the airport security perimeter. they attacked the terminal itself and the metro train downtown. that has people wondering about checkpoints at train stations or outside the airline terminal. most people say any more than this, though, is too much. >> more security the better but there's only so many checkpoints you can go through.
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>> it's a comfort but there's not a lot you can do. you have to travel. so you do what you got do. >> reporter: she was on her way to chicago going back home and we saw very little difference in her attitude and the attitude of other passengers who were headed off to different destinations. they were very confident. you have a couple of national guardsmen here who were just patrolling the area part of that heightened security. it is presumed that anybody who is unnerved by what and in brussels as far as air travel goes -- by what happened in brussels as far as air travel goes stayed home. mayor de blasio and commissioner bratton took a subway station today. the commissioner said a new 55-person unit started patrolling under times square today. he reminded the public it has a role to play in securing by remembering, if you see something, say something. >> while traveling in the subway system this afternoon i was very pleased to hear on
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messaging about that issue. see something, say something. and report it. >> bratton also said security will be increased at belgian and french institutions around the city. many people are on edge in the wake of the attacks despite increased security. a minor fire sent a ripple of panic through grand central terminal. firefighters quickly responded putting out the fire in the juniors cheesecake restaurant. no one was hurt. and there were no major evacuations. but people in the terminal did fear the worst. >> with that happening in belgium, it's obvious it can happen here with 9/11 and everything. it's scary. >> reporter: terrorism crossed your mind? >> of course. i was reading that this morning. >> the fdny says the restaurant was the only area evacuated. train service was not disrupted. while world leaders continue to fight islamic terrorists, politicians in the tri-state area face a separate battle. >> they are fighting for
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cbs 2's dick brennan is here now with more on that. >> kristine and maurice, hard to believe the attacks in belgium are another reminder terror fought by the nypd. but nonetheless, anti-terror funding is being cut much to the outrage of people here. once again, the nypd has to respond after an attack abroad having to bolster security even after it's faced some 20 terror plots since 9/11. and despite the burden of constant vigilance, the department continues to face a cut of funding by the feds. the nypd tweeted its frustration today saying that the government has proposed cutting terrorism funding to new york city by roughly $90 million. any cut in terrorism funding to new york, which is widely recognized as the nation's top terror target, would be irresponsible. >> we have to have the homeland security funding restored. isis has never been more dangerous.
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to new york is disgraceful. >> reporter: mayor de blasio testified against the cuts saying it would hurt the ability of police in the city to deal with terror attacks. and senator charles schumer says he thinks he can get the money restored. >> do we need the full funding? i have already talked to colleagues on both side of the aisle democrat and funding about full funding for the urban area security initiative which benefits new york greatly and i think we are going to get that. >> there's over 1,000 police officers working counter- terrorism in new york. but that's expensive, time- consuming and it's a federal responsibility to be carried out by the city of new york. they fully are entitled to funding for that. >> now, the issue has gotten heated in washington. the white house, they were criticizing senator schumer but the senator says the idea that funding is being cut is nonsense because he says there's money in the pipeline. white house said the money wasn't spent. he says it's earmarked for items to be purchased. but he also says he thinks he
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this will keep going on. >> thank you. tonight, one world trade center will pay tribute to the terror victims in bully brussels. governor cuomo calls it a solemn solidarity as we join the world in mourning. in paris another tribute the eiffel tower is lit in the colors of belgian's flag. monuments across europe also display a show of support. there will be much more on the deadly brussels terror attacks coming up on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley." a special one-hour edition begins at 6:30 right here on cbs 2. other news here at 6:00 with knife attacks up 22% the city announces plans. there have been 916 slashings so far this year. nypd says most stabbings and slashings happen between 7 p.m. and 4 a.m. on friday and saturday nights. times when many people are out
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drugs or alcohol. police commissioner said the department will step up patrols and crackdown on illegal nightclubs. the nypd also plans to enforce laws by making it -- enforce laws already on the books that make it illegal to sell box cutters to anyone under 21 or to carry a blade longer than 4". cracking you down at railroad crossings. the new technology being used on long island that's targeting drivers who ignore the flashing lights. >> what's in the water? a brown plume of dirt appears in a new jersey bay. what residents need know. >> and we certainly had a few cold days here in the month of march but for the most part it's been mild. the 7th warmest march ever. i'll tell you why i think we
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a driver was killed in mattituck today when his truck hit a train on the tracks. it is unclear at this time whether the gates were down. advocates say that the tragedy highlights the need for grade crossing safety. some are pushing for cameras. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan reports. >> reporter: lights flash, sounds of bells and whistles warn of danger but still motorists here at new hyde park try to beat the train and this driver in the white minivan at willis also an lirr gate crasher. >> it is my intent on a case- by-case basis as part of improvements to install cameras at those crossings.
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reading cameras may be coming to a crossing near you. just like those installed to catch red light runners. there are 300 grade crossings on the long island system. last year, 12 frightening incident up from 4 the year before. as for cameras? >> i think because it's a safety issue, it's a good idea. >> if it's going to deter people from crossing the tracks when they shouldn't i don't think there's anything wrong with it. >> should you get a ticket for something like that? um, that's a tough call. >> reporter: the ticket part is what's missing. as it now stands, violators would receive warning letters because the state legislature has not act on the bill allowing summons for illegal crossings. >> the letter going out is meaningless. it's not going to do anything. it's not going to deter people. >> reporter: after the metro- north train struck an suv in valhalla killing that driver and five train passengers, many asked albany for change. it is now one step closer. >> this bill is so important because after last year's
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became crystal clear and apparent that we needed to do something about these crossings. >> reporter: if camera tickets are okayed anyone accelerating past bells and lights even before the gates come down would be mailed a $100 fine. jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> mta police have issued 127 summons at grade crossings so far this year. the mary benson park in jersey city was closed today because of lead contamination. paint chips have fallen into the park from an overpass that is under construction. the turnpike authority plans to vacuum the park by week's end. it will also put up netting to prevent more paint from falling. jersey city's roberto clementi baseball fields are also close the right now because of lead contamination. the blue water of barnegat bay was recently turned brown. the discoloration was temporary but some people think the damage is permanent p cbs 2's elise finch has the
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>> reporter: the water in this section of barnegat bay is blue today. a very different scene from a few days ago when silt poured into the water and turned it brown. >> it certainly is disconcerting. >> i wouldn't touch it or let my dog touch it. >> reporter: a spokesman for the new jersey department of transportation said the sediment was released when workers flushed out their new stormwater drain system. in a statement, they explained that the pumps have been turned off to prevent any more silt from being discharged. and njdo. it will use a vacuum to remove any remaining silt from the pump station basin. even though most of the water in this part of the bay looks fine now environmentalists and fishermen fear it isn't especially not for the flounder known to spawn here. >> there's a species called black back floyder on winter nower did that are using this area to reproduce. it relies on something called
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that some live in the bay and the sediment covers the eelgrass which prevent photosynthesis. >> it's prime habitat and waterfowl from canada. we need the eelgrass. if they get silted up again it will be over. >> reporter: this plume is the fourth related to the drainage project. they say for the sake of the wildlife they hope it will be the last. elise finch, cbs 2 news. >> the new jersey department of transportation is working on 12 miles of pipe and cleaning debris from the new drainage system. it says until that work is complete, it is possible for more silt to be discharged into barnegat bay. word of a meningitis warning at rutgers. the school sent a letter alerting students, faculty and staff of a bacterial meningitis case on the new brunswick campus. the sick student was hospitalized on friday and is recovering. those who had close contact
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notified so they began get antibiotics. lonnie quinn is here with the weather. that snow is going to be a distant memory. >> really. what snow? i took some pictures my way and all the daffodils are up and all the little street crossings and things. look, any snow you picked up yesterday for the most part it's gone. possibly out east maybe the shady spots holding on to a little bit but it's done for right now. there could be more precipitation this week. we'll talk about whether it's rain or snow. right now outside to a good- looking sky. sunny, 55 degrees. 55 is your high temperature of the day. normal 51. so pretty much in line with where you expect to be this time of the year 4 degrees above average. look at that morning low, down to the freezing mark starting at freezing this morning at 7 a.m. not as cold overnight. this says tonight what i'm talking about is the coldest temperature you will feel during the overnight hours goes down to 46 degrees. so eh, it's over 10 degrees
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chance north of the city not going to be a big risk for too many people. then tomorrow it's not going to be 55. 66. i'm going to go 67 the normal high for may 3. some spots could possibly even find the 70-degree mark which is why i feel pretty confident that tomorrow we'll go from the 7th warmest march ever to at least the 6th position because we are only separated by a tenth of a degree right now and if we hit that 67 that's certainly going to make the bump. so let's talk about what the skies will be serving up and right now they look pretty good out there. this matches the picture i just showed you. good-looking shot on the camera, good-looking shot on the satellite and radar. bigger broader picture will point out, i say there could be a slight little shot of this shower north of the city tonight. eh, maybe a little bit. you see it right there. overall we have a big mass of clear air. you see it right here over the southeast. this is a bermuda high that's setting up that's going to push offshore and give us a thursday. friday we watch some of this area of disturbed weather from the west could move in.
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involved and then we move it out and get to the weekend. forecast. saturday looks good. cooler because whatever rain you squeeze out of the atmosphere on friday, that's front. so you're going to be a little cooler on saturday. 54, that's what you expect this time of the year. good-looking sky for saturday. easter sunday, happy bunny out there, 57 degrees, daytime hours during the sunday fine. late sunday, going into monday, that's where we could wet weather. so let's start talking about everything right across the board. your extended forecast looks like this: wednesday won't be cloud-free. but 67 looks good and feels good. thursday 64. again same thing looks good feels good. and then friday, um, friday 61 degrees i think overnight thursday into friday as we see a chance for some rain out there. and then saturday you're 54.
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bit about late sunday into monday a little rain is a possibility but right now easter is good. >> bring it on. >> thank you. otis is here with a look ahead at sports. otis? >> kristine, an historic day for major league baseball as an exhibition game is played in cuba with president obama watching in person. and meet the new head coach of rutgers basketball coming from the big dance. that's a place the scarlet
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time for sports with otis livingston and the national pastime for a couple of countries today. >> yes. it certainly was. the final score wasn't the most important thing because two nations came together for the first time since 1999 because sports as tampa bay rays played exhibition in cuba the president called the bonds between two nations. derek jeter made the trip on behalf of major league baseball spent some quality time with president obama. very special day forays outfielder day ron verona. he is the first cuban player
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and a big day at the plate by the rays' james loney. the rays defeat cuba 4-1. the yankees and mets about to get under way in tampa. the pitching matchup matz against severino. moving back into second place in the eastern conference in hockey with nine games left. >> we are in play-off mode at this point. we have to be keened in on two points every, single night and we have to make sure that our foot is on the gas pedal the whole way. >> down the hall at the msg training facility, carmelo anthony back on the court after missing sunday with migraines. he said he will be back in action tomorrow in chicago. melo described the symptoms he started having during saturday night's game. >> when i felt it, you know, i was on the free throw line and kind of the lights just started flickering and everything so kind of the basket was like wavering a little bit so it's something that you cannot explain.
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rutger's gain as steve pikiell comes to piscataway. he gets a five-year deal for $8 million takes over a rutgers programs that went 7- 25 this past season and has won only three big team games in the past two seasons. >> every job along the way i have never let an athletic director down or a student body down and i am not going to do it here at rutgers. i believe in rutgers. i believe we will dance. >> all right. first there was the outrageous comments that outrage and now the ceo and tournament director of indian wells raymond moore is out. he resigned a day after saying the women's tennis association rides the coattails of the men going further saying if i were a lady player i would get down on my knees every night and thank god that roger federer and nadal were born because they have carried this sport. something that serena williams has carried -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> controversial comments. he has resigned.
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about what was going to happen. >> just a matter of time. >> out.
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>> we'll be right back. if you are one of the few who hasn't, please don't forget to follow us on facebook and like us on our facebook page at coming up at 11:00 tonight, it's happened again. another student armed at school. the 14-year-old's chilling words to the dean right before the weapon was found. >> and new video tonight of fresh direct delivery turns frightening. that and more tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00. finally here at 6:00, an innovator of the 19th century some rare works of art from edward degas are going on display at the museum of modern art. the exhibit a strange new beauty will feature some of degas's most well known themes including the back stage world of ballet and modern city life. this is the first exhibit at the moma to be solely devoted to degas. it opens to the public on saturday. up next on a special hour long edition of the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," europe on high alert and the search is on for a suspect in the brussels
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in the works? team coverage of today's attacks in belgium. >> thank you for joining us here at 6:00. we'll see you later tonight at 11. have a good evening. % >> pelley: terror in brussels. [screaming] bomb, attack the airport. >> everyone panicking. we had to run. >> pelley: and the subway station. dozens are killed, hundreds wounded, including americans. >> this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. responsibility. >> we cannot let them succeed. >> pelley: and america goes on alert. >> i would close up our borders. >> this is a war. this is not an ice lated end debt. -- captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: we begin tonight with the breaking news from brussels where the toll


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