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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  March 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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aftermath at the airport, debris everywhere. travelers trying to find a way out. new video just into our newsroom shows the moments after the bombing in brussels. good evening. i'm kristine johnson. maurice is off tonight. this video was taken by a taxi driver and it captures the screams of many who were trapped in the terminal. [ screaming ] once the cameras move outside, you see survivors trying to help those were hurt. and now we're learning more
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for that we go to jonathan vigliotti live in brussels tonight with the very latest on the investigation. jonathan, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, kristine. police carried out more raids on wednesday as they continue to connect the dots on what appears to be a growing terror network. authorities say dna from one of the suspected brussels bombers matches evidence found in at least one of the suicide vests used in the november paris attacks. it's believed that she was a short how we -- he and brahim el bakraoui blew themselves up at the airport but his younger brother, khalid el bakraoui , died after he detonated his explosives about our lady. they were not on the radar of counterterrorism investigators until last week. the manhunt goes on for the suspect who got away, investigators say he ditched his suitcase full of explosives
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the associated press reports isis has trained at least 400 fighters to carry out waves of attacks in europe designed to inflict maximum carnage. >> it's going to be like europe's reality, you know? like israel, it's a daily reality. going to be like that here too. >> reporter: people remain on edge, they are also defiant. refusing to let fear keep them away from memorials like this. honoring the victims. >> we are trying to tell the terrorists that they are naked -- not taking this away from us. we are brussels. this is our life. >> reporter: the danger may not be over. secretary of state john kerry is expected to arrive in brussels on friday in a show of u.s. support. kristine, back to you. >> thank you. the attacks in brussels have reignited debate in new york about surveillance to keep the city safe. cbs2's tony aiello continues our coverage.
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years this fall since the terror of 9/11. with no mass casualty attacks here since. but republican ted cruz insists the de blasio administration puts the city at risk. >> mayor de blasio decided political correctness mattered more than keeping people safe. >> reporter: it was controversial nypd demographics program that kept tabs on muslim community sites even where there was no evidence of wrongdoing. commissioner bratton didn't hesitate to shut it down in 2014. >> reporter: -- >> the idea that we disbanded critical intelligence gathering, not one single actionable piece of information came out of that. >> what do you think about ted cruz's statement that we need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods? hell he's talking about. >> not surprising that the democratic political henchmen of mayor de blasio are coming after me. >> reporter: moves to
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surveillance stem from political correctness. >> people are tired of political correctness of the obama administration. rather than fighting the enemy, lectures america on islam phobia. >> reporter: the president all say mass surveillance is un- american. >> we focus on individuals who are committing or about to commit a crime, we don't focus on a whole community. >> reporter: bratton calls it precision policing. he told cbs2 even since the brussels attack people have been added to the watchlist mostly because of red flags raised by their online activity. >> thank you. interludes, outrage that the brooklyn prosecutor will not seek prison time for a former nypd officer convicted for killing an unarmed man. peter liang was convicted of manslaughter for shooting akai gurley in brooklyn in 2014. district attorney ken thompson says he is recommending six months home confinement and five years probation. gurley's family says when
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promised to restore confidence in the justice system. >> his sentencing recommendation is a betrayal of that promise and sends a message that officers can continue to kill black new yorkers without consequences. >> thompson said in a statement that liang has no prior criminal history and poses no threat to public safety. there are some new developments in the murder of an aide to governor cuomo. he was shot and killed last september and now police want to question these four people about that murder. for the first time, we're also hearing from the window. cbs2's jessica schneider reports from crown heights. >> reporter: the wife held back tears, speaking for the first time since her husband was gunned down. he was out in the streets for the annual celebrations, a time
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>> my husband was in the midst of this very celebration and never made it home due to the gang and gun violence. >> reporter: police have released four nude photos, three men and one woman, they believe the four may have information about who fired the fatal shots. >> we believe they are residents of the neighborhood. we do not believe they are people who came in to another area. so that should help us. >> reporter: community leaders have been meeting for months to discuss how to make these annual celebrations surrounding the west indian day parade center. some suggestions? better lighting, increased police presence and requiring a permit for the overnight gathering. >> every other large gathering in the city of new york, every other parade has a permit. >> common denominator of this parade is how do we permit the celebratory atmosphere that will not be hijacked by violence? >> reporter: police are offering a $22,500 reward for any info that leads to an arrest and conviction. police are hoping people from this neighborhood recognize
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jessica schneider, cbs2 news. new tonight a jetblue flight attendant who fled police has now been in custody on the east coast. police say marsha gay reynolds hit this large stash of cocaine in her carry-on luggage. she surrendered to federal investigators at kennedy airport. she was selected for a random screening at lax on friday but instead of dreaming, see allegedly dropped her bag, kicked off her heels and ran. she's due in brooklyn federal court tomorrow. a bronx man is celebrating his first night of freedom in 20 years. richard rosario were all smiles as he walked out of the supreme court today. the judge vacated his conviction in the 1996 murder of jorge calypso. witnesses placed him in florida at the time of this crime but they weren't interviewed until recently. >> i've been in prison for 20 years for a crime i didn't commit.
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i didn't deserve this. nor the victim's family north victim. >> rosario hopes to be fully exonerated when he's due back in court in june. another man is spending his first night behind bars for bank fraud and tax evasion. earlier today joe giudice hugged his wife teresa outside their home before heading off to federal prison to serve his 41 month sentence. in 2014 the couple from the real housewives of new jersey accepted a plea deal, teresa served 11 months, and was released on good behavior in december. celebrations tonight for the start of the jewish holiday. the congregations like west side institutional synagogue, members gathered for a reading. everybody booze at the mention of haman, and ancient persian leader who wanted to annihilate the [null] -- jews.
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concerned about the tappan zee bridge? woke up in the hospital bed, i did not know where i was. >> rescue in the water, a five- year-old pulls her mother out of the pool to save her life. and a mistake in the middle of surgery. the wrong body part removed.
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creating a spectacle here in downtown seattle, a man who spent more than 24 hours perched in a tree has finally come down. police say the man climbed up the tree yesterday morning. rescuers tried to negotiate but he reportedly threw fruit and other items while yelling at them. the standoff ended this morning when he finally climbed down on his own.
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evaluation. no word yet on why he made the climb. as work continues on the new tappan zee bridge, commuters are noticing something new about the old one. the aging span is showing signs of neglect. rusted steel is definitely visible. the state stopped painting the bridge last year because it's expected to be closed to traffic sometime in 2017. a rockland county official says the problem is just a cosmetic one. >> if i didn't shave for two days or brush my hair, i would look pretty bad. doesn't mean i can't do my job. >> it's a little shaky but so far standing up, keep our fingers crossed and hope to get the new one built as quickly as possible. >> the current schedule has the first span opening next year. new video tonight shows a woman getting her purse snatched while holding her grandson on her lap. it happened on an mta bus in the bronx. the thief grabbed the bag when the bus stopped at commonwealth avenue in east tremont. the purse contained the
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new tonight a growing number of taxpayers getting phone calls and emails saying they owe money. the agents warn if people don't pay up, there will be serious consequences. as cbs2's dick brennan warns, they are actually imposters on the other end of the line. >> when she answered her cell phone recently she received some shocking news. >> the irs is filing a lawsuit against you. and you need to call this number. >> reporter: the call was a recorded message and went on to say -- >> ignoring this will be an intentional offense. >> it was pretty scary. >> reporter: but it wasn't real. all part of a scam and the brand is just one of thousands of startled taxpayers being targeted. >> why did the bank robber robbed the bank? because that's where the money is. >> steve wiseman says scam artists continue to pose as irs
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>> a lot of money in the irs, a reduced budget, the failure to take some basic security precautions by the irs. >> reporter: the irs says it is seeking a 400% spike in the number of computer-based attempts at scamming unsuspecting taxpayers. >> irs is calling me? >> reporter: it's gotten so that the agency released this video morning. it's estimated that more than $23 million has been lost to the fake phone call scam demanding back taxes. >> they will alter the phone number so the caller id will show that they are calling from the irs. or a federal agency in washington, dc. >> reporter: johnny rosario says in most cases the criminals want the so-called payment wired. >> sending the money transfer is just like sending cash. >> reporter: it cannot be retrieved, so now moneygram is posting these warnings in their stores, and training agents to help customers recognize the signs of an irs scam.
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the mail. >> the irs will never call them. over the phone. to ask them to pay a debt and threatened them. >> reporter: phony irs agents might also ask you to confirm your social security number over the phone or demand that you pay back taxes on the spot with a prepaid debit card. dick brennan, cbs2 news. a patient is suing yale new haven hospital claiming they removed the wrong rib from her body. her attorney says a search in training lied to cover up the mistake to get her to hundreds -- undergo a second surgery the same day. hirsute maintains a rib that was supposed to be removed was clearly marked. the hospital says it is committed to providing the highest quality of care but even in the best organizations, medical errors may happen. migraine headaches have been getting tremendous attention since one of them sidelined carmelo anthony on sunday. did you know that four new medications are in the final
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they are called cgrp, which are antibody's meant to keep migraines before they start. in testing patients have been getting injections once a month. dramatic video of a five- year-old texas hero who kept her mom from drowning. this is an unbelievable story, allison save her mom's life by pulling her from the backyard swimming pool in corpus christi. tracy andrew wolin was swimming when she suffered a seizure. younger allison realized something was wrong, jumped in, got her to the shallow end of the pool, and kept her head above water before she ran for help. >> i woke up in the hospital bed and i did not know where i was. >> reporter: allison was able to do that on her own. >> she says that her daughter has been swimming since she was 2 1/2 years old. incredible bravery and
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to drag somebody in the water? >> later in the water? it makes a difference. >> and then to see her scampering out of the picture frame to go get help. >> to have the wherewithal to get to the shallow end? it's very very smart. >> oh, my goodness. that one blew me away. hopefully i've got the weather test that some of you are going to be looking forward to hearing. i've got some good news. i don't think you're going to see temperatures like today, but let's check in right now with the weather watchers. and around the area right now, well we are in and around 53 for the city, a lot of 53 is, let's -- 53s. paul cassidy, first time on the show, alan? allen says first time, welcome, paul. we appreciate having you. new jersey, a pretty good- looking sky, 52 degrees. further to the west, what's going on, look at this picture.
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not like west of new york city. sussex county. i'm talking denver colorado. around a foot of snow in some spots out there. we talked about our 3.5 inches in southampton and bridgehampton and some of those spots on monday with a little bit of snow. much bigger snow but of course you are out in the rocky mountains. here is the system right now spinning around, made its way out colorado into kansas and nebraska as well. the arc of snow followed it, right over the great lakes into the area just north of albany. we're not going to see precipitation tomorrow. for friday, so that is going to make its way here but for your day tomorrow, watch how this works, that is how we see it. okay? rain is north of our area, staying north for thursday, maybe late thursday, i mean like a little bit of moisture possible, 11:30 at night, hardly anything. but the front i showed you will be making its way through by the time you get to friday, friday morning.
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pass sometime we think around lunch time, projecting about 2:30 p.m. with bouts of heavy rain and pushes out, then things start to clear, a good-looking saturday, temperatures out there, 56 on saturday, sunday 58. 9:00 a.m., 47 on easter. 1:00 p.m., 58, maximum temperature. 55, driver now, after the sun sets, you could see a bit of moisture for easter. really late, like midnight. tomorrow morning, quiet, 50 degrees. not going to see 71 degree readings tomorrow. the winds will shift, they won't come from the west, they will come from an easterly component. 58 degrees, warmer inland, some places like montauk may not get out of the upper 40s tomorrow. big difference in temperatures. friday, 66. we talk about the rain chance, saturday 56. sunday 58. monday under the rain chance
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>> thank you, lonnie.
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>> or maybe not. it all depends on a rod and what he's feeling. also simple early today, a rod announced he would retire after the 2017 season saying he has enjoyed his time but to me -- it would be time for him to go be a debt. but nothing is never really that simple. oh, no. not a rod. later in the day he said, nothing is set in stone. he was thinking in terms of the end of his tenure, $275 million contract. he wants to see where he is 300 games later. according to the article, anonymous friend said if he's close to barry bonds' record, he could not see him not taking a shot at it meaning he would retire and try again, currently 75 shy of that number after hitting 33 last season. his first after his one-year ban for ped use. tanaka gave up seven earned runs in four innings as the yankees lost to the national 13- 0. the mets fell to the blue jays.
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baseball, joe garagiola passed away. he gained even more popularity for his 57 years as a broadcaster. he grew up in the hill neighborhood of st. louis with future hall of famer yogi berra. he even had a four hit game in the 1946 world series helping his cardinals win the title. he gained more success after his playing days, hall of fame broadcaster, the play-by-play voice of nbc's game of the week in 1961, lasting nearly 30 years. he retired in 2013 from broadcasting. today, joe garagiola passes away at the age of 90. now to hockey, big night at the garden, rangers hosting the bloons. the blue shirts in the two spot in the east, to just seven points -- playoff atmosphere the rest of the way. yeah. but first, a classy move by the garden, moment of silence for those who lost their lives in the brussels attacks. msg got without a bunch of
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second, broussard let's one lip -- lets one rip. 3-0. the bruins cut into the lead, lundqvist make sure the lead stood up with saves like this. yeah. a solid win, 5-2 is the final. brooklyn, the islanders and senators, the aisles looking for two crucial points to hold onto the top wild-card spot. matt martin and nelson with sea otters. the aisles win in 3-1. time for a quick break. when we return, carmelo anthony
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his migraines are gone. smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. welcome back. carmelo anthony back in action after missing sunday's game, his migraines are gone. he was good to go. nine games since they last won in chinatown. it's also been a while since we've seen this out of kristaps porzingis. he broke out a renaissance game, matching his career-high
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the next build a 22 point lead but chicago had a little fight left in them, derrick rose gets it to single digits. momenta was short-lived, mello feeling great as he knocks out the bulls, the knicks win by eight, 115-107. same two teams tomorrow night. finally tonight the devils using social media to announce a really cool and classy promotion. police appreciation night at the rock on friday. with their own take on the old tv show police squad. [ music ] [ sirens ] >> that brought back some serious memories. leslie nielsen, george kennedy. >> i miss that type of theme
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thank you, otis. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals.
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among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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