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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  March 28, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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and kevin frazier will be joining us in a few minutes from the white house lawn, he's all over the easter egg roll. >> so is rihanna who made a surprise appearance with her daughter ivory. and baby fever hits hollywood there was a big shower and a search for the perfect family home. >> how awesome is it that adam levine is going to join hollywood's hot dad's club? that won't happen until september, however, he an the hotty have already started nesting, house hunting in the pacific palisades over the weekend, the two checked out this $19.9 million mansion. and while that is some stunning real estate, can't take our and of course this guy. yeah, queue the music sessions for baby.
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another musician we love who's about to become a dad? john legend and chrissy tiegen. but what's it like when the kardashians throw you a baby shower? >> the kardashians basically took over, what with all the snap chats and selfies, but no, it really was a party for someone else. even licking john's head, the mama to be was glowing in all white. guesss i erin anderson, juwan kelly and mia kelly. the cake had this shot of what the baby girl could look like, but the best or maybe worst -- no, best part, they served mcdonald's sausage egg mcmuffins and hash browns for all. >> final you got to check this out, here's the before baby
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later, the after. yes, if ivanca trump is now a mom of three. her son james was born at 5:43 easter sunday. she and her husband jared kris never were all smiles. then next thing you know, makeup free ivanca postsshe's had another baby. and she looks like she didn't even break a sweat. >> and the baby boom does not stop there, my college friend seth meyers and his wife welcomed a baby on sunday. and they may have to rename is real housewives of beverly hills to the real grandmas of beverly hills because kim richards is going to be a grandma. her daughter is expecting a baby bo so congratulations to all of them. and congratulations to lady gaga, no, she's not having a baby, at least not yet. she turned 30 today and gaga threw an all star bash to celebrate. >> gaga was glittering as she
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kinney. taylor swift was w all black sequins at the west hollywood get tog she arriveddw pals george and nick jonas. a much rumored kate hudson arrived alone. lisa rinna and lisa vanderpump were there. the housewives were part of gaga's music video. and michael jackson with an estimated worth of over $2 million. and late into the night, gaga sang to the paparazzi and a nod to the photographers. >> yeah, dominos had a party. now speaking of b money, jennifer lopez was also a part of a big celebration this weekend in moscow. there she is, all bundled up, j-lo was booked by one of the wealthiest men in russia perform at his son's wedding. and get this, we also sting, elton john and enrique iglesias also performed.
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is worth $2.6 billion.& while turning to more serious news, a somber celebration this weekend, a tribute to garry shandlin >> i think all of hollywood is still in shock over this. we're getting more information about why he passed away at just 66 years old as the stars gathered to remember his life. >> how will you celebrating hiss life? >> the memorial >> kathy griffin not too happy to see the paparazzi at the late comedian's house yesterday. she was one of his favorite friends who said goodbye garry with a shachbd tradition, a basketball game at his house. the question today is garry's doctor being investigated? a report claims the lamb county coroner subpoenaed the doctor's records after he refused to sign the death certificate. but he didn't sign simply
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garry's primary physician. while the coroner works to officially confirm the c of death, a tells "e.t" that garry did not have thyroid surgery as some have claimed. >> turns out i had a hyper parathyroid gland that was undiagnosed because the symptoms mirrored the symptoms an older jewish man would have. >> and then there's this. >> come on in, everybody, i have never had this many people in my house. >> classic garry only "e.t" can bring you, a home tour with pleaselisa gi we shot nearly 30 years ago. >> this is my hair and it's online and i think it came out very good today. >> it's a glimpse of the unique and brilliant talent that has hollywood in tears. >> it's such a shock, but when somebody passes especially someone you love, it hurts, a
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>> we will get to keep laughing with garry shandling, hbo announced they are bringing back reruns of the garry shandling show. >> garry won an emmy for that. he will be mi >> kevin i'm actually in the jackie o. garden right now. but let me show you how some of hollywood's biggest stars celebrated the hollywood. gwen stefani and blake shelton shared their first easter at her mom's house. gwen posted this of her heavenly son apollo. taylor swift celebrated easter with an egg battle with her brother austin. don't let your egg crack. and c out kelley clarkson' daughter, river rose, she's crying a river with the easter bunny,that's okay, she's done it with santa too. >> a police officer shot at the capital. the capital and the white house were both placed on temporary lockdown.
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the latest? >> it's interesting because we were in and out of the white house all day long we had no it was on lockdown until we were actually informed. and he thing, it did nod affect the easter egg roll at all. and we sat down with the first lady and whenever you ave an interview on a day like this, you sho bring in some heavy hitters, so i brought my son shane and his friend. >> what is the last easter egg roll like? >> it's bittersweet. there's a lot of kids who would never gain access to spend a couple of hours or an afternoon on the south lawn of the white house. >> what will you miss the most when you leave the white house? >> it's the people. i talk to the about the fact that they'll meet people that they'll never see again. it's about giving americans an
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like you guys, to be able to come in and do interviews. >> they played hoops with shaquille o'neal, some tennis, some story time. >> let's hear a roar. >> beyonce was there in a white and pink easter outfit. that's blue ivey with the bunny ears. jay-z also here and there was also a fun run in the obama's backyard. >> what do you have planned for after you leave the white house? >> good question. i want to make sure my girls ar settled, no matter how important your parents are, they always worried about you guys first. have you noticed that about your parents? >> yes. >> well, i'm the same way. i might go to a spa for a few days, but don't tell the president, because he's not invit >> it really is a special day being here and talking to first lady. and by the way, during their tenure, the obamas have hosted about 250,000 people for their annual easter egg roll. coming up the stars of
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we'll tell you how katharine mcphee is making some television magic. then supergirl versus the flash, who's faster? we're on the set for their crossover race. >> get set, go.
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big stars coming to the "voice."he sexiest ever.
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ee ts stt pre isodon fs n.llheeronenr rsterwi dabits 809760 t/v marcia clark. if i wanted it, you would be dead already. >> okay, the reviews we great, but the box office sure was. you've got 20 watch this movie, already? "batman vs. superman." apparently a few peo agreed with me because it broke t record book. netted $166 million, biggest weekend ever, and the biggest warner brothers opening of all time. another superhero showdown, supergirl versus the flash. and the stars of scorpion take on a ferocious wind machine. >> i am always game for a little sun action. >> just hanging around the set, literally. the co-stars and real life couple are harnessed and hoisted
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tornado hit tonight's episode. >> what i really want to do is jump and have them lift me and drop me, sort of like a bungee, wouldn't that be fun? >> one thing about the harness, is that it grabs hold of a very precarious position as a male member of the human race, right? there's a lot of oh, not good! >> go. >> and faster than a speeding tornado? okay, wrong superhero. tonight the flash gets too speedy in his own world and ends up in supergirl's for a big crossover. >> i remember the first time i saw her in that suit, i was pretty envious of that. >> yeah? >> for the record, i got here first. >> i let you get here fir >> we talked to grant and he actually confessed that he's a little jealous of your suit. >> really? >> yes. >> the crossover is a first since both shows are on different networks, but it isn't the first time melissa and grant have crossed paths. >> you were both on glee?
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>> so what is it like being abl to share in this experience together? >> it's cool, me and melissa actually never had a scen together on ""glee"" is to be able to be on this show with her and get to do this is a lot of fun. >> glee popping off those superheroes. >> when i was on the set, they were singing together. >> i love it. on to some reality tv news, coming up we have the first interview with the next bachelorette. and donald trump's ex, marla maples on dating a bachelor contestant 13 years younger. >> and hear why kirby model ashley graham d want to have sex before her marriage. come on, you know you want
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blinds to go faux wood blinds combines the warmth of natural wood with modern durability to make any room beautiful for years to come. spruce up your home today with up to 30% savings on hundreds of styles and colors. spring is here. and so are the savings. blinds to go. blinds for life. we have got the not safe for works pics of the stars on spring b justin bieber really getting back to nature with a picture of his bare bum. whyydoes he keep doing that? he was camping over the weekend sleeping outside and fishing. chelsea sunbathiig in her bra and instagraming, i my bathing suit and just thought who cares? she clearly didn't, at one point she even went topless, but we can't show you that.
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bikini bod and aher two boys to hawaii forrsome fun. there's more nakedness to talk about. ashley graham has a shirt here, but it's just she forgot to put it on for the cover of maxim. she's already the first curvy model to land a cover of the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue and now i seems like she's ready for world domination. the dream of taking over the world, i do want women to understand that fame can take over who they are. >> she's become a role model for rea everywhere. but it's that bombshell body that's her money maker. >> what was your reaction when you got the call from maxim? >> i got excited and i started looking up every maxim cover that recently came out and so classy, it's so beautiful. >> part of that world domination plan includ becoming a fitness guru and her own talk show. >> the ashley graham show. there's so many different
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show. >> like a reality series? >> like a docuseries type thing. really, truly, the sky's the limit. >> she's been married to a sin matting toer since 2002. they have a bicoastal marriage and have committed to be abstinent before their ma now married because i want to be not because i have to be. and i'm having sex with a man because i wannabe and not because i have to be. >> how does he react to you doing some of these sexy photo suits. >> he loves it. he refers to me all the time how sexy and beautiful i am. it's kind of good knowing that she's just like us when it comes to splurging. what's your splurge? >> french fries and mack n cheese in the same meal. ash. >> ashley told us she wants to have a baby in the next few years and she wants to develop her own line of curvy mater
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tv. "dancing with the stars" dancer reportedly hurt his back last night. he may not be able to compete tonight, i will be there to see what happens. i will also be watching marla maples who's definitely got the vote of her ex-husband donald trump. >> he wished me t best of luck, absolutely and i so appreciate it. it was fantastic. so many friends and family are reaching out, and it's meant so much. >> marla and her partner are going to do the tango tonight. she and trump's 21-year-old daughter tiffany not able to be with her last night. >> he was just like, wow, mom, you didn't tell me you were doing marilyn monroe. >> he was just so happy and had all of our friends watching with him. so ittwas great. >> marla split with donald trump
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bachelorette ever since. she did date a model that was 13 years younger than her. the spotlight. caa. keep your eyes on your relationship. >> our new bachelorette, jojo. >> words of wisdom for 25-year-old bachelorette jojo fletcher >> having him announce it and having everyone cheer, it was overwhelming and it was so co and it gave me goose bumps. >> jojo says filming is already under way and things are heating up. one rumored suitor is jordan rogers, the brother of green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers. and mike flies is already offering tweets. according to our female crewmembers, this is one of the hottest casts we have ever had. the tip total is 4.5. >> i just want someone who's genuine and makes me laugh and
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of the day is going to love me as much as i love them. and miley cyrus has apparently found love again, rocking her engagement ring with hemsworth. at last night's knicks-cavaliers game. the 23-year-old singer with other big news, tweeting, it's true, i am going to be the new judge of season 11 of "the voice." miley and former voice advisor alicia keys will jo adam and blake who will bring some serious girl power to the chairs next season. miley posted this photo with friend pharell and says she'll serve as an advisor on the show tonight. >> i want to be your background singer..o cf1 o >> they're bringing in all the big stars. our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which star was an
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film for the boys. t mt ard twk.nogesur-st00eginrn tanphe
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most diva-licious momen >> i don't think so. welcome back to the sh everyone. in tonight's "e.t" birthdays, which star was ash extra in the 199 is star in bette midler's film? we'll have a live facebook q&a, but we have a sneak peek at the new scenes tonight. good night, everybody. >> goodbye.
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alice. >> the hatter is the matter. >> hatter is my truest friend, if he is in need, i will help
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>> hello, alex.cae mpits veecve a w ar. buwee ceed f me. inudg maze'#1orinrn sed0 arruin anjdow rkeusigstinusmesasftir e irye..n ro awdsret erhi. twh ty meroyo cuoms,heme aotlyiohathfaesteetn e stwaedneorghno g serfa 1
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ee ts stt pre isodon fs n.llheeronenr rsterwi dabits 809760 t/v kara: when i was a child, my planet krypton was dying. i was sent to earth to protect my cousin. but my pod got knocked off-course and by the time i got here, my cousin had already grown up and become superman. and so i hid my powers until recently when an accident forced me to reveal myself to the world. to most people i'm an assistant at catco worldwide media. but in secret, i work with my adoptive sister for the deo to protect my city from alien life and anyone else that means to cause it harm. i am supergirl. cat: previously on supergirl... livewire.


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