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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  March 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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liquor cabinet seemed to explode. >> i was watching the tv and just the first i heard was the impact and i heard the -- the -- the glass broken. >> reporter: then they saw the hole in the front of the house and heard additional shots. residents at the carleton house condo complex where the lexus was parked began calling 911. suspects were seen running to a waiting car. things like this just don't happen here. >> shocking! shocking. i'm living here 25 years here, never heard shooting in larchmont. >> reporter: police will not say in the car's owner was the target or hit by accident. the incident pierced the community's sense of security. >> my children both was at home in the bedroom, yes. >> reporter: so this could have hurt somebody. >> yes. i'm actually very afraid to be here in my own house. >> reporter: witnesses heard four shots but mamaroneck town police who were handling the
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bullets. they thoroughly searched the drainage area just to the north of the parking lot where this happened. but they won't say what they found and won't speculate why the shooter was here or what may have sparked the gunfire. in larchmont, lou young, cbs 2 news. >> just a few moments ago we spoke with the owner of the car. the woman says she has no idea why anyone would want to shoot her vehicle. we are following breaking news right now in the bronx. a man seriously hurt in a hit- and-run crash. cbs 2's scott rapoport joins us now live from the scene in morrisania. scott. >> reporter: good evening. yes. still an active scene here. let me show you. it happened here at 165th street and union avenue around 4 p.m. police telling us this gray car struck a pedestrian in the middle of the street and then the car crashed into the truck in front of it. witnesses tell me two men
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the victim and adult car ran out. >> the guy that was running across the street so the car hit like that boom. the guy was flying. then -- >> reporter: the guy went flying? >> yes. >> reporter: police on the scene tell me the victim is in critical condition. we are live they morrisania section of the bronx. scott rapoport, cbs 2 news. campaign 2016. donald trump made headlines. he said women who have illegal abortions should be punished. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer has the story. >> reporter: donald trump says his position on abortion is now much like that of former president ronald reagan. pro-life with exceptions. but today, during an msnbc town hall he told host chris matthews there should be some form of punishment for women who get abortions if the procedure was baned.
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>> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> reporter: later he said, the issue is complicated and, quote, unclear, and should be put back to the states for determination. trump's comments coming as the focus of campaign 2016 shifted to new york, where the upcoming primary is drawing candidates seeking to grab some of the rich cache of delegates. hillary clinton kicking off her new york push with a harlem rally where she dismissed opponents bernie sanders. >> some of his ideas won't pass. others just won't work because the numbers don't add up. >> reporter: and aggressively went after donald trump the republican front-runner. >> loose cannons tend to misfire. he says demeaning and degrading things about women. >> hillary is a disaster. >> reporter: and john kasich had pizza and gave an elbow ted cruz for his attempt to denigrate the empire state and
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>> i'll tell you what new york values are for me. excitement, innovation, change, and, um, and time just flies when you're here. >> reporter: the other presidential wannabes were not in new york but their actions were directed here. ted cruz was at a women for cruz rally in madison, wisconsin, with his wife, his mother and former candidate carly fiorina. >> this event this morning is a celebration of strong women. >> reporter: bernie sanders was also in wisconsin. >> billionaires are able to buy elections. that is not democracy. that's oligarchy. >> reporter: bernie sanders will be here tomorrow for a rally in the bronx. hillary clinton is in westchester. john kasich is trying to convince new yorkers to vote for him to guarantee an open republican convention. the new york primary is april 19th and you're going to see a lot of them. >> thank you. disturbing discovery about
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the state police website lists more than 70 people who are classified as noncompliant meaning their address is unknown. former bergen county prosecutor john molinelli says the community will be notified only if there is a danger. >> if there was a megan's law offender at tier 3 that was absent, the local chief would certainly notify the community. >> i would be terrified when i get to know that my kid around, um, or these people are around my kid. >> passaic and union counties have the most sex offenders unaccounted for with 13 each. big changes coming to newark's police department as part of a settlement with the federal government. the reforms coming after an investigation revealed problems with police stops and excessive use of force. the agreement calls for a monitor to oversee the changes. it also calls for more training for officers and for them to wear body cameras. the u.s. attorney says one significant problem was that officers stopped too many people on the street for no
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>> some of this stems from a lack of clarity in the police department's policies and training which has promoted a view that living or simply being in a high crime area is in and of itself criminally suspicious. >> a judge must sign off on the agreement. now to our weather. temperatures really all over the place. and there's more wacky weather to come. >> lonnie quinn with the mobile weather lab on the upper west side right now. lonnie. >> reporter: you bet, guys. i'm on broadway between 85th and 86th. temperatures have been going every which way because this morning some of you were down into the teens and now you're looking at temperatures in the lower 50s for some folks. tomorrow temperatures around 70 degrees. you talked about parking the mobile lab right here on the upper west side. we are right here where i'm standing, and you'll see all the, you know, instrumentation on the top of the truck bulge in all the data it all gets displayed
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hour with a wind gust close to 10 but look at the morning lows. southampton was 15 degrees this morning. vernon, new jersey, 21. newburgh 27. new york city was 37. the warmest reading this morning toms river you started off at 39. the radar picture shows you you had a nice picture all day long. it's still nice outside. off to the west, around the midwest is where we see the next chance for rain and that's going to come into our area looks like late tomorrow but you're waking up not 37 but around 48. it's a nice looking start. your afternoon highs look at those new york 70. trenton 72. hamptons cooler because you will have a southwest wind coming off the water around 51 degrees. live now on the upper west side with the mobile weather lab. i'll be back in just a few minutes with the extended forecast. i have to use the word snow for just a little bit, maurice and kristine. there's a possibility. wheel chat about that late. >> if we must. >> thank you. 11 people were hurt, dozens left homeless by a fast- moving fire in brooklyn.
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bushwick started at 10 p.m. last night and burned for three hours. firefighters say high winds fueled the flames that spread to five apartment buildings. residents and some business owners lost everything. >> just happy that at least she came out with her life. material things can be replaced. >> very sad because a lot of kids have a dream and look what happened. >> this was your dream, too, to have this place. that's my dream to have. >> city inspectors are worried the building will collapse. the red cross is helping 19 families find emergency housing and assisting with food and clothing. an explosion in bayonne new jersey and three contractors and two police officers got hurt. pseg crews were installing a new gas main and testing the line with air when the blast happened this morning near gouldsboro drive. two of the contractors have serious injuries. another worker and the two officers minor injuries. a private memorial service
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york city fire commissioner nicholas scoppetta. family, friends and former coworkers gathered at the nicholas scoppetta children's center on first avenue to pay their respects. mayor de blasio delivered remarks remembering his legacy and 50 years of service. scoppetta served as fire commissioner during 9/11 and is credited with helping the department rebuild after the attacks. he also helped found the city's department of children's services. scoppetta died last week of cancer. he was 83 years old. in just a moment, a turf war brewing in new jersey between two cities, why they are at odds over bikeshare programs. >> is a broadway hit breaking the law? the casting controversy surrounding hamilton. letters, phone calls and knocks at the door. why can't people get the message, this building is not for sale? >> coming up on the "cbs evening news," an in-depth look at donald trump's controversial comments on abortion! >> scott pelley now with the
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>> reporter: maurice and kristine, great to be with you here in new york. donald trump said it today. he said that women should be punished in the cases of illegal abortions. but within minutes, the campaign realized they had made a terrible mistake! and they reversed that position 180 degrees. but the damage has been done on all sides of the debate! we'll have that and the rest of the world news coming right
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at 6:30. a new bikeshare program to aid urban transportation has been stopped because negotiations between mayors of two new jersey cities have gone nowhere. cbs 2's meg baker is in hoboken with the story new at 6:00. >> reporter: hop on, hop off, that's the idea behind some bikeshare programs but some new jersey riders are saying it's not always a smooth ride. >> i know there's a controversy now between jersey city and hoboken. >> reporter: this hoboken resident is talking about the differing programs in neighboring cities. >> why would they use another one? >> reporter: hoboken uses hudson bikeshare stations or next bike while jersey city use citibike like new york city. >> that he thought it would be good like the big city across the river potentially cut transportation costs in half.
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citibike locations here in jersey city are close to the path so riders can park and pick up another bike when get into the city but riders can't do that in hoboken. >> what's the point of having one location that can't be used anywhere else? it doesn't make any sense. who stands to gain. >> reporter: this jersey city councilwoman along with the mayor have been negotiating with hoboken's mayor don zimmer to add access. >> the current proposal on the table from jersey city is we would like to have a location for citibike in hoboken in exchange for some locations in hudson bikeshare in jersey city. >> reporter: there's another problem. bikes from hoboken are being driven to jersey city and locked on public racks taking up space. these bikes don't need a special dock. and locks are attached. in a statement, mayor zimmer says she hopes that those mayor-to-mayor discussions will continue so a resolution that makes sense for both cities can be achieved. >> in the meantime, we're cleaning up our laws and making sure that people aren't
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in jersey city. >> reporter: she says maybe it would be a better commute if there were more bikes with matching docks in each city. in hoboken, meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> hoboken's hudson bikeshare costs $95 a year. citibike $155 a year. the producer of the broadway hit "hamilton" has agreed to change a controversial casting call notice. as the show looks to expand to other cities, "hamilton" producers put out a notice calling for nonwhite performers. a press representative for the show told cbs 2 the language was approved by the broadway union actors equity. the union general counsel denied that and said a casting notice at saying the audition was open to all ethnicities. >> they all specify that actors of any race or ethnicity are permitted to attend auditions and be considered equally for the roles. >> in a statement tonight jeffrey sellers said quote,
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also include language we neglected to add, that is, we welcome people of all ethnicities to audition for "hamilton." real estate is booming in bed-stuy brooklyn. for some people, that's not a good thing. one man is so fed up with all the offers to buy his home he posted a sign out front that reads, not for sale. cbs 2's vanessa murdoch reports. >> every week we get 20 to 30 people come in want to buy the house. >> reporter: 20 to 30 people a week. >> easily. >> reporter: jeffrey says the phone cause, letters and knocks on the door by people wanting to buy his home became a big bother. this sign became a necessity. and it's drawing attention. >> i said maybe i should keep walking. that's a cool sign. >> reporter: it reads home not for sale. don't ask. beware of sassy mouth owner. >> that's your wife. that's not you. >> she is the sassy mouth owner.
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so we gave her a ring. >> leave us alone. >> reporter: the sign is working. sort of. inquiries are down by half but just yesterday he got this handwritten note from another somebody wanting to buy. >> they would come up to the ceiling. >> reporter: is this normal? >> yes. it's indicative because of the lack of inventory. >> reporter: david with exit realty says buyers being priced out of manhattan want to move here. >> they are becoming like hunters and going out to ascertain the properties. >> reporter: the best way to do it, go door to door. >> it's annoying! >> reporter: lynette lewis rogers of bedford-stuyvesant says it's happening to her and her neighbors. she is so fed up with the phone calls she gives this response. >> if i say yes, my home is for sale, and my starting price is $12.5 million. it's worth that to me.
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>> i'm not letting it go. >> reporter: neither the home nor the sign so don't ask. from bedford-stuyvesant, brooklyn, vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. >> that's different. people usually trying to sell you products, you know, now they want your home. >> there's such great demand and those have on gorgeous houses in the neighborhood. you can see why people want them. lonnie quinn is with the mobile weather lab on the upper west side. lonnie you mentioned snow, didn't you? >> tried to slip it in. >> you know, yeah. i didn't want to say it too loud. kj, come here, there's a little bit of snow in the forecast! there's a little bit but we're going to talk about that later. right now the here and the now, look at this on broadway 85th street here on the upper west side. look at that beautiful flowering tree. is it a magnolia, tulip? kj? anybody? you got an idea? magnolia. >> going from something natural like that -- is it a magnolia? thank you, kristine.
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you will notice the back in the tree is flapping in the breeze. but breeze not as bad as it was yesterday. let's come back down to the mobile weather lab. we are parked rate here on the street and we are registering a 52.3 temperature. and a wind gust around 10.7 was the strongest we have had in the last hour or so. different vantage point of our beautiful city shows you that there are a couple of high cirrus clouds out there. 50 degrees the official reading from belvidere castle in central park. almanac shows us the high temperature today was 56. the average is 55. so officially one degree above average. your morning low 37. two degrees below average. and in terms of temperatures, right now, we sit as the fourth warmest march ever at an average temperature of 48.5 degrees. that's going up tomorrow because i see temperatures close to 70 in new york city. and as far as, you know, rain or snow for that matter? it's the sixth driest march with only 1.17 inches of precipitation. headlines look like this. we'll get two days of near 70 around here for tomorrow and
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but it's going to be a cold start to april and, yes, kj, and maurice and everybody else, a little chance for snow out there. let's talk about it. it's all because of this cold air that's going to filter in from the north by the time you get to sunday. it will be cold april 3, 4, 5, maybe the 6th. the radar picture looks like this. we are fine in our area but out around memphis and st. louis that front is going to move in with a rain chance for some time late tomorrow but even more so friday. i think tomorrow during the day looks good. and your rain that we could be picking up out of this looks like an inch or less for most anybody. so let's talk numbers. tonight it's mostly clear 48 degrees. tomorrow, about 70 degrees or so, 69, 70 in new york city. there's going to be an evening chance for some rain more so on friday. april showers, at 72. saturday you're 58. maybe scattered rain left over on saturday morning. sunday 47 but it's wind did with a morning low of 34 and monday, 46. tuesday 44. monday night, going into tuesday, some precipitation
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the possibility -- are you ready for this? you can't rule out the possibility of snow monday night into tuesday. >> aye! >> i know, my friend. we're live here with new york's finest on the upper west side. back to you in the studio. >> good guy to be friendly with the tow truck driver. >> now day, another injury for a pitcher down in spring training. otis joins us next with sports. finding colon cancer early gives me the best chance for treatment.
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with the crisis behind him today was matt harvey's chance to get a couple of innings. he got off to a nice start at port st. lucie against his biggest division rival the nationals. strikes out the first batter on three pitches but then gets into trouble. two on for ryan zimmerman and it's gone. three-run jack to left. harvey gives up three runs and two hits in two innings. didn't speak to the immediate why after the game. >> a rough outing for the closer familia giving up four runs in two-thirds inning including this sloppy play one of three errors for the mets today.
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they lose their 13th straight, 12-1 the final. next stop las vegas for the cubs for a pair of exhibition games before kansas city for the season opener. yankees, ivan nova making his last pitch in the location but more headlines the health of temporary closer and drew miller. nova, gave up two hits, struck out a pair in six innings but in the 7th here's that concern. he takes a line drive off his right wrist and immediately left the mound fired his cap in the dugout with disgust. scan is negative. it's a bruise and tests will tell the story. nba tonight. the knicks kristaps porzingis doubtful in dallas with a sore right shoulder. soap opera in hollywood. laker rookie guard d'angelo russell is in hot water for what some call violating the man code. he secretly recorded a hotel room conversation with a
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in which young admitted to cheating on his feian say. russell then reportedly snap chatted the conversation thinking no one would see it, cheating on his fiancee. they saw it. it brought attention to the lakers in what is the worst season in franchise history. teammates are isolating him and freezing him out. when he tries to sit next to them and talk they leave. russell is a key part of the laker future with kobe bryant retiring after this season. snapchat. finally, this could be the only thing harder than hitting a half court shot. that's getting a half court shot stuck between the rim and the backboard. last night in orlando, during a break in the nets magic game two time masters champ bubba watson does just that. should we call that a wedgie? if he had a wedge, he could probably hit a ball into the rim but he could not do that. >> well -- >> did that not count like during a game if that happens? >> count as what? >> a point? >> no. >> no. >> i didn't know --
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>> back after this. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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coming up at 11:00, a keepsake for your family after you die. it could save lives for
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>> you can keep it in your house and a memorial. or you can put it in your safe deposit box. >> cbs 2 explores this ultimate gift that's being collected for families at the funeral home. tonight at 11. >> up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," a brussels bombing victim reunited with his family. company >> pelley: trump ignights a firestorm when he's asked about making abortion illegal. >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman. >> yeah. >> pelley: also tonight, danger ahead. research finds most headlights have a dim view of safety. a week after bill bratton narrowly scaebed death in brussels a joyful reunion. and how scientist lucy jones became the queen of quakes through no fault of her own.


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