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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  April 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> i'm kristine johnson. dana tyler is off tonight. those stories just ahead but first we begin with breaking news on the west side highway. terrible news for commuters. two northbound lanes are shut down right now while crews inspect a retaining wall. chopper 2 is over the wall in question. tracee carrasco live in mobile2 with all that traffic right now. >> reporter: as you can see, we are sitting in some major traffic. expect some delays if you are heading out of the city on the henry hudson parkway tonight. we have been here for about an hour now just past 96th street. the problem is crews are inspecting a bulging retaining wall at 123rd street. they have two lanes blocked off as they do this work. it's unclear how long those lanes will be closed. but as you can see here, we are not going very fast. so if you can, take an alternate route and plan for some extra time. live tonight from mobile2,
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a drive on a new jersey windy weather. dashcam video caught a tree crashing on a two-lane road leaving a truck with nowhere to go. cbs 2's hazel sanchez spoke with the driver. >> reporter: imagine driving down the road and this happens. watch again as the tree falls and the white pickup truck hits it and goes airborne. truck. >> it was crazy. it was like i don't know. the worst amusement park ride you ever been on. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it happened around 8:00 on a very windy sunday morning. the dashcam on a boot ton township police car captured the crash as it traveled in the opposite direction on rockaway valley road. >> i saw the tree that i hit coming down. you know, the wind just blew it so fast. there was nothing i could do. >> reporter: these pictures show how the brand-new truck
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25-year-old conklin, who was traveling away, was uninjured. conklin says about a mile down the road from where this tree fell a car cut him off forcing him to slow down. he says he can't help but think where he might be now if that didn't happen. >> i'm still shocked. >> you know what i mean? i'm thinking like if i left my house one second after or sooner if i was going faster or if the guy wasn't in front of me what would have happened. >> reporter: his family and girlfriends say they are just grateful he is alive. >> i was scared actually scared to see it. so, you know, we thank god for our blessings. our life is whole. you have to cherish everything. >> he probably had someone watching over hims of that was like a freak accident and he was fine. >> reporter: did you buy a lottery ticket? >> i should, right? >> reporter: it doesn't get much more lucky than this. in boonton township, new jersey, hazel sanchez, cbs2
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>> conklin was wearing his seatbelt. the truck was driving was a brand-new work vehicle four days earlier. >> takes your breath away when you see the video. now. another freeze warning for the tri-state area. you will still need your >> doesn't feel right getting temperatures like this this time of the year but look, these were not records. so keep that in mind. monticello started at 15. vernon new jersey and newburgh, new york, started at 20. 25 degrees for southampton. central park started at 26 degrees. tomorrow morning around 6 a.m., when we record the coolest temperatures of our year, sometimes 4, 5 or 6, coolest temperatures of the day, that is, it will be around 30 degrees in new york city. 28 for boonton. 23 newburgh. 30 brings. 31 farmingdale.
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freezing. that's why we have that freeze warning in effect. now you take into consideration you have a little bit of a wind tomorrow. not dramatic. okay? the winds are backing down but enough to give you a wind chill in the majority of our area 15 to 35 miles an hour. forecasting a morning low of 30 degrees in new york city and 25 to 30-degree wind chill just showing you those winds are not going to be blowing very hard but nonetheless freeze warning in effect for everybody. a cold start again. we'll moderate for thursday but there could be weather problems for thursday. we'll talk about that later. now to the yankees home opener. and it was a cold one in so many ways. before the players could take the field, crews had to shovel ice out of the way. and before it was all over, the yankees are playing in protest.
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>> reporter: there is nothing like opening day of any sport but especially baseball because fans have had all winter to think about what their team is going to look like the following season. and in the case of the yankees today, i mean it is spring but it still felt like winter october baseball. the grounds crew was clearing snow and ice off the field this morning fans so cold bundled up in blankets. >> i think it's colder than a football game. >> reporter: that little guy and his big brother were prepared wearing their snow pants to the game. [ laughter ] >> we wanted to dress appropriately. >> reporter: as our janelle burrell found out, some fans did whatever was necessary to be here. tell me why we're concealing your face. >> i don't want to get fired. i called in sick. >> reporter: football weather would attract a two-time super bowl champ former giants coach tom coughlin in the stands. so much for the mighty yankee bullpen. dellin betances came into the game in the 8th with the score tied at 2. by the time he left, the astros were up 5-2.
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dellin betances with the bad throw to first. joe girardi thought the runner was out of the baseline which affected the throw. the yankees played the rest of the game under protest. astros still won 5-3 the final. coming up later in sports, we'll have the yankees' thoughts on that controversial play and also catch up with the mets who are trying to get the first wi of the season in kansas city. otis livingston back to you in the studio. >> thank you. there is a federal investigation under way into possible corruption in the nypd. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer reports. >> reporter: it all started with an investigation know norman seabrook the head of the city corrections union and an investment he made of millions of dollars of union pension funds into hedge funds operated by local businessmen. but sources say wiretaps on
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caused the fbi and united states attorney preet bharara to expand the probe to include possible corruption in the nypd. the wiretaps turned up conversations about cops, sources say. >> on these investigations, not able to comment on them. and that's an agreement with the bureau. >> reporter: the probe has already led the nypd to take the gun and badge away from a community affairs detective in the 66th precinct in brooklyn. he was put on desk duty after he took the fifth amendment in front of a grand jury. >> he has been placed on modified assignment for the good of the department. >> reporter: sources say a number of cops are being questioned as part of a probe into whether they received gifts and trips in exchange for undisclosed favors. sources say they include three deputy chiefs and the head of the 19th precinct on the upper east side. this representative of the chiefs says, i am aware of a federal investigation. a number of my members have been interviewed by federal investigators.
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>> does it trouble you, sir, that there's an investigation? >> that -- the nature of the business that, um, um, always results, unfortunately, in investigations, we'll just have to see where the investigation goes. commissioner says the nypd will cooperate fully with the fbi and u.s. attorney. through a spokesman seabrook declined my request for an interview. >> thank you. new cell phone video released today shows the deadly tugboat accident by the tappan zee bridge. you can see the boat singing in just a matter of seconds. all three of the boat's crew members were killed. they had been escorting a barge down the river on march 12. they hit another barge being used to build the new bridge. some new information now. investigators say they have discovered a motive behind a vicious acid attack. alexandra dyer was attacked outside her long island city office last august.
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of a nonprofit group. police have arrested three of her coworkers for allegedly plotting the attack. investigators say the three embezzled $750,000 and dyer was attacked to distract attention from the theft. coming up, fighting landmark status. a church says it is honored by the distinction but no thanks. why leaders say it would do more harm than good. >> go out and come home with a bag. >> from trash to treasure. you won't believe what some people throw away. we'll take you inside a unique collection at the sanitation department decades in the making. >> coming up on the "cbs evening news," all eyes on wives tonight. scott pelley is here now live with an update. >> reporter: kristine and maurice, great to be with you. after a bad week on the campaign trail, this is the first test of donald trump's remaining strength. will ted cruz take wisconsin away from him? also, a dead heat between
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we are going to have all the latest information coming out of wives and the rest of the world news -- coming out of wisconsin and the rest of the
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"cbs evening news" at 6:30. a south bronx church is on the way to becoming a new york city landmark.
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everything they can to prevent it. ali bauman visits the immaculate conception church where there's fear honoring the past could ruin the future. >> reporter: color stayed windows lining arches stepping into the centuries old church in the bronx is like stepping back in time. so it's no wonder the city wants to make it an official landmark. but the church priest is praying to god that doesn't happen. >> it's an immigrant community. and i don't know what the church will look like in 30 years. >> reporter: father skelly says it's no museum. like his last parish in east harlem that got landmark status in 1976. >> i want to put in a handicapped ramp and it was taking away from the look of the church. and so the landmarks would not let me do it. >> reporter: more than 500 church-goers are backing father's petition against the landmarks commission. since it's a church, funds for
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and landmark status means repairs and changes will cost more. a lot more. >> i mean, it's nice having a landmark but it's a poor parish and we only get so much money so it comes to the parishioners and this is not a wealthy area. >> reporter: father says these doors will probably have to be the next thing to be replaced. he says they are pretty heavy and in the wintertime they bring in a draft. as landmark status replacing these doors will be pricy. >> because they want to retain a certain look and at times they will make you do more than you actually want to do. >> reporter: the landmarks commission says we collaborate with religious organization to arrive at exclusions that benefit them and the public interest. but for this parish, keeping up with the times means not getting stuck in t in melrose section of the bronx, ali bauman, cbs 2 news. >> the city's landmark preservation commission is scheduled to vote on the church's status april 12. if you think for a moment of all the things you have thrown away over the years,
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through it and took some of the items and put them on display. that is what one man's been doing for decades. cbs 2's alice gainer reports. >> reporter: from the outside it's just a warehouse owned by the new york city sanitation department in east harlem. but on the second floor -- [ music ] >> reporter: -- decades of trash come to life. from a graveyard to pez dispensers and trool dolls. >> where did you find that? >> 98th street. >> reporter: phones, political items -- >> these are photos from 1907. >> reporter: other odds and ends. >> i got about 5 or 6 offers for that guitar. >> reporter: sports memorabilia. who would throw out a perfectly good basketball? >> these are signed. >> reporter: this collection is the passion project of nelson molina. for him, collecting unique items from trash began at age 9.
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people throw old toys away so i went out and looked in the bags and see what i could take out for my brothers and sisters, because i have two brothers and three sisters and we didn't get much for christmas. >> reporter: how fitting he got a job with the new york city sanitation department and spent 34 years finding all these treasures. >> whatever it is -- >> reporter: that's the weirdest? >> this is -- feel that. it's like it weighs a ton. >> reporter: it does. it looks like maybe a child's art project? >> reporter: initially he would store things in his locker and all over but the second floor opened up. >> i call him the unofficial curator for sanitation. >> reporter: the assistant chief describes his initial reaction as shock and awe. >> west world! one of my favorite oldies. >> reporter: you're not going to believe what i spotted almost immediately in here out of all these items. check out these two pins. he isn't surprised about what people throw out except for this. >> the star of david made from the steel of one of the world trade centers.
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>> it's worth a lot. i know it is. but i just wouldn't know. >> reporter: because one man's trash is molina's treasure, truly. alice gainer, cbs 2 news. >> he is retired but still comes back to take care of everything. he can't keep the items because they're property of the city. the second floor used to be used for vehicles but can no longer support them. not open to the public but you can request a tour. the link is at the curator of our history. >> that was your press id. [ laughter ] >> very cool. >> nice try. let's check the forecast. lonnie quinn is standing by. the temperatures? no help. >> that's the story. just how cold it is out there. i keep trying to subway your attention how sunny the -- i
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attention how sunny the sky is. it's cold. 41 degrees. it is sunny. 42 was your high temperature at 3:00 in the afternoon. look at that morning low. 26 degrees in new york city. you're well below the mark in both the high and the low category. my headlines look like this. you want to know when it's going to end? the mild air will be here for thursday. but it comes with some unsettled weather. rain is likely at times on thursday. it's like a one-day reprieve because by friday, the temperatures drop 10 degrees again and we go back to the cold stuff. vortex satellite and radar pretty picture right there. bigger picture will show you, what is at bay? there's a high pressure system giving us all this nice clear air and this high pressure system has its clockwise rotation around it so because of where the high is located now, it's that northerly wind that you're catching. all right? the mild side of this high is on the back side of it. this is where you start catching that southerly wind. well, you're not going to get into that southerly wind until thursday and that's also when you get into the thicker cloud cover and also rain chance
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so let's time that out for you. here you go. throughout your day, wednesday looks good maybe filtered sunshine later and then thursday morning 7 a.m. this is the morning commute. there could be a little bit of a rain shower but it's not big. bigger stuff is forecast for later in the day. there's some heavy downpours there. that's 3:30 in the afternoon. it's making the evening ride home tougher than the ride to work on thursday morning. and then you get to friday. look at this. some lingering activity out there but notice it's not all green. now you see pink and white. i know we're talking north and west of the city but maybe a little bit of frozen precipitation out there. a little tiny bit early friday morning. how much rain? looks like anybody in our area could get a half inch to over an inch because of this. so for your day tomorrow, you're waking up at 29 degrees. there's less wind a sunny start. remember that freeze warning is in effect as of 8 p.m. tonight until 10 a.m. tomorrow. and then 49 ends up being the high temperature. filtered sunshine in the afternoon. the temperatures will be
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will lead to 60 on thursday but there's rain involved. friday, the mets will be playing at home. 50 degrees. saturday and sunday, you drop 10 degrees on friday then mid- 40s for saturday and sunday. so you can't hold on to that 60. >> no. >> one day of it. >> all right. thank you. otis livingston joins us with a look ahead at sports. >> reporter: yeah, kristine. yankees fans are quite disappointed after having waited an extra day to get the season started here in the bronx. and folks are still buzzing about last night's thriller in the ncaa tournament game. and could it be possible that we had two shining moments? i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done.
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but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night, geico's emergency roadside service is there for you. a home opener for the yankees delayed one day but fans and the team anxious to get things started already. otis livingston live at the ballyard in the bronx with sports. otis. >> reporter: yankees fans waited almost a whole six months for this day a chance to get another crack at the houston astros. and in particular, their ace dallas keikel who dominated them last season.
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for first pitch. much better than yesterday's conditions that caused the postponement. what a way to introduce yourself to the fans. the new yankees second bass man castro with his first at bat with the bombers. the two-run double off keikel. castro gives them a 2-0 lead in the second inning. tied at 2 in the 8th the biggest play of the game dellin betances on the mound. carlos with the dribbler. betances sails the throw to first, the go-ahead run scores. girardi thought the runner was out of the baseline. the yankees played the rest of the game of under protest but that won't change the outcome. the astro spoil opening day at the stadium 5-3 the final. >> the spirit as a rule is tow that the players are allowed to make a play. but you know, in his judgment, he didn't think it impeded with the first baseman catching that. >> i understand the rule if the runner interferes with the throw. if you throw the ball into right field it's like pass interference in football.
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pass interference if the ball is out of bounds. that's why they made the call. >> reporter: the mets are finishing up their brief stop in kansas city on sunday night they had to witness the royals unfurling their world series banner. today they had to go through the ring ceremony. and the mets were trying to ruin the party with the royal treatment of their own. scoreless game until the fourth when new met neil walker takes one out with a man on 2-0 mets. noah syndergaard is working or a kc master piece is, nine strikeouts with six scoreless innings. mets in the drives seat. they lead 2-0 in the 7th inning. after a couple of blowouts in the men's national semifinal games the fans were hoping for a great game in the national championship and they certainly got it and then some. let's get right to the fabulous finish. north carolina down 3 with 6 seconds left.
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pump jumper from three points is good. tie ballgame. after a time-out, villa nova with a chance to win it in regulation. villanova wins it second national title for the wildcats 77-:4. a roller coaster for emotion for kris jenkins. >> nate's my brother. i love him. and you know, to play against each other in the national championship it was something special for our family. i'm happy that we won for sure. so i don't have to hear him talk smack. >> what an incredible finish in houston for the men's national championship. unfortunately, we couldn't say that today for the yankees right here at yankee stadium. but there's 161 more games to go. live from yankee stadium in the bronx, otis livingston, back to you in the studio.
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we'll be right back. foalthr w vis.u n'brk .yowaa ecofakouswchs artemasitastoet00egntne usv d onfoju 9. p mthnle.
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kids play in? and the after dark activities have parents concerned. cbs 2 investigates playground problems tonight at 11. fans riding the 4 train to yankee stadium today were treated to a special trip down memory lane. nostalgic ride to the game in a low voltage subway car from 1917. 99 years old, four-car subway is the last running train of its car. mets fans will get a chance to ride in trains from the 1940s this coming friday. hopefully that train was moving fast enough for everybody's liking. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: look for a win in wisconsin. >> it's a beautiful day. we can have a big surprise tonight, folks. >> we're going to be fine. this race has national implications. >> help me keep the republicans out of the white house. >> pelley: also tonight, cbs news exposes a danger behind bars, a broken health care


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