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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  April 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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briefed by the fbi today about an ongoing corruption probe he knew that what he must do immediately is take action against four of his most senior commanders. >> the public has an expectation of a high degree of trust and integrity in its police department. >> reporter: bratton confirming that the probe involves both present and former police officers. that an apparent reference to form of chief of department phillip banks who is reportedly being investigated for his ties two businessmen, jeremy reichberg on the left at a dinner with banks and another on the right. the fed are reportedly looking at banks' financial dealings as well as trips and hotel accommodations he may have received. sources telling cbs 2 that wiretaps on the best men's phones turned up questions of influence influence peddling involving as many as 20 cops accusation that cops may have received small gifts, super bowl tickets, trips to las vegas and in at least one case, a top ranking cop
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union identification cards to help people avoid traffic and parking tickets. >> the potential violations under investigation include violations of nypd rules and policies, the city conflicts of interest rules, and federal criminal laws. >> reporter: bratton took away the guns and badges of deputy inspector james grant, commanding officer of the 19 inn precinct and deputy chief michael harrington, executive officer of citywide housing. duty. also taken out of active command were deputy chief eric rodriguez executive officer of the brooklyn south command, and deputy chief david colon commanding officer of brooklyn housing. >> as always we'll have to go where we believe the truth as we know it takes us. and at this point in time we have enough information that we believe supports the decisions that i made today. >> reporter: well, as a result of the probe, bratton ordered the deputy commissioner for legal affairs to add additional training on ethics and conflicts of interest for
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captain and above. banks' lawyer insisted his client has done nothing wrong and the head of the captain's endowment association which represents the chiefs called on the feds to wrap up their probe quickly so the men can defend their reputations in an open forum. i guess there's going to be a story. >> sound like it. thank you. tonight, questions about how an owner of pet stores in new jersey is still in business after being accused of keeping puppies in horrible conditions! you have seen the pictures. police say they found dozens of dogs crammed in cages and covered in filth inside a van. so why haven't all of the shops been closed? hazel sanchez is "demanding answers." >> reporter: animal lovers are outraged seeing puppies still being sold at just pups in emerson new jersey and east hanover even after the owner was forced to shut down his
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allegations of animal cruelty and neglect. protestors want the shops all shut down. >> it's horrible. the conditions that these animals were in deplorable. >> reporter: he had his business license revoked in middlesex county in february but despite facing 269 charges of animal abuse there, and 400 summons for miss paramus store he is still allowed to operate this store in morris county. >> the system is broken. >> reporter: st. hubert's animal welfare center in madison says part of the problem is there isn't a statewide pet store license. each municipality issues its own so if one county revokes a license that person can set up shop in the next county over. >> we don't have requirement of reporting across different areas. >> reporter: there is something new jersey communities can do to stop the potential abuse of animals in pet stores with legislation in the books right now. the current state law says municipalities can initiate
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pet stores from selling dogs and cats. 31 municipalities in new jersey including honks, brick down thin and manasquan have initiated their own ban on pet store puppy sales. >> there's legislation, you know, in trenton right now that we would like to move that bans statewide the commercial sale of animals. >> reporter: she says reputable breeders and rescue operations wouldn't be affected by that proposed law. she is hoping it puts an end to abusive puppy mill sales. in madison, new jersey, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. >> and police and prosecutors are investigating losacco's emerson and east hanover stores. he closed his store in valhalla in february after the state declined to renew his license. investigators say one driver set off a chain reaction on long island when he got out of his car after a fender-bender. he was then hit by two other cars. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff reports from jericho. >> reporter: one driver dead,
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the long island expressway jammed for six hours. this was the scene in jericho by exit 41 thursday morning. and police say it started which a dangerous decision. >> he made that choice to exit his vehicle and it was a very, very tragic chain of events. >> reporter: a chain of events that began when the victim driving eastbound hit the center median, then got out of his car to shore up a broken bumper. police say his stopped car was then struck by a passing suv. >> it is believed that the individual of vehicle 1 was struck by vehicle 2. and both the vehicle and the occupant, um, were pushed into the roadway. >> reporter: nassau police say the 34-year-old driver of that second vehicle was drunk. then a third vehicle struck the man dragging him nearly a half mile. the fight tal crash a sad remind -- the fatal crash a sad reminder that getting out
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is never safe. too often minor fender-benders take a tragic turn. >> get off the highway, pull over to the shoulder, even better look for the next exit and get off there. don't want to be standing out on the highway trying to match yourself against cars. something can happen and it often does. >> reporter: what if you can't move the car or are hurt? don't try to run across the highway. call 911, turn on your hazard lights and stay in the car. it offers some form of presentation. the accused drunk driver is hospitalized. the other driver who hit the victim was not charged. in jericho, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> late today police identified the alleged drunk driver as boniface enriquez of college point. he is also charged with manslaughter. there is no word yet on the identity of the victim. a medical emergency apparently set off a dangerous chain of events in greenwich village this morning.
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at east 8th street and university place. cell phone video shows the aftermath near new york university. the 32-year-old victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. police believe the driver had a health problem before the crash. he was questioned at the scene but no charges were filed. new video of a machete attack in paterson, new jersey. police want to find the man seen swinging the large knife during a fight last month outside carlito's bar on main street. investigators say that two groups got into a brawl. the man used the machete to slash another man in the neck. the attacker was also caught on camera smoking a cigarette outside the bar. the man slashed by the machete was critically hurt. campaign 2016 now. hillary clinton may have tried to take a swipe today at bernie sanders. she had a bit of an awkward moment when she used a metrocard on the subway being forced to swipe it a few times before it worked. the question here, was it
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transit after sanders said he thought subway riders still used tokens? ted cruz worked with voters at a matzo factory in brooklyn. john kasich ate at mike's deli in the bronx. first he said no thanks but after some coaxing he took a few since. we asked poly-sci professor about the visual moments. >> whether hillary clinton knows how to swipe a metrocard, whether bernie sanders understand it's not a token anymore, i think that will get less play than some of the bigger issues that they are talking about. it's good to talk about for a minute while you consider whether or not they really don't understand how ordinary people live their lives. >> no appearances today for donald trump. some 10,000 people attended his first local rally last night in bethpage, long island. a group of parents and students are suing the city's department of education for failing to protect children
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11 families have filed a class action lawsuit today against the department of education. they demand better training of schoolteachers and employees when it comes to dealing with bullying. the 13-year-old girl said a student cut her hair in third grade. but did not face any consequences. >> it's a horrible feeling. people don't understand what you're going through. the bully can do it without anybody noticing or any adults noticing and caring for you. >> this is something we take seriously anytime something comes up. we deal with it immediately. >> the lawsuit does not seek any financial damages. but it is asking for change. many brooklyn college students say they don't want to go to the library after bedbugs were found on the chairs. one freshman told us one of them crawled on him. cbs 2's ali bauman has the story new at 6:00.
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and crawly and hanging around where students study. bedbugs are newly enrolled in brooklyn college. >> i was sitting on one of the chairs and got a bedbug on me. >> reporter: a freshman isn't the only one making a new pest friend. students are sharing campus bug spottings on facebook and saying it's giving them the creeps. >> it makes you scared. it makes you think they are stuck on you constantly all the time. >> school officials say bugs were found in two buildings including the library. and it's a month before final exams. >> i don't go in there. i'm afraid to even come to the campus at all. >> reporter: even students avoiding the library say they are worried about rubbing against someone's clothes on campus and catching it that way. >> you don't know if the kids have it now. >> baggy pants and sweatshirts and what not. >> reporter: the school inspected and treated buildings where bugs are found but encourage students to report any sightings. >> bedbugs in particular tend
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so we want to make sure that we're addressing everything as quickly as possible. >> reporter: but for some bookworms, that's not enough. >> close down school for a week and clear it out. [ laughter ] >> reporter: for a week? >> during finals week preferably. [ laughter ] >> reporter: according to health department bedbugs hide in clothing, furniture, floors and walls. ali bauman, cbs 2 news. >> it seems like airline seats are shrinking. they are. one lawmaker has a plan to stop it but will congress agree with him? the decision from capitol hill today. >> new plans for times square. what the city is going to do to keep costumed characters from harassing visitors. >> the skeleton of what was supposed to be an upscale shopping center causing controversy on the shore. why can't the city just tear this structure down? >> well, looks like the bigges rain. day is out rain is out of here but maybe not. >> coming up on the "cbs
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just talked to bernie sanders. he is in for scott pelley tonight. >> tonight on the "cbs evening news," it only took a new york minute for the presidential race to change. coming up, we asked bernie sanders about his war of words with hillary clinton. plus, ted cruz gets a chilly welcome across the state while donald trump plays up to his
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we have an update on the political effort to push back against shrinking airline seats. today, the senate voted against legislation proposed by new york senator charles schumer. his amendment would have belonged airlines from further re-- blocked airlines from further reducing the size, width and pitch of seats and required the faa to set minimum space standards for passengers. all but three democrats voted in favor. and all but one republican voted no. >> when the lobbyists have their say and triumph over common sense, common sense being that there should be adequate leg room and adequate seat widths so you don't feel so cramped in on an airline airplane, that's what makes people really hate washington and that's what happened today. >> senator schumer says seat widths have shrunk about 2.5" over the years. distance between rows has
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new information on the costumed character controversy in times square. this afternoon the city council brought new laws one step closer bypassing a bill that lets the transportation department designate pedestrian plazas. so costumed characters, painted ladies and other performers would be limit to those specific zones. it looks like the law will be official in the summer. over the past few years there have been several arrests, fights and complaints about the characters. there's a major eyesore in the way. cbs 2's meg baker shows us what it is. >> reporter: ken has vacationed in seaside heights for more than eight years and says he noticed this unfinished rusting structure for about as long. >> it's actually nice. i thought they were building like a parking structure. >> reporter: on the corner of boulevard and hamilton avenues sits this outline of a
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upscale hotel, pool, bar and nightclub. then the recession hit. >> everything is a dead end at this point. >> reporter: the owner of the property lost investors in 2008 and was hit hard by superstorm sandy. >> we have no more money to pour into it right now. we're barely kinds of making ends meet as we wait for the economy of this town and in general to come back around. >> reporter: businesses up the street and across the way say they want to see something done with this structure sooner rather than later. summer is on the way and they are looking to bring in more business. >> it's been a total eyesore. my customers that's been coming to my place over 18 years, they have seen it and the question is when is it going down? >> after the subprime mortgage crisis building permits were extended to encourage real estate development. but the mayor says in seaside heights the policy backfired. the developer delayed and delayed leaving this project sitting unfinished. >> as a community we have to
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what we're going to do to either terminate the building, condemn the building or perhaps even eminent domain to buy it. >> reporter: it turns out this building can no longer be delayed by state law. when we told the mayor this he said he will service the issue at the next council meeting. meg baker, cbs 2 news. lonnie quinn is here now talking about snow! for the weekend. baseball season and all. >> for the baseball game tomorrow out at citi field i think we're okay. [ laughter ] >> saturday morning little league games. >> not so much. >> could be tricky depending where you live. let me show you what we see outside as of right now. cloudy with a break at times. starting to see more clouds. temperature coming in now at 57 degrees. your high temperature today was 58. all fueled by that southwest wind. all right? you're still dealing with a southwest wind. we'll know that the front passed through when the winds change and come in from the north. there is going to be a saturday snow chance. i'm going to talk to you about that. looks like it wants to start
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to rain and back to some snow after sunset. right now the models are hinting there could be some accumulations with it. out there currently here's your vortex satellite and radar. we thought maybe some of this heavier rain would be clipping montauk. it's going to stay offshore. scattered little showers out there for the next hour or so. bigger picture is going to show you where i do see some storms still down around washington, dc, and if these hold themselves together and stay in the same projections that are on as of right now, gets into like the metro area sometime 9:00, 10:00, maybe 9:00 if they move quicker than they are moving right now. here you see like into bridgeport, connecticut they 11:30. here's your big picture. you have to keep in a bit of a precipitation chance for portions of your day tomorrow. and late tomorrow night, going into saturday morning, you see some snow on that map. we could see some here. futurecast. scattered activity tonight and friday.
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then here we are on saturday, the chance for some snow sort of to finish up and move through the area. sunday back to the sunshine. how much snow are we talking about? the north american mesoscale model saying anywhere from nothing to three inches. then the gfs, the global forecasting, saying up to 3 to 4." one more to show you the rpm not picking it up. nothing for anybody. the numbers aren't that big even if you look at the biggest number out there. i will tell you that anyone would have the chance of seeing a coating to three inches through anywhere in our area. tomorrow, it's 50 degrees with a slight rain chance. flurry chance well north. talk about that saturday. you had some precipitation for saturday around 44 degrees. 45 on sunday. i know you see a 58 on monday. 64 on tuesday. but we're really going to keep you cool as you go through next week but i think the pattern is going to change for the second half of april. thank you, lonnie.
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look at sports. >> kristine, hockey has really gone to the dogs. paws and all. i'll explain. after scoring 16 runs last night the yankees continue to play home run derby at the stadium.
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otis livingston is here now. hopefully the yankees didn't score all their runs last night. >> they needed to save some for today. the yankees trying to take two of three from the astros in the season opening series in the bronx. could they continue to pile up the runs as they did last night? 16-6 victory. nathan went 14-3 only about 10 homers last year. today gave up 2 in the oakland inning alone. tyler white impressive doing the honors. yankees now 3-0. they ended up falling behind 5-2. a back-to- back in the belly to belly from brian mccann and castro. yankees within one run in the 4th. then it's alex rodriguez. he is going to mash one up the middle with a man on.
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a-rod's first hit of the season. right now it's 5-5 in the 6th inning. to start tomorrow's home opener against the phillies no matter when he gets the word his wife is going into labor in florida he is leaving. mets working out before the game. didn't last more than 20 opened up. jacob at crew went for cover inside to finish their work. they also picked up their national legal championship rings. here they are looking at other models that they can purchase for family members. while they recognize representing the nl in the world series was huge they want the big ring. >> all of us will wear that proudly. but it's time to move on. i think after we get the rings, you know, it's officially last year's over. you know? we need to start worrying about this year. gives you a little motivation. that second place ring is not what anybody in here wants. we want the first place ring. so i think it kind of reminds that you there's still work to be done. first round action at the masters jordan spieth the defending champion starting out like he wants to be the
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spieth cracked the face of his driver while practicing wednesday night. [ music ] >> new driver, six-under 66 to sit atop the leaderboard. danny lee trying to chase him. rory mcilroy is at 3-under through 14. you don't see ernie els on the list. he 7 putted the first hole got a 10. that's the highest score on one in the 80 years of the tournament. rangers and islanders going at it tonight for third place in the division as we come down to the final week of the regular season looking to do some damage in the play- offs. maybe they could use these cute little guys. they are playing a little street hockey in a video that's gone viral. how about this? he can't stop this next shot. he shoots, and he scores. we think he shot it. this was viewed on facebook more than 17 million times. >> having a good time out there.
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coming up tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00, brussels airport back open for travel after last month's deadly attacks. tonight one of the first flights leaves from kennedy and there's a special edition on board besides passengers. >> plus donuts in the middle of hollywood boulevard. dangerously close to other cars. we are following a chase going on in the heart of hollywood. those stories and more at 11. up next on the "cbs evening news," the top irs scam to look out for from telephone hoaxes to emails extortion. see you at 11. captions by: caption colorado >> rose: the presidential candidates are in a new york state of mind. >> i love these people. these are my people. >> rose: and senator bernie sanders is here in our studio. do you believe secretary clinton is unqualified to be president?


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