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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  April 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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(laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. an accused stalker slams the door after seeing our cameras. the suspect, a former babysitter. her alleged victim just four
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spinning out on the streets, throwing trash at a tour bus. how this wild-card chase finally came to an end. first, this is not a particularly good day for the department. >> top nypd cop is -- officers caught up in an fbi corruption investigation. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm maurice dubois. >> and i'm kristine johnson. marcia kramer has details on the scandal rocking the department. >> reporter: police commissioner william bratton at the waldorf tonight as a cloud of corruption hangs over his department. >> these are not easy press conferences to do, but it's something that we must do. >> reporter: bratton saying that after being briefed by the fbi, he knew what he must do immediately was to take administrative action against four of his most senior commanders. >> the public has an expectation of a high degree of trust and integrity in its police department.
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the probe involves present and former police officers. that an apparent reference to former chief of department for the banks who has reportedly been investigated for his ties to two businessman, jeremy reischman and jonah >> referee: on the right. reportedly looking at banks' financial dealings as well as trips and hotel accommodations he may have received. sources telling cbs2 that wiretaps on the businessmen's phones turned up questions of influence peddling involving as many as 20 cups. sources say the cops are accused of receiving gift, super bowl tickets, trips to las vegas and in at least one case, a top ranking cop reportedly sold captains cards to help people avoid parking tickets. >> the potential violations include violations of nypd rules and policies. city conflicts of interest rules and federal criminal laws. >> reporter: bratton took away the guns and badges of deputy inspector james grant,
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precinct and michael harrington, executive officer of citywide housing. they were put on desk duty. also taken out of active command, deputy chief eric rodriguez, executive officer, and david colsn, commanding officer of brooklyn housing. commissioner bratton ordered immediate new training on ethics and conflicts of interest for all cops above the rank of captain. banks' lawyer insists he did nothing wrong. marcia kramer, cbs2 news. new tonight now, the power is back on at penn station. commuters near the one, two, and three subway lines found themselves in the dark. the outage started just after 5:00 and lasted 2.5 hours. the problem is likely an internal building issue. a student in queens under arrest tonight accused of threatening a classmate with an unusual weapon. investigators say a 16-year-old brought a dagger to newtown high school in elmhurst yesterday, the boy allegedly placed the knife against a girl's throat and threatened to slash her.
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the boy is charged with criminal possession of a weapon. some parents and students are suing the department of education for claiming it failed to protect children from bullying. 11 families filed a class- action lawsuit today against the doe, they demand better training of school teachers and employees when it comes to dealing with bullying. monet cintron says it has been going on for years without consequences. >> this kid was behind me and he was playing with scissors. and he cut my hair. >> what happened to him? >> nothing. >> the school's chancellor says the department's takes bullying seriously. the lawsuit is not seeking financial damages but it is asking for change. campaign 2016, the april 19 primary fast approaching. four of the five presidential candidates held events here in new york city today.
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more on the busy day on the campaign trail. brian? >> new york is having a rare political moment this year with big losses in wisconsin this week for hillary clinton and donald trump, the primary race here in the empire state are taking on unusual importance. >> ted cruz sneered at our new york values. >> reporter: a new ad from john kasich targets ted cruz for dissing the empire state but after a pre-passover visit to a matzo bakery in brighton beach and a roundtable discussion with african-american business leaders, cruz defended the comet and took a swipe at the front-runner. >> donald trump has been funding those failed liberal policies and failed the brill politicians for 40 years. >> it never changes. hey, new york is called new york. >> reporter: after a huge rally wednesday night, trump had a rare quiet evening but still got a boost when former may or rudy giuliani said he's voting for the hometown billionaire. kasich had an italian feast on
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then a town hall in brooklyn. >> people think we will pick trump because he's not a politician but he'll have to spend the first hundred days trying to figure out where the bathrooms are. >> reporter: fresh off his win in wisconsin, bernie sanders arrived at the broadcast center for an interview with charlie rose. >> do you believe secretary clinton is unqualified to be president? but does secretary clinton believe that i am unqualified to be president? >> why can't you say yes? >> the people are going to attack us. if they are going to distort our record as has been the case time and again. we're going to respond. >> i love new york. >> reporter: clinton took five swipes to get to a subway turnstile on the bronx. she chose not to question sanders' qualifications. >> i don't know why he's saying that but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz anytime. >> reporter: the latest cbs poll shows clinton with a 10 point lead in her adopted home state but sanders said today he thinks he can pull off an upset.
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cruz is targeting smaller new york congressional districts where he can pick up delegates without picking up a lot of votes and hopes to force a contested gop convention in cleveland this summer. kristine. >> thank you. a babysitter was arrested for allegedly stalking a child once in her care. >> i'm scott with cbs2 news. can you tell us about the charges, casey? >> babysitter kc evans slammed the door on our scott rapoport tonight. she was all smiles in her mug shot. last months, evans allegedly tried to sign a boy out of school without permission from his parents. she is also accused of illegally entering the child's home to leave a gift for the board. evans was fired by the child's
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street fight outside a bar in paterson, new jersey. police say two groups got into a brawl last month outside carlito's bar on main street. investigators say a man with -- neck. police are now asking for help to identify the alleged attacker who is also seen smoking a cigarette right outside the bar. a minor accident, a fender bender on the long island expressway ends with the driver killed and another charged with dwi. police say a driver going eastbound on the l.i.e. near exit 41 hit the median overnight, he then got out of the vehicle to pick up the broken bumper, nassau county police say his stopped car was then hit by an suv and then a third vehicle struck the victim, dragging him nearly half a mile. >> he made that choice to exit his vehicle. it was a very very tragic chain of events. >> the suv driver, 34-year-old bonifacio henriquez of college point, has been charged with vehicular manslaughter and dwi. the other driver who hit the victim was not charged.
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in the wake of the latest deadly amtrak crash, the federal railroad administration says all the railroads track workers must have immediately training on safety. to workers on a backhoe were killed over the weekend when a train crashed into them. investigators believe the workers were unaware the track was open to trains. the weather picture, if you thought the rain today was bad, get ready for the weekend. >> let's check in with lonnie quinn, the possibility of snow on saturday? >> can you believe it? there's a little bit of information i want to share it with you about the most recent model runs on how this is going to be handled. right now left over rain, bigger, broader picture will show a little bit further out, to show you what you see around the great lakes, this is what we're going to watch for possibly saturday morning, will we see the snow? does it stick around? we'll talk about that in a bit. >> thank you. it looks like a scene straight out of a movie. >> look at that. wow!
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talking on cell phones. even stopping for high fives? a car chase turns crazy in southern california. why it took's took cops so long to catch up. escaped from a psych ward. accused killer on the run after
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drama in hollywood surrounding a bizarre chase with two burglary suspects. at first the men tried to make a fast getaway but that they slowed down and savor their moment in the spotlight. by the time they were called, they were tinseltown's newest celebrities. >> you know, topped out on the convertible, that's nuts. but that's a funny kind of nuts. what this guy is doing a wow! right there, there's the first connection with another car. >> what started as an ordinary l.a. police chase suddenly took a crazy turn. >> wow! i don't know if this guy is showboating or what he's trying to do right there. >> after having his filled donuts along hollywood
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road again. we'll let chopper reporter stu mondello do the play-by-play. >> reporter: we've got sun spike strips scored spike strips! this guy being courteous, giving other drivers thumbs up for getting out of his way. these two making casual conversation. tmz, look at the tour bus, actually trying -- he's trying to get out of the way. he threw something at one of the other cars that was trying to block him him. starting to play some game where he's trying to throw things at people for whatever reason. that guy, saying thank you to people for getting out of his way. you really should use a wireless handset or something like that especially when driving high speeds with a flat tire in the pursuit. he is talking to that officer, i'm sure he's got some choice words going on. i wish we could hear it. almost becoming a parade. very bizarre, there we go, drivers out of the car. on the phone, just walking around. this is where it's coming to an end. >> it wasn't over yet.
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arrested, people came outside to shake their hands, you can snap pictures. >> some selfies being taken there, you can't miss that opportunity. >> reporter: when deputies showed up, the men so be surrendered and the neighborhood watched. >> they willingly went into custody. police intentionally kept their distance during this chase because the roads were slick. they also had concerns that the suspect might be armed. drivers suspected of texting before a crash may soon have their phone records seriously examined. a bill named for 19-year-old evan liberman has been introduced in the new york state assembly, lieberman was killed in a crash in orange county in 2011. the test is currently being developed, it would look at when a phone is used but not examine the contents. one of two dangerous prisoners who escaped from a washington state psychiatric hospital is back in custody tonight. the other though is still on the run. police say anthony garver and
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from the western state hospital. they had been committed for mental illness treatment. 58-year-old adams was picked up today in iowa after writing a greyhound bus tuesday morning. 28-year-old garver who was arrested for first-degree murder in 2013 remains at large. belgian prosecutors released new video as they desperately searched for information on the man in the hat, he was seen at the brussels airport with two suicide bombers right before the terror attacks on march 22. investigators hope he can reveal important details about isis cells in europe. the attacks at the airport and a train station killed 32. authorities say the video shows the suspect in the airport and later in a nearby town. happening now, the first delta airlines flight to brussels airport since the deadly terror attacks. passengers boarded flight 42 at kennedy airport earlier tonight, the plane is expected to arrive in brussels tomorrow morning.
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thousands of origami hearts that will be delivered to a public memorial to the victims. capitol hill, the senate voted down a proposal to push back against shrinking airline seats. an amendment introduced by new york senator shot -- chuck schumer would have blocked airlines from further reducing seat size, width, and reclining limit. all but three democrats voted in favor. only one republican voted yes. turning now to the weather, lonnie quinn is here, a little turbulence in the weather world. >> up and down, the new information i'm going to share, maybe a little bit more positive for the people who are not looking for snow this time of year, so let's get right to it, again, it's a fluid situation, we continue to monitor things. weather watchers are doing their thing out there, reported all the temperatures, 51 around scott's planes, 46 here around yorktown, this is victoria, what does victoria have to say? the day started with showers
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you got that right. by the time with this was finishing up, real pretty out there. and it felt comfortable with temperatures, going to start changing as we move forward, some clouds out there right now, 54, south-southwest wind around 10, 15 miles per hour or so, southerly wind netbook those temperatures up today to 58. this time of year. for your day tomorrow, going to bring it down, by at least 80 degrees. i'll go for a high of about 50. a slight chance for a raindrop tomorrow, and a slight chance also for a flurry north of the city so we'll keep an eye on that for you. headlines look like this. the snow chance, slight chance tomorrow, a little bit better chance on saturday, saturday snow chains but recent models are pushing it a little bit more to the south. i'll show you the model runs in just a moment. still to be accumulation. let's get right to what we have right now. a few little showers, not heavy stuff, just like activity, heavier stuff is north of our area around binghamton. your picture shows you what is
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it spins around literally pulls in this cold air from the north, pushing it into our area and also some moisture out there, so you good cold air, moisture, you have the chance for frozen precipitation. take a look at this, each friday, moisture for friday, then saturday, look what's developing, this snow activity we were talking about but see this line? where the clouds are and where there are no clouds? high-pressure system that is strong. it's exerting pressure, pushing all of this south. watch. never really materialized. some of the models are putting out some numbers, they had lowered them, a lot of zeros on this map from the name. the biggest one would be south around trenton. we're going to keep an eye on all of this. this is just one model run, it can change again, john elliott will have the information in the morning. i'll be back with more as well tomorrow. as right now, here is the way i see it, 54 friday, 44 on saturday, 45 on sunday. monday 58.
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i will say the nicer numbers for those of you looking for 70 , i think you will have a big difference for this coming saturday versus the following saturday. a shot to see 70s then. >> another week. all right. >> lay ball. star pitcher jacob degrom could miss tomorrow's home opener but for a life-changing reason. >> his wife is in florida expecting their first boy. a child who is going to be a boy. aon is going to stay with the team until she goes into labor. he could get the word at any moment. he said he will leave immediately jump on a plane. >> my plan is to be there whenever he's born. i will be out of the ballgame after a good season last year, we're looking forward to getting back and playing in front of our home fans and then i'm expecting a baby boy, so that's definitely an exciting time. >> if the baby can wait, tomorrow will be degrom's second straight start in a home opener. what if it is a no-hitter?
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the mets get set for that home opener, going to have a little bit more. and his name certainly fits, starlin castro becoming a star in the bronx.
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sports time with otis livingston, yankees still hitting. >> that's right. i hope they take those bats to detroit as well. taking two of three if you want to be one of the better teams in the league, that's what the yankees are trying to do, take the season-opening series from the astros. gave up five in five innings, yankees were down 5-2 in the fourth. how about back-to-back and belly to belly from brian mccann and starlin castro? the yankees within one run, 5-4. castro with two homers and eight rbi in the first three games. alex rodriguez smashes one of the middle, ties it at five, his first hit of the year, 2-4, rbi and a run scored. mark teixeira, a little late catching up to that fastball.
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message with two aboard, the yankees hang on to win 8-5, andrew miller got the save. as you mentioned earlier, jacob degrom still plans to start tomorrow's home opener against the phillies no matter when he gets the word his wife is going to labor in florida. mets getting their final workout before tomorrow but it didn't last more than 20 minutes before the skies opened up. i don't want to get my hair messed up. [ laughter ] go inside to finish his work. also picked up their nationally championship rings. looking at other models they can purchase for family members. while they recognized representing the nl in the world series was huge, they want that big ring. >> we wear them proudly but at the same time it's time to move on. after we get the rings, it's officially last year is over. we need to start worrying about this year. a little motivation, second place is not what anybody wants. we want the first place ring.
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still work to be done. battle for third place in the division on the line in the ranger-islander matchup at msg. the consensus among the fans is better to be the fourth than the three seat because you would avoid the penguins. so maybe this one doesn't sting so much for ranger fans as it normally would when they lose to the hated islanders? game changed late in the second, shane prince, frans nielsen, albeit henrik lundqvist, the third period on the bench, 4-1 the final as the islanders tie the rangers in points and have one game in hand. time for us to step aside for a minute. when we return, the tale of two
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jordan spieth was marvelous. (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. s. t 'vreiv aew re clinpcagins r teetpe 1yesruin d perand hhe ctor tiaconorththd ar. aowawdsret erhi.buwh ty meroyo ster ty an l. lyiohathfaes teetn e stwaedneorrit w,etup ft 0meinrn wh uaupadandolo sed pl tanphe r st$699eron, li.cae n'ofr teet ee ts stt preth gd,
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welcome back, everyone. this is how you finish round one at the masters. jordan spieth, on 18, finishes at six under par, tying the best score since 1970. justin rose right in the mix at three under. he is in a group of five players at three under. jason day and phil mickelson at even par. then there is ernie els, this is hard to watch. his first hole of the day, he keeps missing.
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and missing. all from inside to be. originally listed as a 10, they reviewed it and changed it to a nine because he 6-putted. from two feet away, by a four- time major champion. finally tonight, baseball season, that means great plays on the field and in the stand. this a's fan is already in midseason form, he's got his priorities straight. not spilling a drop of that expensive beer. what a graph. then he plays the hero and gets the ball to make it. you have to prioritize. >> nice. >> the beer is like $25. >> at least. break it down. >> mad skills. >> so if you are jacob degrom, pitching a perfect game, you get the call, you are out? >> [ laughter ] oh, man. that's a good question. >> terry collins would be like jeff van gundy, trying to hold onto his leg. dilemma.
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the baby wins. t mt ard twk.nogesur-st00eginrn tanphe
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a sign of hope from a raging brush fire, firefighters rescued a bear cub that was trapped in the middle of the flames that broke out in lake county. the baby bear suffered slight burns, but it is expected to be okay. >> thankfully. happy ending. >> thank you for joining us tonight. >> up next, "the late show with stephen colbert". his guests, titus burgess and ken burns.
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great night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> arnold palmer is the masters champion. >> maybe.


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