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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 11, 2016 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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to recruit high-level executives for them. in this economy, he's paid to find people willing to work? 33% of the hire's first-year income. so maybe he did have something to live for anyway. he was a good man. yeah, well, he was a good man but he punched someone in the face recently. any of his rival headhunters show up with a black eye or a fat lip? mr. bryant was never violent. he broke his pinky on somebody. that happened somehow at job fair. what is job fair? (laughs) they teach interview skills. match up prospective employers with the down-on-their-luck. mr. bryant taught a seminar two weeks ago. right, and he came back from that seminar with a broken pinky. any other fallout from this event that you know of? one of the participants showed up here. mr. bryant didn't seem too happy about it, but he did see him. uh-huh. and? the gentleman had a black eye. he had a black...
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he called several times. tyler greene-- no call-back number. right, on account of he was down on his luck. write the name down, please. gavin's seminar was a fiasco. worst case of flop-sweats ever. any, uh, feedback from the audience? specifically from a tyler greene? well, i had wondered if that's what made gavin so nervous, having his old roommate in the front row. back up. when were gavin the big shot and tyler greene the homeless guy roommates? his freshman year mit. tyler went to mit? yeah, at least that's what tyler told me when i posted gavin's flyer. what else you know about this tyler greene? he's a former drug addict who showed up this year clean and sober, determined to turn his life around. okay. you know how i can get in touch with this guy? yeah, he's, uh... he's right over there.
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(popping) hey. tyler greene. i didn't do anything. hey, take it easy, take it easy. if i was gonna arrest you, i would've done it already. relax. anything on you? any needles or anything sharp? no. need to ask you some questions about your ex-roommate. turn around. i have nothing to do with that. really? you had nothing to do with what? with what pushed gavin over the edge? i hadn't seen him since college. so what is your fraternity handshake-- a punch in the eye? he did that to you-- why? we were just horsing around. really? you know what i think? i think you did something to drive him to his death. no... where you going? you said i wasn't under arrest. that means i'm free to go, right?
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well, i'm sorry. what are you sorry about, tyler? 'cause i'd really like to know. gavin's dead.
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...even drain a buzzer beater. we're all made of water, so make every drop amazing... ...with brita. you are what you drink. drink cleaner... ...healthier... ...amazing... ...with brita. what did he mean "just let him rest in peace"? this guy tyler is our only lead. how come you let him go? (phone ringing) i had to let him go. guy didn't commit a crime-- what do you want me to do? 12th precinct, officer reagan-- how can i help you? i'll connect you. the guy fled when you identified yourself. no way he's right. jamie, i wasn't there in an official capacity, okay? so even if i wanted to arrest the guy, i couldn't. besides, the idea is to get the guy to talk before he lawyers up. (phone ringing) i need to talk to this guy. absolutely not-- you're not talking to him.
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yeah, i'll send a unit right over to arrest you for making nuisance calls. lady calls to report a ten-year- old for not making her bed. what am i supposed to do-- go shoot her? you know, pr may not be his true calling, sarge. you don't have anywhere better to be, danny, huh? actually i was just leaving, sarge. if i hang around here with you too long, i might get a paper cut. i'll talk to you later. listen... after a fatal shooting, it's mandatory to see a department shrink. you need to do that. now. okay? (phone ringing) what was the intended purpose of the funds in question? the fund was earmarked for a program
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is that an actual problem? well, my first election, a targeted a group of economically downtrodden constituents were wrongly turned away from the polls. objection. on what grounds, mr. skolnick? relevance? overruled. the fund was to prevent that from ever happening again. and who was in charge of this program? the defendant, ryan mclaughlin. no further questions. does the defense wish to cross-examine the witness? extensively, your honor. i remind you, you're under oath, mr. mayor. weren't these funds just a payoff for implementing... objection. mr. skolnick! ... only after... argumentative. counselor! you threw my client under the bus. badgering the witness. mr. skolnick, sit down! sustained. the witness is not on trial, defense clearly doesn't have a leg to stand on. ms. reagan, i already sustained your objections. it's friday afternoon.
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you are not to discuss this case. mr. mayor? i expect that we will see you for finish cross-examination monday morning? 9:30 sharp. court is adjourned. (gavel bangs) i appreciate you shutting him down so quickly. he's gonna have another crack at me on monday. not on that line of questioning, he isn't. skolnick: erin? speak of the devil. i thought you were above withholding evidence. i'm gonna spend the weekend drafting a motion against you for sanctions. sanctions for what? and you should be brought up on sanctions for discussing this case in front of a witness that's still on the stand. you shouldn't withhold exculpatory evidence, erin. do you know what he's talking about? i have no idea. you don't file sanctions against an ada with nothing to back it up. erin, he's bluffing. okay, but if he has found evidence that's even remotely exculpatory, and he convinces the judge that i knew about it, i could be disbarred.
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you have absolutely nothing to worry about. i thought i'd have to lie down on a couch. oh, we can't afford those on a government budget. you can take a seat, though, if you like. for the hundredth time. no, you don't have to do that. this is a trauma debriefing. it's not a psych evaluation. everything you say here is confidential and off the record. i'm not taking notes, i'm not reporting back to the department. right, so why is it mandatory then? it's a preventative service. preventing what? post-traumatic stress disorder. yeah, i don't have that. most people experience low to moderate symptoms after an incident like this. they usually resolve themselves in a couple of weeks.
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door slams, you jump out of your skin-- i don't have ptsd. also, irritability. (laughs) yeah, okay, i have a little bit of that. headaches, rapid heart rate. intrusive thoughts. reliving the experience over and over in your head, trying to change the outcome. the last one, i do that. you gonna let that pork chop go to waste? 'cause if you are, you know, i'll take it off your hands. thank you. uncle jamie, richie sullivan wanted me to thank you for saving his life. who's richie sullivan?
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he was on our school field trip and a man pointed a gun right at him. you saved them. richie was never in any real danger, bud. tell richie sullivan your uncle said he's welcome. tae kwon do, huh? how'd you let them talk you into that one, aunt linda? well, they sold me on the focus and discipline, but all i've seen so far is a lot of kicking. (groans) and punching and striking. he scratches the back of his head when he's bluffing. who? the mayor-- he has a tell. he scratches the back of his head when he's bluffing. picked it up in a poker game-- cleaned him out. (laughs) that's good to know. mm-hmm. he's a politician, he must do a lot of scratching. (laughs) is it true you drew amazing grace, kid? who's amazing grace? the department shrink. does that mean he's crazy? no, wisenheimer, it doesn't mean he's crazy.
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you got no choice. well, not that seeing a shrink means you're crazy. my day, there was no department shrink. yeah, guys bottled it up until they stroked out. ah, the good old days. (scoffs) jamie: i told you, you should've arrested tyler. danny: yeah, well, and you need to learn to let things go before you stroke out. do we know what tyler's doing here? trespassing, for starters. hey! whoa, whoa, whoa-- you hang back till i find out what's going on with tyler. what-- you expect me to wait in the car? i'll crack the window for you. look, kid, you shouldn't even be here. i'm the one who needs answers. and i'm gonna get them for you, trust me. i'm coming in. (sighs) suit yourself. hey. hey. a few of us came in to tear down the job fair. tyler showed up, acting... pretty bizarre. yeah? he got any weapons on him? not that i know of, but he's definitely high. look, he-he's a good guy. whatever went down with you the other day must've set him off. all right. we'll take care of it, okay? we need you to stay out here.
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tyler? sorry. we ain't gonna hurt you. we just came to talk, all right? what are you on, tyler? everything. i just, i just want it to stop. i-i want him to stop. i want him to stop, but he won't, he won't stop! who? who, tyler? gavin? he's dead. (panting) tell us why. a mistake. it was a mistake. why don't you just hang back, kid, all right? don't get yourself in trouble. i'm not leaving, danny. why did he want to kill himself? who are you? i'm officer jamie reagan. you're the one who killed gavin. why don't you tell us why he did it, okay? i just wanted him to pay for what he did. he wasn't supposed to die. what did he do?
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before i have them bring the jury in, are there any applications? is the judge's offer for the top count plea still open? what? if the defendant would plead out at the top count of the indictment, this being his first offense, i would still be inclined to recommend a sentence of one to three. then, at this time, the defendant would like to plead guilty to grand larceny in the third degree. why? is there a problem, ms. reagan? no, i'm just... surprised. i have the mayor outside waiting to be crossed. well, much as we hate to inconvenience his majesty the mayor, the defendant is pleading guilty to charges you brought against him. it's a conviction, ms. reagan. take it. the defendant will now stand
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so the two of you just happened to end up with a guy you felt was connected to the case. what are the odds? danny, you always seem to land on your feet. but someday you won't, and i won't be able to help. at least, i shouldn't. i understand. i would see this thing through for a partner, i damn well gotta see it through for my kid brother. and as your boss, i'm ordering you to listen to your father. yes, sir. no more going off the grid. though, now that i did, i stumbled upon the guy who is legitimately my case. and what case is that, exactly? tyler is the key to finding out what happened to gavin. jamie deserves to hear what this guy's got to say. what's tyler's condition? he's stable, but he's sedated, so i can't talk to him. so what are you thinking? i'm thinking that something pretty heavy went down with tyler and gavin when they were back in college. so i put in a call to cambridge pd
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(sighs) i suppose... we could get tyler on menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. there's not a lot of leverage in that. well, with the right judge, maybe you can get a search warrant. if the right person calls the right judge. not a word of this to the commissioner. erin! you're still here. why wouldn't i be? what happened? don't tell me the trial was continued. no, the trial's over. ryan pled out. so we won. yeah, that's a win-win for you. give me a second. erin, i'm not quite sure what that's supposed to mean. i don't know why skolnick would make the claims that he did on friday and then turn around and fall on his sword today. well, i told you: because there was no exculpatory evidence. he was bluffing.
2:21 am
that i'm not privy to. erin, none that i had any knowledge of. you promised me that i had nothing to worry about, and all the sanction threats that he made just magically disappeared. okay. go ahead and ask me. ask you what? if there is anything to the mud they were flinging at me. i am an officer of this court. if there were any lies told under oath, i am obligated to report them. ask. were there? no. good. (sighs)
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you look like you're having fun. no, but tell me i'm about to. you executed tyler's search warrant? i did. what's with you and the dramatic pauses? your guy tyler was the recipient of gavin bryant's suicide note. gavin left a suicide note? well, that's beautiful. what'd it say? in your cold case files here, you find anything involving someone named anna? anna. uh... maybe one in rape and one in homicide. why? what does the note say? read it for yourself. (sighs) jamie: "tyler, you were right. "i have to pay for what i did, but i can't face the punishment you have chosen for me." what punishment did you choose for him? prison. told him if he didn't turn himself in, i would. "anna was just a few years older than my own daughter is now. "i took her life...
2:23 am
anna purcell. young girl killed in a hit-and-run 15 years ago. this was you and gavin? we were both high. gavin insisted on driving. he hit her. dragged her two blocks, didn't even stop. why didn't you turn him in then? he was my friend. he told me he'd rather die than go to prison. so instead, you did nothing. and look how it turned out for you. it ruined my life. it ruined a lot of lives. gavin's turned out perfectly. it wasn't fair. "i have a gun. "i'll go somewhere my family won't find my body. "i pray i have the nerve to carry it out. "if i turn out to be a coward in this as well, i promise i'll find an alternative." well, gavin found his alternative, all right.
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(sighs) so we read him the suicide note and he opened up about it. yep. though jamie did a hell of a job putting the pieces together all by himself. ten percent. what's 10%? jamie wanted to know how many cops who fired their weapon in the line of duty had a fatal result. oh... ten percent. 10% of the 5%. yep. and three of them are sitting right here. what are the odds of that? it's not a club anyone asks to join. nope, but here we are. what does that say about us? (sighs) maybe when basic instinct says to run away from a fire, a few run towards it.
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"he at least fails daring greatly, so that his place..." "...shall not be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory or defeat." here's to never again. hear, hear. captioning sponsored by cbs brought to you by volkswagen.
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is there trouble in bachelor paradise? three weeks after the final rose are ben and lauren already headed for a breakup? what inside sources are telling
2:31 am
as we go inside the hollywood x file. drew barrymore still wearing a wedding room. and miranda lambert after blake, stealing the spotlight at the acm awards with a mu mannew man and a hot body. >> there are so many red carpets, so many looks. josie breaks down the dos and the don'ts. >> and find out who i love that needs a little fix and the one outfit beyond repair. plus amy schumer's plus-advertised problem. >> when you take your clothes off, you don't want people to say you're brave. >> after being included on this cover celebrating curvy girls. see how she's fighting back. >> i'm not going to apologize for who i am. our flashback with the contestants before they were famous.
2:32 am
>> i'm in a position most women, if not all women, would envy. thank you for joining us, everyone, we have a week filled with crazy couples news to report. taylor swift in love. miranda lambert's new man. >> our ben and fiance lauren already in trouble? we have moments from a home dough depot parking lot caught on tape. >> everything's going to be taken incorrectly at times. >> which is why we asked, is this exclusive video evidence of paradise lost for the bachelor couple or just a serious conversation? what we know. this 30-minute exchange went down last sat in a denver home depot parking lot. and i witnessed. >> you made your own birthday cake.
2:33 am
perhaps frustrated. he repeatedly drops his head, rubs his eyes and at one point shook his head no. >> this moment when she puts her hand on his back seems to be the only physical contact. she touches his cheek. all appeared well once home as ben removed the shirt and carried things inside. >> quite a relief. >> that was the happy couple three weeks ago after announcing their engagement. multiple sources tell "e.t." despite that moment that appears tense, all is well. they watched the national championship game over wine. moving on to miranda lambert's coming-out party with her new boyfriend. >> you look stunning. you're beautiful in your yellow dress. you look happy. for you. >> thank you.
2:34 am
yellow is a happy color. and i had on heels with a gun and hollister on them. they were hot, with a tiny gold pistol. and it was these are the shoes. >> miranda was locked and loaded for her after-blake-look-at-me moment. she and her boyfriend made the official debut. miranda's was by christian siriano. >> you've got to show what you've got. >> i love that, rock what you've got. >> and congratulations with big number seven. >> miranda lambert. >> number seven. >> i can't really grasp that. >> what are you writing now? what can we expect? >> oh, i've got tons. luckily i've been through it a little bit, so i can go into creative mode. it's a good balance. and then i've got to get on stage tonight. >> it's good, when you go
2:35 am
have more to write about. >> how did blake take it? >> i parked his tour bus way off to the side to avoid the crowd. >> i had the most amazing person to come home to when the spotlight went out. and the crowds were all gone. so i want to thank my boyfriend adam for that. >> now to taylor's love story confession at the i heart music awards, gushing over calvin harris. the couple just celebrated their one-year anniversary. they were loving their date night, holding hands and celebrating swift's five wins. and now to drew's symbolic statement of normalcy. the ring is still on after announcing the end of her marriage, showing her boho chic
2:36 am
frank eye is committed to co-parenting and keeping things cordial for the sake of the girls. olive is in preschool. drew was never face time in nyc. it's a sad end for the couple who seem so in love in front of oprah. >> i don't want to be engaged for a day longer. once i had the ring, i wanted her to have it. then. you know what else i didn't realize? oprah and drew are neighbors. they live about a mile apart. moving on to the end of an era for one tv institution. "american idol" was crowned thursday, and there was the star-studded curtain call. >> what does it mean for you to be a part of history, the final season, the final broadcast ever? >> being part of this show is
2:37 am
>> show-stopping j. lo kicking off our idol finale. the singer rocks three performance looks, changing right on stage. vegas show girl and sheer bodysuit. seven former judges helped celebrate. ellen, nikkicki minaj taped a tribute. >> when they came out, that was pretty cool. >> we're all supposed to be back together on that stage. dude. come on. >> oh, my heart melted over and over. i'm thinking the contestants and of course my compadres. >> former judge mariah carey did not participate. next big number, the rating, a solid season high at almost 13 million. but of course it all came down
2:38 am
>> what was going through your mind in not only the silence before ryan spoke, but when he said your name? >> you know, i said a little prayer right before all of it, and i told pour sha, whatever happens, let's just hug. and she agreed. >> how is it for you hearing the song that you co-wrote. >> it was surreal. that's the song you wrote! >> and for renee, this was pretty cool. one winner, but two record deals. >> right after you came off stage, they're by the way -- >> by the way, you have good news. i'm like, okay. wow. >> so many successful careers
2:39 am
but all of the seasons, carrie underwood sold the most albums. >> i'll take harry. now another story making headlines, amy schumer slamming glamour magazine for implying that she's plus sized. they came out with their chic plus sized edition, but amy says don't label me. >> i'm like 160 pounds right now. somebody on the red carpet was like, do you feel out of place? and i'm like, no, of course not. >> but now amy believes that her mission at acceptance at any size -- taking exception being called an inspiration alongside adele and melissa mccarthy, she
2:40 am
is considered size 16. i go between a size 6 and 8. young girls thinking that's plus size? >> sometimes i'm a size 6, sometimes i'm a size 12. >> amy had opened the 2015 year awards. they said we believe her message is inspiring. the issue did not describe her as plus sized. we're sorry if we offended her in any way. >> i'm tired of talking about the word plus size. i wish people wouldn't talk about it so much. >> with many preferring the word plus size not be used to describe anybody. lane bryant's ceo said that --
2:41 am
woman who inspires other women, embracing the humerusorous sides of our condition. >> she embraces herself as is. she confidently stripped-down for a calendar. and her comedic style is all about the unrealistic expectations placed upon women with a self-deprecating twist. >> my body type there. my arm registers leg there. >> so leave it to amy to get in the last word by posting this video running the beach in a bikini with a simple message, these labels are unnecessary. >> somehow i had a feeling that she would get the last word in this controversy. >> she speaks her mind. that's for sure. another star you don't want to mess with, melissa mccarthy. behind the scenes of her shocking new movie.
2:42 am
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...than the red box. for a smile like that, crest 3d white... is the way to whiten. and you'll never hear the wolf cry >> oh, my gosh, i cannot. that is so funny. that is definitely one of my favorite moments of the week. >> how does she do that? melissa mccarthy channeling her inner pocahontas. >> who here wants to hear about a [ bleep ] exciting opportunity. >> she speaks to children the same way she speaks to a room full of adults. >> i felt terrible filming it, and i would often apologize and say this is a fictitious character, we would normally not speak like this and don't say what i'm saying.
2:45 am
i think i felt much -- everythingeverybody else was just like it's fine. i'm like, is it? >> kristen bell has a few more. >> loud, sometimes unkind, are you every curvy lady. entertaining to work for her. entertaining to work for the brilliant melissa mccarthy. >> you're under arrest for insider trading. you're bankrupt, all your accounts have been president frozen. >> get me a lawyer. >> you don't have any money, you stupid ginger! >> ironically, a movie i did 14, a character i did 14, 15 years ago and she stuck with me.
2:46 am
golden phoenix, and i sure [ bleep ] did it. >> she does a little time in prison, and she looks to turn a profit by any means necessary. >> if you go out and sell a box of cookies, we should give you 5% commission, every box. >> that's not what we agreed on. it's going to be 10%. >> okay. okay. >> don't call it a come back. >> what do we say if somebody doesn't want to buy? >> buy my brownie, or i'll kill you. >> don't say that, crystal. >> we're sitting around the tables, and i say what if there's just a brutal brave heart style fight? >> hey, this is where dandelions sell! >> woo! that batch is burnt. >> the lady is hilarious. >> i could watch her do just about anything. >> oh, my god, she's bananas.
2:47 am
want to keep the kids home from that one. >> another kid friendly movie comes to theaters, the jungle book. it is brought back to life in a whole new way. and i got a little while with the stars. >> sure did. >> really nice to have a chance to be in the "jungle book", you know, and be a part of the jungle. >> aka, mobley posing with lupita nyong'o. >> it took everybody by surprise, he was a great guy. i don't think anybody thought we'd lose him so soon. >> oh, no. don't be scared. >> this may be a re-imagining of the childhood classic but there's one song the fans can't live without. look for the bear necessities
2:48 am
i mean the bear necessities oh, mother nature's recipes just the bear necessities of life >> he beat out 2,000 kids in his first audition ever. the exotic scenery is actually an entire digital jungle. with more than 70 creatures and fire, water and 100 million different leads, it took more than a year to create, playing blue is bill murray. >> relax, kid, no need to get worked up. >> i'm a huge fan of the original book, so when they said do you want to do this, i really couldn't say no. >> meeting the icon for the first time was wild.
2:49 am
and he made a brisket while me and bill played football. >> looking at his instagram, the star of the movie "chef", whipping up stuff for his animals. >> grilled cheese? >> leave it to "e.t." to turn the page. >> ah, perfect. >> very well done. >> that's very good. >> thank you. we have a lot more to come. you will not believe the story behind this cover.
2:50 am
2:51 am
do-overs for i heart radio when it was time for me to give birth, i went back to the park. the park became a state of mind. where's your park? >> hmm, where's my park? let's see, i think sundays at the snowball stand.
2:52 am
and then there's this elle magazine cover and the wide-ranging interview with the queen bey. that beehive started buzzing. >> but just like everything else in her life, if you want to interview beyonce, remember, she loves the world. >> having a flash dance moment with the cover story she orchestrated. how big a deal is it? our fashion correspondent joe see was once creative director for elle magazine, and just so you know, it's a big deal. >> that cover could have been no more or less a year and a half making. >> she trusts us, and obviously, there was a lot going on at this time, so it was, you know, the launch of her brand, ivy park. she had many things to talk about. >> power is making things happen. one of the things bey made
2:53 am
interview, a relatively unknown reporter who started two years ago on a spread about engagement rings. beyonce and jay-z attended a wedding last year. >> to put a friend or someone with a personal relationship in front of her, you're going to get a dialog and an interview and an intimate discussion that you will not get with a stranger, and i think ultimately, that's a win-win for elle and beyonce. >> iefvy park, you really want to see what those clothes are. and to choose the largest fashion mag season, and elle is the largest fashion magazine in the world. that's brilliant. >> we met with the style expert to talk about last sunday's big award show. we're breaking down the fashion
2:54 am
the i heart music awards. >> we had a little bit of country, and a little bit of rock and roll. i'm going to start with my do. at the acm, i loved carrie underwood. the beading and gold shimmer was almost monotone on her sun-kissed skin. >> another do for me at the i heart radio was selena gomez. i thought she looked fantastic, that orange jumpsuit with the cutout, its with a great way to do cutouts for her. >> we're talking about pant suits. what did you think of taylor swift's black cat suit? >> that is a true throwback to the '90s. the first time i looked at taylor swift, i was like, ooh, i'm not sure, but it grew on me. and that black sequin sparkle, this may actually be the last
2:55 am
red carpet from this designer. >> taylor swift being the one, pretty good choice. >> perfect person. >> a big do last night, miranda lambert. i mean, come on, can you just say wow? >> christian siriano designed it for her, the plunging neckline, the leg, talk about i'm stepping out and showing it all off. >> time now for what was a don't. >> it was a big crossover night. and we had katy perry, and she was anything but a little bit country, i think shye was a lot country. she almost went overboard. she was like a cartoon character of a cowgirl. >> she was having fun. >> she was trying to play a theme, but i think you can take a theme too far and go overboard. >> and now i want to go to your worse worst dressed of the night. >> i have two ladies who i thought could have been improved
2:56 am
i want to start with iggy azalea at the i heart music awards, the thing on her shoulder, looked like she was going to burp a baby. on the bandeau top, i would shorten that an inch. it's about proportion. and the second lady i want to talk about is demi lovato. i would remove the top flap right there and let it be a little bit more exposed and see more cleavage and be more simple. >> this is mcqueen and my shoes are prada. >> i would shorten the sleeves, because it makes her look a lot more stretched out. it's a much more flattering silhouette with a simple tweak. and of course i would do something a lot more body hugging. >> that darn josie, he always knows what to do to fix it. >> i knew that.
2:57 am
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for relapsing ms in the us, at talk to your doctor about tecfidera, and take another look at relapsing ms. . if you're just joining us, we have a recap of this week's biggest headlines. >> you came tonight, and you look stunning up on stage. >> number five, miranda lambert, locked and loaded for her after-blake look at me moment at the acms. new boyfriend, check. she and her boyfriend made their initial debut. >> you are in your yellow dress, you look happy. >> thank you, i am happy. and yellow is a happy color. number four, taylor's love story confession, gushing all over her man calvin harris.


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