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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  April 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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donald immediately said, you are attacking the police and firefighters. >> ted cruz talking new york values as bernie sanders draws tens of thousands to washington square park.
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york with the primary now less first tonight, breaking news. a mother collapses trying to reach her small children, trapped inside a burning investigators say she was across the street when it started. i'm maurice dubois. kristine is off. cbs2's dave carlin is following this breaking story. live in the clairemont section of the bronx tonight. dave? >> reporter: ariz, we learned very sad news from investigators that the 18-month- old girl and her two-year-old sister did not survive this fire in this 21 story building that we're going to show you right now. investigators looking into witness claims that those little girls were left all alone in the burning apartment. this third-floor apartment in the butler houses is where two children believed to be just one and two years old were surrounded by flames and thick smoke, unable to escape. >> we heard kids crying but it was too black. we couldn't breathe.
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situation was too red-hot. visibility was zero. and he had to retreat. a family in the apartment next door put wet towels under their firefighters. >> when i opened the door, i saw black smoke. >> reporter: witnesses believe at the time. and said they saw this one ambulance come running out of this laundromat across webster avenue yelling that her kids were trapped inside. >> witnesses said the two kids were unconscious in the arms of firefighters when they were rescued. >> i seen the firemen bringing the kids out. they was burnt. >> reporter: along with the children, nine adults had smoke inhalation and other injuries described as minor. fdny deputy fire chief gary rocco said the fire marshal is looking at whether the children were left unattended in a home may have been without safeguards. >> checking to see if there was any smoke detectors in the
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>> reporter: again, the two young sisters did not survive this fire. as for the mother, we're told by investigators that when she came to this scene, she went into shock. she fainted. and now she's in the hospital. dave carlin, cbs2 news. oh -- >> okay. thank you. tonight, new york is the focal point in the rates -- race for the white house. the contenders are in a mad dash for votes. rousing rallies, celebrity appearances and notable cbs2's tony aiello live in the village now with a wrapup. tony? square park where vermont senator bernie sanders held a huge enthusiastic rally 27,000 people attended. here but claims to have momentum building to april 19.
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in front of a monument to our first president, bernie sanders rallied a huge crowd that wants him to be our 45th president. >> in my view, healthcare is a right of all people. not a privilege. [ cheering ] >> reporter: support from director spike lee and actress rosario dawson, sanders railed against nafta and other trade deals and slammed hillary clinton for supporting the 2003 war in iraq. >> he is the candidate of peace. and i don't want connor growing up when he's 18, i don't want to going to war. >> reporter: polls have clinton up by 12 points in the state she used to represent in the senate. with a 2 to 1 lead among african-americans. wednesday she spoke at an event hosted by al sharpton, stopped in midtown to chat up union workers on strike against verizon and sprint time with supporters at the city. >> and if you will give me the honor of your vote on tuesday,
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better! >> reporter: senator ted cruz told cnn his new york values comment was about liberal policies hurting the state. >> donald immediately said, you are attacking the police and firefighters and 911, which was utterly absurd. >> reporter: donald trump comfortably ahead in new york and other east states, rallied supporters in pittsburgh. >> we're bringing back steal. and i said it, clean coal, clean coal, we're bringing it back. bigley. >> reporter: john kasich touted his endorsement from the new york daily food -- news while campaigning in maryland. he predicted there will be a contested convention. >> they are going to realize who actually could be president and they are going to figure out who actually can win in the fall. >> reporter: new york has 95 republican delegates at stake next tuesday. estimates are that donald trump should pick up at least 83 of those delegates.
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debate showdown in brooklyn between secretary clinton and senator sanders. live in the village, tony aiello, cbs2 news. of today's bogus bomb threats against more than a dozen school districts in new jersey. students, teachers and staff in were evacuated. they waited more than an hour in designated safety zones. bomb-sniffing dogs. nothing was found. students returned to class once the buildings were given the all clear. a special hearing resumes tomorrow that could lead to a mistrial for a former nypd officer convicted of killing an unarmed man in brooklyn. peter liang's attorney says michael vargas lied during jury selection when he said no one in his family had a criminal history. vargas later reportedly told a newspaper his father went to prison for accidental shooting and that police should be treated the same way. >> the defendant is entitled to
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not 11. >> today, vargas told the court he was not close to his father and did not know about his past. the head of the city's police watchdog agency has resigned. richard emery was appointed to the civilian complaint review board in 2014, by mayor de blasio. resignation comes a day after is -- he was accused of making a gender-based slur in a lawsuit filed by the agency's executive director. in a statement, the mayor said i want to thank richard for his service to the city. over the past two years, the ccrb has resolved cases much more quickly and efficiently. meantime, police union leader patrick lynch said, our hope is that whoever replaces him will be a fair-minded and reasonable person who has a basis respect for police officers. the mayor has hired a lawyer and the corruption investigation into the nypd claims another top cop. cbs2 political reporter marcia
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scandal. he was former police commissioner lawyer in the federal fraud case. now barry berke is representing mayor de blasio. as the fed's pros -- probe how he raised funds. the mayor disclosing that he asked her to represent his 2013 campaign and -- >> reach out to the u.s. attorney's office. and offer any assistance we could provide. and let them know we're happy to work with him in any way that would be helpful. >> reporter: the mayor sought burke's help after cbs2 reported the feds are questioning members of the real estate industry about donations solicited by team de blasio. including former campaign treasurer ross offinger. the mayor said he wanted berke to find out what's going on since the feds have not called him. >> there's been no outreach of any kind. >> reporter: fundraising probe part of a wide-ranging corruption investigation centered on two businessmen with ties to the mayor and their interaction with high- ranking members of the nypd. some 20 members of the department have reportedly be
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including andrew capital, patrol borough manhattan who became the latest high-ranking commander to fall victim. he was transferred to a desk job. last week commissioner william bratton removed four of his most senior commanders from their posts. two lost guns and badges as did a six cup. a detective who took the fifth before the grand jury. >> anyone who accepts personal gifts in the year 2016 is not paying attention to today's ethics standards or the ethics training they were given. >> reporter: the feds are continuing to question high- ranking members of the nypd. meanwhile neither the u.s. attorney nor de blasio's lawyer would comment. in the newsroom, marcia kramer, cbs2 news. moscow has used its warplanes to make a provocative gesture towards the united states. video from the baltic sea shows russian fighter jets buzzing a navy destroyer.
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flew by 31 times in simulated attacks this week, it does not appear however that the planes were carrying any weapons. the white house is filing a protest with nato. next at 11, a thief on wheels. >> we found the box across the street. >> the suspect seen on camera stealing packages and then taking off on a skateboard. a slab of concrete on the ground, dangerously close to the cars on a major highway.
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this warning to residents in brooklyn about a suspected skateboarding thief, seen on camera stealing packages from
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the day. cbs2's tracee carrasco has the video of the skateboard banned it. >> reporter: a rolling rubber caught on surveillance video on march 29, just after noon after he skateboards by this brooklyn home, stopping once he spots a package on the porch. almost losing his getaway wheels, he boldly steals the delivery from robert pulte's home. >> we found the box on the neighbor's lawn. >> reporter: what was inside? >> indycar -- a guitar cable for my daughter. and a coffee pot. >> reporter: a nearly identical crime be neighboring prospect park south last friday. the skateboard suspect pulls up to a home and grabs a box hidden behind a chair but apparently, he didn't like what was inside. >> i was walking to the subway and there was a box on this corner of buckingham, a heavy box, it was 30 or 40 pounds. >> reporter: gary found the box
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away, so the address label and returned it to his neighbors today. also a victim, possibly of this same box banned it two weeks ago. both homeowners say they are keeping a close watch on who's hanging out in their neighborhood. >> if you don't feel secure to receive deliveries, then you can't enjoy that convenience. >> reporter: nypd encourages residents to file a police report if a package is stolen especially if the thief is caught on surveillance video. reporting from ditmas park brooklyn, tracee carrasco, cbs2 news. queens residents say falling concrete from the van wyck expressway is turning a parking lot into the danger zone. they say a slab of concrete weighing about 200 pounds came down yesterday in flushing meadows. the lot sits under the van wyck near a rec center. residents say falling debris is a big problem but the transportation department says the concrete is not from the highway and appears to have
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emotional day in court for a father convicted of kidnapping his own son, bobby hernandez was sentenced to four years in prison. he kidnapped his then five-year- old son julie bishop julian and fled to cleveland where they lived under fake identities. he was cut 13 years later when a school counselor discovered a discrepancy in julian's social security number as they applied for college. julian, now 19, spoke in court defending his father. >> who wants to talk about all the bad things he's done -- it's possible to forgive somebody. >> present is -- hernandez's four-year sentence is one year above the minimum. he had faced up to 54 years. new video shows the life- aide. watch. >> what are you doing? he's got a coin. oh, my lord.
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the eight jumped into action after the five-year-old boy's sister says he swallowed a coin. this happened last week near tulsa, oklahoma as the child gasped for air. gins or mask well -- ginger maxwell performed the heimlich. this is the first time in 17 years she has had to use that cpr training. new tonight taking on the astronomical cost of college education. tens of thousands of dollars a year. and that's before you have bought books or a meal plan. but there are ways to cut costs and even go to school for free. cbs2's dick brennan explains how to get the ultimate school savings. paying $80,000 for a standard basic model sedan? that's how much it would be today if car prices were rising as fast as college costs. >> it's becoming a heavy burden. questioning the value of a higher education. >> very important because it can make or break you.
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out of 10 graduates are nearly $30,000 in debt today but there are ways to cut those costs. >> i'm a big fan going to a state school and then transferring to a more expensive school. >> reporter: donald kerr with aaa college planning office suggests going to a community or state school for the first two years. >> then transfer into the private school with the brand- name degree. >> reporter: although college costs have outpaced financial assistance, there's still a lot of financial aid available. >> you can sometimes negotiate. >> reporter: that's right. ask your school of choice for more money. you don't have to accept their initial package offer. also, never rule out a school based on the list price, oftentimes more expensive schools will hand out more money. and look at applying for scholarships every year. the more obscure, the better. >> i got out of school with under $10,000 in debt. >> reporter: he only had to pay for room and board. the engineering school is one of a handful of tuition free
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berkeley in kansas, and williamson college of the trades in pennsylvania. finally when applying for student loan, follow this rule of thumb. make sure your student loan debt doesn't exceed the starting salary for your future chosen profession. >> you've got student loan debt of $200,000 and you are making 50,000 a year, those are the people i see all the time that are in trouble. >> reporter: tuition free schools can have special requirements like working on campus. dick brennan, cbs2 news. >> okay. lonnie quinn joins us now. >> as a father of a freshman at cornell, i'm already -- man, we're in unsure footing. dealing with. the weather watchers reporting temperatures in the 40s right now. with all the sunshine, it was a day about the pictures. take any shot from anybody, this is adam, northport, a lot of blue skies today.
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right now, not currently because it is dark outside but it is clear. 47 degrees, high temp today was 57. two degrees cooler than he should have been. a great looking down there, it is going to get better and better around here. still chilly mornings out here but sunshine afternoon, for days upon days upon days. 5 -- five days in a row. moisture around some of our northern suburbs. when it flashes like that, some upper-level moisture. no rain is falling. high-pressure, too strong, giving any of the rain, we look great as we say a full steam ahead into your day tomorrow. so you are waking up, it's chilly out there, the city is going to have a crisp 40 degrees starting point. north and west, freezing temperatures. we do have a freeze warning, shaded purple just outside of manhattan. that's where you see the temperatures dropping down to lower and mid-30s. tomorrow, high temp will be 60.
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watch the numbers go up, man. 61 on friday, 65 saturday, 72 sunday, 74 monday. more sun than anything else out there. a few more clouds on tuesday. hinting at a rain chance for tuesday, but i've had to take the rain drops off that graphic. because it doesn't look like it's coming together. >> mighty generous. >> all for you guys. new york. what makes it think bigger? go bolder? push for a living wage that's higher.
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justice that works for all. for a middle-class that... must. be. saved. you do. values. forged in new york. brooklyn born. native son. who knows what we know: we're all in this together. i'm bernie sanders
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otis livingston joins us now. it is playoff time in the city. >> they drop the puck for the rangers. it was the worst possible way to start the playoffs. first period of game one, henrik lundqvist takes a stick in the eye. slips into hank's mask and sends them to the ice in pain. you can tell by the reaction, it wasn't good. 30 seconds later, he's beaten by patric hornqvist. lundqvist never even returned to the bench. 2-0 pittsburgh. the rangers finally get on the board. now 2-1. momentum, right? no.
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three more. holmquist ends up with a trip -- with a hat trick. pittsburgh wins 5-2. here is alain vigneault. >> he will be evaluated tomorrow. >> like any other injury to any other player. everybody has got to step up and fill a bigger role. that's the way it is. >> he's day-to-day. brian mccann out of the lineup with a bruised big toe. yankees trying to take the michael pineda trying to rebound from his last start. bottom of the second, that's going, going, not quite done. to the wall, the jays up 1-0. yankees down 3-1, they get a text message from mark teixeira. solo home run, the bombers down 3-2. enter ivan nova. no. he opened up the floodgates. that's what happens when you
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the jays score 4 in the eighth. 7-2, the final. took it to the seventh inning, the mets finally got a clutch hit at home. kevin plawecki with the two run single to break a scoreless tie. they lead it 2-0. how is this for effort? cespedes getting up close and personal. didn't take the catch. but they got excited about it. he was not hurt. much-needed 2-1 win according to terry collins. >> the perception is that there's no energy here, we're not prepared, we were overconfident or not taking things seriously. i heard that last night and it made me sick to my stomach. i said, we've got to win this game today. show people we mean business here.
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buckets. 24 and 10 from terrence ross. the nets close out the year with their 10th consecutive loss. 103-96 was the final. one of those nights in the nba's regular-season you better have picture in picture. it's all happening in california. the warriors looking for a record 73rd victory. steph curry was not messing around, leading the way, he is the odds on favorite for a second straight mvp. 20 points in the first quarter. golden state leads 50-36 in the second quarter. down the coast in l.a., laker fans getting one final time with kobe bryant. magic johnson introduced a tribute video to the crowd and
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then kobe hit five in a row, some call him the greatest laker of them all. in fact, magic said that during his speech. >> well -- >> i'll give it to you tonight, kobe. >> tomorrow, i'll take it back. >> what was it that mikael prokhorov said? >> i must break you. [ laughter ] [ grinding metal ] whoa, that doesn't look good. no, not you. ordinary fuels can clog your engine with dirt. it's like lugging this around... it's dragging down your fuel economy. [ breaking glass ] but over time, using new and improved bp gasoline with invigorate helps clean up that dirt, like hundreds of scrubbing brushes. [ scrubbing bristles ] so that means a cleaner engine, which helps you get more miles per tank. i'll be here if you need me. new bp gasoline with invigorate...
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thanks so much for joining us tonight. up next, "the late show with stephen colbert". he's got sally field, jared carmichael. for the entire team, have a great night. ( band playing intro music ) ( band playing


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