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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  April 16, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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liberty 46. expect cooler highs on the east end of long island today. everybody will enjoy blue skies. it is going to be a beautiful start to your weekend. however, it will be breezy on the east end as well. 11:00 a.m., 56 degrees. feels like 55. by 2:00, it's 64. feeling like 64 and sunny. the high today will be 66. after that, we start you drop, 65 by 5:00 a.m., by 8:00, it's 57. and if you're out late tonight making plans, 52 degrees at 11:00. skies will be clear. we'll drop into the 40s in the city overnight. 30s for the suburbs and then it will get even warmer tomorrow. i'll have your full forecast coming up. andrea, hazel, back to you. beware of skimmers. police are warning supermarket customers across manhattan to be vigilant when checking out. >> meg joins us live from the
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has already targeted nearly two dozen victims. magdalena. >> more victims are coming forward by the day. some victims, customers at this supermarket. police say they found an elaborate set up inside, including hidden cameras. customer card information. this is a skimmer designed to fit perfectly over a credit card machine at the check out at sharidan square. there have been multiple locations throughout the city. so ask yourself, as you swipe away for your groceries, would you tell? >> no, probably not. >> police are now warning shoppers to be on the lookout, 23 people have reported being ripped off. the thieves use the skimmer to gain access to the debit card number and utilize a hidden camera to film your hand
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he sticks with cash to avoid being targeted. >> every week they come up with something, no matter what. if you kill this one, they come up with another one. >> the nypd says these four men have been caught with queens after gaining access to the account information making a fake replica card. and entering the correct pin number. police are still looking for the suspects. >> and police say the best way to protect yourself is to use your other hand while placing your pin into that key pad. they say even if there is a hidden camera that way, skimmers will not have access to that pin code, which allows them access to your phone. live in the west village, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. now to a developing story, southern japan is reeling this morning after two deadly earthquakes in two days. the death toll is rising. at least 32 people have been killed and more than 1500
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more from cbs 2's danielle nottingham. >> reporter: japanese rescue crews made their way into this home looking for survivors of a magnitude 7 earthquake. papers, office supplies, and computers shook and toppled over when the quake occurred around 1:30 saturday morning. guests in this hotel had a rude awakening and several aftershocks followed. this man was rescued from the rubble before dawn. the quake triggered a landslide crumbling roads and bridges and foundations. part of this curved roadway fell down the hillside, leaving one car on the edge. it. a smaller deadly earthquake hit this same region on thursday. that 6.2 magnitude quake knocked down buildings and collapsed homes. sign tocs scientists say it was a fore shock and triggered the large leer one.
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earthquake gets bigger than the first one, and the first one is a fore shock and that big aftershock becomes the main shock. >> there is a still a 50% of a magnitude 6 aftershock hitting this same area in the next few days. danielle nottingham, cbs 2 news. >> more secrets revealed. the former new york assembly speaker had affairs with two women and abused power to help them. tony aiello with more. >> reporter: the feds say sheldon silver was cheating on several fronts, a judge released the information friday, heavily redacted documents outlining two extramarital affairs that were evidence under certain conditions. silver had an affair with a woman who specifically lobbies the defendant and hired to
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behalf of his clients who have business for the state. a second affair was for a woman hired for a state job in part due to silver's recommendation. allegations benefited financially disappoint this assembly republican, but -- >> i don't find it surprising, because sheldon silver is a corrupt individual who used his position to not only enrich himself, but political favors for allies of his. >> the whole district feels betrayed. >> wonders how his relationship with the lobbyist affected legislative matters. >> i think we need to know exactly who was benefiting from these relationships, what was going on. >> silver's lawyers released a statement saying these are unproven allegations that have no place in this case or public discussion. >> the lawyer for one of the women involved with silver says there was no affair, just a benign friendship.
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corruption charges in may. tony aiello, cbs 2 news. >> an investigation is underway on long island after an suv smashed into a barber shop, injurying three people. the vehicle drove through yesterday leaving behind shattered glass and damage. police say workers and customers had to jump out of the way. witnesses tell us the 17-year- old driver said he couldn't stop. >> while he was driving, he was screaming, why is it not stopping? so, that's why i tend to believe him to what happened. >> investigators were looking into whether the suv had a mechanical problem. the people hurt are expected to be okay. and the search is on this morning for a man police say robbed a woman in brooklyn investigators have released this video of the suspect. it happened on april 1 at about 11:30 p.m. inside a building in the cobble
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the victim says the victim was grabbed from behind. surveillance video shows the suspect waited outside the building for an hour and a half before following the woman into the courtyard. the search is on for the person who is poisoning cats in queens. hundreds of cats live in broad channel park on cross bay boulevard. recently, several were found dead in the area. a dog owner says her dog also died after eating chicken laced with rat poison that was left out. an animal rescue group is offering a $2500 reward for arrest. the water is being tested at schools across the district. this after slightly elevated levels of lead were found at one water fountain. all water first fountains are now being shut down. temporary water coolers are being installed. full test results are expected in a few weeks.
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the mta says subway riders should leave extra time to get around this weekend because of track work. now, through 4:30 monday morning, there will be no 7 trains between 74th street and queens and times square. free shuttle buses will be available. trains will run every 15 to 20 minutes between main street and 74th street in queens and between times where 42nd street, hudson yards and manhattan. the time now, 9:07. two moms attacked in a road rage incident. >> i was angry when i got out. >> the driver accused of shattering their window is telling his side of the story. why he says it never should have happened. she came into the world after spending 25 weeks in her mother's womb. still ahead, a little girl's incredible story of survival and how she is making strides to help others in need. >> and this year's calendar is twice as hot. the new changes aimed at promoting diversity, teamwork, and inclusion.
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quite that hot, but warmer this weekend. >> yeah, and we'll get near that hot range. especially for this time of year come monday. coming up, we'll talk about a warming forecast. but first, a check on the community calendar from cbs 2 and cbsnew he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for.
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now to campaign 2016. advice he gave to a college student. >> she asked about sex assaults on campus. >> i also give you one bit of advice. don't go to parties where there is a lot of alcohol. >> democrats pounced on that comment, accusing kasich of blaming the victim. later, the kasich campaign tweeted only the attacker is at fault. kasich added he warned his 16- year-old daughter des s about the dangers of alcohol and sexual violence. >> the reason i worry about that, it obscures the ability for people to seek justice. it gets to be about he said, she said, and it's alcohol and it creates an inability to find
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>> republican front runner, donald trump, was on the stump last night in connecticut. he drew a crowd of 8,000 to the convention center before and during the rally, there were protests outside. connecticut holds its primary april 26. polls show trump getting about 50% of the gop vote. and ted cruz was in rochester last night. then he left for wyoming where republicans gather at their state convention today to pick 14 delegates they'll send to the national convention. democratic presidential hopeful, bernie sanders met with pope francis at the vatican this morning. sanders called the short visit an honor and a joy. he traveled to rome on economic equality and climate change. there was no political motivation behind his trip. hillary clinton was in manhattan appearing at a senior
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new york holds its primaries this tuesday. now to a consumer alert. a concern over seat belts has triggered a major recall. general motors has issued a voluntary recall for seat belts in more than 1 million pickup trucks worldwide. it involves 2014 and 2015 chevy silverado and gms1500s and nearly 900,000 trucks here in the u.s. gm says the problem stems from a flexible steel cable that can wear out over time and snap. a gm representative says he is not aware of any injuries, the auto maker will repair the seat belt free of charge. time now is 9:14. what a beautiful morning out there. >> yeah, we are lucky that it finally feels like spring. >> it will this afternoon. vanessa murdock is keeping an eye on the forecast. >> it is going to look like spring as well. bright blue skies, very dry pattern ahead.
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think could be any brighter for us. let's start off live outside. show you what's happening here. we have beautiful, crisp start to the day in times square. people are starting to get out and enjoy the 51-degree start. northeast wind at 8 miles per hour. as we look at your headlines, a splendid weekend, mild days, cool nights. warmest day will be on monday of the next seven. here's a look at the climbing temperature trend. yesterday 65. today not much different, 66. the mor normal high is 62. 72 degrees with more sun. monday 76, more sun, but more clouds late in the day. right now, it is, of course, sunny. it looks like these clouds are trying to make their way toward us. a massive area of high pressure is keeping essentially the eastern half of the country absolutely dry. what it is also doing is steering much moisture across the midsection of the country. what this means is they are
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serious impact over the next 24 to 48 hours because this system can't make much movement to the east. we're looking at severe weather across oklahoma and texas. flooding as well for us, of course, none of that. we stay clear all the while. so your forecast for today looking good. yankees stadium, 105 is the first pitch as they take on the mariners. 62 degrees with sunshine. 66 degrees, it is going to be beautiful. however, expect slightly breezier conditions to the east of the city, and slightly cooler temperatures as well. more likely 50 for the twin forks. 50s, low and mid 50s. tonight, clear, cool, 45 in the city will mean 30s in the suburbs. then tomorrow, warming up, 72 degrees. sunny skies, calmer winds the forecast looking great for your weekend. let's take you into monday. here's the deal. 76 on monday. we will see more clouds late in the day. we will have a disturbance
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so, a little bit of shower activity possible. tuesday, 65 degrees and clearing skies. then as we make our way into wednesday and thursday, we're keeping the sunshine back in play and warming back up into the 70s. friday, looks like our best chance as we move forward. a little bit of rain activity. of course, as we were talking about the weather, next weekend a very big event in the city. we'll be talking about the march of dimes. happening. the weather, we're hoping, i'm thinking maybe we'll be fighting off a few showers as we move forward for the annual babies walk. thousands of new yorkers are joining the movement to help make sure every baby gets a healthy start in life. a proud sponsor of the family friendly event. i will be there next sunday along with the family that joins us this morning. we have parents, hernandez. we have joseph and little good morning.
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>> i want to talk about those not familiar with the walk before we talk to the family. this is actually the first charity walk in the country and this year more than 1,000 companies, unions, hospitals, families, the new york giants quarterback, eli manning will participate in the march for babies and it is a 3 1/2 mile walk that takes place next sunday at 10:00 a.m. this year the organization hopes to raise $2.3 million here in new york city. the money will help fund research and education to help promote healthy pregnancies and healthy babies for all families. that is why you are here today. the ambassador family and you have some really big news from this little lady right here. how are you today? >> good. >> so i want to start off with you. what are some of your favorite things to do? >> go to the beach. >> oh, the beach. and what do you like to do at the beach?
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>> are you doing that this >> maybe. maybe we should ask your parents if they will bring you to the beach. warm. >> not quite there yet. >> almost. >> we're so glad to have you. talk about just where things started for her. >> so, mari was born 15 weeks early. i was 25 weeks. my blood pressure got very high, six hours later mari was born. she was 1 pound, 6-ounces. 9 inches long. she was very sick, very tiny. she was on a respirator for over four months. during that time, she suffered from open heart surgery. statement. the doctors told us not to make any long-term plans and they gave us 30% chance of survival. a lot of her nicu mates passed away during that time.
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realized a living human being could be that small. now mari is thriving five years later. >> i love that you wrote when she came into our lives, now she is a handful. >> yes. you know, she is breaking boards in tykwondo. and diving into the deep end of the pool. >> giving you a little bit of a heart palpaation. >> i love that. i love that. and you are, of course, involved with the march of dimes. so tell us about why this organization has become so important to your family. >> well, it's the organization that has been doing this the longest. and i can't imagine how many babies that have helped over the past years. and mari is a living example of one of their success stories in the efforts. i mean, even for all the
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and don't know what to do during those times, march of dimes seems to be that organization that helps you get through. >> right. and this coming sunday, you have formed a special team, correct? and you'll be joined by your little brother. how old is he? >> he's seven months. >> what is his name? >> oliver. >> and how much money has your team raised? do you know? >> we have raised over $11,000. no, it's $14,000. >> over $14,000. as of this morning, it's over $14,000. our goal is $20,000. we still have nine days. there's still an opportunity for people to join and donate and support the march of dimes. >> you guys are helping with the big chunk of that. how many times have you participated in the walk?
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>> so you guys know what to tell people to expect when they get there. so, tell them about the fun and just the community. because i've been out there. it's one of my most fun events to attend. i love seeing all the beautiful children, the bright smiles, but also it's a time of remembrance, too. >> thousands of families or it seems like there's thousands of families and thousands of people walking and the energy is so palpable and you just hear people's stories, to see the t-shirts, to hear what why they want to walk and it is something that is inspiring and a great way to start the spring. >> it's a great way to start the spring. hopefully we will have wonderful weather. thank you all for being here and thank you, young lady. can you give a good wave to our camera as we wrap up our segment? there is still time to take part in the walk.
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register, head to our website, there you can find registration and donation information. andrea and hazel, back to you. >> so adorable. the time right now, 9:22. taking spying to the extremes. why a bronx woman spent thousands of dollars on cameras to catch her neighbors breaking the law. >> plus, rats invade the ice in florida. highlights, maybe low lights from the islanders first loss
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to break up big banks, create millions of jobs, and rebuild america. some say it can't be done again. but another native son of new york is ready -- bernie. rebuild the middle class, make wall street banks pay their fair share, give every child a chance. new york -- it's our time again to build a future to believe in.
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in sports, the islanders take on the panthers before heading back. >> it will mark the first stanley cup player. here's your sports update. >> good morning, after winning game one, it was time for the islanders to get greedy. with a 2-0 series lead. help the islanders fill game one, stop 42 shots. not as lucky last night. assists for riley smith as the panthers took a 2-0 lead in the 2nd. islanders down for the count. three minutes left, something to happen in the final seconds. something good, anything but that. oh rats. florida ties the series at one a piece. 3-1 the final from florida. jackie robinson, 70 years after robinson broke the color
9:27 am
the first number, 42 to cross the plate. solo homer in the 1st. another offnight for ruiz who gave up ten hits and the mariners added to his misery. pumps one to the seats of left. the yankees lead 7-1. terry collins moved up michael to the third spot in the lineup. he says thank you so much with a solo crank. there was more where that came from. aza with another home run in the 5th to make it 2-1. there's more. two batters later makes it 4-1. get this, the mets only had two home runs in the first. they win four times. neil walker leaves the yard, mets up 6-1. they hang on to win it. for cbs 2 news, i'm otis livingston. have a good saturday. >> time now, 9:27. up next, today's top stories. police say they found an elaborate set up inside this
9:28 am
across manhattan to gain access to customer card information. more on this scam and who they are targeting coming up. >> it has changed our life quite dramatically. >> drivers drive by, ignoring signs on staten island and neighbors say nothing is being done to stop it. this is cbs 2 news saturday morning. sir, this alien life form is growing at an alarming rate. growing fast, you say? we can't contain it any long...
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or visit right now, shoppers targeted without even knowing it. when skimming devices are discovered in plain sight at city grocery stores. the four suspects police want to stop before they strike again. this was her specialty. this is what she was trained to do and loved tigers.
9:31 am
a florida trainer dies after getting mauled by a rare tiger. >> and a car slams into a front yard, but nobody was behind the wheel. cbs 2 news saturday morning starts right now. live from studio 46, this is cbs 2 news this morning. good morning, it is 9:30 on this saturday, april 16. i'm andrea grymus. >> and i'm hazel sanchez. vanessa murdock is here with a look at the forecast. and it's a good one. >> i'm so excited to just get out there and enjoy. because the air is dry. the temperatures are warm. feeling like spring. and we're just going to see bright blue skies. 51 in the city. 47 in montock. on the vortex satellite and
9:32 am
for the clouds, there would be nothing to look at. we will see clear skies for the duration of your saturday. at 2:00 a.m., 64 degrees, clear, looking like 64. feeling like it. this afternoon, the high will be 66. that's where we're heading. 5:00, it's 65. then by 8:00, 57. still clear. 11:00 tonight, 52. it will be a little bit more breezy east of the city and because of the dry air in place, and because of the breeze, there is an increase risk of some wild fires popping up today. please be cautious and just enjoy this beautiful, bright start to your weekend. coming up, we'll talk about how long the weather stays this way. andrea and hazel, back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, police are warning supermarket customers across manhattan to be vigilant when checking out. >> cbs 2's magdalen a doris has more on the scheme that
9:33 am
>> reporter: victims are coming forward by the day. some customers here at the supermarket. police say inside they found an elaborate set up, including a hidden camera. all used in an effort to get customer card information. this is a skimmer designed to fit perfectly over a credit card machine at the check out of the supermarket at sharitan square. it was discovered on march 29 and there have been multiple other locations throughout the city. so ask yourself, as you swipe away for groceries, would you be able to tell? >> no, probably not. >> reporter: police are now warning shoppers to be on the lookout. 23 people have already reported being ripped off. the thieves use the skimmer to gain access to the debit card number and utilize a hidden camera placed elsewhere to film your hand pressing the pin number. richard santiago sticks with cash to avoid being targeted.
9:34 am
no matter what. they come up with another one. >> the nypd says these four men have been caught withdrawing cash after gaining access to the account information. making up fake replica card and entering the correct pin number. police are still looking for the suspects. police say the best way to protect yourself is to use your hand to cover everything up while you are entering your pin. that way a hidden camera will not be able to gain access to that personal id number and denied access to your account. in the west village. cbs 2 news. >> thank you. now to the latest on the city corruption scandal. the head of the department of investigation has recuesed himself from a probe into mayor de blasio's campaign donors. there was no reason for him to step aside, but now he says he wants to avoid the appearance of a conflict. peters was treasurer of de
9:35 am
mayor appointed him to lead the investigation department. former new york senate leader and his son, adam, will not be getting a new trial. in december, they were convicted on federal corruption charges. their lawyers filed a motion seeking acquittal and a new trial. a judge has now denied that. concluding the evidence supported the verdict. she says the senior followed a brazen pattern of threatening others to enrich his son. a man arrested in a road rage incident in new jersey now says he regrets his actions. picture shows shattered glass from a car window. rosemarry and her wife, mariella castro were sitting at a stoplight when sergio got out of his suv and accused them of cutting him off. >> he standed right there. >> i couldn't tell you why i got out. i had my little girl. came whipping around the turn.
9:36 am
unfortunately, i can't take that back and i should have stayed at the scene. when a window explodes in front of you, my first reaction was to get out of here. >> castro was covered in broken glass from her driver's side window and has multiple cuts on her hands, face, and in her eye. the hunt is on this morning for a driver after a big crash on long island. watch at the top of the screen as an suv flips over several times. north babylon residents heard the crash and rushed to rescue anyone inside that car, but no one was there. police say a homeowner surveillance system captured the driver taking off, leaving behind thousands of dollars in damage. he came around that corner too fast. you could see the tire tracks in the three houses away in their driveway, then he went to this house, got airborne, flipped over three times and got up to my front horn. >> police say the car was two
9:37 am
residents of a staten island neighborhood say a change in a highway exit ramp has changed their lives for the worst. they claim they are now in danger due to all the speeding on the service road. cbs 2, sonia has the story. >> it's been a couple of years since exit 13 of the staten island expressway began letting traffic out here instead of here, a few blocks away. >> it has changed our life quite dramatically. >> the speeding according to the neighbors along the service road is putting them in constant danger. >> the ramp is 30 miles. and it did some really bad accidents out here. >> this is a continuation of the highway. >> so, it's people that are coming out of these small residential streets to get hit. >> yeah, a couple of our neighbors up the block, did you see that? instead of hitting the brakes, blow the horn. >> when the exit was here, neighbors couldn't turn directly on to their street. they had to go around.
9:38 am
that came with the new exit isn't worth the danger between the old exit here and the stoplight at clove road, there was not a lot of room to speed up. it's loud. >> we have to open my eyes, a quarter to 7:00, the traffic is already making enough noise. >> the dot put up these signs and has been in contact with city council member, steven madio. both are promising to work to come up with something effective and present it to the community. in the sunny side section of staten island, cbs 2 news. time now, 9:37. changing your tune on texting. what a major movie chain is saying about their controversial plans. caught on camera, by her own neighbor, the reason behind a bronx woman's high-tech surveillance. >> all together, shows how much of a family we all are. >> a fire department first 12
9:39 am
women. see how the calendar of heros becomes more inclusive in more ways than one. >> first, here's vanessa murdock with your forecast. >> looking good out there. when might we actually see some rain again? i don't want to rain the on the parade, but we do need some. that's coming up.
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an investigation is underway this morning into the death of a florida zoo keeper mauled by a rare ma tiger. she was preparing for the palm beach zoo's daily tiger show when she was attacked. zoo officials say it happened in the enclosure where the tigers eat and sleep and the public was never in danger. some wild weather out in the southwest. take a look at this tornado touching down in eva in far west oklahoma. and, just south in texas, hail pounded the pavement yesterday. this was the scene. around 80 miles north of amarillo. >> back here at home, a woman in the bronx is taking what some might say are extreme measures to point out neighbors who are not picking up after their dogs. carol bailey spent thousands of dollars to set up cameras outside her home in allerton to catch them in the act. she says when she sees someone
9:43 am
after their dog, she runs out and confronts them. >> it affects where i live, i don't like it. this is my home. and this is what you're doing. if i can get at least 80% who would listen to me, i'll be happy. >> residents say they want police to better enforce the poop scoop law by handing out more $250 fines. bailey says until then, she is saving up for night cameras. make way for the women of the fdny for the very first time. women will get to sizzle on their own camera. >> cbs 2's cindy shu reports. >> and the heros of 2017 was released in harold square. and this year it's a lot different. now it is two calendars in one. 12 pages of men on one side, 12 pages of women on the other. and for the first time, emt's
9:44 am
meet emt, michelle campbell. >> that shows how much of a family we are and how well we work together. >> last year was the first time a woman was included in the fdny calendar. but just one. this year the men don't seem to mind sharing the pages equally. >> i love it. they are on the street with us. they do the same job we do and to include them, it's great. >> all the proceeds go to the fdny foundation to promote fire safety education. >> they look great in the calendar and they will raise a lot of money and promote fire safety and cpr training and firefighter training. >> i hope to be a role model, yes. >> many of the women hope the calendar will encourage more ladies to join the fdny. >> every woman in new york city, the age is 17 1/2, they can take the test to the age of 28. for the public to realize there are female firefighters and
9:45 am
>> from the turnout at the calendar signing, it looks like the message is getting out. >> i think it's a beautiful thing. encourages people like me to become one of them one day. >> totally awesome. >> equal opportunity for all. >> one fan loves the calendar so much, she wants it to cover 18 months. in harold square, cindy hsu, abc 2 news. >> the calendar is expected to raise $300,000 for the fdny foundation. they are like local celebrities now. >> people run out to get those calendars. >> the taxi cab calendars, this one is a little different. >> nice to see that sunshine. >> yes, absolutely. it will continue. i want to say, i wish they made a planner, you know. keep it in my bag and bring it along. yes, i use my iphone, but sometimes you like to write things down.
9:46 am
weekend and it starts right now. it is starting a few hour h's ago, but it was chillier. now we are seeing temperatures warm up nicely into the 40s and 50s. so, first i'd like to take you down to the jersey shore. 51 degrees as dr. franky, is that his real name? not sure. he lives in neptune city. it will be a buzz this weekend, and i suspect it absolutely will be. especially tomorrow, maybe people will be calling in sick on monday to make a change to their schedule, considering monday, well, monday will be the hottest day of the next seven. nearly 80. sunny skies. he is a green wood lake reporting 53 degrees to start off this saturday morning. looking pretty. you see some cars down there, just beside central park. i think that's going to be a hot spot as well. bright skies, 51. northeast wind at 8:00. so what can you expect?
9:47 am
today, not just tomorrow, but monday as well. it is going to be overall a dry week. 60s today. 70s tomorrow, pushing 80 on monday. and then there's really no significant opportunity for rain in the forecast until friday and even that's not looking that impressive. so, today 66 degrees. just slightly above the normal high of 62. that's looking good. sunny skies right now. you like that nice, big sunny high pressure. this is a huge area of high pressure. it is super strong and it is set up with what we call an omega block. there are two areas of low pressure on either side. this one causing the biggest impact across the central portions of the u.s. this high pressure system is steering the wet weather up and around, but it is also basically creating a wall, not allowing it to move east. with that, we'll have big problems through here over the next couple of days. big flooding concerns, severe
9:48 am
sunny skies. 66 and sunny. cooler east of the city. 50s. a little more breezy as well. overnight, 44 degrees. clear skies in play. 30s in the suburbs. as we make our way through the day tomorrow, 72 degrees and sun gnu to sunny to end the weekend. a few showers overnight into early tuesday. tuesday it's 65-degreings. clearing skies late. 66 wednesday. 73 on thursday. friday, our next best bet of significant wet weather. andrea, over to you. >> you could call it the largest art exhibit in the city at the moment. more than 400 exhibitors are displaying fine pieces of art at art expo new york this weekend at pier 94 on the west side. joining me live in studio this morning is rick barnett. managing director of the art expo. welcome. >> thank you. >> so tell us for people who have never been, what can they expect? >> it's the largest trade show
9:49 am
and once a year, here in new york, 400 exhibitors. over 1,000 artists with original work from as many as 50 countries. so, it really is the global representation of fine art. >> and what kind of art? what can people see? >> sculpture, live painting demonstrations, cornucopia of work. >> and speaking of live demonstrations, we have one of the artists who is part of art expo this year, simon in studio with us this morning. welcome simon. and you, tell us what you're doing here in studio this morning. >> i'm going to paint a couple color of paintings for you. i bring color to people's lives. >> exactly. and you've been doing this since you were little, right? >> i've been doing it 40 years professionally. >> wow. so show us what you're doing. >> well, i've got, for the
9:50 am
my paint already on them. so, what i'm going to do is this is going to be a lot of fun. i'm going to turn these two paintings, these two canvass into, you know, into a painting. so, just get it done and it takes a few minutes for a display. and get a little bit of water on the brush. one of the things i'm well known for is my big floral paintings. so, it doesn't all happen as quickly as this. >> how long do you typically work on one of your average paintings? which look gorgeous. how long do you work on them? >> about four hours, i would say, for a typical painting. >> and we have a couple other pieces of your work in studio. what are you hoping people get out of looking at them? >> that's a great question. what i'm trying to do as a
9:51 am
i describe myself as a chef for the retina. so i bring a hit of emotion to the senses, to the eye. by blending colors, it's like how a chef would blend flavors in a meal. >> a chef for the retina, that's wonderful. as you keep working on that, rick, let me ask you, what do you hope people get out of coming to the art expo. why is art so important in this technology crazed world today? >> it's interesting, because the hopes that we have at the art expo coming into our 40th year is that art would be approachable for the young and the old. for all ages, and you'll get to see that at art expo. there will be the representational work of a monet. that's there. work in the hundreds and thousands of dollars. and then also new emerging air
9:52 am
by one of our scouts, perhaps in a country outside of the united states and suddenly a new form of art comes to the show that is computing and new. >> what advice do you have for someone watching that has a passion for art, in terms of pursuing it. >> it's interesting, because there are educational clinics that go on all throughout the show. and people are able to go into the clonic and actually listen to panel experts in the industry in various segments of art talk about how art can be collected or how an artist can develop that you are career. >> and getting back to you, simon, as you continue to work on your painting. you created work for the salt lake city olympics. a portrait of president obama. what is your advice to fellow artists who might be wanting to do what you do. >> when i first started my career, when i was a kid, i
9:53 am
one, paint the best pictures i could do. the second was put them in front of as many people as possible. and if you do that, i think you're good to go. >> and you can keep painting. >> oh yeah. >> i'm excited about this right >> yes. >> yeah. you know, not really. >> okay, as you keep on going. thank you, rick, i really appreciate you coming in. simon, we'll get back to you at the end of the show. expo? >> they can. the show is open today until 7:00 and tomorrow all day. and you can pick up artwork direct from the artist, direct from the publisher. direct from the gallery at the show. >> rick and simon, thank you both for being here. and as you can see, it is until 7:00 and tomorrow until 6:00.
9:54 am
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he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton.
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cbs 2 is back with your top stories. beware of skimmers when checking out. a skimming device has been found at the checkout at sheridan square. four men withdrew cash using fake replica cards. so far, 23 people have reported being ripped off. >> the death toll is rising following two earthquakes in two days in southern japan. 32 people were killed. more than 1500 others injured. officials say nearly 70,000
9:57 am
because their homes are damaged and now unsafe. thousands of army troops and other rescuers are rushing to save part-time trapped under the debris. and back here at home, we want to show you simon's finished product. you can -- there it is. you can meet simon in person for yourself from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. today and see more of his work at art expo new york. that's being held from 10:00 to 7:00 and tomorrow from 10:00 to 6:00. amazing what he can do in such a short amount of time. >> i can barely write a smiley face. >> he usually spends about four hours on his work. here, he did a really quick version for us. beautiful. and the weather is also beautiful today. >> all these themes tie in well. it will be a stunner of a weekend. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. blue skies today, clear skies tonight and 45. tomorrow 72 with clear skies. it is 76 on monday.
9:58 am
tuesday do we have our next chance at a few showers friday. looks like our best bet of wet weather and we'll need it. >> down the road. >> uhll take the sunshine. >> thank you. and that wraps up today's saturday morning. our next newscast is tonight at 6:00. >> you can check the days top stories on for vanessa and the entire news team, i'm hazel sanchez.
9:59 am
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