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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  April 17, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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i'm jeff glor, good night. . shattered glass, an suv surrounded by crime tape. tonight, questions about the moments before an officer shot and killed a man in queens. good evening. i'm cindy hsu. cbs 2's steve langford reports from ozone park, where he spoke with the man's family. >> reporter: follow the yellow double line down to the end of this block. that's where the 32-year-old man was shot and killed by police early this morning. mayhem at 1:33 a.m., a block from the van wyk. >> i hurt blood curdling scream. >> reporter: plain clothed police officers approached a
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with a gun in his waist band. the man flees on foot. the man reaches for his gun. that's when cops opened fire. the 40-caliber firearm recovered at the scene, police say. >> reporter: family identified the man as george tillman, a hard-working father of five. >> someone lost their father, husband, family member, it's not cool. >> reporter: some witnesses at the scene claim off camera the man never reached for his weapon. but one family member acknowledges attempting to flee is never a good idea. >> panic, nervous, something. i don't know what took place. it wasn't a good story for him to do that anyway. you running, it's not too cool. >> reporter: neighbors here, visibly shaken by the shooting. >> you know, it's sad. >> reporter: the crime scene here is still being examined meticulously many hours after the shooting.
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says four officers fired their weapons, striking the man several times. this just in, a suspect is under arrest after allegedly stabbing a times square sanitation worker. it happened on 47th street at 8th avenue around 8:30 this morning. police say the victim was working when the 26-year-old man walked up an demanded cash. the two men got into an argument. that's when police say smith pulled out a pair of scissors and stabbed the other man in the neck. smith was arrested on the scene and charged with robbery. the victim was treated at bellevue hospital. now to the deadly and destructive earth wake in ecuador. rescuers have been pulling survivors from the rubble today. at least 238 people were killed in the 7.8-magnitude quake. the number is expected to rise. more than 1500 people are injured. it's unknown how many people are still missing. cbs 2's raphael hernandez is in ecuador with more on the destruction and rescue
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to show you what can only be described as the aftermath of this earthquake, this you see right here. it's an overpass that would on a regular day be used widely by drivers. but as you can say, it is now little more than just debris. a driver was passing by just in the minute this overpass or bridge fell. unfortunately, he obviously died. even though this is one of the bigger damages you can see in this city of guayquil, it is nothing we have seen compared to other cities north of ecuador. the crews in those areas have reported that it can only be described as a war zone. not only have buildings fell down, but also there has been a lot of people missing and it is widely suspected that they are all underneath the debris. so crews are working very hard
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these people that are probably trapped. what we have here is a national emergency and what can only be described as the worst earthquake that ecuador has had since 1979. this is a report from ecuador. i'm raphael hernandez for cbs news. >> more than 135 aftershocks have followed. the strongest, a 5.6 magnitude. authorities urge residents to brace for even stronger ones in the coming hours. the n.y.p.d. now looking for this person, an eye patch-wearing suspect. they say he slashed a man in the bronx. it happened just before 4:00 this morning. police say a man and woman were walking in the hunts point area when the suspect approached them, said something he couldn't understand, then slashed the man on the face. police say the suspect was wearing an eye patch over his left eye. puppies snatched out of a man's truck. now the heart-broken owner is going to great lengths to find
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here's the story from the bronx. >> reporter: this man is on a mission to find his missing best friend angelo. >> the dog goes with me wherever i go. >> reporter: the truck driver from hillsboro, new jersey put up 300 fliers in the bronx this weekend, offering a $300 reward for the 14-month-old pure bred maltese. >> i've been looking since thursday. >> how does that make you feel? >> real bad. >> reporter: it was thursday at about 1:00 in the afternoon when he says he was making a delivery to this bronx business here on jerome avenue, when somebody went into the cab of his truck, stole his gps and his beloved dog. >> by the time i was done with the delivery, i realized my puppy was gone. >> reporter: fito, who is diabetic, says angelo can even sense when his blood sugar goes up and starts licking his arm to warn him. >> he was a dog to me that is a life saver. >> reporter: he fears
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he got one person from a mystery man who demanded $200, but no other contact. >> i can't go to sleep. i'm not going to work tomorrow. i'm going to keep looking for him because he's my buddy. well, the spotlight of campaign 2016 shines on new york with two days until the state's primary. candidates are certainly in a new york state of mind, as they make a play for the crucial delegates that could help them come closer to winning their party's nomination. hazel sanchez has more. >> reporter: hillary clinton was campaigning in washington heights sunday, hoping for a on primary day. >> if you will stand with me and vote for me on tuesday, i will stand for and fight for you. >> reporter: the cbs news battle ground tracker poll has
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candidate bernie sanders 53% to 43%. sanders down, but not out, rallied with the large crowd of supporters and prospect park brooklyn. earlier during an appearance on cbs's face the nation, he blamed the new york voting system for denying him a more fluid victory. >> i think we have a real shot to win on tuesday if there is a large voter turnout. even here in new york state, you have a voting system which makes it impossible for independents to participate in the democratic primary. >> reporter: on the republican front, ted cruz is closing in on front runner donald trump's delegate count, after sweeping all 14 wyoming delegates at the state's convention. trump rallying with supporters on staten island isn't fazed. >> le with, it's a rigged election. i can't imagine any new yorker voting for cruz. he can't beat hillary. i'm going to beat hillary. >> i think it's the way it works. it's like saying i made an 83 on my math test, so i should
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it's rigged that you have to make a 90 to get an a. i mean, come on. >> reporter: the latest cbs news poll has trump leading york. cruz in second with 21%. kasich in last with 19%. but cruz's camp is hopeful trump's hometown advantage won't be enough to clinch the republican nomination. >> you know, it's easy to talk again. baseball cap. [ laughter ] >> but the real question is, do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place? >> reporter: kasich will make last-minute stops in syracuse and schenectady on monday. >> hazel, thank you. a plane full of passengers collides with a grown.
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where it came from. important information protection from cancer. >> and talk about timing. a driver walks away without a his car. >> certainly much nicer weather here today. tons of sunshine, incredibly mild, feeling a little bit more like summer than spring. can we do it again? full forecast. >> alex rodriguez has had a terrible start to the season. today, though, might bet beginning of a turnaround. >> and mets rookie steven matz followed his worst career start by setting a career record.
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sports. . scary moments at a brooklyn subway station. the n.y.p.d. arrested a man for bringing
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police say at least two people alerted officers at the atlantic avenue station about a man with a gun. officers say they found this .38 caliber smith & wesson in the suspect's waist band. a drone may have hit a british airways flight today. it was coming in for a landing in london. the jet was from geneva, approaching heathrow airport. the pilot thought a drone struck the front of the aircraft. the plane landed safely. none of the 137 people on hurt was hurt. authorities are investigating the incident. frighten moments for a man in the georgia city when a tree crashes on his car. firefighters had to use chainsaws and axes to cut the massive tree off the car. the man was okay. high winds are blamed for the tree's collapse. before you slather on the sunscreen, there may be
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still ahead on cbs 2news at 6:30, turns out it may be doing a lot more than just protecting
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we'll be right back. . now that warmer weather is here, lot of people want to get some sun. that means you better be safeguarding your skin. now a new study finds sunscreen does more to protect against sunburn. the link between spf and cancer prevention. >> reporter: on perfect spring days like today, the lawns of central park serve as an oasis for those wanting to bronze
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a new study out of ohio university comprehensive cancer center has good news for safe sun worshipers. spf 30 sunscreen can do more than just protect against a burn. >> all of these spf 30 sunscreens were able to protect our mice from getting melanoma. >> reporter: malignant melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. >> it's one of the highest cancer killers of women in their late twenties and early thirties. not just something that happens to older people. >> reporter: today's uv index is a 7. that means in just half an hour, you're exposed to the sun's harmful rays and at risk for sunburn. >> even one single blistering sunburn in childhood can double your risk of melanoma later in life. >> reporter: but it's never to late to get on the right track. if you start protecting today, you can prevent and protect against further damage and even repair some of the damage that was done. by using spf 30, researchers
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melanoma is cut by a whopping 80%. >> it's like brushing your teeth. as soon as you brush your teeth, put on the sunscreen. >> reporter: now researchers will work to develop smarter sunscreens. >> while we want to continue to get better, we're in the right direction. we're on the right path. >> reporter: so remember, shake, squeeze and slather that sunscreen on. it may just save your life. in central park, cbs 2news. >> dr. day says everyone is at risk for melanoma, no matter age, skin type or sun exposure. use sunscreen every day. we really need it these days. elise finch has your exclusive cbs 2 forecast. another gorgeous day. another gorgeous day. another sunny day, yeah. for sure, this was a day for sunscreen. it was just gorgeous. hopefully you had a chance to enjoy it. we'll check in with the weather watchers. 75 degrees from eva in east
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i don't think we have a bigger, sunnier icon than that one. this is from the ever-faithful les, 64 days. today is in the running for one of the top ten days of the year. i think you're right. gorgeous. lower hudson valley, 70-degree readings. mark and janine says feels like summer. definitely more like a late spring, early summer kind of day. we take a live look outside. it's gorgeous. gorgeous evening. 69 degrees. winds right now out of the south at 13 miles an hour. so check out these highs around the area today. yeah, the cool spots, bridgeport at 66. islip at 65. jfk at 69. central park, 75 degrees today. in case you're wondering, it is a leap ahead. 75 degrees, that's the normal high for june 1. out of april, straight into june. tomorrow, even warmer. here's our temperature trend.
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we do obviously sort of max out on monday. we will drop by 10 degrees from monday to tuesday, as cooler air moves in. but still tomorrow we get another day of this beautiful sunshine and 70-degree temperatures. take a look. here's your vortex satellite and radar. the impact, nothing. just a few clouds out there, just not much to talk about. i think this is how most of us like it on a weekend. we've got this huge area of high pressure. huge ridge of high pressure keeps things nice and dry, skies clear, comfortable tonight. not a little cold like what we had last night. tomorrow, even warmer day than what we had today. just a beauty. now, late monday into early tuesday we'll see a thickening up clouds. could see an early morning sprinkle on tuesday, but then things clear out and we'll see sunshine by late afternoon. tonight, 53 degrees in the city. 40s in the suburbs. not as cold tonight as it was last night. tomorrow, a gorgeous day, 78 degrees. that's for the city. cooler for the coast. again, temps take a dip for your tuesday and wednesday.
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70s for thursday and friday. friday, we have a chance for showers and thunderstorms. >> look at all the 70s! >> tomorrow's a beauty day. >> thank you, elise. ahead, a first for the mets this season. plus, the yankees get in the
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steve is in next with sports. .
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needed a win today. steve is here with sports. yeah, they lost four in a row and needed something to change the momentum. maybe all the offense needed was a shakeup of the lineup. it centered around alex rodriguez. mired in an 0-for-19 skid, joe girardi slid a-rod back to the 6 spot today. facing the team who drafted him, think it got a-rod's attention. yankees trying to avoid getting swept by the mariners. a-rod gets around on one with a man on base. that's his 16th go ahead homerun since last season. third most by a right-hander during that span. rough weekend for the bombers, 0-for-24 with runners in scoring position. now 1-for-11 with runners in scoring in position. 3-1 yankees in the third. seattle would come back to tie it off. runners in scoring position for the yanks in the 5th and how about this heads-up base running by brett gardner. he scores the go ahead run on a wild pitch and it allowed the
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outfitted to do all along. shut it down for the final few innings. losing streak ends at four. 4-3, the final from the bronx. an update now on jacob degrom son's jackson. mets manager terry collins says the newborn is doing better and they hope to have him home from the hospital as soon as tomorrow. mets trying to take two of three in cleveland. michael conforto was bumped up to third in the lineup as an attempt to reinvigorate this offense, has gone 5-for-12 with three doubles and a homerun since that move. mets opened up with three runs in the first and three more in the second. they took a 6-0 lead and it's safe to say maybe the indians were a little too much in the sun here. cleveland had two errors. that goes down as an rbi double, though. nice bounceback start for steven matz. remember, he was chased after just an inning and two-thirds in his last start. he struck out a career high nine in seven scoreless innings. the mets win their first series
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fighting in the nhl has reached an all-time low this statistics. but in the minor leagues, it's game. check out the minor league afilliates of the islanders and the devils. a brouhaha that got so bad the coaches had to be held back from climbing around the glass to get to each other. both coaches were ejected from the game. also ejected. by the way, these two teams could actually be a first round playoff matchup in the ahl playoffs. the brooklyn nets have found their man. long island native kenny atkinson will become the next head coach of brooklyn. he is currently an assistant in atlanta. he will join the team after the hawks' playoff run is complete. speaking of the playoffs, the pistons, the cavs, game 1 of the nba playoffs. this should have gone smoother, considering this is a 1 versus 8 seed matchup. cleveland's big three combining for 81 of the 106 points. 28-13 for kevin love.
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finally for the second day in a row, we'll take you to the soccer pitch. now, yesterday it was paper that looked like snow. today, it's actually snow. this, from the red bulls game in colorado last night, which was delayed so plows could clear the field of snow. they cleared off the lines to try to improve visibility. they also used an orange ball. just makes it easier so it doesn't get lost in all the white out there. >> i can see it very well. >> that has to affect how they play. >> i would imagine. i talked to some of those guys. dax mccarty, a member of the red bulls, says if it's cold, that means we're playing good soccer because soccer does end in october and november. they don't mind the cold weather. >> steve, thank you very much. that does it for cbs 2news at 6:30. for the entire cbs 2news team, thank you for joining us.
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we'll see you then. captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> if your model is built upon the fact that you're not going to pay a dead person's loved ones for a policy that they have completely paid in full, to me that is just a bad policy.


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