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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  April 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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came in just before 10:00. the carver county sheriff confirms that prince was found unresponsive in an elevator, life-saving cpr was attempted. but it was unsuccessful. as news of prince's death has come more and more people have poured in and come to paisley park studios. this is a place where prince wanted people to feel comfortable coming. he often opened up the doors on saturday night where people could have a dance party and listen to music. he sometimes would be on stage surprising guest there is and playing for them. other times he would be in the crowd. but today people are coming and leaving flowers, notes and memorials for the culture icon. people i spoke to out here tell me that this is a sad day in minnesota, a sad day across the world as we lost one of the inspirational creative artists of our time. as one person told me out here, this is what it feels
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live outside paisley park in chanhassen, minnesota, jennifer mayerle, cbs 2 news. president obama called him, quote, one of the most gifted and prolific musician of our time. cbs 2's jill nicolini looks back at the career of a music legend. [ music ] >> reporter: singer-songwriter and musician prince was born with the name prince rogers nelson on june 7, 1958, in minneapolis, minnesota. he is considered to be one of the best selling artists of all time. >> ultimately, all music is or can be inspirational. and that's why it's so important to let your gift be guided by something more clear. [ music ] >> reporter: at an early age he developed a passion for music. in his late teens he recorded a few songs in his cousin's band before being signed to warner brothers record where he released his debut album in 1978.
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he played just like david bowie did with images. >> reporter: his next three albums including 19 99 were controversial because of their sexual nature which was his trademark. then in 1984, he made his film debut in purple rain, where he won an oscar for his music and released an album with the same title, which helped him score his first two out of seven grammys. he has a total of 30 nominations. the album was a huge success and songs like let's go crazy and when doves cry made it to number one on the billboard carpets. prince later changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol in 1993 and for the next year he was reached to by many as the artist formerly known as prince. [ purple rain ] >> reporter: in 2007 he played the super bowl. still, one of the most talked about performances. >> one of the interesting
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did keep his private life so shrouded, we're talk about an artist as he became a bigger star refused to grant interviews. >> reporter: he was linked to many celebrity like madonna and kim basinger. a week ago prince held his final concert in atlanta after canceling performances at the fox theatre the week before. prince was 57. in 2004 he was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. last week he had the flu of had's plane made an emergency landing in illinois. he was hospitalized. reps confirmed he was battling the illness for weeks. he was truly a legend and, of course, will be missed. >> thank you. the world is taking to
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death. >> you can share your thoughts on our facebook page at >> part of it is the abruptness of it all. >> it was owe shocking. >> the sound track of our lives, really. >> it was so shocking. >> the '80s. >> generational. >> just suddenly like that. >> he was still producing music the past four years i think he came out with four albums. >> prolific. >> and what about all the unpublished music that leaves behind. >> and the musician that he was. on his first five albums he performed many of the, um, instruments on -- on those first albums that -- that eventually he just produced. he was his own producer. >> always did. always did. shocking, truly shocking. the death of prince. >> yup. >> all right. we are going to move on to other news. a new jersey couple was trapped in their vehicle today after it flipped on a neighborhood street.
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reports from rahway, that section of road has a track record of serious problems. >> reporter: an couple trapped in their car in rahway just before noon as seen from chopper 2. weather conditions at the time perfect. the speed limit here just 25 miles an hour. >> all of a sudden i just hear this big boom like a bomb exploded. >> reporter: emergency personnel rescued the couple and despite the ominous appearance of this wreck they are soon treated and released from a local hospital. but for those who live along here, a renewed sense of dread. this is far from the first time it's happened here. and the homeowners have the pictures to prove it. >> i don't know what to say. >> reporter: lenny says his home has become a crash pad for drivers who can't seem to handle the curve. >> we probably have eight accidents or better here. >> reporter: a year ago, this
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five years ago, this crash. 7 years ago, thisserrant driver. it's a danger zone. >> if we come here we have to have lights to put out the garbage out, put lights on, put a safety vest on. >> reporter: next-door neighbor arriving on scene at the latest crash recalls the car that smashed into his property in january. >> someone ran off the road. >> not again. >> reporter: barbara says it's coming to the point where they have trouble sleeping at night. >> they speed. it's a raceway and they lose control. >> reporter: the latest crash on a bright sunny day can't help prompt thoughts that might be time to move. in new jersey, steve langford, cbs 2 news. new information tonight in the search for a burglar suspected in more than a dozen
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police say they found the man who did it. 23-year-old la tise eady was charged with burglary and trying to steal a safe. he also hit at least two t- mobile stores getting money and cell phones according to police. >> we have burglaries in cell stores in nassau county. >> they recovered about $5,000 worth of stolen items at eddy as home. a fast-moving brush fire left a trail of destruction on long island. the flames damaged or destroyed five homes in lindenhurst yesterday. chopper 2 was over the scene. it burned for hours in a nature preserve. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan is live now in the community that was also hit hard by superstorm sandy. >> reporter: the homes here in worst shape, one, two and three, are owned by sandy survivors and recently
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busch's house just next to this that firefighters managed to save. weather we last saw keith busch he was overwhelmed with worry. his neighbors called him at work, his street was on fire, house melting, two cats inside. you thought at that point your house was gone? >> yes. i thought it would be gone and my cats. >> look at this. just like 25 feet away. >> yeah. yeah. um, i think this house blocked most of what could have happened. >> reporter: fire destroyed only the siding. cats lexi and zero saved. >> it's incredible. >> reporter: two doors down 35- year-old sarah aldridge surveyed the damage of her rebuilt and eldvated home just repaired from sandy now once again condemned. this time by the fire that collapsed her roof leaving walls of charred kindling. >> i was supposed to move back in, in two weeks.
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>> reporter: they just rehabbed their homes across the street. now you have this mess. >> it's just part of life. you have to keep going. >> reporter: these pictures show the house where the fire started. investigators say an link electrical short in a wall mounted air-conditioner is to blame. a mother and child ran for their lives. now they have nothing left. windy and dry conditions today, a concern for firefighters. dousing the brush to protect the properties, pets, wildlife and ralph's egg laying hens. >> i was in the fire department for years and even inside/outside never seen smoke like that in my life. you couldn't see in front of your hand. so i was worried about the chickens. >> reporter: and the wind continues to whip, thus the hat. local legislators tell us they will do everything in their power to help these victims, first slammed by sandy, now burned-out by the wildfires. live on the copiague, lindenhurst border, jennifer
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parts of times square will soon be off limits to costume- wearing characters and other performers. mayor de blasio signed a bill today that bans them from blocking pedestrians and the traffic free parts of the scare and restricts them to certain areas. the new rules follow a growing list of complaints about aggressive panhandling and harassment. the city council approved it. tonight mayor de blasio on the hot seat. the probe into his fundraising operations expands to include the group that aggressively lobbied him to ban horse carriages. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer with the latest on the new york city corruption scandal. >> reporter: mayor de blasio with constituents outside a south bronx healthcare center then spending 1 minute and 57 seconds answering questions about a decision by u.s. attorney preet bharara and manhattan district attorney cyrus vance to expand the probe of his fundraising operation to include the big bucks donors who pushed him to ban horse carriages.
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legal and appropriate. i have said many times we held ourselves throughout and hold ourselves to a very high >> reporter: sources say that a flurry of subpoenas have been issued as part of what's been described as the preliminary stages of a wide- ranging probe into various mayor. probers reportedly trying to determine whether state election laws were circumvented and whether promises were made in exchange for donations. >> we'll fully cooperate with the investigation. >> reporter: the probe includes big real estate donors and ross oninger nearly two weeks ago but it is now progressed from a trot to a gallop with a disclosure that the actions of the anti-horse carriage group are now under the microscope. the activists have donated generously to de blasio and he has reportedly met with them office. >> i wonder what happened when you met with steve and wendy at city hall?
5:12 pm
did you say to them? >> the broad discussions always about how we achieve the changes in my platform in a we wanted to do to get horse cam, off the street of the city. >> reporter: did you ever talk to them about raising money for you? >> at city hall i talked to them about how to get horse carriages off the streets of the city, period. >> reporter: they have donated big money to de blasio including $100,000 to his nonprofit campaign for one new york which the mayor shut down when it came under scrutiny from good government groups. a spokesman for my class says they have not been contacted by probers but they will cooperate in they are asked. this is going to go on for quite a while. >> thank you. this one is a report that has some joggers looking over their shoulders. up next, the new clues in the search for a man police say attacked a runner in the park. >> donald trump and ted cruz break out into a war of words over twitter. the back and forth over dropping out. >> talk about unexpected roommates.
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moved in on a manhattan fire escape. >> are you ready to get your grill on? coming up, we speak to good housekeeping about how to clean your grill and also about the best tools to use. >> and it is another beautiful day outside. in fact, nine straight days without any rain. will we get the rain?
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the nypd released a sketch of the suspect wanted for attacking a jogger in prospect park, brooklyn. police say the man was also seen on surveillance video. as cbs 2's raegan medgie shows us, wanted posters are now plastered around the neighborhood. >> reporter: flyers are stapled on trees outside prospect park and park slope brooklyn showing this sketch of a man police want caught. >> hope he gets caught. >> it just makes me worry more for moy girlfriend, you know. >> reporter: police believe this is the guy who attacked the 23-year-old woman. >> i'm scared.
5:17 pm
>> just because a neighborhood is quiet and safe-looking and upwardly mobile doesn't mean you don't have characters who interrupt or interfere. >> reporter: police say it happened 5:15 wednesday morning as the woman was running. he grabbed her threw her down and attempted to rape her at knifepoint. the woman got away and so did her attacker but hopefully, not for long. neighborhoods just outside of prospect park, nypd put up flyers like this one showing a detailed sketch on who they believe is the attacker. police also released this surveillance video showing a man walking alone outside the park. more images of who they are looking for. >> i'd like to catch him. >> reporter: we showed a copy of a sketch to some neighbors. all had a similar reaction. >> hopefully it's going to bring them closer to finding and catching him. >> maybe find out someone that knows him or someone in the neighborhood maybe recognizes the photo. >> hope he gets caught. put away for a long time. >> reporter: police say the
5:18 pm
the struggle and was taken to the hospital. she is now recovering at home. raegan medgie, cbs 2 news. campaign 2016. and donald trump and ted cruz taunting each other again on twitter. trump again by tweeting this. senator ted cruz has been mathematically eliminated from the race. he said kasich should get out for same reason. i think both should get out! >> cruz retorted, donald, you will be mathematically eliminated on june 7th should everyone drop out and forfeit to hillary. the two candidates were also in a match of sorts over laws about public restrooms. >> you leave it the way it is. there have been very few complaints the way it is. people go, they use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate. >> donald on television this morning said gosh, he thought that men should be able to go into the girls' bathroom. have we gone stark raving nuts? >> john kasich has said he does not approve of north carolina's bathroom law. turning to the democrats now. both hillary clinton and
5:19 pm
crisscrossing the northeast ahead of next tuesday's primaries. clinton spent part of her day in hartford where she attended a panel discussion on gun violence. meantime sanders held rallies in scranton and reading pennsylvania. >> i will use every, single minute of every day if i'm so fortunate enough to be your president looking for ways that we can save lives, that we can change the gun culture. >> the most serious of all of the serious problems is we don't honestly discuss the serious problems that we have. >> in addition to connecticut an pennsylvania, voters in delaware, maryland and rhode island will get their say next week. celebrations stretched across britain and around the world today as queen elizabeth ii marked her 90th birthday. the queen lit a birthday torch outside wins son castle. [ chuckling ] the first of more than 1,000 beacons that will light up as the monarch
5:20 pm
earlier, her majesty received a warm welcome accepting flowers, gifts and birthday cheers from royal fans around the world. prime minister david cameron led the tribute amongst britain's parliament. >> the queen has shown us all that we can confidently embrace the future without compromising the things that are important. longest reigning monarch. in a recent poll 70% of the british public said they would continue to embrace her for as long as she chooses to reign. >> she wears it especially well. >> 90 years old. she is still out and about. she drives. she rides horses. it's amazing. >> nothing she can't do. >> no. >> gorgeous day there in england. gorgeous around here, too. lonnie quinn, a little cooler but hey, why not? >> i have to tell you. it's been a pretty, pretty, pretty day. the fire risk that we have had, you know, for a couple of days in a row has been allowed to expire. we are just below the threshold so you still have to be careful with a flame out there. that's that pretty picture we
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71 degrees, sunny so a couple of clicks warmer than yesterday you were in the upper 60s. today 71. inland some of the mid site of like 74 around edison. a little cooler the closer you are and the more ocean influence you have. 57 for the hamptons. babylon 61. above. the vortex satellite and radar, still looking fine but you remember yesterday when we were chatting we get more cloud coming through they are going to thicken up later and if you look to the west that's where we see some rain. i just think this has a lot of work to do to overwhelm our atmosphere to have that i rainfall down to the surface. not going to happen tonight. could be a few showers out there tonight around 59 degrees. rain inland about 3 p.m. tomorrow. you will see sunshine tomorrow. it will be warm, as well. we talk more about the extended forecast coming up. up next, he saved lives before but never in other countries. the email that had a new
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to save a woman he had never even met. >> also a home away from home. the new trend that has hospitals trying to make labor rooms more comfortable without
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coming up at 6:00 new information on an ambulance accidents on long island. a man who just had a heart transplant is among the dead. >> in the hospitals since december 2014 finally able to come out yesterday. >> tonight hear from his grieving family. >> plus, who has been tampering with fire hydrants? caps are missing across an entire borough. is the public at risk? that's straight ahead at 6:00. meantime, a police chief in new jersey went way above and beyond to save a woman thousands of miles away in europe. cbs 2's meg baker spoke with this hero cop. >> reporter: he wouldn't have been able to recognize her in a line-up, never met her before but he saved her life. >> he was conversing on a messaging app with another chinese student female in verona. and that she was in the process of possibly committing suicide. >> reporter: last thursday night, verona chief of police
5:26 pm
email from a chinese student studying in the uk. he was concerned about a friend. the chief stepped into action knowing time was of the essence. he couldn't get to verona italy police department. so he tried the italian embassy in new york. it was after hours. he then called the new jersey state police and was able to find a contact at interpol in washington, dc who sent the desperate message to interpol in italy. >> ultimately the italian assist this young woman. she had taken some pills and she had hurt herself physically. they transported her to the hospital. >> reporter: on tuesday the woman who survived thanks to the chief's relentless calls for help wrote him an email. >> i am the girl from china who got saved by you. i'm in verona italy. although we don't know each other before you really helped me a lot. i believe there are miami's of kind people like you.
5:27 pm
a chance to write this letter to you and say thank you. wonder i begin to enjoy life is brilliant. >> reporter: all officers get training to deal with circumstances like this. remembering his training. >> it's great that i helped with this but i also want to remember everybody needs to remember that it wasn't just me, it was everybody from the start including the girl who had the courage to tell her friend and her friend who emailed me. >> reporter: the chief says they had a very similar situation here in town just last week. but that this is not a tale of two veronas. there could be someone seeking help in your town, as well. in verona, new jersey, meg baker, cbs 2 news. up next the man who says he was beaten by police for just giving a stranger directions. now he is demanding some big bucks from the nypd. >> also, birds of a feather flock to a fire escape outside one man's upper west side bedroom. [ chuckling ]
5:28 pm
the wrestling world. now new information about chinese death.
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a postal worker wants the nypd to pay him some big money after officers were indicted for what he calls a wrongful arrest. good evening, i'm kristine johnson. >> welcome back. i'm maurice dubois. that postal employee kareem baker is suing the force and looking for a $100 million apology from the nypd. here's hazel sanchez. >> reporter: the 26-year-old says he feels police have been out to get him after he happened to give street directions to cop killer ishmael brinsley in 2014. >> a life of terror just in fear, living in fear. >> reporter: he says in december 2014, ishmael brinsley a total stranger approached him asking for directions to the marcy houses in brooklyn just before he went on to kill nypd detectives rafael ramos and wenjian liu in the location. baker said since that tragic day, police have seemingly been seeking revenge against him by harassing him and his family. he says the worst
5:32 pm
of last year when he claims two nypd detectives stopped him for an alleged parking violation and viciously beat him. >> at that moment, i was just thinking, i want to live. i want to be here. i didn't do nothing but get in my car. >> reporter: a 31-year-old detective and a 29-year-old detective are now charged with assaulting baker on this corona, queens street. baker says on october 21 he was getting into his car after finishing his shift as a u.s. he says the two plainclothes detectives in an unmarked car pulled up to him asking for his identification accusing him of parking too close to a fire hydrant. baker says when he pointed out to the officers, he was parked 20 feet away from the hydrant, an argument erupted and he called 911. >> mr. baker was then grabbed by the two officers and thrown on the curb where they proceeded to punch him with
5:33 pm
and kick him until additional officers showed up. >> they beat on me just like the first two officers did. only thing i could feel was just i was about to take my last breath. >> reporter: baker's attorney says a 911 call recording and surveillance video captured evidence of the alleged beating. the nypd would not comment on the case only saying the two detectives have been suspended without pay. if found guilty they could face seven years in prison. >> hazel, thank you. the search is on tonight for two men want in a robbery pattern targeting taxi drivers in queens. police released this video of the suspects wanted in at least 14 incidents over the past two months. investigators say the suspects approached the victims as they got out of their cars overnight. during those hours and demanded cash at gunpoint. they have gotten away with now
5:34 pm
away with thousands in cash, cell phones and credit cards. a man picked to run the nation's third busiest commuter railroad now says he doesn't want the job. former amtrak executive william crosby says he change his mind because he didn't want to relocate his family from virginia. right now it's unclear who nj transit's second choice is to fill that position. couple of newborns on the upper west side have been drawing a lot of attention since their arrival this weekend. and when you meet them, you will certainly understand why. cbs 2's scott rapoport does the honors and introductions. >> reporter: special delivery. >> pretty cool. it's really cool. >> reporter: it is an only in new york story where oodles and oodles of adorableness the birth of two baby hawks in the most unusual of places. >> right outside the fire escape. >> reporter: yes, high up in the sky on his 16th floor on
5:35 pm
watched as these two little guys hatches right outside his bedroom over the weekend. he had been watching and waiting for five weeks. >> we have been trying to keep very respectful of it not to distract it or anything. they get easil rattled. >> reporter: he said in march he saw the nest and eggs on a folded beach chair he left on the fire escape along with a very protective mama hawk. >> we just knew right then that we can't disrupt this. we have to let it be. >> reporter: he said he researched and found out it would take about five weeks for the eggs to hatch so anxiously, yet unon trucively, he observed from a distance, his bed until last sunday when he says he woke up to an amazing sight. >> you don't expect to see wildlife like this on the upper west side. >> reporter: a sight that has enthralled his neighbors who were loving the view. >> i lived in new york city my entire life. i have seen chickens. i've heard of wolves.
5:36 pm
>> they were hatched on the fire escape. >> awww. >> aww. >> it's precious. it's so cool. it's beautiful. >> reporter: and the best part is, the mom and her babies seem to be in no hurry to leave. >> i think they like it up here. >> reporter: content high up in their perch in the urban jungle. scott rapoport, cbs 2 news. >> that face. o'kelly says that his girlfriend has named the babies. she went to celebrity route. ethan and toni hawke. clever. >> you see mom? she is serious up there, too. >> don't touch my babies. >> what a fantastic story. >> yeah. love it. all right. you may be ready for warm weather. but is your grill? still ahead, what you need to know to get your grill clean and ready for summer. >> welcome to charmer's cove. this jewel of a home has been named after its unique and rare waterfront setting. that's coming up in "living large." >> and today in history, in
5:37 pm
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wrap [ music ] in tonight's "living large" a mansion that you can get to by land or by sea. >> the home goes right to the water's edge and includes its very own private dock. cbs 2's emily smith takes us to westport, connecticut, for a tour. [ music ] >> reporter: welcome to charmers cove situated next to the long island sound on a romantic tranquil piece of land. angela with higgins group real estate gave us the tour. hi. >> lovely to meet you. come in the front door and you open up to these beautiful views. the house has been named charmers cove because it's set on a beautiful protected cove. so we have a beautiful formal living room. again, you're taking advantage of the views of the house.
5:41 pm
room. it can comfortably sit 12 to 14 people possibly more so you can imagine having thanksgiving here. >> reporter: a trace ceiling is one of many details in the home. a butler's pantry has a back- lit counter made of onyx a unique and premium choice for countertops. >> huge kitchen just like people love today. they love the kitchen that flows on to the family room. they spend all their time here. >> reporter: why does people want extra space? because they can. >> yes. exactly. you just never know. it's all custom. there's a wolf range. there's a subzero refrigerator. >> reporter: cleverly disguised behind a mahogany mirrored wall. >> i love this staircase. >> reporter: it has moldings and portholes reminiscent of being on a boat. upstairs, an extra wide entry foyer leads to the master bedroom. >> it's very luxurious. >> reporter: it has a wood- burning fireplace that doubles as a gas fireplace.
5:42 pm
a spa bathroom has basket weave marble, a soaking tub, and a barrel ceiling. library. >> reporter: it has a luxurious leather sofa with a coppola looking to the third floor. on the top floor, we entered the yoga room. balcony again. and as you get this high up in the house, the views are very expansive. >> reporter: the home has a manicured lawn and a private dock. to live large in westport, connecticut, it will cost you $7,399,000. >> dive right out of that yoga room right into the bay. >> i'm sure it's more spectacular on a sunny day. >> so beautiful. the owner bought it three years ago. the taxes are about $94,000 a year. >> not so nice. coming up, a growing number of parents choosing to have
5:43 pm
hospitals changing the way they do things. >> a baby born in this nice setting a bed, bathtub, music playing. i'm dr. max gomez. i'll tell you that right around the corner is all the technology a hospital has to offer to make sure that zoey's birth was very safe. >> plus, forget about rain delays. this softball game was interrupted by mother nature in another way. [ laughter ] >> and then at 6:00 a long island school district faces lawsuits claiming administrators knew special needs students were being abused but did nothing about it. >> and strangers saving strangers and their sick loved ones in a unique three-way kidney donation. >> i feel so blessed to have been able to help nicole and essentially help my mother-in- law.
5:44 pm
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5:47 pm
>> reporter: that's right. home births are still less than 2% of all babies delivered in the u.s. most deliveries do absolutely fine at home. but if a complication occurs, minutes can make the difference between tragedy and disaster averted. a birthing center in a hospital is a home-like experience with a safety net. meet the newest member of the family little four-week old zoe. her mother thought it should be a natural experience so she considered doing it at home. >> i was nervous about new york city traffic and what if i needed to get to i ahospital that would be really stressful and i didn't want to add that kind of stress to the experience. >> reporter: but she was born in something like home. big bed, huge tub to ease labor pains, microwave and coffeemaker. except this is actually in a hospital. new york presbyterian lower manhattan. the idea is to combine high- tech with high touch. >> anything that can be done in
5:48 pm
but at the same time, things that don't need to be done that women decide to have home births for, intervention, all the bright lights, all the noise. we don't have any of that. so it's the best of both worlds the way we see it. >> reporter: the technology in the rom is generally hidden behind panels but right outside the door of the room and down the hall fully equipped labor and delivery rooms including a blood bank and operating room, something that set dad's mind at ease. >> it's not in my nature to be calm in these types of situations. so -- >> reporter: this helped you be calm? >> yeah. they're unbelievable. >> reporter: births here are always attended by certified nurse-midwives like rita wagner, who showed me how moms in labor can use these yoga type slings. >> they just kind of sling themselves into it and allow their body to relax and this frees their legs and allows all the muscles in the pelvis to let the baby's head descend. >> reporter: end result, happy mom, healthy baby.
5:49 pm
try home births. women with diabetes, highor a previous pregnancy complication. certified nurse-midwives makes bree had a bleeding complication that rita her midwife did take care of. but that could have been a big problem outside of the hospital. so this is a good safety net. >> it's all about options. >> thank you. check this out. this is a wild dust devil of a cloud of dust there. surprised players and fans at a softball game in virginia. college game, the game was put on hold as this little whirlwind made its way across the field. nobody was hurt. athletes weren't faze. >> you're not in kansas anymore. >> i guess it's common. >> i would have started running. >> they can roll right over you. they mess up your hair. that's about it. i have actually seen them here in new york city. sometimes if you are walking
5:50 pm
some papers swirling around a little teeny tiny -- >> not like that. >> not quite as high but the whole thing about a dust devil is it didn't extend way high into the atmosphere. it's right at the surface, a little vortex. marvelous. harmless. >> a little dust devil. our weather watchers are property reporting temperatures in the 60s and 70s. 79 right now pushing 80 from steve out in the whippany, new jersey. do you think i'll get in a game on saturday? >> yes. for the yankee game, tomorrow, it could be some issues with some weather but right now we are issue-free. it's a sunny one at 71 degrees right now. beautiful day out there. now, you are seeing a few more of these little wispy clouds than what we have had the last few days. maybe on the increase and i'll show you how that will work out. 73 was your high temperature a good 10 degrees above the average of 63. so think about it. monday in the 80s. tuesday in the 70s.
5:51 pm
today back to the 70s. tomorrow you will go well into the 70s if not tomorrow, possibly finding the 80-degree mark. if you see some peeks of sunshine out there. headlines look like this. it has certainly been a great week for everybody. just beautiful out there. next week, ha, i have a limited number of spaces. so here's what i'm saying for next week. eh, not so great. unsettled weather starts tomorrow. it has been dry around here. we have had 8 days with no rain at all. if we get through this day, it will obviously be nine days but may catch a raindrop before the day is over. i feel like the better chance for rain is friday. this wet weather is not strong. sprinkles west of scranton. our air is so dry is not allowing it to hold together. but nonetheless tonight you could see a little bit of a shower. better bet is tomorrow. that is front makes its way through the area. it's going to do what cold
5:52 pm
its also going to give you colder air. but it's not that strong of a front so you're not going to get that much rain. you're not going to get that much colder on the back side of it. let me show you how it works out with the computer models. you put it into play. for your morning commute, i just don't think that's going to be much rain. maybe a little break for some folks. then you get to about 3:30 in the afternoon and could be some bouts of heavy rain. but it is scattered not everybody picking it up and look, some peeks of sunshine out there. you get those peeks. sunshine, that's when you could find that 80-degree mark when you get those peeks of sunshine. saturday 4 a.m. exits the area but rain chance still out there. saturday afternoon looks better especially north of the area some clouds lingering off to the east and south and then sunday is a pretty looking day for everybody. so let's talk numbers out there. we told that you it's not going to get all that cold behind there. but it will have a bit of a drop. so you're 77 on friday with a rain chance. not a washout of a day but a ran chance. biggest numbers maybe so a half inch to inch of rain. 69 on saturday. 64 on sunday.
5:53 pm
of the two days. then monday you're 63. thursday 66. next week you're just looking at a better chance of rain on any of those days. i don't see any big washouts but i see a rain chance. >> all right, thank you, >> sure, guys. new information on the death of "chyna" former professional wrestler. born joan marie laurer she was found dead in her apartment in california yesterday. she was initially reported as a possible overdose. iniops though is planned in the next few days -- an autopsy, though, is planned in the next few days. she was a star in the wwe in the '90s. then she struggled to stay in the spotlight after her career pornographic films and reality she was 46. could be dangerous. up next, what you need to know to get your grill ready for the summer cooking season. >> and then at 6:00 the man
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
what he told a judge today. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's one pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. with harvoni, there's no interferon and there are no complex regimens. tell your doctor if you have other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness,
5:56 pm
i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. you may be ready to get your grill on but is your barbecue up to the challenge? cbs 2's vanessa murdoch got
5:57 pm
free of grime -- making sure before you use it. >> reporter: after a season of flipping a grill is gross. so before you fire it up again, puts the gloves on and start scrubbing. the executive editor of good housekeeping magazine says your frill performs best when it's clean. >> your food will taste like the grill so if there's lots of charcoal and grease and grime that's going to impact and flavor your food. >> reporter: be prepared. it will take some time to get the job done. >> now when you first bust that grill out at the beginning of the season, it needs a half day cleanout. >> reporter: this woman known as the queen of clean at the good housekeeping institute says clean everything. the outside, under the lid. parker and bailey won good housekeeping's best of the test for degreasing. don't have it? no problem. use soapy water. scrub the grill using a brush. >> bristles are nylon so they
5:58 pm
>> reporter: remove the flavor enhancers, clean them too. >> even if the burners underneath -- now, that's something else that you can take a brush to. >> reporter: make sure you check the catch tray. >> this is where the grease gets in. >> reporter: now it's time to sizzle. when you're ready to think outside the bun consider ceramics. cooks fish, veggies and pizza. >> it can stand up to 900 degrees and then you can serve on it. you see these little handles? you can bring it right to table. >> reporter: need a new grill? home depot's tom wolf says charcoal is great if you have time but his choice? >> propane works best for me just because of time management. >> reporter: prices range from less than $100 to more tha $1,000 weber genesis e330 for about $300. vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. >> experts say to keep the grill clean through the season take a piece of tinfoil and crumble it up.
5:59 pm
the grill while it's still warm. that's it for the news at 5:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a school district sued accused of covering up the abuse of special needs children. the evidence parents say they have and how the district is responding tonight. >> from triumph to tragedy a man who had just received a heart transplant is among the dead in an ambulance crash on long island. >> in the hospital since december of 2014. he was finally able to come out yesterday. >> tonight hear from his heartbroken family. >> and who is tampering with fire hydrants? caps missing, neighbors concerned. is the public at risk? [ music ] >> but first -- [ music ] >> his music spanned generations and tonight his fans are in shock! music legend prince is dead at
6:00 pm
i'm maurice dubois. >> i'm kristine johnson. dana tyler is off tonight. born prince rogers nelson, in minneapolis, minnesota, the legendary singer went on to international fame. >> icon, visionary, show man just some of the word used today to describe him. in times square they are honoring prince at the hard rock cafe where a pair of his famous boots are on display. >> and fans are gathering tonight at the apollo theater where prince made several appearances throughout his career. cbs 2's lou young is there, as well. lou. >> reporter: prince was found unresponsive in an elevator of his suburban minneapolis compound late this morning. he was pronounced dead around 11:00 our time. he had been sick with the flu but there was no indication that the illness was life- threatening. his loss is a very sudden, attracting fans and mourners to 125th street the apollo


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