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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  April 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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allegedly attacked them but that was two weeks ago. >> what happens when the baby does something she doesn't like? she hurts the baby? >> reporter: they are hoping that they will catch the woman before she has a chance to hurt anyone else. hazel sanchez, cbs 2news. >> and that boy ended up with a swollen leg. and a sexual assault on campus last night at 11:00 at fairfield university in connecticut. policesay that a student was walking between the library and science hall when she was attacked. police have stepped up patrols, and students are told to walk in pairs. >> find someone and walk back with them. >> i don't understand how this happened.
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man his 40s, and sacred heart university there was also told to be careful. no sea of blue in the brooklyn courtroom for a nypd police officer caught on video in a notorious case. >> i don't understand what this is about. he had no weapons. >> reporter: july 2023, 2014, a man resisting as police attempted to handcuff him on suspicion of marijuana. an officer walked away as other officers take over but the officer returns and appears to stomp on the suspect's head. the vof now on trial in brooklyn charged with assault. prosecutors are calling this blind and untrollable anger as the officer allegedly stomped on the man's skull. no police officer could possibly believe that act to be necessary the prosecution said but the officer's defense attorney tells the court should
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smoke and drink weed in public and resist arrest, adding that civilians are not entitled to resist arrest. the man who videoed it said that the other police officers appeared just as shocked. >> they tried to stop the officer in from continuing. >> reporter: an officer testing that he saw a foot come up and down. both the officer and the man he is accused of stepping on are expected to testify tomorrow. steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> the officer could face a year in prison if found guilty. of a fight against prescription drug addiction in
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the rise in heroin and opioid abuse. >> i am incredibly fortunate to be alive and standing before you today. >> reporter: at the age of 16, amanda was prescribed percocet to help her to deal with pain from kidney stones. >> between 2002 and 2006, i was legally prescribed opiates. being a young lady that i was, i did not know much other than that they made my pain go away. >> reporter: she was addicted and then turned to heroin. >> all of us who are parents understand how extraordinarily scary it is to thank your child could be confronted with this type of challenge at such a young age. >> reporter: governor christie announced that jersey is joining with new york to share resources between the states with the prescription
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>> partnering with new york adds tremendous strength to track suspicious abuse and behavior. >> reporter: patients in jersey will be given a handwritten prescription and pharmacists must enter of it into a database. this will stop abuse by patients, and in new york, doctors will send prescriptions directly to pharmacies so the information on controlled dangerous substances is saved and available to have doctors in both states. so no border hopping. amanda is one of the few winning the battle and will graduate this summer from wilmington university with a masters degree. she hopes her story will save others. of as we said, amanda is one of the few winning the battle and we hope that her story will help others. that's why governor christie brought her in. >> meg, thank you.
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of the nypd suspended as part of an fbi corruption probe from the 66th precinct and that appears to be the focus of the case. cbs 2 learn that does he recently tried to retire and his file was flagged by internal affairs because it's prohibited for anyone to retire as trying to dodge charges. this of two businessmen are thought to have given lavish gifts to officers in exchange for favors. and a budget that focuses on the city's failing hospital system. dick brennan has more. >> reporter: maurice, a large part of the budget focuses on the hospital system and he said it's time to benefit primary
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>> a projected operating gap of $1.8 billion by 2020. >> reporter: the mayor said that the public hospitals are on life support of and will be restructuring cuts and an infuse of money to keep them going. the mayor blames in part federal and state cuts and the affordable care act. >> the affordable care act, there is not a clear space for the realty of uninsured people. when we have in the city is half a million people still not covered by any insurance and who qualify. >> reporter: further stressing a system heard from trouble. the mayor said that the city got a lesson from the blizzard of 2016. big plows don't work well on small streets. get smaller equipment. >> it will allow us to have a much more energetic approach. >> reporter: there are other
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the mayor will target $170 million for the youngest residents of riker's islands, and are in southeast queens? >> we'll be investing $70 million to build a new police precinct in southeast queens. that will benefit the neighborhood of laurelton, rosedale, brook dale and springfield gardens. >> reporter: the mayor reiterated a constant complaint, that the city is not getting their fair share of state dollars. >> we are seeing a proliferation, if you will, the state government looking for more and more places to cut back resources for new york city and off load obligations on new york city. >> reporter: as for the hospitals, the mayor said none of them will close but they will have additional uses. there will be no layoffs but cuts for a contradiction. they must approve the plan by june.
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an investigation into the mayor's fundraising practices is demanding more action. they are looking into whether the mayor improperly funneled contributions as a power play to take over the senate. mayor deblasio said he has done nothing wrong but senator terrance murphy. s all -- murphy. s all the staffers put on lead. >> like i said in 2014, this was a shakedown by mayor deblasio on business owners in new york city. >> a lot of very good people are having their names dragged through the mud over the last few weeks. that's not right. that's not fair. >> murphy has proposed a bill calling for stiffer penalties for those who break election laws. to campaign 2016 and the race to the white house and five states including connecticut are holding primaries today.
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in hartford to cast their vote. polls close at 8:00 tonight. and more than 500 delegates are at stake. a shocking discovery in a queen's neighborhood, more than a dozen cars are vandzal -- vandalized, a random attack or targeted? >> and a tiny nestled at the end of a drive but wait until you hear the price. into and we are tracking a few storms out for you. that's coming up. >> and it's another super tuesday. it's all about the delegate account. scott pelley is here. scott? >> reporter: kristine, maurice, great to be with you. will this put donald trump over the top? we'll have our reporters covering campaign 2016 with the
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new jersey police officer is called a hero. a man was distraught, walking in and out of traffic on the interstate. the officer ran down the man down and saved him as he tried to jump. neighbors on oak drive said that they heard glass breaking at 5:30 this morning. several cars and a bus had windows broken. three streets in a row were targeted in predominantly orthodox neighborhood. >> i can't really give a damn about the car window. the question is, was there a motive? why was this neighborhood targeted on passover? >> nypd and the nassau safety patrol have increased their activity in the neighborhood.
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property in brooklyn has people talking. we have the story now from grey's end. >> reporter: passersby are taking pictures for the home for sale in brooklyn. of the 20 by 97-foot lot features a long drive. the asking price? 4 $99,000. >> that's a lot of money. >> reporter: would you pay it? >> no. you can't fit nothing in there. >> reporter: some homeowners on the block say it's a nice area but don't think that the narrow piece of property is worth half a million. >> if they were in, let's say, shaker heights, yes. >> reporter: not here? >> no. >> reporter: the agent for the listing said it was meant to be home with the house next door but in this market, it's stand alone.
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not making any more, and that's land and this is new york city and this is brooklyn and brooklyn is booming. this is sold as a building opportunity. >> reporter: the realtor here isn't the agent for the property but he said that the house is referenced in square feet, and if the buyer had the purchase price and 300,000 additional, they could demolish it, creating a brand new house 8 times the size. >> why not start from the ground up? it's more cost effective when you have a clean slate. >> reporter: he said purchasing this land and a prefabricated house would cost $800,000. similar existing homes could cost $1 to $2 million. there are no offers but they expect that to change quickly.
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>> and the two propertys two -- property and the 1 next door would cost just under $900,000. you can see we have severe thunderstorm watchs that have been allowed to expire with the exception of ocean county. and that's because of this cell that could clip long beach island. this of tom's river is moving east southeast and let's track this one, george f -- if you don't mind. let's give the folks at home an idea.
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of thunder but isn't all that strong. long beach, 6:28 and again, around philadelphia, this is moving more in that direction of stafford as well. you have about another hour 2 to 2 hours and it's a chilly morning tomorrow. some of you are getting close to the freezing mark north of the city and rain returns on thursday and the weekend is looking good. and the temperatures? we're all over the place, and it depends on where you live. bellemare, a summer day, 82. and new york city, 60, and tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., the city at 44, and there is the run at freezing for liberty, 34, and near 50 for bellemare and the rest of ocean county. the vortex satellite and radar,
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were on this line developing over the next 5 to 6 hours. let's watch in and tune in later but right now, the focus more from say, missouri into illinois because this, this is a really terrible looking storm. i am fearful to see what comes out of it. you have one giant hook echo. when you see a storm line shaped like this, that's 200 miles of the storm line and 25 miles thick. if you are in the path of that, that's going to rumble over your house. big hail and tornadic activity a possibility. tomorrow, a cold start and 64 the high temp, sunny skys, and then thursday, a rain pans and 59 and fried, 63 and nice weather leading into the weekend, 63 on saturday and 65 on sunday and i believe sunday more clouds primarily late in the day and sets us up for a
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>> it will be up and down for the temperatures. >> lonnie, thank you. a long island bakery has recalled packages of cookies sold at 7-eleven stores in new york. they don't have a labeled allergy warning and may have peanuts. part of the camera moved there. they come in 4-ounce packages with 2 cookies each and the flavors are chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin, sugar cookie and m & m. >> that thing has a mind of its own. >> it just moves. >> it does. and looking at sports now. maurice, on to the next one for the islanders, and odell
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yeah, but for the first time, tom kaufman is not the head coach for the giants' camp, and the giants gathered for a quick 2-day minicamp, calling it a bonus camp because every team with a new head coach gets an extra mini camp. lots of new faces. and the d-line has reloaded. harrison turning in his jets' green for the giants' blue and pay jason -- jason paul said he is in the best shape ever. and odell beckham junior and his hair are very excite. >> a lot of banners are not in here that need to be in here and it really crosss my mind,
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that you can a take for a lifetime. i am excited. words don't do justice for how excited i am. >> well, he is full of surprises. the islanders are going for the second round of the stanley cup playoffs game 1 and 2 tomorrow on saturday and 3 and 4 at the barclay center for tuesday and friday. and they know the positive games are set, so taking a ride out to tampa for game 1 tomorrow night and they will be the underdog in the series and they still may be riding high from the first series victory in 23 years, it's time for the next round. >> expectations are high. we want to keep of this thing going, and it wasn't just about the first round. big stuff in a lot of ways. and it's a real tough challenge in tampa.
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a-rod didn't play in the yank's 3 victory. and cespedes is out for the 4th straight game with an upper leg bruise. and finally tonight as you imagine, a little more juice surrounding the jets with a new head coach and faces and music was bumping and odell beckham junior was doing his best will smith impersonation. >> he knew every bit of that. >> wow.
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>> was the song playing? it was playing. >> who is the video editor? >> john is back there doing
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>> we'll be right back. don't forget to follow us on facebook. like our page at and rutgers gets a major player to speak at their upcoming graduation ceremoniy. >> but the students are saying that president obama is causing major comment problems, and a child's seat belt stops working in the middle of a rollercoaster ride. did a past problem go ignored? meantime up next on the cbs evening news with scott pelley d prince die without a will? >> thank you for joining us at 6:00. see you at 11:00.
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>> good night. >> pelley: hail hammers the midwest as a tornado outbreak threatens the southern plains. the front-runners look to sweep five states tonight on the road to the presidential nomination. the complicated state of prince's estate. the singer's sister says he died without a will. and after a dance with the president, a 107-year-old woman has the waltz around the bureaucracy to get an i.d. >> i feel great. >> pelley: captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: about 60 million americans are in the path of dangerous storms tonight, from the southern plains to the midwest and northeast. watches are up for a possible outbreak of tornadoes. david begnaud is in wichita, kansas tonight. david? >> reporter: scott, good evening. the rain has started to pick up here, and so has the hail.


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