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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  April 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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were you drinking? do you have anything to say to the passengers? >> a pilot dodges our cameras and questions. the former jetblue employee accused of being intoxicated on the job faced a judge. good evening. i'm maurice dubois. >> and i'm kristine johnson. prosecutors say he was flying drunk and put hundreds of passengers in nature. cbs2's dave carlin live in kennedy where the defendant had a different story tonight. dave? >> reporter: he did, maurice, prosecutors say the former pilot blamed his chewing gum for allegedly flaunting a breathalyzer given to him here at kennedy airport right after a flight. when dennis murphy, jr. came out of brooklyn federal court, cbs2's alice gainer demanded answers about charges he was drunk while piloting jetblue passengers. >> were you drinking on the
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>> no comment. >> no comment. >> reporter: it was april 21 of last year, 151 passengers on board a flight from orlando to kennedy airport. after it landed safely, murphy was picked for a random alcohol test. the criminal complaint states his blood-alcohol level was 0.111, over the legal limit. court papers revealed he was tested again 15 minutes later and allegedly 0.91. according to the complaint, the results must have been caused by the gum that he was chewing. a likely witness for the prosecution is the copilot for the two flights that day who told investigators both times murphy was drinking an unknown beverage from a cup. murphy who lives with his wife in ramsey, new jersey was released on a $50,000 bond. passengers at kennedy airport don't like hearing this. >> that's crazy. that's insane. >> very reckless. >> reporter: jetblue says it has a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy. murphy no longer works there saying he resigned.
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administration says 225 commercial airline pilots tested above the legal blood- alcohol limit since 1995. >> pilots are ingrained to know that they should not mix alcohol and flying at all. >> reporter: we spoke on the phone with aviation attorney and pilot daniel rose, who says the problem is likely far worse than people realize. >> for everybody that gets caught, there are obviously others that are getting by. >> reporter: if convicted, murphy faces 15 years in prison. live at kennedy airport, dave carlin, cbs2 news. breaking news tonight, the new york city corruption scandal. the investigation has directly really touched -- directly reached mayor de blasio's office. city hall has been subpoenaed by the new york county district attorney's office and the u.s. district attorneys office for
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and we are fully cooperating with the investigation. the mayor has not personally been served. the investigation is now focusing on the mayor's fundraising. campaign 2016 now, unconventional move from a candidate who wants a convention fight. >> the day after ted cruz lost chance -- lost all chances of winning the nomination, he named a running mate, carly fiorina. cbs2's tony aiello is here now with more. >> reporter: the texas senator trying to reset after a terrible tuesday night, he came in third in four of the five contests and watched donald trump run the board. today cruz through what some are calling a hail carly pass. his vp pick, clearly intended to help him in fear in his home state, california. the biggest prize of the last 10 states with 502 delegates
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trump needs 48% to win the nomination. already fiorina seems comfortable playing the traditional vp campaign role of attacker. >> donald trump and hillary clinton both will be disastrous for this nation! >> carly isn't intimidated by police because she's faced challenges a lot worse than someone bellowing and yelling and insulting her face. >> reporter: that's a reference to a trump magazine interview when he said of fiorina, look at that face. would anyone vote for that? wednesday, trump was careful and measured. >> we're getting out of the nationbuilding business. >> reporter: making a rare teleprompter speech outlining an america first foreign policy. hours later, he was rolling his eyes about the cruz pick. >> first of all, look, cruz can't win. what's he doing? he can't win. >> reporter: he was quieter on the democratic side. >> thank you, pennsylvania! >> reporter: hillary clinton had no public appearances after solidifying her lead with four big wins tuesday night.
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even as he lays off dozens of campaign staffers. >> our job, whether we win or do not win, is to transform not only our country, but the democratic party. >> reporter: between digital -- delegates, secretary clinton is only about 200 shy of the nomination. but given the calendar, and sanders determination to stay in, she probably can't formally wrap this up until early june. kristine, maurice? >> thank you. new information , sources are telling cbs news prescription painkillers were found on prince and in his home when he died. he was found unresponsive last thursday inside an elevator. in his paisley park compound near minneapolis, not determined whether investigators or whether the medication played a role in his death but read -- investigators are looking to where the pain meds came from.
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didn't see an arrest in her future but that is exactly what happened. police in midtown say this to evans scammed a woman out of nearly $1000. evans allegedly charged the woman hundreds of dollars to remove a curse from her family. the woman reported evans when she refused to give her a refund. she now faces larceny and scheme to defraud charges. service on metro-north his back on track tonight after a train collided with a car on the tracks in westchester county. it happened on the harlem line in bedford hills. crews spent several hours working to remove the car which set off major delays during rush hour. investigators say the car stalled on the tracks and the driver and passenger safely escaped. the driver was issued a summons for illegally blocking a railroad crossing. no injuries reported. today promises to go down in new york city history as a pivotal point in the fight against gangs. night vision video shows federal and local authorities as they arrested 120 getting suspect early this morning. there were dozens of raids
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the northern bronx. investigators say the suspect controlled the streets in that area committing countless acts of violence. iphone users beware. muggers are stealing devices in a popular park but it's what happens next that has some people especially concerned. cbs2's ilana gold reports. >> reporter: a walk along the water in riverside park turned into a frightening one for ross kennedy and his friend when they got mugged at 8:00 last wednesday. >> this is kerrie. >> reporter: two teams on a bench starting talking to them, then suddenly showed knives on their waistbands and demented wallets and cell phones from their pockets. but the robbery didn't stop here, the criminals stayed in contact with the victims were longer than most holdups. >> the entire time, i was just waiting for it to be over. >> reporter: he tells us the crooks made sure the iphones they were about to steal couldn't be traced. they forced the victims to delete find my iphone and turn off their settings. that way kennedy and his friend
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accounts from another device and find the phoned -- phone location. it's an app people use if their phones are lost. kennedy says the thieves also made them hit reset on their phones and wipe them clean for possible resale. though the basically got a brand-new phone. kennedy tells us he used a stranger's phone to call 911. then canceled the line with his service provider and he had to shell out a few hundred dollars for a new iphone. other iphone users in the area are now concerned about their phone getting stolen this way. >> iphones are expensive. i'm a phil stockman -- film student so i have so much stuff i have on my phone that i need for school. kennedy and his friend did everything right. they admitted a case like this, you may never see your phone again but the device isn't worth risking your life for. on the upper west side, ilana gold, cbs2 news. iscariot a doctor's office, chopper 2 was over a shooting along beach road in oceanside,
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officer was showing his licensed gun when he accidentally pulled the trigger hitting himself in the thigh and his doctor in the foot. >> there were five ambulances here, eight cop cars, there was the svu units, you know, the guys with bulletproof vests. they took each person out. >> this could have ended up very badly but it didn't. thank god. >> both men are expected to be okay. no charges have been filed. once near the pinnacle of power in this country, second in line to the presidency, today, dennis hastert admitted that he's a child molester. the former speaker of the house made a confession today at his sentencing, hester was convicted of breaking banking laws in order to funnel hush money to a man he once coached on a high school wrestling team. the judge sentenced hastert to 15 months which was more than what prosecutors recommend. a woman strolls through a
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is he an angry man? yes. is he going to hurt anybody? absolutely not. >> he refused to move his plane from his driveway. now a man is facing jail time.
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allegedly with a crossbow. this one is no ordinary parking dispute. a long island man accused of threatening town supervisor's with a crossbow. at issue, his decision to park his small plane in his driveway. guretzky has been fighting with his neighbors and officials since last summer when he claimed he could not afford to park at the airport. investigators say this past week, guretzky threatened hempstead employees for dismantling and removing his plane when he was away. his attorney says he's harmless. >> he's an angry old man.
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he's not going to carry it out. >> the attorney would not say whether his client even owns a crossbow. he faces charges of aggravated harassment. the disappearance of a young brooklyn mother, police say destiny dawson left her bed- stuy home last wednesday to go to dinner. she hasn't been seen since. dawson's mother says she's angry her daughter's boyfriend isn't doing more to find her, but her boyfriend says he's been searching on his own. he tells cbs2 that he found messages from two other men on her instagram account, time span -- time stamped just hours before she left. dawson's mother isn't satisfied. >> like everything is all right. >> i think she's out, doing her, having fun, spending time with whoever she knows. >> police are investigating. >> the sidewalk in brooklyn looks more like a bicycle graveyard, rusted ribs and fractured france, littered north seventh street in bedford
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cyclists say it's impossible to find a spot to park, near the l station. surprisingly the city can only remove likes from city property so the owners who abandoned them are responsible. >> there's no way to check the owners. and if you click the bike, the wrong bike, people are going to be upset. so it's like, what can you do? either way, you're going to be wrong. >> seems like some of these have been here for years. it's not a great look for the area. >> department of sanitation says the only thing neighbors can do is report the problem to 311. severe weather slamming america's heartland as a tornado touches down multiple times in omaha nebraska. >> looks like we're about to have a tornado any minute. >> just one of several tornadoes to hit the region since yesterday. thankfully no major damage was reported here, but it was a different story in texas. a tornado there took down a tree that eventually killed a woman.
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dozens of homes in that area reduced to rubble. >> scary there. let's talk about our weather and a bit of a chill in the air, lonnie quinn? >> the sum was back today. and tomorrow you're going to keep that chill and lose the sun. it's that time of year, not a terrible, terrible 48 hours. just want to have an umbrella ready to go. as a right now, temperatures hovering around the 52 remark, if you were south of the city, a lot of clouds in place. and new york city north, a lot of sunshine in place. so here's some of the sunshine i'm talking about, look at that really pretty out there, and then another picture here, where clouds, more in place south of new york city but we see right now, in new york city, skies are mostly clear, 54 degrees, high temp was 62. 62 is three degrees cooler than we typically get this time of year, morning low, 46. below the average of 48. chilly tomorrow morning, frost
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warnings out there for the areas northwest of new york city. and also the east end of suffolk county from midnight tonight until 9:00 in the morning. some cold air setting up, now early this morning, about 46 degrees. tomorrow morning similar, 45. some sun to start off your day, but seeing more clouds as you get into the day and rain chance within the clouds, yes there is. will there be bigs -- will they be big storms? no. thursday and friday, both base have a wet weather chance. here's the reason, this front yesterday was north of our area. it moved into the area first clipping the east end of long island, so yesterday, maxed out at 52 whereas the jersey shore didn't get the front until later and hit 82 degrees. as of now, the front is down to our south but we're not done. it's now going to start moving to the east, northeast.
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we'll catch parts of that rain again tomorrow. here's how we see it on the computer models, 7:00 a.m., monticello 34. catskill 36. 35 newburgh. there's that cold air north of the city. maybe 44 in the city. 7:00 a.m., pretty decent start. then the clouds thickened up. the rain is starting to push in but for the most part, this is just light to moderate rain, i don't see the big severe storms out there. 2:30 pm, more of the same thing. keep the umbrella for two days straight. here's how we see it, 59 thursday, with a rain chance, 63 friday, with a rain chance, i didn't want to make the rain into something bigger than it is. this will actually be beneficial rain because i think the rainfall amounts, half an inch or less, both days. so it's the type that falls gently, gets absorbed into the ground, then takes a break, then falls gently again, and that's the kind of rainfall we need for the water table. the weekend right now, saturday is the better day. >> okay. thank you. just when you thought your
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woman coming up right here walks through an active minefield to test out and explosionproof suit. she had a lot of confidence in that suit. >> you can only test that one time. >> clearly did its job. check it out, she's pulling off her hat. unscathed. looks like a commercial for hair. >> flowers too. >> not a hair out of place. she was given a bouquet of roses. >> wow. >> she doesn't even flinch. >> hopefully she got a paycheck. >> who wants to test out the suit? how do you get volunteers? >> a dozen roses for everyone who does it. speaking of hair, dyson is hoping to blow you away with its latest venture. the company known for vacuum cleaners unveiled its first ever hair dryer. it's called supersonic. it has a smaller motor, minimizing noise and claims to try hair fast.
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price tag, $400. >> wow. >> very sleek looking. >> better work. >> better do something other than just hair. >> [ laughter ] if anybody wants to try it out. >> 400 bucks. >> there you go. otis talking sports tonight. >> i'll give it a shot. >> the mets sweep away the reds
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and screening is easier than ever. if you're 50 or older talk with your healthcare provider and choose the best test for you! if you're uninsured call 1-866-442-cancer hockey tonight, otis is here with details.
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game one, get that advantage. the rest versus rust, better to have a lot of time off or will that lead to a team being out of sync? the islanders back to back double overtime wins, ending their series on sunday. game one in tampa, new york took two of three in the regular season. you've probably never heard of shane prince, he spent most of the year with the senators before coming over in a trade but he's been a prince charming in the playoffs. back-to-back goals in the first. the islanders knocked off tampa's bishop, john taveras, six playoff goals, ben bishop, have a seat. new york came out unscathed for the most part. there was this, jack capuano took a puck to the face. but he did return. he is a hockey coach, he's tough. the islanders hang on and take game one, 5-through the final.
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getting it -- at the same time, we've approached each game the whole year the same and we want to keep backing up each effort with another strong one to find ways to get better as a team especially in the series. our group has a great mindset, obviously we're familiar with one another and want to keep rolling. game two, saturday in tampa. yoenis cespedes came off the bench and hit a game-tying three-run homer in a game the mets eventually won four-3. not in the lineup with a knee injury, not expected back until friday. estimates looking for the sweep. matt harvey looking to get things right again, zack cozart does the damage, 1-0. the mets got two back in the bottom of the first. the neil walker strikes again, ties the match record with his ninth home run in april, also tied for the most in the bigs. harvey battled his way through six innings, giving up a pair of runs while striking out seven. michael conforto adding to that lead with a clutch two-out, two- run double in the sixth.
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that's five in a row. harvey gets the w, 5-2 the final. the yankees deep in the heart of texas. doesn't look sort at all here, ties the game with a solo homer, his 1000th run as a yankee. cc sabathia making his fourth start of the year, only made it through five. he got through six but thanks to this elvis andrus rbi triple, he leaves on the short end of the score. 3-2. stayed that way until two outs in the ninth, tying run on second, but he can't let that one out. 3-2, the final. the yankees drop two of three in the tech -- deep in the heart of texas. we're going to check in on
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welcome back. giants take part in day two of their three day minicamp. since they have a new head
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talk about a busy week for the new guy, three days of practice through tomorrow, then he gets to finish thursday with a nightcap called the nfl draft. how does he stay fresh and focused in his new role? >> we like being busy. we enjoy what we do. we're fortunate, our hobbies are -- not a lot of people in the world get to say that. it's important, you have to be where your feet are. give attention to what we're doing and what you're doing at the time. and go from there. >> good to be where your feet are. yes. you can't really move. >> i'd hate to leave them in another room. >> maybe your shoes but not your feet. for the first time in so many years, no tom coughlin. a little weird out there. let's give ben mcadoo a chance. see what he can do. >> seems pretty relaxed.
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[ laughter ] pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. thanks for joining us tonight. coming up next, "the late show with stephen colbert".
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have a good night. >> stephen. you got a seclrks. i was hoping we could meet there's a lot going on. >> stephen: right now. >> you know the bit where we raise the baby on the show -- >> did i see goose go into the men's room hold on. >> there's no goose. >> stephen: hold on. yup. sorry, false alarm. no, sorry, it was a duck. i apologize. >> tonight, stephen welcomes susan sarandon, david tennant, and a musical performance by


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