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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  April 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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of the testing administrator, the test was closed. the new jersey department of education office of assessment was immediately notified of the irregularity and the principal contacted the parents. >> said stop the test. >> no, we took the test. >> reporter: parents say it was a student that alerted the teacher that something was wrong saying that the test felt a little too easy. teachers are not permitted to look at or help during the computerized tests. >> the material was really easy so we were confused why test. >> reporter: parents were upset about the wasted time and effort but wouldn't go on camera because of fear of retaliation from the district. in fact, bayonne police officers told me they were called to the school because my cbs 2news camera was here reporting the story. the 8th graders will retest next wednesday. in bayonne, meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> new jersey's department of education points out this was
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and 900,000 students take the test in some 2600 schools around the state. there's a health alert at a college in connecticut. more than a dozen students have tested positive for mumps at sacred heart university! the school in fairfield reports at least 17 cases since late march. the infected students were vaccinated twice as required for college administration. but the immunizations apparently can fade especially if a student comes in contact with a sick person. investigators believe the students brought the virus back from spring break. >> not sure where our first case came from. there was somebody who definitely didn't travel internationally. somebody who has been in connecticut. so they got it from somebody else got it from somebody else. this is how the disease spreads. >> harvard university in boston also record more than 40 cases. according to the cdc, the most common symptoms include fever, headache, muscle aches and tiredness.
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men after a woman was pistol- whipped this afternoon in east new york, brooklyn. it happened just before 1:30. nypd says the 43-year-old woman identified by her cousin as "sam" was taking out the trash when two men came up to her, taking off after hitting her with the gun. police believe it was a robbery but it's unclear if they got anything. her cousin says she sells costume jewelry but cannot understand why she would be a target. >> she is a really good woman, right? like she help out the community like she's all around like everybody knows her like she's known for selling jewelry so they must have thought that it was real julie because it looked real and that's the reason why they did it. >> she was taken to brookdale hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. traffic can slow your commute to a crawl. but a new plan could give you an edge and put you in the fast lane. cbs 2's hazel sanchez is live at the midtown tunnel in
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>> reporter: we're on the l.i.e. heading towards the midtown tunnel. traffic is smooth. but if it wasn't, boy, would an express lane come in handy. that's what an assemblyman is suggesting but the convenience comes with a price. when you're in a hurry bumper- to-bumper traffic is last thing you want. lila says she deals with it every weekday as she commutes to lower manhattan. >> it makes me want to smash my head on the steering wheel. >> reporter: new york assemblyman david of queens has an idea to shorten her travel time express lanes on already tolled bridges and tunnels like the midtown tunnel and throgs neck bridge. drivers could pay extra to travel in fast lanes and avoid congestion. >> say right now they are 7.50 to go over the -- through the midtown tunnel or over the triborough bridge. maybe we could reduce that to five or $6 and have that
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people can pay more to have that fast service. >> reporter: you like that idea? >> i like it. i do. >> reporter: would you be willing to pay to go through an express lane? >> it's better. >> reporter: weprin made the suggestion during a transportation panel discussion saying the fast lane charge could bring in needed revenue and avoid raising current tolls. some commuters say the paid express lane would only benefit the rich. >> it costs so much money for gas and to go into manhattan to park, if you are going to park, it's ridiculous to bridges tolled and others free is also somewhat elitist that if you can afford the toll bridges, it's almost always faster. >> maybe putting tolls on the bridges that don't already have a toll might be a fairer approach to the issue. legislation being considered in albany to add tolls to the no toll east river crossings
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keep the free options available to those who can't afford the charge. >> reporter: so these express lanes again are just an idea. i did speak with port authority officials who say they can't comment on the feasibility of the express lanes because it is just an idea and not an official proposal. live at the midtown tunnel, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. >> it's moving along slowly as usual, hazel. thanks so much. today governor cuomo and the mta are calling on the federal government to make railroad crossings safer. this comes after metro-north harlem line train crashed into a stopped car at the green lane crossing in bedford hills yesterday. there were no injuries. but lawmakers say something new has to be done to prevent a disaster. cbs 2's ali bauman reports. >> reporter: this car was destroyed by a metro-north train but somehow its two passengers along with those on board the train escaped injury yesterday. the drive tells police her car stalled in the crossing and
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to jump out in time. >> to come at the heels of another one so close, it's scary. >> reporter: and this just a year after six people died when a train on the same line hit a crossing car in valhalla. today governor cuomo says these accidents are too frequent. he says in a statement, his administration has contacted the federal government and informed them that we must go forward immediately with new design features that create safer crossings. those potential changes include motion detectors, painting danger areas on the street, voice commands and public information campaigns. >> if you needed to, you could come up and around this crossing. if you point your cameras and look, this -- a car can come right around and try to beat it. >> reporter: this legislator says the problem is people too often try to beat approaching trains by driving around the gates coming down. he says the solution is security cameras. >> to make people aware that you are being watched and then god forbid something should
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situation correct it. >> reporter: bedford hill residents say the more safety provisions the better. >> people paying less attention we have a lot more of the radio, the phone, so much going on. >> there are lights and sounds but again, it's so scary that there's probably never enough warning maybe? >> reporter: the governor says he has already directed the mta to have plans presented next week and he says he hopes the federal government doesn't wait to approve those plans. reporting in bedford hills, ali bauman, cbs 2 news. >> the driver in yesterday's crash was issued a summons for illegally booking a railroad -- blocking a railroad crossing. he appeared dressed for a work at a construction site but that was a disguise for a bank robbery! police in queens say this man entered a sussex county bank branch on astoria boulevard at 3:30 p.m. yesterday. they say he showed a gun and demanded cash but left empty- handed. we have an update on a missing mother in brooklyn. police say 21-year-old destiny dawson returned home and was never in danger. dawson disappeared from her
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wednesday setting off a dispute between her mother and her boyfriend. dawson's boyfriend says she messaged other men on her instagram account just hours before she vanished. turning to the new york city corruption investigation, mayor de blasio left a mob of reporters clamoring for answers as to why city hall and members of his inner circle have received federal subpoenas. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer was there. >> step back from the truck please, step back from the truck! >> reporter: mayor de blasio escaping to his suv to evade reporters after taking just two questions about why members of his inner circle and city hall itself have been served with subpoenas in a widening campaign finance probe. >> there's an investigation going on. we are going to fully cooperate with the investigation. >> reporter: probers served subpoenas on close confidants. his top political adviser and the director of intergovernmental affairs and his top fundraiser, a friend
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firm berlin rosen, and city hall got a such for documents pertaining to the -- a such for documents pertaining to the mayor's campaign for the 2014 senate race. he wanted to elect democrats to further his political agenda. the mayor was not personally served. >> i feel fine because everything we have done is legal and appropriate. >> reporter: then he fled leaving the press secretary behind to answer questions like these. seeing as emma wolf personally received a subpoena, have the lawyers told her or the maker that they shouldn't be talking about -- or the mayor that they shouldn't be talking about this case? >> the mayor and miss wolf will talk to each other about city business and the work she is doing to fulfill his agenda. that will continue to happen. >> reporter: what about the days? >> i really don't know enough about the details of the subpoenas or what's happening to address those kinds of questions. >> reporter: he says he thinks there's plenty to investigate in terps of charges of whether -- in terms of charges of
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circumvented donation limits. >> my reading of the law is these activities were prohibited because there was an attempt to evade contribution levels to candidates by fulling mon -- sending money through committees to the candidates. >> reporter: there's been a flurry of subpoenas issued to individual donors, unions have made contribution and political consultants. >> this is a whole new level now, right, marcia? >> reporter: it's at a whole new level and you can't tell where it's going. and which of these people who are going to be called before the grand jury might decide to cooperate. >> okay. thank you, marcia. delivery destruction! battered boxes and items broken. what a furious fedex customer caught a worker doing on camera. >> plus, construction projects that grinds to a halted for nesting season. the complex that will have to wait until the pair of bald eagles and their babies move out. >> well, light rain out there
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but not everybody. there are some few moderately heavy downpours out there. more coming up. >> coming up on the "cbs evening news," a bomb scare at a maryland tv station. scott pelley joins us now live with a look ahead. hi, scott. >> maurice, kristine, great to be with you. this was a very strange one. a man walked into a baltimore tv station said he had a bomb and then shortly thereafter he walked out. and the police surrounded him and he was shot by a police sniper. the straggest part is he was -- the strangest part is he was wearing a suit that made him look like a panda. that and the rest of the world
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if you're 50 or older get screened for colon cancer. caught on camera images of a fedex worker on long island reckless le tossing packages into a trunk. jim munson says he frequently uses fedex to ship for his business but recently got a lot of complaints about items arriving broken or damaged. so he wanted to find out what was happening and what he saw left him speechless. >> it was like watching a 6- year-old kid play basketball and throwing the basketball up to the hoop. in my opinion he was -- he wanted to cause damage to the packages. >> fedex says that man no
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it didn't say whether he was fired or quit. a condo construction project in new jersey grinds to a halt all because of a family of bald eagles. now the town hopes to keep the eagles safe until they are ready to fly. cbs 2's vanessa murdoch has the story new at 6:00. >> reporter: a majestic sight over hopatcong, new jersey. this isn't just an impressive fly-by. this bald eagle and her mate built a nest here in 2014. ian recalls seeing one of them for the first time last year at a family barbecue. >> we saw the eagle just fly right through so we just -- everything stops and we were like, and is that an eagle? >> reporter: now there are more. the pair nested and have two eaglets, maybe three. look closely and you will see their little heads pop up above the nest's edge. >> we hope they stay and i think they will. >> reporter: lori says growing up here is she never saw an eagle. now they live across the street. a developer has the plans to
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with condos and the land is right next to these national treasures. in january, she recorded video as the beast cleared the land. >> it's massive and it's extremely noisy. >> reporter: she says the female didn't like it a bit. >> she would swoop down and sort of like try to attack the machine. >> reporter: u.s. fish and wildlife did permit the january clearing as long as the nest wasn't disturbed. since then, no noise. no construction. the developer atkins relate group says they voluntarily agreed to suspend activity this season until the eaglets leave the nest. june or july. >> you don't want to get involved in stopping people from doing business. but these are eagles. and we need to protect them. >> reporter: residents say they are optimistic atkins realty group does it parts to make sure the eagles always have a home in hopatcong. >> oh.
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did you see them perched on the branch? >> awesome creatures, right? soaring off into the sunset. >> to see the little babies' heads, too. >> and babies make four. >> i'm glad they are stalling the project. >> yes. >> good to hear. >> i know. we'll see for how long. all right. mr. weatherman, a little gray out there today. >> gray out there today and, you know, the pattern has been changing. lou look back at what we had last week, the week before, the week before, it's been a calm spring pattern. springtime is when you should have -- we should volatility. we haven't had too much. it's been an easy spring. things are change changing. we see cloudy skies. you see the empire state building one world trade in the background. 53 degrees right now. we are not really catching the rain on top of this lens but if you go south and west the rain is out there. but overall it has been a very dry spring. this is what maurice and kristine, and i were just chatting about. we should have more water but that pattern is changing and we need the rain around here.
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if you were with me during the last hour, april was dry two inches below schedule. look where you are in terms. spring back to the -- in terms of spring, back to the middle of march, 6" below where we should be. not typical of springtime weather. april showers bring may flowers? haven't had the april showers. we have been getting them this week. looks like we'll see more next week, as well. what you have out there right now certainly not severe. you have some bouts of heavier rain. we are watching it move through sussex county and now into northern passaic county into orange county as well traveling just to the south just barely to the south of route 84. bigger picture is going to show you that i see more of the same tomorrow a rain chance yes but not on the severe side and not an all-day rain. couple of high pressure systems are keeping this whole pattern kind of status quo and it will be out of here by the time you get to saturday. it's a slow mover basically. so here you go with your futurecast. . into your day on friday morning the although you said are in place for most people rain not so much. there could be a few showers out there. not really there. you know, 1:00 in the afternoon you have a cloudy
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in the day the rain starts making its way into the area at 5 p.m. and then there you are after midnight it pushes through and starts to clear for your day on saturday. so let's pull up the extended forecast and i'll show you how the numbers work out. right now i feel confident that saturday is your better weekend day. tomorrow you're going to have some spotty showers here and there primarily later in the day. 59. breaks in the clouds tomorrow with high temperature 60. saturday the better weekend day at 64. sunday now looking more likely for wet weather. monday wet weather chance. tuesday a wet weather chance. and wednesday and thursday kind of on the fence right now could happen. i'm going to keep an eye on it but it's more typical, this is what we really need. >> spring >> you know? >> thank you, although n any. otis is here now with a look at sports. the islanders took one for the team last my but capuano is a tough hockey coach. >> nfl draft tonight. for rutgers product sunday is expected to be his big day.
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now. i can still remember when the draft wasn't a big deal just a thing that happened. otis livingston is here. >> every year it gets bigger. for the second year it's in chicago round one tonight. giants number 10, jets 20. remember the patriots lost theirs thanks to "deflate- gate." there's that. [ laughter ] >> so the lives of 31 young men will change tonight. depending on the team the fans will think they are winning the super bowl or not winning a game doom or gloom. thanks to trades quarterbacks expected to go with the top two picks to st. louis and philadelphia so jared goff and wit don't expect to be in the green room too long. >> i'm excited to get it over with and move on and get the process behind me and, you know, enjoy it but at the same time i want to move on and get back to playing football. so i think knowing we are going quickly is exciting. there will be some local kids with an eye on the draft the next three days. rutgers linebacker steve longa projected as a mid to late
6:24 pm
be his big day. he didn't start playing football until he got to saddle brook high school in new jersey. he wanted to be a soccer player like his father in africa. >> i don't think you can call it a life-long dream. this is not a dream i had for a long time. this is a dream that i -- you know, that came into the picture when i realized how good i could be. >> late to the game and going to be an nfl player. incredible. all right. rare day on the baseball schedule. both the mets and yankees are off. 20 games, the mets are 13-7. the yankees are 8-12. mets are a game out of the first place having won 6 in a row and 10 out of 12. hopefully neil walker's hot start can roll over into may when the giants come to town tomorrow. last night he tied a franchise record nine homers in april. yankees sit in last place in the a.l. east. they have lost 2 in a row and there is no relief in sight. they head to boston tomorrow to face the red sox who are currently a half game behind
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to finish up the nine-game road trip next week. as they did in the first round matchup against florida the islanders won in tampa last night and have home ice advantage. shane prince's two goals and john tavares knocked ben bishop out of the game with his sixth goal of the post- season but the isles didn't come out unscathed. the coach hit with a puck. he returned in the third period. he is a tough hockey coach. >> i have been hit more times i think than when i played so just fortunately it just caught me, you know, at the tip of the nose and nothing real serious. >> he is always telling to us block shots. we are glad to see he is all right. that can be scary and good to see you powered through like he tells us to. >> see what you're talking about. >> follow your lead. game.
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we'll be right back. coming up tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00 a sign that's
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but some drives say it's putting them in danger. cbs 2's dave carlin finds out whose bright idea it was to put it there. >> plus, can a social media addiction cause a car crash? why snapchat is getting sued over this accident. that and much more coming up at 11. finally here at 6:00 he wowed the metropolitan opera house in jeans and sneakers and now that not so casual performance is paying off. italian tenor francesco will sing the title role in tonight's performance of othello. he is replacing alexander [ non-english name ] who is still not feeling well. >> this was going to be his first full performance in the opera because he was rushed into performing back on saturday you will recall. only this time, he will be in full costume. >> that was quite the story when it all happened. >> amazing. he earned this shot there. >> good. >> up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," bomb scare at a maryland tv station.
6:30 pm >> pelley: a bizarre bomb threat at a tv station. police shoot a man in an animal costume. ( gunfire ) two airliners nearly collide. a pilot slams on the brakes. >> sorry about that. that was my mistake. >> pelley: children and doctors are killed in an airstrike that destroys a hospital. teenagers record their crimes to get noticed online. and the refugees will weren't welcome until they changed the heart of a new england town. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: a tv station in baltimore was evacuated today after a man wearing sunglasses, a surgical mask, and an animal costume threatened to blow up the building.


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