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tv   CBS 2 News Saturday  CBS  June 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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f0 pride weekend is underway in the city, and with the events in orlando, participants are asked to bring solidarity. a daughter brought to tears after her elderly a possible day care danger. a new report shows new york city workers lied about testing for lead for years. good morning, it's 6:00 on this saturday, june 25th. i'm andrea grymes. >> and i'm cindy hsu. the top stories are straight
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it's incredible. no matter what your plans are, all systems are a go. where we are starting thaw morning, temperatures in the 60s, and skies are blue already, and looking good to start things off, and humidity levels are low, and it feels phenomenal out there. 65 right now in the city: 54 in the hamptons, and white plains, starting the day at 49 degrees. this is not a mistake, literally, nothing to look at with the exception of patchy fog at the marine areas of our viewing areas, and here's the deal. big picture, looking all good. high pressure is in control over the north eastern corridor of the u.s. a lot of sunshine today. by 9:00 a.m., patchy fog, especially east of the city. by 3:00, a high of 85 for your
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temperature, and it may nix the actual temperature. 79. if you're headed to the beach today, rip current risk is moderate and the uv index is 9, a burn time of 20 minutes, and winds out of the south at 10 to 15. breezy, but otherwise, picture perfect beach weather, and the full forecast coming up, and i will talk about how long the pleasant weather will last. >> thank you. a sea of rain boys is taking over the city this weekend as new yorkers ready to welcome the annual gay pride parade. magdalena doris has more. >> reporter: people celebrating pride will be packing this area once again, but this weekend it is also parked by the orlando
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celebration in the lbgt community. spreading happiness in the face of hate. >> christopher joseph -- >> reporter: a moment of silence fell over the crowd as the name of the victims were read aloud by the owner of the nightclub where 49 people were killed. an employee asking to spread >> turn to the person next to you and give them a hug and say my brother, my sister, i love you. it was also a message for lawmakers. >> it's important to understand that there is currently, that we are pretty much aware of the homophobia. >> reporter: taking a stand is
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community. the stone wall inn make the location for the lbgt movement, and president obama dedicated a national monument. >> it's amazing to see it's still here, and now it's protected. >> reporter: the events will be monitored closely by police this year to ensure that the party goes mind. >> reporter: some events to look forward to today at 8:30 in the morning in central park there will be an lbgt pride run, and 3:00 this afternoon, an all pride celebration. live in tribeca this morning. i'm magdalena doris, back to you. more information on the
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federal law enforcement sources say there is no indication that omar mateen was gay. several people have said that he had a profile, but no one has been able to prove any information on him. another man claimed he had a been given. hot spots are bustling but not during offhours. >> it could have a significant impact on people's risk. >> police are partnering with towns to conduct unannounced inspections to make sure exits
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and no violations on the limits on occupancy. this was a fire on east 26th street near 14th avenue. no injuries were reported. no one was living there. an investigation in rockland county after a con ed substation went up in flames. smoke billowed into the air and could be seen for miles. because of the risks of fighting the fire, officials decided to let it burn a cbs 2 exclusive. an elderly woman robbed inside of her home is sharing her terrifying story. lugo says three men including one with a gun pushed their way into her parking lot after returning from walking the family dog. >> they pushed me down and they said don't move, and they said
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it could have been their mother, grandmother, or sister. why would you do something like that? >> the family says the men made off with their flat screen tv, a video game console, and $300 in cash. the search is on for the suspects who broke into an apartment and roughed up the victim. a 30-year-old man was asleep when these two broke in threatened him with a screwdriver, and they made off with $250 in cash. police are also looking for two men who used a fraudulent count to buy bicycles. the men paid the 37-year-old victim with an app, and then
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now to the nypd corruption scandal. a former prostitute is now a witness. gabby greko was paid to entertain five men on a plane in 2013. she said she didn't know two were new york city officer. >> i wanted to tell my side of the story and humanize myself so i wasn't labeled i'm far from that. >> greko says she is now an actress. more on the brexit. at the closing well, the dow had its biggest loss in nearly a year. bank stocks were hit the
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global economy. david cameron announced his plans resign. far right parties in other countries are calling for referendums to also leave the european union. britain's vote to leave is the first step down a long road. the exit is certain to take years. this will be a long process. >> reporter: british lawmakers have not established a time line for the brexit. yesterday the british pound tumbled to the lowest level against the dollar in 30 years, and flights may be cheaper, and once you arrive, you will get more bang for your buck. on the flip side, don't expect
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here. happening today, emergency response teams will conduct a full scale drill at laguardia airport. passengers and anyone driving by may notice emergency vehicles and simulated smoke from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. flights will not be affected. the drill will include state and federal authorities including the nypd, fbi, tsa, and the fire department. time now is lying workers putting preschool children in danger. a scathing report finds thousands of kids were put at risk for lead exposure. a speeding truck not only going the wrong way, but in the bike lane. work continues on what will be the world's largest ferris wheel. details coming up next. looking awesome out there
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i will have the full forecast coming up. first, a check on the community calendar on cbs 2 and on
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a state of emergency has been declared in central california where a wild fire has killed two people and destroyed 100 homes. the fire is burning near bakersfield, and it started thursday afternoon, and it's being fanned by high winds, and more hot, dry weather is expected throughout the weekend. the death toll from flooding in west virginia climbs to this incredible scene was captures on cell phone video. a house consumed by flames near white sulfur springs. up to 10-inches of rain in less than 8 hours, destroying 100 homes. the national weather service is calling if a once in 1,000 years event. a state of emergency has been declared in 44 counties. the u.s. government has
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lead level children in flint. the lead levels were significantly higher. the report says the likelihood a child under age 6 would have a concerning flood level was 50% after the switch. the city switched sources again last fall, and children can develop learning disabilities and behavioral problems for lead exposure. a troubling report has parents across about lead contaminated water in city daycare centers. 70 were not actually tested on the lead levels. >> they gambled on the health of our children. >> we are taxpayers and pay money for this not to happen.
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>> the city health department did admit to reporting issues claiming it reported records to give day cares more time to submit lead tests but since the audit, they have addressed water reporting issue dated back to 2012. all centers have been tested for lead in water, and for parents' peace of mine, we will soon post all results online. drivers could see a new toll hike in a few years. financial port authority's books say tolls could go up $1 before the end of the decade. therest no plans for a raise right now, but the port authority says they will keep up with inflation. a new report highlights how much bad roads costs new jersey drivers. the transportation group trip says deficient roadways cost each driver $2,600 a year, more than $1,300 statewide, and the
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maintenance costs and the congestion-related delays. happening today, it's a pivotal day for construction crews, building the nation's biggest ferris wheel on staten island. workers created the foundation to secure the wheel that will reach 630 feet in the air. local members will bury capsule that will be opened in 630 years. >> that should be fun. >> would you ride the ferris wheel? >> vanessa totally would. amazing views that are supposed to happen. >> come on, it's probably going to go. >> that's right. >> they are pouring a lot of concrete. >> yes.
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not humid. in addition, we will have lovely sunshine, and let's take you live outside for this shot. this just makes me happy. look at the beautiful blue skies, and there's a haze over the city. mild start. 65degrees, and north, northeast winds at 3 miles an hour. it's a warm weekend. temperatures will be slightly above the norm, mid- to upper 80s for us all weekend long. perhaps you would like to consider going outside. next weekend is looking okay. mp have a few opportunities to accumulate much-needed rain. the temperature trend is looking like this. normal high is 82 degrees. tomorrow, 87, and inland temperatures will be a little warmer, and monday, 86. pretty much holding the course for the rest of the week. rain chances, nothing at all in the forecast for the weekend. monday, late in the day a a slight risk of showers, and a storm tuesday.
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wednesday, a lingering chance of showers earlier in the day, but for the rest of wednesday, skies will be clearing. we need rain, and it's not happening this weekend. clearer skies, and we will stay this way for the most part. big area of high pressure is in control it will be mild and dry all weekend long. what a beauty. what a great way to start the weekend. i was asked earlier by my cowork, gln, to start the weekend? >> yes, just toasty along the shores. monday, an area of low pressure to the west, and we see increasing chances of clouds, and then the whole system will move so slowly, lingering chance of showers tuesday into wednesday. for today, nothing to worry about.
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please protect yourself. north east winds becoming south easterly at 5 to 10, and significant breeze along the coast. mostly clear with the low of 65 in the city. 50s north and west with the southeast winds at 5. tomorrow to end your weekend, 87 in the city. closer to 90 inland. south winds at 5. monday, 86 degrees, and increasing clouds throughout the day. maybe wet weather very late, and tuesday, 83, and plenty of clouds, showers, and a possible as well. unsettled for tuesday, and more sticky. i should say monday and tuesday will be more sticky. wednesday, 80. clearing skies, and thursday looking lovely. perfectly seasonal at 82. friday we could see storms, and we are keeping a watch on that right now. >> first official weekend of summer, and it's an amazing one. >> the weather has been truly phenomenal, but it sets up for a poor situation with drought.
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an 18 wheeler in the bike lane, and this video shows what
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problem. >> motor vehicles taking up space meant for cyclists. valerie castro with the story. >> reporter: the 18 wheels on this big rig are traveling down a two-way bike lane on a one- way street this was reported by a cyclist earlier this week, pointing out a problem that bicycle advocates say happens too often. >> this is the lawless driving that is killing and seriously basis. >> reporter: peter steely-white say it's almost become an accepted progress with too few consequences. >> if vision zero means anything, the mayor must crack down on this kind of driving. >> it's really a problem this is is a busy street. when you're on a bike and have to get out of the bike lane because of the cars, it's dangerous. >> if motorists find they are
6:26 am
acceptable alternative. this video shows drivers weaving in and out of the bike lane, but many drivers say cyclists are just as wreckless. >> they don't give space and sometimes they zigzag. >> they think they have the right of way over everybody. >> reporter: last month the nypd announced a crackdown on drivers who don't yield right of way. valerie castro, cbs 2 in manhattan. in sports, the bull pen helps the yankees rally back to .500 and the mets rally against the braves after almost blowing a huge lead. good morning, everyone. don't tell the mets the braves have the second worst record in the majors. it's unacceptable for the team trying to get back to the world series. last night they scored 8 runs
6:27 am
james lodi left the yard. what could go wrong with the lead? a lot. cespedes is back from the mild chris injury. he should have taken the night off. the 6-1 injuries, the pinch hit homer, and the mets trying to get a run in the 9th. luckily this was good news for mets' fans, and they finally braves, and 8-6 was the final. the yankees open up the 3- game set against the worst team in baseball. rob schneider is batting .391 over the last 7 games, and setting strikeouts in 6 innings, leaving with the yankees up 4-3, and they got insurance in the 8th, and i'm not talking about jake from state farm, instead aaron hicks
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save. i'm otis livingston. have a great day. it's 6:28 right now. up next a look at your top stories. the pride event is going strong. leading up to the parade on sunday. how those participating are celebrating and also remembering the lives of those lost in orlando. it's all coming up. plus, a town divided in new jersey, and it's all over decorations, and the drama now spilling past the yards and
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pride weekend is underway in new york city, and participants are taking time during celebrations to stand in solidarity with the victims in orlando.
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it could have been anybody. >> a daughter brought to tears after her elderly mother is rob at gunpoint. the search on for her attackers. good morning, 6:30 on this saturday, june 25th. i'm cindy hsu. >> and i'm andrea grymes. the top stories are straight ahead. vanessa murdock is ahead with the forecast. >> it will be a beautiful day, seasonal, and in the 80s, a lot of sun, and low humidity. to sum it up, i think it's perfect for a summer day. let's take a look at where very pleasant this morning, temperatures in the 50s and 60s with a lot of sunshine, and let's see, 65 right now in the city. 55 and 54 in sparta, and it's going to be warming up very nicely. here's the big picture. high pressure is in control. sunshine for today. uv index, a 9. that's a burn time of about 15 to 20 minutes,
6:32 am
medium. the air quality, moderate today. unusually sensitive people should be cautious. the barometer is rising, and that means good things for your day. here's how we think it shapes up. by noon, 81 degrees, mostly sunny. looking lovely, and winds will be coming out of the southeast today, and at about 5 to 10 miles an hour with the slightly stronger breeze at the coastline. the full forecast coming up, and we will talk about whether or not the lovely summer weather will stick >> vanessa, thank you very much. the city stands in solidarity with the lbgtq community this weekend with pride festivities. >> magdalena doris is live with more. >> reporter: all the workers here on pier 26 are gearing up for the next celebration happening this afternoon. there will be musical performances, and while music
6:33 am
come to celebrate, it's more than a party. it's a stand against hate. >> reporter: it's a time for celebration in the lbgtq community. pride weekend on pier 26, spreading happiness in the community of hate. >> christopher joseph sanfeliz. >> reporter: the names of the victims were read aloud by owner of the club where 49 people were killed. a attendees where asked to spread love. >> turn to the person next to you and say my brother, my sister, i love you. >> reporter: rights advocates called for a stiffer gun policy. >> it's important to understand
6:34 am
much aware of the life- threatening homophobia. >> reporter: in 1969 the stone wall inn became the birthplace for gay right movements. on friday president obama dedicated stone wall and christopher park a national monument. >> it happened way before i was born. it's amazing to see it's here, and now it's protected. >> reporter: this weekend's events will be monitored closely by police this year to make sure it goes on with peace of mind. >> reporter: and coming up at 8:30 this morning, there will be an lbgtq pride run in central park later this afternoon here at pier 26, and there will be a celebration called tease, an all female pride event. magdalena doris, cbs 2 news.
6:35 am
are rolling out a new initiative, increasing safety inspections at restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, and they will drop in when they are bustling not during offhours. >> it could have a serious, significant impact on people's >> police are partnering with towns to make sure the exits are and there's no violations of the number of people inside. officials say no one was living at this home that caught on fire overnight in paterson, new jersey. police believe this is the person who slashed a 55-year- old man in the neck it happened early yesterday at canal street and west broadway.
6:36 am
hospital. we are told he will recover. a cbs 2 exclusive. an elderly woman robbed at gunpoint inside of her brooklyn home is sharing her terrifying story. three people, one with a gun, pushed their way into her apartment after she returned from walking the family dog. >> they push -- pushed me and said don't move, don't move. they said where is the money? it could have been their mother or grandmother or sister. why would you do something like that? >> the family said the men made off with the new flat screen tv, video game console and $300 no arrests have been made. the search is also on for two robbers who broke into a brooklyn apartment and roughed up another victim. surveillance videos of the suspects just released.
6:37 am
palmetto avenue. the police say they threatened the man with a screwdriver after punching him in the face and made off with $250 in cash. a leaky pipe has forced a shut down at a nuclear power plant. it happened in a nonradioactive area. the reactor has been taken point. governor cuomo said it's proof it's not a reliable source. the same plant was shut down on in march because of leaky bolts that were found. britain has voted to leave the european union and yesterday at the closing bell, the dow had the largest loss in nearly a year. bank stocks were hit the hardest due to fears over the global economy.
6:38 am
will play out. david cameron announced his plans to resign. the leader of scottland said it's ladies -- it's likely his people will want to vote for freedom again. a new jersey neighborhood is divided over holiday decorations. no decorations are up right now, but for a couple beach in the beachcrest area, the island was decorated. some thought it was too much. >> one of our resident felt compelled to file a police report. that's howdy sided it got. >> the neighbors here are funny. >> reporter: joe oram, the man who came up with the idea of the decorations didn't want to comment. it's 6:38.
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derrick rose is finally speaking pubically about the trade. how he feels about swapping the windy city for the big apple. the forecast is looking great to start off the weekend. we will talk about how long the sunshine will stick around and when we will have the next chance for rain. everybody's running to blinds to go's sumr in and take 20% off all shades! save on roller shades, cellular shades pleated, wooven wood, roman, solar and cascade shades did we mention huge savings on shades?
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it is a gorgeous summer morning out there right now. 65degrees. 6:42, and vanessa says we are in for a spectacular weekend, and the full forecast is coming up. most dog and t would do anything to keep their animals healthy. but julie morgan's fish got a cataract, and she had to have the fish's eye removed. the other fish started to bully
6:43 am
get a fake eye. morgan says kiwi is doing well but in his own tank for now this is the first surgery on a privately-owned fish. >> i was trying to look and see how much the woman spent. >> hopefully because it was the first private one, it was done for free. >> we always talk about how much people spend on their dogs. >> how alive while operating. it's interesting. >> a lot of questions. whoever is doing the third eye procedure on a fish, please let cbs attend. we want to be there. sounds super interesting. let's start things off with our weather watchers out there this morning. low humidity, comfortable temperatures, tons of sunshine, looking lovely. 63degrees says les in little
6:44 am
86%. now at 62 degrees, and this report from jean, nothing but sunshine she says with calm winds to start off your saturday. live outside right now, let's see what it looks like. beautiful shot from high atop of the empire state building. it's hazy out there. 65degrees, north, northeast winds on the calm side right now. ramping up later on at 5 to 10, and breezy by the shoreline. here's your headlines, mid- to upper 80s for the whole weekend, and yes, getting outside is probably a good idea, not just while we enjoy the sunshine and warmth, but low humidity as well. next week is looking good, but the humidity levels will rise through the early portions of the week, and there's several opportunities for wet weather, which we need. for today, 85 degrees, the forecasted high. normal high is 82. the sunset is this evening at 8:31.
6:45 am
tuesday, looking like the best bet. we could use the rain. the deficit at 6 inches, and the region of moderate drought is growing in the tri-state area, and last weekend, it really encompassed the northern half of new jersey, but now it's spread to long island, and the rest of us under at least abnormally dry conditions, and the u.s. drought monitor is forecasting dry conditions by the summer's end, is one tropical system could put an end to that wit in mind. we need the rain and none happening this weekend. high pressure is in control, and we will stay in control all a weekend long, and looking really bright and beautiful for the outdoor plans, and here's the setup. we will be enjoying, i hope we are going to be enjoying, temperatures mid- to upper 80s for several days. the setup, and the jet stream is to the north, and with that, we will see the influx of warmer weather.
6:46 am
weekend. today, super sunshine, and northeast winds south easterly at 5 to 10. the beach forecast, upper 70s to low 80s. the winds at the coast out of the south. the water temperatures, 65 to 70 degrees. the lightning risk is non, and your uv index is 9. if you have plans to go to the mountains, gorgeous weekend to do so. looking good for today. upper 70s to mid-80s. degrees, and your extended forecast, tonight, 65 degrees, and mostly clear. tomorrow, 87 and mostly sunny. monday, 86, and increasing clouds and maybe a shower or storm late in the day, and tuesday, the best bet for wet weather will be unsettled with showers, possibly storms, and lingering showers into early wednesday with the high of 80. thursday, looking great. seasonal, sunshine friday, and potentially more storms in the
6:47 am
>> that's right. >> thank you, vanessa. sports this morning. the bull pen helps the yankees rally. good saturday morning, everyone. don't tell the mets the braves have the second worst record in the majors. they have owned new york, and that's unacceptable for the team trying to win the division to get back to the world the 5th avenue james left the yard. cespedes is back from his mild wrist injury. i got it! no, don't got it should have taken the night off. brandon schneider the pitch hit off the mets. the mets trying to hang on to the win in the 9th. that resembles the bad news
6:48 am
slide against the braves. 8-6 the final. the yankees open up their 3- game set with the worst team in baseball, and the twins are 23- 39 this season, rob is batting .391 over the last 7 games. matsuzaka tanaka trying to get it. he got insurance in the 8th, and no, i'm not talking about jake from state farm. hicks. the yankees back to .500 for the season. chapman gets the save. and derrick rose could have teamed one carmelo anthony in 2014, but now they will finally take the court together as knicks. rose will wear number 25, his high school number back in chicago, and he said he wants to bring part of his hometown to new york.
6:49 am
level he was at the 2010 when he won the mvp apple. he says he doesn't know he had to leave the team that drafted him in the first place. >> i don't know why i was traded, but i would like to tell them thank you. [ laughter ] for real! i want to win. there's a lot of pressure. people put a lot of pressure on us, but all we have to do is play together and win games, and one game at a time. >> please stay healthy drose. for cbs 2 s, livingston. have a great day. it's 6:49. you are not truly living large until you have matching pools inside and out. this jaw-dropping homecoming up next. alex denis with your weekend traffic update. >> lexington avenue will be closed for the turtle bay association festival from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on sunday, expect multiple closures for the 2016 pride march. the parade will travel down 5th
6:50 am
and turn west on 8th street, cross 6th avenue and greenwich avenue and end on christopher street on green sitstreet. the parade will begin at noon. that's your cbs 2 traffic
6:51 am
6:52 am
in today's living large, it looks like an 18th century
6:53 am
century amenities you could dream of. >> emily smith took a personal tour. >> reporter: you find a lush property and a hand cut stone manor. >> the floors were designed here and then gone to italy to find the material, design it, and bring it it install it. >> reporter: the living room has two limestone fireplaces and french doors facing the property. >> put your finger across there. there's actually two different techniques to feel like leather and then a plastic. this feels like leather wallpaper, but it's actually individual squares applied one- by-one.
6:54 am
large. >> does it smell? >> yes. >> reporter: this room what walnut conceals the tv. this kitchen is glad with subway tile with the large island that feels like leather. we took the custom-made staircase to the 2nd level, and we met lynn stephens from douglas element. >> you see many beautiful homes, but this one i think is a feeling of intimacy and luxury. >> this is his dressing room, and this is hers. they thought to put in garment bag hanging rods. >> reporter: there's access to a terrace. >> there's a lovely feeling to
6:55 am
>> it's a fabulous lounge bath. it's heaven. >> reporter: the indoor saline poolroom provides plenty of light to simulate the outdoors, or you can swim outside or sit poolside in the cabana. it's a two-bedroom guest home, all state of the art. to live large in greenwich, connecticut it will cost you $35 million. >> we cabana. >> oh my gosh that pool, that pool, that pool! they had everything. >> i loved the butler's pantry until i saw the real kitchen. taxes are more than $122,000 a year. and it's time to see what is coming up next on cbs this morning saturday. anthony mason. how are you? >> good morning. we didn't think that place had
6:56 am
our concern. coming up, the day's headlines and only on cbs morning saturday, we will go to peru for a project that sounds like science fiction. how scientists are using these bone dry deserts to try to figure out how to bring life to mars. we will introduce you to the unique stylings of keith urman. and taking your summer vaca how the industrial's heartland is heating up as a tourist attraction. all that and your eye opener and music from the mavericks just ahead on cbs this morning, saturday. ann marie and anthony, thank you so much. it's 6:56. one more check of the forecast this hour. vanessa? >> beautiful this morning. nothing but sunshine, fog and haze, and we are going to be warming up very well today. mid- to upper 80s, and 85 in
6:57 am
winds out of the northeast early, and south easterly this afternoon. low humidity all the while. there's a moderate risk today of rip currents along the atlantic beaches, and be cautious of that water temperatures 65 to 70 degrees along the jersey shore. fabulous today. tonight, 65 degrees. mostly clear. tomorrow, 87 and mostly sunny. warmer for the second half of the weekend, but we are keeping the sunshine >> thank you, vanessa. coming up, we have all the events happening today leading up to tomorrow's pride march. how to survive a family vacation this summer. vanessa has tips. this is cbs 2 news this saturday morning. we will see you at 9:00.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's june 25th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." search and rescue in west virginia. more20 and others missing after a torrent of water wash away homes. plus, a state of emergency as california's worst wildfire of the year gets even bigger. fallout from a difficult breakup. questions about the world's political and financial future after the uk quits the european union. plus, winning and losing in the blink of an eye. how technology is helping our olympic athletes shape fractions


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