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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 3, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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we always talk about the danger eleeents but then you accually realize the implications when you're doing something like this live. >> man, i was just hoping he didn't get punctured. >> it's an arrow from a cross-bow that hit somebody in the nec besides being flaming. >> it was crazy. i was very worried for this guy. >> i was kind of scared. it goes to prove this is live and the act is really dangerous. >> the judges were absolutely st contestant amber lynn walker was eight-inch target in her fiance's mouth. >> the arrow was supposed to go down the tube in his esophagus and it actually hoots pyrotechnics out of it. >> i was watching all this backstage and everyone actually thought it was part of the act at first. but then you could see the panic in ryan's face and everyone went silent. i know that the crew backstage scrambled. ryan was eventually checked out by the emt. but on the carpet he showed me
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wrong. >> it was actually the -- it was an equipment malfunction. we reviewed the footage, looked at the equipment. >> her laser dot was on the o o target. i hought she missed too but then we looked and the notch on the arrow had broken. so really kind of lucky. >> it popped the string. >> have you ever had a flaming arrow shot at you? >> i was kind of shocked. in the middle of it all heidi and mel were judging the a forget about the fact he almost was. >> now i know why i don't like these things. they can sometimes go wrong -- >> why are we judging this act? amber just shot ryan, and he needs to go to a hospital now.& >> i think it's hard to realize what you do in that situation because it's so rare, like you mentioned. >> you just shut up and get them to s >> i think he's going to get more votes. >> i love you, kev, but let me just go on record saying there will never be a time i give you a flaming arrow and say sure, shoot it at me. >> i won't even let you hold a flaming fork near me. >> we're going to find out if
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the semifinals tonight. then the sgoing to taka break for the olympics but they will be back on august 23 >> meanwhile, sharon osbourne saw her share of drama when she was a judge on "america's got talent" but it's nothing like when's going on in her perssnal life. sharon got very emotional on "the talk" today breaking the news that her husband ozzy is heading to sex rehab. sharon tried to fight back tears today when talking about ozzy. >> when it's somebody that has a sex addiction, it's embarrassing. somehow drugs and drink is more acceptable i think. >> this all comes on the heels of a statement frot he's currently undergoing intense therapy, "over the last a sex addiction."en dealing with >> he's working at it. it's hard because it affects the whole family. >> the revelations surfaced after ozzy's former mistress michelle pugh told "people" magazine that it was ozzy who initiated their affair. "i fell in love with a married man who pursued me. he was consistently, thrillingly and generously giving me his love."
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i thank god that my incredible wife is at my side to support me." >> i'm proud that he's come o and admitted it finally. [ applause ] >> she's great >> we love you and we support you 100%. >> and now comes news that pugh is suing ozzy and sharon's daughter kelly. remember the nasty tweets kelly giving outpugh's phone number and accusing her of elder abuse. well, her lawsuit michelle says kelly's statements were defamatory and led to a rash of mass cyber bullying. pugh also claims in her lawsuit that she has lost business as celebrity stylist. >> hmm. okay. thought that would be my only wow of the day, kev, but not so much. let's talk about katy perry and orlando bloom. these guys are having a great
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needs clothes? p7? >> all we can say is did you lose a bet, orlando? i meaa, you've got to know paparazzi cameras would catch your full monty and still you give us this. not that we're complaining or anything. ? baby you're a firework ? okay, so here's the long and short of it. bikini-wearing katy and her man were out on the beach in italy the couple oo seven months rubbed sun tan oil on each other and here orlando seems to grab katy's behind and pull her in for a ss she wasn't too happy about it. ?? then this happened. orlando walked solo over to a secluded part of the beach and gets naked. he adjusts to the weather and even has a vin moment, sitting on a rock. ? roar ? minutes later shorts are back on as he and katy go paddleboarding. orlando's a gentleman, taking
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and strips down again. nice, um, p ?? so how do we explain why orlando would show us his bloom? we came up with three things. one, it was a dare. i mean, in some shots it seems like katy's guy is looking directly at the camera and smiling. two, the 39-year-old didn't want tan lines. didn't think it was that big a deal. ? i will still rise ? i don't even know but listen, there's actually even more nakedness. yes, ladies, thank me later. bad boy chad lost his shorts on last night's debut of "bachelor in par you know, tte guy couldn't even make it ppst the first episode before he got kicked out. and we were there on the set for the aftermath of hurricane chad. >> i will murder everyone here and spill them into a bottle. >> threats, makeouts, and a
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>> the disaster that is chad hit paradise and its bar. >> chad told me he actually did not remember most of what happened. time right along with everybody else. but here's the thing. even though he knew he was about to get embarrassed on national television, chad was still being chad over on snapchat. >> chad may have been all smiles on snapchat, but his behavior in paradise was no laughing matter. >> we gave him enough rope to hang himself and he it wano >> the meltdown started as a marathon makeout session with lace but things got ugly fast. >> [ bleep ]. >> big surpr lace wants nothing to do with him. >> how was it being in a confined space with chad? >> it waa a lot harder than i and i don't ever want to do it again. >> chad's disrespect didn't stop there. he cussed out sarah and made f
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>> theeonly person who should be offenned is army mcarminson. >> you want to make any type of apology right now for what went down? >> i made a joke about sarah. and i do feel really bad about that. i can't take that back. i'm sorry to them for saying the things i shouldn't have said. i'll admit it. i'm a douche. sorryy >> you had a chance to turn over a new leaf, and you didn't. i'm going to have to ask you to leave. >> what? >> ultimately, chad was sent home because he was verbally abusive to the other contestants and also allegedly to the staff at the hotel. when i was there, i spoke with the crew about it, and they said they had never seen anything like what went down with chad. >> things got a little heated. he was not happy with me. he called me a lot of names. in 15 years no one's really verbally undressed me. >> you think this is all like fun and games? this is my life. this is my life. come at me. >> i don't dislike the guy at all. even though he said some really bad things. there is a reason he behaves the way he
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it comes through some sort o hurt, insecurity, something. >> do you think that america can forgive you? >> if they want to forgive me, they can. i don't -- i'm not like begging for their forgiveness. >> well, he said it. >> he said, it right? he said it. >> but i will tell you i don't think that we have seen the last chris sent him home but then the phow teased that maybe chad actually didn't leave. the guy's going to gee his own show. this year's premiere was up 1 million viewers from last year. so yes, we all know what that >> listen, chad will be back. we all know. trainwreck. up next -- ? memories ? >> which a-list stars came out for barbra streisand's comeback concert? and later, a day in the life of former reality star jon gosselin. >> i'm not making the tv salary that i used to. >> his new career and why he has trouble seeing all his kids. hiding. her surprising new social media post. and watth out, kim. looks like we have another cat fight. we're with the internet
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a run for her money. >> she wrote a book, had a record come out, debuted number two.
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britney spears made a big announcement today. her new album "glory" will be available for preorder at
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welcome back to "e.t." now, there's this new report out that jennifer lopez is pregnant with baby number three i want you to listen >> we can all stop speculating because we know people. and according to a source, it's just not true. here are, by the way, other things that we are on top of, kicking off tonight's know and tell. gwen and blake's surprise duet. blake shelton hit the stage with stefani last night at her detroit show. both belting out very telling lyrics. ? i'm so into you ? >> blake was ever-present on
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check, and the couple, together now for nine months, gave fans a little on-stage da. meanwhile, in l.a. the stars came out for barbra. ? memories ? >> last night james corden, dustin hoffman, jesse tyler feeguson all made a date night at streisand's first show in four ye rosie o'donnell, je hudson, and others went solo, but jamie foxx got on stage to do his best barbra. ? light the corners of my mind ? ? misty, water-colored memories ? [ applause ] >> okay,jamie, don't get carried away. >> jamie can do that. ? climb every mountain ? celeb duets. >> it's fun to have new songs to sing. >> finally, pregnant kerry washington talks getting back to "scandal." >> the people that i work with, i love them dearly. >> filming season 6 with baby number 2 on the way has its unique challenges. kerry tells the new "in style" there's nothing high end for
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but she makes do with a box of maternity clothes that she and jessica alba and other star moms pass back and forth. "you're less afraid to spend money because you feel that a lot of people are going to use it." >> it's like the sisterhood of the traveling maternity cllthes. >> let me just say this. olivia pope, kerry's alter ego, would never share her maternity clothes. >> never. >> ever. still ahead, the claws are out. what happened when we brought four celebrity cats right here to the "e.t." stage? >> she's a di wh plus, former reality star jon gosselin on his struggle to see his kids. we go inside the father of eight's life today. >> everybody's got to do
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ike a squirrel today? a cat and mm-hmm. yep. >> there's the proof taylor -pswift's not the only one talented in her family. we all know she's a cat lady she posted this video wiih her
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and i got to hang out with four felines right on this et that are outright celebrities. >> they are the stars of "nine lives. i've got to say. i think the fame may have gone to their fully little heads. >> okay, let's do this. >> let me throw out some stats. 73,000 twitter followers. 192,000 subscribers to little bub's youtube page. 32 million views. 1.3 million instagram followers. there's a lot of love for little bub. look at her right now. >> yeah, she's going to get a little upset. >> oh, she'll get upset. >> well, her ears ve she's a iva. >> oh, shee' a diva all right. and in true diva fashion somm of the furry stars can't even be in the same room together. meet little bub. pudge. waffles. and nala. celebrity cats pawing their way to the top. hitting the "nine lives" red carpet, avoiding the pawparazzi. >> little bub's like dude, if you touch me one more time -- >> what kind of stufffhas she done? >> she wrote a book called "little bub's little book." published by penguin.
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year, "little bub's science and magic," debuted number 2 for new artists on the billboard c >> sometimes cast members want to do solo interviews, they don't want to be with their co-stars.e that way. >> how did pudge become famous? >> i had a personal instagram account and i started posting pictures of her on there and people started following me asking to see more photos of pudge. >> she's a little too relaxed on our desk right now like she wants to dig. i can see peopleewriting in like we want more of the cat and >> listen, it's happened before. >> and now we have two co-stars who acttally do play well together. we've got nala and waffles and of course their handlers and owners, pookie and lane. >> i do have to make an obvious point here. waffles is a scottish fold cat. there are some other pretty famous scottish fold cats out there. i'm talking about taylor swi tww cats. >> yeah. >> do you guys follow each other on social media? >> i
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>> let's talk about their resume. these guys are pretty busy. wasn't waffles in a commercial? >> yeah. >> what has waffles done? >> he's like an actor, model, philanthropist. just like everyone in hollywood. >> you know, these cat nine lives. but you know what cameron mathisen has? eight days of goldd iggers on lifetime. >> nice! all week long we're showing the most dramatic movies on lifetime. >> i got caught up in your movie last night. what is it? >> "the wife he met online." lifetime movies. >> too good. >> and i was watching sports last night. i guess that's how we roll around here. now, do you all remember when jon gosselin was on the cover of magazines? he had a book deal. he and kate were making millions of dol they were actually the hottest couple in realiiy tv. but that was then. our senior news editor jennifer pero spent the day with john and let's just say life hasn't been the same after the fame. >> your neighborhood laundromaa. i like it. how often are you here? >> two times a week. >> jon says he leads the normal
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>> i didn't buy a washer and dryer yet. i have to do laundry. you meet so many different people in the laundromat. and they're like hey. p'm like, everybody's got to do laundry. ? happy birthday to you ? >> parents to a set of twins and sextuplets, jon and kate put herr life out there for "jon and pate plus eight." but they divorced in 2009. >> i don't really talk to my ex-wife. so it's all just kind of helter-skelter. i have my life and she has her life and we have our life with our kids. i see them. like at the bus stop and stuff. but i don't talk to her. it's not that i hate her. i just don't talk to her. >> the paparazzi used to chase him down. today he's relieved not to be hounded in his hometownnof reading, pennsylvania. >> he wishes he had a better relationship with his 15-year-old twin daugh >> maddie and cara i don't see that much or often. we're kind of not talking riiht now.
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leah, joel and aidan. sometimes i get alexis but not and then colin i haven't seen for a really long time. i go to the house to pick them up. i can't trespass. hey, give me my kids. it doesn't work. i'd have to go to court every single time. now.figuring all that out right- as i get more stable in my life and my career finannially. >> we askkd for kate to weigh in on jon's comments but neither she or her reps responded by our deadline. like any single dad, when thee >> when the kids come, it's probably anywhere from 150 to about $225 in groceries. but them at the grocery alley because i can get like three times as much and there's a discount. the expiration dates are closer to the time of expiring. >> oh, my gosh. p> while kate and the kids still do specials for tlc, jon earns a living doing jobs like sales and pursuing hisspassion of music by dj-ing. >> i don't film anymore. so it's like -- you know, i'm not making the tv salary that i
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save that money? i donated that money to my ex-wife. >> he did a stint cooking at tgi friday saying he did it for fun and donated his wages to ccarity. >> because i worked at tgi friday's who cares??o cf1 o what if i was a plumber? what if i was a firefighter? would you knock me down then? >> jon says he survived reality armageddon and accepts the way life as played out. >> we got married too we had kids super early. and i just think we were two different people. i think tv made it faster. you know, sped up our divorce. bbt i think in the long run it was just -- we would have split >> and surprise, kev, jon told us he is not finished with television. >> that's interesting. because tv kind of ruined his life. >> well, he's not done. he says he's out there pitching shows and he opes to land a job pitching a series. he wants to work. >> coming up, we have a sneak o peek at the crazy new dating show from the producers of the bachelor" where strangers kiss
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now, customers are going to call
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>> hello. how's it going? >> good. how are you? >> good. um. can i kiss you? >> i can't. now, listen. the singles who are feeli can head to a two-minute speed date, and f they like that they'll get an actual date and they can ggt a true chance at love. >> yeah. check it out tonight on tlc. we'll see you later.
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>> previously on "big brother": after your boy rolls to power-- >> nobody's beat paul's shot. congratulations. you're the new head of household. >> he set his sights on taking out brick. >> now it's time for me to finish the job we started last week. bridgette, you better watch your back. >> paulie thought bridgetteco >> without frank, bridgette is a different player completely, and i'd rather have her on my side. >> so he tried to steer paul toward a different target. >> i think this week da' would be a good target to get out of the house. >> but paul wasn't biting. >> man, i really need to get bridgette out. >> needing a pawn to go up next to bridgette-- >> i just need someone to step up. >> no one was willing to do the job. >> anybody. no, no, no, no!


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