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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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possibility sexually assaulted. police sources describe karina vetrano as strong, quick and smart. at this point they believe she was surprised by her attacker, believing at this early stage of the investigation that this was possibly a crime of opportunity, and she did not know her killer. a massive police presence covers 161st avenue nearly 48 hours after karina vetrano was murdered. her devastated father returned to the crime scene this his daughter's killer. police say he was the one who found her body, face down off this unpaved trail they would typically run together, but tuesday around 5:00 p.m., against his wishes, she ran here without him and never came home. >> it's even worse to see your daughter like that helpless. >>reporter: david consoley lives a few feet away from the nypd's mobile command center where dozens of officers gathered again today to search for evidence, a scene he calls
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to bury their chiel, an, you know, especially that way. >>reporter: vertrano an avid runner left home tuesday for a jog nearby on a trail in the spring creek federal park land near the belt parkway. when she did not come back, her father got worried and called a police chief who lives in the neighborhood for help. later that evening he and investigators found her body, strang isled to death and possibly sexually assaulted. her clothing removed an torn. community on edge. >> we're just really, really very scared, and we hope that justice will be done for the family. >>reporter: police sources say a single sneaker and vertrano's headphones are missing. we're told detectives are questioning everyone who knew her, including an ex-boyfriend from queens, but so far are leaning towards vertrano being in the wrong place at the wrong time. sources say so far they've not found a motive of someone
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her onto the trail. and back out here live, you can see all the police officers on the scene at this hour still searching for her killer. police sources say although they're leaning towards this being a crime of opportunity, they are still going through her phone which they did find near her body, checking for any potential threats or enemies and loved ones on social media are remembering vertrano as not just a jogger but also a dedicated speech pathologist, friend abdaughter. reporting live this noon in howard beach, queens, andrea >> andrea, thank you. police in london say the person kill in a stabbing rampage was an american woman. she was one of six people attacked yesterday in russell square. cbs 2's jonathan vigliotti has more on what investigators uncovered about the suspect. >>reporter: police arrived within minutes and tasered the suspect who attacked several people with knife, killing an american woman in her 60s. five other people are wounded, including another american. >> it was clear.
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the person that was lying on the ground. >>reporter: police have not released the name of the suspect, but say he is a norwegian citizen of somali descent. investigators have interrogated him and interviewed his family. they believe he was mentally ill abnot carrying out a terror attack. >> i emphasize that so far we have found no evidence of radicalization that would suggest that the man in our custody is in anyway motivated by terrorism. >>reporter: london's popular russell square which is close to landmarks, including the british museum, and is popular with tourists and students. the violence comes within hours of london police announcing a plan to put an additional 600 armed officers on patrol. typically police in the u.k. do not carry guns. british authorities are urging the public to be vigilant following islamic state terror attacks across europe. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, london. >> the other victims injured in
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expected to recover. the nypd is investigating a deadly stabbing on long island. the victim was found with multiple stab wounds around 1:45 this morning in a waterfront area behind the ferry terminal an the ballpark. police are talking to a person of interest who they say also has a puncture wound. police sources say it does not appear robbery is the motive, but unclear if the two men knew each other. there are more than 500zik oo cases in new york, all travel related, but with peop mosquitoes down in florida, there's a concern now it could spread. weijia jiang reports from miami. florida officials are attacking from the air, trying to wipe out the mosquitoes that carry the zika virus. >>reporter: spraying from the air to try to stop the zika virus began early thursday in a 10-square mile area in miami, the target the 80s mosquitoes that's proved tough to get rid of. miami-dade county is using an incorrecticide to spray the bugs from the air.
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5,000 cases of zika have been reported, officials rejected using the chemical over health concerns, but the epa insists the pesticide is safe. the winwood section of miami is considered ground zero for health officials. at least 15 cases of locally- transmitted zika have been reported in south florida. [ engine noise ] >>reporter: the attack on zika from the ground is also being ramped up, but health officials ackle the national institute of health is now testing a zika vaccine that uses dna, similar to research on other mosquito- borne viruses, including west nile. 80 healthy volunteers are involved in the first round of testing. if successful, up to 5,000 more could be tested starting in january. dr. anthony fouchi says stalled funding in congress could compromise the research. >> the president asked for $1.9
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at greatest risk because zika can cause devastating birth defects. all pregnant women in florida can now be tested for free. in miami, weijia jiang, cbs 2 news. >> earlier this week the cdc advised pregnant women to avoid the winwood area because of zika concerns. police predict a tragic end to a dramatic getaway attempt. the search continues in new jersey for a man who swam into the sewer system trying to outrun officers. cbs 2's hazel sanchez is live in newark with more. hazel. >>reporter: newark police and fire are continuing their search for that escaped suspect right here on division street in downtown newark. you can see there is an active scene right behind me. but the focus today continues to be the sewer system. we've been watching as they have been going down into the manholes, searching for any sign of the suspect. we watched as crews sent down a camera into the sewer system, one of the possible escape routes the suspect may have
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stop, and then ran off, jumping into the passaic river. fire boats spotted him holding onto pilings and then swimming into a new york sewage basin. that was the last they saw of him, and it's believed he may have made his way into the sewer tunnels that go right into the city. police sent in a special robot camera into the tunnels, but they say they didn't see anything, then high tide rolled in, filling those tunnels with water and the search was push >> we're going to continue to check the storage system. we have to wait. we're going to bring in a cadaver dogs and let them sniff around an hopefully they'll give us some -- and hopefully they'll give us some indication. >>reporter: police have not released the identity of the suspect, but they say they are reaching out to that suspect's family to see if he contacted anyone. police say what began as a rescue mission yesterday, though, may turn into a
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sanchez, cbs 2 news. >> hazel, thank you. the nypd is also trying to find the people behind a credit card fraud ring. the nypd says the two people seen here are the latest caught on camera using stolen credit card numbers of nearly 60 people in queens from may to july. many of the victims had accounts at the ridgewood savings bank. police say eight thieves in total used the credit card information to buy more than $30,000 worth of merchandise at stores in east new york and brownsville, brooklyn. ahead on cbs noon, inside an emergency. shocking video passengers scrambling to get their luggage from overhead bins instead of evacuating from a plane crash. and we'll update you on the condition of a little girl who had complicated surgery to remove a massive tumor from her face. vanessa. >> some clouds out there right now, but still a gorgeous day, and we will see more sun as the day progresses. coming up we'll talk about how the forecast changes as we make
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american investigators are helping probe that fiery crash landing of an emirates jet in dubai. amazingly all 300 people on board got out. cbs 2's chris van cleef has video from inside the plane in the middle of that emergency. >>reporter: cell phone video shows the chaotic evacuation of
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after the boeing 777 crash landed in dubai, what appears to be smoke starts to fill the cabin. the captain is heard telling the crew to evacuate, but watch as passengers first stop to get -- stop to get their bags from the overhead bins. >> leave the plane! >>reporter: a flight attendant tells flyers to hurry out of the plane. >> don't, don't, don't! >>reporter: as this passenger exits through a slide, another slide closer to the seen improperly deployed. the nearby engine is already on fire. all 300 people on board, including six americans got out before this fireball quickly engulfed the plane. a firefighter on the ground died trying to put out those flames. the plane was seen skidding on its belly before coming to a halt, leaving a big question, what happened to the landing gear? >> i can confirm that up to --
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that. >> separate evacuation tests -- >>reporter: this is video of an a-380 super jumbo jet to be evacuated. to be certified for service, airbus had to show it could be cleared in 90 second ors less with half of its exits blocked. a five-member team from the ntsb is joining the investigation. the focus will be recovering those black boxes. the airline says it has ruled out terrorism in this incident. chris van cleve, cbs news, the crew member, only a handful of minor injuries were reported. an update on a little girl we told you about yes. 1-year-old sandy diaz from queens has undergone a complicated surgery to remove a life-threatening tumor on her face. doctors at lenox hill hospital performed the surgery yesterday. they say everything went according to plan with no nerve damage and little sandy is doing well. they expect she'll be able to function normally once her recovery is complete. >> that is great news there. that's for sure.
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anniversary. ? ? >> we will go back in time when a song and a dance craze swept the nation. sticky, steamy weather is going to make a comeback. vanessa murdock will let us
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and start gathering the information you need
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a landmark anniversary for a pop culture phenomenon. this week in 1996 a one-hit wonder took the top spot at the billboard charts and had us waving our arms and shaking our hips. >> while i finish this, mary, go ahead. 20 years later it's a lot of fun. it may be a little pem basserring to look back at the mania over the "macarena." tony has more. >>reporter: wednesday night in the bronx, yankee stadium echo of the summer of '96. ? ? >> "macarena" night. >>reporter: bobby mercer was at the mic when 50,000 fans at the old yankee stadium danced the "macarena." >> new york now has the record. ? ? >>reporter: it was an english language remix of a latin chart single by a group called los del rio. the video featured hands to head to hips dance moves that were easy to learn. "macarena" spent 14 weeks atop
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>> it was everywhere. everywhere. >> i remember dancing to it at my wedding. ? ? >>reporter: at the '96 democratic convention, hillary clinton clapped along as delegates danced the night away, on city street ises, senior citizens. construction workers, and tourists all joined the "macarena" craze. >> it united everybody, old, young, everybody did it. ? ? >>reporter: so this is the part of the story where the reporter do right? ? ? >>reporter: i prefer the al gore version. >> i've been watching you doing that "macarena" on television. >>reporter: the v.p. in '96 poked fun at his stiff image with a motionless "macarena." >> would you like to see it again? >>reporter: the "macarena" had its moments and the beat goes on in our memories. in the bronx, tony iello, cbs 2 news. ? ? >> the beat goes on here too.
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it's time now for your exclusive cbs 2 forecast. vanessa murdock is in for john elliot today. let's talk about another back- to-back beautiful day outside. >> absolutely. we're going to make it three tomorrow. so spectacular weather out there today. a few more clouds at the moment, but as the day progresses, we'll start to see more sunshine revealing itself. let's check in with our weather watchers to see how temperatures are warming. we started off in the 50s and 60s this morning. now we're right around that 80- degree mark. we've got 83 out in islip, let's show you some beautiful photos. this is likely what it looked like a little earlier this morning because now we're seeing more clouds. bright blue skies, this in brooklyn, perfect says elena and this one, from the delaware river, not a cloud in sight says charlie hoffman, but plenty of sunshine to allow for a reflection on the river. and this one from walter sintron, a few clouds there starting to get in the mix. again, just like yesterday, we did have these clouds arn, but
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were pristine yet again. live outside right now 75 degrees, mostly cloudy, calm winds, relative humidity at 66%. it feels fabulous out there. across the region, yes, most of us in the 70s, mid- to upper 70s, a couple of us in the 80s right now. dewpoints in the 50s and low 60s. this is what we would call the comfortable range. tomorrow we'll start to feel it, by saturday it will be uncomfortable out there. saturday highs close to 90, it will feel like low- pretty much where we should be with that low humidity. it feels awfully good outside. as far as your health forecast goes, your uv index is 9 today. that's a burn time of just 15 minutes. so please wear that sunscreen, those shades as well. pollen count medium to high with predominant pollens being grasses, plan tain and nedle. humidity holding steady today, so is the barometer, beautiful blue skies courtesy of high pressure. that remains the case tomorrow
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sunshine, clouds not easy to see here, but we know they're out there. they're low in the sky so the satellite having trouble picking up on them. this action you see out to the west is what rolls through on saturday, bringing us showers and storms. between now and then, it is a lovely forecast with low humidity and lots of sun. so let's take a look. for today 82 degrees, mostly sunny on average. tonight mainly clear and 68. still comfortable. that will be 50s in the suburbs, so crisp start to your friday. by afternoon it's 84 and mosy late friday into saturday. saturday sticky and stormy, definitely not the best half of the weekend. sunday looking great, 86, mostly sunny with decreasing humidity and that trend continues into early next week. >> time to climb up to the hot temperatures. >> exactly. it'll be fun. >> thank you. thnchts week's dining deal is all about pizza but with an interesting twist. >> tony tantillo has their secret. from this beautiful wood burning pizza oven, a perfectly
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temptation at pn wood fired pizza in the flatiron district. and there's something else that says this sleekly designed space apart. >> everyday they can choose between two or three different doughs that have been aged for at least five days. >>reporter: p.n. is actually owned by a flour company, making this is new concept into how to make pizza. so people can pick your crust, you can pick your dough and then you make the pizza from that? >> exactly. >>reporter: wow! a the simple margarita. this traditional $16 pie is made with mozzarella, tomato sauce, a touch of olive oil and a special ingredient. i also tried the special $19 pie topped with beautiful thin- sliced speck ham. >> we made a puree and mozzarella. >>reporter: i'm going to eat all this. they also offered a great selection of salads. >> this is called a caprino
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>>reporter: for $16, it's also made with pear and arugala. i also got to sample the grilled eggplant parmesan, a real value at $14. >> it's grilled, it's not fried, so it's lighter. >>reporter: delicious. and finally the specialty of the house, truffled meatballs. very flavorful. not overpowering, but perfect. a great value for $16. grass i can't this right now. >> i'll take one of each. they look delicious >> whe ordered it, did he say, hey, macarena? >> the p.n. wood fired pizza is locate at 228th street. you don't have to do the dance to go along with it. we'll be back, stay with
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coming up on cbs 2 news tonight beginning at 5:00, we've seen studies that say coffee is good for you and coffee is bad for you. what's the truth? the one thing that could make the difference in each of us. >> i'm going to side with the coffee is good for you. then coming up at 6:00, a local fire department lieutenant suspended for what
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dallas police shootings. the controversial social media post that could cost him his job. those stories and much more tonight on cbs 2 news beginning at 5:00. that's going to do it for us here at noon. for vanessa and the entire cbs news team, thanks for joining us, i'm chris wragge. >> and i'm mary calvi. cbs 2 news is back at 5:00. we'll see you again tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30.
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>> cane: i'm envisioning pushing brash & sassy's market further into the pacific northwest where there's a market share we can still capitalize on. now, what i'm thinking is, the analytics suggest that we take local pro sports stars and we couple them with models wearing brash -- billy. you listening? >> billy: yeah. yeah, cane, i heard every boring word you said. >> cane: okay. so what do you got there? is that the marketing plan? >> billy: it's a board meeting agenda for jack and neil's foundation. >> cane: really? so you're on the board now, huh? since when? when did that happen? >> billy: this afternoon if they vote me in, which they will. what's that face for? >> cane: nothing. i'm just, uh, trying to figure out why all of a sudden you became so interested in charity, that's all. >> phyllis: thank you. i will take a look at this before the board meeting. >> jack: you busy?


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