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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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with john elliott in the weather center. john? >> hey thank you mary, good afternoon everybody. the concerning is we could have -- concern is we could have a repeat of the storms with the heat and humidity. 89 is the air temperature reading but that doesn't tell the whole story. factor if the humidity it feels like 102 in the city. you have heat index values already in excess of 1 is hundred around the area. -- 100 around the area. it's an excessive heat warning for the city and also parts of northern new jersey. and into nassau county and around hi sunday. a good part of the weekend. it's a heat advisory for the rest of us. real quickly we'll show you there's not a whole lot going on right now as far as the potential for those storms. but we wait and watch. you have got this heat engine continuing to bring in the warm air out of the southwest. as we work our way into the afternoon and the critical evening hours for the yankees and giants, we're mindful of the possibility of some of these storms. it's going to be a very close call for evening activities.
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discharge and brief heavy rain as well. we'll have more of your forecast in a bit. right now though back to the desk. john thanks so much. the wind and heavy rain caused enough damage to leave hundreds of homes in westchester county without electricity. cbs2's janelle burrell is live in yonkers for us. janelle? >> reporter: well, imagine an afternoon like today without power. that was the case for a lot of people here in yonkers this morning but we just found out moments ago that these coned crews have been working steadily overnight into the they just have turned back power on to this area of yonkers. after that tree came crashing down on to a car and transformer on one of the most uncomfortable days of the season. the gust of wind and pounding rain toppling a huge tree directly onto the car right in its path. smashing it like a wrecking ball and destroying a transformer. >> we had like -- lightning bolts in our -- >> it was a blue flash.
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>> explosion of sound. >> reporter: it happened just outside of enrico and alex's home on grove street in yonkers around 12:30 this morning, they say when the tree fell they actually saw the electricity surging inside. >> it was like having a lightning strike in the house. >> yeah -- >> that's what it was like. >> blue flash. >> i found a charred -- there's an outlet for a phone. totally charged all black. all burned. >> reporter: the e out power to more than 850 coned customers in their community. the car totaled. a casualty of the unstable weather system. >> i'm praying for snow. >> reporter: denise fleming who admits she doesn't function well over 70 degrees says she's equipped for today with an umbrella and water. >> hydrate. you must hydrate. >> reporter: prepared for the long walk home from work. after that, she plans to hunker down until the humidity breaks. >> the rest of the day, the rest of the weekend. [ laughter ] i'm not going out
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>> reporter: the sweltering dew point unbearable for some commuters especially those on the subway where the platform temperatures can be oppress i. >> it's -- oppressive. >> it's unbelievable. this is crazy. it's amazing but it's really great that we have trains now with more air-conditioning. >> reporter: they're just hoping crews work quickly to have that same relief in their homes on grove street. but they are relieves the tree didn't do more damage. >> very lucky. we were very lucky. >> reporter: back live. another look at those coned crews who are finishing their work up here on grove street. again we just found out that power has been restored to the 8 # 50 plus customers -- 850 plastiques whenevers who were without after the -- plus customers who were without. appreciative of the crews for getting the power back on in time. reporting live this afternoon
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cbs2 news. >> janelle thank you. and stay with cbs2 and for continuing coverage of this oppressive hot and humid weather. john elliott will be back in a few minutes with your weekend forecast. now to a vicious attack caught on camera in the bronx. the suspect seen throwing a man in his 70s down the stairs. cbs2's steve langford is live in the claremont section where he spoke to the victim. >> reporter: 12:00 noon yesterday here at the park east and an older gentleman is returning home here heading the stairs followed by a suspect who was unusually violent and slick. the suspect in blue, suddenly turns around and pushes the 74- year-old man. groceries and cane in hand, down the stairs. then rifled through the victim's pockets before kicking him and leaving. the day after, he says his head and shoulder are hurting. but otherwise, he is in good spirits. >> he didn't take any money or
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>> he was screaming super but the suspect was also calling superintendenter. >> reporter: the building superintendent is seen on video running into the fleeing suspect who's pretending to call for help for the victim. >> he -- he kind of tricked me into thinking that the old man fell. >> reporter: the suspect then ran as the super rushed up the stairs to check on the victim. but surveillance cameras caught a clear straight on shot of the suspect's face. and the building has just suspect. police describe him as a male black, 6'3" and a blue t-shirt and black shorts and black sneakers. live in the claremont section of the bronx, steve langford, cbs2 news. >> the nypd is also looking for a man who assaulted a woman in riverside park on the upper west side last friday. police released is this sketch of the suspect. accused of attacking a woman at 5:20 in the morning near 107th street. he put her in a head lock and she hit him in the groin.
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lock again. the woman bit him on the lip and he ran. the women we spoke to praised the victim for reacting the way she did and police described suspect as hispanic between 20 and to years old and plus -- 30 years old and muscular with brown curly hair. business owners on the upper east side are on alert this morning as a serial arsonist struck three times this month alone. he targeted a consignment shop on 81st street for a second time last week. surveillance video from july 26th shows the suspect throwing several pieces of cardboard in front of the shop and before igniting it. people walking by called 911. he also tried setting fire to a door of a dry cleaner on 782nd street. alex rodriguez will suit up for the last time in pinstripes. cbs2's andrea grymes spoke with fans about his career. >> i love him and i hate him. >> reporter: a range of emotions from fans as the door closes tonight on alex rodriguez's polarizing playing career as a new york yankee.
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but it's bittersweet. yes. >> he's an icon. it's a shame. we've had highs and lows with him in general it's been great for new york. >> reporter: rodriguez's time as a bronx bomber has been like a roller coaster ride since he arrived from the rangers back in 2004. he's only four homers shy of 700. a three-time american league mvp. and a crucial member of the yanks. but for all the accomplishments, a-rod was known for drama on and off the field. in large part due to his steroid use and suspension for the entire 2014 season. >> i don't really like him. he cheated. he did drugs, so i don't really like him. >> everybody makes mistakes in life. so -- but we can't judge him. >> reporter: on sunday, the team and a-rod announced the last game would be tonight against tampa bay. not much of a farewell tour
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beloved derek jeter. >> you can't compare the two, without a doubt no. >> reporter: the yankees will stay pay him his millions as he transitions to special adviser and instructor for young players through december of next year. while this is the end of his playing career in the bronx, rodriguez has never said he's retiring from the field for good. he could end up playing for another team. the 41-year-old third baseman says for now though he's focusing on tonight. >> it's going to be strange and s fans of new york. they've been so good to me. through thick and thin. >> reporter: there will be a special pre-game ceremony here at the stadium tonight to honor rodriguez. the game was pushed back about a half hour to accommodate it so first pitch now will be at 7:35. outside yankees stadium, andrea grymes, cbs2 news. >> joe girardi turned down the request to play third base for his final two games saying they're still in the playoff
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work in that position. a lot more to come here on cbs2 news at noon. a child is hurt on a pennsylvania amusement park romer coaster. >> a flight to craft forced to land -- california forced the make an emergency landing. >> plus michael phelps wins another gold and sets a new
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roller coaster at a pennsylvania park. the boy was riding with his brother when he fell from a height of around 12 feet. landing on the tracks, extent of the injuries unknown but we're told he was conscious and speaking to family members when he was taken to the hospital. the ride which was built in 1938 had just passed an inspection on saturday. a cross-country flight forced to make an emergency landing in south dakota. 22 passengers were hurt when the aircraft hit turbulence. >> reporter: jet blue passengers arrived safely in sacramento friday morning following a midair scare. the plane hit severe turbulence last night over the midwest and suddenly dropped. >> i went flying way up in the air. and my laptop flew way up in the air. and there were stuff flying. >> i was buckled in but the lady next to me was starting to fly. and then -- the guys behind us had hit the overhead compartment and it cracked and you can see where it cracked.
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boston around 5:30 thursday evening en route to sacramento. because of the turbulence crew members diverted the plane to rapid city, south dakota. >> this is going to be on airbus 320 coming in. eta is less than ten minutes now. they said they have newspaper courthouse injuries on the flight due to turbulence. >> i felt like the tower of terror. >> reporter: passenger eileen lynch and an emergency nurse, she and a doctor on board helped passengers. >> we both went to the back of th stewardesses were injured. another young child was injured and several people hit their heads. >> reporter: at least 2 the passengers and -- 2 # 2 passengers and two crew members went to the hospital with minor injuries. marlie hall, cbs2 news. can you imagine living for hundreds of years? why the discovery of a shark in the arctic circle could help scientists unlock the secret of a long life. >> and john elliott has a steamy forecast. >> yeah if you're not careful this weather will certainly age you. so we're going to talk about some things you need to do to stay safe and smart.
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remember - these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. new research has found that some greenland sharks may be older than the united states. scientists estimate the sharks
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to about 400 years old. >> charlie d'agata is in london with how this could help scientists learn more about aging in humans. >> what is that? >> wow. >> you want to turn around? >> reporter: they've been lurking in the depths for centuries. looking more like half blind weather beaten rocks than killer sharks. in the ice cold waters of the arctic in north atlantic, they prey mostly on smaller fish. their only predator is other greenland sharks. determined the ages of this sharks by looking deep into their eyes. the lens is made up of proteins that build up over time. using radiocarbon dating they were able to count them out like rings on a tree and estimated the largest shark was most likely 392 years old. give or take 120 years. one says they found one important time stamp. >> and they can see carbon initially going to the 19 60s when nuclear bombs were being
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can see the radiation in the eyes there and we can go deeper and estimate that it's 300, 400 years when the sharks were actually born. >> reporter: that's before george washington was but a twinkle in his father's eye. in fact, around the same time, the actual galileo started staring up at the stars. and understanding the greenland shark's secret to a long life might help with our own longevity. >> well, these sharks are still hundreds. and attacking their prey, eating it and living to them it's a normal life. and so we have to learn from them and if we can learn from these outliers, hopefully each of us can live better. >> reporter: maybe a varied diet is the key. the sharks have been found with the remains of polar bears and even a moose in their stomachs. the gobble up just about anything that slides off the ice. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> makes you wonder how they get to a moose. -- to a moose. >> who is throwing the moose in
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>> that's a good question mary. >> follow that up tomorrow. time now for the exclusive forecast with cbs2, let's bring in john elliott right now. he was kind of moving around little gingerly there wasn't he? >> gave him a break. >> clearly refiled to start -- we need to start swimming. let's head out to the island. maybe you are. this group can always count on mike busch with that keen eye and that green lens to send in a beautiful sunrise shot from this morning, love that. from bell por let's head in and look at there already 91 levittown but this nice picture from tom and that is why i'm going to say -- he's watching her. i tell you high rip current risk on the south facing beaches. you know that water is busy. so make sure -- i mean you are having fun, but you do have to use the buddy system. elaina sent this this in briana. first fit day in the shade and
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know she's hydrated from charlie. another great shot from charlie. the concern with the kind of storms we're dealing with a lot of lift in the atmosphere, you can get lightning. we have the potential for that later today and tonight. in the city right now, it's steamy. yeah i tell you what it's just take yourself seriously take the heat seriously. seek shaders force fluids if you're thirsty it's too late and you can get dehydrated. kidney stone weather as well. mostly sunny and 89 and winds are variable already for the jersey shore. 8ableen greenwich and look at -- 87 at greenwich and look at philly, it's 92 there. the heat index in the city right now is 102 degrees. numbers for you today we're shooting for 93. ten degrees above normal. not a record here, sunset's at 7:57. some records, well let's see. i believe islip has already tied the record. don't think we'll see a record
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89. probably miss it by three, four degrees but clearly when you factor in the humidity, it feels warmer than the standing records. high rip current risk south facing beaches. moderate rip current risk for the jersey shore and play it safe. keep that skin covered too. uv forecast is high at a 9. pollen is up a bit from yesterday. air quality suffering too. humidity stays high. barometer steady. want the dive right into the futurecast to show you into the afternoon, few isolated storms the concern is going to be potential for flooding. this is around game time tonight. for the giants and the yankees. rain is in the area stronger storms overnight tonight. saturday, we do anticipate less activity sunday, more hacksivity -- saturday, more activity sunday but remember saturday is going to be the peak heat of the weekend. >> watch out. stephanie tantillo is in the kitchen right now. it's sweet and sour cooked
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temperature or cold. >> the good thing is you start off with the onions and you want to get them nice and translucent and then you begin to build on it. so after that, i added in the eggplant which you want to dice up and let drain with some salt for a little bit. and then you slowly build up from there and then i added in a little bit of red pepper and then i added in the superkey knee. once almost completely sauteed you want to add some crust tomatoes or any kind of crushed sweet potatoes. let that cook for about good just like that by itself. but to make it a true one, it has to be like i said acidic and briny. add in the vinegar and capers and olives and a little bit of sugar. i only do maybe about two tablespoons. you can do more or less. but it's important to have it. but now like i said, very acidic with a lot of sharp flavors to it. soften it up and sweeten it up with some fresh basil. and we also have some pine
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dishes all over the place. and you just want to stir it around and once you add in the vinegar a good thing to do if you don't want to keep tasting and tasting is actually just smell the steam. when you stop smelling really vinegar smell and you get the warm tomato it's ready to come off. but a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and we'll go ahead and plate it. now you actually want to let this it is and chill for about 20 minutes. so it's -- room temperature at least if not cold. everybody. thanks for watching. >> all right, stay with us,
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coming up on cbs2 news tonight beginning at 5:00, an unusual crime spree. why thieves are stealing ice cream and where the treats are ending up. then at 6:00, trees planted in memory of apartment. now some are furious -- parking lot. now some are furious they weren't notified. beginning at 5:00. team usa is making history in rio. [ inaudible ] simone manuel has become the first plaque woman to -- black woman to win an individual gold medal in swimming. she tied for first on thursday. she shares the medal and
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penny alexia. and michael phelps continues his olympic dominance. claiming the gold in the men's 200-meter individual medley. he is the only swimmer to win his first four events. in that 200 medley. it's incredible what he's done. won that four times in a row and got four golds to start this. that's incredible. >> for john and the entire cbs2 news team. thank you for joining us. i'm mary calvi. >> and i'm chris wragge. cbs2 news is back at 5:00. we'll see you monday morning at wonderful weekend. >> stay cool. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838
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[ knock on door ] >> nikki: is dylan home? >> sharon: nikki! uh, unfortunately, no, so you'll just have to come back another time. dylan's at work. >> nikki: no, sharon, he definitely is not at work. [ sighs ] you really need to keep better track of your husband. >> victor: do you realize what's at stake? you may lose your little girl for good. >> chloe: as if i don't think about that every minute of every day. >> victor: well, then act accordingly, all right? >> chloe: and by that, you mean bend to your will, right? >> victor: you got that right. >> chloe: [ scoffs ] >> victor: okay? well, if it isn't dylan mcavoy.


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