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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  August 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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factor in the humidity and 95.3 at yankee stadium feels like 107. if you go to the game, i hope you have a seat in the shade. it's a cooker. give everybody at home another picture of that. that's a cool looking picture. we are dealing with a day tomorrow with ha >> the heat is dangerous especially for people living without electricity and air- conditioning. cbs 2's christine sloan is live at far rockaway, queens where a power outage hit a senior center. kristine. >> reporter: these seniors
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almost 24 hours. they just got their power back thank goodness. at least been an excessive heat warning for all five boroughs. the tri-state area, and officials warning people to stay indoors. >> reporter: the water and cooling bus brought in today after a resident says she
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>> backup generator is providing cooling in the common areas. >> reporter: the mayor responding from the office of emergency management where city officials sent out a warning about the heat. >> reporter: more than 500 cooling centers open for those those at home, city officials say keep thermostats at 78 degrees. no air-conditioning on the platform only on the trains. >> you in are traveling on the buses or subway, make sure you're hydrated. bring water with you, et cetera. do what people are doing cool
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>> it's super humid. really thick hard to breathe. check on the elderly neighbors because a lot of the elderly people keep their air- conditioners on. we are following this breaking developing from dutchess county. weather-related. a lightning strike at a pa in poughkeepsie. the town's mayor says five people were struck by a bolt at mansion square park on clinton street. three of the victims have life- threatening injuries we're told. again this lightning strike in poughkeepsie a short time ago. all five victims were rushed to the hospital. governor cuomo has extended the hours at new york's state parks and beaches through the weekend to give people some relief from the heat on long island jones
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sunken meadows and state parks will stay open until 8 p.m. sprinklers will be added to gant try plaza state park in queens and east river state park in brooklyn. fdr state park in westchester will stay open until 6:30 tonight. and 7:30 on the weekend. also, overheating was this manhole in manhattan. smoke rising from an underground fire on east 31st between fifth and madison beneath the car. no word on the cause of the bronx tonight as yankees fans head to the stadium. big crowd expected for the final game in pinstripes of alex rodriguez. >> otis livingston reports. >> it's been a roller coaster ride for 12 years. there was flow middle ground with him.
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people always had an opinion about him. here's a-rod walking into the press conference. he will be the designated hitter and bat third. one place you won't see rodriguez is third base. alex until the field doesn't give the team the opportunity to win games. it's been a roller coaster ride since 2004. two mvps, a world champions and the steroid and suspension. it ends today. >> everyone is excited. i'm excited. you know, you never really prep for this day but here it is. and, um, hopefully, um, i guess enjoy it is. i know i'm going to savor every moment every at bat. >> and as i said earlier there's no in between with the lightning rod. fans certainly have their take and for that side of the story let's go to yankee stadium where steve overmyer hit the streets. >> reporter: a-rod is leaving.
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in our poll, we asked new yorkers to mark on either side of our white board. >> three votes for sad? >> i'm an orioles fan. he is terrible. >> we got another sad. >> glad. >> to the cheating, bro. >> the greatest of all time. >> i don't know who he is. >> who >> alex rodriguez? >> he is a baseball player. >> glad or sad? you. >> put three marks down on that. >> there's a message. ?[ music ]? >> he can change the world. >> he has in a lot of ways. >> i'm sure there's a lot of kids that look up to him.
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don't care. are you happy or sad? >> i don't care. >> he thanks for stopping by. >> how many do you want to write down? >> you're glad he is leaving? >> man. so grad i don't know what to do with myself. >> he is a san francisco -- >> well, i guess you guys know a little bit something about steroids, don't you. are you going to miss a-rod? >> yes. >> how >> it's a great way to wear this suit. >> in all we talk to 112 new yorkers really from all over, using that of course our advanced white board technology and the most votes were for those who said they were sad to see him go. all of them will get another chance to cheer him on tonight as the game will now start at
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from yankee stadium, steve overmyer, cbs 2 news. as you know, a-rod loves drama. wouldn't it be something if he hits four homers tonight and gets to 700 as a yankee? nah. probably won't happen. >> wishful thinking. >> not batting very well and hasn't been in the line-up that much. so it's going to be a tough out for him. >> a dozen seasons? we have been shaking our heads for a dozen seasons. >> what? >> what is this guy doing? how? >> a little bit of everything. >> right. >> including the steroids. aat if he weren't doing that, he had those numbers legitimately that we can go to, it would be a celebration for him right now. >> people are passionate about their views. >> they love or hate him. he is a lightning rod. >> nice science poll there. love it. [ laughter ] >> keep it here for continuing coverage of a-rod's final yankees game. we'll have more for you at 6:00 and a wrap-up after the game tonight at 11. police are looking for the person who gunned down a college student in brooklyn
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tried to stop the bleeding. cbs 2's alice gainer has that story new at 5:00. >> reporter: 22-year-old terrell henry majored in criminal justice at john jay college but early this morning, any dreams he had of a future in the fbi were cut short when he was gunned down. >> my fiance woke me up. we heard shots. >> reporter: abby walker and her boyfriend looked out their window down below and saw henry on the ground bleeding outside their gate. henry's twin brother covering his twin's wounds with his hands. >> i heard him screaming and i thought maybe it was him and i thought that he was conscious but then i realized it was his brother just -- very upset. screaming. >> reporter: police say terrell henry and his twin had been at a party on covert street. henry left to go to this nearby bodega to buy a juice. when he crossed back over, police say he was shot.
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>> reporter: he says he always paid for private schools for his kids to keep them away from any trouble. police say terrell henry had no criminal record. it is unclear if he was targeted. so far, no arrests. in bushwick, brooklyn, alice gainer, cbs 2 news. >> an nypd officer who was nearly killed with a hatchet is thanking the doctors and hospital that saved him. officerne hospital was named a top trauma center in new york city. in october of 2014, a man attacked officer healy with a hatchet leaving him with serious head injuries. >> i feel lucky to be standing here in front of you today. and it's all thanks to the doctors, nurses and staff that were by my side throughout my recovery. >> healy returned to duty and was given the nypd medal of honor. his attacker was shot and
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in a stairwell. a man with a cane shoved down a flight of stairs. what the victim says the would- be robber did to distract the people coming to his rescue. >> criminal caper in the freezer, how thieves are stealing cartons of ice cream. >> a mother's social media plea ends with a sweet discovery on the new jersey turnpike. we love the new york state fair! two words.. piglet races! wine slushees. bonding time. fried everything! there's so many bands. the bands! those pigs are just so cute! cheesecake, on a stick. a rollercoaster! the great new york state fair just got greater. with all new fairgrounds, more rides and more fun. from august 25th to september 5th in syracuse, new york.
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a vicious attack was a robber targets a man in his 70s throwing him down the stairs. then he tried to escape. steve langford spoke with the victim. >> reporter: the suspect in blue shoving 74-year-old man down the stairs. the victim's cane and bags tumbling.
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after his crotona park east apartment. in spite of cuts and bruises to his head and face along with a pair of badly ripped pants. >> he didn't take any money or anything? >> no take nothing. >> reporter: there is more video of the suspect's slick escape. he ran into the building super on the way out and gestures to the man he just attacked. >> he tricked me into thinking the old man fell. >> reporter: the suspect gets away from what has start to finish one smooth performance. beforehand the suspects was hanging out in the robbery shooting the breeze with a deliveryman. when he decided on his target and followed the older man up the stairs here. the cruel attack caught on camera a sobering reminder that security is fleeting. >> i guess we have security cameras here now. so maybe those will be helpful. >> reporter: cameras that captured one clear shot of the suspect's face.
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blue t-shirt with black shorts and black sneakers. >> the old man fought well. >> reporter: respect and relief for the 74-year-old man who seems to have bounced right back. in the claremont section of the bronx, steve langford, cbs 2 news. campaign 2016. and hillary clinton released her tax returns today. donald trump is not but did have more to say about comments he made about the president and the founding of isis. cbs 2's dana tyler in the >> reporter: maurice, donald trump's message today the media is taking him too seriously. now the candidate is saying he didn't mean what he said about president obama's ties to terrorism. yet donald trump is still reinforcing the idea. >> obviously, i'm being sarcastic. but not that sarcastic to be honest. >> reporter: donald trump all over the map today with his claims that president obama founded isis. trump began changing his tune
5:17 pm
read, ratings challenged cnn reports so seriously that i call obama the founder of isis and mvp? they don't get sarcasm? >> go home to mama. [ laughter ] [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: there was some more obvious sarcasm this afternoon at a trump rally in erie, pennsylvania. >> and your mother is voting for trump! she is voting for trump! >> reporter: security had to remove protestors carrying trump is under audit by the irs and therefore did not release his returns. hillary clinton released hers and hopes to force him to do what she wants him to do. >> he refuses to do it. >> reporter: rnc chairman reince priebus campaigned today with trump perhaps to down play reports he may shift money from the presidential race to congressional races. but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell seems fed up.
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>> reporter: the trump campaign has closed offices in new jersey, raising speculation that they may have given up on the state. the campaign had opened a site in edison, new jersey, in may. jessica, maurice? >> thank you. we have an update now on the breaking news in poughkeepsie. new photos show the scene at mansion square park where five people were struck by lightning just ago. joining us now by phone, poughkeepsie's mayor. mr. mayor, thank you for joining us. how are the five we'll doing, first? >> what we know as of right now, three were transported with life-threatening injuries, two were transported with nonlife-threatening injuries. i had a good conversation a bit ago with emergency room personnel.
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obviously. the three with life- threatening injuries, they are working on them. >> quick question. we understand that reports suggest these people were signature under a tree when lightning hit. can you confirm that? >> i can. i was on the scene shortly after the incident came in. it got called into our center at 4:06. fire, pd and ems were on the scene in about two minutes. originally came in as two people down responding in distress. i happened to just be leaving city hall and went there. they were actively working on it. it appears by all indications both by witnesses and the original caller it was definitely a lightning strike. >> wow. terrifying moments. can you tell us who was struck? >> it appears from what i saw it was four men and one woman. >> are you putting out any sort of warning to the other
5:20 pm
during a storm? we hear as children sitting under trees during a storm is obviously not advised. but do you have any warnings for anyone listening right now? >> reporter: we are going to do that. obviously, that is not a place that you want to be. it was in a very large park in the center of the city where a lot of people congregate during the day to get out of the heat. there's park benches under the really big maple trees and was really a lightning generated storm. we didn't have a lot of rain. there was a lot of lightning that moved through the area extremely quickly. not giving you a lot of time to move through a safer place but obviously, this was time to move and whatever reason they couldn't. and this is what happened as a result of that lightning. it looked like it came right directly to the side of the tree, the benches are directly
5:21 pm
in. >> thank you very much for the update, mayor robert rolison of poughkeepsie, some terrifying moments an hour ago. five people struck by lightning, three of them have life-threatening injuries. they are being worked on at the hospital now. two others will be okay. let's bring in lonnie quinn right now. he said fast-moving. and that's probably the most terrifying part of it. >> okay. there's so much here that i have to talk about and i have very little time but i have to tell you all, if you are caught outdoors and you cannot seek shelter and th last place you go is under a big tall tree. i know that's where you want to go but the trees have a lot of moisture. that moisture attracts the lightning. you want to find the lowest spot you can in an open field and lie down. get rained on all you want. but that's where you want to go. that's where you are the safest. take a look out here as of right now. there's the cell as it moves through poughkeepsie. let's zoom in tighter on that storm. roll it back one more time. that's okay. right over poughkeepsie and if
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small cell, you heard the mayor say, it wasn't a very big storm. a lot of lightning. 243 strikes in the area. other spots are catching the same thing. zoom in tight to a little storm now making its way into western portions of ocean monmouth county. it's a roadblock in the sky. i'm not trying to be trite. what i mean is this low pressure system way down in louisiana is blocked. it can't move to the east because there's a system offshore. there's another one off to the west. the beaches will be packed. rip current risk is high especially at our south shore beaches and storms are going to pop every day. even into portions of next week. this is going to be a long-
5:23 pm
dealing with. back to you guys. >> thank you. casino controversy on long island as we continue, a fight to keep gambling out of a neighborhood takes an ugly turn. critics say the people pushing to move it in are starting to play dirty. >> plus, a disney classic gets a makeover with an adult cartoon. the movie hitting air- conditioned theaters when we come back. ? ? ? you live life your way.
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i'm dana tyler tonight on the news at 6:00 a bartender with hepatitis "a" and now free vaccinations for people who went to a long island restaurant. you'll hear from the apologetic owner and the patrons concerned about getting sick. >> also tonight, former members of a new on. trees they donated to remember loved ones are chopped down to make way for a parking lot. we'll have both sides. story. plus, what derek jeter says about a-rod leaving the yankees. otis livingston has that. we'll see you at 6:00. we will all be looking for ways to cool off this weekend. the box office might be the perfect place to go.
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>> reporter: the new movie dragon is a remake of the 1977 animated film about an orphan boy who befriends a dragon. the new version stars robert redford and others. >> it's got a lot of heart and soul. you get to laugh and cry. it loves nature. >> reporter: or for the adults -- >> whoo! >> reporter: the first possible oscar the season is now in theaters. it stars meryl streep and hugh grant the story about a 1940s heiress whose dream to perform at carnegie hall comes through. she couldn't sing. those around her couldn't tell her including her on screen husband played by grant. >> i struggled sometimes to know whether i was talking to forrest or to merrill. >> she was that good. >> i think that's just her
5:28 pm
to call her floral. >> reporter: the biopic stars "big bang theory." was it harder to play the piano or act next to meryl streep? >> they are both difficult. it's enough pressure to be there. >> reporter: this neck film even though it's animated is not for children. >> when you think about sausage party think about an it takes place in a supermarket. >> reporter: all the food wants is to be bought home and taken home until they learn the truth that they will be eaten. jill nicolini, cbs 2 news. >> sausage party has an all star cast. characters are voiced by seth rogen and others. also experts say suicide squad is predicted to beat out all of these new films. so there. coming up at 5:00, you can call it a crime wave made for
5:29 pm
a sweet way to make big bucks. boldly swipe ice cream and resell it. >> also, new information in a murder case made famous by netflix. whose conviction a judge just overturned. >> and a live look at the radar as we watch a spotty storm system that's already produced lightning. five people hit in poughkeepsie.
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we are following breaking news from dutchess county. five people rushed to the hospital after they were injured in a lightning strike. these are pictures here from the scene in poughkeepsie. we just spoke to the town's mayor. he says the people hurt were struck by square park on clinton street. they were on a bench under a tree when the tree was struck. but you don't want to be under a tree. three victims have life- threatening injuries. it was spawned by the storms moving through out area. lonnie quinn has more from the weather center. >> it's being fueled by the heat and humidity. they are popping all around the area. litchfield county the storm that rolled through poughkeepsie is there right
5:33 pm
there. anybody could pick them up. one of the strongest ones i see making its way into, say, hunterdon and warren county. it gets to new york city around 7:11 but they could come ahead of this. we have a volatile atmosphere out there right now and anybody could see a strong storm kicking in. over to you. n a and steamy day, the search is on for a band of ice cream thieves. yes, you heard me correctly. police accuse the men of emptying entire freezers at big grocery stores. and then reselling the melting merchandise to local bodegas. the billionaire owner of one grocery chain is offering a reward. dave carlin has the story. >> $5,000 reward. >> reporter: money offered by john catsimatidis for the
5:34 pm
he says his gristede's supermarket cameras caught them pulled off a cold bold ice cream heist in chelsea. he says criminals are hitting his and his competitors' stores. >> upper west side, upper east side stores, battery park city. it's time that these guys get captured! >> reporter: police say the crooks most often go for the 14-ounce cartons haagen-dazs and ben & jerry. they fill a bag up with as much as they can and f one or two to grab the goods while others keep store managers and security guards occupied. >> they just distract the manager and ask them, i can't reach the breadcrumbs on the top shelf or gets them away from the area. >> that's did he spiccable. i hope they get them quick. >> reporter: it's quickly resold to small local stores for as low as 10 cents on the dollar. police say ice cream theft in the city so far this year
5:35 pm
owners might do the right thing and help him. >> if the bodega owners wants to collect $5,000, maybe he can work out a deal with the police department but he is a bad guy, too, for buying it! >> reporter: already, the chain stores are responding hiding special makings on ice cream containers to track them to stop this from spreading. dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> shoppers are warned to check for freezer burn and other evidence the ice cream may have been it could contain harmful bacteria. plans for a gaming parlor with video slot machines on long island gets the green light with a vote this morning. but some people don't want it. and they claim officials until the village of islandia tried to sneak the vote into an inconvenient time with little public notice. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff reports. >> no casinos! >> reporter: a suspect time
5:36 pm
9:00 on friday morning. islandia village trustees gathered to rule on what could be long island's first video slot machine casino. but if it was designed to fly under the radar, that didn't work. word got out and opponents packed in. >> i think it's ridiculous. most homeowners are at work. >> it was to do a sly deal behind the scenes and get it passed. >> they wanted to sneak it in so the anti-casino people wouldn't be there. >> reporter: residents like april meier took undetoured by the vote timing. the gaming with towers over lawns with no casino signs. >> i'm concerned for the people, the addiction, traffic. >> property values will go down. crime, drugs, prostitution. >> a mini casino already nixed in nassau county and brookhaven. the plan, 1,000 video lottery
5:37 pm
location is perfect inside a marriott hotel off the l.i.e. service road. and islandia's village board agreed approving the permit instantly. we tried to track down mayor alan doorman for comment. we would like to see the mayor, please. >> i'm sorry. he's gone for the day. >> reporter: at 10 a.m. but only got a statement promising jobs around-the- clock security and village taxes cut in half. they have hired a lawyer to challenge the through improperly. >> they can't really make a persuasive argument that encouraging gambling and encouraging betting is a good thing for a community. they have to resort to the subterfuge and to the secret, um, episodes. >> reporter: some residents demand an investigation by the d.a. or the attorney general claiming their village leaders are ignoring the people who elected them. in islandia, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> today's vote allows work to
5:38 pm
gaming parlor and the full 1,000 slot machine operation to open sometime next year. up next, a new effort to get teen drivers to become organ donors. >> plus, lost on the turnpike. twitter sparks a sweet reunion for a boy and his bear. >> today in history, in 1981 ibm introduced its personal computer that would revolutionize the industry. the 5150 cost $1,200 and the
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new information tonight on a murder case profiled in a netflix documentary. a federal in wisconsin overturned a homicide conviction. he should be released from prison within 90 days. he was 16 when he confessed to helping his uncle carry out the rape and murder of a woman. a judge ruled investigators made false promises. the case was profiled in the
5:42 pm
long time for organs. new york ranks last of all the states in organ donation. one teenager is on a mission to change that. alex denis reports. >> i was scared. >> reporter: 16-year-old lauren shields is lucky to be alive. 8 years ago, she was gravely ill a virus attacked her heart and she suffered heart failure. >> coming that close to, you know, death and that's just -- such a young age it was just crazy. >> reporter: lauren would only survive with a heart transplant her condition was so grave. >> i need to be put on life support for 15 days. my body was shutting down. i couldn't wait any longer. >> reporter: it was a long road back but when fully recovered, lauren led the fight to increase organ donation. urged lauren's law drivers who apply more a license now must -- for a license now must complete the section that would enroll them in the donor registry checking yes or no
5:43 pm
left blank. now she is on another mission. currently a driver must be 18 to be a donor. she wants to allow 16- and 17- year-olds to sign on. >> i think the numbers will increase if the age is lowered. >> reporter: under the law the teens parents would ultimately have the final say over whether donation happens. >> i know that new york can do better. >> reporter: this man says just being aware of the teens who wish to donate could be helpful at an agonizing time. >> give them information to do this helps to relieve them of that burden and allow them to move forward with that decision and do so with peace of mind. >> reporter: lauren said she is driven by the second chance she has been given and says she would like one day to be able to give back to her donor's family. >> hope that when i meet them, they will be able to listen to their son's heartbeat and know that i'm living because of him. >> reporter: 47 other states do allow 16- and 17-year-olds
5:44 pm
>> the bill passed the legislature. governor cuomo has until august 20 to sign it. those keepsakes from summer vacation can turn to clutter. up next creative ideas to make them stand out. >> the mobile weather lab is live for us outside yankee stadium. will the weather affect a- rod's last game? we'll check back in with lonnie. >> first, though, dana tyler with another look at the news at 6:00. >> hello. tonight at 6:00, we'll strike. people injured in our area. also, hepatitis scare at a popular restaurant. what customers who recently drank there are being told to do. also, big raises for workers at city hall. but some of the pay increases are raising eyebrows. the breakdown of the numbers is at 6:00. and otis of course with a-
5:45 pm
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lonnie quinn joins us again. dangerous in the area. we have had a lightning strike in poughkeepsie and they are popping everywhere. >> you have been giving out
5:48 pm
tree. that's the worst thing you can do. we'll talk more about that in just a moment. 98 in north plainfield, new jersey. 98. she is also saying heat index of 111 degrees. off the charts sort of heat as far as the heat and humidity combo go so the heat index is really high for everybody. let me show you what i see in new york there's your picture. all right? the temperatures again we have been hot throughout the day everywhere. when you factor in the humidity, it feels even hotter. so you're 91 degrees right now. the storms are starting to pop out there. humidity is off the charts. the 1 currently -- 91 currently in new york city feels like 100 degrees or more. this storm through litchfield county was the dangerous storm that rolled right through poughkeepsie. just quickly want to touch
5:49 pm
classified as severe. that's because lightning is not taken into consideration when the national weather service qualifies a storm as severe or not. i think it should be. i really do. but it's not, it's done by hail size and wind speed. look at the band pushing into hunterdon county there right now. what i'd like to do is show you the number of lightning strikes in this cell. 166. these are packed with lightning. let's also track t -- let's also track it. raritan is getting hit, going east. 7:20 in new york city. it could slow up or speed up. there's a cell around mount olive. that's also got a similar situation with the lightning strikes. also being pushed off to the east-northeast and we are just going to be dealing with this
5:50 pm
avoid it. get indoors if you can the best, basement is ideal. a car is okay. the rubber tires will help you. under a tree is dangerous. you want to get in a low a spot as you can in an opening without as many trees. teresa tract the lightning because they're -- trees attract the lightning because they are filled with moisture. it's going to be hot and humid a storm chance every day. 94 saturday. 92 86 wednesday. -- 86 tuesday. 85 wednesday and thursday. sort of hints at maybe this breaks on wednesday and thursday. 85 to easily be 88 by the end of next week. this could possibly roll through the next workweek. >> thank you. now to a lost and found story made possible by social media. and the new jersey turnpike. a woman took to twitter when her son lost his teddy bear at a turnpike rest stop. the turnpike team responded saying they were on the
5:51 pm
later they responded again tweeting, is this him? she posted her shocked surprise and thank you to the new jersey turnpike team. talk about going above and beyond, right? >> not possible just a few years ago. >> love that. when summer is over, families can end up with shells and sand treasures from their vacation but instead of letting it clutter your home, cindy hsu shows us how to turn it into keepsakes. >> reporter: we all love vacations. but a lot of extra stuff comes home with you. >> they go on the beach or they get sticks. and they rocks. >> reporter: after gathering dust for a while, what happens? >> throw it away! >> reporter: jennette is showing the family's creative ways to keep those keepsakes. >> this is the easiest way to put them somewhere with cute and really organized. so put the shells in the jar. >> reporter: on a tag write where you went and the year. attach the tag to a piece of
5:52 pm
you have your keepsake. she also makes wind chimes from driftwood and shells. >> knot the rope at the top. slide it through. and then you add the shells. >> reporter: if you use headbands, dress then up by gluing on shells and corral. we tried it out. what do you think? >> i like it. you can make it into a bracelet or anklet. she doesn't like the hair tie sand to make greeting cards. you can see also make rings, just buy a plain ring at the craft store and glue on whatever you want. the same goes for earrings. i got a chance to help this little boy named emperor make shell earrings for his mom. why is your mommy so special? >> i don't know. >> reporter: time to give mom her beach earrings. >> mommy! >> let me try them on.
5:53 pm
pretty! thank you! mwa! >> reporter: now, those are earrings mom will want to keep. in the west village, cindy hsu, cbs 2 news. >> crafty kids there, right? >> it's a hit. it's working. >> love it. up next for us, a life- saving duo on long island. how a first responder is getting a furry friend who is no stranger to heroic feats. >> then at 6:00, trees planted at a church in memory of lost loved ones being uprooted for a parking lot.
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5:56 pm
a perfect pairing on long island. a badly injured new york city firefighter receives a companion dog saved people's lives from fire. cbs 2's dave carlin has the story of dr. dog's new job and heroics -- has the story of this dog's new job and heroics. >> reporter: he beamed as he was presented with his k-9 companion. the former firefighter and 9/11 responder was one of 15 people is he ceremony getting dogs. he fractured his neck and back responding to a fire in brooklyn. >> when i was going from the
5:57 pm
steps gave out and i fell. >> reporter: he had five spinal surgeries and will find comfort in the dog who has her own history of saving lives. this dog rescued family members from a burning pennsylvania home,. >> she saved our life last year in a fire. we didn't know we were in a fire but she woke up our daughter and our son. >> reporter: she had the dog for training as a canine come pan colorado the fire started in the middle of the the fire started in the middle of the night and the dog barked and woke up the son. >> i didn't smell anything so i assumed everything was fine. she went in sane in her crate and she never did. >> reporter: in all 10 people inside escaped the burning home and all consider the dog the lifesaver. the family is delighted she will watch over him. >> the match is amazing. it was just the best thing we could have heard.
5:58 pm
physically and almost on an emotional level, it's been a great improvement. >> reporter: they spent the last two weeks training together going forward they share a life. dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> she was trained to respond to 40 commands. she was never taught to detect a fire. that is one very smart wonderful beautiful loving dog. love that story. that's it for the news at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: captiolo breaking news. five people struck by lightning in a park. scattered storms hitting the region and oppressive heat. >> unbearable. >> i'm praying for snow. >> the temperatures unpleasant and dangerous. it's just a start of a scorcher of a weekend. plus, dining out turns dangerous.
5:59 pm
of people who ate at a popular restaurant. and trees planted in memory of loved ones uprooted to make room for a parking lot at a church. plus end of an era. alex rodriguez plays his final game at yankee stadium tonight. we start with that breaking news. the weather. and five people struck by lightning at a park upstate in poughkeepsie. now, this happened two hours ago at clinton street. these are photos of the scene showing rescue crews treating at least one of the people on a stretcher. the mayor of poughkeepsie says the victim was sitting under a tree. >> there's park benches under a really big maple tree other types of trees. and this was really a lightning generated type storm. we didn't have a lot of rain. there was a lot of lightning and it moved through the area extremely quickly not giving
6:00 pm
safer place. >> three of the victims have life-threatening injuries. all five people were rushed to a hospital. let's learn more about the possibilities of lightning strikes. lonnie quinn is here with that and the heat and heavy weather. >> you're talking about the possibility for more lightning strikes. here's your vortex satellite and radar. 4:05 moved through poughkeepsie. the number of lightning strikes with it the mayor said it wasn't but a lot of lightning. 110 strikes as it rolled right over poughkeepsie. and that's not the only game in town. it's the first one of the afternoon. it's the furthest east right now. it's in central connecticut. we have a couple of other big storms out there. zoom in tight this particular storm in hunterdon county has 171 bigger than the storm in poughkeepsie. mount olive another cell in line with the size of the store over poughkeepsie.


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