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tv   Today  NBC  February 15, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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another supreme court justic >> the lame duck president in an election year is not going to be able t ttip the balance of thth supreme court. >> this morning, t t epic once in a generationn fight over thehe direction of theourtnd thehe country. and jeb bush joins us live as h h brother gets s s to hitit the campaign trail today. > afterer a weekend of record setting lows, the weather conditions will affect 90 million from the deep south to the n nth today. tomorrowowowhings heat u u u in a a big way. new scandal for spitzer? elliott spitzer has been accused of choking aan inside a new yoyo city hotel room. he says there is no truth to the allegation. police are investigating. and trapped! dozens of people, including a baby, stuck in a train car for hours in s s zero temperatures. the riders finallyly lowered to
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ck on solid ground today, monday, februaryy5th, 2016. >> announcer: froro nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studud 1a inn rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. lcome to "today." 's presidents' day, mondada morning. carson dayly is in for matt.. we h he a lot to talk about. >> we do. >> so much has changed with the dedeh of justice scalia. the flala outside the supreme court at half-staff this mornini after this weekend's sudden and unexpected death of justice sant antonin scalia. replacing him, o ocourse, will tilt the balance of the supreme court. that has ignited a new election year battle, and an epic one. we have t teports for you this morning. we'll also talk a aut all of this with republican presidential h heful jebeb bush live in a moment.
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who is at the court this morning. goodod morning to you. >> savannah, goodmorning. it's beenore than 50 years since the suprememeourt was in this sition, facing the busiest part of the term without all nine justices. that cast a big shadow of uncertainty as the court prepares to take upome of the most controversialal cases. >> reporter: draped in an american flag, the body of antonin scalia arrived in virginia late sunday night. the death from an apparent heart attack was a month shy of his 80th birthday at this west texas guest nch. he was in the company of friends before dying in his sleep in his room. >> found himself in a very congenial group. he was surrounded by admirerers of him and his work. >> reporter: the o oer reagan appointee said scalia will be remembered for his brilliance. the supreme court split, five
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with eight justices, it raises the possibility of a 4-4 tie. a tie leaves the lower court ruling in tact, a victory for whoever won in the lower court. among the big cases this term, a tie wouou maintain tough new texas restrictions on abortion. possibly encouraging other states to pass similar laws. a 4-4 vote would leave the legal ld in place on president obama's plan to let 5 million undocumentnt migrants stay it. it would head off a a effort to weaken unions representing public employees, including teachers. if president obamamaut scalia's successor on the court, it would mean a liberal majority. >> it's never been so clear that the balance of power ied ideologically is affected. >> reporter: two on the washington, d.c. court, and a judge in california.
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arrangements for justice scalia. if the family wishes, he could lie in repose in the great hall of the supreme court building, just inside the bronze doors at the top of the steps. an honor last given to william renquist. justice scalia's death has set off a political battle. peter alexander has that part of the story. good morning. >> good morning to you. the court vacancy is reframingg e 2016 campaign. this is now the rarest of presidential electitis. one where control of the white house, congress and now the supreme court are allll in play. in a momomt of silence for justice scalia. >> reporter: the moment of silence forustice scalia lasted a moment before the political pile-on began. >> we ought to make the 2016 election a referenenm on the supreme court. >> i think the real plan for it would be somebody just like justice scalia.
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upping the ante in an already fierce battle for thehe white house. >> there is no way the senate should confirm someone that barack obama triri to appoint in his last year in office. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitchchcconnell arguing it shoululnot be filled until we have a new president. with 11 months left in his term, president obama insists he will nominate a new justice and expects the senate to consider his choice fairly. >> these are responsibilities i take seriously, ashould everyone. they're bigger than any one party. they are about our democracy. >> reporter: if the president sees the third justice, that could give the court its first liberal majority in 40 years. ted cruz who once was a law clerk vowed to block any obama nominee. >> we're addviseingeing a lame duck couldn't tip the court. >> reporter: this ad highlightss
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>> marriage, civiv berty, we're one suprememeourt justice away from losing them all. >> reporter: fiery feuds in the republican field. >> they lie. >> liar, liar, liar. >> reporter: saturday night's debate, the most combative so far. highlighteddn thihi exchange between donald trump and jeb bush. >> obviously, the war in iraq was a big, fat mistake. it took jeb bush, if you remember, at the beginning of his announcement, whenn he announced for president, took him five days, he went back. it wasn't a mistake. wasn't a mistake. took him five days before his people told him what to say. >> on this esidents' y, former president george w. bush will campaign alongside his brother here for the first time. ter that dispute with donald trump this weekend, jeb bush said that trump is no longer invited. in ct, the two men didn't even shakak hands after the debate. savannah? >> peter alexander, thank you s s much. republican presidential peful g gernor jeb bush is
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od to see you. >> good morning, savannah. >> i want to make sure i understandndour position on this. senator mcconnene of the rereblican leadership suggestst a nominee put forward by president obama would not get a vote.. that it wouldn't come up in the senate. me of yourrivals, namely, ted cruz and marco rubio, seem to support that approach. whwhe do you come down on it? do you think a nominee of the president should come for an up or down vote in the senate this year? >> it's up to mitch mcconnell in the senate. i'm not a senate and not running for the united states senate. if he's going to take that path, i respect that. what shouldn't happen is in an election year, a president in a very divisive kind of time, should nominate someone and have it be passed.d. there shouldn'tte deference to the executive, i i my point. >> is that a cope out, saying it's up to senator mcconnellll shouldn't you take a position? >> i am taking a position.
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it should d r rected based on the history of how president obama selelts judges. too. what i'm sayayg is there shouldn't be an obama -- justice shouldldt be appointed in an election year. let it be an important parttf the election process. there's a lotiding on this. the second amendment, religiousus freedom and other causes important for this country will be determined by this pick. >> for those saying that there shouldn't be an up or down vote, andd understand yououe not necessarily one of them, are they on weak constitutional ground? in other words, you said the other night, you're an article ii guy. it makes clear the president nominates, is senate advices and consents. it doesn't say, except in an election year. >> t t president has the right to nominate.. that w w my point in the debate. the senate has the right to carry out the rules. my point is, irrespective of that, there should not be an appointment based on the record of president obama's selection
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they're way out of the mainstream. this should be an important point thatte have in the election. i'm more than happy to litigate that. even though i'm not alawyer, i'm happy to litigige the constitutionality offfs case. >> let me talk about your campaign. president bushsh george w. bush, will be on the trail with you this morning. he's made a point to stay o o of the political race since he stepped out of office. s it a hard decision to make? >> this will be the first time he's gotten involved, andnd i respect the fact that he has been out of the political fray. it's a good tradition. like president clinton, i guess, supporting his spouse, and,d, you know, he wants to help his brother. i don't have a problem with that all. i'm proud of his rvice. i'm proudf my family's service. i'm running for president based on my own merits but the fact he's supporting me will add to the primary in south carolina,
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>> you say you're your own man, but donald trump said it was your brother who, according to trump, lied about weapons o o mass destruction. he said 9/11 happened on your brother's watctc s s d dn't keep us safe. and he added there was an economic collapse at the end of the administration that led to the electioio of barack obama. i guess the question is, by having your brothererut on the trail, does this kind of invite that relit-litigation of the past? >> it's interesting that donald trump praises putin and a aacks my brother. i think in a s sth carolina primary, that's probably the wrong placece to be. >> did y yr brother give you any advice for dealing with someone like donald trump? >> i don't think myrother ever had any experience with dealing with a person like donald trump. he's a bully and you have to stand up. i'm the only guy standing up against him. he's hijacking theonservative cause by running as a rereblblan. there's nothing in his past that wowod suggest he is a republican. i think it's important to stand up to him.
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civility, but you cannot allow a bully to take over thisparty. >> governor jeb bush, we'll be watching today. thank you for your time this morning. appreciate it. >> you bet. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanderssay the president has the right and responsibility to nominate a new justice. this as the battle between them tightens in nevada. kristen welker, good morning. >> carson, good morning to you. secretary clinton was initially planning toampaign innn florida totoy, but now she's added an extra day of camamigning here inn nevada. feeling the pressure from a surging berniesanders. she knows in order to win these larger, moree diverse states, she needs latinos and african-americans to turnn out in big numbers. >> reportete today, with the dedecratic race tightening, hillary clinton and b bnie sasasas are turning their attention to nevada. >>eople come out in large numbmbs on caucus day, we're
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>> reporter: both candidates reaching out to african-americans and latinos, two key voting blocks. with clinton meeting with a group of dreamers in las vegas, and touching on the country's racialal divide late sunday. >> discrimination and bigotry. we have work to do to try to tear the barriers down, too. >> reporter: sanders is trying to rally minority voters to his message of income inequality. >> together, we are going to create a government that works for all ofus. not just the 1%. >> reporter: for clinton, the silver state is crucial to regaining her momentum, after a bruising defeat in new hampshire. sanders is closing in, blanketing the airwaves with momo than $2.5 million in ads, compared too clinton's nearly $1.5 million. >> shehe no bernie. >> reporter: it was perhaps "saturdadanight live" that
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spoofing clinton's supporters who are now giving sanders a serious look. i can't make you love me if you don't >> secretary clinton is getting a boost today, anndorsement from a group of ministers in flint, michigan, who say she's highlighted the water crisis there. it is an resonates with african-americans. >> kristen welker in reno, thank you. it was a weekend of record-shattering cold across the eastern half of the country. way to show it up, snow and ice. >> fortunately, this is what we may see repeated again. this is i-65 in indiana, 30 miles northwest of indianapolisis this thing was closed for four hours, about 60 vehicles involvlvlv dozens of people injured. snow came downwn
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ok what we have coming into brutally cold air, although n n as cold as it was. 17 below in bangor. 4 below in albany. now we have a storm system pushing north and east. the blue line is the freezing line.. atlanta, you have rain. but you go north, we've got snow and freezing rain developing. this is what we're looking for. today and tonight, snow w wl spread into the northeast. temperatures start to rise. we start as snow in new york and turn to rain. icy conditions fromm georgia to new england. 100 million people in some sort of winter weather advisory. upwards of 12 inches of snow up to the north and west. icy mix as you get from atlanta, nortrt o o atlanta, all the way u u into new england. we're alsls going to be looking at heavy r rn with this, on into tomorrow. up upwards offfnches of rain froro parts of georgia to the nortrtast. we could see flooding, as well. wow. >> temperatures rising up in the
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>> i was going to say, warmup coming. it's like a rololr coaster. >> keeping you busy, al. thanks. thihi morning, the fbibis trying to figure out w w attached an explosive device to aa rental caca the car was returned early susuay. a mechanical found the device during an inspection. the buiuiing was evacuated.d. travelers were divertete to another lot to wait for v vicles but the airport remained open and no flights were affected. pope francis will celebrate mass today in mexico's least catholic state. on sunday, the pope held an outdoor mass forore than 300,0000 people i i a crime-ridden suburb of mexico o city. the pope condemns the drug trade, telling worshippers there can be, quote, no dialogue with the devil. pope francnc is h hfway through his five-day trip to mexico. hours long ordeal for people at a new hampshire ski resort. natalie is here with the story. >> good morning to you.
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leavavg dozens, includingng ann 8 month old baby, trapped in the biting cold for hours. their dramatic rescue is caught on camera. >> reporter: a day on the slopes in new hampshire turned into a harrowing rescue, when two tram caca suddenly stopped, leavivi dozens stranded 40 feet in the air for almost three hours in sub zero temperaturur. after what passengers described as a severe jolt, one tram came a rest near the 4,000 foot summit. the other near the base of the mountain. among the 48 peoeoe trapped, an 8 month old baby. with the mercury around negative 4 degrees, blankets were sent t t the top car to help guests s sy warm until help arrived. one by one, ski patrol and firefighters repelled eachh pepeon down through a trapped doororn the tram. thankfullyly no one was injured and no reports of frostbite. cannon mountain officials say a
7:17 am
caused thehe brakes to g gstuck, making for an unexpected downhill situation for those on board. >> as of late night, crews were still working to fix the issue with the tram. the guests who were trapped were offered vouchers to go back to canon mountain for another day, on a warmer day. >wow. n you agine, especially with a baby. >> have you been on a tram and see the trapdoor and think, wow, i hope i never havee to use that. >> natatae, thank you. al, we meet again. >> that's righgh we'll get to your local forecast (man) hmm. what do you think? (stranger) good mornin'! (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a grere big un-khaki world out there.
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love. it's what makes a a baru, a subaru. changing to just rain this evening. accuulation of up to a tenth of an inch. highs in the mid 30s. . .tuuday...partly sunny with a chance of rain in the morning...then mostly sunny in the afternoon. not as cool with highs in the mid 50s. .wednesday...sun ny. highs in the mid 50s. northwewet winds around 5 mph. . .thursday....unny . highs in the lower 50s. .friday...sunny. highs in the upper 55. .saturday and sunday..partly sunny. highh in theeid 60s. . .sunday...partly sunny. highs in the low to mid 60s. >>t your latest weather. >> al, thanks. i feel like we have to address this. we haven't mentioned it yet, but savannah, underneath the table, is wearing a boooooo on her left leg. >> that's right. >> please explain. >> well, i tripped onfriday, right after -- we were going to alal weather at 8:30. i was rushing back in to the inside. anan i tripped.
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on a cordless phone, but i did just trip. i reallll sprprned my ankle. >> it's not broken? >> it's not brbren, but it's probably as close to being broken without being brokenns it could be. it's a very bad sprain. >> how long will you be in the boot? >> three or four weeks. >> why aren't we signing it, like in high school? >> you showed pictures. it was nasty. >> it was purple. >> my leg was bruceised. i sent ghahaly pictures to these guys over the weekend. this was theffensing boot. >> wine therapy? >> a lot of wine therapy. when you wear three inch heels, they ll. i was running and it twisted it. that's why i'll be wearing this attractive boot. >> it's fashion week already. >> it needs to be bedazzled. >> okay. let's get martha stewart here and do a diy boot project.
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coming up, former new york governor elliott spitzer accused of choking a woman inside a hotel roomom what w wre learning about the investstation this morning. how would you react if you saw a parent pressuring their kid t t shoplift? do you step in or off? an eye-opening rossen reportsts experiment.
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a live look into the mountains right nowow this is banner elk in avery county. several inches of snow expected tt fall up there today. many schools in that area have cancelled classes thihi morning, including ashe, avery and watagua. you can find all school alerts at the bottom of your screen and at w-c-n-c dot com. even though we're not seeing anything in charlooe just yet, c-m-s haa already nceled classes because
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today... freezing rain this afternoon, changing to just rain this evening. accumulation of up to a tenth of an inch. highs in the mid 30s. . .tuesday...partly sunny wwth a chance of rain in the morning...then mostly sunny in the afternoon. t as cool withhighs in the mid s.ednesd...sun . highs in thed 50s.rthswindd oundm. . hursday...sun highssn the lower 50s0s riday.sunny.ghs theper 5.atday and nday.artlysunny. h hghs in e mi6.unday...partly sunny. highs in e low to mid 60s. nextn thetod show... "stepnrtepf" ? a a eries of social experiments to see how you'd respond in an ethical dilemma.. then we're back with another update in thirty minutes.
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we'e' back at 7:30,onony morninin february 15th, 2016. it's presidents' day. we have a great crowd braving
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in a couple days, it'll get warm. it'll be wet andnd warm. >> we're back inside s sdio 1a.. here are the headlines this morning. the body of supreme court justice antonin s slia arrives back in the d.c area. there is a fight on the campaign trail, with republicans insisting president obama hold off and the next president name a successor. >> there is no way the senate should confirm anyone that barack obama tries to appoint in his last year in office.. >> we ought to make thehe 2016 election a referendum on the supreme court. >> we have a president. he was elected. he h h the right t t nominate another supreme court justice. >> the white house says president obama will nominate a successor to justicecalia once the s sate returur from a week-long recess. michigan's governor is promising more assistance for residents in flint to deal with theelead-contaminated water. the state is asking the federal
7:31 am
coverage for 15,000 people. the u.s. general will arrive tomorrow. a woman is connected to robberies inn south carolina. the 27-year-oldds accused of pulling out a gun, zip tying employees and stealing almost $1 million in jewels. she also face charges in florida and georgia.a. elliott spitzer investigated for an alleged result at a hotel in new york city. kristen dahlgren has more on this. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. he was once governor of the state and now he's facing ananher potentially embarrassing scandal after the alleged incident at one of new york's swankiestyiest hotels. >> reporter: the former new york governor who resigned after being caught paying for sex with a highghnd escort is now under investigation for assault. sources familiar with that
7:32 am
onon saturday night, spitzer and a woman in her mid 20s entered new york's iconic plaza hotel and headed up to one of the rooms. inside, spitzer is being accused of choking the man. the nypd investigating him foror assault, but not for sexual assault. a source familiar with the investigation says after the alleged incident, the woman slit her wrists, but the wounds were not lifee threatening. no c crges have been filed and a spokesperson says thereres n n trtrh to the allegation. 2008, a prostitution scandal forced spitzerero resignn as governor, just 14 months after being sworn in. >> i've acted in a way that violates my obligations to my family. >> reporter: butute was never charged with a crime. spitzer attempted a career in televivion. >> the politicians are sprinting.g. >> reportete hosting short-lived ows on cnn and current tv. >> we have a right to respond on the other side. >> reporter: before a failed return to politics.
7:33 am
democratic primary for controller of new york city in 2013... following that loss, spitzer divorced his wife, and later started dating the spokesperson for his failed campaign. >> sources tell nbc that overnight, the woman traveled home to russia. still a a lot of questions inhis case. there is no question though, it's getting a lot of tention, wiwiin hours of the story breaking, guys, spitzer was a trending topic on twitter. >> kristen dahlgren, thank you. let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you b b capital one. switch to the ventureard from capital one and earn unlilited double milesou can use on any airline, any time. > the bigger part of this storm system is stretching about 1,250 miles worth of winter weather advisories from georgia to maine.e.
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we have a severe side to the system. thunderstorms stretching from louisianaa and alsoo arkansas, on up into tennnnsee. we've got a risk for strong storms from central louisiana allhe way into the florida panhandle. can't rule out possible tornadoes and a lot of heavy rain with the system. showers and storms intensified from new orleans to momogogory, alabama. tomorrow, they're going to move eastward, from atlanta all the way down into florida and south central florida, as well. rainfall amounts, 3 to 5 inches of rain in central tennessee on into kentucky. thth's what's going onchanging toojjjt rain this evening. accumulation of up to a tenth of an inch. highs in the mid 30s. . .tuesday...partly sunny with a chance of rain in the morning...then mostly sunny in the afternoon. not as cool w wth highs in the mid 50s. .wednesday...sun ny. highs in the mimi 50s. northwest winds araruud 5 mph. . .thursday...sunny . highs in the lower 50s. .friday...sunny. highs in the upper 50s. aturdaynd nday..partlnny..ighithe mid 60s.uay...partlysunny. his in
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>> that is your latest weather. carson? >> al, thanks so much. cominggup, a trending exclusive. we have a"friends"' u uon more an a decade in the mamang. up next, a s scial rossen reports. an experiment that will get you thinking. >> c cing up, ethical dilemma. u're in therocery store you hear aom telling her daughter to steal chocolate. then you watch the daughter steal it. do you say s sething to the mom? do you sayomething to the stste? our h why y some cash back cards keep throwing obstacleleat you? first - they limit whehe you earn bonus cash h ck. then - those places change every few months? i think i'll pass... quicksilver fromomapital one puts nothing in your way. you simply earn unlimited 1.5% cash back
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plus lockskslumps tight. ... and now it's'sightht every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that. we're back at 7:40 this morning. on rossen reports, we're kicking off a series, step in or step off? >> it's social experiments to test how you'd respond to hical didimmas. jeff rossen is here w wh his hihien cameras. good morning. >> i brought the cameras with me. we try to teach our k ks the difference between right and wrong. the k k word, try. that includes the lesson that stealing is bad. what if youan into a mother without morals? woman telling her daughter to steal right in front of you, would you stand u u to the mother, stop the kid before she did it, or let them pull off the crime together? before you answer, you think you know what you'd do? check out what we found on hidden camera.
7:41 am
there? >> can i havav chocolate? >> no. >> reporter: your child is begging for a trtrt. >> i really want it. >> reporter: but this mom isn't about t t pay. >> if you want it, you have to steal it. >> reporter: we pulledhis scenario from the headlines. police say this florida mom was caught on surveillance camera coaching her young daughtete to steal an e e esive bottltl of tequila. when the mom walksaway, watch the girl hide the battle behind her back and walk out. how would you react if you saw ithappening? our hiddede cameras are rolling at grassroots natural market in new jejeey. our actors are wired up. >> move the mom and daughter to place. reporter: we are watching everything from a secret contrtr roomdownstairs. >> mom,m, can i have this box of chocolates? >> first up,, thihi real-life mother and daughter, checking out right next to the actors. when the cashier stete away -- >> no, sweetie.
7:42 am
>> reporter: the girlls already watching. now time for the twist. >> if you really want it, you know what you have to do, okay? >> what? >> you have to steal it, just like last me, okay? >> you want to make me steal it? >> put it under your jacket, okay? >> the girl can't believe her ears. >> i'll go to the car and see you in two minutes. put it under your jacket. you'll befine.. nobody is going to arrest a kid. see you in two minutes. >> mom! >> reporter: our mom walks out and the kid actor is n n alone, about to steal the chocolates. it's now or n ner for the girl to do something. >> i wouldn't. you could just put it back over therer you cant save up your money and wait to buy it. >> that's right. she just stopped her. kid to kid. >> let's go, come on. reporter: time to meet this crime stopper. >> jeff rossen from nbc news. how are you doing? you said stop. why? >> because it's not right to steal. >om taught you right over here, huh?
7:43 am
>> reporter: if it's that easy for a kid to speak up, grown-n-s willefinitely jump in, right? >> if you wantit, you have to steal it. >> while a few people privately told the store - - >> i think the mother is tryryg to get her daughter to steal a box of chocolates -- >> reporter: most said nothing and d d nothing. thth man nervousus tappingng on the counter. this woman doing her besttt to look away. >> did y y think about confronting the mom and saying, what are you doinin >> i feel likee that's not my place to do it. you never know what kind of reaction you're going to get. >> it's n n my life, you know. >> not your life. you didn't want confrontation? >> right. >> reporter: but will all the adults stay silent? this woman is abouto knock our socks off. >> if you want the chocolate, do whatat told you. >> reporter: she's watating like a hawk. >> put it under your jacket. i'll meet you outside. two minutes. >> reporter: she's clearly torn about what to do. staring, silent, forlmost a
7:44 am
>> how much is the chocolates? >> it's $20. >> does she really want you to take that? >> yeah. >> you know what? i'll buy it for you. i don't wanan you to take it. >> why? >> it's not the right thing to do. >> that is so heartwarming. she actuallyy bought the chocolate for our little girl. can't wait to meet her. jeff rossen f fm nbc news. you did a beautiful thing, bought her the chocolate. why? >> felt it was the right thing to do at the moment. >> take care of the little girl. >> i didn't want her too feel bad about h h momoer, but i didn't want her to have to steal the candy. >> thank you for being so greatat and helping her out. >> you'rewelcome. >> thank you. >> we love happy endings. now we want to know how you uld react. you wouldn't say a word, probably, but i'm - - >> wow. i know you. >> we have a live facebook chat comingp on my facebook change. reportrt i'll answer your questions live. ask us anything.
7:45 am
we wouldn't do anything. >> we'll talk about that offline. >> what do you have tomorrow? >>nother ethical dilemma. we're talking about another hot topic, entitled kids. when i was a kid, you got a trophy only for winning. day, kids get them for anything, even participation. how would you react if you saw a d upset that his boys got trophies, even though they lost thth me? uld you defend the dad o o the kids? our hidden cameras arere rolling again. this has everyone on different teams. >> how will we react to that one tomorrow? dad. >> jeff, thanks so much. cominin up, kanye west's surprising confession and who he is helping with a $1 billion up vestment.
7:46 am
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e only c cd that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn,n,it makes a lot of other cards seem one sided. we're baba at 7:49. record-shattering weekend foror "deadpool." >> it became the highest grossing february release ofll time. >> this is aifferent kind of superheroostory. >> reporter: this weekend, a blood bath. the box office burned records, and most notably, expectations for aovie like this, account down. no doubt, the movie "deadpool" making a killing. >> b bgest r-rated opening ever. biggest february opening ever. >> reporter: the comic book flick starring ryan reynolds, expected to pull down an
7:50 am
four-day weeeend. >> nobody is getting hurt. >> reporter: all by bucking conventional wisdom with its outlandish, violent style, heavy dose of adult comedy. hollywood insiders crediting the film's success to an intelligent marketing campaign, thatt saturated and subverted trtritional advertising. >> see you this friday, america. >> reporter: and to ryan reynolds. >> from the opening credits to the tippy top after the credits, itit as unusual as it getsts >> reporter: it's not so risky to get risque with an r rating. steve patterson, nbc ws, los angeles. >> we loved it. >> we all s s . >> spectacular, yeah. >> so great. it's not for kids. >> be prepared for the r rating. >> tamron, what are people saying about "deadpool" online? >> leave your kids far from thth theater but grab your friends and go. e success didn't stop at the box office. fans are talking on social media.
7:51 am
jared wrote, i have no idea how "deadpoooo got made but i'm so glad it did. this is the most entertaining marvel film i've seen in several years. michael wrote, "deadpool" was vulgar, inappropriate and extremely gory. i loved everyryinute of it. level. >> oh, bobo >> how cute is that? >> the thingis, thihi s suld be a cat contest, what is the cat thinking? the star, ryan reynoldsds has en active on social media promoting thefilm. he said he's walking on sunshine thanks to the "deadpool" fans who carried him the whole way. if you don't have enough "deadpool" in your life, head to the movivis facebook page wherere multiple characters take each other on.. we knono the value of social media. ryan reynolds is steppppg up the social media game for "deadpool." >> very cool. it's working. just ahead, the models
7:52 am
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it even mutes the radio until the seat belts are buckled. i'm very curious what it is. this is the 2016 chevy malibu. and it sells for? it starts at twenty-two fifi. what? oh wow. i mean with all this technology.
7:56 am
a livevelook into the mountains to ststrt your monday morning. is is the iew from the town hall in "seven devils" right now. up to four inches offsnow could blanket that regegon today. the full lisis of hool closings and delays ---- at the bottom of your screen and on our mobile app.. in charlotte, c-m-s has alalady cancelled classes, and the county courtsshave closed, but the city continues to operate as normal. they're watching closely for any anges, larryy
7:57 am
rain this afternoon, changing to just rain n his evening. accumulation of upupto a tenth of an inch. highs in the mid 30s. . .tuesday...partly sunny with a chance of rain in the morning...then mostly sunnn in the afternoon. not as cool with highs in thth mid s. .wednesday...sun ny. highs in the d 50s.northwest nds ound5 mph.huday...sunny hisnhewer 50s. ra..sunny.ghs in t te per 50s.aturynd nday..partly sunny. hiis in e mid 60s. unday.ptlynny. highs in the low to mid s.. crash ona drey rd campbell hall . all at i7 r porter rd. ming up, live in the today show studio-- the cover models from this year's port's illustrated swimsuit edition. have a great day. the time ii 8:26. i'm ben thompson. the winter storm is off to a slow start in
7:58 am
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the $4 menu. where all meals are under $4. at steak 'n shake. where them girls at it's 8:00 on "today." coming up -- where them girls at >> the new wave of swimsuit models. we'll i iroduce youo the women breaking boundaries on the cover of thihi year's "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue.
8:00 am
>> onlyne person with this syndrome has died from ncer. >> yes. >> it's extraordinary. >hat if we told you there is a place where no one suffers from cancer, diabetes, even high bloooopressure? how is it possible ands there a catch? we'll explain theenetic mutation that shows small things s -- big things come in small packages. > "friends." >> we experienced friendship, heartbreak, babies, everything together. >> we have a sneak peek at the highly anticipated reunion over a decade in the making. today, monday, february 15th, 2016. troublemaker, girl >> we're on the "today" show! >> from little rock, arkansas.
8:01 am
>> hellll louisiana. >> good morning, alabama. >> the cold doesn't bother u u anyway. >> happy presidents' day ekend. good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." we have a b bsterous holiday crowddut here on our plazaz good morning tothem. it's chilly but, man, are they fired up. >> there's a lot of them. >> i know. they're crazy. look at thisrazy fan behind us. >> the broncos won and they're still firir up about that. >> great to have everybody on this holiday monday. the cover models for the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue are making totot waves this year. we'll meet two of the ground makers coming up. first, let's get a check of
8:02 am
>> good morning. flags today at federal buildings are flyingg at half-staff on this presidents' day. two days after the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. his death leaves a key vacancy on the supreme court. pete williams is at the supreme court this morning. good morning.g. >> natalie, good morning to you. the body of justice scaliaa arrived overnight, draped in an american flag. it c ce from texas, where he died over the weekend of an apparent heart attack. we don't yet know the funeral arrangements, but if the family wishes, he c cld lie in repose at the great hall of the supreme court building. for now, president obama says he will nominate a successor, but the republicans say that decision should be made by the next president. the court itself is in its mid-winter break. the justices return to the bench in a week. for the first time in 50 years, they'll face the busiest part of the term without all nine justices. that raises the prospect that some of the most controversial
8:03 am
tie, which would be the same as no decision at all. this is a time of uncertainty, both politically and for the court. natalie? >> pete williams athe supreme court for us. ank you, pete.. the death ofustice scalia sent shock waves through the presidential campaign. some republicans including cruz and rubio want the next presidenenen to be the one to pick the next justice. earlier on "today," former florida governor jeb bush weighed in when he spoke t t savannah. >> if there is an up or down vote, it should be rejececd based on the history of how president obama selects judges. if there's no vote, that's fine, too. what i'm saying is there shouldn't be an obama -- justicece should not be apointpointed in an election year. there's a lot riding on this. >> governor bush's brother, former president george w. bush, will joioi him on the campaign trailltoday. democrat hillary clinton says it's outrageous some of the campaign trail are talking about blocking any supreme court
8:04 am
she says thehe president has a sponsibility to nominate a new justice and the senate has a responsibility to vote. her challenger, bernie sanders, agrees that president obama should name thehe successor, saying in his words, l l's get on with it. a virgin atlantic flight from london to n n york was forced to turn bacac sunday after a dangerousncident in midair. it happened when someone o o the ground aimed a laser into the cockpit, leaving the co-pilot feeling unwell. >> we have a medical issue with one of the pilots after a laser incident after take off.. we're going to return. >> officicls are looking for whomever aimed the lalar. > there was an incredible sighgh over the weekend off the coast of florida. professor from florida atlantic univivsity shot this video. you see there, it shows tens of thousands of sharks off palm beach. all those dots you see down there, those are sharks migrating to warmer waters. this shark is relatively harmless, so o ey say.
8:05 am
of themm to learn more about the way they migrate. hopefully they migrate off the ast, awawa from swimmers. back to savannah and carson. >> natalie, thankso much. "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition is out t tay and it's ground breaking. >> have you done your research? >> oh, yes. >> it features three cover models, putting body image back in the spotlight in a whole new way. >> reporter: reaching more than 70 million people, the "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition alalysys makakak splash. this year, it's also m ming histsty, with not one but three cover models, with very different body types. for the first time ever, there's a plus size model, size 16 ashley graham, who calls the magazinene move beyond epic. rhondaonda rousey, known as the world's most dangerous woman, alsoraces the cover, wearing nothing but body paint. and hailey, who has been modeling since s s was a teen,
8:06 am
traditioiol model, who says every girl has somebody to relate to in the issue. three models with three looks and sizes, helping to break tradition and defy body image stereotypes. we have two of the cover ladies with us. >> good morning. >> we can't wait t t hear about your reactiti. you just found out. but i h he to say, is this the first time you've done three different covers? >> it is, in 52 years. >> why did it take so long? this is a genius idea. >> i've only been in charge for four years. >> why was it important to you to highlight the three different women?n?n? >> i think i is a very, very timely moment that we're having right now. people are very aware of all the beauty in the world. "sports illustrated" is certainlnl one of the publications. traveling to every country in the world, practically eveve continent, i see beauty in all shapes, sizes, fofos,
8:07 am
it was time to highlight that and b bng itt to o e world. >> how did you find out? >> literally on tnt, on the show. thth said, you got the cover. i thought we were presenting an award. >> i thought it was three finalists. >> you didn't know? >> boom, three covers. oh, my gosh. >> this is amazing, to even be in the issue is one thing. >> yeah. >> but to be on the cover, i mean, that's got to be a huge feeling. >> i thought we were like, you know, being ground-brereing, revolutionizing by putting me, a a size 16 girl, in the actual pages. then for me to be on the cover, i mean, don't even get me started because i m mht start crying. you'd love that. but it's still like, i'm shaking just thinking about the fact that i'm on the cover of "sports illustrated."
8:08 am
isn't here. >> each cantand alone as a cover. it was obvious. when i saw the beautiful pictures of ashley, the beautiful pictures of hailey and ronda, it wasn't, are we going to do this? it was, this is happening. it was a perfect storm of beautiful p ptos and women who represent all thingsso all people. it was undeniable, we had to do it. >> i read an interesting fact. 70 million people read this issue. 16 million of them are women. it's really cool. what would your message to the womeme be? >> i mean, this is so special because they all have somebody to relate to in this issue. you know, we're starting a new thing. everybody has an amazing body. you have to own yourself. >> you had a new discussion of beauty is and what it is, and the dialogue that can take place. i mean, for me, 16-year-old me, i had t tse upp on my wall.
8:09 am
ter poster posters. >> now a size 16 girl. >> you have a readership with 7070 million people and not everybody likes the same thing. it's thrilling to offer diveveity. >> so great to have you here. u have beauty, charm and personality. you have the whole package,e, ladies. >> thank you. >> they'll be back with kathie lee and hoda. they are going to premiere the video diary of ashley's shoot in a while. thank you, ladies. no michael jordan?? nonoproblem. people are saying this slam dunk contest was the best ever. can ya westkanye west in debt? who he's asking for help. theeries, living better, living longer. we'll take you to a plala where pepele don't get cancer, high
8:10 am
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8:14 am
off on this monday withth little illusion. we'll put up an image, and tell me what you see. here it comes. >> duck. >> rabbit. >> if you saw the image of a duck and a rabbit almost instantly, congratulations. those who can see both images quicklkl have a more creative brain. thth comes from a s sdy in 1899.. e image you saw recently has reememged on the web. >> it's been trending since 1899. >> right. >> first i struggled to see rabbit, but then i saw rabbit. >> i sawawabbit. when you said duck, i see duck. >> i see all beak. >> i saw rabbit first. >> i see rabbit season. i see duck season. >> n. you see bugs bunny? >> yeah. >> you might be happily in love but has your health decececd since you met your match? >> yeah. >> your match is a aually a great cook. >> that's the problem. >> relationship weighttain is real, people. researchers from florida state
8:15 am
are all more likely to make unhealthy diet and exercise choices around the ones w w love. the theory isis obviously, you kindndf care less about your appearance once you come more comfortable with each other and settle down. do we agree? >> absolutely. let yourself go a little bit. >> no, no. >> it'scomfortable. >> no, deborah is always a health freak. i felt worse a aays myself until i got healthy. >> teresting. you stepped up your game because of her. >> you lose the motivation to exercise because it may not t therer if you've found a match. >> unless your spouse is competitive. my hususnd is at the gym every day. >> we're competitive about who can eat the most ice cream. i can do the whole pint. >> i walk by her mixer. if i see butter in the mixer, she's left it cookies are comimi. >> also, when you break-up with someone, it's great for y yr diet.
8:16 am
> break-up diet. >> yeah. you go from one side to the other. > the nba slam dunk contest was saturday night. if youou missed it, you missed a showdown. the battle for the best dunker came down to zach lavine and gordon. gordon had the ball scooped fromm the mascot and slammed it down. ch lavine makes dunking look easy. gordon got a perfect score with the jump over thehe mascot's head. >> best ever. >> amazing. >> undnd the legs. >> zach lavine took the title. second year in a a row. >> they're saying that's better than any jordan dunk. >> they weren't as exciting as they were back in the day. with jordan and dominique.
8:17 am
>> great to be the mascot, right over the head. now to kanan revealing he's in debt and a much-talked about reunion. >> interesting. >> carson, your turn. >> sounds like pop start is about to start. >> yeah. >> start with kanye west. it's fascinatatg. he took the stage on saturday night, "saturday night l le," he sang songs from his new album "the life off pablo." ments before his performance, he revealed shocking news and tweeteddthis. i write this to you, my brothers, while still $53 millionnn personal debt. pray we overcome. this is my true heart. if t tt wasn't bizarre enough, last night, kanye reached o o to facebook ceo mark zuckerbrbg for help. saying, i know it's your birthday but canan you call me by tomorrow? one of the coolest things you could ever do is to help me in my t te of need. kanye revealal inn interview last year that with the launch of his yeezy fashion line, it left him $16 million in debt. a side note to the story, it is not mark zuckerberg's birthday.
8:18 am
>> okay. i'm so confused. >> he invested his own money. usually when you start a clothing line, you have investoror that's his argument there. i have downloaded the album. it is very good, but there's this current now. yoyohave a great trend of his, and he wrote a lot of songs and saidid that he needs some help. >> he also -- who trusts whatt kanye writes? it could be nothing. he could - - >> why would you say that thoughgh >> i d d't know. the thingshat come out -- >> w w would you tweet that out? there are a lot of nations that e bankrupt and need money. >> i don't understand it. >> i don't understand,, is it a legitimate and sincere cry for help? >> i think it's a cry for help one way or another. >> it is. >> the family, they have to have it. >> the k kdashians have a lot of -- >> he said perernal debt. >> we're goioi to keep more to come on the kanye story.
8:19 am
entire cast of "friends" reunited for a tribute honoring director james borrow. everybody was therexcept matthew perry. the group sat down with andy cohen to discuss the reunion and reveal how one of the episodes came to be. here's an exclusive look. >> you play a lot of poker? >> he gave us husband dressis dressing room because it was big. >> yeah. >> that's fine. but because w w really w wted to connect. i mean, i think it wawa sort of unspoken, but we instinctctely felt like we need to be friends. we need to get along.g. we need to connect. so we started playing poker, and jimmy gave us his room so we could have a bigger hangout room for . >> and they wrote an episode out it, actually. the one with the poker. >> that's right. they are referring t t that episode. the one w wh the poker. that episode aired in season one.
8:20 am
february 21st. that's your pop start. >> carson, thanks. let's g g a check of the weather. >> annnnncer: today's weather is brought to you by milil life.. start everyry day with milk's protein and milk life. let'stoday... freezing rain this afternoon,n, changing to just rain this evening. accumulation of up to a tenth of an inch. highs in the mid 30s. . .tuesday....artly sunny with a chance of rain in thee morning...then mostly sunny in the afternoon. not as cool with highs in tte mid sednesday...sun.isn thed 50s.thwe winds oundm.. hursday...sunnhighs innthew 50s.riday...suu.ghs in theper 5..saturday andd sunday..partly sun. highs in eemid 66s.. .sunday...partly sunny. highs in e low to d60s. >> savannah? >> al,, thank you so much. now to a special series we're calling living longer, living better. we're rheeevealing what people across the country and around
8:21 am
bebeer. cynthia will help us get started. >> good morning. on the cutting edge of science, we journeyed to ecuador to meet from unique people. less t tn 4 feet tall, scientists believe their dna may hold huge secrets that could, one day, benefit all of us. meet the big-heartedittle people protected from cancer, art disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. >> reporter: high in the mountainin ecuador is almost 10,000 feet above sea level. looming large over the city,, the virgin statue. the wonders of this place can come in small packages, too. meet the tiny ecucuorians with a special gift. a rare condition thattects them from cancerer high blood pressure and diabetes. maybe even alzheimer's.
8:22 am
syndromemeave died from cancer. it's extraordinary. >> it is. >> reporter: they canrow no taller than a small child because they have a a unique form of dwarfism. it blocks them from receiveing growth hon moanrmones. he j jt turned 18. and thihi 50-year-old, about the same h hghttut heavier. >> s s's gained more weight. i always recommend her to things but she neverer listens. >> but she doesn't have diabetes? >> she doesn't.t. >> reporter: nodiabetes, no high blood pressure. >> 100/60, excellent. >> reporter: he worries her weight might one day catch up with her. >> does she take seriously your warning that she's pushing her luck? you don't think it's a
8:23 am
>> exactly. >> reporter: they are 2 of onlyy about 300 people with this syndrome in the entire world. 100 live in the villages of southern ecuador. they're being studied by leading researchers on aging from the university of california. in thekitchen, confirmation of how fatteningng her diett is. >> plenty of carcarbohydrates. >> reporter: doesn't seem to matter because, soo far, she's just as healthy as someonene going to the gym every day. >> we see them defying almost the time of diet they have. okay, i can have a bigiglate of fries and there's's nothing this can do to me. >> reporter: they warn her that being protected doesn't guarantee there will never be
8:24 am
still, when the teamm gave lab rats the disease, the results were astonishastonishing. >> they lived 50% longernd developed less diseases. this is the direction we want to go in. cacawe tend the life a little but decrease cancer, diabetes,, alzheimer's and high blood pressure? >> reporter: he said it could be magic pill that wouldn't make us shorter but would protect uss from disease. >> how far away? >> maybe 20 years. >> still impressive. >> reporter: also impressive, how the doctor's workk has brought his patients out of the shadows. >> she dididt want anybody to see her. she was secluded in her home. >> has he changed your life? >> you have given them something, a sense of community, sense of importance. >> i make themweare of how beautiful they are because
8:25 am
>> reporter: l le yoyoc, about to enter college, he dedicates time to help the researchers better understand his disorder. > lends me blood, all typeses of exams, some of them paininl. >> reporter: he does it, he says, for his 5-year-old brother, alsoiagnosed with the condition. >> bruno. >> reporter: a gift that could sosoday help all of us, too. >> okay. amazing people and amazing story. it was a privilege to be able to report.
8:26 am
charlotte this but there will for you to later. tracking the latest conditioos. today... freezing rain this changing to juss rain this evening. accumulation of up to a tenth of an inch. highs in the mid 30s. . .tuesday...partly sunny with a chance of rain in the morning...then mostly sunny inin the afttrnoon. not as cool with highs in the mid 50s. .wednesday...sun ny. highs ininthe mid 50s. northwest winds ound 5 mph. . .thursday...sunny . highs in the lower 50s. .friday...sunny. highs in the uppp 50s. .saturday and sunday..partly sunny. highs in the mid 60s. . .sunday..partly sunny. highs in the low to mid 60s. crash reported on independence at village :lake dr. crash uptown on bravard st at mlk jr blvd live look at i-77 and arrowood rd.
8:27 am
winter storm -- being closely watched at charlotte douglas. you're looking at flight aware dot com... where you can see the system showing up just north of charlotte. if you're flying out today, be sure to check withthyour aarline before heading to the airport. crews there have pretreated the roads and are ready to de- ice the planes if necessary. coming up on the today show--declutter your digitt life! how to get a head start on spring cleaning ur inbox. then we're back with aaother update in thirty minutes. the time is 8:56. i'm ben
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now o o monday, february 15th, 2016. it's presidents' day, everybody. gogo morning. we have a h he crowd out re. everybody is happy, chilly 17 degrees, but people are in a great mood. great to have t tm here. >> coming up, captain kirk himself, william shatner, will open up about the 50th anniversary of star trek and his relationship with leonard nimoy. plus, are you tied to your phonee24/7? can't loooo at your overflowing inbox without freaking out? we'll show you steps to take right now to declutter your digital life. >> declare e-mail bankruptcy. o o of f e hottest chefs is here for a recipe of a stew that is a perfect combination of salty and sweet, like carson daly. don't forget about ourur love of cookokg sweepstakes. plenty of prizes.
8:31 am
and a cooking class. $2,000 worth of cookware items. to enter and find details, club. >> sounds good. tamron is inside with another amazing opportunity for our fans. take it away. >> this is so fun. you know what warms my heart? weweing. not j jt any wedding,g, a "today" show wedding, in the grand style of "my b b fat greek wedding 2." we want to invite you to apply for our big fat "today" wedding. if you're engaged and have a loud, fun family that's all up in your love affair, take a l lp of faith and l l us plan the wedding of your dreams. go to for all of the rules and regulations. apply before february 26th. we want to throw a huge party with our family and,d, of course, urs.
8:32 am
are you ready, mr.roker? opa! >> hopefully it's warmer when we have this. >> yeah. >> let's s sw you what t have going on. the week ahead, it'll be icy in the mid-atlantic states. snowy and west in the pacific and northern plains. wet weather in california and pacific northwest. late week, we have some messy weather around the northern mississippi river valley. northwest. it'll be below normal in the east. western 2/3 of the country above normal. warms up in the northeast, stays warm, midsection of the country. that heat continues from the plains all the way down into thetoday... freezing rain this afternoon, changing to just rain this evening. accumulation of up to a tenth of an inch. highs in the mid 30s. .tuesday...partly ance of rain in morning...then mostly sunny in not as cool with highs in the mid .wednesday...sun mid 50s. around .
8:33 am
. highs in the lower 50s. .frray...sunny. highs n the upper 50s. .saturday and sunday..partly sunny. highs in the mid 60s. . .sunday...partly sunny. highs in the ll to mid 60s. >> that is your latest weathehe savannah? >> al, thank you. totar trek fans, william atner and leonardimoy will be captain kirk and spock. williamhahaer wrote, "leonard." william is here this morning. >> glad to be here. >> this book is a love letterr to leonard nimoy, i i't it? >> it is. i loved leonard. we were likebrothers. ononhe general term friendship, how do you make iends, what are friends worth, whahais the definition of afriend, and how
8:34 am
to make friends. so how cherished a singular male frieie should be. women, for some reason, and it cocod be oxytocin, make friends morere easily than men, i iseems to eme. >> you write in the book that you didn't initially hit it off as personal friends. >> well, there's -- life is never perfrft. no, we had some disagreements to begin withth and in the end. brotherhood. i loved it. > i thought therereas an irony. you write that a a first, the star trek conventions, allhat that happened after the show, you both were kind of like not sure you wanted to be a part of alllthat. but it was throughghoing those appearancesshat you really boboed. not as much during the show, but afafr, that you became close.
8:35 am
so many shows, i notice for example, you had "friends"s"n earlier earlier, that's extraordinary,y, for people to remain friends after the shoho has been -- is over. usually, you're t t best friends forever while a show is on, whatever the show , and then when the show is over, stage, film, seriri, you say, i'll see you tomorrow, and you don't because life takes you apart. in many cases, you never see each other again. in this case, fatat threw us together with all these appearances. and the films we did. we became very close. >> you were v vy different, weren't you? >> well, they say yourr cells change every seven years, so that's a lot of changing going on. >> you were honest in the book because toward the end of his life, you write thattou two hadad a falalng out. you're very honest about it. you say in a certain nse, you're still not really sure
8:36 am
>> thahas ue. i have no idea why. i sought to findut why and couldn't. so he -- i thougug whatever it was would blow over and he'd tell me what it was. i would try to make amends or find common ground. but he died before that could happen. >> what do youou think he'd think of this book? >>ell, this is about how i cherished my relationship with him and how miss hihi there's no susutitute. and there's another thing, and that is when you lose someone you care for, and you've had experiences together, those experiences thatou hadad together no longer have validation. because the other person is saying, remembererwhen, and you haven't anybody to say that with.
8:37 am
that's really the reason for the book. >> you miss m? >> yes. >> 50 years since star trek, can you believeve it? >> incredible. >> this is the anniversary. will it be hard to go through the year and people remembering without your friend? >yes. how beautiful it would have been. we had the beses time on stage with each other. communicated more on stage, at times, than we did in person. >> william shatner, good to have you here. thank you so much. >> glad to be here. >> theook is called "leonard." up next, is your e-mail inbox out of control? the guiui to cleaning up your digital clutter.
8:38 am
8:39 am
nbc. we're back at 8:40. how many unread e-mails do you have? don't want to say. >> there seems to be two distinct groups here. people who have too many e-mails to count or the ones who keep
8:40 am
either way, you could probably use a digital de-clutterer. here's more from nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: like a good cup of java, o o e-mail inboxes are usually filled to the brim. >> i have 2,254 unread e-mails. >> reporter: just ask anyone sittinggn a coffee shop. >> 3,158 unread e-mails. it looks a lot worse. >> reporter: all that clutter used to pile up on our desks. now, it's clogging up phones and compututs, wasting our time. >> e-mail has the ability to suck our will to live. >> reporter: professional orgagazer beth knows that well. >> when people come to you with their overflolong e-mail boxes, i mean, do they feel a sense off hopelessnessss >> people come to me very overwhelmed and frustrated. they don't know what to do but they want a way out of it.
8:41 am
bar, offffs services on digital clutter, including naked inbox. >> what is this e-mail? >> reporter: s s tells clients to first take a sample of their e-mail. >> just like going through our physical stuff, we're going to start at the top and work our way down. >> reporter: to gain control, she suggests usingngn app called, which unsubscribes from messasas you don't want and mbines your favorite subscriptions into one e-mail delivered daily.y. from there, it's easy to focus on incoming e-mails. if you can respond to a message in less than two minutes, go ahead. if you can't, put it in a specialto-do folder. >> these are the thihis you're going to tackle today. we want get the e-mail out of the inbox. >> reporter: once you've dealt with an e-mail, d dete it orr archive it. >> is the goal t t havee a zero e-mail mailbox? >> maybe for a split second. we're always g gng to get more. >> reporter: here comes the hard part. she says to try to check your e-mail less often.
8:42 am
it can take 16 minutes to refocus after dealing with an e-mail. that stat showed 28% of ourork week is spent reading and writing e-mails.s. >> if we are constantlyn our e-mail inbox, we are never getting any good woror done. >> reporter:r: photos arenother form of digital clutter, sucking up all the storage in our phones. she recommends using google photos or dropbox to store and ganize pics in the cloud. you can also dump somomomf the one apps. research says we only use 27 apps a month, but have far more on our devices. >> i think i actually have three or four to-do lists, organizing apps on my phonon none of which i use. >> let those go, absolutely. >> reporter: this might sound daunting. . >> you wish it was zero but who has the time? >> reporter: she sayst's not hopeless. take babysteps. this is going to be your n n fe.
8:43 am
let's take our titi. >> reporter: consider it a home ec lessssss sweeping awawa the digital clutter in your life. for "today," joe fryer, nbc nene,os angeles. >> i just erasedd six apps during that. >> you did? >> i was inspired. >> oh, my gosh. >> impressive. >> it's a start, carson. >> i'm good without the apps. >> we're terrible. we need help. >> how many do you have? >> 77,000 a a -- >> i have 11,000. yoyo make me feel better. >> work on that, dies. this might help. up next, we haha a deliciouou spicy stew you're going to love. >> bone in stew. >> yes. >> we're going t t joy that
8:44 am
8:45 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. we're back at 8:46. all this week on today food, we're focusingngn healthy recipe
8:46 am
here to help us kickhings off, we have the executive chef at the incredible restaurant everyone is talking about in new york city. also the co-author on a new cookbook. i'll start off, you're likee 26 yeyes old. you've already graduated from the culinary institute of america. you've worked under some of the greatete chefs in new york city and you're an executive chef now yourself, of course. you made the "forbes" 30 under 30 list, and you have one of the hottest restaurants in new york city and your first cookbook. >> it's a lot.t. >> not a bad year, my friend. >> wasn't bad. we're excited to bring korea town, the cookbook, to you. it is the firstcookbook written in the perspectiti of k kea town. >> new york, l.a. and everywheree in between. >> matt and i, the co-author, we traveled for two years writing the book. >> you're so young and have done great things in the culinary world. let's start with the meal.
8:47 am
>> today, we'll make spicy chicken stew. mymom's rerepe. the first recipe i ever cooked. it's a spicy chicken stewew some honey powder. koreans aren't crazy about using straight sugar so t ty'll substitute it in a a way. anansoy y uce is the basic marinate. we have vegetables. >> are these ingredients tough totofind? >> usually, it's available in asian marts. you can even get it at amazon now, so it's great. >> okay. >> carson, you're going toave to do the marinateeinade for me. >> okay. >> the chili pasas and honey powder. >> everything i i a bowl. this recipe is simple. >> it's a sugar substitute. mix it up. >> you start the chicken browning p pcess first? >> i'll havet in one pot.
8:48 am
the vegetables. >> is this a dish you did at culinary school and they loved it? >> yeah, and now it's part of the curriculum. >> that's crazy. >> it's all super simple,too. i mean, i did it when i was -- the first time, literally, the fifit d dh i made whehe i was 12 or 11. >> wow. >> one of my mom's recipes. >> by the way, w whave the tasters downstairs. >h milliony gosh, we're in ve. >> myyead is sweating. >> i i has a kick but weove it. >> really good. >> really good reviews down there. this looxks like a one pot deal, which is easy. >> exactly. i'll have a litite bit of thth chicken stock. honestly, this is it. >> put the chicken down, made the marinadede you have -- >> you cover wit a lid, medium to low heat and it's done in0 minutes. >> perfect. >> this is our end oduct. you get a lot of the juice from the chicken that creates a nice
8:49 am
you get a perfectly cooked -- >> this is easy. >> korean food, that's the point. >eople are intimimited,d,hey don't think theyy can pull it off. >> exacacy. korea wn, the book, has over 100 recipes. the next recipe is goingng to be a quick recipe. >> is it pickled cabbage? >>raditionally it's a dish. in the book, we focus on it as a verb. you'll see vegetables and fruit. we say, yes, it's a staplpl dish of korere but also pineapple, cucumber. wewel make the marinade. usually, it takes two tohree months. we have some that's two years old. this is a quick version, less than 20 minutes. korean chili powder. the paste form, and this is the powder form. garlic, ginger. >> are you eating this, as well? >> oh, my gosh, t t pineapple.
8:50 am
>> perfect for 9:00 in the morning. >> we love it. >> mix this up and let it marinate? >> then it comes to this. >> whenener you want this? >> exactly.. we chose pineapple. matt and i, when we were doing the testing, tried the pineapple. in the book, w whave over 100 recipes. 20 are like guess recipes. >> flavorful. >> every recipe, everyegetable you do gives off a nice kiki. >> you can jar it up? >> jar it up, leave it in the fridge, eat it w wnever you want to eat it. >> congratulations on the recipes. >> all the stuff in the restaurant, too? >> it's in the cookbook. >> get the okbook. you'u' the man. thank you so much. come back and see us. for the recipes, go to eat up down there, and we'll be right back in a moment. >> well done! this is "today" onn nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
>>reatatob. we're back at 8:52. time for special birthday wishes. >> we are so happy to be taking over the smucker's duty from my good friend, willard scott. amazing folks to introduce you to. let's get started. happy 107th birthday to ms. vera calhounussell from illinono.
8:53 am
word search puzzles. have to join her on words with friends. happy 100th birthday to lily davis of newewyork. you don't wanttoo play her in bridge. she plays five days a week and is a ampion. susan georgantas is 100 years old from massachusetts. you have to like this, her secret t t longevity, a glass of scotch e ery night. >> incredible. >> there you go. >> go, susan, go! >> woodrow wilson felty from pennsylvania, 100 years old. retired from the air force. we salute youou for your service. thank you. mary corbett from virginia. 100 years old. 22 grandkids. 24 great grandchildren. 12 great great grandchildren. >> w! >> that's what keeps her young.
8:54 am
from arizona. didn't retiree until 87. happy birthday. >> amazing. >> if you know of somebody any age celebrating a leap year birthday this month, we want to celebrate them on the air. head to and send in your photos for a chance to b b featured. >> i like that. >> got to celebrate the leap year birthdays. what's coming up next hour? we have a president joining us. president we're going to do a little presidential tribute. >> nice. >> we have kitchen hacks and some of the hot toys. >> the k k at heart. >> i love it. l that comomg up in a few minutes.
8:55 am
8:56 am
news and weather.thompsonn ririht now, aa winter storm warning -- in effect for the mountains... here's a live jefferson, that's in ashe couuy-- now, this ystee dodon.. so we're not seeing anything in the charlotte area just yett expecting a later, larry.. today... freezing rain this afternoon, changing tt just rain this evening. accumumlation of an inch. highs in . .tuesday...partly chance of rain i i the morning...then mostly sunny in the afternoon. not as cool with highs in the mid 50s. .wednesday...sun ny. highs in the mid 50s. northwest winds around 5 mph. . .thursday...sunny . highs in the lower 50s. ra..sun.ghs in tp 50s. aturday and sunypartlynny. g in e mid 60s.unday...rtlynny. highs in e low to mids.up next on the
8:57 am
tips that will make your life easier. from facing a messy a massive cleanup, the tricks to help you handle any ooem then we're back with another update in ththrty minutes. good morning
8:58 am
8:59 am
this morning on "today's take," scandal star tony goldwin is here. makes history with a presidents' day pop quiz. the bigig winner at the box office and who will win big at tonight's grammy's. the hottest games and toys every kid is g gng to want,
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today'stake" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today." monday morning, presidents' day, february 15th 2016. it's why we have a huge crowd ouou there. tamron. willie is off. ylor swift, who will probably be one of the big winners at tonight'ss grammys. >> she's nominated for seven. kendrick lamar for 11. grammys are tonight. it'll be a good one. record of the yearar minees, really love, deangelo. uptown funk,f course. mark ronson featuring bruno mars. thinking out loud, ed sheeran. blank space, taylor swift.
9:01 am
kendrick lamar, 11 nominations. record of thth yeaea rewards the song pepeormance. what do you think? it's a tough one. >> i like "uptown funk." i think it'll possibly win for record, but i thihi album of the year, maybe taylor swift. >> it'll be kendrick lamar. >> really? >t's the social commentary. they're both brilliant, i l le it. it seems like the songs have been arorod longer than -- >> i know. i've listened to them over and over again. >> when you look at the list of songs, it's like such an imprint in our minds. you probably know every lyric. it'll be a good night. >> adele iss not there -- >> bececse of the calendar year. >> the album didn't come out in time for the nomination. >> it't' be a hot night. >> a lot of people talking about the feud with kanye and taylor swift, kind of rekindled a little bit, right? >> so kanye has a new song out.
9:02 am
very strange performances onn "snl." one of his songs references save ss taylor swift. it refers to her in the absolute, horrible way.y. he claims he got permission from her. he tolder abouthe song. >> i find that hard to believe. >> i don't believe it. >> you don't have to because taylor says it's not true. she says she never gave rmission. her girl squad, ruby rose, gigi hadid, they've all gone after kanye west t r the lyric. kanye says he's $53 million in debt. he tweeted it out after his "snl" rformance. he said he invested his money for the perernal debt. he's reached out to mark zuckerberg -- >> on his "birthbirthday.
9:03 am
>> squgasking for money. >> might want to put the touch on ryan reynolds. >> go down rich guys and ask f f money. that is something else. >> i don't feel bad for kanye. >> " "adpool" killing athe box offifi. the film starringgyan reynolds expected to earn $150 million. >> incredible. >> four-dayay weekend. biggest r-rated opening ever. biggest february openinin beating last year's 50 shades of gray by more than 40 million. biggest opening for first-time director,eating out our pal to lizbeth ban-- elizabeth banks. we had the cast and crew on last week. they're spectacular a a deserve thee success they're having. in the movie, he jokes about, could this be a franchise? i think yeye >> i think so, but ilso think ititl be intererting to see what marvel now does with this.
9:04 am
usuallyyor families and kids. this shows you, there is an audienen that wants to see it taken up a notch. >> it took ryan reynolds 11 years to get this made. he wanted to be true to the urce, comic book material. "deadpool" is this wisecracking, profane, violent -- >> what's the super power? i saw the ads. >> he can healhimself. he's got enhanced athletic abilities. >> you have to see it. it's hilarious. >> i want to see it, definitely. apparently, everybody else saw it. >> get right to the theater. >> last night, t t baftas, the british filmm awards made history. leodicaprio, a big winner for "the revenantnt but they had a kiss cam set up. the h ht was steven fry. apparentnt, he took a moment to thank america for the many gifts we've given the world. foam fingers, leaf blowers and
9:05 am
>> who doe have here? oh, yes! it's maggie smith and leonardo dicaprio. yes! that's a marriage made in heaven if there one were. julianne moore and bryan cranston. whoa! >> they need to bring a kiss cam to the oscars. >> theyyeed to bring a kiss cam here. >> whoa! this is a workplace. >> come on. >> hr! >> today, of course, prpridents' day, waiting patiently in the wings.s. we have a celebrity guest with us, a television president. hail to o e chief. mr. president, good morning. >> how are you?
9:06 am
>> president fitzgerald from skand "scandal." >> there's a chair, wow. full service. >> this is the beses w wve got. >> season five, yeah. >> you've been on the series since this began in 2012. now, you have a a scandal you'ree dealing with curreneny. leles take a look. >> i have a problem. >> what do they have? >> project mercury. >> the biuy projecec >> the "post" could run with it. united states will be alone in the world. that is a very dark street t t wawa every night. >> you've had to deal with so much in your presidency. >> that's right. this is minor. nsa leak, a hack. >> affffrs and everything else, your wife leaving you.
9:07 am
>> shonda rhimes creatededhese worlds, and the people are immersed in them. really take ownership. mean, they love this show. >> our fans are incredible. thth're really, really papaionate. becaususof social media, they engage with us, from the beginning. we have a lot of loyal fans. we still live tweet with them every single broadcast. the whole cast gets on twitter and w w talk to them every weekek it's grgrt, yeah. >> is it true, because we've been digging up all kinds of things on u, because,e, you know, scandal, is it true you fall asleep at the drop of a dime? what's the clclhe? >> drop of the hat. >> drop of the dime, too. it's true. it's the way i kindf -- with all the crazeyiness that goes on on a set, i stay in the zone when i have to work. i find a chair, couch, just
9:08 am
>>ou're resting -- >> it's something i've a aays done. i do it when i workk in the theater backstage. i'll drop off for five minutes. >> al does that all the time. >> i do that. >> on camera, right? >> i just kind of am out. >> you have to get up early in n the morning. >> that's right. by the way, i hope you can help us with something, mr. president. we're trying to get to a million likes on our facebook page. >> i'm in. >> we need help. make people like us. >> this is day 14 of our 15 days of prizes give away. have you ever had thehe pleasure of trying garrett's popcorn? >> i h he not. >> oh, my gosh. this is a chicago tradition. > really? >> the cheese corn, the caramel corn and then therere the chicago mix. >> chicago mix. >> we want people to go too our's take page. the winner gets a big prize
9:09 am
would you like to try it? >> i would. llllake a nibble and tell you what i think. wow. that is really good. >> isn't that great? >> a lot of cheese. >> let's take thisith us. the caramel is really good, too. >> you hit the button. we'll see how many people we have. >> okay. >> 240,000 likes. we wanan you to go to's take. mr. president, helpee do the weather? >> i'd bee honored. >> as you notice outside, we have a little snow cocong. >> we do. where do you want me? >> stand right there. right now, we have 19 dedeees, 9 in boston, 2 in concoror snow coming up i i washington, d.c. asou know, as the president, it shutsts down. >> that's right. >> as soon as there i i snow. >> hard for me to get t twork. >> e en with the motorcade. >> that's right.t. >> more wet weather is comeing. atlanta is in 35. washington, 23.
9:10 am
do you guys ever shoot in washington? >> we don't, actually. >> you don't? >> it's allll computermagic. >> well, this is all coming into the northeast. we h he freezing rain after this changes over to snow in the rtheast. heavy raiai tomorrowow if you are flying back to washington. you'd be delayed. >> good thing i'm'm going to l.a. >> little more garrett's? >> sure. thanks. >> of course, s sw amounts, light, inch in new york cici. philly, 1 to 3. buffalo, 6 to 1212 we're worried about icing, including in washington. it could shut the city down, b b whooould know? back to the west, heavieie about 1/4 inch of ice. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the wowos.afternoon, changing to just rain this evening. accumulation of up to a tenth of an inch. highs n the mid 30s. . .tuesday...partly sunnynywith achance of rain in the morning...then mostly sunny in the afternoon. not asascool with highs in the mid 50s. .wednesday...sun ny. highs in the mid 50s. norththest winds around 5 mph. . .thursday...sunny . highs in the
9:11 am
highs in the upper r 0s. .saturday and susuday..partly sunny. highs in the mid 60s. . .sunday...partly sunny. highshsii the low to mii 60s. >> that's your latest weather. i misspoke. actually, it's notot the chicago mix. somebody else had that copyright. it's the garrett'ss mixnow. >hatever it is,t's delicious. >> garrett's people know what you were talking about. isn't it addictive? >> it's the best thing ever. >> can't stop. >> i'll probably eat the whole ing.
9:12 am
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9:15 am
plays the p psident on "scandal." >> the oldest after-school program in the uninid states thatatas started in 1881. >> bravo, guys. >et us started. >> let's welcome our first nickernick, william. >> four scores and seven year ago. how much time does that amount to? >> 87. >> very good. >> nice. >> the score is 20 years. it comes from old english and used to count large numbers of things like sheep. >> nice. >> next cacat, abbie. what's y yr question? >> who was the firir president to appear on television? >> gerald rd. >> nope. fdr.
9:16 am
>> i ias thinking "snl." >> 1939.. >> world's fair. >> cadet alexander. >> hey. >> what question do you have? >> what were george washington's lse teeth made of? >> wood. >> no. >> that was my guess. >> it was ivory, fabric, some other stuff, but a bunch of things. >> al i i right. ivory ory and wood. wait, i madee that up. it's what al id. >> what's your question? >> which former president was a model for the cover of "cosmopolitan" magazine? >> gerald ford. >> yes. >> very good. >> contemporary history. >> keep answering ford. fdr would be my answer for
9:17 am
>> what is the name of the president on the tv show "scandal"? > president fitzgerald. >> yes. >> corrrrt. >> g g g morning, cadet. >> who was the -- >> grant. >> bathtub, right? >howard. >> ate a lot of garrett's popcorn. >> this is cadet colonel. at is yourquestion? >> question seven, which early 19th century president had two pet bears? >> dfrr. >> jefferson. >> bears roamed around the white house lawn. jefferson. >> i read a biography. >> cadet james is back with
9:18 am
>> which presidede studied nuclear physics? >> jimmy carter. >> wow! >> engineeeeng student. >> al knew the questions before. >> i don't think he did. >> oh, my gosh! [ applause ] >> nice scarf on top. >> i want you to eat more garrett's popcorn and go to today's take - -'s take and like us. >> excellent. >> come on out, everybody. come around with us. >> tonyenytony, thank you. >> hang out with al. how to keep a pot of boiling water from overflowing and other
9:19 am
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9:22 am
we have the host of food and wine's mad genius tips and has kitchen tips that't' blow your mind. how are you? >> great. nice to see you. >> let's launch into this. i have a cold. what's the trick? >> you makak a pot of souou and want to get ridid of thth excess oil on top. take some ice and a paper towel.l. >> this could be a nightmare, skimming off the top. >> it's a hastsle. ththe's a fewew trips. i like this one. puttce in aaper towel and gets it cold. what you do is put that on top. >> wow. >> look at that. it chills the fat. it solidifies it and sticks to here. >> great idea. >> also gives you the opportunity to scoop off the excess. >> love that. what is is, yogurt? >> yogurt with granolol we'll teach you how to keep the honey from sticking to yourr measuring cup or spoon. i'll give this to you.
9:23 am
dip it in and get it hot. i'll use this non-stick spray. then you're going to scoop your honey. the idea is, watch this, look at that. >t falls right off. >> right off the spoon. >> doesn't a aect the taste or anythihi? >> no. >> w w am i holding a spoon? >> you'll try it with this. we'll see which works better. see that? >> yours is much better. >> it'sshe trick. non-stick spray. we have pasta. about to boil over. what are y y going to do? take a wooden spoon and put i i on top. what that does is as the air break up. it's not the water boiling over, it's the steam. it's the foam. >> this is life changing. >> do you know howowany times i fled my kitchen because the water i i spillllg into the
9:24 am
next thing, woooon spoon to the rescue, right? >> i'm blown away. >> i love this tip. the reasas i iove it is because i have one coffee grinder that i use for two things. grindingng coffee and grinding spices. if you want to clean it out, take day old bread, like this, throw it in and zip it up. >> what does the bread do? >> it absorbs all the flavor, >> great tip. >> cleans it out. >> quickly, we have seconds. >> what y y do is takak this -- >> well, out of time.. we'll put i i online. before i had the shooting, bububug, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet were the first in my family to graduate from college, raised active twin girls, and trained as a nurse. t i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabeticc nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain.
9:25 am
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9:26 am
thompson. winter weather moving through the area has prompted many school closures and delays. this is a look at boone... for more on what to expect through out the day... larry has the fifist warn forecast. today... freezing rain this afternoon, changing tt just rain this evening. accumulation of up to a tenth h f an innhh highs in the mid 30s. . .tuesday...partly sunny with a chance of rain in the morning...hen mostlylysunny in the afternoon. not as cool with highs in the mid 50s. .wednesday...sun ny. highs in the mid 50s. northwest w wnds around 5 mph. . .thursday...sunny . higg in the lower 50s. .friday...sunny.ghs eper 500.aturday andnday..partly n highs in the mid 60s. . unday.partly ny. highin e low to mids.fresh off of the gop debate, right now
9:27 am
hill talking to voters. this is new video just in of... rubio hosting a town hall at the baxter hoo center. according to polls - he won .sunday...partly sunny. highs in the w to mid 60s. fresh off of the gop d dbate, ririht now senator marcc rubio is in rock hill talkkg to voters. this is new video just in of... rubio hosting a town hall at the baxter hood center. according to polls - heeon the most recent debate inn grgrnville over the weekend. south carolina's first in the south primary startrtthis saturday for republicaas. the democrats primary is february 27th. coming up on the day show . an inside look at the hottest toys from this year's hey, guys, it's annie. now, if you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to your weekly grocery trip. well, with walmart every day low ices,
9:28 am
that's easier than you think. in head-to-head d oppipi, the total at walmart beat that of bi-lo. charlotte, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo o s $24.37 on this week's groceries - that's 20%. so head to walmart and see what you
9:29 am
taking a look at the headlines. flags at federal buildings are flying at half-staff two days after the death of justice antonin scalia. late sunday, his body was flown from texas t t the international airport outside of the capital.
9:30 am
preme court and a battle o or filling it. president obama will n ninate a successor once the senate returnssrom a week-long recess. however, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says t t next president should nominate someone and not president obama.a. a new study suggeststg that teenage boys who don't get enough sleep may be at risk of getting type 2 diabetes. researchers at penn state looked at t t sleep patterns of 700 people. following them from childhood to adolescence. they found boys who got less slow wave or deep sleep are more likely to develop insulin resistance, which increased the riskff type 2 diabetes. girls.s. a start-up company is offefeng couples e era money for their wedding. with a catch. an love will pay up too $10,000 toward a wedding, but if the couple later gets divorced, they'll have to pay the money back with interest. apparently, lots of people are interested. demand has been so high, the compmpy's server overloaded.
9:31 am
site backk up.. as we told you at t t top of the show, "deadpool" took over the top spot at the box office over the weekend. the ryan reynolds's film taking in m me than $135 million according to early estitites. a record opening for a rated r movie in the u.s. ung fu panda 3" was second and "how to be single" was third. i i new zealand, a photographer used a droneo cacaure these hundreds of sheep being herded. they make their way from one field t tthe next throuou an open gate. the video has gone viral. in two days, it had oveve million views and 26,000 shares. incredible to watch. > let's get a check of the weather from al. nothing like counting sheep, al. >> i gotot t ted while i ias watching this. >> i ias yawning. let's she you what's happening as far as youou week's precipitation. early part of the week, icy,
9:32 am
and wet and snowy in the plains. midweek, sunshine is supreme between coasts. we have light snow around the appalachians and great lakeke the latter part of the week, looking at a rain and snow event for northern california and thehe pacific northwest. windy, snowy and wet throughout the plains. warmer weather ruleses from the midsection of the country. as weet to the midweek, we're looking at much above normal tempmpmpures in the plains and central plains. it stays right in the middle of theafternnon, changing to just rain this evening. accumulation of up totoa tenththof an inch. highs in the mid 30s. . .tuesday...partly sunny with a chance of rain in the morning...then mostly sunny in the afternoon. not as cool with highs in the mid 50s.. .weeesday...sun ny. highs in the mid 50s. rthwest winds around 5 mpmp. . .thursday...sunny . highs in the lowerr0s. .friday...sunny. hihihs in the upper 50s. .saturday and sunday..parry sunny. highs in the mid 60s. . .sunday...partly
9:33 am
>> that's your latest weather. a lot of us probably started doing our taxes already. everyyyear, thousands of folks targeted by criminals posing as the irs trying to steal our money and more. today national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is here with h warning of two of the biggest scams and what we need to know to protect yourselves. good morning. >> how are you? >> two key areas, what are they? >> e-mail. a lot of peopop, including people on our staff here, so it's happening to a lot of people and i'm gettiti e-mails on facebook, as well, that people are getting these e-mails, supupsedly from the irs, saying they owe money and the police could come after them. that's one of them.. here's another e-mail going around. this one promises a tax refund. you'll get an officicl looking e-mail like this. look at thehe bolded section. you are eligible to receive a
9:34 am
the rm,lick here. you click on that e-mail and, agaiai $63.80, seems possibly legitimate. not like we owe you $1$1000. it's enough where a lot of americans will filil it out and try to get the $63. you c cck on it and put in your baba information so they can wire you can money. the scammers join your account. >> what's your red flag? >> the irs will never, ever ask you for personal information or financial information over an e-mail. the only time they're ever goioi to e-mail you is i iyou already have an ongoing case. the irs will always contact you the first time through r rular il. you'll only get e-mails iff you're already involved with them. >> they will not initiatat via e-mail. >> no. >> via text or anything else? >> if you hear from the irs over social media, it is a scam. they'll never contact you over social media or text. >hat about phones? we understand that is a a phone call scam going on.
9:35 am
aggressive. this is where they really pound you on the fact that you owe money. they're going to stick the police after you. actually, one of our senior producers at the "today" show, her daughter got a call. take a listen. >> this is officer from internal refvenue services. we have been trying to reach you. this call is an official final notice call from internal revenue services. the reason that the call hasas come in for you that we have filed a lawsuit against you. for more infofoation, call immediately our departmentnt >> call immediately our partment. what is that, yoda? oh, money, you do. >> you probably panicchen you hear lawsuits. you don't hear what's after that. >> people say, i'd never fall for it, but thousands of victims every year. $26.5 million a year scammed from people that way. >> does the irs initiate calls like that? >> the irs willall you, again,
9:36 am
one of their agents on an ongoing case. you'd know you're dealing with the irs and they ever never ask for personal information. if you get a call, go on our weweite on we have all the phone numbers to report this back to the irs or >> you should report it if you get one of these? don't deletetit or anything. >> hang up immediatete and never give information, but report it they cano after the people. >> you also say we should note the irs is in the process of implementing legislation that will allow federal officials to make calls for back xes. >> maybe in the future, they may be able to send the robocalls out. they're not s se they want to do it.. this season, if you get a call, it's fake and a scam. >> great infofoation. >> this is not the irs agent you're looking for. >> you owe me $63. up next, the toyair is in
9:37 am
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you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol old helps relieve your worst cold & flu symptoms... you cacagive them everything you've got.
9:41 am
> it's l le christmas in new york city. the annual toy fair is underway. >> hundreds of thousands of toys and gamesre on display. toy insider mom lori is here with a sneak peek at the ones your kids will be begging for this year. good mornrng. >ood morning. this is a sneak peek. none of the toys are out. they're coming out in the spring and most will be out for christmas. >> perfect.t. >> we'll start with selfie stick means karaoke. >> love it. >> this is our selfie mic. we put a phone in. any one will do because this will expand. we download o o star maker app. nono we can pick filters and all kinds of things. >> we're going to record a video at the same time? >> a video. >> ready?
9:42 am
>> we need the music. ecause we're happy >> you can do the singing. >> that's spectacular. > really good singers in the family, it's great. >> we're making the videos and sharing it with all our f fends on social media. >> it'll be a huge hit. >> huge. >> price point at $24. >> for the kidss whoike to cook? >> you don't wait f f the campfire. this is our s sores maker. kids make the g gham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow. put mix with water, a mold, microwave, no heat, we can pretend to be cooking in thth oven, very cute. >> pop itout. the treats are delicious. >> cool. >> what does this dodo >> what kid doesn't want to take home a pet dragon? >>f course. >> this is torch my blazin dragon.
9:43 am
>> so cute. >> s'moreses for hihi >> he has 50 different sounds and movements. he's going to keep the kids happy. >> cute. >> the fun doesn't end with the dragon. this is zoomer chimp. 's an interactive chimp. watch him. watch h h face. he's going to payttention t t commands i give him. he'l'l know gestures from my voice. zoomer, dance. ththe you go. he's going to do a little dance. he's got lots of monkey tricks. >> so cute. >> amazing. >> everyone is going to love this guy. >> let's move over here. creative toys for kids. >> this is a pet y y can this is our -- >> oh, m m gosh.
9:44 am
kids actually build this. there's a section i i here that allows him to walk two legs at a time up thehe wall. kids learn about physics. sensors around the front. when he gets to the top and feels thehe feelinin he'll come right back down. >> i love that kids build that, too. >> 3d maker stuff is hot. >> this is our 3d magic imagipen. there's no heat. i can build up and out. everything you see here has been built w wh this pen. >> really cool. >> it's so eative. >> beautiful. look at that. >> pretty cool. >> it's just using this. >> big bubbles. >> this is lots of didierent bubbles. how about this? how about a nice big bubble around isaac hehe. >> kids will have a lot of fun.
9:45 am
we had one natalie a little while ago. >> very close. >> now the dirt comes home. this is from play vision and it's dirt. it comes in a 2 pound bag andnds antibacterial. it won't ever dry out and comes with toys. we bring the dirt in the hohoe. >> i love that. ke the magic sand stuff. >> ready for the royal tea partrt >> how cute. >> adorable. show us how to play. >> this is the belel tea party musical cart. when we rolll this, she usually -- this is prototype. >> mrs. potts. >> listen to the music. she turns. as the kids are playing, we haha and chip. >> excellent. >> finally, don't think that style. this is you are city scape set. we have new york, hollywood. these are wooden boxes that are eco-friendly.
9:46 am
>> great. have to go to the toy fair. i'll spend hours there. thank you. coming up next, put away the valentine's kokokatchocolates and get back on track. a delicious meal that could help you live longer. right life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving them over half a grand whwh they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. great t y. terrible player. go paperless s d d't stress, girl i got the discounts thatatou need it's a balancingngct, but i got to give the people what they want -- more box. any words for the critics? at can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?! [ laughs ] you forgot the milk! that's lactaidid. right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. sosono discomfort? exextly. try some... mmm, it is real milk. lalaaid . 100% real milk.
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9:50 am
show youou dishes that are healtlt and we have george mendes, the chef and owner of a restaurant in new york city. you have a direct problem with the weather. >> we hadad pipe burst. mother nature, what are you going toodo? >>et's ring in the new with -- >> salmon and wheat berries. we have the whole wheat berries, delicicis. >> isn't that like barley sort of? >> it's wheat, yeah. it's thehe actual seed. if you mill it, you have wheat flour. we have vegetable stock, likik so. little bit of olive oil. >> right. >> some salt. >> howowong do you cook it? >> two hours, until it's chewy. then we have some that's already cooked. add oliveveoil, season it back up. vinegar, like so. >> any kind?
9:51 am
then we have pickles, cucumbers here, red onions. >> nice. >> raw red onions and avococo. it's all about healthiness here. >> very good. >> then we have freshly chopped cilantro. and parsley. >> little lemon zest? >> lime zest. great technique, al, like you've done this before. >> once or twice. mix this up a little bit? >> fresh pepper here. >> what's -- >> then we have the salmon here. >> which will cook quickly. >> very quick. ok salmon medium rare. nice a a meltinglyender in the center. nice, hot pan is very, very important so your fish doesn't stick. ain, fresh pepper on both sides. ououpan is smoking, like so. >> any salt? >> yeah, go ahead. you missed that one, al. come on, man. >> still missed it.
9:52 am
>> there you go. >> skin side down.. you see the pan is nice and hot. the salmon won't stick. >> yummy. away. therer you go. >> you're going to do this how long on each side? >> about two minutes on each side for t ts thickness. golden brown. and you have the finished product. that wasaseasy, huh? >> tasty and healthy. really good. >> thank you, george. >> thank you. for this recipe and more, g g to todadacocofood and click on the healthy tab. not the unhealthy tab. we're going to be bacacin a moment.
9:53 am
this iss"today" on nbc.there once were two siststs whowere alike in almost every way.they each had a nice family,lived in a aice house and had internet service whichthey used to download music, shop and stream videos. everything was the same...except one of them had gh speed internet from at&tand only paid $15 per month. uh, excuse me! she's only paying howowuch? er. [clears throat]$15 per month. it's the high speed internet youwant at a price you'll love. and it's really reliable. we like it more than our old cable internrn. high speed internet from at&t is99.9% reliable, so you can stream, surf anddownload worry free. okay, we're switching to at&t! so...everything is the same.
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9:55 am
>f we hit a million, i'm coming to somebody's house and doing the weather. we're g gng to pick it from all the people who liked us. we'll do that. go to's take. >> i've said you can come in m m closet and pick out -- did i sayay one or two dresses? >> don't forget. today's prize, register thompson... the winter weather is causing ddlays
9:56 am
for flights charlotte douglas. also memeklenburg counny ccurts as well as gaston county courts have cancelled all session for today. larry is ttcking the weather and has morereon whattto expect today. today... freezing rain this afternoon, chaaging to just rain this evening. accumulation of up to a tenth of an inch. highs in the mid 30s. . .tuesday...partly sunny with a chance of rain in the morning...then mostly sunny in the afternoon. not as cool with highs in the mid 50s. .wednesday...sun ny. highs in the mid 50s.s. norththest winds around 5 mph.h. . .thursday...sunnn . highs in the lower 50s. .friddy.snnghs ep s.saturday and nd..partlysunny. hig e mid 60s..sunday...palysunn highs in e low to mid
9:57 am
searching ffr the man involvee in two bank robberies in chchrlotte. take a look at yourrcreen. police say this man robbed a fifth third bank a cocople weeks ago and then a p-n-c bank saturday. both weee the locations along pineville matthews rood. if you know this man or have any information, call crime stoppers. up next on the today show. actress gina torres stops by to talk bout the new seassnn of her hit show "suits". then we're back with another update in thirty minutes. good morning the time is 10:27.... i'm ben
9:58 am
hey, guys, it's annie. now, if you're anything like me, you're always looking fofoways to save money, especially when it comes to your weekly grocery trip. well, with walalrt every day low prices, saving money while keeping the paparyryull... that's easier than you think. head-to-head shopping, the total at walmart beat that of bi-lo. charlotte, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $24.37 on this week's groceries - that's 20%.
9:59 am
could save with their evererday low prices. from nbc news, this is "today" witit kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, l le from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody.
10:00 am
it's febary 15th. happy presidents' day. we hope you're enjoying your long holiday weekend. >> we're actuauay live. >> because we have to help this guy sell a bookok >> william shatner in the house. >> yes, they're having more fun than if you were at home. they're at home actually, areret you? >> yeah, we're at home. how are you? >> so well, oh, my god.d. >> really, why? >> all right, we're going to talk to you and your friendd leonard nimoy in just a little bit, okay? >> i'm looking forward to it. >> great food today. all the guys home today will wantnto listen up, we've got two gorgeous "sports illustrated" models. making history w wh three didierent covers. we have access to their sexy photos. plus, you k kw who'shere,,e just said it, emmy and golden globe winning actor william shatner. >> yes, he's in the house.


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