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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  January 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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it didn't necessarily work out the way we thought. we talked back on monday that the models were having a hard time with the system and there would be a big cut off to the more northern spots versus those to the south. that cut off is right here near cincinnati. obviously, you guys notice it and we're needing to make adjustments to the forecast. we were very transparent in the forecasting process that it was frustrating for us to try to pinpoint this one. now we're battling dry air. here is a closer look at 275. you can see a pocket of moderates know out there. this will roll into downtown we are seeing lower visibility at this point. let me switch it over to the satellite and radar view. you can see better with the blue colors here. this is coming into the city right now. up near greene township,
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snow showers. better than any of the flurries we've seen so far. this continues east. milford and anderson will see an uptick in snowfall intensity. for the last half-hour, new richmond has seen a decent snow band. that will be to quick accumulations. it will drift slowly eased eventually impacting williamsburg. there is a decent burst out close to mount orb. light to moderate snow showers continue across bracken county, mason county, maysville seeing moderate snow showers. county. forecast models for the evening, watch north of cincinnati. are there but nothing is widespread up in butler county, warren county, clinton county.
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river to the east and south, they had better snowfall potential and a higher snowfall chance from the system. by 10:00, still the eastern push in the snow. if you are north of cincinnati, your potential to see accumulating snow is small at this point. maybe a little bit if we get some of these isolated bands. the better focus is east of town and to the south. maysville has a 6 inch potential. a winter storm warning continues through tomorrow morning at 7 am. we may see changes on the warning area because some counties have not seen as much snow. we will keep you informed loop and keep this as transparent as we can. folks in northern kentucky are seeing most of snow in our area. it is accumulating in maysville and he keeps coming. that is where we find tj parker. >> reporter: a lot of businesses in downtown maysville closed early because of the snow.
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maysville, pretty quiet and a lot of people knew what was coming and they were prepared. >> if you aren't ready for, its wrongful. >> reporter: it's a never ending battle as they worked to clear the snow from parking lots across maysville. >> we don't plan to go home until were cleaned up and done. if that's tuesday, monday, wednesday, whatever. >> reporter: getting eggs milk and cheese. across town, kevin greene like many other people in town are stocking up for what could be a long weekend inside. >> we should be getting 12 inches to 15 inches. i'm trying to prepare. got some kerosene and filled up the gas tank in the car. everything that normal people do. >> reporter: with bread flying off the shelves, vendors have been coming in to restock as quickly as possible. the store manager said it's been a busy day. >> i restock the milk a couple times already. as it's going, i think we will run out of bill today.
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said she is in for the rest of the weekend. >> i'm done. >> reporter: i think many people paid attention to our coverage and were prepared. some things to note in mason county, there have been a few minor accidents. it is a reminder to stay inside while the snow continues. tj parker, 9 on your side. john genovese he has been watching the florence area. john, how are things looking out there. >> reporter: we are seeing flurries but really it's just more wind than anything else. right now we're off about the zion road, a half-mile from the 71/75. some of the banners outside the stores are whipping around. the traffic out here is lighter than usual for this time of day. many folks heeded the warnings to steer clear. like many in the tristate, we've seen both stocking up,
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we caught up with a man passing florida. he said he's taking things slower on the road but over while he -- overall he is not worried. >> we are from michigan. we know what snow is like and we know how to drive in a. i >> reporter: it is cold. flurries sticking to the ground just yet. we will stay in the area and bring you any updates as we have them. john genovese the, 9 on your side. team coverage continues or the snow is picking up. this is in new richmond. >> reporter: snow has been steady here in new richmond for a couple of hours. we don't have a lot of it on the ground. look across the river, you can barely see kentucky. the roads in town are just starting to be covered. they have the plows out.
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the roads have been slick. driving over here i wiggled a little bit. one of pulled into town i saw many folks out. we saw one couple walking their dog. trying to blow off steam before more snow gets worse here. then they said they are staying inside. >> just hunker down for the night. cook a nice meal. snuggle with my dogs. watch the news. see what the forecast is all about. and that's good. >> that is good. it's good to be a channel 9 dance. the wind has picked up. when we got here there are many folks out and about. we have seen less and less the last couple of hours. now, just a lot of clouds hitting the roads. live in new richmond, evan millward, 9 on your side. no snow downtown so far. that means traffic for people
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>> we have conditions around fountain square. >> reporter: it is quite empty right now. snow and flurries. the wind is very strong. traffic, very light. that is two words, actually. here is fifth street for the west. you can see the normally clogged lanes are not there tonight. many companies in stores closed early and sent their employees home to avoid being caught on a snowy roads. right now the strong winds and temperatures make a short walk very uncomfortable at times. people were bundled up to stay warm. they expected to leave downtown with the snow started to fall in accumulating but that has not happened. at least not yet. >> they said it would be 4 inches to 6 inches. then it went to 1 to 3. i don't see anything. >> i think it is nice out here.
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i'm looking forward to it. it's been a long time since we've had snow. >> reporter: remember those warm days a couple weeks ago? remember how we were saying we would pay for the someday? well, mother nature came to collect. tom mckee, 9 on your side.
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more protection for the victims of an accused rapist into the upper. not guilty in federal court judge forbade him from any contact in any way with those he's accused of victimizing. he will recall his accuser lauren two people to his home, one of them a minor. holding them against their will and raping them among other physical abuses. most recently, the rest prosecutor said he is used a fellow inmates pin number at the butler county jail to call and threatened the victim that is a minor. we will take it live look on ifor seven won at grand avenue. traffic does not look bad at all. a normal night out there. julie o'neill is live along 471. any snow at all or traffic issues to report? >> reporter: it's probably hard
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camera lens but if it makes you feel better, some sleet is hitting me in the face. we have a little something and were bundled up. the wind and the cold is a bigger issue right now than snow. i will move out of the way. we are here off of alexandria pike. cars are moving very smoothly through here. as we predicted, we had potential problems. i think people went home early from work and school. 471, very clear. we have a snow flurries. they are coming down pretty good right here but nothing like the big flakes we thought we might be getting around this time. we will stay on top of this and keep an eye on it and keep you posted. live in fort thomas, julie o'neill. back to you. a local man held captive in north korea. spivak what he is accused of doing and the lawmakers
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the snow is coming down lightly in cincinnati.
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talks underway at this hour to try to free a wyoming high school graduate from the custody of the north korean officials. tom mckee said otto warmbier is not the first area meant to >> reporter: there is a sense of shock and surprise at
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communities learned the news that graduate, otto warmbier, is being held captive in north korea. he was a standout student at wyoming. the homecoming king his senior year and a star on the soccer field. he is a student at the university of virginia but was in north korea with the chinese tour group. north korea said warmbier was arrested perpetuating hostile acts but did not give further details. he is the second person from southwest ohio to be detained in north korea. a man for miamisburg was held for six months in 2014 leading a bible in a nightclub. >> in the time i did what i thought i had to do. try to fulfill jesus is commission. to bring the bible to all parts of the world. in hindsight, i would not recommended. i would not do it again. i wouldn't recommend anyone else doing it. >> reporter: right now, tran32's family. neither is anyone from the school. the district is following state
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the offices of ohio center, rob portman and congressman brad wenstrup say they are monitoring the situation very carefully. tom mckee, 9 on your side, wyoming. many people watching the forecast. they have been all week and of course this one was difficult. >> from day one. we did a special chats online to bring you into the forecasting process. it was not as simple as saying, do this, do the. it was a system the models never got a good grasp on. we warned of this potential cutoff. >> when you talk about that cut off, about that. we're talking about dry air that absorbs the moisture due >> it's almost like it is sitting on top of the snow and says it cannot go any further. >> this is coming from the north and pushing it further south. >> we had a decent northeast wind. i will say, i think some of my favorite photos, if you were sent me a picture of his ruler
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let's have fun with this. here is a look at the radar. we are seeing a bands of snow finally in cincinnati. we could see minor accumulations. a dusting or maybe a 10th of an inch. we are zooming into downtown cincinnati and we have moderate showers through downtown all the way out to delhi. not as much their but this has been parked for a while. slowly drifting to the south. you can see the thin line stretching all the way back into southeastern indiana. we are zooming out to where we are seeing most of the problem spots. we've heard some light accumulation and bethel. the same thing in georgetown. west union, you have been the bull's-eye of the snow today. we expected the best chance to be east and south. west union, maysville, that is where they epicenter of the
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as we shift to the south in northern kentucky, altoids brookville and maysville, that is where this continues to go. decent bursts coming in right now. we watch it closely but i was talking about dry or. it looks like it is knowing the -- holding the snow down. this is three hours of radar data and they cannot move to the north. we finally saw a little bit of that making it here over the last 30 minutes. it's been minor. that is the cut off we were so very of all week. we waited until yesterday to put numbers on the system because it has been a difficult one. going forward this evening, the lightest of blue is where we should just to see minor snow relations. a couple tenths of an inch if you're lucky to get that. north of that, nothing. then we have 2 inches or 4 inches potential east and south of town. we're getting intermittent snow bands in having some bad road conditions.
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maysville, all of it mason county, adams county, that is the greatest potential. future clouds and radar show that intermittent push of snow, trying to come into cincinnati. let's go through 8 pm tonight. it is still not widespread for us but it is east of town. this is 10:30. snow continues maybe around midnight we see more isolated snow showers in town. this should lead to small accumulations. winter storm warning technically still ongoing. we asked the national weather service if they at the geek about a dropping some of these counties. note movement there yet but we will keep you in the loop. winter storm warning continues through tomorrow morning at 7 am. for the rest of this evening, lightest notebook continue but the likely snow is still east and south of cincinnati. temperatures will hover in the mid-20s.
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the snow is ending overnight. maybe a few flurries into tomorrow morning. clouds will decrease and on saturday we will see a high of 34 degrees. sunday, another uptick in temperatures. mid-30s as well. the channel is here but it is better than what we've seen for much of the workweek. monday is dry and in the upper 30s. we will see some minor snow chances by tuesday. >> we will worry about that for the weekend. here is the sky cam over toward the west side. it's hard to see the west side now. >> it's just that one is skinny line out there. very isolated snow bands. >> this could give us a dusting to a half inch of snow through downtown cincinnati. not a complete zero forecast for cincinnati but less than what we were looking at yesterday. here are some of the snow totals we've been talking about.
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felicity at one. send us your totals. you can tweet us at jason wcpo. let us know how much snow you are seeing out there, especially active zones who have picked up several inches. lauren sent this picture in. this is picked up roughly 2 inches of snow. again, thank you for sharing your photos. many of you are saying you help us out by letting us know the system was a fluid one. some of us are giving you a high five on twitter. thank you for that. send us your photos and reports. we would love to share them. thank you. a tristate family has been shivering. no heat for more
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tristate her stuff the only when dealing with snow. millions are in the path. drivers are struggling with the snow. this is in nashville. now to west virginia where snow is pummeling the east coast. six states have declared a
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for you throughout the night. more to come on 95 at 6:30. changing conditions. some folks are things no others are wondering where it is? we've been talking about it. our crews are out around the tristate. we are tracking changes in show you live pictures coming up. out in the cold. a tristate family battling winter with an old-school approach.
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new information on a crash that shut down i 74 for an hour this evening. this is a live look. as you can see, traffic is
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eastbound lanes were down to one. the started around for a clock.
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